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									Corse Name: Auto Electric and AC Servicing

Module 1: Auto Electrical
    Part 1: Automotive Service And Shop Work
    Part 2: Automotive Engines
    Part 3: Fundamentals of Electrical And Basic Electrical
    Part 4: Automotive Electrical System And Diagnosis

Module 2: Auto Air Conditioning
    Part 1: Fundamental of Air Conditioning System
    Part 2: Auto Cooling, Heating And Ventilation System
    Part 3: Auto AC Trouble Shooting and Diagnosis
    Part 4: Automotive Shop Safety and First Aid Practice
    Course Name: Auto Mechanics

 Module 1: Basic Petrol And Diesel Engines
         Part 1: Automotive Service And Shop Work.
         Part 2: Automotive Engines.
         Part 3: Automotive Engines system.
         Part 4: Fundamental of Electrical & Electronic System.

 Module 2: Basic of Transmission, Suspension, Steering
Systems & Brakes
         Part 1: Automotive Power Transmission System.
         Part 2: Automotive Break & Steering System
         Part 3: Automotive Shop Safety.
         Part 4: Prepare an Estimate of a Job and perform first
         aid practice.

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