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					                                                                                                                                                                                    M-Form 5
                                                                 SECTORAL/LOCAL POLICY ISSUES AND CONCERNS DISCUSSED
                                                                        Agricultural Support and Coordination Division
                                                                                  January to December 2010

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      Commercial Crops

1.    Addendum                 to       The Committee on Commercial Crops endorsed to The Resolution was endorsed         The TWG conducted an initial meeting on For further discussion of the
      Administrative       Order        the Bureau of Plant Industry CCC Resolution No. to the BPI on January 14,         February 16, 2010 to review the AO and TWG.
      No.19, Series of 2009             02, Series of 2009 dated January 14, 2010 2010.                                   discuss further, other technical terms which
      (Inclusion of Definition of       regarding the draft Cacao Definition of Terms                                     needs to be defined in order to simplify the
      Terms)                            which is an addendum to DA Administrative Order                                   technical terms in the AO. The proposed
                                        No. 19, the “Minimum Plant Material Certification                                 definition of terms will be included as an
                                        Guidelines for Cacao”. The Addendum would                                         addendum to AO No. 19.
                                        define and explain the technical terms used in AO
                                        No. 19.

                                        A TWG composed of the NAFC, BPI Crop
                                        Production Division and the National Seed Quality
                                        Control Service was created to review these
                                        technical terms.

2.    Need to innovate/revise The Cocoa Sub-Committee requested the                         A meeting was arranged by     During the meeting, the PhilMech           The Cocoa Sub-Committee
      available technology for assistance of the PhilMech with regard to the post           the Secretariat between       presented several designs including a      agreed to adopt the multi-
      Cacao Drying Facility    harvest requirements for cacao. The CocoaPhil                PhilMech and the Cocoa        multi-commodity solar tunnel dryer and a   commodity solar tunnel dryer
                               first presented several post harvest models being            Foundation         of   the   flatbed dryer as fermentation and drying   and will send samples of
                               used for cacao drying and fermentation from other            Philippines on February 10,   facility for cacao beans.                  fermented cacao beans to the
                               countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Papua New
                                                                                            2010 to further discuss the                                              PhilMech for testing.
                               Guinea, Hawaii, Dominican Republic and
                               Indonesia as well as from the Philippines. The               appropriate design of the
                               body believed that there is a need to evaluate               post harvest facility.                                                   This equipment is included in
                               which drying facility/technology is appropriate and                                                                                   the Cacao Agribusiness Zones
                               could be used in the Philippines. Considerations                                                                                      as part of the dynamic post-
                               were anchored on the use of biomass for artificial                                                                                    harvest processing to achieve
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                                        drying, maximizing the use of solar energy and use                                                                   the quality of cacao beans
                                        of alternative fuel/farm waste.                                                                                      acceptable in the world market.

3.    Need     to    develop            During the meetings of the Cacao Industry The        resolution   was   A Technical Working Group for the
      policies    on   Food             development Sub-Committee, it was noted that endorsed to the BAFPS on   Development of a Code of Hygienic
      Regulation Standards              foreign buyers source their cacao beans from February 15, 2010.         Practices for Cacao was created through
      for Cacao or Cocoa                countries that have good agricultural practices.                        Special Order No. 223, S2010 dated May
      Beans                             The Philippines needs to formulate its own                              7, 2010.      The TWG is chaired by
                                        policies on food regulation standards                                   CocoaPhil with members from the PCA,
                                        specifically for cacao to qualify as a reliable                         BAR, Antonio Pueo, Incorporada, National
                                        supplier of safe and quality cocoa products.                            Codex Org. and NAFC with the BAFPS
                                                                                                                acting as the Secretariat.
                                        The Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries
                                        Product Standards (BAFPS) in coordination                               The draft “Code of Hygienic Practices” was
                                        with the Cocoa Sub-Committee agreed that a                              subjected to three public consultations
                                        code of hygienic practices for cacao should be                          along with farm visits and interviews
                                        developed to protect the health of consumers.                           attended by cacao farmers/producers,
                                                                                                                cacao/chocolate processors, government
                                        Hence, the Sub-Committee adopted CCC                                    and non-government agencies involved in
                                        Resolution No. 01 dated January 27, 2010,                               cacao production in the following areas:
                                        requesting the DA through the Bureau of
                                        Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards                                Palawan - September 21-23, 2010
                                        (BAFPS) to formulate a code of hygienic                                    Davao - September 28-30, 2010
                                        practices for cacao to address safety and                                  NCR - November 18, 2010
                                        quality requirements in the export market and
                                        establish a traceability system for cacao as
                                        part of trade requirements. With recognized
                                        practices, farmers are also assured to get
                                        premium prices for their products.

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4.    Need to develop a Five-           The Sub Committee recognized that root crops Root Crops Road Map for The Sub-Committee conducted a planning
      Year development plan             play an important role in the attainment of food fine tuning         workshop on June 29, 2010 with the
      for rootcrops                     security and poverty alleviation in our country,                     output of crafting a root crops five-year
                                        being utilized for food, feeds and industry.                         development plan.
                                        New and improved products are constantly
                                        derived from domestic root crops and their                           The workshop discussed concerns of the
                                        image is being gradually transformed from a                          different sectors given the current global
                                        poor man’s crop into a highly valued product in                      trends and emerging challenges including
                                        this country.                                                        climate change, while increasing food
                                                                                                             security as well as tapping root crops as
                                                                                                             an alternative source of energy and fuel.

                                                                                                                The draft development plan is undergoing
                                                                                                                fine tuning and will be presented to the
                                                                                                                members for further comments.

5.    Need to synchronize               It was discussed during the Coffee Industry                             The coffee production data was presented      It was a welcome development
      BAS and industry                  Development Sub-Committee Meeting on April                              by the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics      for both the private and pubic
      production data  on               21, 2010 that the production data on coffee by                          (BAS) on a per variety and per province       sector that the concerns
      coffee                            the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) is                          basis. The presentation aims to clarify the   regarding coffee data were
                                        not harmonized with the production data                                 issue of the non-harmonization of BAS         threshed out and reconciled.
                                        gathered by the private sector. The body                                data vis-a-vis industry data.       It was    The             Sub-Committee
                                        observed that there is need to have these                               explained that the BAS data is based on       commended the BAS for
                                        information synchronized and coordinated for a                          dried berries at 18%-28% moisture             collecting,   explaining  and
                                        more reliable statistical basis. They requested                         content, while industry data is based on      making these data available to
                                        the BAS to use the term “green beans” in their                          green beans with moisture content at 11%.     the industry.
                                        data gathering as this is how coffee data is                            The industry data is taken from Nestle
                                        specifically described in the international                             Phils. and is obtained from Nestle’s buying
                                        market.                                                                 stations all over the country based on the
                                                                                                                July to June cropping year. The BAS data

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                                        The body agreed to request the BAS to make                              is obtained from their provincial stations
                                        a comprehensive report on their data gathering                          from January to December cropping year.
                                        in the next meeting. Nestle Phils. Inc., was                            The BAS data undergoes several
                                        requested to react on the BAS report and                                evaluations before these are released
                                        likewise present how they come up with                                  officially. Moreover, the BAS data on
                                        estimates.                                                              Robusta still has to be converted to obtain
                                                                                                                49% recovery from dried berries to green

6.    Review of the Philippine The Philippine National Standards (PNS) for The resolution was endorsed          The BAFPS reported that a work plan on the
      National Standard for Coffee was prepared by the Bureau of Agriculture to the BAFPS on August 31,         revision of the PNS will be prepared to include
      Coffee                   and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) and 2010                                 the reactivation of the Technical Working
                               was approved in 2003. It was explained that the                                  Group which formulated the PNS for Green
                               Standards were formulated to prepare the                                         Coffee Beans as well as the conduct of
                               Philippines for the global market. It focused on the                             consultations by the first semester of 2011.
                               general requirements, grades and size
                               classification of coffee. However, considering the
                               time that had lapsed since its approval, selected
                               provisions of the Standards are no longer reflective
                               of the current standards.

