Quality Radiology by wuyunqing



Quality Radiology
We are in the midst of an        is to find ways to relate to      for the various aspects
evolution of the culture of      our patients more directly        of radiology safety that
healthcare, as focus shifts to   than ever before.                 include quality compliance,
Patient & Family Centered                                          environmental and employee
Care (PFCC). In the past,        Our Radiology Department          safety, service excellence,
quality in radiology may         has been at the forefront         radiation safety and MR safety.
have referred solely to the      of this movement, as
mechanics of getting the         documented in our strategic       When addressing ways
clearest image or the report     plan, which was developed         to identify with patients
turn-around time from a sub-     in 2007 and put in place in       and their families, the
specialized radiologist. Now,    2008. We found ourselves          approach within the various
as the healthcare culture        aligned with Emory                divisions of radiology may
shifts to PFCC, the challenge    Healthcare’s number one           be different. The Practice
                                        strategic focus area       Quality Improvement (PQI)
                                        of quality, as outlined    Committee, is working with
                                        in the organizational      Radiology Department
                                        strategic agenda of        leaders on initiatives
                                        2008-2012. Since the       developed at a recent
                                        implementation of our      Radiology Leadership Retreat.
                                        strategic plan, we have
                                        introduced key players     In this new healthcare culture,
                                        to streamline quality      quality radiology increasingly
                                        into the workflow          focuses on the experience
                                        of routine clinical        of the patient. Become
                                        activities. We are the     familiar with the direction of
                                        first department in the    the quality initiatives at the
                                        School of Medicine         upcoming Department-wide
                                        (SOM) to incorporate       Assembly on Wednesday,
                                        the position of Vice       June 23. Your input and ideas
                                        Chair for Safety &         are welcome as we integrate
                                        Quality into our           the PFCC into our culture.
                                        Executive Committee.       The success of PFCC within
                                        In this position,          our department is dependent
                                        Dr. Kimberly Applegate     upon the participation of each
                                        has organized a Quality    member, no matter how far
                                        & Safety Council,          removed from the patient.
                                        appointing a leader        - Monica Salama, Communications Managerr

                                              Quality Goals for Radiology
                                            1. Foster a culture of quality
                                            2. Enhance patient satisfaction
                                            3. Improve standardization of work processes
                                            4. Improve clinical quality and safety outcomes

Dear Colleagues,
This is a time that challenges us.   overcome. Health care in the          our traditional academic culture.      to further
                                     US will continue to evolve and        Features of the traditional culture    discuss the
With the persistence of a global     academic health centers will          of academic medicine are listed in     implementa-
recession, reimbursement             respond; the best will lead.          the figure below. Our collective       tion of
continuing to fall (new 21%          Dr. Darrell Kirch, President of       journey to the characteristics         PFCC in
medicare cuts approved),             the American Association of           listed on the right is one we are      Radiology.
and the uncertainty of health        Medical Colleges (AAMC), in           deeply engaged in here at Emory.
care reform looming, our             his keynote address on “The                                                  Congratula-
department’s and institution’s       Politics and Ethics of Healthcare     Certainly Patient and Family-          tions to
many successes must be balanced      Reform” at the American Society       Centered Care (PFCC) is                Drs. Deb Baumgarten and Pat
with the responsibility of sober     of Neuroradiology (ASNR) in           a central goal of our quality          Hudgins for their achievement of
introspection and bold vision. If    Boston last month, challenged         initiative, and as we know from        the designation of Fellow of The
we don’t lead, who will?             us to remember why we went            our discussions of the Emory           American College of Radiology,
                                     into medicine and to overcome         Healthcare Transformation Model,       celebrated at the recent annual
We can float                                                                                also known as the     American College of Radiology
in the waves,                                                                               “egg”, a unit that    (ACR) meeting in Washington,
seeing where                                                                                embraces PFCC         D.C. This honor is bestowed to
the tide takes                                                                              also functions        fewer than 10% of radiologists in
us or we can                                                                                best in a team        the course of their careers.
advocate for                                                                                setting and with
the value of                                                                                the (fair and just)   Also congratulations to our
radiology,                                                                                  trust of mutual       newly “adopted” residents: Drs.
and make                                                                                    accountability.       Nnenna Aguoca and BryanYi.
ourselves                                                                                   On June 23,           More to come on their projects.
better for the                                                                              we will hold a
challenges we                                                                               Department-           Best to all,
have and will                                                                               wide assembly               Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR
continue to                                                                                                             Chair of Radiology

