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                                                 PLANNER IS PUBLISHED BY:
                                                                                           February 2011, Vol 12 Issue 2

FPA of Silicon Valley      FPA of San Joaquin Valley    FPA of the East Bay          FPA of San Francisco                   FPA of Monterey Bay                      

                                 Three Business Building
                                  Technologies for 2011
by Bill Winterberg, CFP®

   In the coming months, we will feature                                                        ment with strict access permissions, and
articles from guest speakers who will be                                                        documents are accessed quickly and
speaking at the 2011 FPA NorCal                                                                 efficiently compared to searching paper
Conference. We are pleased to introduce                                                         filing cabinets for one elusive docu-
technology expert Bill Winterberg. For                                                          ment.
more information about Bill's presenta-                                                              But if the benefits of ERM are so
tion or the conference in general, please                                                       appealing, why are the majority of advi-
visit                                                                        sors still not using it? According to
                                                                                                Financial Planning Magazine's 2010
    As this article goes to press, stock                                                        Technology Survey, nearly 70% of all
indices are at 28-month highs, total                                                            respondents are not using some form of
2010 holiday retail spending rivals that                                                        ERM. In the past, adopting electronic
of 2007's record, and December's pri-                                                           records meant that you had to access
vate-sector employment is surging to its      Bill Winterberg, CFP® provides tech-              information while at a computer. You
highest level on record. While many           nology      consulting      through               couldn't take the data with you unless
                                     and is the technol-
effects of the Great Recession still linger,                                                    you printed it out and put it in your
                                              ogy columnist for Morningstar
advisors I speak with are finished slash-     Advisor.                                          briefcase or loaded files onto a laptop.
ing operating budgets and are looking to                                                                                                      Cont’d on pg. 3
restore growth and increase profitability in 2011. Below
I highlight three technologies gaining momentum that                                                      INSIDE
I feel will help you reach your business building goals
                                                                  San Francisco Chapter                   ............................. 5
this year.
                                                                    East Bay Chapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Go Digital                                                          San Joaquin Valley Chapter                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Now is the time to transition your business to electronic
                                                                    Silicon Valley Chapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
records and document management. The advantages of
adopting electronic records management (ERM) are well               Monterey Bay Chapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

known: recordkeeping is standardized for both client and            Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
business information, data is stored in a secure environ-
                We would like to welcome all of the LPL
                offices that joined The Network in 2010:

              Bob Holstrom                                               San Francisco
              Mike Quinn                                                 San Diego
              Brian Linde                                                Sacramento
              Kathy Zucchi                                               San Francisco
              Glen Bennett                                               Washington, DC
              Connie Meck                                                Silver Spring, MD
              Kathryn Carter                                             Alexandria, VA
              Kent Kuhlmann                                              Napa
              Amir Barar                                                 San Mateo
              Jerry Anderson                                             Garland, TX
              Chris Giordano                                             Los Gatos

        For information on joining THE NETWORK please contact our President,
        Daxs Stadjuhar or our Managing Director, Gordon Dunne at (650) 571-1934

                              “A Common Bond of Excellence”

        Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC, Investment Advice offered through Strategic
            Wealth Advisors Group, Inc., a registered investment advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial.

FPA PLANNER                                                                                    FEBRUARY     2011,   PAGE 2.
Three Business Building                    Meet Over the Web                        three main social networks; Twitter,
                                           I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area    Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Technologies for 2011                                                                  Change your intake forms and start
                                           for 25 years, so I know just how hit-
Cont’d                                                                              asking if your firm can connect to
                                           or-miss Bay Area traffic can be. You
                                           never know when you might get            your client's Facebook, Twitter, and
    So what has changed that makes         caught behind a wreck on the Bay         LinkedIn accounts. For those clients
this year the one to move to elec-         Bridge while driving to a meeting,       who approve, pay attention to what
tronic records? I believe the success      but it's even worse if your client       they post about and what activities
of the tablet computer in 2010, and        happens to gets stuck on her way to      they pursue.
the Apple iPad in particular, will         your office.                                For example, one client may update
increase the rate of adoption of               This year, offer your clients the    her Facebook profile with pictures of
ERM by financial advisory firms of         convenient option of meeting with        the marathon she ran to raise money
all sizes.                                 you using web conferencing and           for a local charity. Knowing this, you
   Tablet computers make it possible       screen-sharing software. Free and        can present what-if scenarios at your
to carry a device that provides access     low-cost      programs      such    as   next meeting to evaluate charitable
to all of your firm's digital records in   GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Mikogo           contribution strategies, perhaps by
a simple, elegant form factor. Think       allow you to share documents and         making a qualified charitable distribu-
of a tablet computer as a piece of         programs displayed on your com-          tion from her IRA or by donating
electronic paper; instead of printing      puter screen with your client over       appreciated securities. Chances are
hard copies of documents from your         the Internet. Clients can see whatev-    your client will be very pleased that
computer for later use, copy them          er is on your screen using their own     your recommendations take into con-
to a tablet to take with you to your       computer or even an iPad while you       sideration her passion to support her
next meeting.                              talk over the phone.                     favorite charity.
    Applications on tablet computers          Screen-sharing software allows you
allow you to flip through pages of a       to schedule client meetings without      More Business Building Ideas
document just as you would with a          having to take peak commute hours        These are just three business building
hard copy. You can highlight, under-       into consideration and choose times      technologies I believe will contribute
line, and circle text on electronic        that are the most convenient for your    to your growth in 2011.
documents and even add notes and           client. You can also use the software       To learn even more, I invite you to
annotations that look like sticky          for clients who do not live within a     join me along with over 40 exception-
notes on paper. One significant            reasonable driving distance from         al speakers at this year's FPA NorCal
advantage tablet computers have            your office. And for prospects, you      Conference held May 31 and June 1
over printed documents is the ability      can create a slide deck about your       at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.
to search for keywords throughout a        firm in PowerPoint or Keynote and        Register today to guarantee your spot
document, something that can't be          review it in real-time with them over    so you don't miss out on learning new
done with physical paper.                  the phone.                               ideas and techniques you can use to
   Solutions for scanning and storing                                               better connect with clients and build
documents have been around for             Be Social                                your business.
years, but tablet computers have only      If you want to make more meaning-
recently attracted significant atten-      ful connections with your clients,
tion in the marketplace. Decreasing        social networking should be one
prices and increasing features this        business building technology you
year will lead to more tablets in use      embrace this year. First, establish
by financial advisors, ultimately com-     common-sense policies around your
pleting the third and final step in the    firm's use of social networking web-
life cycle of electronic records, quick    sites and get the go-ahead from
and efficient access.                      compliance. Then, create a profile
                                           for you and/or your firm on the
FPA PLANNER                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2011,    PAGE 3.
                                                                                         Regional News

