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					SHA MANUAL                                                                              Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                        Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                         Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                    Page No.:     1
                                                                                      Exhibit.:   2

                                                  EXHIBIT 2

                                   ENTERING PRE-APPS INTO MLS

   When a Pre-Application is received by PorchLight, a waitlist record based on the form’s
    information must be created for the family applying for housing.


   From the MLS Master Menu, select Tenant Locator and hit <ENTER>

   Hit <ENTER> so cursor is blinking on last name field; type in last name (according to how listed
    on client’s Social Security card or on Pre-Application)

   Hit <ENTER> again and type in client’s first name, again according to the client’s SS card or Pre-

   Hit <F2> to begin search

   If no record for this client appears, hit <ESC> until you are looking at the master menu again.
    1. Staff can then check for a record by using the client’s Social Security number.

   If applicant’s name appears and the SS number is not the same as that in the file, the applicant
    is attached to another household.
    1. Other adult householders, who show up in MLS as members of currently subsidized (i.e.
        not waitlisted) families, may apply for housing in their own right.

   Highlight the applicant’s name with the arrow keys then hit <ENTER>

   With the arrow keys, select “Access….The Tenant Master File” then hit <ENTER>; this takes you
    to the family’s waitlist record

   If applicant is already on the waitlist as a member of another waitlisted household, do not create
    a separate waitlist record for this applicant. Inform the applicant that they must first be taken off
    the other family’s Pre-Application in order to be put on their own waitlist.
    1. NOTE: They may not do this themselves, only the head of household on the other
        application can do this. Do this for all family members who show up in MLS.

   If you are keying multiple Pre-Applications, check them all first in Tenant Locator and then go
    back to master menu screen.


   From the master menu screen, select Wait List Menu and hit <ENTER>; then select Applicant
    Entry/ Processing and hit <ENTER>

   Type in the client’s Social Security number. Read the number directly from the client’s Pre-
    Application form, unless the client has a copy of their Social Security card in their file (in that
    case, read directly from the SS card). Then hit <ENTER>.

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.
SHA MANUAL                                                                               Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                         Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                          Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                     Page No.:     2
                                                                                       Exhibit.:   2

    1. If the client is a Resident Manager, be sure that the Social Security number used is the
       Manager’s individual SS number, not the 900 series number they were assigned when they
       first became housed in an employee unit.

   If the Social Security number is unreadable, staff are expected to call the client and get
    clarification of the number before proceeding with the rest of the data input.

   Type in client’s last name, then their first name, and middle initial; again, be sure to key the
    names exactly as they appear on the Pre-Application. Then hit <ENTER>

   Key in the client’s phone number as it appears on their Pre-Application, and include the area
    code; hit <ENTER>

   Key in the client’s address as it appears on their Pre-Application.
    1. Use one line only for the entire street address, eg. 100 Main St 203
    2. DO NOT include any periods, dashes, # signs or any other punctuation when keying the
    3. When entering an apartment number, use the word “APT”
    4. DO NOT put any part of the address on the second line of the address field, unless the
       address is a “care of” address ; in that case, put “C/O MARY SMITH” on the second line, and
       the street address on the first line.

   Hit <ENTER> to continue to the city field; type the city, state and zip code

If the zip code is not on the preapp or the client wasn’t sure what the zip code is, you can look it up
by going on the Internet:
    -   Double-click the Microsoft Explorer icon on your desktop.
    -   In the address line, type in “United States Postal Service”; the USPS homepage will display
    -   Click on “Find Zip Codes”
    -   Type in the client’s street address, including apt. number, etc., on the “Delivery Address” line
    -   Type in the city in the “City” field and the state abbreviation in the “State” field
    -   Then click on “Process”; the client’s address will display with the correct zip code

   Hit <ENTER> to go to the county field; hit <F4> to display the county picklist

   Use your arrow keys to select the appropriate county, then hit <ENTER>

   Skip the census tract field by hitting <ENTER>

   Skip the FSS Participant field by hitting <ENTER> (it will default to “N” which is what you want it
    to do)