                                        It is imperative that, in the interest of quality,
                                        reliability and competitiveness, the Philippine
                                        National Standards for Green Coffee Beans be
                                        subjected to review and revision to ascertain its
                                        conformity and harmonization with the present
                                        domestic and international standards for coffee.
                                        Further, with the current International Coffee
                                        Organization (ICO) standard at “12.5%” moisture

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                                        content (MC), the present standard should likewise
                                        specify at least “12.5%” MC to minimize microbial
                                        hazards and “ochratoxin” contamination.

                                        Thus, the Coffee Industry Development Sub-
                                        Committee (CIDSC) adopted CCC Resolution
                                        No. 03, Series of 2010, requesting the DA
                                        Secretary through the Bureau of Agriculture
                                        and Fishery Product Standards (BAFPS) to
                                        undertake the revision of the Philippine
                                        National Standards for Green Coffee Beans
                                        (PNS/BAFPS 01:2003).

7.    Need to formulate        a        The Coffee Sub Committee likewise discussed the The resolution was endorsed    The Sub-Committee decided to hold the
      standard and designate a          numerous inquiries regarding the traceability and to the BAFPS on August 31,   resolution in abeyance in view of the
      certifying agency for Civet       authenticity of civet coffee. It was explained that 2010                       difficulty in the traceability of Civet
                                        Civet coffee which came from the droppings of the                              (Alamid) Coffee.
      (Alamid) Coffee
                                        wild Civet cat (Alamid) has gained acceptance and
                                        commands a premium price in the global niche
                                        market. However, its traceability and authenticity
                                        remains an issue. The Sub Committee observed
                                        that there is no particular agency which certifies the
                                        genuineness and origin of civet coffee, although
                                        there are coffee processors that claim that their
                                        product is authentic civet coffee.

                                        Thus, the Sub-Committee believes that there is a
                                        need to formulate and enforce standards,
                                        particularly for Civet coffee, to address food safety
                                        issues and to protect the health of consumers
                                        while also assuring its quality. The Coffee
                                        Industry Development Sub-Committee agreed
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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                         REFERRED TO/DATE            ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                                  REMARKS
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                                        to adopt Committee on Commercial Crops (CCC)
                                        Resolution No. 04, Series of 2010, urging the DA
                                        Secretary through the Bureau of Agriculture and
                                        Fishery Product Standards (BAFPS) to formulate
                                        the guidelines for the certification of Civet Coffee
                                        and to designate the BAPFS as the certifying
                                        agency for Civet coffee to ensure its authenticity.

      Fisheries & Aquaculture

1.    Duplicative & excessive The CFA adopted the following:                 Resolution Nos. 2 and 3 were         The CFA Chair, Secretariat, Alliance of Phil.      Endorsement of Resolution No. 1
      fees imposed on fishing                                                endorsed to the DOTC                 Fishing Federations, Inc. (APFFI), and BFAR        was deferred pending the
      vessels; and overlapping  Resolution No. 1 (March 5, 2010) requesting Secretary on June 4, 2010            convened on April 27, 2010 and drafted and         preparation of industry position on
      & interrelated regulations DOTC to conduct consultations with BFAR and                                      reviewed the industry position on the different    the        different      MARINA
      on commercial fishing      the commercial fishing industry concerning                                       MARINA         Memorandum       Circulars     on   Memorandum Circulars on fishing
      vessels resulting to turf  issues on fishing vessel regulations;                                            certification fees, and other charges on fishing   vessel operations. The position
      conflicts bet. and among                                                                                    vessel operations.                                 paper was further discussed during
      regulatory agencies                                                                                                                                            the CFA meeting on May 19, 2010.

                                        Resolution No. 2 (May 19, 2010) recommending                             During the dialogue with Secretary Proceso As a result, Resolution Nos. 2 and
                                         that the provisions of RA 8550 pertinent to fishing                      Alcala on July 23, 2010, he supported the 3 were adopted.
                                         vessel operations be maintained and harmonized                           proposed conduct of inter-agency consultation
                                         in all maritime rules and regulations; and                               on fishing vessel regulations.                Prior to inter-agency meeting,
                                        Resolution No. 3 (May 19, 2010) urging the                                                                             Secretary Alcala, BFAR and the
                                         MARINA to conduct consultation with BFAR and                                                                           industry will meet to review the
                                         the commercial fishing industry on the regulation                                                                      industry and DA positions to be
                                         of fishing vessels.                                                                                                    presented to the DOTC.

2.    Delayed implementation            As a follow-up to the Resolutions passed in 2007                          NAPC-Basic Sector Unit, in cooperation with In the 1st Indorsement from ASEC
      of Section 108 of RA 8550         and 2008, the CFA requested NAPC to facilitate                            NAFC, convened the inter-agency TWG to Ronaldo Geron, Office of the
      on the establishment of           the immediate issuance of an Executive Order                              draft the EO.                               Deputy Executive Secretary for
      fisherfolk settlement areas       (EO) creating the Task Force on Fisherfolk                                                                            Legal Affairs, the draft EO was
                                        Settlement.                                                               The NAFC CFA reviewed the draft EO during returned        to    NAPC      for
                                                                                                                  its May 19, 2010 meeting.                   reprocessing/compliance      with
                                                                                                                                                              Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 68
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       SECTOR                                                                                                              WITH DATE

                                                                                                              Secretary Domingo Panganiban, NAPC Lead           S. 2004 as amended by MC No.
                                                                                                              Convenor, endorsed the final draft EO to          147 S. 2007. It requires complete
                                                                                                              Malacañang on Jun 3, 2010 for approval by         staff work (CSW) as a mandatory
                                                                                                              the President.                                    requirement for requests for
                                                                                                                                                                Presidential Issuances and/or
                                                                                                                                                                Approvals for Housing Projects.
                                                                                                                                                                The draft EO should be submitted
                                                                                                                                                                with          the        attached
                                                                                                                                                                comments/recommendations from
                                                                                                                                                                the agencies involved.

                                                                                                                                                                As reported during the November
                                                                                                                                                                4, 2010 CFA meeting, NAPC will
                                                                                                                                                                reconvene the inter-agency TWG
                                                                                                                                                                to reprocess the draft EO.

3.    Lack of technical/research The CFA adopted Resolution No. 14 on December Endorsed by Secretary Yap to   The BFAR reported during the March 5, 2010        The CFA proposed ad hoc
      data on sardines to be 11, 2009 recommending the creation of a technical BFAR in a memorandum           CFA meeting that the proposed establishment       committee did not push through.
      used as basis for the ad hoc committee                                   dated February 5, 2010         of sardines data has been approved by the         The said data establishment will be
      issuance of a Fisheries                                                                                 Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) in January 2010   part of the CTI Project, which is
      Administrative       Order                                                                              for inclusion in the Sulu-Celebes Sea             currently implemented from 2010 to
      (FAO)     on      Sardines                                                                              Sustainable Project.                              2012 by three (3) countries,
      Management Plan                                                                                                                                           namely: Indonesia, Malaysia and
                                                                                                                                                                the Philippines.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                          REFERRED TO/DATE                       ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                                  REMARKS
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4.    Non-compliance by some Request for a dialogue with the tollway operators                Endorsed to the DA-AMAS on       The DA-AMAS, in a memorandum to the               The TWG agreed to expand the
      LGUs         with    DILG during the CFA meeting on December 11, 2009                   January     25,    2010     to   Secretary dated March 4, 2010, reported that it   coverage of the Food Lane Project
      Memorandum Circular No.                                                                 coordinate with the concerned    will convene the TWG on the Food lane             to the local levels. The
      2009-76 on exemption of                                                                 agencies involved in the         Project in April 2010.                            implementing       guidelines  is
      cargo vehicles carrying                                                                 implementation of the Food                                                         currently being drafted.
      agricultural products and                                                               Lane Project                     The      TWG      meeting, composed       of
      perishable food items                                                                                                    representatives from MMDA, DILG, PNP, LTO,
      from        truck     ban                                                                                                MNTC, and PNCC was held on October 8 and
      implementation                                                                                                           15, 2010. It reviewed the Food Lane Project
                                                                                                                               guidelines, as well as the DILG memorandum
                                                                                                                               circulars on the implementation of the truck

