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A Pinnacle Award Level Chapter
Recipient of FPA National’s Highest
Level Award for 9 Consecutive Years!
Volume 11, No. 10, October, 2010
Web address: www.fpanca.org

 President’s Message                                                 Christine Parker, CFP®
 Dear Colleagues,
 Do One Thing – Join your colleagues around the county and volunteer on Oct. 23rd.
 The Financial Planning Association (FPA) of the National Capital Area will host “D.C. Financial Planning Day,” a
 free event that features financial planners volunteering their time to assist local residents in need via educational
 programs and one-on-one counseling.
 According to the recent joint press release, the event will be held at the Columbia Heights Educational Campus in
 Washington, D.C., and will feature experts from the FPA NCA and highly qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL
 PLANNER™ professionals, all volunteering their time and expertise to work with local residents one-on-one to
 address important financial issues.

 The event will also feature a series of classroom-style educational workshops addressing key personal finance topics,
 including: Planning for Your Financial Goals, Investing Basics – 20 Tips for Becoming a Smart Investor, Real
 World Retirement Planning, Young Professionals: Launching Your Financial Plan, and more.

 D.C. Financial Planning Day is organized by the FPA NCA, in partnership with the government of the District of
 Columbia and as part of the national Financial Planning Days initiative created by Certified Financial Planner Board
 of Standards, FPA®, the Foundation for Financial Planning and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

 The collaboration is a first-of-its kind effort involving city governments and thousands of financial planners
 nationwide united in an effort to provide free financial education and programming to communities throughout the
 United States.

 “The benefits (of volunteering) are plentiful, but it all comes down to the simple satisfaction of knowing that you
 have donated your time and knowledge to help underserved members of your community empower themselves
 financially. In light of the economic events that have greatly affected many in your community, there is no better time
 than now to help enhance public awareness of the value of financial planning,” says Marv Tuttle, FPA,
 CEO/Executive Director.

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 FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                 Page 1                                  October 2010
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Volunteer for D.C. Financial Planning Day today at: www.financialplanningdays.org/DC.
Thank you for being a valued member of the FPA of the National Capital Area Chapter, a preeminent organization for
financial planning professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including suburban Maryland and Northern

Christine Parker, CFP®
2010 President, FPA of the National Capital Area Chapter

Dear Colleague,

The National Capital Area Chapter of the FPA invites you to join your colleagues in helping DC area residents experience the benefits
of financial planning. Participate in the DC Financial Planning Day on Saturday, October 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the
Columbia Heights Educational Campus. The event is being organized as part of the national Financial Planning Days initiative in
partnership with City of DC, CFP Board, Financial Planning Association, Foundation for Financial Planning, and the U.S. Conference of

The Financial Planning Day concept is simple – financial planners will volunteer to meet one-on-one with consumers to offer
personalized financial planning information on a pro bono basis. The event will also feature financial planners presenting
educational workshops on key financial planning topics.

The benefits are plentiful – providing the public with the practical financial information they need and increasing recognition of the
value of financial planning in the DC community. At a time when many DC residents are struggling as a result of the recent
economic turmoil, we expect the Financial Planning Day to generate high levels of attendance and appreciation.

To register to volunteer at the event, please complete the online registration form: www.financialplanningdays.org/dcvolunteer
Participation will be open only to financial planners who either hold the CFP ® certification and/or are members of the Financial
Planning Association. Seats will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

A complimentary breakfast and lunch will be provided for volunteers, and free parking will be available.

Event Location:
Columbia Heights Educational Campus
3101 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010

For more information about the DC Financial Planning Day, visit www.FinancialPlanningDays.org or contact us at
ProBono@fpanca.org or (703) 288-0500.

Best Regards,

Ken Robinson
2010 FPA NCA Pro Bono Co-Director

  FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                       Page 2                                      October 2010
                                           PLEASE VOTE NOW!
                                   Proposed 2011 Officers and Directors
The Proposed Board of Directors for 2011 is listed below. This Membership Announcement requests your approval
for the proposed slate. Please return your vote as soon as possible to PeggyNelson8@verizon.net. We need your vote
in written form for approval of our 2011 Board. Please include your name on your email when voting so that we have
a record of the members who voted. You may APPROVE the Proposed Slate; you may write-in candidates to the
Proposed Slate; or you may vote AGAINST the Proposed Slate (or portions thereof).

