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									           Renaissance Costumes – A Glory of Medieval Era
Are you haunting for renaissance clothing or in dilemma about what to wear from various available
options in upcoming themed party or renaissance festival where you have been invited. You need not to
worry. Here are a few tips to help you out so that you can find a perfect costume for character you
would like to enact.

Movies are great help when it comes to buy medieval clothing and renaissance costumes. To take ideas
go on exploring the movies like A Knight’s Tale, King Arthur, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and
Gladiator. If you are about to play a character from renaissance era then watch Elizabeth and William
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for some striking ideas.

Men’s Renaissance Clothing

To look like a commoner from medieval era, select costumes made of natural fibers because people of
lower strata during those periods wore clothing made of linen, wool, cotton and shipskin. To dress up
like a peasant wear dark colored loose pant with peasant renaissance shirt. However if you are playing
noble or royal then choose something fancier and ornate that posses designs on hemline and neckline.
Don’t forget tunic it was a part of apparel of both, haves and have-nots.

If you have another idea and want to portray as masculine and heroic character with iconic presence,
opt for the costumes of roman worrier. A knee length cape alongwith red and black tunic will suit most.
To add finishing touch to look wear shin guards and a helmet and take a sword in one hand and shield in
another. If you have a partner playing as Cleopatra then there is nothing to say just put on a Marc
Antony costume. A white tunic of brown touch around neck and bottom, a red cape, bronze wristlets
and gladiator sandals will be apt to portray the character.

Women’s Renaissance Clothing

A traditional peasant renaissance blouse or chemise can do wonder for women who are attending the
events. To support bust, wear bodice. For lower body part, wear voluminous skirt of floor length over a
hose. If you want something with fine detail work, something which is luxurious and graceful, select
petticoat gown of multi layers and tight corset to give hourglass shape to upper-body part. Women of
those eras belonging to noble society never let their hair down, so make use of headdresses like Hennin
or coif to tie.

Everyone has desire to look different from rest of crowd. If you are one of those women, portray a
character that has capability to stand out. A Cleopatra dress will definitely do that for you. White dress
with detail work at neck and waist and gold bands all over is what you are looking for to be a Cleopatra.
For perfect resemblance use dark, bold make-up and gold beaded headpiece.

Accessories for Medieval Renaissance Costumes
Your medieval look will not be completed until you wear medieval accessory. For men a right weapon
like sword or rapiers along with armor like helmet and chain mails will give you a realistic look. For
women, extravagant jewelries like rings, pendants, anklets and necklace are apt for authentic look. A
right wig for both men and women will bring the whole appearance more closely to real one.

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