5.    Need to negotiate for             The CFA supported the proposal of the tuna                                             Secretary Alcala noted the concern of the tuna    Negotiations for fishing access in
      fishing access in other           industry sector to negotiate for additional fishing                                    industry and promised to hold a separate          other countries will be part of the
      countries’ waters in view         access to other waters such as Indonesia and the                                       dialogue on this concern in August or             CFA agenda for the 1st quarter of
      of the closure of the high        Pacific island countries. This was presented to                                        September 2010.                                   2011.
      seas to purse seine               Secretary Alcala during the July 23, 2010 dialogue
      fishing by the Western
      and     Central     Pacific
      Fisheries     Commission

      Food Crops

1.    Need for an action plan to Showcase the 10 identified IVs through the                                                    The GMA-HVCCP has been supporting the
      intensify the promotion of establishment of techno demo farms                                                            development and promotion of IVs by
      indigenous       vegetables                                                                                              providing funds for the maintenance of the
      (IVs)     particularly   as                                                                                              techno demo farms in four BPI National Crop
      substitutes              to                                                                                              Research Development Centers (NCRDCs)
      conventional vegetables                                                                                                  and in BPI Central Office as well as for the
                                                                                                                               production of campaign materials such as
                                                                                                                               brochures and flyers.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                         REFERRED TO/DATE           ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                     REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                  WITH DATE

                                        Prepare brochures on IVs to promote awareness                             For 2010, BPI has allotted P1.8 M for the
.                                       on the health benefits derived from the IVs                               enhancement of the production of planting
                                                                                                                  materials of IVs especially malunggay through
                                                                                                                  tissue culture.

                                        Replicate the establishment of techno demo farms                          The GMA-HVCCP has requested BPI to
                                        in all DA-RFUs to ensure supply of planting                               accommodate the printing of the brochures on
                                        materials                                                                 IVs in the total amount of P315,000.00 to be
                                                                                                                  charged under the PGMA project.

                                                                                                                  Director Rene Espino of DA-HVCCP has sent
                                                                                                                  a Memorandum addressed to the DA-Regional
                                                                                                                  Executive Director (REDs) requesting them to
                                                                                                                  include the establishment/maintenance of the
                                                                                                                  IVs techno demo farms in the regional budget

                                                                                                                  The IVs techno demo farms have already
                                                                                                                  been established in DA-RFUs 3, 4A, 7, 8, 9,
                                                                                                                  10, 11 and 13.

2.    Need to increase the              The Committee on Food Crops passed Resolution                             To be endorsed to the DA Secretary and to the
      consumption of fruits and         No. 7, S2010 dated December 15, 2010,                                     concerned fast food chain establishments.
      vegetables in the fast food       Encouraging the fast food establishments to
      chains                            increase the utilization of fruits and vegetables in
                                        their menus in coordination with DA-AMAS and

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                    REFERRED TO/DATE            ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                       REMARKS
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3.    Need to review the Pest          A leaf greening disease entered the Philippines BPI –Jan. 26, 2010    Citrus greening (huanglongbing) disease has
      Risk Analysis (PRA) and          through the importation of fresh oranges from                         been reported in the Philippines since 1921
      phytosanitary                    China. The said disease affected the citrus plants                    and is considered to be widespread. Based on
      requirements for the             from Nueva Vizcaya. Since BPI is the one                              the technical review conducted by BPI, citrus
      importation   of   fresh         spearheading the review of the economic impact                        greening is not considered as a quarantine
      oranges from China               on the introduction of pests and diseases, the                        pest for the importation of fresh oranges from
                                       Committee requested the Bureau of Plant Industry-                     China. Traces of bacterium can be detected in
                                       Plant Quarantine Service to review the PRA and                        various plant parts including fruits and seeds
                                       phytosanitary requirements for the importation of                     although it is not known to be transmitted
                                       fresh oranges from China.                                             through these. According to BPI, with these re-
                                                                                                             assessments, the present import conditions of
                                                                                                             fresh oranges from China are still sufficient to
                                                                                                             ensure the low risk of entry of associated
                                                                                                             quarantine pests.

                                                                                                             In its reply dated February 22, 2010, BPI
                                                                                                             recommended that existing regulations should
                                                                                                             be re-evaluated and revised to adapt to the
                                                                                                             present situation. A national survey should
                                                                                                             also be conducted to officially establish the
                                                                                                             occurrence of the disease in all regions in the

4.    Need to conduct organic Request the DA Secretary to approve the Organic                                The Committee on Food Crops passed
      farmers          exchange Farmers Exchange Program                                                     Resolution No. 8, S2010 dated December 15,
      program between India                                                                                  2010, Requesting the DA Secretary to approve
      and the Philippines                                                                                    the holding of Organic Farmers Exchange
                                                                                                             Program between India and the Philippines.

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5.    Need to facilitate inter In order to harmonize organic agriculture standards                           For endorsement to the DA Secretary
      regional trade of organic for Asia, the Committee on Food Crops passed
      produce                   Resolution No. 9, S2010 dated December 15,
                                2010, Requesting the DA Secretary to approve the
                                hosting of Global Organic Market Access (GOMA)
                                Project Drafting Group in the Philippines.

6.    To address sanitary and            Shortening the time of Extended Hot Water                          The BAR funded a P.5M study on the
      phytosanitary (SPS) and             Treatment (EHWT)                                                   modification of the EHWT protocol aimed to
      Technical Barriers to                                                                                  determine the effects of reducing the treatment
      Trade (TBT) issues                                                                                     time of EHWT on fruit quality and insect

                                                                                                             The PHTRC has already conducted the study.
                                                                                                             Thus, the BPI will request the China AQSIQ to
                                                                                                             accept the result of the study on the
                                                                                                             shortening of the EHWT time for mango and
                                                                                                             make the necessary modifications on the
                                                                                                             existing protocol on EHWT.

                                         Pilot shipment of irradiated fresh mangoes to                      BPI has already sent a letter request
                                          China                                                              addressed to China AQSIQ to allow the pilot
                                                                                                             shipment of irradiated fresh mangoes to China
                                                                                                             to determine its marketability.

7.    Rejection   of    mango          FPA to activate the Inter-Agency Committee on                         The NMAT Secretariat prepared a
      exports to Japan due to          Pesticide Residues (IACPR) to address the                             Memorandum addressed to FPA signed by the
      excessive       pesticide        Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) concerns on                              Secretary to address the said issues. Thus,
      residues                         agricultural crops including mango                                    the FPA met with ASEC Salacup and the BPI
                                                                                                             Director to coordinate and discuss how the
                                                                                                             IACPR including the Technical Working Group
                                                                                                             will be reactivated.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                        REFERRED TO/DATE            ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                                  REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                  WITH DATE

                                                                                                                 The proposed memberships of the IACPR and
                                                                                                                 the TWG including their Terms of Reference
                                                                                                                 (TOR) and functions have also been prepared.
                                                                                                                 The Committee will consist of experts from the
                                                                                                                 different concerned agencies/departments,
                                                                                                                 including residue chemists, risk assessors,
                                                                                                                 representatives from the academe and
                                                                                                                 research institutions.