In addition, our membership meeting will be held on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at Clyde’s of Tysons Corner,
McLean, Virginia at approximately 11:30 a.m. This meeting will be prior to our monthly program scheduled for that
day. At this meeting, we will request your voice approval of our proposed slate. We will accept nominations from the
floor that day, as well. We notify our membership of the proposed Board and request votes from our membership in
written format, as well as at our Membership Meeting, in order to be assured of reaching a quorum of responses
necessary for approval and to follow the procedures outlined in our By-Laws. Thank you for your help in electing our
new 2011 Board of Directors.

                                            2011 PROPOSED OFFICERS:

                                            Christine Parker, CFP, Chair

                                              Eric Hess, CFP, President

                                          Rita Cheng, CFP, President-Elect

                                            Ryan Fleming, CFP, Treasurer

                                             Kevin Knull, CFP, Secretary

                                           2011 PROPOSED DIRECTORS:

                                      James Bogart, CFP, Programs Co-Director

                                 Jeanie Harrell Schwarz, CFP, Programs Co-Director

                                  Dan Lash, CFP, Career Development Co-Director

                                 Josh Halpern, CFP, Career Development Co-Director

                             Chris Rivers, CFP, Mentoring and Social Networking Director

                                        Augie Zullo, Sponsorships Co-Director

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 FPA National Capital Area Newsletter               Page 3                                 October 2010
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                                Rachael DeCosta-Martin, Sponsorships Co-Director

                       Mitchell Berlin, CFP, Facility Requirements & Social Events Director

                             Kathleen Sindell, PhD, Chapter Communications Director

                                Helen Modly, CFP, PR/Media Relations Co-Director

                              Tommie Monez, CFP, PR/Media Relations Co-Director

                                   Bryan Beatty, CFP, Membership Co-Director

                                    Cliff Cohen, Esq., Membership Co-Director

                                       Tacy Paul Roby, CFP, Pro Bono Director

                             Howard Pressman, CFP, Government Relations Director


                                          Howard Pressman, CFP
  In response to the unprecedented economic events of 2008, President Barack Obama established the Economic
  Recovery Advisory Board (PERAB). The 17 member board, which is made up of non-governmental experts is
  charged with offering independent advice to the President as he formulates and implements his plans for an
  economic recovery. On August 27, 2010, the Tax Reform subcommittee of PERAB submitted to the President
  its report on Tax Reform.

  While most concerned parties agree that the report offered little in the way of new ideas, there are some
  recommendations that are of particular interest to planners. Suggestions of note are:
          Consolidate or restructure current retirement plan offerings to facilitate enrollment by low- and
           middle-income taxpayers.
          Modify capital gains treatment to either (1) convert the separate rates on capital gains into a 50-
           percent exclusion or (2) replace the zero rate with a 5-percent rate for taxpayers in the 10- and 15-
           percent tax brackets.
          End or limit1031 like-kind exchanges, which allow the deferral of taxes on appreciated property. The
           limitations could include separate sub-categories, for example, creating one category for developed
           land and another for undeveloped land. Exchanges would not be allowed to cross over into other
          Provide more stringent rules that partners, shareholders in S corporations, and members of limited
           liability corporations to pay self-employment tax.
          Suggestions were made to eliminate the AMT, however due to the costs associated with its repeal,
           the recommendation was to continue with annual patches.

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter              Page 4                                 October 2010

 Eight people who have shown exceptional leadership in the field of financial planning will be honored as the Financial Planning
 Association’s 2010 Heart of Financial Planning Award winners at the FPA annual conference in Denver in October.

 The awards recognize individual professionals, financial planning firms, FPA chapters or organizations that contribute to the financial
 planning community and the public. Recipients represent FPA's core values of competence, integrity, relationships and stewardship. The
 following are this year’s recipients:

 Don Blandin, president and CEO of the nonprofit Investor Protection Trust, is being recognized for his leadership in developing the “How
 Can I Afford Retirement?” investor education program, as well as his close work with securities regulators, FPA chapters, and libraries
 across the country.

 Mark Clark is being honored for his commitment to teaching financial education and L.I.F.E. skills to youth through nonprofit agencies
 and organizations in Northern California

 Saundra Davis is receiving the award for providing high-quality pro bono financial planning to the working poor, and for volunteering
 thousands of hours as a key leader for the FPA of San Francisco Pro Bono Committee.

 Michael Kitces, CFP, is being recognized for his commitment to education in the financial planning industry and for his work as co-
 founder of the FPA NexGen community of interest.

 Keith Loveland is a practicing attorney in securities law and compliance and is being honored for his pro-bono and ethics work, and for
 his work ensuring a client-centered, ethical financial planning process.