Memorial Day
The history of Memorial Day begins during         our research family no longer with us: Jack        our country. They died so that we might be
the Civil War. In April 1863, a year after        Peterson, JB Cantrell,Yanni Constantinidis         safer. Thank you to every soldier who was
the bloody battle at Shiloh, a small group of     and Patricia Williams. Jack was with Emory         or is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice
Southern women scattered spring flowers on        for 25 years as an educator and scientist.         for their country. I also want to thank those
the graves of the Southern soldiers, as well as   He worked to incorporate computers into            who came before me and more directly
on the graves of Union Soldiers. On               medical imaging and helped many people             affected me. Jack, JB,Yanni, and Patricia all
May 1, 1865, the Charleston Newspaper             understand how they could be used. JB was          taught me, or paved the way for me, or made
reported that a crowd of up to 10,000,            one of the first registered Nuclear Medicine       the environment in which I work better. I am
including 2,800 children, proceeded to the        Technologists in the state of GA. He literally     truly grateful for these soldiers and people.
Washington Race Course for a celebration          saw Nuclear Medicine grow from its beginning       I look to honor them by making the most out
which included sermons, singing, a picnic on      with single detectors to tomographic scanners      of the opportunities they have provided me.
the grounds, and decorating the graves of Civil   in working more than 40 years at Emory.
War soldiers, thereby creating what was called    Yanni worked at Emory for 13 years and was         How can we make the most out of our
“Decoration Day”. The title Memorial Day          Director of Radiological Sciences in 2001, a       opportunities? Concentrate on what
was first used in 1882 but did not become         precursor to my current position. He worked        is important. Treat others with respect.
common until after World War II. It was           with MR imaging to monitor the development         Remember life is short and happiness is
declared the official name by Federal law         of the bioartificial pancreas. Patricia Williams   contagious. Smile at the colleague you pass
in 1967. The tradition continues to include       was a ray of sunshine who passed away              in the hall. Recognize the good that other
parades, picnics, barbecues, family gatherings    suddenly earlier this year. She served as          people do. As we gently push a group of
and sporting events built around honoring         a project coordinator and administrative           students out of the nest and welcome new
those who died in service of our country.         assistant at CSI.                                                ones, take a moment to reflect
                                                                                                                   on how good our lives are and
Memorial Day has more recently evolved            I would like to thank every soldier who gave                     remember those who helped
to also become a time when many families          their life to provide me with the country and                    make it so.
remember those who are no longer with             life I now enjoy. Thank you to every family                          - JohnVotaw, PhD
them. I am remembering four members of            who’s lost a member due to their service to                                 Vice Chair for Research

             Mary Newell, MD                                                        Arthur Stillman, MD, PhD
             Assistant Professor of Radiology                                       Professor of Radiology & Medicine
             Assistant Director, Breast Imaging Center                              Director for Cardiothoracic Imaging