                                       The Philippines has experienced a series of                               Per email of 1st Secretary (Agriculture)
                                       rejections of its mango exports to Japan allegedly                        Takehiko Sakata dated November 2, 2010, he
                                       due to excessive pesticide residues based on the                          said that when the pesticide residues were
                                       maximum residue limits (MRLs) set by Japan.                               found to exceed the standard level, Japan’s
                                       Considering these impediments to our mango                                Ministry of Health and the Bureau of Plant
                                       overall economy, the NMAT is requesting that                              Industry exchanged opinions about the
                                       appropriate measures be instituted to address                             NPAL’s inspection of the Philippine mango.
                                       MRL-related issues.                                                       However, the NPAL was not able to conduct
                                                                                                                 precise measurement of pesticide residue
                                                                                                                 value at 0.01 ppm of fluzilazole for mangoes at
                                                                                                                 the NPAL facility. Thus, the Ministry of Health
                                                                                                                 advised NPAL to modify and improve its
                                                                                                                 procedures to attain precise inspection.

8.    Establishment        of          Exporters are requesting a copy of the list of                            A copy of the list of chemicals and their brand
      maximum residue limits           chemicals and their brand names, which are                                names which are included in the positive list of
      (MRLs) of chemicals on           included in the positive list of Japan. FPA was also                      Japan was provided by FPA to exporters.
      mangoes                          requested to recommend alternative chemicals
                                       with same efficacies.                                                     Likewise, the NFA-FDC in collaboration with        The said proposal will be endorsed
                                                                                                                 FPA, has prepared a project proposal entitled      to the Bureau of Agricultural
                                                                                                                 “Technical Enhancement/Facilitation of the         Research (BAR) and other
                                                                                                                 Establishment of Maximum Residue Limits            concerned agencies for funding.
                                                                                                                 (MRLs) of Pesticides in Mango” in the amount
                                                                                                                 of P17.026 M.

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 12 of 30
       SECTOR                                                                                                          WITH DATE

                                                                                                         The BPI-NPAL, NFA-FDC and FPA will also
                                                                                                         generate data on the establishment of MRL
                                                                                                         that would be acceptable to an international
                                                                                                         body, i.e. CODEX.

                                                                                                         FPA also sent a Memorandum to all registrant
                                                                                                         companies that manufacture the pesticides
                                                                                                         which are included in the positive list of
                                                                                                         pesticides of Japan, to submit to FPA the
                                                                                                         results of their Supervised Pesticide Residue
                                                                                                         Trials (SPRT). The cost of the SPRT will be
                                                                                                         handled by the respective registrant
                                                                                                         companies to be supervised by FPA and
                                                                                                         analyzed by the BPI-NPAL.

                                                                                                         FPA called a meeting with all the registrant-
                                                                                                         companies for mango use last November 8,
                                                                                                         2010 to discuss the National MRLs for Mango,
                                                                                                         GAP on Mango Production and product
                                                                                                         stewardship issues and concerns.

9.    Extension of shelf life of  Experiment on the compatibility of irradiation                        Results of the study showed that a radiation
      Mango through Controlled     and CA and MA storage.                                                dose of 150 to 300 gray (Gy) in combination
      and Modified Atmosphere                                                                            with either CA/MA extended storage life for
      (CA & MA) Technologies                                                                             four (4) weeks at 12.50C. However, at higher
                                                                                                         dose of 300 Gy, internal breakdown and slight
                                                                                                         discoloration of the pulp were observed in
                                                                                                         some fruits.

                                        Commercial trial on shipment of mangoes to                      Farm visit in Davao City and assessment of
                                         Middle East and Canada using CA Technology                      products and postproduction practices of the
                                                                                                         would-be suppliers were conducted. Dubai will
                                                                                                         be the market for the trial run. However, due to
                                                                                                         high disease incidence in mangoes, the
                                                                                                         shipment was cancelled.
M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 13 of 30
AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES          REFERRED TO/DATE            ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                                  REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                    WITH DATE

                                        Awareness campaign for CA Technology                      The TWG on Postharvest and Processing also
                                                                                                   visited the farm in Castelejos, Zambales,
                                                                                                   which will be used as the source of supply for
                                                                                                   the trial shipment. Because of the incident
                                                                                                   during the last trial shipment where the quality
                                                                                                   of mangoes intended for Canada deteriorated,
                                                                                                   the trial will start at the production level to
                                                                                                   include the documentation of the whole
                                                                                                   process from production until the arrival of the
                                                                                                   product at its destination. The farm owner has
                                                                                                   allowed the use of his farm for the trial.

                                                                                                   At present, PhilMech is exploring a possible
                                                                                                   tie-up with the mango exporters due to
                                                                                                   difficulty in reaching the required volume to
                                                                                                   push through with the trial. Consultants will be
                                                                                                   hired to provide technical guidance while the
                                                                                                   exporters will provide the mangoes.

10. The need to improve post- Quality Assurance through establishment of                           The following are the status of the packing        The implementation of the EHWT
    harvest     handling   of packing houses with EHWT facilities                                  houses in 7 regions funded under the DA-           must be completed this year.
    mangoes to reduce post-                                                                        HVCCP:                                             Otherwise, the unspent funds that
    harvest losses                                                                                  Region I – already in place                      were already transferred to the
                                                                                                    Region III – project is being established        different concerned regions will be
                                                                                                       in collaboration with PhilMech                 reverted to the Bureau of Treasury.
                                                                                                    Regions IV-A & VI – the MOAs are being
                                                                                                       reviewed by collaborating agencies
                                                                                                    Regions VII, XI, & XII – establishment is

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 14 of 30
AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                       REFERRED TO/DATE           ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                                   REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                WITH DATE

11. Need to conduct a                  The NAFC Committee on Food Crops passed                                  BAFPS has completed the mango classifiers’        BAFPS will also schedule a series
    nationwide           mango         Resolution No. 3, S2010 recommending to the DA                           training in the following provinces:              of trainings for mango classifiers in
    classifier training course         through the BAFPS the conduct of training for                                  Bauan, Batangas – July 7-9, 2010           2011.
    to      ensure      uniform        mango classifiers pursuant to A.O. No. 1, Series of                            Calapan, Oriental Mindoro – August
    understanding on the               2010 – Guidelines for Accreditation of Mango                                       23-25, 2010
    provisions of A.O. No. 1,          Classifiers                                                                    Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro –
    S2010 re: the Guidelines                                                                                              December 1-3, 2010
    for Accreditation of Mango

12. Need       to     improve Conduct of Training of Trainor’s (ToTs) to include                                The BAFPS has prepared a proposal which
    production practices and mango spray contractors                                                            was submitted to the HVCCP for funding. The
    technologies                                                                                                HVCCP has agreed to provide P2.326 M for
                                                                                                                the proposed training on the Code of Good
                                                                                                                Agricultural Practices (GAP) for mango
                                                                                                                particularly for spray contractors/technicians.
                                                                                                                The target areas include Region 1
                                                                                                                (Pangasinan and La Union), Region 2 (Nueva
                                                                                                                Vizcaya and Isabela), Region 3 (Tarlac, Nueva
                                                                                                                Ecija and Bulacan), Region 4A (Batangas) and
                                                                                                                Region 11 (Davao del Norte and Davao del

                                                                                                                A meeting with the mango exporters was held
                                                                                                                last November 15, 2010 to finalize the list of
                                                                                                                participants and the venue for the conduct of
                                                                                                                the training for mango spray contractors.

