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Vol. XLV
                    *Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest*

                                             SOUTH LANCASTER, MASS., MAY 31, 1946                                            No. 22

THE BORROWED AX -----                                                                                         by M. L Rice

    Elisha and some of his students were       The young man in this story was            Elisha the very place where the axhead
building a school by the Jordan river.      concerned over the loss of his axhead.        went down, so we must go to God
They were busy cutting down trees,          He knew he was helpless without it.           and confess the things that have robbed
when suddenly one of the young men          He knew he might as well be counted           us of power and caused us to sink low
felt the axhead fly off his axhandle.       out as far as contributing anything           in spiritual life. If we are not just
He watched as it flew through the           toward the construction of their school       sure what it was that may have caused
air, and watched it fall with a splash      building was concerned. He knew the           our feet to slip, let us ask God to
into the river. Then he remembered          thing that made his blows effective           show us where we missed the way. It
that it was a borrowed ax. "But as          was missing. Fortunate indeed is the          is important that we know why we fail.
one was felling a beam, the axhead fell     one who recognizes his loss of strength.      This is one of the first steps toward
into the water: and he cried, and said,     Samson lost his power but failed to           victorious living.
Alas, master! for it was borrowed."         realize it. "He wot not that the Lord            The prophet cut a small limb from
II Kings 6:5.                               was departed from him." Judges 16:            a tree and cast it into the water. "And
    This young man found himself in         20.                                           the iron did swim." God does the seem-
great perplexity. As far as woodcut-            The church of Laodkea is warned of        ingly impossible. When lost power is
ting was concerned, he was through          this very danger. "Because thou sayest,       restored to any man, it is a miracle of
unless that axhead could be recovered.      I am rich, and increased with goods,          God's grace.
Then too, he was greatly embarrassed        and have need of nothing; and knowest             There is something, however, that
because he had lost something that          not that thou art wretched, and miser-        this young man must do if he is ever
he had borrowed.                            able, and poor, and blind and naked."         to cut down another tree. He must
    This axhead represented power and       Rev. 3:17.                                    put forth the necessary effort to re-
cutting force. It was the thing in the                                                    cover his axhead. When the iron began
                                                This man did not pick up some
hands of men that felled trees. But                                                       to "swim," the prophet said, "Take it
                                            substitute, some makeshift of an ax-
with the axhead gone, the woodchopper                                                     up to thee." Right at this point some
                                            head, and attempt to cut down more
 was helpless. To chop with the handle,                                                   fail in their quest of spiritual power.
                                            trees. He waited until his axhead was
to go through the motions ever so                                                          They do not accept that which is
                                            recovered. Without this, all of the en-
vigorously would accomplish nothing.                                                      offered. They let opportunities float
                                             thusiasm he might muster, all the
    Every man who works with God                                                          away.
                                            motions of pretense that he might make,
does so with borrowed power. Our
                                            would accomplish nothing. He must                 "He put out his hand and took it."
success is not in our own might nor
                                            have his axhead if he is to succeed.          Once again he is ready for work. He
 by our own power, "but by my spirit,
                                                We live in constant danger of using       now has in his hands that which will
 saith the Lord of Hosts."
                                            substitutes for the axhead of God's           make his blows tell for something. He
    Some wfto profess to live for God
                                             power. But human efforts are no sub-         has recovered his axhead, his lost power.
 accomplish so little for Him, because
                                             stitute for power, nor activity for fel-      There it is in his hands just as good
 they are chopping with the ax handle.
                                             lowship with God. Sweat can never             as before he lost it. But it is of no use
 They have lost that power 1 that cuts
                                             take the place of intercession, nor can       to himself, or anyone else until he be-
 its way into the strongholds of sin.
                                             respectability be called Christianity.        gins to use it. Lost axheads and un-
 Some have lost their axheads in the
                                                This young man not only knew he            used ones have about the same value.
 turbulent waters of business, others in
                                             had lost his axhead, but he knew where.       It is when man sinks his ax into the
 the placid waters of pleasure, some in
                                             Most people know why and where they           tree that the chips fly, and something
 slimy channels of sin. Regardless of
                                            lost their spiritual power. Often it is        begins to happen.
 where or how their power was lost,
 they stand helpless as representatives      neglect of prayer, failing; to study God's       So it is in life. It is when we use
 for God. Going through the motions          Word, and missing Sabbath school and          the talents God has given us, be they
 of working for God will accomplish          church services.                              few or many, sharp or dull axes, that
 nothing if the efforts put forth are not       The place to recover lost power is         we become builders for God. The
 accompanied by the Spirit and power         where it was lost. "And he shewed him         tragedy of lost power and useless lives
 of God.                                     the place." Just as this man showed           is the same.
                                                                                                                                 INVITATION TO HYMN-FEST
                                                                                                                                "Singing is just as much an act (
                                                                                                                             worship as is prayer."—Christian Edi
                                 THE WORLD MUST                                                                              cation, page 168.
                                                                                                                               During the past year the young pe(
                                 BE WARNED                                                                                   pie of South Lancaster have gathere
                                                                                                                            on Sabbath afternoons for a pleasar

                                 NOW!...                                                                                     hour of gospel singing and musii
                                                                                                                            Favorites have been sung by the cor
                                                                                                                            gregation, and specials, both vocal an
                                                                                                                            instrumental, have been arranged on th
                                                                                                                             spot and rendered impromptu. It ha
                                                                                                                             been informal, but orderly, and all hav
                                                                                                                            enjoyed it.
     SOUND the "SD LITTLE TIME"                                                                                                On Sabbath, June 1, the South Lar
                                                                                                                            caster Hymn-Fest is inviting the youn
                  The Atom and the End
        ;f        by ARTHUR S. MAXWELL
                                                                                                                            people from nearby churches to join ii
                                                                                                                            a happy afternoon of song and musk
                                                                                                                            Bring whatever instruments you plaj
                                                                                                                            and books containing specials you couli
      FINAL MESSAGE                                                                                                         sing.