                                        The revised delivery schedule for           More information:
Regional Government                     Form ADV, Part 2B is as follows:  
Relations Column                              Existing Registered Investment        SEC Approves IARD Filing Fees
by Robert Finke, CFP®                   Advisers. All investment advisers reg-      Filing fees for advisers with less than
FPA Monterey Bay                        istered with the Commission as of           $100 million of assets under manage-
                                        December 31, 2010, and having a fis-        ment will remain the same for next year
   Greetings from your Regional         cal year ending on December 31,             ($40 for advisers with $25 million or less
Government Relations Representative.    2010 through April 30, 2011, have           of AUM; $150 for advisers with $25-
                                        until July 31, 2011, to begin deliver-      $100 million of AUM). For advisers
The following is a list of important
                                        ing brochure supplements to new and         with over $100 million in AUM the new
items on the Government Relations
                                        prospective clients. These advisers         fee is $225. These fees will apply to all
                                        have until September 30, 2011 to            annual updating amendments filed after
SEC Extends Deadline for                deliver brochure supplements to exist-      January 1, 2011.
Advisers to Disclose Information        ing clients. The compliance dates for       More information:
on their Personnel                      delivering brochure supplements for
On December 28, 2010, the SEC           existing registered investment advis-
                                                                                    California to Exempt Certain
announced a four month extension        ers with fiscal years ending after April
                                                                                    Advisers from Exams
for delivering Form ADV, Part 2B        30, 2011 remain unchanged.
                                                                                    In a recent interview, the California
(the "brochure supplements") to                 Newly-registered Investment
                                                                                    Commissioner of Securities Preston
advisory customers. Part 2B is the      Advisers. All newly registered invest-
                                                                                    DuFauchard, stated that California plans
supplement to Form ADV providing        ment advisers filing their applications
                                                                                    to exempt advisers to so-called 3(c)(7)
disclosure regarding IA reps. The       for registration from January 1, 2011
                                                                                    funds. He is concerned that the state
SEC staff had received numerous         through April 30, 2011, have until
                                                                                    will be taking on oversight of over 1,000
comments from advisers that, given      May 1, 2011 to begin delivering
                                                                                    additional advisers this year and is trying
the extensive amount of new infor-      brochure supplements to new and
                                                                                    to determine which advisers present the
mation that had to be gathered and      prospective clients. These advisers have
                                                                                    smallest risk to the public. Because
the new systems that had to be creat-   until July 1, 2011 to deliver brochure
                                                                                    these funds are typically marketed to
ed, the previous March timeline was     supplements to existing clients. The
                                                                                    wealthy individuals or institutional
unrealistic.                            compliance dates for delivering
                                                                                    investors they present less of a risk. The
The compliance date for the filing      brochure supplements for newly-reg-
                                                                                    state is still trying to decide if they will
and delivery of Form ADV, Part 2A       istered investment advisers filing
                                                                                    extend the exemption to advisers to
(the firm "brochure") remains           applications for registration after April
                                                                                    3(c)(1) funds.
unchanged.                              30, 2011 remain unchanged.

                              What Keeps You Awake at Night?
                                     What do you worry about?
                           What challenges are you facing in your business?
                               What issues get your blood pumping?
 We'd like to know so that we can ask our fellow FPA members to write interesting articles. We'd also like to hear
 your complaints and compliments. We would like to provide a forum for additional interaction, so now you can
 send a "letter to the editor" of The Planner at

 We believe that collaboration among our members and chapters provides numerous benefits to our members.
 The Planner newsletter is published on a monthly basis thanks to the volunteer efforts of more than one dozen
 FPA members from five FPA chapters in Northern California. Let us hear what you have to say!
FPA PLANNER                                                                                        FEBRUARY 2011,      PAGE 4.
                                                                                             San Francisco
                                                                                                           w w w. F PA S F. or g

                                           The story of financial planning is So what are we to do? How do we go
Creating Our Own                           about simplifying lives, removing the about spreading the word that we have
"Reality"                                  chaos, and putting steps in place to a the secret for people sleeping better at
by Ralph Latza                             successful future. There is a sacrifice night? How do we create a Malcolm
President's Column                         of immediate gratification for future Gladwellian "Tipping Point," where
FPA San Francisco                          gain. Eye-popping stories of sudden the financial planning epidemic takes
                                           transformation are replaced with over the Bay Area?
Why is there no reality show steady, methodical progress. The tor-
about financial planning?                  toise wins over the hare-we all know A challenge
                                           the story.                                 I offer this challenge. Write up a client's
     Turn on the television, and we The larger banks and investment success story (getting permission, of
find a celebration of wannabe chefs, companies are able to position their course, and removing identifying features
iron chefs, and the worst cooks in story of the "American dream," as when necessary). Put on your best story-
America. Dieters, survivors, and they have the budgets to create adver- telling hat and let your passions shine
singers are brought into our home, tising messages of mass appeal. forth. On Valentine's Day, February
where passions are only matched by Independent CFPs, on the other 14th, email your story to the following:
the ability to overcome adversity. hand, are left to struggle over a $145                   Kathleen Pender, San Francisco
We cheer, we cry, we watch.                annual price increase in dues, to          Chronicle ("Net Worth" columnist):
America loves a good story. We love launch a $9 million drop-in-the-buck-
those who rise above hard times to et campaign about the benefits of the                Lynn Jimenez, KGO Radio (runs the
be the next Donald Trump or star CFP mark. (To keep this in perspec-                  "Your Money" segment):
quarterback. Dan Ariely, in The tive, advertising at the 2011 Super
Upside of Irrationality, writes how Bowl will go for about $2.9 million                 If you can think of anyone else, please
the press and the public                                      for a 30 second slot.)  feel free to share. I cannot think of a
overly responded to the                                       Our inability to cre- better way to show our "love" for what
plight of "Baby Jessica"                                      ate the groundswell we do.
falling into a well, while                                    of support for finan-     If we are going to "tip" our world in a
giving only lukewarm                                          cial planning also      positive way, we need to make an effort.
attention to hundreds of                                      extends to the profes- Whether it is by opening our offices to
thousands being brutally                                      sion itself. Each year, an intern, buying a drink for the person
murdered in Rwanda.                                           the average age of behind us at our local coffee shop, or
The "identifiable victim"                                     financial     planners spreading positive, individual stories of
draws the interest, espe-                                     continues to increase, financial planning success, the way we
cially when there is an                                       as we now sit with carry ourselves today will have a major
emotional story attached.                                     over 60% of planners impact on our tomorrow.
We can identify with one;                                     over age 50. Our          Please feel free to share your stories and
                            Ralph is the President of the San                         thoughts with me at ralph@privateo-
we get lost in the crowd.
                            Francisco Chapter and a wealth pyramid, according
Recently, FPA felt the advisor with Private Ocean in to Mark Hurley, is Life is an ocean, make a
impact of group success Marin.                                inverted.      Normal splash!
not reaching the thresh-                                      industries have the
old for press coverage. Our FPA most people at young ages, and the
Financial Planning Days in Oakland, numbers reduce as people age.                             San Francisco Chapter
Sunnyvale, and San Francisco last Financial planners, on the other hand,                        Executive Director
October were great stories of finan- never leave! The vast majority oper-                            San Francisco
cial planning volunteers reaching ates out of solo or small shops. There                            Marion Briggs
hundreds in our local community, is both a shortage of young talent as           , 877-260-3218
yet only one media person appeared. well as inadequate resources to incor-                           New address?
Does our story sell?                                                                  Has your membership information changed?
                                           porate those who do join.
FPA PLANNER                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2011,      PAGE 5.
                                                                                        San Francisco
                                                                                                      w w w. F PA S F. or g