             Councilor for the American College of                                  Outstanding Postdoc Mentors of
             Radiology (ACR)                                                        2010
Dr. Newell has recently been appointed as a Councilor for the          Dr. Stillman was selected as one of the Emory
American College of Radiology (ACR). The Council is the                Outstanding Postdoc Mentors of 2010, by nomination
legislative (policy-making) body of the College. The Council acts      of Postdocs in his research group and selection by
upon recommendations, submitted as resolutions and reports             the Postdoc Research Symposium Committee. The
are presented during the annual meeting. The Council consists          Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award, also known as
of a minimum of one councilor from each chapter and other              the “One in a Hundred” Award, is based on criteria of
organizations determined by the Council. Dr. Newell’s term of          faculty that mentor Postdocs in quality research, support
office will be for the next three years.                               of their career advancement, being available for advice
                                                                       both scientific and professional, and going beyond the
                                                                       call of duty for their trainees.
             Carolyn Cidis Meltzer, MD, FACR
             William P. Timmie Professor and Chair of Radiology        James Costello, MD, PhD
             Associate Dean for Research
                                                                       Radiology Resident - 4th Year
             President of The American Society of                      RSNA Research Fellow Grant
             Neuroradiology (ASNR)                                     Award
The ASNR is a professional membership society comprised of             The RSNA Research & Education
nearly 4,500 physicians specializing in the field of neuroradiology.   Foundation Board of Trustees awarded
Last year, Dr. Meltzer held the position of President-elect and        Dr. Costello a Research Fellow Grant to study MRI
Program Chair for the ASNR. She was recently inagurated as             of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Biomechanical
President during the ASNR’s annual meeting in May.                     evaluation of the pre/post-transplant lung.
Kevin Kim, MD                                                          RSNA describes that the Fellow Grants are awarded
                                                                       “to provide young investigators an opportunity to gain
Associate Professor of Radiology & Surgery
Director for Interventional Radiology                                  further insight into scientific investigation and to gain
                                                                       competence in research techniques and methods in
Present-Elect Association of Program                                   anticipation of establishing a career in academic radiologic
Directors in Interventional Radiology                                  science.” Dr. Costello will finish his Radiology Residency
                                                                       at Emory before continuing his education at Emory with a
The mission of the Association of Program Directors                    Body MR Fellowship.
in Interventional Radiology (APDIR) is to work to stimulate
interest in and to provide guidelines for teaching in cardiovascular                Keith Tomich, MD
and interventional radiology, and to also address the educational,
regulatory and financial issues that affect the future of IR. (www.                 Radiology Resident - 3rd Year
sirweb.org) Dr. Kim will be leading the other directors passionate                  ACR Annual Meeting and Chapter
about advancing the field of interventional radiology and educating
the future generation of physicians.                                                Leadership Conference Poster
Fellow of The American College of Radiology                            Dr. Tomich’s poster entitled Evidence Based Radiology: A
                                                                       model for small group teaching of the ACR Appropriateness
             Deborah Baumgarten, MD, MPH, FACR                         Criteria to medical students won first place in the Poster
             Associate Professor of Radiology                          Competition at the ACR-AMCLC national meeting
             Associate Program Director,                               in Washington (May 15-19). The poster detailed the
             Diagnostic Radiology Residency                            teaching of appropriate imaging utilization as a hot
                                                                       button topic for both economic and political reasons.
              Patricia Hudgins, MD, FACR
           Professor of Radiology & Otolaryngology                     Sheila Reynolds, RT
             Director of Neuroradiology Fellowship                     Radiologic Technologist - WCI
              Director of Head and Neck Radiology                      JRCERT Certificate of Excellence
Drs. Baumgarten and Hudgins have been selected                         Sheila received the JRCERT Certificate of
as Fellows of the American College of Radiology (ACR).                 Excellence for Outstanding Performance
Approximately 10% of all ACR members achieve this distinction.         as a Clinical Educator in the Radiology
We congratulate them for receiving this honor at the ACR’s annual      Sciences. She has been working at Emory as a staff
meeting in Washington D.C. in May.                                     technologist for the last 36 years.