                                     "Beware, I say; time may be short."—Winsfon
                                     Churchill, at Fulton, Missouri, March 5, 1946.                                            "Nearby" means any distance whicl
          WARN                                                                                                              you are willing to undertake—we hop
                                     "We have Just five years left."—Robert M. Hutchins,                                    it will at least include the Boston, Me]
       YOU* FAMILY                   chancellor of the University of Chicago, March 25,
        YOJR CITY                                                                                                           rose, and Stoneham churches, and o
       YOtn WORLD                                                                                                           course all others within that distance
         TODAY!                      Statesmen — Educators — Scientists are frightened                                      And "young people" means all whi
                                     because of the future. They speak freely of the end                                    love to sing and can come. Conn
                                     of the world. They give us from two to twenty
                                                                                                                            and let us "make a joyful noise unti
                                     years before atomic catastrophe. It is our golden
                                     opportunity to preach the advent truth with power.                                     the Lord." Ps. 100:1.
                                                                                                                              College Chapel, South Lancaster, '.
                                     CONVINCING                      INSPIRING                  CHALLENGING
                                                                                                                            to 5 p. m., Sabbath, June 1. Al
      The BOOK for                                                                                                          welcome.
      THIS HOUR                                                   ORDER NOW!
                                                                  Prices Postpaid                                           U              Sunset Table
                                                  3 copies . $1.00 50 copies $ 9.30                                         n          (Eastern Standard Time)
                                                           . 1.90 100         18.50                                         U                        May 31 - June 7
                                                              3.75 150        27.50                                         f| New York City            7:20     7:24
                                                                                                                            U Portland, Maine           7:14     7:19
                                                                                                                               South Lancaster, Mass. 7:16       7:21
                                                                                                                                          *. Y.         7:36    7:41
                                    ....................................Book and Bible House
                                                                                                                                 Add one minute for each 13 miles
                                        Please send me................copies of "So Little Time."                              west. Subtract one minute for each 13
                                   Enclosed find $.........................                                                    miles east.
                                   Name...................................... ...........................................
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   It is requested that press secretaries,             Anyone having a copy of Origin and                                                         AT
local church officers, and others submit-           Progress of Seventh-day Adventists, by                                      South Lancaster, Massachusetts, U. S. A.
ting news itehis and articles for publi-            M. E. Olsen, which they would be will-
cation in the GLEANER send these                    ing to sell, please communicate with                                         Subscription Price, Fifty cents a Year
manuscripts tirough their district leader           the undersigned. I am very desirous                                               MABEL R. BARTLETT, Editor
or local conference office.                         of securing a copy to take back to                                           Entered at South Lancaster, Mass.. at
   AH advertisements must have the en-              Burma with me.                                                          second-class matter. Acceptance for mailing
dorsements oj the local conference, and                Also, if any other denominational                                    at a special rate of postage provided for ir
                                                                                                                            section 1103, Act of Oct. 9. 1917, authorized
should be accompanied by remittance                 books could be contributed to replace                                   Feb. 20, 1919.
to cover cost                                       our Burma Training School library, de-
   Copy shoul|i reach the GLEANER of-               stroyed during the war, we would be                                       THE GLEANER is sent to persons outside the
fice by Wednesday, if possible—Thurs-               glad to receive such information.                                       Atlantic Union only upon the receipt of tht
day morning {at the latest.                                               J. O. Wilson,                                     subscription price.
                                 Editor.                           South Lancaster, Mass.
Page Two                                                                                                                                       Atlantic Union Gleaner
                                            ability, carry out the great mission pro-     are in baptismal classes.     We have
NORTHEASTERN CONFERENCE                     gram. In the Sabbath school program in        definite reports that six, who were or
          L. H. BLAND, President            all lands, not only are Bible lessons         are enrolled in the Bible school, have
         L. O. IRONS, Sec.-Treas.
560 W. 150th St.         New York. N. Y.    studied and taught, but the missionary        been baptized by our district men.
                                            spirit is born in the hearts of old and       The Bible school is of great value to
Forum, New Rochelle                         young.                                        our district men in the finding of in-
                                               The Sabbath school, if rightly con-        terested ones who are ready to be con-
Miss. Volunteer Society                     ducted, is one of God's great instru-         tacted by our workers for further study.
                                            mentalities in bringing souls to a               Recently we printed 15,000 very ex-
   On Sabbath aftrrnnnn, May 11, at 4       knowledge of the truth. "Character            celknt circu'.a's on this splendid Bible
p. m. the New Rochelle Missionary           is developed through the Sabbath school       course to sen 1 to the many thousands
Volunteer society under the leadership      for the kingdom of God." "In the Sab-         who are still looking for some light.
of Sister Constance Greyson conducted       b.;th school, provision is made to meet       v ~c trust that our churches everywhere
a very informative and inspiring forum      the spiritual needs of all, from the          will get some of these fine circulars to
on the subject of evolution. It seems       youngest child to the oldest member           give out or to mail out to announce
as if some of the Missionary Volunteers     of the church."                               ths Bible school. We greatly appreci-
of the New Rochelle church are attend-         We are just a little over a year old,      ated the offering of February 16 this
ing the public schools of that city. The    but God has richly blessed our Sabbath        year. It brought over $130 with which
teacher of science is one who is a con-     school department. For the year of            to carry on this project in the con-
vert to the school of evolution, and         1945, the members of this great Sabbath      ference. We know that on June 1 you
as a good member has tried to in-           school family have turned into the            again will favor us with a good of-
doctrinate his students. As a result        treasury the sum of $26,244.32, and in        fering in all our churches so that still
some of the Adventist students became       comparing the offering for the first          greater things can be accomplished in
quite upset and wanted to know the          quarters of 1945 and 1946, we find a          t!:is field of evangelism.
true side of evolution. The subject was     gain as follows:                                 Remember!- Offering }une 1 for the
well discussed by Dr. Warren Harrison            Offering        Offering       Net       Bible School.
who showed that Comparative Anatomy           First Quarter   First Quarter     Gain                                 A. F. RUF.
did not support evolution; Mr. Black-             1945            1945        _____
man showed that geological discov-              $5,972.43       $8,643.01     $2,670.58
eries, on which the last hope of the        Per Capita .211            .288                   REFLECTIONS
evolutionist rests, do not support their    "To God be the glory, great things Ht
views. Mr. Charles Eaten pointed out            has done,
                                                                                              THE POWER OF WORDS
clearly that it is impossible for one       So loved He the world, that he gave
                                                us His son                                Give me words of simple length;
type of animal to change to another in                                                    V/'oi'ds of beauty, v/ords of strength;
spite of all the efforts put forth by       Who yielded His life an atonement             \Yords to scatter error's mist;
the evolutionists.                               for sin,                                 Words of gold'and amethyst.