                                         that any law suit brought against the       Where is it written that in order to
The Case against                         lender will have to be pursued in the    get a college degree, one must look
Student Loans                            courts of the lender's state. The list   forward to assuming debt of 25 to
by Tanya Steinhofer                      of issues continues unabated even        50,000+ dollars? Is that what it is like
FPA San Francisco                        during the current switch from the       to live in a supposedly enlightened
                                         private sector to the federal govern-    society? Apparently, it is… at least in
   For more than a decade, student       ment as the lender of most need-         this one. It is a not-very-smart,
loans have been making headlines.        based student loans. Not a week          myopic, unimaginative and utterly
First it was about "sweetheart" deals    passes when some new controversy         destructive stance that benefits no one
between colleges and certain             or revelation emerges concerning         not even the lenders who more often
lenders, a relationship that often       student loans. Nearly every day, in      than not find themselves and their
included allowing loan company           the NASFAA (National Association         shareholders awash up to their gun-
employees to masquerade as mem-          of      Student      Financial    Aid    wales in bad paper.
bers of the college's financial aid      Administrators) newsletter, there are       Let's survey just a sampling of the
staff. Then we were (and still are)      several items relating to the student    damage:
faced with the invasion of private       loan mess. Student loans have been       If college is a ticket to a fair share of
lenders who, like hungry avian scav-     to the college funding world what        the American dream, then student
engers, circled above the dysfunc-       the BP disaster is to the environment    loans can be compared with the poll
tional college financial aid system      of the Gulf of Mexico. They corrupt      tax that kept so many people of color
looking for desperate students who       the college eco system and have lin-     from voting in the post Civil War
needed more aid than the colleges        gering after-effects on our lives that   south. Student loans discourage many
were willing or able to provide.         for some lasts a generation. And in      needy and economically disadvantaged
Those lenders are masters of the         terms of the impact on our nation,       members of society from obtaining
small print filled with legalese and     the effects may linger forever. To       that ticket to a better tomorrow.
hard-to-understand requirements          ensure that the Gulf disaster does       Imagine being an inner city parent or
and conditions. The private student      not repeat itself is relatively easy.    kid who faces the specter of such over-
loan market is polluted with mystery     Simply ban further deep-water            whelming debt as a required ingredi-
fees, arbitrary rate changes, slight-    drilling. End of story. Let's consid-    ent to the attainment of a college
of-hand provisions and worse yet,        er the same approach to solve the        degree. It is a hurdle so alien and so
certain conditions that benefit the      student loan mess. Get rid of them.      daunting that one simply avoids it by
lender in the event of litigation. The   Stow them away in the same dusty         downsizing dreams and skipping col-
latter typically includes the proviso    drawer that houses Thalidomide.          lege.                   Cont’d next page

                                         San Francisco Chapter Partners

            Redwood Mortgage                   Golden Gate University                           Junxure
              Crystel Stanford                     Steve Hawkey                            Robert DeFrancis
           (800) 659-6593 x215                    (415) 442-6584                            (866) 586-9873                    

          Artisan Partners                            ING                         Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp.
             Patrick Kearns                      Troy Chakarun                                Mary Jo Lafaye
           (415) 265-3561                       (415) 298-8974                               (415) 259-4979              

FPA PLANNER                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2011,    PAGE 6.
                                                                                            San Francisco
                                                                                                          w w w. F PA S F. or g

                                         or reason to even attend high school,      an airport for three or four years with
The Case against                         an institution that does a better job      no possibility of getting on a plane that
Student Loans Cont’d                     of preparing kids for the academic         will take them anywhere they may
                                         challenges of college than anything        want to go. If you want to check on
                                         else including the real world. That        the institutional effects of baby-sitting
Millions of talented young people        frustration is acted out in high           students who are essentially in a state
are being lost to this nation because    schools across this land every minute      of suspended animation for four years
of the student loan monster jealous-     of every day. Discipline problems          talk to any high school administrator
ly and needlessly guarding the gates     interfere with the education of oth-       who is still paying attention to his sur-
of higher education.                     ers. Vandalism and truancy, the            roundings.
    High schools feel the effects of     stepchildren of despair and hopeless-         Parents typically feel that it is their
what appears to be a financially         ness, simply add to the cost of deliv-     responsibility to provide a college edu-
unattainable and/or debt-ridden          ering secondary education for those        cation for their kids. Many see student
college career by creating a road to     who really want it. For too many,          loans as a sign of parental failure so in
nowhere for kids who see no future       high school is like being stranded in                              Cont’d next page

                             FPA San Francisco Chapter Meeting

                                        How to Pay for College
                                                 Dr. Paul Wrubel

  Date:                             Overview:
  February 9, 2011                  Dr. Wrubel will address the college funding process and how advisors can assist their
                                    clients. His talk will cover the types of financial aid, the forms involved, how the aid
  Time:                             awards are determined and ways to lower college costs and preserve client assets.
                                    Presenter's Bio:
  Location:                         Dr. Wrubel is a nationally-recognized expert on college funding matters and has
  City Club of San Francisco,       served in a variety of roles in the education industry, including teacher, principal,
  155 Sansome Street                school board president and independent counselor. He also founded two education-
                                    related non-profits, CollegeWorks and MindWorksUSA.
  CE credits:
  1.0 pending approval from the     For more information:
  CFP Board               

  Early Registration
  $45.00 FPA members,
  $65.00 non-members.
  At the door
  $65.00 for FPA members,
  $85.00 non-members.