The following residents will be completing their residency program in June and either continuing their training in a
fellowship program or beginning practice. This has been an excellent group of residents and we wish them well in their
new endeavors. We are fortunate that many of them will remain in the department for at least another year.
James Costello, MD, PhD               Gregory Frey, MD, MPH             Zahir Momin, MD                      William Slater, MD
Continuing at Emory                   Continuing at the University      Continuing at Emory                  Continuing at Emory
in MR Body Imaging                    of VA School of Medicine          in Musculoskeletal                   in Interventional Radiology
                                      in Interventional Radiology
Andrew Del Gaizo, MD                                                    Michael Naumann, MD
Continuing at the Mayo Clinic         Richard Herring, MD                                                    David Wicker, MD
                                                                        Continuing at Northwestern           Continuing at a Private Practice
- Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ              Continuing at Emory               in Interventional Radiology
in Body MRI Fellowship                in Interventional Radiology                                            in Athens, GA
                                                                        David Nizza, MD                      Nuclear Medicine Residents
Erik Dowden, MD                       Mia Jackson, MD                   Continuing at the University
Continuing at Emory                   Continuing at Emory               of Washington SOM                    S. Ramisa Ehsan, MD
in Abdominal Imaging                  in Breast Imaging                 in Musculoskeletal                   Completed her Residency
                                                                                                             and will continue her education
Stephanie Eschenbach, MD              Paolo Lim, MD                     Trevor Rose, MD, MPH                 with a Fellowship
Continuing at Emory                   Continuing at Emory               Continuing at Emory
in Breast Imaging                     in Neuroradiology                                                      Contessa Metcalfe, MD
                                                                        in Abdominal Imaging                 Continuing at Morehouse
                                                                                                             School of Medicine with a
                                                                                                             Residency in Primary Care

“That’s the Emory Way”
Right off I need to admit that I did not coin the expression,“That’s   the feeling of rinse water running down their forearms while
the Emory way,” but in many ways I hope that I can impact the          holding a wet rack up to the ceiling light! The point is, this
meaning.                                                               somewhat ancient identifier still has meaning today and still
                                                                       evokes the same response it did back in the day when it was
I have been an Emory Healthcare employee for almost 3½ years           coined.
and have heard this phrase very often. When I was first exposed
to this expression, I can remember thinking “that’s cool – they        Next, let’s look at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company whose
take great pride in their reputation.” However, after hearing          unwavering commitment to the ultimate customer experience
“that’s the Emory way” a few more times, I realized that the           has produced expressions like “ritzy” and “putting on the Ritz.”
phrase was seldom used as a positive.                                  Wouldn’t Cesar Ritz be surprised to discover that his surname
                                                                       has become a lexicon attached to such elegance?
That is a shame. It really is a catchy phrase and it should reflect
everything that is right with Emory! It also has a certain ring        So, how cool would it be for “that’s the Emory way” to come
that speaks of longevity – along with other phrases and words          to mean the culmination of many individual’s values and actions
that have stood the test of time and still hold on to their core       working together over time to provide the ultimate patient
identities.                                                            experience?
If someone handed me a sheet of paper and asked me to                  I would love to have the assurance that whenever I drop a pass
Xerox it for them, I would not walk up to the nearest copier           or fumble the ball (and I will) in the patient care/
and perform the two machine identifier (full name and date of          customer service arena, that a teammate will
manufacture) to make sure that it indeed was a Xerox – I would         recover the ball and drive towards a positive
simply make a copy.                                                    outcome! Why? Because THAT’S the Emory way!
Likewise, the expression “wet read” has out lived its own literal                              - Michael Armstrong,
meaning. Oh, let’s not forget the radiologists who still remember                                Assistant Director of Imaging Services
                                                                                                 Emory University Hospital Midtown

Pierre-Jerome C, Moncayo V,Terk MR. MRI of the Achilles tendon: a comprehensive review of the anatomy, biomechanics,
and imaging of overuse tendinopathies. Acta Radiol. 2010 May; 51(4):438-54.