 Brent Neiser, CFP, is receiving the award for his commitment to financial literacy to educate the public in all areas of personal finance.
 He is director of strategic programs and alliances for the National Endowment for Financial Education.

 Don Pitti, who died in December, received the award posthumously. He had dedicated years to helping advance the financial planning
 profession and was one of the founding members of the International Association for Financial Planning, a predecessor organization of

 Karin Price Mueller is a journalist who delivers financial planning information to the public through various media outlets. Mueller co-
 authored financial literacy guides to educate immigrants and the underserved about how they can improve their financial situation in the


 October 7 – Luncheon Program – McLean, VA

 October 19 – Member Breakfast – Vienna, VA

 November 16 – Member Breakfast – Bethesda, MD

 November 18 – Professional Development Program – Vienna, VA

 December 9 – Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon – McLean, VA

 December 14 – Member Breakfast – Fairfax, VA

 Please register for these programs on-line at www.fpanca.org. More details and events to be posted soon!

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                           Page 5                                            October 2010
FPA National Capital Area Newsletter   Page 6   October 2010
                                                        Rachelle Green of VCU and Donald Miller of MBC Training Centers

Bethesda, MD, September 16, 2010-Financial Planning Association Presents 2010 Scholarship Awards

Rachelle Green of VCU and Donald Miller of MBC Training Centers each received a $1,200 scholarship award from the
Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area. FPA NCA is a local trade association with over 800 members who
are individuals and firms who promote the financial planning process. Ms. Green and Mr. Miller were selected by their respective
educational institutions to receive this award to continue their studies toward obtaining their Certified Financial Planner

The FPA NCA is a not-for-profit corporation whose members are individuals and firms who promote the financial planning
process. The FPA NCA provides a forum for education and career development for its members while adhering to the highest
ethical and professional standards. The FPA NCA’s mission statement is “to inspire members to come together as a financial
planning community to learn, grow, flourish and contribute to society”. It is the intent of the FPA NCA to award a tuition
scholarship to an undergraduate student at a university or college that offers a financial planning curriculum that satisfies the CFP
Board of Standard’s education requirement

    The funds for this annual scholarship are raised by FPA NCA’s annual golf tournament.

 Health Care Reform – What are You Advising Your Clients? Join us on October 7, 2010 at Clyde’s of Tyson’s Corner

Today’s economic climate has heightened financial worries for Americans. For many firms, health care costs are a major concern
and weigh heavily on the minds of many business owners and their employees. Business owners may be struggling with how to
strike a balance between affordable health care and the need to attract and retain quality employees. Employees are worried that
the new healthcare reform will have unintended consequences that negatively impact their fringe benefit packages.

Benefits expert, Tobin Seven, will share with us information about the current state of employee healthcare insurance benefits.
He will also review the new National Health Care Reform Law and how it will impact your clients. A timeline of events will be
given which will show what needs to be done---and by whom. Information you need!

Tobin Seven was a Major in the US Army Reserve and is a Benefits Broker with The Insurance Exchange. Tobin worked for a
number of government contractors for 20 years and headed up the IT departments for several local defense contractors. Tobin
specializes in working with companies in designing and negotiating ultra competitive fringe benefit programs for his many
government contractor and commercial clients ranging from employers with around 20 employees up to 500 employees
worldwide including several war risk countries. In addition to government contractors, Mr. Seven also has several large
technology, association, college and non-profit clients. Tobin is licensed in all 50 States and with all Insurance Carriers. Tobin
is an expert in finding cost competitive group Health, Dental, International, Long Term Care, Life, Disability, Voluntary, War
Risk and AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) policies for government contractors.

                                          Credits are Pending Approval for this Program

 FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                       Page 7                                      October 2010
FPA National Capital Area Newsletter   Page 8   October 2010
                       Calling All Coaches, Mentors, or Experienced Planners
                        with a little time to share their Best Business Ideas!
FPA National has formulated a coaching program at the National level, and some of our FPA NCA chapter
members have already registered for some coaching help. In addition, we have a chapter Mentoring Program, and
we are in need of mentors there, as well.

We are searching for Experienced or Veteran Planners who will give a little time or council to new planners! In
our community we have some new planners who are searching for coaching, mentoring, or business practice
advice. Your time commitment can be small to just lend a hand or large to volunteer on our committee…….

Please respond to this message if you would be willing to help out a little in this regard. Please respond as soon as
possible if you are able to help! Thank you for your support and for making a connection to others to help them
gain your valuable expertise!