  How to register:
  Register online at
                                        This meeting is sponsored by Junxure
        *For information on future meetings please refer to the Chapter Meeting Calendar at the back of this issue.

FPA PLANNER                                                                                        FEBRUARY 2011,      PAGE 7.
                                                                                           San Francisco
                                                                                                        w w w. F PA S F. or g

                                          California when the non-profit            our colleges, for the economy and for
The Case against                          and/or public colleges in Iowa are        this nation that we all cherish regard-
Student Loans Cont’d                      struggling to survive?" The simple        less of our politics or ethnicity. If we
                                          answer is, "They shouldn't!" The fact     succeed, then we as a nation can look
                                          is that the private sector should be      forward knowing that our best days
 order to avoid them, parents fool-       supported by private institutions…by      are yet to come.
ishly take out huge loans or invade       a robust private lending option not a        Dr. Paul Wrubel, a nationally-recog-
their long-term financial security by     publicly-funded one. You may also         nized expert on college funding, will
cashing in assets and retirement          want to know that 44% of all student      be presenting on this topic to FPA SF
funds to help sons and daughters to       loan defaults come from private post-     on February 9, 2011.
the debt-free, college-degree prom-       secondary programs that comprise
ised land. In doing so, they remove       only 7% of the post high school edu-
serious dollars from the economy          cation marketplace.
but even worse, they may dramati-             There are more reasons to elimi-
cally lower their viability as con-       nate student loans than there is space
sumers in their retirement years at       in this brief essay. But here's the
great cost to the economy and often       issue. In our society as in most soci-
to the public coffers.                    eties, huge businesses emerge out of
   Student loans serve as a blight on     the complexity of processes. Once
the economy even if the student           fully embedded, they, like cancerous
does get a college degree. By hav-        growths are hard to excise and like
ing to repay student loans, a new         cancer, the longer they have been in
college graduate, even an employed        the body of the nation's commerce,
one, must divert significant income       the more difficult they are to
to the repayment of the loans. That       remove. But to take the analogy fur-
money would serve the nation's            ther, if the growth is not eliminated
economy far better if it were used to     whatever the cost, the patient will
buy consumer goods or to build a          die. In this instance, the patient is
down-payment nest egg for a home.         our colleges, our nation and our
Instead, that important consumer          future as a world leader.
behavior is postponed for ten or             The elimination of student loans as
more years to the eternal detriment       an integral part of the student need-
of the nation's larger economy.           based aid system can only be done
Moreover, from a taxpayer's stand-        within the context of a larger, dra-
point, the government currently           matic retooling of the entire financial
underwrites student loans for private,    aid enterprise. To achieve that lofty
profit-making post-secondary institu-     goal, we must think outside the
tions of every shape and size. It is a    envelope. In fact, we should throw
fair question to ask, "Why should the     away the envelope and start with a
taxpayer subsidize the University of      clean slate and some smart people
Phoenix or Tillie's Beauty College if     who have no allegiance to or connec-
the beneficiaries are the institution's   tion with the current system. Only
owners or the board of directors and      then do we have a chance at entering
shareholders?" "Why should taxpay-        a new, smarter, more efficient, reli-
ers in Iowa subsidize the life styles     able and user-friendly financial aid
and the bottom lines of private, for-     world for our sons and daughters,
profit institutions in New York or        for our citizens and taxpayers, for

 FPA PLANNER                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2011,    PAGE 8.
                                                                                                          East Bay

                                           helping the chapter in many ways.          will help educate our community on
Break the Record a                         First, we had a solid response of          the importance of money manage-
Smashing Success                           volunteers to help out our many            ment at an early age. The 2nd proj-
by David Borrelli MBA, CRPC®               pro bono and community outreach            ect that you will be hearing a lot
President's Column                         programs. These programs are               about in the coming months will be
FPA East Bay                               always important and to get some           our first annual East Bay FPA Golf
                                           new energy flowing in this area is         Tournament that will be coordinated
                                           always helpful. We also had a large        by our President Elect Chuck Bowes.
   I get the pleasure of leading two number of guests attend the open-                He is currently exploring courses
different teams to start off 2011. I ing meeting and we hope that                     and dates in the fall for our inaugu-
am riding the wave of enthusiasm many will come back for future                       ral tournament. We hope to raise
and excitement with the FPA and I meetings and sign up to join as we                  enough money to fund scholarship
get to ride the excitement and expand the membership base.                            and pro bono work in the communi-
energy of my daughter's 5th grade Finally, getting strong programs                    ty. More details to come as we nail
girls' basketball team. Both have like the SF Fed Economist sets are                  down the details and date.
their own unique challenges but in bar high to continue to find out-                  In closing I would like to remind our
the end they both will be very standing and powerful speakers                         members that we have a lot of great
rewarding. I mention this because from around the Bay Area that you                   resources and educational materials
both of these teams experienced our membership wants to see.                          listed    on     our     website    at
smashing success to start the 2011              In other news I wanted to let or at the national
year. First, and more importantly everyone know that we are begin-                    website at We just
(lol) my daughter's basketball ning to develop our ideas for the                      uploaded the slides from our SF Fed
team came off a tough loss when coming months around two proj-                        meeting on our website so if you
we only scored 5 points                                        ects that we will be   missed the meeting or wanted a copy
in our last game of 2010                                       involved with in       of the slide show you can download
to win our first game of                                       2011. First is the     them from our website. The
2011 with a team record                                        ISLP program that      National website has a treasure chest
32 points! That huge                                           Dan Gannett is         full of great ideas and tools to help
increase in scoring creat-                                     leading for our        you manage and grow your business.
ed a buzz around our                                           community      out-    Both of these resources are updated
team that will carry over                                      reach      program.    and add just another great benefit to
for the rest of the year.                                      ISLP is short for      being involved with the chapter and
Likewise, here in the East                                     Independent Living     the national organization. I want to
Bay FPA we had our first                                       Skills Program for     thank you once again for attending
meeting of the year on                                         young people in fos-   the break the record meeting and
                             David Borelli is the President of
Jan 5th with The SF Fed the East Bay FPA. David has ter care and group                congratulations on coming out to
Senior Economist Gary served on the board for the homes. Dan and his                  smash the record.     Cont’d next page
Zimmerman speaking. past five years and he is a VP team of volunteers
                             with Oppenheimer Funds.
The Board and I had set a                                      have already con-
target to make this our break the ducted two classes this year with a
record attendance meeting. After a total of 29 participating youths
                                                                                                East Bay Chapter
long and busy morning we tabu- made up of 11 in Martinez and 18                                Executive Director
lated the results and sure enough in Richmond. For those that com-                                  East Bay
we had risen to the challenge with plete the course schedule we will                            Krysta Patterson
a record 130 attendees. The buzz match $50 along with Mechanics                    
and energy that has followed this Bank to allow the youth's to open
meeting has been outstanding. We up a checking account at the bank.                     New address? Has your membership
see the benefit of this meeting This is a very valuable service and it                        information changed?