                                                                                                                The GAP trainings for mango contractors were
                                                                                                                conducted in Batangas (December 8-9, 2010)
                                                                                                                and in Tarlac (December 14-15, 2010).

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 15 of 30
       SECTOR                                                                                                    WITH DATE

                                                                                                   FPA provided funds for the conduct of training
                                                                                                   for mango contractors last November 17, 2010
                                                                                                   which was held at BPI-NPAL

                                                                                                   BAFPS has already completed the GAP
                                                                                                   Trainor’s Training in the following areas:
                                                                                                     Region 4A- Aug. 14-16, 2010
                                                                                                     Laoag, Ilocos Norte- Sept. 5-10, 2010
                                                                                                     Guimaras, Iloilo- Sept. 20-24, 2010
                                                                                                     Iba, Zambales- Oct. 4-8, 2010

13. Need to develop improved Conduct of Phase II R&D on improvement of                             Phase I of the project being implemented by
    mango varieties and variety (red blush, thick peel, resistant to fruitfly                      BPI has not been completed yet but the
    technologies             and leafhopper)                                                       balance of P250,000 for the conduct of the
                                                                                                   activities for component I of the project was
                                                                                                   already transferred to BPI-NMRDC. Thus, the
                                                                                                   proposal for the Phase II of the project entitled
                                                                                                   “Cultivar Development in Mango Breeding for
                                                                                                   Improvement of Peel Thickness, Color and
                                                                                                   Anthracnose Resistance in ‘Carabao’ Mango”
                                                                                                   in the amount of P2 M will be endorsed to BAR
                                                                                                   for funding as soon as the terminal report of
                                                                                                   the Phase I of the project has been submitted.

                                                                                                   BAR has already approved funding of the
                                                                                                   Phase I and II of the Project.

14. Need to upgrade pesticide                                                                      A proposal on the upgrading of the BPI
    analytical laboratory of                                                                       National Pesticide Analytical Laboratory
    BPI                                                                                            (NPAL) in the amount of P60 M to be funded
                                                                                                   under PL480 was already submitted to the
                                                                                                   Office of Secretary Alcala last Dec. 7, 2010.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES               REFERRED TO/DATE            ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                                    REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                         WITH DATE

15. Need to complement the Accredit the National Food Authority-Food                                    DA Undersecretary Segfredo Serrano has sent         Per email of 1st Secretary
    residue analysis function Development Center (NFA-FDC) for the                                      a letter addressed to 1st Secretary (Agriculture)   (Agriculture)      Sakata         dated
    of the BPI                certification of residue analysis for mango and okra                      Takehiko Sakata of the Embassy of Japan             November 2, 2010 in the
                              exports                                                                   seeking opinion regarding the accreditation of      accreditation of FDC, he replied
                                                                                                        FDC for the certification of residue analysis for   that as an inspection facility, it is
                                                                                                        Philippine mango and okra exports to Japan.         necessary that the precise
                                                                                                        While the BPI is the sole accredited laboratory     inspection should be guaranteed to
                                                                                                        for pesticide residue analysis of commodities       equal Japan’s precise inspection.
                                                                                                        exported to Japan, the accreditation of FDC is      Since the NPAL which is the
                                                                                                        expected to complement the analytical               current     designated         national
                                                                                                        capability of BPI due to the growing volume of      inspection facility could not attain
                                                                                                        samples being submitted to the laboratory.          precise inspection, the Ministry of
                                                                                                                                                            Health said that it is difficult to add
                                                                                                                                                            FDC as a national facility. Thus, 1st
                                                                                                                                                            Secretary Sakata advised to take
                                                                                                                                                            the following measures:
                                                                                                                                                              Improve the attainment of
                                                                                                                                                               NPAL’s precise inspection and
                                                                                                                                                               ensure that the inspection
                                                                                                                                                               standard is equal to Japan’s
                                                                                                                                                               precise inspection;
                                                                                                                                                              Report      the      results       of
                                                                                                                                                               improvement         of       NPAL’s
                                                                                                                                                               inspection to the Ministry of
                                                                                                                                                              Evaluate       the        inspection
                                                                                                                                                               procedures of FDC which
                                                                                                                                                               should be the same as the
                                                                                                                                                               NPAL’s precise inspection; and
                                                                                                                                                              In case the FDC is recognized
                                                                                                                                                               within the precise inspection
                                                                                                                                                               level of NPAL, FDC can submit
                                                                                                                                                               a proposal.

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 17 of 30
       SECTOR                                                                                                         WITH DATE

16. Need to develop solid Identify possible uses of mango solid waste              PhilMech             The BAR in collaboration with UPLB has an
    waste        management                                                                             on-going project entitled “Biotechnological
    (mango peel)                                                                                        Production of High-Value Products from Waste
                                                                                                        of Mango Processing Industry”. The said
                                                                                                        project is funded by the DA-HVCCP.

                                                                                                        The project is now on its second year. The
                                                                                                        UPLB-Biotech was able to extract oil from
                                                                                                        mangoes and starch from the seeds which
                                                                                                        were made into pandesal. The said project led
                                                                                                        to the interest of Kraft Foods for the
                                                                                                        processing of the peel. Kraft wants to be the
                                                                                                        major buyer of the mango peel which will be
                                                                                                        an ingredient in baby foods.

                                                                                                        PhilMech will also conduct studies on the
                                                                                                        possible usage of solid waste for animal feeds,
                                                                                                        fertilizer and other purposes.

17. Lack of data on mango Conduct survey on mango                                  BAS                  Secretary Alcala instructed the Bureau of
    particularly on production                                                                          Agricultural Statistics (BAS) to submit directly
                                                                                                        to his office a proposal for the conduct of
                                                                                                        survey on mango, i.e. number of trees, age of
                                                                                                        trees, volume of production, area planted, etc.

                                                                                                        BAS is currently planning/developing a
                                                                                                        statistical frame on how to get the desired data
                                                                                                        or information.

18. Make relevant            mango Establish and maintain NMAT website to cover all DA-ITCAF            The DA-ITCAF has agreed to create a website
    information               easily relevant mango production and marketing                            for the NMAT. The concerned DA agencies
    accessible                       information                                                        and mango stakeholders will be requested to
                                                                                                        determine the data that will be included in the

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 18 of 30
AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                       REFERRED TO/DATE                    ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                                REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                         WITH DATE

19. Need to ensure the                 The NAFC Sub-committee on Cereals                                                 The IRR to implement RA 10000 was                 The “Agri-agra Reform Credit
    effective implementation           recommended that IRR of RA 10000, which will be                                   presented to the stakeholders last August 24,      Act of 2009 (RA No. 10000)
    of RA 10000 or the Agri-           formulated by BSP, DA, DAR and other concerned                                    2010     for     their     comments        and     repeals the Agri-Agra Law or
    Agra Reform Credit Act of          agencies, include provisions on compliance                                        recommendations prior to its finalization.         PD 717;
    2009                               monitoring to ensure strict implementation of the
                                       law, particularly on the allocation by all banking                                                                                  The new law provides that all
                                       institutions of at least 25% o their loanable funds                                                                                  banking institutions, whether
                                       for agricultural and fisheries credit                                                                                                government or private, shall set
                                                                                                                                                                            aside at least twenty five
                                                                                                                                                                            percent (25%) of their total
                                                                                                                                                                            loanable funds for agriculture
                                                                                                                                                                            and fisheries credit in general,
                                                                                                                                                                            and at least ten percent (10%)
                                                                                                                                                                            of such funds shall be made
                                                                                                                                                                            available for agrarian reform
                                                                                                                                                                            beneficiaries; and

                                                                                                                                                                           Compared to PD 7171, modes
                                                                                                                                                                            of compliance were more
                                                                                                                                                                            stringent and administrative
                                                                                                                                                                            sanctions and penalties were
                                                                                                                                                                            provided under RA 10000,
                                                                                                                                                                            penalties to be collected shall
                                                                                                                                                                            be allocated between the AGFP
                                                                                                                                                                            and PCIC.