The following fellows will be completing their program in June. We have included their future plans and wish them great
success in their Radiology careers.
D. Nelson Anderson, MD                          Pavan Narra, MD                                Samuel Scutchfield, MD
Practicing at Gwinnett Medical Center           Practicing at South Texas Radiology            Entering a Private Practice with RIA
– Lawrenceville, GA                             Group - San Antonio, TX                        – Denver, CO
in General Radiology                            Specializing in Interventional Radiology       Subspecializing in Neuroradiology
Macey Bray, MD                                  Todd Nichols, MD                               Rebecca Seidel, MD
Practicing at the University of                 Practicing at the University of                Joining Emory University Hospital
New Mexico                                      Mississippi Medical Center                     – Atlanta, GA
Subspecializing in Neuroradiology               Specializing in Neuroradiology                 Specializing in Breast Imaging
Steven Bright, MD                               W. Wyndham Owens, MD                           Gopi Sirineni, MD
Joining Charleston Radiology                    Relocating to Lexington, South Carolina        Joining Creighton University
– Mt. Pleasant, SC                              to practice General Radiology                  Medical Center
Specializing in Interventional Radiology                                                       – Omaha, NE
                                                Aruna Polsani, MD
Craig Dick, MD                                  Continuing Emory University                    Jeffrey Steinig, MD
Completed his Abdominal Imaging                 – Atlanta, GA                                  Practicing at Radiology Affiliates Imaging -
Fellowship and will continue his career         Pediatric Imaging Fellowship                   Jersey and Pennsylvania
in the field of radiology                                                                      Emphasis in Neuroradiolgoy Radiology
                                                Hasmukh Prajapati, MD
Sarah Erickson, MD                              Continuing Emory University                    Unni Udayasankar, MD
Practicing at the University of Virginia        – Atlanta, GA                                  Working at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in
Specializing in Thoraco-Abdominal               Body Imaging Fellowship                        Cleveland, Ohio as a Pediatric Radiologist
Radiology                                                                                      and Pediatric Neuroradiologist
                                                Scott Rahimi, MD
Daniel Gober, MD                                Practicing at Augusta Medical College          Janet Wall, MD
Entering a Private Practice with the            Specializing in Interventional                 Practicing at Athens Radiology Associates
Rome Radiology Group                            Neuroradiology with a dual                     – Athens, GA
                                                appointment in Neurosurgery                    Specializing in Breast Imaging
Jason Hoover, MD
Joining Montgomery Radiology Associates         Bhumi Rawal, MD                                Eric Wandler, MD
– Auburn, Alabama                               Practicing at Malcom Randall VA Medical        Joining the American Health Imaging of
                                                Center - Gainesville, FL                       Newnan and Fayetteville in Georgia
Manish Jani, MD                                 Specializing in Body Imaging
Entering a Private Practice with Doctors                                                       Roger Williams, DO
Imaging Group in Gainesville, Florida           Stephen Sabourin, MD                           Joining Emory University Hospital
                                                Joining Erlanger Hospital                      – Atlanta, GA
Daniel Karolyi, MD                              – Chattanooga, Tennessee                       Specializing in Interventional Radiology
Practicing at at Virginia Tech/Carilion         Specializing in Musculoskeletal Imaging
School of Medicine - Roanoke,VA                                                                Matthew Zygmont, MD
Specializing in Body Imaging                    Cesar Santana, MD                              Joining Emory University Hospital
                                                Entering a Private Practice                    – Atlanta, GA
Kristopher Lewis, MD                            – Miami, FL                                    Specializing in Emergency Radiology
Practicing at the Medical College               Specializing in Nuclear Medicine
of Georgia
Specializing in Pediatric Radiology