   In the Ethnicity field, hit <F4> and select either Hispanic or non-Hispanic, depending on what the
    client specified on their Pre-Application; then hit <ENTER>

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.
SHA MANUAL                                                                              Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                        Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                         Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                    Page No.:     3
                                                                                      Exhibit.:   2

    1. If the client leaves the ethnicity field on the Pre-App blank, choose “Non-Hispanic” in MLS.

   In the Race field, hit <F4> and select the race as the client has indicated on their Pre-
    Application; then hit <ENTER>

   In the Handicapped/Disabled field, hit <F4> and select “Disabled” if the client has noted on their
    Pre-Application that they are disabled. Do not choose “handicapped” or “both”. If the client is
    not disabled, select “Neither.” Then hit <ENTER>

   Since the Pre-Application does not specify whether or not the client needs a special unit or not,
    hit <ENTER> and let the special unit field default to “N.”

   In the bedroom size field, key the number of bedrooms the family is eligible for. Then hit

   In the HH type field, hit <F4> and select the appropriate code: F (Family) for any family with
    more than 1 person in it; E (Elderly) for any single client or HOH of a family who is 62 or older;
    and S (Single) for any single client who is not elderly or disabled.
    1. If a HOH is disabled, do not choose D (Disabled) as the family type. In that case, choose S,
        F or E, as appropriate.

   If a single client is both elderly and disabled, choose “E” as the family type. After selecting the
    correct code, hit <ENTER>.

   Staff are not required to fill in the “Est Gross Income” field or the “Est No. In Family” field – but
    you can fill them in if you wish. When done, hit <ENTER> to continue to the next field.

   MLS will prompt you with a red dialog box asking if you wish to create a new record; to say yes,
    hit <ENTER>.


   The cursor will automatically jump to the waitlist section of the screen. Although the field is not
    preceded by a “^” symbol, you must hit <F4> to open the waitlist picklist.

   In the picklist, select the program or building the client is applying for, then hit <ENTER> (see
    last page in this Section for list of programs and their appropriate waitlists)

   An individual waitlist screen will appear. Hit <ENTER> and the waitlist status picklist will open.
    After selecting the proper status code, hit <ENTER>.
    1. All waitlists should have a status of “05”
    2. For Resident Managers: use code “06” -
       Remember that back-up managers are not the same as Resident Managers (also called
       Live-in Employees), and that procedures designated for Resident Managers do not apply to
       back-up staff.

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.
SHA MANUAL                                                                                  Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                            Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                             Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                        Page No.:     4
                                                                                          Exhibit.:   2

   Continue to hit <ENTER> to move through all the fields in the waitlist screen. When your cursor
    is in the sequence date, you will need to manually key in the date that PorchLight received the
    client’s Pre-Application (a date stamp should be clearly marked on the form).
    1. The Pre-Application receipt date will be both the sequence and the application date unless
       they were previously on the waitlist, then you will not be able to change the original
       application date.

   Hit <ENTER> after entering the sequence date; the bedroom size will fill in automatically as you
    hit <ENTER> through that field.

   Manually key in the Pre-Application receipt date in the application date field and hit <ENTER>
    (no need to key this field if this is the first time you are entering; it will automatically fill in the date
    in the sequence screen, so you can just continue to hit <ENTER>).

   Continue to hit <ENTER> through the remaining fields on the screen until MLS prompts you for
    the eligibility code. Put “P” for pending.

   Hit <ENTER> to reach a red dialog box asking if you wish to create or save this record; hit
    <ENTER> to indicate yes.

   After the first waitlist screen has been completed, MLS will return you to the waitlist section of the
    master screen. Make sure your cursor is blinking on the already entered waitlist entry, then hit
    <F5> to add another waitlist screen to this client’s record.
    1. In the waitlist picklist, select the next waitlist the client wants to be on, and fill in the individual
        waitlist screen as described above.