                                             Mentorship Program
The FPA NCA will continue a Mentorship Program, and would like to encourage anyone interested in either being
a mentor or wanting a mentor, to contact Joshua Halpern at Josh.Halpern@RaymondJames.com. We are hoping
that some of our more experienced members can help some of our new members with career and business
guidance. For more information, please contact Josh. Thank you!

                 Calling All Planners who are looking for Best Business Practices
FPA NCA has reached out to our members for valuable coaches, mentors and experienced planners to share their
wealth of knowledge on best business practices to fellow planners. We have had a very positive response from our
members in this regard.

Now, we are looking for you if you are in need of some coaching, mentoring or guidance on best business
practices. Your fellow planners have agreed to give a little time or council to our community planners! The time
involved in these coaching or mentoring situations may be small or large, depending on the availability of the
mentor, and depending on what you are looking for. Also, we would welcome your input and work to volunteer on
our committee…….

Please respond to this message as soon as possible if you would like to be considered for a mentee spot or would
be willing to help out our committee in other ways. Thank you for your support and for making a connection to

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                 Page 9                                   October 2010
One Thing Leads to Another…Get involved and make a difference! If we all just did ONE THING, imagine the impact
we can have on shaping our profession!

                         Here are SOME Things….. What will your ONE thing be?

FPA Committees that would welcome YOU….

Charity Golf Event: Have fun, while you network with your fellow professionals and raise money for the
Foundation for Financial Planning.
    Join the Golf Committee and help plan the May 6th event
    Seeks Sponsors to support this charity event
    Promote this event to members for participation
    Come and enjoy a great day on the course

Consumer Awareness: Elevate public awareness; promote financial literacy.
    Lead a basic investment workshop
    Work with the schools on a Junior Achievement Program
    Help Plan and Participate in Financial Planning Week at local events

Government Relations: Help shape legislation and the future of the profession.
    Help Organize a Financial Planning Day at the State level.
    Interact with legislators
    Attend a hearing on advisor regulatory issues
    Educate regulators of our services as a resource and counsel to the public

Member Communications: Sharpen your communication skills; engage members in FPA NCA events.
    Contribute an article to the newsletter
    Develop Announcements for chapter programs and events
    Develop new ideas for our chapter web site

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter              Page 10                               October 2010
Membership: Increase Chapter membership.
    Help plan a social event
    Distribute membership information at the meetings
    Make telephone calls to welcome new members
    Make telephone calls to encourage members to renew
    Help staff a CFP Exam luncheon for students
    Attend a free Member Breakfast to learn more about our chapter
    Survey Members to assess their satisfaction with our chapter

Partnerships: Create alliances with partners.
     Draft a survey to evaluate partner satisfaction
     Meet with partners in your office
     Welcome partners who exhibit at our programs

Pro Bono: A call to action… give the gift of education through large-scale initiatives.
     Assist military families
     Volunteer for CAAB financial literacy programs
     Help baby boomers plan for retirement in coordination with the DC Government
     Volunteer for HIP to counsel single mothers on home ownership
     Volunteer with the local school systems on financial literacy programs

Professional Development: Reach out to students, encourage new financial planning professionals, and assist senior
advisors in keeping their skills sharp.
     Be the FPA NCA liaison to a local educational institution
     Help coordinate a study group for students, beginners or experienced professionals
     Assist in the planning of a Professional Development Program for our Chapter
     Be a Mentor and mentor one new planner for three months

Programming: Infinite Possibilities: Integrating our Life and Profession with Education and Inspiration.
     Suggest topics and speakers for educational programs
     Help Build the Spring Symposium with our Sponsor Partners
     Review and critique a potential speakers’ presentation in your area of expertise
     Attend our educational programs on a regular basis
     Be a Buddy at Meetings to foster community building
     Invite a guest to a meeting to explore FPA

Public Relations: Enhance your visibility and be seen as a financial planning resource.
    Answer finance-related queries from the press
    Develop a relationship with your local newspaper editor
    Attend free training in working with television, radio and print media on February 11

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter               Page 11                                 October 2010
                                  Questions... Comments...
                                How can I start my One Thing?