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                                                                                                         Emory Radiology
     Quality Corner                                                                                      Represents
      Student Volunteers in Radiology
                                                                                                          Emory’s Department of
     We are very excited to have Emory           punctual                                                 Radiology is frequently
     undergraduate students volunteer            dedication                                               recognized across
     in our Department. Since last Fall,         to tasks.                                                the globe as our
     when the program began, they have           Another                                                  accomplished faculty
     dedicated themselves for 486 hours.         area                                                     are invited to provide
     None of these students would be with        where their volunteering efforts have                    lectures for various
     us without the invaluable connections       made an impact is in the EUH PPCA.                       societal organizations.
     made between Emory’s volunteer              Perlita Kitt noted that they have made
     coordinator, Harold McNaron, the            a real difference for the nurses by                     May 15 - 20, 2010 in
     student volunteer coordinator for the       helping with patients over the busy                     Boston, Massachusetts -
     minority pre-med society, Alexis Irby       noon hour.                                              The American Society of
     and our very own Wendy Nyberg,                                                                      Neuroradiology (ASNR)
     administrative assistant to the Office of   It is great to know that we have such                   48th Annual Meeting:
     Quality & Safety.                           a wonderful group of students who                          Ashley Aiken, MD
                                                 are committed to volunteering in the                       Kimberly Applegate, MD
     Each of these students underwent            department and at the same time,                           Jacques Dion, MD
     the orientation process for Emory           learning about the role of imaging in
     Healthcare with Tracy Russell Gonzales      healthcare. Thanks so much to all of                       Patricia Hudgins, MD
     and committed to a minimum of six           you who have assisted the Department                       Carolyn Meltzer, MD
     months of weekly time with us. Many         with this student volunteer project. I                     James Provenzale, MD
     of these students were busy with            know everyone has enjoyed having                           Amit Saindane, MD
     preparing, studying, taking their finals    them in the department, especially the                     Frank Tong, MD
     and preparing to go home for the            PPCA nurses.
     summer. Even over summer break,                                                                     May 2 - 7, 2010 in San
     we have 12 students who are actively        If you have an opportunity, please stop                 Diego, California -
     volunteering in the PPCA area at EUH,       by our PPCA or BIC area to thank                        The American
     three in the BIC and four who are           our student volunteers and let them                     Roentgen Ray Society
     working on special quality projects. We     know that we appreciate them. They                      (ARRS) Annual Meeting:
     anticipate about 10 more students to        are helping us to make our department
     join in September 2010 (Fall Semester).     patient and family centered.                               Kimberly Applegate, MD
     During Wendy’s recent absence these                  - Kimberly Applegate                              Deb Baumgarten, MD
     students helped to fill the gap with                   Vice Chair for Quality & Safety                 James Provenzale, MD

Updates from Imaging Applications Support (IAS)
Sustainability and Standardization
In a dynamic, imaging applications world and in a busy            the technologist who uses these tools to provide patient
academic center, building systems with standardization            care each day.
enables sustainability. Over the next few weeks, with the
transition of PACS systems from Siemens to GE, we have            The same standardization technique will be used to provide
been focusing on standardization. The standardization             diagnostic radiologist workstations in the beginning of
of imaging workflow, standardization of the radiology             this month with more workstations being added, and a
workstations and standardization of issue resolution has          rapid repair scenario being utilized. Through testing and
been a major focus of the project. This standardization           development, we have placed some security metrics on
is critical to help with gaining sustainability of GE PACS.       the diagnostic radiologist workstations that allow only
In May, the IAS team began the process of deploying the           approved applications to be loaded. This standardization
workstations for the technical Go-Live at EUHM for GE             will promote sustainability of this complex, highly important
PACS Phase II. There are almost 30 new workstations               medical device. By using the key element of standardization,
that are being deployed for the technologist work area.           we will be able to sustain and constantly improve the
In order to satisfy the needs of capacity, standardizing the      growing service and support needs of the radiology imaging
workstations has been a key factor. This will assist rapid        community.
repair and replacement scenarios for optimal speed for                                        - Betsy Keenan-Barber, IAS Team Lead