   After more than an hour of questions     And opened the life-gate, that all may
                                                go in."                                   Give me words v,-cll fit for song;
and answers, the laity resolved to stand                                                  V/ords with which to banish wrong;
 fast by the doctrine that we advocate                        JAMES J. NORTH.             Words that smooth the rugged road;
an j to rule out the theory of evolution.                                                 Worc's \o lessen someone's lead.
   The discussion no doubt had a pro-       NORTHERN NEW^ENGLAND
                                                     R. W. MOORE, President               Give me words *o s~iit the hour;
found effect on many, but we cannot                F. R. ALDRIDGE, Sec.-Treas.            Y/ords of wisdom, words of power;
rule out the influence that this type of                 Telephone, 4-3611                words that radiate new light;
                                            Box 1340_______________Portland, Maine        Words that lift men to the height.
teaching has on our youth. The best
method to overcome this evil influence      20th Century Bible School                     Give me words for daily need;
is to heed the admonition of God and                                                      A or-'s a h'TTry soul to feed;
establish church schools where the          Offering June 1                               Y rords that help someone to live;
 Bible is made the foundation of all edu-      In the distribution of our offerings       V/ords to bless and freely give.
cation.                                     for the year, we have four dedicated          Give me words that glow wi'h life;
                JONATHAN E. ROACHE.         to the 20th Century Bible School,—            Words to vanquish human strife;
                                            one offering each quarter. Sabbath,           vrords that whisper tender love!
                                            June 1, is the second offering for this       Words endowed by God above!
                                            purpose this year.                                               Greenville Kleiser.
Sabbath School News                            Since the beginning of the year 1946,      (Contributed by Mrs. J. Price, Staten
  When the Sabbath school spirit is                                                       Island, N. Y.)
                                            we have had a very good response from
received into the hearts of the members     our churches in the distribution of en-
of the Northeastern Conference, they        rollment cards. The result of this effort        Onr prayers are not to be selfish
will endeavor to fulfill the purpose of     has brought in 300 for the first four         asking, merely for our own benefit.
the school by bringing souls to Christ      months of the year. This brings our           1TTp are to ask that we may give.
and developing Christian growth, not        total enrollment to 3,400.                    The principle of Christ's life must
only at the home base, but in fields           A number of those who are studying         h" fhe principle of our lives.—Christ's
afar. They will also, to their utmost       and some who have finished the course         Object Lessons, p. 141.
Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                                Page Three
                                               session to be held in Washington, D.             Sabbath, May 4, marked another high
  SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND                         C., are Elders Theodore Carcich, S. B.        point in the progress of this truly in-
     THEODORE! CARCICH, President              Olney, C. E. Guenther, and Brother            spiring campaign for souls. On this
        L. E. AIJDRICH, Sec.-Treas.
          Telephone, Clinton 255               H. E. Rice.                                   occasion thirty-two more adults joined
 South Lancaster i           Massachusetts
                 j             _               • Elders M. L. Rice, Theodore Car-            the remnant church at the second bap-
                                              cich, and Brother L. E. Aldrich recent-        tismal service, conducted in the Boston
           WE^L DONE                          ly visited Hartford to study the church        Temple. A large congregation taxed
       I wish to t|ke this opportunity to     bulking situation in that city. The need       the church to capacity to witness this
    thank our pastors, local elders, mis-     of a church home in this center is             beautiful ceremony. Elder Reeves gave
   sionary leaders! and church members        acute, and plans are being drawn that          earnest counsel in his address to the
    for a task wellj done. The Ingathering    will reward the patience of our faith-         candidates. He reminded them that
    campaign this Vear has been successful    ful Hartford people.                           three kinds of baptism are mentioned
    not only in \ dollars gathered, but       • The Southern New England colpor-             in the Scriptures as being necessary to
    also in souls (contacted with present     teur sales totaled $6,625 and they de-        prepare us for heaven: the baptism of
   truth. Thousands upon thousands of         livered $5,805 worth of truth-filled lit-      water; the baptism of suffering and the
   pieces of literature have been distributed erature during the week ending May            baptism of the Holy Spirit. As the
   in connection \^ith the campaign. This     4. Do you remember these gospel work-         candidates passed through the waters
   literature included Present Truth, 20th   ers in prayer each day?                        of baptism, many eyes were wet with
  Century Bible scourse cards, Voice of       • Forty-four students are joining our         tears as he briefly told of victories won
   Prophecy radi(| logs, as well as the       5. N. E. colporteur ranks during the          for Christ under great opposition and
   Ingathering n^agazine. Surely, this        summer months. Do everything you can          difficulty. Among the number baptized
  seed-sowing in jour conference territory   to encourage these youth as they dis-          were some who had been won to the
   will bear a ric^ harvest in the not-too-  tribute gospel literature throughout our       truth through the missionary activities
   distant future. !                         territory.                                     of those who had made their stand at
      A few churches that started late are    • Brother Harley P. Brown has been            the previous baptism. It is good to
  still working and will raise their full    invited to assist Brethren Van Arsdell         see whole families happily united in
  goals in a shojt time. We have con-        and McGann in leading the colporteur           the Advent message. It was a great
  fidence to beliete that by camp meeting    forces during the summer months.              privilege to have Elder Carcich and
  time the list rjf minuteman churches       0 Elder C. E. Guenther wears a broad           family with us for this special day.