FPA PLANNER                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2011,    PAGE 9.
                                                                                                East Bay

Break the Record a
Smashing Success Cont’d

Please keep that energy up and
attend on Feb 2nd to hear Nick
Horn     deliver  his    industry
renowned presentation on How to
deliver Ritz Carlton Customer
Service to your clients. See you
                                                                            Nancy Gire and East Bay's holiday toy drive.
next month!

                                        East Bay Chapter Partners
            Oppenheimer Funds           Franklin Square Capital Partners           MFS Investments
                 David Borrelli                   John M Sorrell                     Aldo Barbaglia
                (925) 212-0862                   (925) 858-2497                     (925) 736-8622     
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          Shaffer Insurance Services                                              Strategic Capital
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               (925) 944-7100                   (415) 730-3941                   Roshan Weeramantry
                      (408) 314-7895
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            Invesco AIM                             Black Rock              Signet Mortgage Corporation
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           Hennessy Funds                   Guardian Life Insurance          Wells Fargo Advantage Funds
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         Pioneer Investments                                       
                                                  RS Funds
              Scott Martin
            (925) 818-2400                     Hudson Walker           (415) 308-2522

FPA PLANNER                                                                          FEBRUARY 2011,        PAGE 10.
                                                                                                          East Bay

                                   FPA East Bay Chapter Meeting
                             The Ritz Carlton Level of Service
                               Nick Horn, Lincoln Financial Advisors

    Date:                         Overview:
    Wednesday, February 2,        Come to the FPA East Bay in February and learn the 11 key components to a "Ritz
    2011                          Carlton" Financial Planning client service model.

                                  Nick Horn, a leader in the financial services industry for over 40 years, will speak about
    Time:                         his personal client experiences. Most client service models are created by the planner
    7:15 am                       for the client; this is your opportunity to hear what is important from the client's view-
                                  point. Nick will call on his background as a coach and mentor for 200 of the most suc-
    Location:                     cessful planners in the country as well as his own experiences with his personal finan-
    Round Hill Country Club,      cial planners. Take away the beginnings of a written game plan to improve or create
    3169 Round Hill Rd.,          your client service model.
    Alamo, CA
                                  Presenter's Bio:
                                  Nick Horn has been with Lincoln Financial Advisors for thirty-eight years. His Lincoln
    CE Credits:                   career began in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Home Office. The organization that Nick and
    1 Hour                        Ted built earned the financial services industries' highest honor of Master Agency for
                                  eighteen consecutive years and Lincoln's highest honor of President's Trophy six times.
                                  Over the years, Nick's unique brand of leadership has launched and nurtured hundreds
    Cost:                         of successful financial planning careers. Nick currently serves as a consultant to
    General Meeting:              Lincoln's National Management Team in the areas of planner growth and productivi-
    $30 FPA Members               ty as well as a practice management coach.
    $40 Non Members -
    Advance Registration          How to register:
                                  You register for both the General Meeting and Ethics Course with check or credit card
                                  online at:

                                  For more information:
                                  For more information go to or contact Krysta Patterson

    This meeting is sponsored by our 2011 Gold Sponsor: John Sorrell, Franklin Square Capital Partners
       *For information on future meetings please refer to the Chapter Meeting Calendar at the back of this issue.

FPA PLANNER                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2011,     PAGE 11.
                                                                                                              East Bay

                                           entire membership congratulates             level of academic accomplishment;
East Bay Chapter                           them and wishes them much con-              5. They must furnish a letter of sup-
Awards $3,000 in                           tinued success.                             port from either a professor or prac-
Financial Planning                                                                     ticing CFP professional.
                                           Looking Ahead to 2011                          Funds for the East Bay FPA schol-
Scholarships                               The FPA East Bay Chapter is commit-         arships in 2010 were raised from
by Barbara Gray                            ted to supporting students working          proceeds of raffle donations at
Career Development Co-Chair
FPA East Bay
                                           and studying to attain the Certified        monthly meetings and from the
                                           Financial Planner designation. If you       Chapter's operating budget. Thanks
                                           or someone in your office is taking         to all Chapter members who partici-
  For much of 2010, FPA East Bay           financial planning courses, they may        pated in the raffle for your support
Chapter members continued to               be eligible for an East Bay FPA             of this worthy cause. If you are a
contribute to the scholarship fund.        Scholarship in 2011.                        qualified applicant or know of some-
At our December 1st meeting, we                In order to be eligible, applicants     one who may be, consider the
were pleased to announce that the          must meet the following qualifica-          upcoming scholarship opportunity in
East Bay Chapter has selected two          tions:                                      2011.
highly qualified and deserving             1. They must be a member of the
members as recipients of our 2010          East Bay Chapter of the Financial
financial planning scholarships.           Planning Association.
Congratulations to FPA East Bay            2. They must be admitted to a pro-
members Austin Hon
and Ashley Murphy!
Both received $1,500
scholarships to support
their progress toward
the CFP mark. Austin
completed the U.C.
Berkeley      Extension
Personal       Financial
Planning      certificate
program in May 2010
and sat for the CFP cer-
tification    exam     in
November. Ashley is
currently enrolled in
the U.C. Berkeley
Extension program and
plans to take the CFP Ashley Murphy (left), FPA East Bay President Gordon Dunne (center), and Austin
exam in 2011. Austin Hon (right)
and Ashley each exceeded our gram administered by an accredit-
scholarship guidelines and we ed university or college registered
believe they will be valuable addi- with the CFP Board;
tions to the financial planning 3. They must have the intention to
community. Both intend to sup- take all required courses and a
port the FPA East Bay through review course for the CFP Board of
participation in committees and Standards certificate examination,
activities of the Chapter. Our and become a CFP designee;
                                    4. They must demonstrate a high
FPA PLANNER                                                                                            FEBRUARY 2011,   PAGE 12.
                                                                            San Joaquin Valley