Patient Service Associates:
Radiology Schedulers
With advanced equipment, experienced technologists, world renowned
radiologists, and our trustworthy reputation, Emory’s Department of Radiology
is considered a destination department with thousands of patients utilizing our
technology on a monthly basis. Call center agents handle in-bound and out-bound
appointments by coordinating with physician offices, radiology technologists,
pre-certification staff, and patients to arrange appropriate appointments and
procedures at various locations. Radiology schedulers work from sites across                  Week of June 7, 2010
the Emory campuses and follow efficient                                                       Thurs., June 10–
workflow processes to minimize call time,
and maximize appointments scheduled.                                                      Research In Progress Series (RIPS) -
                                                                                           No RIPS Lecture: Week of SNM
Currently located in The Emory Clinic
(TEC), central scheduling has a volume
of 10,000 calls per month, handled by                                                    Week of June 14, 2010
14 schedulers, with three taking calls                                                   Thurs., June 17 –
in specialties such as PET, Nuclear                                                        RIPS - Russell Folks, CNMT, RT(N)
Medicine, and Cardiac Imaging requests.                                                      Validation of an Ultra Fast Camera
Standardization of workflow processes has played a                                                  for Cardiac SPECT
crucial role in effectively streamlining the scheduling
process in this area. These agents are also offered
the opportunity to participate in a rotation schedule
that shadows the radiology technologists in various                                     Week of June 21, 2010
sections. This experience allows the schedulers to                                       Wed., June 23 –
obtain more specified knowledge of our modalities and                                     Department-wide Assembly
describe procedures more accurately to patients and                                   Implementing the Patient & Family Centered
referring physicians. In the Fall, the central schedulers                                    Care Initiative in Radiology
will be moving to a newly renovated area at the Emory
University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital (EUOSH).                                     Thurs., June 24 –
                                                                                              RIPS - Weiping Yu, PhD
Breast imaging schedulers handle                                                        Functionalization of FACBC Analog anti-
the appointments for our Breast                                                          /syn-ACBC-3-COR Moiety for Targeted
Imaging Center, Midtown and 1525
locations. The six employees in                                                       Cancer Imaging with Magnetic Nanoparticles
breast imaging schedule an average
of 4,000 appointments on a monthly
basis. This team uniquely rotates
through the different patient service                                                     Grand Rounds and RIPS
associate duties and assists with front
desk responsibilities, in addition to                                                      are on Summer Break
handling the scheduling of patients.
The 16 agents at Executive Park average 3,000 incoming
calls per week, scheduling appointments for over 30
physicians that specialize in orthopaedics, spine and
sports medicine. These agents also work with referring
physicians to schedule radiology procedures once the
appropriate order is received and scanned into the
database system. To make the patient experience more
personalized, they often conduct confirmation calls to
those patients who have same or next day appointments
that the Executive Park facility instead of using automated operators.
There are three interventional radiology schedulers at Emory University Hospital
who work to confirm appointments for outpatients in the areas of Interventional    our department. The call representatives
Radiology, Neuroradiology, Ultrasound and CT at Emory University Hospital and      constantly strive to excel at outstanding
Emory Midtown locations. In conjunction with scheduling the appointment, they      customer service support, and work well as
also conduct pre and post procedure patient calls.                                 a team to provide the most quality to our
                                                                                   patients and referring physician offices.
Our radiology schedulers are advanced in clerical skills with computer
technology and medical terminology, knowledge that enhances their value to                         - Alaina Shapiro, Communications Coordinator

Medical Imaging Program Graduation
On May 10, 2010, 23 Emory Graduates celebrated as they received their
Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Imaging. Through the Emory Medical Imaging
Program, aspiring Radiology Technologists (RT), along with practicing RTs,
are given the opportunity to specialize their skills as an RT in the areas of
CT, MR, education or administration. This year, 14 graduates completed their
program with a focus in MR, six in CT, and three in administration.

Student Awards -
Valedictorian:                                     Sahar Mansouri

Outstanding Clinical Student:                      Delilah Stanford
Colleague Award:                                   Clyde Le

Most Improved Clinical Student:                    Heather Simmons

JRCERT Student Award of Excellence:                Amber Price-Williams

                  Clinical Awards -
               Clinical Site of the Year:
       Executive Park Sports and Orthopaedic Center                                                              The Medical Imaging
                                                                                                                 Program Class of 2010
         Outstanding Technologist Educator:                                                                      plans to use their new-
                      Sheila Reynolds                                                                            found knowledge as they
                                                                                                                 begin their careers in the
       - The Emory Clinic – Winship Cancer Institute -                                                           field of medicine.

          Rookie Technologist of the Year:
                      Monica Reese
          - Emory University Hospital Midtown -
                                                                        Dawn Moore, Program Director, and the instructors of the
                                                                        Medical Imaging Program wish the Class of 2010 success and
                                                                        happiness as they move forward in their lives and careers.

                  Pooneh Taleghani, MD
                  Research Associate - Nuclear Medicine
                  Dr. Taleghani joins Emory after contributing to the
                  Medical Collage of Georgia study The Environmental
                  Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY). She
                  has also gained experinece through volunteering
                                                                                       Look               for a new issue of
                                                                                                           the Rad Report
                                                                                            the first full week of July.
                  at the North Fulton Regional Hospital in Internal
                  Medicine. Dr. Taleghani recieved her MD from O.O.
                  Bogomolets National University, Kiev, Ukraine.

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