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									    Integrating Marketing and Entrepreneurship
               with Industrial Design

Industrial Design and Marketing departments will plan, design,
develop, and distribute products to be sold locally, and via their
own designed e-commerce website, providing students with a
concept-to-market entrepreneurial experience.

Will resubmit grant proposal to NCIIA, founded on the premise
that invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship are essential
components of the higher education curriculum and vital to the
nation’s economic future.
                  Who is currently doing it?

Stanford Institute of Design- Multidisciplinary teaching of design
thinking, methodology, and strategy focused on developing an
innovative culture.
Carnegie Mellon - Integrated Product Development track for MBA
Illinois Institute of Design- Nine-month program leading to a
master of design methods degree, for mid-level managers without
a design background.
Rensselaer- Design faculty co-teaches many classes

MBA elective product design/development courses at Harvard,
Michigan, Northwestern, Georgetown, and oh yeah…
Metropolitan State College of Denver!

The only undergraduate program of its kind in
the U.S.!
Metropolitan State College of Denver!

                   brand Spankin’ new

"Building relationships through education and innovation.”

When people think of this brand, we want them to think of:
      • Student-operated
      • Unique Designs
      • Exclusive Products
      • New designers
      • Limited editions
                                        brand SpankinÕnew
                                      brand Spankin’ new
                                              Organizational Chart

             Industrial Design                                             Mick Jackowski
                   Ken Phil lips                                          Student Marketers
                   Dave Klein
                Student designers

      Product                                                                                            Direct Marketing
                              Production        Management             Website         Brand
    De velopment                                                                                         Student Marketers
                              Ken Phil lips         SIFE             De velopment   De velopment
  Student Designers                                                                                      Darrin Duber-Smith
                             Local vendors          IDSA              Contractor    Celina Moser
     Ken Phil lips
                                                Ben Zastrocky
     Dave Klein

Industrial Design Department                                              Marketing Department
1. Manage product development                                             1. Manage brand, pricing, and distribution
2. Manage productio n                                                     2. Coordina te direct marketing
3. Contrib ute to website                                                 3. Manage website

Industrial Design students                                                Marketing Students
Product design and develop ment                                           Brand development, strategy and elements
                                                                          Develop and imp lement direct marketing

Productio n                                                               Website Development
Establish relationships w ith manufacturers                               Build and manage website
                   brand Spankin’ new
Financial agreement between IND and MKT departments:

                        MKT: 40% of profits
                         IND: 40% of profits
             Student designer: 10% of profits
                Student clubs: 10% of profits
                       brand Spankin’ new
Our first product:
A stylish and innovative coat rack designed
by Hannah Henry is being used to test our
production methods, website, and brand.

Sells for $107.00
Limited edition only
                       brand Spankin’ new
Our first product: The financial breakdown.

Sales revenue, selling 107 units:   $11,449
Materials and production:           $2,996
Administrative and marketing:       $500

total profit: $7,169 average x 50 products

             $358,540/sem. profit
                 brand Spankin’ new
Students involved:
                                          students per semester
IND 2450      Beginning Industrial Design                14-18
IND 3800      Design for Production                      12-16
MKT 3140      Direct Marketing Management                15-18
MKT 390A      Reputation and Brand Management            10-15
MKT 4520      Seminar in Marketing Management            10-20

Additional new curriculum to be added:
IND 3850      Production Sourcing (Summer)              10-12
MKT 3950      Product Development                       15-18
Each semester new designs are created by IND students.
                      brand Spankin’ new
Financial needs to get continue the work we have started:

                          $6,000 for marketing of the brand
                          $8,850 for a professional website
                          $6,000 for startup materials and manufacturing
                          $20,850 (estimate)

Potential assistance may come in the form of an NCIIA grant.

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