                                            individual exemption, 55% tax rate,         ($40,000,000 x 35%) without incur-
Reunited:                                   and no portability of exemptions)           ring any gift taxes.
The Estate & Gift Taxes                     on January 1, 2013.              Despite       If the same couple employs the use
by Seth P. Shapiro, JD                      Congress' recent spate of activity, it      of a GRAT to gift interests in the same
President's Column                          is not inconceivable that it will fail      limited partnership, they can increase
FPA San Joaquin Valley
                                            to pass another significant tax bill in     the size of their gift even further. By
                                            the next two years.                         giving away interests in the property,
   On December 17, 2010, President             Given this uncertainty, the 2010         but retaining payments for a period of
Obama signed the 2010 Tax Relief Tax Relief Act doesn't offer much                      years, the value of the gift, which is
Act, reuniting the gift and estate guidance as to how to structure                      the value of the interest in the proper-
taxes - well - temporarily at least. estate plans, nor does it offer much               ty given, is reduced by the value of the
From now until the end of 2012, the relief to individuals and couples with              retained payments. By manipulating
federal estate and gift tax exemption assets in excess of the 2001 exemp-               the amount retained and the number
is $5 million for an individual ($10 tion levels with respect to estate                 of years the couple is to receive those
million for a married cou-                                  taxes, unless, of course,   payments, they can reduce the value
ple). By some estimates,                                    they are planning on        of the gift so that the gift has or less
less than one-half of 1                                     making an exit in the       value for tax purposes. For example
percent of people who                                       very near future.           the same couple could gift 40% of the
die in 2011 will be hit by                                      The real benefit to     limited partnership (with a real value
the estate tax given the                                    high asset individuals      of $16,000,000.00) by retaining a
size of the current                                         and couples under the       $224,000 payment per year from this
exemptions.                                                 2010 Tax Relief Act is      40% partnership interest for 6 years.
   For that small segment                                   the increase in the gift    In this scenario, the gift value of the
of the population that                                      tax exemption to $5         40% interest is only $9,945,275.20
does have assets in excess                                  million. With proper        according to IRS tables.
of       the        exemption                               planning, such individ-         This technique is really effective
amount,          gifts    and                               uals and couples can gift   when the IRS applicable federal rate
bequests in excess of $5 Seth P. Shapiro, JD                property worth several      is low, which it is now, and when the
million will only be taxed President FPA San Joaquin Valley times the exemption         assets gifted produce a rate of return
at a rate of 35% (down                      amount through vehicles such as             on the value of the assets gifted that
from the 55% gift tax rate of 2010 grantor-retained annuity trusts                      is greater than that IRS rate (the cur-
and the 45% estate tax rate of 2009). (GRATs), intentionally deficient                  rent IRS rate is 2.4%).
The 2010 Tax Relief Act also makes grantor trusts (IDGTs), or gifts of                      With the current exemption level
the exemption portable - allowing interests in family owned or closely                  scheduled to sunset at the end of
surviving spouses to use the unused owned businesses.                                   2012, there may be no time like the
estate tax exemption of the spouse              For example, a married couple           present for those looking to transfer
who died most recently to their own could contribute property to a lim-                 some of their wealth to consider
without needing to use bypass trusts ited            partnership       valued      at   strategies that will take advantage of
(although bypass trusts still have the $40,000,000. Assuming they can                   the generous gift tax exemption cur-
advantage of sheltering appreciation obtain a 30% discount off the value                rently available.
and could also be helpful in situa- of any gift due to the lack of mar-
tions where individuals want to pro- ketability of a limited partnership
tect assets from creditors or ensure interest, they could give a 35% inter-
                                                                                          San Joaquin Valley Chapter
children will benefit from the assets). est ($40,000,000 x 70% x 35% =                         Executive Director
    If Congress does nothing before $9,800,000) in the partnership                               San Joaquin Valley
the end of 2012, however, the estate without incurring any gift tax.                               Erin Aquino
and gift tax laws are set to revert Effectively, this couple would have            
back to their 2001 levels ($675,000 transferred $14,000,000 in assets                              209-473-4045
FPA PLANNER                                                                                         FEBRUARY 2011,     PAGE 13.
                                                                                              Silicon Valley
                                                                                                          w w w. F PA S V. or g

