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Corporate Performance Report

  May 2009 to November 2009

                  Version   Date     Author
                  Draft 7   Dec 09   Fran Lewis

DRAFT Version 7

           Table of Contents

           1.0    Introduction                                          3

           2.0    Summary of Corporate Progress – Exception Reporting   4

           2.1    Corporate Plan                                        5

           2.2    Risk Assessment                                       18

           2.3    Improvement Agreement                                 22

           2.4    Performance Indicators                                31

           2.5    Regulatory Activity                                   35

           2.6    Summary of Service Position Statements                42

           3.0    Conclusions                                           49

DRAFT Version 7

1.0   Introduction

1.1   The Council’s Corporate Performance Management Framework was introduced in
      autumn 2007. The framework requires all services to undertake at least 2 Service
      Performance Reviews within each financial year. As a result of the reviews, and
      corporate assessment of key activity such as risk and regulatory activity, a Corporate
      summary is collated. This Corporate Performance Report therefore sets out the progress
      that has been made by the Authority in achieving the key Corporate and Service
      objectives. This report covers progress made between the period May 2009 to
      November 2009. The report provides an exception report on the areas where we are
      excelling and areas where we need further improvement. The report relates to objectives
      which have been monitored from the following key corporate documents:

                     The Corporate Plan 2008 – 2012
                     The Corporate Risk Assessment Template
                     The Improvement Agreement 2008/09
                     National Performance Indicators
                     Regulatory Activity
                     Service Performance Reviews.

1.2   This report will be presented to the Executive Team and Cabinet for consideration and to
      identify subsequent remedial action. Recommendations made by the Executive Team
      and Cabinet will be monitored by the Cabinet Business Manager and the Corporate
      Improvement and Development Team. Recommendations made relating to service
      improvement activity and the management or mitigation of identified risk will be the
      responsibility of the relevant Director or Head of Service to action.

1.3   All documentation supporting the Corporate Performance Reviews can be obtained from
      the Corporate Improvement and Development Team.

1.4   Red Amber Green (RAG) Status Key

A Red Amber Green (RAG status has been allocated to each reported objective. The status key
is set out below.

                                           Not meeting Objective
Static Performance                    Progressing to meeting objective
                                               Met Objective

DRAFT Version 7

2.0       Summary of Corporate Progress

The report details the key successes that the Conwy County Borough Council has completed, is
progressing and requires to focus improvement.

Overall the Council is progressing well towards achieving its Corporate Objectives and has
made significant improvement in a number of areas which include:

      •   A positive Annual Letter confirming Conwy as an improving authority
      •   Local Government Association is preparing a series of case studies covering Health and
          Well Being interventions for employees in local authorities. Conwy has been selected as
          one of 10 good practice case study areas due to “the effectiveness of the rapid access
          to physiotherapy scheme.”
      •   A successful Youth Council day with Cabinet
      •   The development of a flood risk plan for Morfa Rhuddlan analysing human reactions
      •   Lexcel accreditation achieved for Legal Services
      •   Member Charter achieved
      •   The provision of more flexible mental health respite services
      •   The hosting of 2 jobs events to support the wider community
      •   The opening of 2 Extra Care Housing Schemes in Llanrwst and Llanfairfechan
      •   The merger of Education and Housing benefits and council Tax to increase benefit take
      •   The approval of funding to develop CCTV across North Wales
      •   The achievement of a number of blue flag, seaside and green coast awards
      •   Increasing the number of allotments available

Key issues which will require further support are listed below. The methodology on how they will
be addressed will be agreed through discussion between the Cabinet Portfolio Member and the
Head of Service.
   • Improvement in the recording and undertaking of PDRs
   • The development of complaints categories to improve our analysis
   • Working with Trade Unions to complete the job evaluation project.
   • Reviewing and making a decision on our Library services
   • Ensuring we are compliant with the new WPI guidance
   • Continuing our assessment of the recession
   • Ensuring we meet the recommendations from the Annual Letter
   • Maximising European funding opportunities
   • Developing the accommodation strategy/ Tiger report
   • Implementing the Homelessness Project to address Audit recommendations
   • Developing the sustainability agenda including energy efficiency
   • Working to improve our performance indicators which are not achieving targets

DRAFT Version 7

2.1       Corporate Plan

The objectives within the Corporate Plan should be completed by 2012. The table below details
the progress made towards meeting the Corporate Plan Objectives.

The corporate Plan was reviewed by Principal Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 28th
October 2009 and approved by Cabinet on 10th November 2009.