  will be the largest ever.                  smile these; days as the Southern New         All enjoyed his stirring message at the
      As soon as lth° active campaign is     England Conference ncars the largest          Sabbath morning worship hour.
 completed, the! missionary leader or        Ingathering goal ever undertaken by               On Sunday, April 28, morelhan
  church elder should compile any in-        our conference churches. Much credit          one hundred new members and friends
 terested names jfound during the cam-       for the success of this large endeavor        took a bus trip to the New England
 paign and carefully preserve them.          must be given to our faithful home             Sanitarium, Atlantic Union College,
  Then some crjurch members should           missionary secretary who guided us .to         Southern New England Conference
  volunteer to giie Bible studies to these   victory in six short weeks.                   headquarters and the camp meeting
 interested people. I am sure that many                                                    grounds. The evangelistic company was
 will accept the tfuth if they are carefully Camp Meeting Busses                           happy to introduce the new converts to
 followed up with Bible studies.                 The Boston Temple will run three          these Adventist institutions of which
                     1 THEODORE CARCICH.       private busses from the church direct       we are so justly proud, and their vision
                                               to the camp meeting grounds on Sab-         of our work was much broadened by
                                              baths, July 6 and 13. The busses will        these contacts. After guides had con-
 Items of Interest                            arrive in time tor the first meeting         ducted groups through the sanitarium,
 • Elder David i Johnson baptized four Sabbath morning and stay until the                  a most appetizing lunch was served by
 candidates in New Bedford on Sab- last one at night.                                     the manager, Brother H. E. Rice, and
 bath, April 27. |                                                                        his assistants. Many were inspired by
 • A newcomer! was welcomed into the             The round trip tickets are $1.00 plus
                                              Government tax. Please make your            this trip to attend the coming camp
 home of Elder i and Mrs. David John-                                                     meeting. Some of the new young people
 son on April |2. Her name is Carol reservations at once, as one bus is sold              also gained a desire to attend college
 Marie. The Jojmsons live at 7 Web- out now. Call the church, Kenmore                     and they plan to register for next school
ster Street, Taupton, Mass.                   5022, or write direct to H. D. Austin,
                                              c o S. D. A. Church, 105 Jersey Street,     year.
 • Elder S. B. (j)lney baptized five can-                                                      One gratifying phase of the Boston
 didates in Soutft Lancaster on Sabbath, Boston 15, Massachusetts, and state how          effort has been the large amount of
May 25.            i                          many seats you wish reserved.
                                                                                          Adventist books and literature sold at
 • The firstfrujts of Brother Melvin
G. Johnson's P^wtucket effort will be
                                              Boston                                      the meetings. Elder Reeves features a
                                                                                          different book at each of the main lec-
baptized on Sabbath, June 1. A dis-              God's Holy Spirit is being poured        tures. He strongly believes that nothing
trict meeting wjlll be held in the Paw- out in a remarkable manner upon our               will so firmly establish new converts
tucket church ojn the same day.               united labors in the Greater Boston         in the truth as the reading of our own
• The delegatejs from Southern New evangelistic effort under the leadership               books, especially the Spirit of prophecy.
England to trje General Conference of Elder C. A. Reeves.                                 To date over $1,400 has been received in
Page Four          '
                                                                                                          Atlantic Union Gleaner
                                                                                          Book and Bible House
                                                                                                CAMP MEETING BOOK TENT
                                                                                            We cordially invite you to visit our
                                                                                         display in the Book Tent at camp
                                                                                         meeting time. We will have a good
                                                                                         supply of books for all members of
                                                                                         the family. Now is the time to plan
                                                                                         to purchase books, Bibles, and subscribe
                                                                                         to periodicals at the special rates which
                                                                                         will be offered in the Book Tent.
                                                                                            Come to the Book Tent just as, soon
                                                                                         as you reach the camp ground. We
                                                                                         have a special gift for you which will
                                                                                         be useful all during camp meeting.
                                                                                            GENERAL CONFERENCE REVIEWS
                                                                                            All of those who are subscribers to
                                                                                         the Review and Herald will receive
                                                                                         all special issues which contain the Gen-
                                                                                         eral Conference reports. If your sub-
                                                                                         scription is about to expire, may we
                                                                                         suggest that you renew at once and
                                                                                         obtain these reports with your regular
      Second Group Baptized by Elder Reeves in the Boston Effort, May 4
                                                                                         subscription. The price for a subscrip-
                                                                                         tion to the Review and Herald is only
cash at the effort book stands. Mr. Jack        We ask for a continued interest in       $3.00. If you wish an extra set of the
Austin, with his lady assistants, has         the prayers of the GLEANER family as       General Conference reports the cost is
done notable work in this department.         we prepare candidates for still further    $1.00. Bound copies of the complete
  Another large group of candidates is        baptisms in July and August. Under         reports may also be obtained later at
preparing for the third baptism to be         the mighty blessing of God, the harvest    $1.00.
held on Sabbath morning, June 1, at the       in Boston truly is plenteous. We look             PAUL I. NOSWORTHY, Manager,
Boston Temple. The special preacher           with high hope to the future.                 New Yorl^ Boof^ and Bible House,
for this occasion will be Elder R. J.                                                                        528 Oa^ Street,
Christian.                                    THE REEVES EVANGELISTIC COMPANY.                       Syracuse 3, New Yorf^.
                                                                                                NEW YORK CONFERENCE
                                                                                            Notice is hereby given that the thirteenth
                                                                                         biennial session of the Nc:vv York Conference
                                              Ingathering Victory - - -                  of Seventh-Jay Adventists will be held in
NEW       YORK        CONFERENCE                                                         connection with the camp meeting at Union
         O. T. GARNER, President
         J. B. FRANK, Sec.-Treas.
                                              fay 18                                     Springs, New York, June 27 to July 6, 1946.