   When finished entering the waitlist screens, make sure you’re looking at the client’s master
    screen, then hit <ALT> + A to get into the Access menu

   Select “Household Records” and hit <ENTER>

   In the individual household record screen for the head-of-household, most of the fields will fill in
    automatically. Hit <ENTER> to move through the fields until you get to “Sex,” then key in M or F.

   Hit <ENTER> through the SS number field and then key in the HOH’s birthdate from the Pre-
    Application. Hit <ENTER> through the race, ethnicity, and place of birth fields.

   In the “Elig Code” field, hit <F4> and select “PV”; you’ll never select any other code. Then hit
    <ENTER> through the next few fields, down to the “income” field

   Hit <ENTER> once in the income field and a blank income record will be displayed.

   Hit <F4> to display an income type picklist, and select the income type that best describes the
    HOH’s income; then hit <ENTER>

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.
SHA MANUAL                                                                            Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                      Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                       Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                  Page No.:     5
                                                                                    Exhibit.:   2

   Key in the amount of income for the household in the amount field (example: key in $339.00 as
    339), then hit <ENTER> and hit <F4> to display the payment period picklist

   Select the appropriate payment frequency (based on what the family discloses in the Pre-App)
    and hit <ENTER>; then hit <ENTER> through to the income source code field

   Hit <F4> and select the code for the kind of income the client receives, then hit <ENTER>

   Hit <ENTER> through the next few fields until there’s a “Y” in the Verification field, then hit <F2>
    to save the record and hit <ESC> to get to the main Household Records screen (black
    background, not blue)

   If there are additional household members, create individual records for them by hitting <F5> on
    the main Household Records screen and then filling in their individual records as you did for the

   In individual household screens for different family members, you will have to manually key in the
    person’s name (exactly as it shown on the Social Security cards/Pre-Application)

   Hit <ENTER> and hit <F4> to open the relationship picklist. In this picklist, select the
    relationship of the family member to the head-of-household.

   For adults not married to the HOH but listed as “partner” or “co-head”, etc. on the client’s Pre-
    Application, choose “co-head” from the picklist.

   If another household adult is simply a roommate or a relative, choose “other adult” from the

   Hit <ENTER>, key in the sex, hit <ENTER>

   Key the person’s SS number directly from their SS card/Pre-Application (you’ll have to include
    the dashes as well).

   Hit <ENTER> and key in the birthdate

   For other household members, you will have to select a race and ethnicity; select the race and
    ethnicity as that of the HOH for all other household members, unless the Pre-Application
    indicates otherwise.

   Complete the rest of the record as you did for the HOH; however, do not enter any income
    records for other household members. All family income should be entered in the HOH’s
    household record.

   When all household records have been entered, hit <ESC> from the main Household Records
    screen, back to the client’s master screen.

   Note: Do not key in any information in the Assets screen; this is done after the
    eligibility/suitability interview.

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.
SHA MANUAL                                                                             Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                       Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                        Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                   Page No.:     6
                                                                                     Exhibit.:   2


   From the client’s master screen, hit <ALT> + A and select “Preferences” and hit <ENTER>

   Hit <ENTER> down to the local preferences part of the screen

   Hit <F4> to open the local preferences picklist, and select the preference the client qualifies for -
    this should be listed on the Pre-Application.

    1. Preference choices are: a) Under 30% Median Income; b) Under 30% Median Income Past
       12 Mo; c) Homeless; d) Homeless Past 12 Mo.
    2. Select only one of the above four preferences. If the client has checked that they are both
       homeless and that they are under 30% of median income, then select “Under 30%” in MLS.

   f a client applies for SSHP, choose either “Inside Seattle” or “Outside Seattle” depending on
    what is indicated on the client’s Pre-Application.

   When done, hit <F2> to save the record, then hit <ESC> to go back to the client’s master screen.