The following objectives were discussed for alteration:

      •   ST1 - Affordable Housing - A recommendation was made by Principal Scrutiny to
          reduce the target in line with the strains of the recession. It was agreed by Cabinet to
          maintain the 50%, Target. Where viable, a minimum 50% of homes on all new
          developments are to be affordable in line with the Affordable Housing Delivery Statement
          Policy.    However through a supporting Viability Assessment, a lesser provision of
          affordable housing may be acceptable.
      •   ST3 – Bulletin A business case has been submitted to fund the Bulletin and therefore a
          decision can be made through the democratic process as to whether to fund future
      •   RC 10a - Rate Relief – The wording of this objective will be updated in the Corporate
          Delivery Scheme to state

“We will develop a package of measures to support businesses in areas in need of regeneration,
including continuing to apply the discretionary rate relief scheme, as well as using our influence
with the Assembly Government to lift thresholds at which mandatory relief (small business rate
relief) is payment”

Further work is due to take place shortly with SMT to re evaluate target dates to ensure we are
clear what will be achieved in each financial year.

2.1.1     Wales Programme For Improvement

The Welsh Assembly Government has issued updated draft guidance on the Wales Programme
for Improvement for consultation (closing date 15th January 2010). The guidance is to support
the implementation of The Local Government ( Wales) Measure 2009. The Guidance outlines
the proposed changes to the Wales Programme for Improvement. There are 2 parts to
                                 » 1 Improvement and Business Planning
                                 » 2 Community Planning

The guidance brings together shorter term improvement activity with longer term community
planning and is based on fundamental Principles that improvement is more than quantifiable
gains or organisation internal effectiveness.

“anything which enhances sustainable quality of life for local citizens and communities”.

Presentations have been made to Informal Council and SMT to discuss the consultation.
Further information on the guidance can be obtained from the Corporate Improvement and
Development Team.

Ref   Corporate Plan Objective           Progress Statement                                   Local Measure               Current Baseline        RAG
No.   Aspect                                                                                                              Performance             statu
C1    We will promote the Welsh          The Welsh Language action plan to support the        ED1 - Number (and           Key stage 2:
      language and culture so that       Welsh Language Strategy, has been accepted by        percentage) of school       279 (23%)
      our children are proud of their    the Welsh Language Board and is now being            pupils taking exams at      Key stage 3:
      heritage – their ‘Welshness’ -     implemented A steering group is to be established    key stage 2 & 3 through     196 (16%)
      and are happy to share this        with representation from Conwy Education Services,   the medium of Welsh         (Academic year
      with their families, communities   the curriculum support agencies, head teachers,      (EDU/006).                  2007/08)
      and with people who visit the      and The Welsh Language Board.
      area.                                                                                   ED2 - Number (and
                                         The number of second language Welsh schools that     percentage) of pupils       962
                                         offer 25% of curriculum through Welsh 1st language   following a recognised      (86.51%)
                                         has been increased by 2, with a further 2 schools    Welsh 2nd language
                                         being targeted.                                      course.

                                                                                              ED3 – a) The Welsh          Welsh – 25 (39%)
                                         Officers are to meet schools and Youth Councils to
                                                                                              language status of our      English – 29 (45%)
                                         consider their views and identify barriers to the
                                                                                              primary schools.            Dual Stream – 2 (3%)
                                         Welsh Language.
                                                                                                                          English with
                                                                                                                          significant Welsh – 8
                                         As a result of the annual 14 – 19 revenue grant 3                                (13%)
                                         new pre-16 vocational courses have been
                                         established and there is part funding for the        ED3 – b) The Welsh          Welsh – 1 (14%)
                                         establishment of a centre for vocational course      language status of our      English – 5 (72%)
                                         provision for Welsh-medium/bilingual learners in     secondary schools           Dual Stream – 1
                                         Llanrwst. This has not yet achieved due to lack of                               (14%)
                                         match funding required but is under review.          ED4 - The number (and
                                                                                              percentage) of schools      63 schools (90%)
                                                                                              with an Urdd.
C2    We will take advantage of our      A joint project board is in place with the Welsh     CMC1 - Number and           No Data yet
      central location to develop        Rugby Union/Rygbi Gogledd Cymru to develop           type of sporting &
      Conwy as a centre of               Eirias Park. European Convergence funding is now     culture events in Conwy.
      excellence for national and        being applied for.    An expression of interest      CMC2 - Number of
      international sporting and         application has been approved and a detailed         visitors to these events.