Charity Golf Event
Mitchell G. Berlin, CFP®
Office Phone: 240-314-4301
E-Mail Address: Mitchell.G.Berlin@ampf.com

Consumer Awareness
Helen Modly, CFP®
Office Phone: 540-687-3987
E-Mail Address: hmodly@focus-wealth.com

Government Relations                                Professional Development
Peggy Nelson                                        Dan Lash, CFP®
Office Phone: 703-620-1712                          Office Phone: 703-356-4360 x703
E-Mail Address: PeggyNelson8@verizon.net            E-Mail Address: DLash@BruceVaughn.com
                                                    Kathleen Sindell, PhD
Member Communications                               Office Phone: 703-299-1700
Peggy Nelson                                        E-Mail Address: KSindell@gcsr.com
Office Phone: 703-620-1712
E-Mail Address: PeggyNelson8@verizon.net

Membership                                          Mentoring
James E. Bogart, CFP®, ChFC                         Josh Halpern, CFP® ChFC, CLU
Office Phone: 703-356-0079                          Office Phone: 240-744-7125
E-Mail Address: james.bogart@rbc.com                E-Mail Address: Josh.Halpern@RaymondJames.com
Bryan Beatty, CFP®
Office Phone: 703-506-0843
E-Mail Address: bbeatty@ebwllc.com

Partnerships                                        Programming
Augie Zullo                                         Ryan Fleming, CFP®
Office Phone: 703-871-1344                          Office Phone: 202--887-8135, ext. 234
E-Mail Address: azullo@accessnational.com           E-Mail Address: RFleming@afmfa.com
Clifford M. Cohen, JD                               Jeanie Schwarz, CFP®
Office Phone: 202-895-2799                          Office Phone: 703-734-4620
E-Mail Address: Cliff@capocohenlaw.com       E-Mail Address: Jeanie.Schwarz@Harris-SBSB.com

Pro Bono                                            Public Relations
Rachael DeCosta-Martin                              Helen Modly, CFP®
Office Phone: 301-951-4800                          Office Phone: 540-687-3987
Email Address: Rachael.DeCosta@Calvert.com          E-Mail Address: HModly@focus-wealth.com
Ken Robinson, CFP®
Office Phone: 703-288-0500
E-Mail Address: Robinson@themonitorgroup.com

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter               Page 12                                October 2010
                  Scholarships and Discounts for CFP Exam Review Courses

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation has come to be widely considered as the definitive mark of
competency by individuals and financial professionals. Many sources encourage novice investors and clients to seek
professionals who have earned this credential. Not only will the material learned from the CFP course curriculum
increase a student's professional competence, but the prestige of holding the designation will likely increase his or her

The CFP Exam - What to Expect
For individuals who have completed the educational requirements to sit for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
exam, it will take on average at least 2,000-3,000 hours of study time to get through both the review coursework and
the CFP exam. The CFP Exam is 10 hours long, and is broken into one four-hour session on Friday. On Saturday there
are two three-hour sessions. Students answer 285 multiple-choice questions, which include two comprehensive case
studies. The case studies are designed to force students to apply the course material to "real life” situations. The CFP
exam is given three times per year, in March, July and November. Typically, 50-60 percent of the students taking the
CFP exam pass.

Strategies for Success – Enroll in a Review Course
There are many different strategies that students may employ to increase their chances of passing the CFP Exam. One
approach is to enroll in a review course. There are many review course providers. These courses are especially
valuable to students who are struggling with assimilating vast amounts of material from the coursework taken
completed some time ago.

Review course instructors often provide tips about how to reason through the case studies, setting-up calculator
problems, and how much time should be spent on specific test topics. Additionally, instructors will point out what will
probably be ignored on the CFP exam. There are many possible topics in the CFP Board test bank that will not be
tested or will be assigned very few questions. If students know which topics will fall into this category, they can use
their time and energy to concentrate on more important topics.

How the FPA Can Help – Review Course Scholarships and Discounts
CFP Exam review course providers Keir Educational Resources and the Dalton Review have the following
scholarships and special offers for FPA member:

       Keir Educational Resources conducts a four-day intensive class for review of the CFP Certification Exam.
       The retail value of a Keir class with materials is $925. Keir will award one scholarship in the amount of $925
       to one applicant per FPA chapter per exam cycle in 2010. See Next Pages for Details

       The Dalton Review for the CFP Certification Exam offers both traditional classroom review in Arlington and
       an eReview, which is Live-Online. If students are in a certificate program, the Dalton Review will provide a
       $145 discount. For any FPA member that enrolls in the Dalton Review, the Dalton Review will provide a $100
       discount. See Next Pages for Details

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact Kathleen Sindell at ksindell@gcsr.com
or Dan Lash at DLash@BruceVaughn.com

 FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                 Page 13                                  October 2010
FPA National Capital Area Newsletter   Page 14   October 2010
About The Dalton Review®
The Dalton Review® for the CFP exam offers both a traditional classroom review in Arlington and an eReview, which is Live-
Online. Some of the benefits of the review include:

       Materials and questions written by former members of the CFP Board of Examiners.
       The ability to attend both a classroom review and live online review, at no additional cost.
       A guarantee that you will pass the exam, otherwise attend the review again for free.
       For more information about The Dalton Review®, please visit their website at http://www.thedaltonreview.com or
        call them at (877) 426-2373.