20. Absence of a private               Resolution No. 4, Series of 2010 was adopted Office of the DA                     The Office of Usec for Policy and Planning
    sector representative in           recommending to the DA the inclusion of a private Undersecretary for Policy and   has requested the Committee to submit the
    the         Inter-Agency           sector representative in the Inter-Agency Planning                                name of the private sector representative to
    Committee on Rice and              Committee (IAC) on Rice and Corn                                                  the IAC on Rice and Corn. In response, the
    Corn                                                                                                                 Committee nominated the Chairperson of the
                                                                                                                         NAFC Sub-committee on Cereals for inclusion
                                                                                                                         in the Special Order of the IAC for Rice and

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 19 of 30
       SECTOR                                                                                    WITH DATE

                                                                                                                  The IAC on Rice and Corn
                                                                                                                  recommends the volume of rice to
                                                                                                                  be imported based on the
                                                                                                                  assessment of basic parameters
                                                                                                                  such as rice and corn production
                                                                                                                  and      consumption,     inventory,
                                                                                                                  volume of importation, prices,
                                                                                                                  weather outlook and domestic and
                                                                                                                  international market situations. It is
                                                                                                                  composed of the Program
                                                                                                                  Directors of the Rice and Corn
                                                                                                                  Programs and representatives from
                                                                                                                  NFA, NIA, DTI, NEDA, PAGASA
                                                                                                                  and DA-Policy Research Service
                                                                                                                  as members, and the Asst.
                                                                                                                  Secretary for Policy and Planning
                                                                                                                  and BAS Director as the committee
                                                                                                                  Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively.

                                                                                                                  The private sector had been
                                                                                                                  represented in the IAC (S.O. No.
                                                                                                                  350, S2005). However, during the
                                                                                                                  time of Secretary Arthur Yap, they
                                                                                                                  were no longer included in the IAC
                                                                                                                  membership (S.O. No. 74, S2007
                                                                                                                  and 82, S2009).

                                                                                                                  The participation of the private
                                                                                                                  sector in the IAC is vital for
                                                                                                                  transparency in critical policy
                                                                                                                  decisions on rice importation
                                                                                                                  considering their impact on the
                                                                                                                  prices of locally-produced rice in
                                                                                                                  case     of     oversupply    and
                                                                                                                  consequently, on the incomes of
M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 20 of 30
AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES            REFERRED TO/DATE          ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                               REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                    WITH DATE

                                                                                                                                                   our rice and corn farmers, while
                                                                                                                                                   the lack of supply could result in
                                                                                                                                                   increases in rice prices.

21. Lack of private sector Overall DA budget on rice and corn and its                                The Rice and Corn Programs’ budget for 2011
    involvement    in   the allocation particularly for the year 2011 should be                      was presented for comments to the Sub-
    monitoring of DA budget presented to the Sub-Committee on Cereals (SCC)                          Committee on Cereals last November 2010.
    allocated for various

22. Removal of the rice seed There should be a transition period in the removal                      A       Memorandum           endorsing  the
    subsidy                  of seed subsidy. While shifting from subsidy to                         recommendation of the Sub-Committee was
                             market that relies on banking institutions, the                         sent to the Office of the DA Secretary.
                             current subsidy during the period should be

      Agriculture & Fishery

1.    High cost of prime The DA and other concerned agencies should                                  A capsule proposal on the local               The details of the proposal will
      movers       for     the support the local manufacturing of prime                              manufacturing of engine was drafted and       be further discussed by the
      operation of agricultural movers/engines.                                                      discussed in the AFMeC meeting held on        AFMeC TWG on Manufacturing
      machinery            and                                                                       March 10, 2010.                               and Supply. However, the TWG
      equipment                                                                                                                                    did not meet after the March 10
                                                                                                                                                   meeting. The issue will be
                                                                                                                                                   tackled in 2011.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                 REFERRED TO/DATE           ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                             REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                          WITH DATE

2.    Lack of standards for Continuously develop standards for production                                 Seven volumes containing 120 standards        The development of additional
      agriculture and fishery and post production machinery and equipment.                                for production and post production            twenty (20) standards for agri
      machinery            and                                                                            machinery and equipment, engineering          machinery and equipment is on-
      equipment to ensure                                                                                 materials and agricultural buildings were     going. This will compose the
      safety,        functional                                                                           already published and distributed to          Volume VIII of the PAES.
      efficiency and economic                                                                             concerned agencies/end-users.

3.    Absence of a unit to             The DA and its Bureaus/Agencies should                             Sixty eight (68) DA Engineers were trained    This will be addressed once the
      implement           the          create the CPES-IU and allow its Engineers to                      on the implementation of the CPES.            DA AO No. 23, Series of 2010
      Constructors                     undergo training for accreditation as CPES                         Seventeen (17) of them had already            creating the Central Agri and
      Performance Evaluation           evaluators.                                                        complied       with   the     accreditation   Fishery Engineering Office
      System (CPES) at DA                                                                                 requirements which were forwarded to          (CAFEO) is implemented.
      per Section 12, Annex E                                                                             CIAP for consideration by NAFC.
      of the IRR of RA 9184                                                                               However, CIAP requested DA to create a
                                                                                                          permanent CPES IU prior to the

4.    Need to pass the law on Subject the said Bill for public hearing to                                 The NAFC-AFMeC initiated the drafting of The AFMeC shall continue to
      Agriculture & Fisheries facilitate its passage in the Lower and Upper                               the bill, which was sponsored by monitor the status of the Bill and
      Mechanization Develop- Houses.                                                                      Congressmen Diosdado Arroyo, Abraham conduct consultations if needed.
      ment in the country                                                                                 Kahlil Mitra and Bernardo Piñol.
      (Senate Bill 2551) which
      shall serve to rationalize                                                                          Designed to consolidate, integrate and
      and strengthen the                                                                                  strengthen all existing policies and
      implementation          of                                                                          programs concerning agri and fishery
      agricultural mechaniz-                                                                              mechanization, the bill has already
      ation programs and                                                                                  undergone public consultations and
      projects.                                                                                           Committee hearings by the Committees on
                                                                                                          Agriculture both in the Senate & House of
                                                                                                          Representatives. The said bill was already
M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 22 of 30
       SECTOR                                                                                                       WITH DATE

      The bill will address the                                                                        approved before the 14th Congress ended.
      following           major                                                                        However, it was not presented in a
      issues/concerns        on                                                                        plenary.
      mechanization:                                                                                   The final copy of the bill was refiled in the
      1. Fragmented          re-                                                                       15th Congress and was sponsored by
          search,     extension                                                                        Representatives Palmones, Lapus, Arroyo,
          and promotion of                                                                             Mendoza, Guanlao. The draft versions
          program implement-                                                                           were consolidated and approved by the
          ation on Agri-fishery                                                                        Lower House. It will be scheduled for
          mechanization at the                                                                         plenary in the early part of 2011.
          national level;
      2. Proliferation of sub-
          standard agri and
          fishery machinery;
      3. Limited access to
          appropriate       and
          affordable machinery
          and equipment