              Telephone 5-4896                   It is with great pleasure that we are   The first meeting is called to convene Saturday
528 Oak St.                Syracuse 3, N. Y                                              evening, June 29. The purpose of the session
                                              able to announce that the Conference
                                                                                         is to receive reports for the last two years,
                                              Goal of $35,000 was reached on the         to elect officers for the ensuing term, and to
Camp Meeting Help                             day that we had anticipated. Fourteen      transact such other business as may properly
   We will need a large number of             churches passed the minuteman mark         come before the delegates.
                                              on that day, and many others are con-                          O. T. GARNER, President.
good strong men and boys to help                                                                               ]. B. FRANK, Secretary.
pitch camp this year and take the tents       tinuing to work toward this important
                                              goal. We believe there is no question            NEW YORK CONFERENCE
down at the close of the session.                                                                  ASSOCIATION
                                              but what the New York Conference              Notice is hereby given that the regular
  We are hoping that a missionary             will raise at least $40,000 before the     biennial meeting of the New York Conference
spirit will take hold of all those who        campaign closes. Certainly this is a       Association of Seventh-day Adventists will
can help. Any that are interested should      day when we should think and plan          be held in connection with the camp meet-
write to Elder A. S. Anderson, 1427                                                      ing at Union Springs, New York, June 27
                                              for great things. Our motto should be,     to July 6, 1946. The first meeting is called
Genesee Street, Utica 3, New York,            not how little, but "how much can we       to convene at 9 a. m., Monday, July 1. The
camp superintendent.                          do in the raising of funds for the ad-     purpose of the meeting is to elect officers
   We are expecting to start work on          vancement of the cause of God." Shall      and trustees for the ensuing term and to
the camp grounds the morning of June                                                     transact such other business as may properly
                                              we not continue to push the battle         come before the delegates. Delegates to the
18. We hope all who plan to help can          until at least the Conference Super        biennial session of the New York Conference
come to Union Springs on Monday the           Goal is reached?                           of Seventh-day Adventists are delegates of
17th.                                                                                    the Association.
                                                                 C. A. NELSON,                          OWEN T. GARNER, President.
                      O. T. GARNER.                   Home Missionary Secretary.                          JOSEPH B. FRANK, Secretary.
Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                                     Page Five
GREATEE              NEW             YORK                                      OUR LITERATURE EVANGELISTS
        T £• N._ BUNKER. President                        ..; n e     flotise they ceased not to tcach and preach Jesus Christ." Acts 5 :42
        'telephone BOulevard \WHO                                              Report for Week Endill6; May "• 1946
108-11 69th Road         Forest Hills. N. Y.                               s L Clark, Publishing Department Secretary
                                                                                                                                                               13 O r
NOTICE tO JUNIOR CAMPERJ$                          r^mrATTTT? Mirur vr^&v
                                                   GREATER NEW YORK                                            2
                                                                                                               D        T - Workers
                                                                                                                   p -Sessums             7
                                                                                                                                          3      13 07
                                                                                                                                                               46 55
 —What jto tell your Parents                       I. [1. Ihrig, I':t/>. Dept. Sec.                                31 Colporteurs        648   1638 73       1210 8<
   Your parents will want to know al                             Hours Orders                        Del.      NO RTHERN NEW ENGLAND
about the Jjunior Camp before thei' F. H. Odell                    39  $138 OS                    $116 25      , R Q           „ , „       -
agree to senjl you. Tell them that th<; Earl E. Lee                38   107 00                     107 00       L ' "• uryer > ruD. Uept. Sec.
                                           tj. Soaa                37   112 00                      63 60      Robert Wood             31      133 50          16    7E
camp is undfer the supervision of adul       A. Potash             36   253 75                     113 95      Helen willard           27      102 10          81    3(
directors anil counselors at all times ' E. J. Isaacsen
                                                                        129 85
                                                                        122 95
                                                                                                    80 80
                                                                                                   122 95
                                                                                                               Ina Qowell
                                                                                                               -*-Lena Carpi
                                                                                                                                                60 65
                                                                                                                                                57 75
and that evefry effort is made by thos<: Knery Mlrabal             39    56 00                      56 00      *Olive Clark            11       15 25          15    2£
                                             11. Eisinser          26    41 85                      41 85      _*c B Roberts            7        9 90           9    9(
in charge to jsafeguard the health, mor      I-,. Norheim          26    67 75                      38 25      Daisy Clark               5      17 00          25    5(
als, and spiritual well-being of evenj Mildred Whetmore            22   174 39                      90 05      *Sadie Douglas           4       20 00
                                             Dolores Colon         22    92 20                      83 00      Gladys Trafford          3                      30 5(
 unior who (attends.                                                                                                                                          287 4(
   Tell them jabout our worship periods ' M. Norheim
                                             Elizabeth Schad
                                                                         61 85
                                                                         35 85
                                                                                                                   * Tw
                                                                                                                      C °^ek™ report
                                                                                                                   * Th° ree weeks™ report
our camp cojunsels, campfires, the kinci P. T. Worker               7    38 25                      38    25       _* week Inding M!V 4
                                             Mrs. H. List           6    10 30                      10    30           U eek enams May 4
af programs! and moving pictures tha         RaUFodoraS            14    11 75                      i! 75      SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND
are provided! the Sabbath services, how' T'.ro. & Si-. Murray 13         30 00                       30 00     Rogi-r V;in Aisdcll, Pub. Depl. Sec.
