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					                        McGill MBA PROGRAM
          PIM Fact Sheet for Incoming Students: 2009-2010
                                Last updated: March 2009

                         Dina Bakopanos, Student Advisor
                         Masters Programs Office (MBA Program)
                         Desautels Faculty of Management
                         1-514-398-4042; Fax 1-514-398-2499
Contact person           Donald Melville, Director
                         Masters Programs Office
                         Desautels Faculty of Management
                         1-514-398-4048;     Fax 1-514-398-2499

                         McGill University
                         Desautels Faculty of Management – MBA Program
School address           1001 Sherbrooke Street West – Room 302
                         Montreal, Quebec, Canada
                         H3A 1G5


                         FALL 2009: April 1 2009
Deadlines to Nominate                            th
                         WINTER 2010: September 4 2009

                         Fall term (Sept.–Dec.) Friday May 1 2009
Deadlines to Apply                                           th
                         Winter term (Jan.–Apr.) September 25 2009

                         - Exchange application – online at http://www.mcgill.ca/applying/online/
                         - Official transcript showing enrolment into a Graduate- level program
                         - Certified Translation of transcript - if not in the English or French language
                         - A letter from the Program Director confirming that the applicant is in a
                         Graduate-level program at his/her home university
Required Documents
                         - Passport photo
                         - Current Resume / Curriculum vitae (that includes an email address)

                         IMPORTANT: ALL documents must be RECEIVED by the MBA office
                         no later than the application deadlines mentioned above.

                         Exchange students may take courses in the following areas:
                         Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Information
                         Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategic Management.
Study program            Exchange students must take their courses in the Desautels Faculty
                         of Management MBA program.

                         Exchange students take MBA elective courses. Students may view the
                         schedule of the current year by going to
                         A brief course description is available at

Language of Instruction       English is the language of instruction

                              English (TOEFL with a minimum overall score of 86 on the iBT, and a
                              score of at least 20 for each of its four components (or a minimum score of
Language requirement          213 on the computer-based test, or 550 on the paper-based test; or IELTS
                              with a minimum overall band of 6.5)

                              English language courses are not offered as part of the MBA program.
                              Extra-fee courses may be taken through the McGill’s English and French
Language courses
                              Language Centre http://www.mcgill.ca/eflc/

                              Exchange students must be in their final year of a Graduate program.
                              Exchange students are required to take a minimum of 4 courses (each
                              course has a credit weight of 3) to be considered “full-time”. The standard
                              load for McGill full time students is 5 courses. Exchange students are also
                              welcomed to take 5 courses.
Full-time Workload
                              The classes are given twice a week for 1.5 hours or once a week for 3
                              hours. Each 3-credit course has 39 contact hours. Classes run for 13
                              weeks, followed by an examination period.

                              Most classes are case based, requiring group work. Class participation is
                              encouraged and even expected as a portion of the final grade is awarded
Learning Expectations
                              based on class participation.

                              All courses are graded out of 100% with a minimum of 65% required to
                              pass a course.
                              A       =        85 to 100%
                              A-      =        80 to 84%
                              B+      =        75 to 79%
                              B       =        70 to 74%
Grading                       B-      =        65 to 69%
                              F       =         0 to 64% ; Failure

                              How are transcripts handled?
                              Two copies of the transcript will be sent free of charge to the partner
                              university’s exchange office at the end of the term.

                              Not all courses have final examinations. The course outline will say
                              whether or not there is a final exam. The examinations are held in the two-
                              week period following the last class. Special arrangements cannot be
Exams                         made for exchange students to write their exams in other than the official
                              examination period. The examination schedule is available in mid-October
                              for the Fall term and mid-February in the Winter term.

Term dates for the academic year 2009-2010
                             Courses are offered on a 4-month Semester basis:

Calendar                      The FALL term runs from early September to late December.
                              The WINTER term runs from early January to late April.

                              The Fall 2009 term begins on:
                              September 1, 2009 and ends on December 22, 2009.

                              It is recommended that students arrive a minimum of two weeks prior to
Fall 2009
                              the beginning of classes. The Calendar of Dates which includes all
                              important dates may be obtained by going to

                            The Winter 2010 term begins on:
                            January 4, 2010 and ends on April 30, 2010.

                            It is recommended that students arrive a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the
Winter 2010
                            beginning of classes. The Calendar of Dates which includes all important
                            dates may be obtained by going to

Summer programs or short-
                            The summer term is not open to exchange students.
term programs

                            There is no on-campus housing for graduate students at McGill. The off-
                            campus housing office at McGill provides a list of apartments for rent:
Living Expenses             http://www.mcgill.ca/offcampus/. Rent for a 1 bedroom furnished
                            apartment runs between $800 and $1000 per month.

                            Health insurance is compulsory. However, the Government of Quebec
                            has agreements with some countries which exempt international students
                            from the International Health Insurance Plan. The list of exempted
                            countries will be provided from the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
                            Office along with the letter of acceptance. If required to pay the
                            international health insurance, the relevant fee is approximately $300 for
                            a single coverage for 1 term (subject to change without notice).
Health insurance
                            *** It is important to note that health insurance is set by default to an
                            annual fee. Upon their arrival exchange students should present
                            themselves to the International Student Services Office in order to set
                            their coverage solemnly for 1 semester and ensure that they pay the
                            appropriate fees.

                            Students coming on exchange for less than six months do not need a
                            Student Visa. Instead a Tourist visa is required. Tourist Visa
                            requirements differ by country. As a result, we strongly recommend that
Visa                        the exchange student contacts the Canadian Embassy or Consulate of
                            their country. Additional information will be included in the package sent
                            from the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office.

                            All exchange students will be given an e-mail address; have full access
                            to the MBA computer lab, Management Career Centre and to the
                            University libraries.

                            All exchange students will be assigned a “buddy” whose role will be to
                            help them get settled in Montreal. In addition, there are many social
Student Services            activities, clubs, etc., organized by the MBA students in which the
                            exchange students are encouraged to participate.

                            FALL term: The MBA program office hosts orientation week in the Fall
                            (normally in August) for newly admitted students. Exchange students are
                            also invited to participate, however it is not mandatory.

Orientation                 WINTER term: There is no admission process to the MBA program for
                            the Winter session and thus no orientation session. Exchange students
                            are encouraged to present themselves at the MBA program office for any

                            Internships are not available to exchange students.
                            Exchange students may apply for full-time positions posted through the
Career services             Management Career Centre.

                    The MBA program office is involved in all aspects of student life
                    pertaining to the academics of the MBA program, including exchange
                    students. Our Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office issues the
Exchange Services
                    official acceptance to the program and all other related official


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