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1. on Onion and Garlic;
2. on Seasoning

1. Q1: How does Getzel deal with lots of onions he owns??

Q2: What is the result when Getzel provides king and his people delicious

Q3: What does Getzel’s brother do after knowing Getzel’s event?

Q4: Does Getzel’s brother get the same outcome?? If not, what’s

Q5: Do you like onions or garlic? Why? If not, please tell us what’s
    your favorite food?

Q6: What’s the reflection you have after listening to this story?
    Besides, can you think of any Chinese or other countries’ fable that
    is similar to the one you heard in the tape?
II. Which of the following spices and herbs do you know and use? Why do you like
/epices.html )
Spices and herbs are mainly used to flavour food. They may also hold preventive and
curative properties. Subtlety and proportion are very important in the use of these
A quick tour of the most commonly used.


Name                    Origin                                     Use                                 Virtues
Cinnamon                China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka                Pastry cakes, donuts, compotes,

                                                                   syrups, hot wines

Cayenne                 Tropical and Equatorial America, Africa,   Pork, poultry, exotic cooking,

                        India                                      fish soup

Clove                   Indian Ocean Isles, China                  Marinades, poached meats,           Useful, locally for toothaches.

                                                                   tinned food, delicatessen, stocks

Coriander               Southern Europe, Near East                 Vegetables à la grecque,

                                                                   delicatessen, sauces for game,

                                                                   stuffings, marinades ...

Cumin                   Mediterranean Basin                        Delicatessen, cabbage,              Not advisable in case of

                                                                   sauerkraut, some types of           hyperhydrochloric troubles.

                                                                   cheese, rolled breads...

Curry                   India, Indonesia                           Sauces (chicken curry), Indian

                                                                   and oriental cuisine

Nutmeg                  Tropical countries, Indonesia              Grated for milk-based

                                                                   preparations (delicious in

                                                                   mashed potatoes)

Paprika                 Southern and Central Europe                Goulash (Hungarian cooking),        Facilitates digestion by stimulating

                                                                   Beef Strogonoff                     gastric juices. Not advisable in case

                                                                                                       of hyperhydrochloric troubles.
Capsicum     Central and Southern America, tropical   For exotic cooking                    Cleans and relieves congestion in the

             countries                                                                      sinus.

Peppercorn   South-Eastern Asia, Sri Lanka,           Almost all preparations               Not advisable in case of

             Madagascar                                                                     hyperhydrochloric troubles.

Saffron      Near East, Southern Europe               Just a touch in Spanish, Italian      Stimulates secretion of gastric juices.

                                                      and Provence cuisines                 Not advisable in case of

                                                      (bouillabaise, paella, fish, rice).   hyperhydrochloric troubles.

Vanilla      Mexico, Madagascar, Polynesia            Cakes, desserts, ice creams.


Name         Origin                                   Use                                   Virtues
Garlic                                                Salads, vegetables, sauces, meat,     Excellent diuretic and natural

                                                      specific to numerous Provence         disinfectant. Perfect to control high

                                                      dishes                                blood pressure.

Anise        Mediterranean countries                  Liqueur, herbal tea, cakes            Highly advised to stimulate the

                                                                                            digestive system. Besides it soothes


Basil        Southern Europe                          Soups, sauces, provençal              Guards against mouth ulcers and

                                                      cooking (pistou soup), italian        headaches, soothes nerves and

                                                      cooking                               spasms

Capers       Mediterranean Basin                      Hot and cold sauces, garnish,

                                                      fish, steak tartare.

Chervil                                               Soups, sauces, salads, omelettes,     High in iron and carotin. It is diuretic

                                                      jellies, decorations.                 and is efficient against bronchitis,

                                                                                            asthma and hoarseness.

Chives                                                Salads, sauces, soups, omelettes.

Shallot                                               Accompanies numerous sauces:

                                                      bearnaise, diable, bordelaise,

                                                      fish with sauce, salad, beef (beef

                                                      with shallots)

Tarragon                                              Marinades, salads, sauces, white      Stimulates digestion and chases away

                                                      meat.                                 intestinal parasites.
Fennel                                                       Flavours grilled fish and          High in sodium. Not advisable in

                                                             numerous dishes from Provence      case of high blood pressure, asthenia,

                                                             cuisine                            rheumatisms and dizziness. Is a tonic.

Juniper berry                                                Game marinades, sauerkraut,        Stimulates appetite and the secretion

                                                             liqueurs                           of gastric juices. To avoid in case of

                                                                                                kidney troubles.

Bay leaf                           Mediterranean Basin       Stews, red meat, stocks,


Mint                                                         Flavours peas, roast of pork,      Helps digestion and fights against

                                                             sauces, ice cream, liqueurs,       diarrhea, constipation and stomach

                                                             sweets.                            cramps.

Onion                                                        Sauces, soups, stews.              Soothes headaches, stings and bites,

                                                                                                burns. Facilitates digestion after a

                                                                                                meal washed down with drinks.

Parsley                                                      Sticks used to decorate dishes,    Rich in vitamin C. Is highly advised

                                                             sauces, salads, vegetables.        for convalescents. As an infusion

                                                                                                against jaundice and liver and spleen


Leek                                                         Used as a vegetable but also to    Rich in pro-vitamin A and vitamin C.

                                                             flavour some preparations:         Particularly suitable to anaemics.

                                                             soups, stocks, sauces.             Reduces the cholesterol level.

Rosemary                           Mediterranean countries   Used for sauces, games, pork,      Favours elimination by stimulating

                                                             grills, stews.                     liver and gall-bladder functions. Is a

                                                                                                well known general and sexual tonic.

Savory                             Mediterranean countries   Used for sauces, marinades, peas

                                                             cooked the French way, fish


Sage                               Mediterranean countries   Roast white meat, games,           Sage infusions prevent night sweats

                                                             stuffing, marinades.               that accompany long fevers and


Thyme                              Mediterranean countries   Particularly used for marinades,   Thyme infusions acts against asthma ,

                                                             mirepoix, games, stocks.           colds, bronchitis, influenza.

Bouquet Garni:                                               In stews, hot sauces, stocks,

(Thyme, bay leaves, parsley, and                             court-bouillons
possibly celery, savory, rosemary or

green leek.)

Fines herbs (parsley, chervil,         For omelettes, vegetables,

chives, tarragon, others...)           sauces.

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