the swimming, games, etc., are super         A. Kolehas            12    20 60                       20 60
                                                                                                                                                               68    8
                                             I-aura Antonsson
iised, what kind of food is served (don' t Edith Pane              10
                                                                         25 25
                                                                         18 50
                                                                                                     25 2B
                                                                                                               W. P. Barnes
                                                                                                               C. Lombard
                                                                                                                                                 78 75
                                                                                                                                                172 10        117    1
:orget the watermelons and ice cream) ,          23 Colporteurs   490  1671 69                     !243 15     £ '«_                      Jb    146 25        146    2
                                                                                                                                                              132    1
low the hikj:s are conducted, the craf t MFW vr^-av                                                            E - Kirk                   35        25
                                                                                                                                                 24 08          2    8
                                             NhW YUKK.                                                         c 0 Perkins                32    124           117    6
classes, the djiily inspection by the cam]   Nathan Russell, Pub. Dept. Sec.                                   G.      Linthwaite         30    124    75     124    7
nurse, and 4ny other information yot1                                                                          E.       Waters            30     60    30      60    3
                                           rE. Hilliard            42    49 25                      26    85   N.      Barber             29     24    60      24    6
think they heed to help make thei            N. J. Hess            35   148 05                     148    05   F.       Frattaroll        27     33    25      33    2
decision to Send you.                        C. P. Lampson         30   124 45                     124    45   E.      Henderson          15     58    65      46    6
                                              P. Mars-erum         30   114 00                     11-1   00   A.      Wheeler            13     17    15      17    1
   You may; also tell them that the: M. Mills                      29    39 45                      41    20   c.      Clarke              8     14    75      14    7
                                             R. M. Rarnhardt       10    62 10                      62    10   L.      Sawyer              8     12    30      12    3
camp supervisors feel that they are ir1 A. R. Evans                 4                                 7   00   C.      Clarke 5-11         5      6    30       6    3
partnership jwith them to give yot         1 M. WaKKotier           1    10 00                      20    00   w.      F. Barnes 5-11      4
                                             M. Youngberg           1                               10    00   L.      Bartlett            3      40 00        10 0
iUniors a wholesome good time, anc '             9 Colporteurs    182   547 30                     553    65   K-      B - Parks           1                    8 5
should any Emergency arise while yot1 NORTHFASTFRN                                                             R ' McGann ' P"1'- Ucf"' Asst' Sec'
are at camp, they would be notified a s NORTHEASTERN                                                           R Bohmer 5 _n          60      9 75             12    8
                                             L. R. Preston, Pub. Dept. Sec.                                     R.     Bohmer 5-18        43      33   00      11    7
soon as possible.                                                                                               H.     J. Cushman         39      40   20      40    2
   If your application isn't already in ' M. Bell
                                             E. Cox
                                                                        153 60
                                                                        127 50
                                                                                                                        L Knox
send it todajf with f 1.00 to                Anderson              38   122 59                       85   15    H.     Putcher            35     203   40     156    4
                                             E. Hushes             34    81 30                       63   25    j.     gpalt              35     237   40     105    4
     Mission4ry Volunteer Dept.              L. Bramwell           34    44 25                       46   20    M.     I. Barton          32     120   95     120    9
      Greater; New York Conf.                L. Starks             30    22 40                       66   60    M.     Barton 5-11        30      71   40      71    4
                                             K. Smith              25    75 95                       91   95    H,     Mathewson          30      75   15      75    1
      108-11 $ Road, Forest Hills, N. Y      H. Morgan             11    79 50                       37   20    H.     Mathewson          27      34   55      34    6
                                             S. Johnson             9                                           D.     Robinson           24     136   75     119    6
   Remembet the dates: Boys, July 8-18 ' V. Blount                   6   19 05                       19   05    w.       Frilley          23      89   10      64    8
Girls, July 2J2 - August 1.                  L. Bramwell           42   109 00                      100   80    o.      Renn              19      21   50
                                                   L. Bramwell               27        37 80          5   10    .jj.    Miller            18      36   90       36   9
-30000»OOOOOOOOOC*S                            j   P. foates                 15                      27   50    H.     P. Brown           17      62   75       62   71
                                              ]'   Snowden                    7                                 E.     Renn               17      57   05       74   2
                                                   O. Elrock                  4                       9   30    M.     Futcher            16     142   50      117   6
'[        SPECIAL NOTICE                  J    |   E, Jones                   2                       7   BS    s.     Weiss              16      31   90       31   9
'I    Madisofc College Homecoming         j    1
                                                   M. Preston
                                                   C. Oordon
                                                                             49        73   65
                                                                                                                                                                51   9
                                                                                                                                                                48   0
|l           fune 21 to 24                1        P. Corbin                 36        35   40        7   80    F.     Spalt              11      60   10       42   3
                                                   H. Harper                 35       200   90       79   15    s      Curtls             10      42   95       63   7
i!     All for4er MADISON COLLEGE         '        J. Brown                  30        92   80       25   60    j;      Frilley 4-27       8      26   70       26   7
i'   students ; cordially invited.        1    I   C. Stanley                23        92   32       64   17   ;B .    Bauer               7      50   00       70   0
                                                   J. HeyliBer               20        69   70       62   80    E.      Frilley            7      18   50       18   5
'      All students who have been in      '        Chapman                   20        15   20       15   20   ,B .    Anderson            B      20   00       22   01
i    their country's service during the   1   1    R. Harley                 19        27   80       51   30    E.     Anderson 5-11       4      12   BO       22   51
i    war will be honored guests           1        L. Collins                12        50 90         13 50         46 Colporteurs       1016    2900 48      2548    11
 i   June 24. IJ is IMPORTANT to send     1    '   H. Jacobs                 10        15 75          4 95         118 Colporteurs      2472   $7174 35     $•1843   0:
     your reservations in NOW to          1
               • Mrs. Nis Hansen, Jr.     '
i            Ivjadison College, Tenn.     1                             RADIO BROADCASTS
                                              1    Boston, Mass.                  WMEX           (1510 Kil.)            Sunday, 9:45 A. M. C. A. Reeves
                                                   Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. WGBB                  (1240 Kil.) .... Sunday          9:15 A. M. A. E. Hoist
TRANSPORTATION wanted for two
delegates, mjin and wife, from General             New Bedford, Mass.             WNBH           (1340 Kil.) .... Friday,          7:30 P. M. David Johnson
Conference t|o New England at close of             Cape Cod, Mass.                WOCB           (1240 Kil.) .... Friday,          7:30 P. M. David Johnson
session. Sharfe expense. Write plans and
route of tfip to E. W. Thurber,                    New York City                  WHN            (1050 Kil.) .... Sunday, 9:30 A. M. W. A. Fagal
Williamstow|n, Vt.                                 Portland, Maine                WGAN ( 560 Kil.) _Sunday                        9:15 A. M. V. A. Andersor
Page Six      i                                                                             *  u*                                     Atlantic Union Gleane
                                                    all her life. At the church services there          SENN.—Robert Charles Senn was born
                                                    she sang and played the organ for sixty-         August 4, 1872 at New London, N. Y.,
         OBITUARY NOTICES                           three years. Two years ago she moved to          and passed away April 21, 1946 at Utica,
                                                    Syracuse. She gave her heart to the Lord         N. Y. He was married to Elizabeth Dietsch
                                                    early in youth, but did not unite with the       on April 21, 1920. He accepted present
    ANDERSON.—Hilda Anderson was born               Seventh-day Adventist Church until later in      truth in 1927 and united with the Herkimer,
in Oslo, Norway, July 17, 1876. She lived there     life. A brother, W. G. Bell, and two nephews     N. Y. Seventh-day Adventist church. He
till 1911, when she came to the United States       of Buffalo, New York, other relatives and        transferred his membership later to the Utica
and settled in New York City, where she has         many friends are left to mourn her passing.      church. He maue his home with his son,
lived ever since. In 1930 she received greater      Words of comfort were spoken by the writer.      Robert, Jr., who cared for him tenderly until
light on the Word of God and joined the             The text of the sermon was 2 Timothy 4:7.        he passed away on his bosom while waiting
Danish-Norwegian       Seventh-day     Adventist    She was laid to rest in the South Onondaga       for an ambulance to take him to the hospital.