5.    Weak implementation of           Conduct of Seminar/Workshop to enhance the                      Two (2) seminar-workshops on the
      the Phil. Agricultural           technical competence of the DA Engineers                        enforcement of PAES on FMR were
      Engineering Standards            involved in the implementation of agri and                      conducted on March 25-26, 2010 at
      (PAES)      and      the         fishery mechanization projects.                                 BSWM Convention Hall and September
      Enforcement of RA                                                                                28-30, 2010 in CARAGA. The participants
      8559 or the Agricultural                                                                         were the concerned engineers from DA,
      Engineering Law                                                                                  LGUs and SUCs.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                     REFERRED TO/DATE           ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                       REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                              WITH DATE

      Poultry, Livestock and
      Feed Crops

1.    Need for a livestock The Committee recognized that the population of LDC OIC-Dir. Carlos                The DA, through the GMA Livestock Program,
      population survey    the livestock sector is the most basic information Mendoza/ September 2009         has approved P27.5 M for the conduct of the
                           that the country’s agricultural policy makers need in                              nationwide livestock population survey. The
                           order to provide the industry with a sound guide on                                survey was conducted by the DA BAI, LDC,
                           its programs and required interventions, such as                                   BAS, and the DA-RFUs from March 15-April
                           determining the need to import more animals in                                     15, 2010 in every barangay nationwide. It
                           case of deficient supply of local livestock.                                       included populations of swine, carabaos,
                                                                                                              cattle, goats sheep horses, and rabbits as well
                                       In line with this, the Committee recommended the                       as dogs, in view of the National Anti-Rabies
                                       adoption of Resolution No. 2, Series of 2009,                          Program.
                                       Recommending to the Department of Agriculture
                                       the provision of funds for the conduct of a                            The preliminary results of the survey were
                                       nationwide livestock population survey.                                presented to the major stakeholders last
                                                                                                              December 8-9, 2010 at the Oracle Hotel.

2.     Illegal sale of carabeef in The Committee raised the issue of carabeef OIC Dir. Jane Bacayo/March      The DA Secretary has endorsed the letter on
       the wet markets             imports from India, a country that is not certified as 2010                the alleged illegal sale of carabeef in the wet
                                   FMD-free. The Philippines has been importing                               markets to the NMIS for its appropriate action.
                                   carabeef from India for several years. But
                                   according to law, carabeef is to be sold only to                           The BAI assured the stakeholders that efforts
                                   meat processors, and thus, its sale in wet markets                         to establish FMD freedom are continuing
                                   to the general public is prohibited.                                       through the pursuit of internal control
                                                                                                              measures. As for vaccines, at least 300,000
                                       The Committee agreed that a letter should be sent                      doses or 19,000 vials have been arranged for
                                       to the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) to                      delivery.
                                       urgently call for an investigation on the alleged
                                       illegal sale of carabeef in the wet markets.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                       REFERRED TO/DATE              ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                   REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                   WITH DATE

3.     Technical smuggling of The Committee observed the rampant sale of NMIS OIC-Dir. Jane Bacayo/                The DA Secretary has endorsed the letter
       Peking Duck            Peking Duck in Chinese restaurants in the country. March 2009                        regarding the technical smuggling of Peking
                              The Committee members felt that an immediate                                         Duck into the country to the NMIS for its
                              action is much-needed because these                                                  immediate action.
                              unscrupulous individuals have been making huge
                              profits in violation of the country’s laws as well as
                              enjoying an unfair advantage over the other poultry

                                       In view of this, the Committee recommended that a
                                       letter be written to the NMIS on the matter for its
                                       urgent action.

4.     Forecasted deficits        in Based on the scenario presented by BAS, the Bureau of Animal Industry - A special meeting with the swine sector was
       pork supply for 2010          average demand and supply forecast of pork March 2010                   held last March 1, 2010 at the BAI Conference
                                     showed that deficits for all quarters of 2010 will be                   Room. During the meeting, it was reported that
                                     experienced. Surpluses will only occur under the                        the frozen pork inventory is about 5.5 MMT (1
                                     maximum supply and minimum demand scenario.                             MMT is from local sources while the rest is
                                     It was also believed that demand for pork will                          imported). The representative of the swine
                                     increase due to the coming election.                                    sector remarked that based on past
                                                                                                             experiences, particularly of the Philippine
                                     Due to the quite alarming situation of the swine                        Association of Broiler Integrators (PABI)
                                     sector, it was agreed to convene the sector to                          elections have little effect on the consumption
                                     validate the figures and to come up with                                of chicken.
                                     recommendations. This is hoped to remedy the
                                     situation should the forecast happen.                                   Current price of live weight hog per kilo ranges
                                                                                                             from P105-106 compared to last year’s figure
                                                                                                             of P117/kilo. Based on the supply and demand
                                                                                                             forecast presented by BAS, the swine sector
                                                                                                             and the DA-BAI agreed that there is nothing to
                                                                                                             worry about and that the meeting has to
                                                                                                             enlighten each stakeholder on the situation.

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 25 of 30
AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                        REFERRED TO/DATE            ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                       REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                  WITH DATE

5.    Need for a consolidated The Committee noted that the reports on the BAI OIC Dir. Davinio Catbagan          The BAS prepared a consolidated/ combined
      report on the Livestock poultry and livestock should be consolidated. As and BAS Dir.Romeo Recide/         report of the poultry and livestock sector but a
      and Poultry Performance observed, some of these reports showed June 2010                                   breakdown for specific commodities was also
                              conflicting figures that put the sector at a                                       prepared in case the Committee would request
                              disadvantage. Likewise, the Congress may have a                                    for it. - September 2010
                              negative connotation of the contribution of the
                              poultry and livestock sector to the total agricultural
                              performance of the country.

                                       In line with this, the Committee adopted a
                                       resolution recommending to the DA Secretary to
                                       prompt the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics and
                                       other instrumentalities of DA to present a
                                       consolidated report on livestock and poultry as
                                       done with the agricultural commodities for policy
                                       makers’ better appreciation of its value and
                                       contribution to the country’s agricultural sector.

6.    Promoting the genetic            The FGASPAPI observed that a program of Bureau of Animal Industry, The DA Secretary instructed the BAI to
      improvement      of   the        genetic improvement for the small ruminant June 2010               present during the Committee meeting the
      country’s small ruminants        population has to be implemented to assure a                       PL480 funded projects for small ruminants.
      and to involve the               stable supply of meat and milk for the country,                    Said presentation was already done during the
      Federation of Goat and           Although the Department of Agriculture has been                    September 29, 2010 meeting.
      Sheep           Producers        implementing small ruminant development
      Association     of    the        programs, there was no sufficient consultation with
      Philippines                      the private sector, resulting in inefficient planning,
      Inc.(FGASPAPI) in the            implementation and monitoring.
      DA.s program for small
      ruminants                        In line with this, the Committee adopted a
                                       resolution requesting the DA to promote the
                                       genetic improvement of the country’s small
                                       ruminants and to actively involve the private sector
                                       in the DA’s programs for small ruminants.

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                   REFERRED TO/DATE                     ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                       REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                      WITH DATE

7.    Labeling of Ultra-Heat           The Dairy Confederation has observed that UHT Department of Health/June The Food and Drug Administration is adopting
      Treat (UHT) milk as “fresh       milk has long been labeled as “fresh milk” in the 2010                  the Philippine National Standards/Bureau of
      milk” in the country’s           country’s stores. This labeling was justified by                        Agriculture and Fishery Product Standards 36:
      groceries and super-             Administrative Order No. 32 of the Department of                        2008 Fresh Milk Specification Concerning the
      markets                          Health which was issued back in 1972.                                   Ultra high Temperature Treated Milk

                                       The Committee adopted a resolution requesting                                  A specific paragraph can be noted that there is
                                       the DOH to disallow the labeling of UHT milk as                                no provision regarding UHT in the
                                       “fresh milk”.                                                                  Administrative Order No. 132, series of 1970,
                                                                                                                      Regulation regarding the Standard of Identity
                                                                                                                      and Quality of Milk and Milk Products (B-4, 12-
                                                                                                                      01) (September 6, 2010).