   From the client’s master screen, hit <ALT> + A and select “Other Information” and hit <ENTER>

   If the client speaks another language, needs an interpreter, or needs an accommodation, note
    this information in this screen.
    1. For clients whose primary language is other than English:
               a. Choose “E – Language” and in the next column, choose the language primarily
                  spoken by the client
               b. Go back to the first column on the screen and hit <F5> to create another entry
               c. Choose “T – Interp Needed” and in the next column, choose either “NO” or “YES-

   Hit F2 to save your entry before hitting <ESC> to get back to the master screen.


   From the master screen, hit <CTRL> + N to open the Notes screen

   This is an example of how the Notes should be entered after keying a Pre-Application into MLS:
    “2/14/03 Rec’d Pre-App for Greenwood Plaza and Univ West. Meets <30% pref. Will need
    Russian interpreter at interview. Confirmation ltr sent 2/14/03....MD1530”

   If the client has a caseworker who should always be notified when corresponding with the client,
    that must be included in the notes.

   Then hit <F2> to save the Notes.

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.
SHA MANUAL                                                                            Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                      Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                       Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                  Page No.:     7
                                                                                    Exhibit.:   2

   Now minimize MLS, do not close it, by using your mouse and clicking on the minimize button in
    the top right corner of your computer screen.


   Minimize all your other open programs until you are looking at your desktop. Then double-click
    on the Microsoft Explorer icon

   When the Internet is open, click your cursor in the address field, and type in “Ourhouse”, then hit

   SHA’s Intranet homepage will be displayed; click once on “InfoView - Crystal Reports,” then click
    on “LOGIN.”

   In the User ID field, type user name.

   Click once in the Password field, type password.

   Authentication Field, select “Windows AD” from schroll down menu then log in.

   Open folders by clicking on the [+] next to Public Folders, then SHA, then Housing Programs,
    then Wait List – Res Placement, then WL Letters.

   Select “Applicant Confirmation Letter – By Applicant ID”

   On this screen, you will generate a confirmation letter for the client to let them know what
    waitlists they’ve been entered on.

   The “Tenant ID” prompt will be displayed, click your cursor once in the white field and type in the
    client’s SS number, including dashes.

   The completed letter will appear on the screen; print it out on letterhead (you’ll need to click on
    the tiny print icon to get the letter to print out properly)

   If you will be keying more Pre-Application files, leave the letter-writing screen open on your
    computer; you can click on the [Refresh Arrows] just above the displayed letter to erase the last
    letter and key in a new client SS number for a new letter.
    1. If you don’t click on the [Refresh Arrows], Ourhouse will make you log in all over again before
       you can complete a new letter for another client

   After printing the appropriate letter, position your mouse cursor on the MLS icon on your desktop
    toolbar, and click once to re-display MLS on your screen

   In MLS, hit <ESC> several times until you are back at the master menu screen, choose Tenant
    Locator to begin keying a new Pre-Application file

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.
SHA MANUAL                                                                             Code:     L10.2-1
Admission and Occupancy                                                       Effective Date:    12/01/04
                                                                                        Rev.:    05/01/07
                                                                                   Page No.:     8
                                                                                     Exhibit.:   2


Pre applications are stored in digital format, via. Document Imaging.

   The HS is responsible for scanning and indexing each pre application, see Exhibit 2A,.
   Pre applications can be keyed into MLS either before or after scanning.
   Prior to scanning, remove staples or envelopes. Envelopes are discarded.
   Once keyed into MLS and scanned, shred the original pre application.
   If staff discover that an applicant is signed up for a waitlist but doesn’t have the criteria to be
    eligible for that waitlist, a letter must be sent to the applicant explaining the problem and advising
    them of their options, if any.Staff should send the letter when applicants have not yet reached
    the top of their waitlist(s).
           a. Staff should send the letter if the applicant has been scheduled for an interview or is
              in the interview process for another waitlist.
           b. The appropriate letter can be found at R:\Admissions\Forms\Does Not Meet Pref Ltrs



Choose by building only – not by age-specific bldg waitlists.


For applicants who have applied for Site Specific waitlist:
Choose by specific building, example: “033 BEACON TOWER”
Choose a site specific building with the appropriate bedroom size for the household.

Revised. Updated to reflect current procedures.

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