church in Brooklyn, remaining a faithful            Cemetery, where she awaits the call of the       He leaves to mourn, two sons, Robert, of
member till the day of her death. She leaves        Life-giver.                                      Utica, and Herbert, a student at Adantic
to mourn two children: a son, Godtfred, and                             ALEXANDER HOUGHTON.          Union College, South Lancaster, Mass., one
a daughter, Mrs. Bush; a sister, Mrs. V.                                                             brother, other relatives and many friends.
Noreng, and one granddaughter, Virginia.                                                             Words of comfort were spoken by the writer
Sister Anderson died in the hope of having             GAGE.— Mrs. Marie Lovisa (Rylen) Gage         from I Thess. 4:13-18. Brother Senn, we
a part in the first resurrection to eternal life.   was born at Norrkoping, Sweden, March 21,        believe, rests in the blessed hope that he
She was interred in the Maple Grove Mem-            1869, and died at South Lancaster, Massa-        will hear the voice of the Life-giver in the
orial Park, Long Island. Blessed be the mem-        c' uset;s, May 9. 1946. Sister Gage came to      mst resurrection.
ory of her.                                         America in 1892 to train at the Battle                                     A. S. ANDERSON.
                        DAVID GULBRANDSON.          Orek Sanitarium where she graduated in
                                                    1895. She served in various of our denomi-
                                                    national institutions during the years that         WILCOX.—Etta Holden Wilcox was born
   BEYE.—Mrs. Maud Beyc was born in 1857;           followed, coming to South Lancaster in 1914.     in the year 1868, at Colton, N. Y. At the
and passed away May 14, 1946 in the city            Words of comfort and hope were spoken by         age of twelve she was baptized into the
of Rochester, N. Y. Sister Beye accepted            the writer and interment was at the Eastwood     third angel's message and had been a faithful
the third angel's message in 1914 when Elder        Cemetery, Lancaster, Massachusetts.              member for sixty-six years. She was married
Westbrook held a series of tent meetings                                         S. B. OLNEY.        to Paul Wilcox on October 2, 1896. She had
in the city of Rochester, N. Y. Sister Beye                                                          been in failing health for the past few years.
was a faithful Dorcas leader in the early              HELK.—Mrs. Hulda Hclk was born July           Two weeks before her death she fell and broke
histo-y of the Rochester church, and her love       24, 1875; and passed away May 11, 1946           her hip. She was taken to the Potsdam Hos-
for the church never waned even when con-           in the Kings County Hosnital in Brooklyn.        pital, and on May 3 she quietly passed away.
fined to her home during the last three years,      She had been a faithful member of the            The funeral services were held in the
owing to feebleness of health. Our sister           Washington Avenue church ever since she          Hannawa Falls Methodist church, and she
rests in the Mt. Hope Cemetery, famous in           was baptized by Elder J. C. Stevens in 1919.     was laid away to rest in the Hannawa
the early days of the Advent message. What          Remaining to mourn her loss are her              Cemetery to await the call of the Life-giver.
a day of rejoicing it will be when the              faithful husband, F. W. Helk; her son, F. W.     Left to mourn are her husband, cousins, and
"dusty old graves where the pilgrims sleep          Helk, Jr.; two sisters, and a brother. Our       many friends.
shall be opened as wide as before." And the         sister awaits the call of the Life-giver in      _______________GERALD H. GREEN.
many who died in the blessed hope "shall            Brooklyn's Evergreen Cemetery. "Blessed are
live on this earth once more."                      the dead which die in the Lord."
                                G. A. COON.                                                                   ADVERTISEMENTS
                                                                               W. A. FAGAL.
                                                                                                          Please send all adyertisements, accom-
                                                                                                     panied by cash, to the locar oonferenc office
                                                       LAMB.—Emily Lamb was born in England,         to be approved by the president or secretary-
   DePARIS.—Elizabeth M. DeParis was born                                                            treasurer after which the advertisements will
in St Louis, Mo., January 10, 1873, and passed      November 30. 1877, and died April 16,            be forwarded to the Gleaner office, if ap-
away in Utica, N. Y., May 3, 1946, at the           1946. Sister Lamb became a member of             proved. The rate is $1 for 40 words or less;
age of 73 years. She was married to Charles         the Providence Seventh-day Adventist church      2c per word above 40.