        Here are the instructions for the Financial Planning Association promotional codes:

        Discount for Financial Planning Association (FPA) Students in Certificate Programs
        If students are in a certificate program, the Dalton Review will provide a $145 discount, which can offset the FPA
        membership fee. The promotion code is fpastudent and should be entered when ordering online at
        http://www.thedaltonreview.com or over the phone at (877) 426-2373. This code is to be used by students who are
        looking to join the FPA only.

        Discounts for Current FPA Members
        For any FPA Member that enrolls in the Dalton Review®, the Dalton Review will provide a $100 discount. The
        promotion code is fpamember and should be entered when ordering online at http://www.thedaltonreview.com or
        over the phone at (877) 426-2373.

The Dalton Review® for the CFP® Certification Exam
The Dalton Review offers both traditional classroom review in Arlington and our eReview, which is live-online, to prepare
students for the CFP exam.

       The Dalton Review was developed by former members of the CFP Board of Examiners.
       The Dalton Review philosophy is to teach students the material most likely to be tested, so regardless of how a
        question is asked, students will get it right.
       Students are encouraged to attend both the traditional classroom review and watch the online review prior to taking
        the exam, at no additional cost.

For more information about The Dalton Review®, please visit our website at http://www.thedaltonreview.com or call us at
(877) 426-2373.

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                   Page 15                                    October 2010
    Keir Success is offering money back when you pass the CFP Certification Exam the first time. For
    anyone who orders at minimum Keir's Basic Review Package PLUS a Keir live or online class for the
    November 2010 exam, Keir will reimburse you $100 when you pass the exam on the first attempt.
    Contact Keir by calling 800-795-5347 or visit www.KeirFinancial.com. Be certain to mention
    Promotion Code: 2XCASH

                               STUDY GROUPS RETURNING!
                                     SIGN UP NOW!
 BEGINNER: This practice management concentration group is designed to cover best practice and
 operational topics. Members should have one to five-years of financial advisory services experience.

 INTERMEDIATE: This Intermediate Group is ideal for RIA and CFP certificants. This Inter mediate Group
 will focus on current and proposed rules and policies in financial planning, how they affect and effect
 advisors in servicing clients. The group will meet bi-monthly and a future meeting will be scheduled upon
 format of a core group. Please contact Bonnie Armstrong for additional information.

 ADVANCED: This Advanced Group is ideal for CFP certificants, financial advisory firm principals or key
 people of a financial planning firm. Individuals should have a minimum of 10-years of experience in
 financial advisory services.

 For further information on these Study Groups, please contact Bonnie Armstrong or Kathleen Sindell:

        Bonnie J. Armstrong
        Strong Practice Solutions
        4041 Kimberley Glen Court
        Chantilly, VA 20151
        Office: (703) 378-2620
        Direct: (703) 819-8545
        E-mail: bonzroc@gmail.com

        Kathleen Sindell, PhD.
        GCSR, Inc.
        200 North Columbus Street
        Alexandria, VA 22314
        Office: 703-299-1700
        Fax # 703-299-6026
        E-Mail: ksindell@gcsr.com

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter            Page 16                                October 2010
               We are proud to announce these FPA membership anniversaries
                    for December 2009 and January - September 2010!
        Five Years                     Ten Years             Twenty Years
        Roy W. Werthmuller
        John Bender                    Ann L. Sowder         Gary Altman
        William Dwenger                Douglas Bowers        Carl Nagel
        Robert T. Ramos                Mark Waldman          Delanne Conte
        Christine Parker               Norma Graves          James Q. Mullins
        Kyle Meyer                     David Homza           Christine D’Amato
        James Joseph                   Joni Alt              Paul Newton
        Paul Sanchez                   Thomas H. Phillips    Roger Merrick
        Michael DeCristopher           William H. McKee      Eleanor Blayney
        Craig Brimhall                 Trisha A. Miller      Jarratt Bennett
        David A. Goldner               Robert S. Gaskins     Bonnie Orleans
        Kathleen E. Duffy              Jennifer E. Myers     Maria G. Cornelius
        Katherine L. Alepa             Stephanie A. Boccio   Lauren I. Penn
        Gail L. Waldman                George R. Durham      Stephan Q. Cassaday
        Dennise A. Haymaker            John B. Smith         Majorie L. Fox
        Colette Kolanko
        Christopher Rivers

