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									                An MBA-Nonprofit Connection 2009 Summer Job Announcement

Industry          Nonprofit/Environment
Function          Business Planning

Employer          Environmental Defense Fund
Job Title         Packard Environment Fellow, Oceans Program
Location          San Francisco, CA

Website           www.environmentaldefensefund.org, www.californiafisheriesfund.org

App. Deadline     February 23, 2009
Start Date        TBD

Salary            $800/wk. (Packard Environment Fellows are supported in part by a grant
                  from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.)

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a leading national nonprofit organization representing more than
500,000 members. Since 1967, we have linked science, economics and law to create innovative,
equitable and cost-effective solutions to society's most urgent environmental problems. Our Oceans
Program works to find constructive solutions to the most critical problems threatening the world's
marine environments.

Job Description
Ocean conservation is one of EDF’s four strategic priorities, and the ending of overfishing, bycatch,
and habitat damage associated with fishing is a major goal for the Oceans Program. We have
developed several new tools and approaches to fisheries reform that are now gaining ascendency. One
of these tools is the new California Fisheries Fund (CFF), a $5 million revolving loan fund that supports
fishing communities working to improve the sustainability of their fisheries. CFF finances innovative
projects that will lead to more stable and profitable fisheries, including management changes such as
catch shares and more localized management. CFF loans support business projects undertaken by
fishery organizations, ports, processors, and individual fishermen that are likely to increase
stewardship and conservation, add value to fisheries, and promote long-term asset-building. The Fund
seeks a Packard Environment Fellow to provide business planning and technical support to CFF's
current borrowers. Projects will include market and regulatory analysis, operations, business
development, and marketing implementation. The Fellow will also help support due diligence of
prospective borrowers, including financial and credit analysis and conservation assessment.

Michael DeLapa, Pacific Regional Director, Oceans Program

Michael DeLapa is responsible for leading efforts to implement individual fishing quotas and other
market-based solutions in the Pacific region and identifying new ocean conservation initiatives. He is
also the Fund Director of the California Fisheries Fund. Prior to joining CFF and EDF he founded
DeLapa Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in the management of new ventures. DeLapa was
also the founder and chief operating officer of Arena Solutions, Inc.; founder and executive director of
the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation; and founder of LandWatch Monterey County
and Sea Studios Foundation. DeLapa holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  MBA candidate (required)
  Commitment to the mission of the Oceans Program (harmonizing healthy marine ecosystems,
   fishing communities, and coastal economies)
  Market research and analysis experience
  Strong analytical skills, including financial analysis, synthesis of ambiguous data, evaluation of
   markets and opportunities, and ability to identify key issues and risks
  Interest in working with nonprofit agencies and nonprofit-run businesses
  Effective written and oral communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills

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   Entrepreneurial attitude
   Self-starter
   Ability to work in a flexible, informal environment

To Apply
Application deadline: February 23, 2009. E-mail cover letter and resume to Mr. Michael DeLapa at
summer2009@mnconnection.org. Please send the cover letter and resume as separate Word
attachments, labeled as follows: EDF-Oceans-[your last name]-Cover.doc and EDF-Oceans-[your last
name]-Resume.doc. The MNC will confirm receipt of your application and promptly forward it to EDF.
This job announcement is being posted at your school through your school's partnership with the MNC.
For advice on preparing applications for nonprofit jobs, please visit www.mnconnection.org.

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