A. DeParis in 1902. Previous to her marriage        about twenty years ago and remained faithful
she was a writer on the St Louis Dispatch.          and true until her death. Like Paul she had
After her marriage, she practiced nursing           foutrht a good fight, kept the faith, and           By circumstances beyond her control, mother
in Melrose, Mass., and in Utica, N. Y.              f-nished her course. And therefore we believe    forced to offer unborn baby for adoption. Only
Through the faithful life and work of a lay         that when the Lord, the righteous judge,         S. D. A. should apply. In first letter, state
sister near Norwich, N. Y., she accepted the        comes with His reward, she will receive a        age, reason for adopting child, and ability to
T.ord after the faith of the Seventh-               crown of righteousness.                          care for same. Write Care B, GLEANER.
day Adventist Church. She transferred her                                     A. W. ORTNER.
membership to the Utica church in 1920.                                                                WANTED—Middle-aged women to do
Sister DeParis was a very faithful member and          PERKINS.—Mina Lou (Wcn-lelH Perkins,          housework. Good wages. Room and board
a ml-le worker in this church. Funeral              daughter of the late Frank and Amelia            included. Write Box 83, Athol, Mass.
services were held at the church on May 6,          Wcndell, died at the New England Sani-
wi'h :b" writer speaking words of comfort           rnrium, Melrose, Mass., April 22, 1946,            WANTED—A good plumber, prefer some-
from John 14:1-3. She leaves to mourn               after an illness of three months. Sister         one of S. D. A. faith. Steady work to a good
one s^n. Russell A. DeParis, and one niece,         Perkins was a member of the Providence           workman.     Write Roy Willard, Box 197,
Mrs. Dan Trudell, both of Utica. A loving           Seventh-day Adventist church. She left to        Montpelier, Vt.
mother and a dear friend, we believe,               mourn, her husband, Fred G. Perkins, who
sleeps in Jesus to await the call of the            Hied only a few days after the death of his
Life-giver in the first resurrection.                                                                  WANTED—Practical        or    undergraduate
                                                    wife; two sisters, Mrs. Mada S. Yelland          nurse for nursing home. Work easy. Good
                            A. S. ANDERSON.         of T.pxington. Mass., and Mrs. Rachel Hobbs of   wages. Live in. Handy location, pleasant
                                                    Fnirfield, Maine; two brothers, Paul .C.         surroundings. Sabbath privileges.—Mrs. Sadie
                                                    Wendell of Woburn, Mass., and Robert F.          Stedt, 30 Institute Road, Worcester, Mass.
   FRENCH.— Vienna Bell French was born             Wendell, Canaan, N. H.; also a number of
February 13, 1858 in Otisco Valley, New             nieces and nephews. She was laid to rest
York, and passed away March 20, 1946                •" the Mayflower Hill Cemetery, Taunton,           WANTED—A girl or woman to do
after a short illness. Sister French was married    Mass., where she awaits the coming of her        domestic work. Live in. Good wages. Sab-
November 29, 1881, to George French, who            Lord and Saviour.                                bath privileges. Handy location.—Mrs. Sadie
died in 1943. She lived in Otisco Valley                                        A. W. ORTNER.        Stedt, 30 Institute Road, Worcester, Mass.

Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                                               Page Seven
          ik x /- ATLANT                              UNION CONFERENCE
          1046 INGA1                                      IG RE FOR

               6n NY.        NewYork          N.E.           N.N.E.         SXJ5            Bermuda           Union
   Goal   !    $33,000.00    $35,000.00     $11,000.00     $15,500.00       46,000.00        $l,500.on      $140.000.00
   Total t<j    40,541.68    35,146.00      14,370. 11      18,500.00       53,525. fi-      1,863.11      163,946.55
    date '
   Per Catf.        14.88         10.37          6.50             8.00           ll. 78          8.87             10.65
                 1 QQQ f\Z    f, nnn 3Q       1 I1A1 24      I rnn nn        3 svn }o                         T3 731 17

  High lights! All of the conferences       to a still higher mark in Ingathering            High lights! As this copy goes
in the union are over as New York           history.                                      press, the members in Syracuse
reports $6fOOO this week. We wish to          High lights! Greater New York lacks         holding a field day in that city—
congratulate all of the leaders and         but twenty-eight cents per capita of          first one in their history. We are s
believers In that field for the splendid    reaching the full minuteman goal for          that they will have a goodly sum
way in winch they have cooperated in        the conference. Come on. Brethren and         report for next week, and give
putting Mew York over.                      Sisters, show us you can do it, and           New York Conference a big boost
  As in riinning a marathon, so with        that by the next report.                      ward the minuteman goal for that C
Ingatherinig—                                 High lights! Six more churches earn         ference.
—to get ojf to a good start is encourag-    minuteman rating this week in the                High lights! Southern New Englc
                                            Southern New England Conference,              has nineteen churches that h<
  ing,     j                                                                              very nearly reached the minuten
—to continue in speed is inspiring,         namely: Bridgeport, Bridgeport Hun-
—to reaclt the mark in record time is       garian, Townsend, Attleboro, Plainfield,      goal, and they are going forward
                                            and Fitchburg.                                til that goal is attained.
  VICTORY!                                                                                   High lights! Minutemen for the un
BUT—to 4urPass the goal and attain            High lights! Northern New England           number 5,609.
  a still (higher mark is THRILLING         report that forty-five of their fifty-six        High lights! The total pieces of li
  BEYONI? WORDS!!                           churches are over the top.                    ature given out in Southern New E
   And evin though New York did not           High lights! Northeastern Conference        land number over 70,000.
get off tb a good start, they con-          sends in word that 556 additional                High lights! The last General C
tinued in j speed, reached the mark in      names have been secured for the Bible         ference figures stand at $1,732,871
record tir|ie, and are attaining to a       school.                                       making a per capita of $8.28.
still highfr mark in this greatest of         High lights! Seventeen churches in the         In closing we would thank you
all Ingathering campaigns.                  Greater New York Conference are in            agoin for what you have done in •
   High lights! As a union we stand         the minuteman class.                          campaian, and we are looking forw
only $377j short of our last year's total     High lights! The number of minute-          to the final report before the Gene
of $164,32185. Let us not be satisfied      man churches in Northern New Eng-             Conference goes into session.
with this j amount, but let us attain       land has grown to twenty-four.                                        R. I. Christia
Page EigNt                                                                                                Atlantic Union Glea

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