        Ten Years                      Fifteen Years         Twenty-Five Years
        Frank C. Boucher               Gordon J. Bernhardt   Mary C. Ginn
        Orestes V. West                Tracey A. Baker       Sheldon E. Sacks
        Barry Korb                     Susan Hamilton        Herb Hopwood
        Eric Hess                      I. Edward Markley     Russell Strand
        Jason Williams                 John Harding          Margaret Welch
        Carl Trevisan                  Janice L. Henderson   John H. Palmer
        Gail Williams                  John D. Peterson      Debra D. Greenblatt
        Timothy Hoffman                Mark E. Johannessen   Linda V. English
        David Kauffman                 Constance M. Miner    Frank J. McGovern
        Michael K. Creamer             Mary Ellen Clark      Richard Schoenfeld
        Harvey L. Berger               Michael P. Hepner

                                                             Thirty Years
                                                             William J. Fahey

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter           Page 17                     October 2010
                     WE WELCOME THESE NEW MEMBERS
                   WHO JOINED OUR CHAPTER IN AUGUST 2010

  Christopher J. Anastasio                       Ashley Collins
  2776 S Arlington Mill Dr No 816                CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd
  Arlington, VA 22206                            11320 Random Hills Road Suite 250
  (917) 209-5681                                 Fairfax, VA 22030
  christopher.anastasio@gmail.com                ashleycollind849@gmail.com

  Carlton Fitch, CFP® CFP®                       Charlotte Kuenen
  Houlihan Financial Resource Group, Ltd         3461 Macomb St NW
  11911 Freedom Drive Suite 580                  Washington, DC 20016
  Reston, VA 20190                               ckuenen@gmail.com
  (703) 796-0800

  Alan Samaha                                    Stephen E. Thompson
  1st Portfolio Inc                              1302 Shaker Woods Rd
  8300 Boone Blvd Suite 200                      Herndon, VA 20170
  Vienna, VA 22182                               stevethompsonva@verizon.net
  (703) 991-8534

  Michael Torrey                                 Michael A. Treanor, Jr.
  Capital Planning & Investments                 Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc.
  4084 University Drive Suite 101                1850 M St Ste 250
  Fairfax, VA 22030                              Washington, DC 20036
  mtorrey@capitalplanningdirect.com              (202) 887-8135

  Thomas Welsh                                   Sandra Wyatt
  10803 Windcloud Ct                             Old Dominion Capital Management, Inc.
  Oakton, VA 22124                               1800 Diagonal Rd Ste 600
  tomwelsh01@verizon.net                         Alexandria, VA 22314

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter       Page 18                           October 2010
                                        STAY TUNED!



                                2010 PREMIER SPONSORS
                              ACCESS NATIONAL MORTAGE
                 Augie Zullo and Michael Nester, 703-871-1344, Premier Sponsor
                                 ARTIO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT
                                   Carolyn Buntic, 212-297-3666

                                     CALVERT FUNDS
                     Rachael DeCosta-Martin, 800-368-2750, Premier Sponsor
                                     HARTFORD LEADERS
                            Blake Cogbill, 202-487-7974, Premier Sponsor

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter        Page 19                        October 2010

                              2010 PREFERRED SPONSORS

                                         CHUBB INSURANCE
                                       Amory Cockrell, 202-822-3214

                                          CLARKE CAPITAL
                                        Ned Sullivan, 267-438-0172

                                       Brandon Marsh, 888-200-4710
                                            JOHN HANCOCK
                                       Craig Arsenault, 202-615-6820

                   Steve Johnson, Jason Dwyer, and Zee Siekierski, 703-821-7055

                                  PIONEER INVESTMENT FUNDS
                                     Casey Dylan, 704-419-3107
                                       Brad Pheeney, 202-557-4808
                             Dan Reilly, 877-215-1330, ext. 7299
                     Brian Kennedy and Bill Mundy, 703-584-6006

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter            Page 20                    October 2010
                      FOR THEIR 2010 PARTNERSHIPS
                                   2010 GOLD SPONSORS
                               AMERICAN FUNDS
       Shakeel Barkat, Srikanth Vemuri and Andrew Moscardini, 877-421-5334

                                   AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL
                                   Phil Simonides, 703-902-8970