President's Column                              to several CSA events and I was         California to attend the Residency
                                                struck by the stark differences         program. A few people (including my
by Bob Adams, CFP®, MBA, MSFP
FPA Silicon Valley                              between the CSA and FPA events.         wife) called me crazy, but that is the
                                                Both organizations' events were         way the calendar and the opportuni-
                                                well-run, but the FPA events were       ties presented themselves and I am so
   Last month I thanked our retiring the only ones where true best prac-                glad that I participated. In March,
Board members and welcomed our tice sharing and peer mentoring was                      2003 the Gulf War was underway and
new Board members and I thought going on. FPA is truly unique.                          22 of the 35 registered students
this month I'd take a step back and FPA members are quite willing to                    decided not to fly to Residency so I
introduce myself and tell you why I share and to mentor others, regard-                 had often said that while FPA surely
think FPA's culture is wonderful less of whether that member has the                    lost money, I and my fellow 12 other
and supportive.                                 office next door or across the coun-    Residency cohort had four experi-
  In 2001, I joined FPA as a student try.                                               enced mentors all to ourselves and we
member and at the time I was                        In addition to passing the CFP      indeed very lucky.          More on
enrolled         in   Golden          Gate exam in 2003, I participated in a            Residency in a future column.
University's Masters in                                      wonderful 6-day FPA           While I was at Residency one of my
Financial Planning pro-                                      Residency program, and     mentors suggested I look into the
gram. My first FPA                                           I also attended three      FPA Retreat. I was once again fortu-
event was the old                                            FPA        conferences:    nate because this was the first year
"Odyssey" conference                                         Retreat,    Far    West    that they had relaxed their former
in Sacramento. They                                          Roundup      and     the   requirement of having a minimum of
had a "Bridge the Gap"                                       National Conference.       five years in the profession. I had
track and I was fortu-                                       Like many of you I was a   been in practice for about 6 weeks
nate to meet Jim                                             "High Tech Refugee"        and I literally brought along my list of
Johnson. Jim gave me                                         and after spending 23      my top 25 practice management
lots of encouragement                                        years with Hewlett-        questions. I got all of them answered
and a real feeling of                                        Packard in various man-    by many willing and generous experi-
c o m m u n i t y .                                          agement        positions   enced planners.
Community is perhaps         Bob Adams is the President of immersing myself in             I think we are fortunate to be FPA
                             the Silicon Valley FPA. Bob has
even an over-used word served on the board for the those conferences was                members and I encourage all of you
in FPA, but on the past 3 years and he is President important. I was indeed             to take full advantage of your excel-
other hand I don't of Armstrong Retirement fortunate that FPA pro-                      lent local FPA resources: chapter
                             Planning in Cupertino
know of a more                                               vided such excellent       meetings, the annual NORCAL
descriptive term to define it.                  opportunities. As we all know, it is    Conference and the Far West
I chose the firm name "Armstrong the "conversations in the halls" that                  Roundup.
Retirement Planning" (Armstrong are more often than not the really                         In December the Chapter had our
is my middle name) because I want- the most beneficial ones. This is                    annual holiday cash and food drive to
ed to focus on retirement planning also why I like the smaller FPA con-                 benefit a local community service
and investments and in 2003 I took ferences because it best enables peer                agency:                Cont’d next page
the training to become a "CSA - learning, both in sessions, in the hall
Certified Senior Advisor". My and "Under the Tees".                                            Silicon Valley Chapter
motivation for taking the certifica-                 I opened my practice in June,               Executive Director
tion was to learn more about senior 2003 and I had attended the FPA                                  Silicon Valley
issues. I have a fee-only practice, Residency program in late March. I                              Marion Briggs
but I found that most of the CSA's had kind of a crazy March in that I                
were focused on selling annuities took the CFP exam on a                                            877-808-2699
and that wasn't my interest so in Friday/Saturday and the next                             New address? Has your membership
2005 I decide to drop out. I went morning I flew down to Southern                                information changed?

FPA PLANNER                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2011,    PAGE 14.
                                                                                         Silicon Valley
                                                                                                      w w w. F PA S V. or g

President's Column

West Valley Community Services.
I'm pleased to report that we col-                                                    Need Projects Completed?
lected $1,028 and 25 pounds of
food. WVCS was very appreciative                                                       MS, MBA, PMP, CFP® and CMT®
and they sent us a nice letter thank-                                                       candidate available.
ing our membership.                                                                       Former financial systems
I know that other Chapters do toy
drives and other events and I think                                                               consultant.
everyone should applaud them-                                                               Contact Mark Walsh at
selves.   We all make a difference                                                            (510) 457-8742 or
each day.

                           Silicon Valley FPA Brown Bag Lunch Event
   Note: Silicon Valley FPA Brown Bag Lunch Events require FPA membership to attend. FPA members from other
                          chapters are welcome to attend as well as guests of FPA members.

               Options - One Tool in the Financial Planner's Toolkit
                                   Speaker: Dave Samuels, CFP®, CLU,
                   Samuels is the President and founder of Corinthian Wealth Management
                                          Date: Friday, March 18th, 2011
                                          Time: 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm
                                          Location: San Jose, CA (Rose Garden Area)
                                          Cost: $10
 Options provide a means to hedge risk, as well as improve overall returns. This session will begin with a basic intro-
 duction of investment stock options to ground the session. This session will focus mainly on covered calls and will
 address the primary situations where a planner might find them appropriate to implement in a client's portfolio: in a
 general portfolio to generate additional return, in a portfolio that is heavily weighted in one or more stocks (usually
 the company that the client works for), and in a portfolio where there are significant capital gains on a stock and the
 client is hesitant to sell. Examples will be reviewed, as well as a live option chain. Taxation of options gains will also
 be briefly discussed.
 Speaker Bio:
 Dave Samuels, CFP®, CLU , is the President and founder of Corinthian Wealth Management, with over 20 years of
 experience in the financial services industry. Dave is a graduate of UCLA's Personal Financial Planner Program, as
 well as a Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). Dave serves on the board of the
 Financial Planning Association of Silicon Valley as well as the board of the Steinway Society, which promotes piano
 concerts. Dave is a member of the Santa Clara County Estate Planning Council, the Society of Financial Service
 Professionals, the Financial Planning Forum of Palo Alto, and the San Jose Chamber of Commerce. Dave has spo-
 ken at various conferences, and has done many topic specific educational sessions to a variety of audiences.
                     Seating is limited. To reserve your seat, please RSVP early to Cynthia Riley at
                      A $10 fee will be collected at the door.
FPA PLANNER                                                                                     FEBRUARY 2011,     PAGE 15.
                                                                                            Silicon Valley
                                                                                                          w w w. F PA S V. or g

                                   FPA Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting
                                        2011 Economic Outlook
                                                     Kei Matsuda
 Date:                                    Overview:
 February 11, 2011                         Mr. Matsuda will speak on what to expect for 2011 in both the US and California
                                          Economies. Mr. Matsuda will give us his analysis for 2011, discussing a wide vari-
 Time:                                    ety of topics including the housing market and unemployment.
 11:30am - 1:30pm
                                          Presenter's Bio:
 Location:                                Kei Matsuda is Director of Economic Research for Union, Bank. Mr. Matsuda
 TechMart, 5201 Great                     monitors economic trends and developments for Union Bank management
 America Parkway, Santa Clara             and customers, primarily focusing on the economies of California and the
                                          Pacific Northwest. He also tracks economic trends in Asia and the Pacific.
 CE credits:                              Mt. Matsuda received his MBA from Stanford University and an undergradu-
 1 hr CE available pending approval       ate degree from the University of Tokyo.
 by the CFP Board
                                          How to register: Register now via credit card at
 Early Registration                       For more information:
 $35 members $40 non members.
 At the door
 $55 or members, $60 non-members

                                   This meeting is sponsored by Stonecrest Managers
       *For information on future meetings please refer to the Chapter Meeting Calendar at the back of this issue.

