Objective tracker Mendelian Genetics by huanghengdong


									                                     Unit 4 Objective Tracker: Mendelian Genetics

The following objectives describe the types of material that is most likely to be encountered on your AP Biology exam.

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Objective                                   Description                                        Accomplishment Stamp
  4.17      Define and identify dominant and recessive alleles

  4.18      Define and identify homozygous and heterozygous genotypes

  4.19      Identify genotypes and phenotypes

  4.20      Create and interpret a monohybrid cross (punnett square)

  4.21      Create and interpret a dihybrid cross (punnett square)

  4.22      Identify the P, F1 and F2 generations

  4.23      Define allele and compare and contrast dominant and recessive alleles

  4.24      Calculate genotype and phenotype frequencies from a monohybrid cross

  4.25      Calculate genotype and phenotype frequencies from a dihybrid cross

  4.26      Calculate genotype and phenotype frequencies using probability (math)

  4.27      Identify complete dominance, incomplete dominance and codominance from
            punnett squares and descriptions

  4.28      Define and identify pleiotropy

  4.29      Define and identify epistasis

  4.30      Define and identify pleiotropy

  4.31      Read a pedigree

  4.32      Analyze a pedigree and determine if a trait is dominant, recessive or sex

  4.33      Compare and contrast Tay-Sachs, cystic fibrosis, sickle-cell and Huntington’s

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