                                    BARCLAYS CAPITAL
                                 Geremy Kawaller, 212-526-1253

                                 DALTON EDUCATION, LLC
                                 Carol Lee Roberts, 877-476-4145

                                   Eugene Eignor, 703-266-8225

                            Ken Silva, 804-360-0018
                               And RS FUNDS
                          Daniel Shoop, 804-874-0231

                               iSHARES BLACKROCK
                     Sarah Lochner and Michael Cafiero, 201-942-8725

                                  SCHWAB INSTITUTIONAL
                                   Scott Coleman, 866-502-5153

                              SPIRE INVESTMENT PARTNERS
                                  Paul Murphy, 610-608-1093

                                 TD AMERITRADE
              Peter Dabowski, 202-741-5972 and Bob Yunger, 301-941-1856

FPA National Capital Area Newsletter        Page 21                October 2010
         YEAR 2010: OFFICERS & DIRECTORS                                       Past Presidents
PRESIDENT                                                                 Advisory Council (PPAC)
Christine Parker, CFP®             301-392-1010
Parker Financial, LLC                                 Gary Altman, JD, CFP                       Alexandra Armstrong, CFP
PRESIDENT-ELECT                                       Tracey A. Baker, CFP                       U. Calvin Brown, MST, CFP
Eric Hess, CFP®                    703-442-7686       Glen J. Buco, CFP                          Jannet S. Carpien, CFP
Alpha Financial Advisors, LLC                         Stephan Q. Cassaday, CFP                   Nicolet V. Evans, CFP
TREASURER                                             Marjorie L. Fox, JD, CFP                   Inga B. Frank, CFP
Rita Cheng, CFP®                   301-320-1457       Arthur M. Gelman, JD                       Barry Glassman, CFP
Ameriprise Financial Services                         Clyde G. Hohenstein, CFP                   Mark E. Johannessen, CFP
SECRETARY                                             Brian T. Jones, CFP                        Timothy W. Jones, CFP
Kevin Knull, CFP®                  703-548-8557       Paul Juergensen, II, CFP                   Glenn G. Kautt, CFP, EA
Hartford Leaders                                      I. Edward Markley, CFP                     Jack May, CFP
CHAIRMAN                                              Edward O’Hara, CFP, EA                     Michael J. Rebibo, CFP
Brian Jones, CFP®                  703-425-0700       Judy L. Redpath, AIF, CFP                  Sheldon E. Sacks, CFP
CJM Wealth Advisors, Ltd.                             Karen P. Schaeffer, CFP                    Dana G. Sippel, CFP
                                                      Victoria M. Trumbower, CPA                 Anne Uno, CFP, EA
BOARD OF DIRECTORS:                                   Richard E. Vodra, JD, CFP                  Barbara A. Warner, CFP
PROGRAMS CO-DIRECTORS                                 Marysue J. Wechsler, CFP
Ryan Fleming, CFP®                    202-887-8135
Armstrong, Fleming and Moore, Inc.    ext.234
Jean Schwarz, CFP®                    703-734-4620
Dan Lash, CFP®                        703-356-4360
Financial Network                     x703
Kathleen Sindell, PhD                 703-299-1700
James Bogart, CFP®                    703-356-0079
RBC Wealth Management
Bryan Beatty, CFP®                    703-506-0843
Egan, Berger, Weiner, LLC
Augie Zullo                           703-871-1344
Access National Mortgage
Clifford Cohen, JD                    202-895-2799
Capobianco & Cohen, LLP
Helen Modly, CFP®                     540-687-3987
Focus Wealth Management, Ltd.
Mitchell Berlin, CFP®                 240-314-4301
Ameriprise Financial Advisors
Rachael DeCosta-Martin                301-951-4800
Calvert Funds                                          The Financial Planning Association is the owner of trademark, service mark
Ken Robinson, CFP®                    703-288-0500     and collective membership mark rights in: FPA, FPA/Logo and FINANCIAL
The Monitor Group                                      PLANNING ASSOCIATION. The marks may not be used without written
MENTORING PROGRAM DIRECTOR                             permission from the Financial Planning Association.
Joshua Halpern, CFP®                  240-744-712
                                                       CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and federally registered
Raymond James Financial Network, Inc.
                                                       CFP (with flame logo) are certification marks owned by Certified Financial
                                                       Planner Board of Standards Inc. and are awarded to individuals who
Peggy Nelson                          703-620-1712
                                                       successfully complete CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification
FPA National Capital Area
Katie Palmer

 FPA National Capital Area Newsletter                Page 22                                      October 2010

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