                                           Silicon Valley Chapter Partners

         The Dayton Law Firm                   Thornburg Investment Management                       IShares 529 Plan
              Rich Dayton                               Dean Mesquite                                    Vivian Tsai
             408-437-7570                           877-215-1330 ext.7217                             (415) 670-4724                      

  Home Instead Senior Care          Commonwealth Financial         Stonecrest Managers          Heffernan Insurance Group
       Michelle Rogers                  Philip Nisonger                Christina Gray              Deborah McGreenery
        650-691-9671                   (408) 286-8483             408-557-0700, ext. 302              707-789-3068                              
                        Bank of America Home Loans                             Redwood Mortgage
                                  Greg Hacker                                     Crystel Stanford
                                (408) 483-2225                               (800) 659-6593 ext. 215

FPA PLANNER                                                                                         FEBRUARY 2011,     PAGE 16.
                                                                                         Monterey Bay

                                         This has freed me up to become           not practicing in Monterey Bay. Even
President’s Column                       more effective in planning and client    given that, I will endeavor to be pres-
by Andrea Roland, CFP®                   interactions.                            ent as many of our meetings as possi-
Monterey Bay Chapter                         This move made me ponder one         ble and may ask you to step up to the
                                         of the questions that seem to plague     plate. See you at the Ethics meeting.
                                         this profession – what is the best
   It often feels in my life that I do model of business? Is it commission,       Monterey Bay Members,
things backwards. I took my CFP® fee-based, AUM, hourly or the                    Save the Dates:
classes before I entered the industry retainer model? I have gone from            Ethics Meeting: Need Ethics certifi-
(have you noticed that we use the the commission model to an AUM                  cation? Attend our Ethics Meeting on
term "industry" like there is only model. There are vociferous seg-               February 17th.          Contact Carol
one – like "product" means hair ments on all sides of the discussion.             Murray at for
products only?). I completed my               For me it comes down to one         more information.
Bachelors degree at 45, long after I thing – doing the right thing for the        NorCal Conference: Scheduled for
became a CFP® and didn't major in client. The conversation should be              May 31st and June 1st, this confer-
finance. I wanted to major in behav- about that and not about compen-             ence is full of incredible information.
ioral finance, but was unable to do sation. Surely if planners are ethical        Round Up: Scheduled for August 11-
at the undergrad level.                                     then they will        14, this conference held on the UCSC
  When planners transitioning                               have a client cen-    campus is also packed with informa-
into financial planning often                               tric practice and     tion and fun.
work as employees, I went out                               will get compen-
on my own immediately. I                                    sated for that.
had a broker dealer who pro-                                The       commis-
vided some training as well as                              sioned planner        CHAPTER NEWS:
back office support, but ulti-                              still looks at the
mately I was a self employed                                needs of the          Congratulations to Nick Nicholson,
contractor. And those who                                   client and helps      CFP® of Monterey who is celebrating
start out as employees often                                them to get to        his 29th anniversary with the FPA.
strike out on their own some                                their     financial   Nick is our Energizer Bunny!!!!! Way
time down the road, but I had                               goals just as         to go, Nick!
already done that without Andrea Roland, CFP® is with much as the
being an employee first. So Wealth Architects, LLC in hourly planner
                                  Mountain View.
now I have done another                                     does.
thing backwards. In November                 There are going to be caveats in
2010, I made a change.                   every model and blind spots. We
     After 12 years of being a self can, as planners, convince ourselves
employed, single person office, that our compensation model is the
commission and fee based planner, I best one but I feel that every one
became an advisor and employee at has its positive and negative points.
an RIA firm. I am happy to make As long as the client knows and
the transition to being a small (very understands how the planner is                     Monterey Bay Chapter
small – just myself) business owner being compensated and as long as                      Executive Director
to working as part of a team. I go the planner is helping the client,                         Monterey Bay
from making all the decisions and then surely it is a moot point. We                          Carol Murray
doing all the tasks to now specializ- are a developing profession and it is      
ing in planning and meeting with a healthy discussion to continue to                          831-402-3478
clients. How cool is that? No macro have.                                            New address? Has your membership
                                                                                           information changed?
decisions and no micro ones either.         My new position means that I am
FPA PLANNER                                                                                   FEBRUARY 2011,    PAGE 17.
                                             Chapter Meeting Calendar
                      East Bay             San Francisco               Silicon Valley          Monterey Bay       San Joaquin
    2011                         FPAMonterey           Valley

                    Wednesday,               Wednesday,                   Friday,
                   February 2nd,            February 9th,            February 11th,
                       7:15am             11:30am - 1:30pm          11:30 am - 1:30 pm
 FEBRUARY           Round Hill CC             City Club                  TechMart
                 Ritz Carlton Level of    Cash-flow Planning      2011 Economic Outlook
                        Service                                    Kei Matsuda, UBOC
                      Nick Horn

                    Wednesday,              Wednesday,                     Friday,
                     March 2nd,              March 9th,                March 11th,
                       7:15am             9:30am - 1:30pm          11:30 am - 1:30 pm
                    Round Hill CC              City Club                 TechMart
   MARCH        Major Trends Affecting      Incorporating        Financial State of Social
                 Investment Markets           Alternative       Security: Will the Financial
                  Charles Blankly      Investments into Client Planning Profession Step up
                                        Portfolios (Large and     to Facilitate a National
                                                Small)                  Discussion?
                                                                       Tim Kochis

                    Wednesday,           Tuesday, April 19th,              Friday,
                     April 6th,            11:30am -1:30pm              March 11th,
                      7:15am                   City Club            11:30 am - 1:30 pm
    APRIL           Round Hill CC            Incorporating               TechMart
                        TBA              Philanthropy into the   Credit Ratings, Bankruptcy
                                          Family Wealth Plan
                                                                     and Credit Repair
                                               Bob Lew
                                          Karen Meckstroth        Panelists: David Rao,
                                                                 Natalie Knowlton, Hanna

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                              Brenda Herrington at 650-851-4414 or
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