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           BUS 551

        MBA Program

  Baldwin-Wallace College


   Anthony J. Khuri, Ph.D.
 (Please use this e-mail for all


     This course is intended to help participants in …

     1. Understanding marketing management
     2. Analyzing marketing opportunities
     3. Developing marketing strategies
     4. Making marketing decisions
     5. Managing and delivering marketing programs


     Team Project (100% of final grade):

     Course participants will be organized into teams of 4-5
     students and asked to conduct a comprehensive
     marketing analysis of a specific product currently
     offered by an actual company.

     Each team will be expected to submit by no later than
     the penultimate course session a formal, professional
     document containing the complete analysis. The
     structure and process for conducting the analysis will
     be explained by the course instructor.

   The project report is to be >100, full pages excluding



   Team project reports will be evaluated in comparison
   to each other, and against the following criteria:

             1. How real business-world in language,
                style & standards?
             2. How comprehensive and circumspect?
             3. How thorough and detailed?
             4. How clear and organized?
             5. How creative and original?
             6. How professional and impeccable?

   The course instructor authorizes at least a majority of
   the team members to decide who from the team will at
   the end have their name listed on the report submitted,
   based on their regular and quality participation
   in/contribution to the team project/report throughout
   the course. Those who do not get listed will receive an
   automatic “F” in the course. The instructor will not get
   involved in the decision re whose name gets or does not
   get listed.


   The following attendance policy applies in this course:

      O One absence: No explanation required
      O Two absences: Participant to write one paper,
                        length and subject determined
                        by instructor
      O Three absences: Participant to write two papers,
                          length and subject determined
                          by instructor
     O Four absences: Participant asked to drop course
     O Three tardy attendances (> 10 min. late): will
          count as one absence
     O All attendance-related make-up papers need to be
        turned in two weeks after they‟re communicated
        by instructor
     O Participants are expected to attend all scheduled
       course sessions, and for the whole session
     O Any planned absence must be communicated
       to instructor in advance via e-mail
     O Final grades are not given until all outstanding,
       attendance-related papers are submitted and

V.   Regarding Cell Phones, Blackberries & Laptop

     Course participants are asked to please make sure cell
     phones/blackberries are turned off and not used at all
     while the course is in-session. They are free, however,
     to use their laptops during course sessions to take
     lecture/discussion notes if they choose to. Using a
     laptop to do anything else – like surfing the net,
     “Googling”, or working on some other business – is
     emphatically not allowed.

     Participants found to be disregarding above
     understanding will be asked to immediately pick up
     their belongings, leave the classroom, and drop the

     Kindly remember and respect this policy!

VI. College Disability Policy:

     “Any student with a documented disability (e.g.,
      physical, learning, psychological, vision, hearing, etc.)
      who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on
      the impact of that disability should contact the
      Disability Services at 440-826-5936 in the Ritter
      Library, Room 207, to establish eligibility and to

coordinate reasonable accommodations. Students will
not be accommodated unless they provide their
instructors with a letter from Disability Services
documenting their eligibility and delineating
reasonable and appropriate accommodations. The
accommodation letter must be updated each

Students are encouraged to meet with each
professor early in the semester to discuss their
disability letter regarding how to implement their
accommodations in relation to specific course

                   Anthony John Khuri, Ph.D.
                       Professional Profile
Dr. Khuri is the President of the Khuri Consulting Group, a network of specialists
in the strategic development of organizations and their management. He has been
practicing in this field for over 34 years. Dr. Khuri is also an Adjunct Professor of
Business Management at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, USA. He‟s been
at the College for 30 years, and lectures on systems management, strategic
marketing, launching and growing new ventures, multinational business
management, and the strategic analysis, planning and management of
organizations. Dr. Khuri lectures in the Systems-MBA, Entrepreneurship-MBA,
International-MBA, Executive-MBA, Healthcare-MBA, and Emerging
Entrepreneurs programs at Baldwin-Wallace

Dr. Khuri‟s educational background includes Bachelor of Science work in Biology –
American University of Beirut; Master of Arts work in the Psychology of
Motivation and Learning – American University of Beirut; Master of Business
Administration work in the Strategic Management of Organizations – Vanderbilt
University; Doctoral work in the Strategic Planning and Development of
Organizations – Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Khuri studied the science
and art of strategic management at its dawn, early to mid „70s, at Vanderbilt under
the late H. Igor Ansoff, the “Father of Strategic Management”.

Dr. Khuri has been a consultant to organizations operating in Canada, USA, Latin
America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. His clients have come from the
Public Relations, Investor Relations, Manufacturing (high and low technology),
Banking, Insurance, Consumer, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Hospital, Medical
Devices, Contract Research Organizations, and Aerospace industries as well as
government. He‟s advised and helped develop managers from such
companies/organizations as : Procter & Gamble, Exxon, 3M, American Express,
MCI, Corning, Parker Hannifin, Burroughs, Ford Motor Co., Daimler-Benz, Bosch,
Michelin, Bayer KGaA, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Sandoz Division), Sanofi-Aventis
Pharmaceuticals (Dermatologicals Division) Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals
(OrthoNeutrogena Division), Merck KGaA, Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Molecular
Insight Pharmaceuticals, Isolagen Pharmaceuticals, BioForm Medical, CardioNet,
Inc.,Viasys Healthcare, CardioNet, Cigna Insurance Corp., Edelman Worldwide
Public Relations , US Department of Defense, The Federal Reserve Board
(Cleveland, Ohio), the US Veterans Administration (Cleveland, Ohio), the National
Institute of Health (USA), Massachusetts General Hospital (Stoeckel Center, CPS
Institute), the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals of Cleveland, and others ...

Dr. Khuri has provided advice and guidance in such areas as: corporate and
competitive strategy formulation and implementation, market and industry
analyses, strategic capability assessment, portfolio management, pre-IPO business
development and build-up, new product market launch, marketing and sales
strategy development and implementation, new product development and market
launch, developing high performance sales and marketing organizations, strategic
account management, organization design and re-structuring, core process re-
engineering, R&D organization structure and process, project management,
corporate culture and organizational climate, managerial and executive leadership,
as well as management training and development. He has worked very closely with
top management teams, and has designed and delivered numerous team-based
organization development and planning programs. He has served as a personal
advisor to Chairmen of Boards, CEOs, Presidents, COOs, and other senior
corporate officers. He has worked with venture capital groups and assisted in
strategic, due diligence work related to business acquisitions. In addition to on-going
concerns he‟s also helped start-up businesses at the “ground floor” stage. Dr. Khuri
has also been a consultant to privately held and family-owned business in the USA
and elsewhere.

Over the years, Dr. Khuri had been a member of such societies and professional
organizations as The Academy of Management, The American Management
Association, The American Society for Training and Development, The Society for
General Systems Research, The World Future Society, The American Security
Council, as well as a Special Advisor to the United States Congressional Advisory
Board, and a Honorary Citizen of Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.


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