8.    Need to support Senate           The recent scandals like on those of melamine- LDC     OIC-Director    Felix   The BAI and LDC submitted their comments
      Bill   2670    amending          contaminated milk products from China have Valenzuela and BAI Director         on the bill to the Office of the Secretary for
      Republic Act 7884 (The           emphasized the need for stiffer regulations in Efren Nuestro/June 2010         review. The DairyCon and NDA were also
      Dairy Development Act            protecting our local dairy industry and pushing for                            furnished copies of the comments for their
                                       its development. Senator Francis Escudero has                                  review.
                                       recognized this concern and has authored Senate
                                       Bill No. 2670 as an amendment to Republic Act
                                       7884(The Dairy Development Act). This bill will
                                       enable the National Dairy Authority to institute
                                       safety measures on milk imports and assume
                                       control and supervision over all dairy-related
                                       government agency personnel. A one stop shop
                                       inspection and surveillance center which will
                                       monitor any entity engaged in any dairy production
                                       and marketing malpractices, will likewise be set up
                                       by the NDA as provided by SB 2670.
                                       In line with this, the Committee has passed a
                                       resolution requesting the DA to support Senate Bill
                                       No. 2670 amending Republic Act No. 7884 (The
                                       Dairy Development Act).

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                        REFERRED TO/DATE             ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                        REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                   WITH DATE

9.    Need to scrap the MAV imports are subject to 40% tariff and the DA Secretary/MAV Secretariat                MAV Executive Director Vero Librojo said that
      Minimum Access Volume yearly MAV allocation of the Philippines on chicken                                   DOJ opinion No. 24, series of 2005 states
      on Broiler            is 23.5 M kilos. However, importations of chicken                                     that the DA under the WTO Agreement on
                            have already reached 64 M Kilos as of August this                                     agriculture must continue with the MAV until
                            year, compared to 67 M kilos imported for the                                         such time that there is a new agreement on
                            whole of 2009. The huge importations have led to a                                    agriculture. Thus, the Philippines which is a
                            glut in the chicken supply in the local market and                                    signatory to the WTO agreement must
                            also caused a drop in its farmgate price. The                                         continue implementing the MAV.
                            United Broiler Raisers Association has recognized
                            that the poultry industry should cut back its                                         According to Chairperson Gregorio San Diego
                            production to address the glut and stop the drop in                                   of the United Broiler Raisers Association
                            the live farmgate price of chicken.                                                   (UBRA), his association will be sending a
                                                                                                                  letter immediately to the DA regarding their
                                       In view of these, the Committee agreed to pass a                           own opinion in relation to the DOJ’s opinion.
                                       resolution recommending to the DA the scrapping
                                       of the Minimum Access Volume on chicken.                                   Director Librojo responded that his office will
                                                                                                                  be waiting for the UBRA’s letter, then request
                                                                                                                  the DOJ for a review of the earlier opinion.

10. Funding        for      the        Among the interventions needed to develop the DA Secretary/ DA Livestock    Executive Director Manuel Jarmin of the
    Federation of Goat and             country’s small ruminants industry are Genetic Program (October 2010)       Livestock Development Council responded
    Sheep            Producers         Improvement/Infusion of Dairy to improve milking                            that a program similar to that in the proposal
                                       capability, raising bigger kids and infusing meat                           is being carried out by BAI and related
    Associations      of    the
                                       type to increase size and more support services to                          trainings are jointly undertaken by BAI and
    Philippines,           Inc.        increase survival of kids born.                                             ATI. He suggested that FGASPAPI
    (FGASPAPI) capability-                                                                                         coordinate with BAI and ATI on the proposal.
    building programs                  In line with this, the Committee adopted a                                  If the project merits consideration, then it can
                                       resolution requesting the DA to provide FGASPAPI                            be reprogrammed for 2011.
                                       with P6 Million for its capability-building program.
                                                                                                                  Mr. Rara said that for the last three to four
                                                                                                                  years, FGASPAPI has already been doing
                                                                                                                  capability building seminars. But due to lack of
                                                                                                                  funds, they could no longer continue. He
                                                                                                                  added that the industry needs government
                                                                                                                  support, considering that the slaughtering rate
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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                       REFERRED TO/DATE            ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                       REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                 WITH DATE

                                                                                                                is higher than the growth rate of the goat and
                                                                                                                sheep population. Due to the massive
                                                                                                                information drive for the sector, the population
                                                                                                                of goat and sheep grew by 38%.

                                                                                                                DA Assistant Secretary Davinio Catbagan
                                                                                                                said that training should be pursued. The
                                                                                                                FGASPAPI should work hand in hand with
                                                                                                                BAI, LDC and ATI. Transferring of funds to the
                                                                                                                private sector is the main concern.
                                                                                                                FGASPAPI should specify where the funds
                                                                                                                will be used, the experts should be identified,
                                                                                                                as well as where and when the training will be
                                                                                                                conducted (December 2010).

11. Need for clear standards           According to the Dairy Confederation of the DA Secretary/BAFPS/NDA        The resolution was submitted to the DA
    on the proper definitions          Philippines, the current Philippine standard labeling (December 2010)     Secretary, and then endorsed to BAPFS and
    of fresh, pasteurized and          UHT-treated milk as “fresh” is misleading because                         NDA.
    Ultra Heat Treated (UHT)           such milk often stays on store shelves for months.
    milk                               The standard is also based on a Department of
                                       Health Administrative Order which dates from

                                       In line with this, the Committee adopted Resolution
                                       No. 7 Urging the creation of a Technical Working
                                       Group to resolve issues on the standards for fresh,
                                       pasteurized and Ultra Heat Treated milk.
                                       (December 2010).

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AGRICULTURE & FISHERY                     RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/MEASURES                        REFERRED TO/DATE           ACTION TAKEN/STATUS                    REMARKS
       SECTOR                                                                                                                 WITH DATE

12. Need for more information The poultry and livestock sector is alarmed by an                                  Submission to the DA Secretary is pending
    on the available supply of apparent scarcity of yellow corn supply in the local                              while awaiting for the BAS proposal on the
    yellow corn in the country market as well as rising corn prices. Although the                                matter - December 2010.
                               Bureau of Agricultural Statistics already presents a
                               regular report on the supply and demand situation
                               of yellow corn, it was felt that a new kind of report
                               should be presented to determine if importation
                               should be considered.

                                       In line with this, the Committee adopted Resolution
                                       No. 8, Series of 2010, Requesting funding for an
                                       Early Warning System for Yellow Corn.

13. Need for a centralized and         To fill this need, the Philippine Animal Health                           Submission to the DA Secretary is pending
    integrated system of               Information     System      (PHIL     AHIS)      was                      while awaiting for the BAI’s proposal on the
    standard, timely and               conceptualized to cater to all other animal                               matter - December 2010.
    quality information on             diseases. It will be similar to the earlier Foot and
    animal diseases                    Mouth Disease Information Management System
                                       (FMD-IMS) of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI).
                                       The PHIL AHIS will offer simple and fast reporting
                                       of geo-referenced encoded data and will also meet
                                       international reporting requirements, as well as the
                                       reporting needs of other DA agencies. The PHIL
                                       AHIS will be implemented at the grassroots level
                                       throughout the country.

                                       In line with this, the Committee adopted Resolution
                                       No.9, Requesting the DA to provide funding for the
                                       Philippine Animal Health Information System.

M-Form 5, ASCD 2010 Sectoral Issues, 30 of 30

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