       DRAFT Version 7

     cultural events                 funding bid is being submitted in the new year.                                        No Data yet
                                     Planning permission for the site has also been
C3   We will take advantage of WAG A programme Board is being established to prioritise
     moving to Llandudno Junction    and implement the Llandudno Junction Master Plan.
     to develop the County Borough A summary document providing an overview of the
     as an administrative/ political opportunities available has been published.      A
     regional hub.                   programme definition document is in draft.
C4   We will develop a tourism plan  A Corporate visioning day has been completed and           CD1 - Number of tourist     2,138,000
     that includes the whole County an action plan has been developed. A destination            visiting Conwy each         (2008 calendar year
     that promotes & makes best      management report has been drafted and is going            year for overnight stays.   figure)
     use of our natural and built    through the political process                              CD2 - Number of tourist     5,367,000
     environment, our facilities and                                                            visiting Conwy each         (2008 calendar year
     our culture, heritage and                                                                  year for day trips.         figure)
     language, in a co-ordinated                                                                CD3 - The estimated         £558.8 Million
     way.                                                                                       local spend by tourists     (2008 calendar year
                                                                                                visiting Conwy each         figure)
C5   Work with partners and the         A project board is established for the North Wales      CD5 - Number and type       536
     business sector regionally &       Strategic Coastal Regeneration Area (SRA) and           of business supported
     sub-regionally, to develop key     Baylife Programme Board has amended its                 by Conwy CBC or WAG         Too early in the
     business        areas       that   constitution to reflect this development. Locality      CD7 a) - Number of jobs     project to report on
     complement our neighbours,         Boards are being established across the county to       created through             these figures
     ensuring a balanced diverse        reflect the LDP localities and to act as the focus of   convergence funding.
     local economy in order to          regeneration in local communities.                      CD7 b) - Number of          Too early in the
     regenerate communities and                                                                 Businesses financially      project to report on
     offer quality jobs which will      Delivery groups are now looking at the 6 SRA            supported through           these figures
     contribute to retaining younger    themes which are working with partners to deliver       convergence funding
     people in the area.                the themes. A number of projects are already            CD23 - Pre-start            Pre-start programme
                                        seeing results – a Colwyn Bay Community Learning        Businesses Supported        = 148
                                        facility is being renovated, young people and older     CD24 - Number of            BSUG (Business
                                        people needs assessments are being undertaken.          grants provided to new      Start up Grant)= 14
                                        A Colwyn Bay Master plan is being developed and         Businesses                  (£7000)
                                        therefore properties are being purchased to assist
                                        with the delivery of the plan. Streetscape phase 1
                                        improvements have been completed.

        DRAFT Version 7

                                          Work has been undertaken to discuss needs in the
                                          other locality areas and Community Action plans are
                                          being drawn up to reflect local needs.

                                          Major events hosted April-October 2009 include
                                          Rock the River, Conwy River Festival, Colwyn Bay
                                          Promenade Day, Llandudno Extravaganza and
                                          Transport Festival, Llandudno Sea Triathlon,
                                          Penmaenmawr Thundercats Weekend, 3 x Major
                                          Car Rallies and 3 x National Sailing Championships
RC1   If you are older, we will support   Extra care housing schemes have opened in:          A1 - The number of         24
      you to maintain your                Llanrwst and Llanfairfechan.       A lessons learnt tenants within the extra
      independence and place in           review has been completed before embarking on       care housing scheme
      your community                      the next stage of housing schemes.                  RB1 - The number of
                                                                                              people claiming Housing    12,031
                                          There has been agreement with the NHS to fund 3 Benefit and Council Tax        (+ 2.2%)
                                          Continuing Health Care respite flats which is now Benefit
                                          being implemented.
                                                                                              A2 - The rate of adult
                                          Therefore are now 76 clients using Direct Payments clients assessed
                                          in Adult Social Services with a further 11 clients provided with electronic
                                          working towards establishing a Direct Payment.      assistive technology       47.35
                                          In conjunction with the Pension Service ran a
                                          number of take-up campaigns which has resulted in
                                          an increase in Benefit caseload and have
                                          undertaken an exercise of obtaining a scan from the
                                          Pension Service and targeting those pensioners
                                          who qualify for Pension Credit but have failed to
                                          apply for Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit. Since
                                          the 1st April 2009 we have seen an increase of an
                                          additional 261 households in receipt of Housing
                                          and/or Council Tax Benefit.
RC1   We will promote understanding       There is a CYPP priority to improve the perception  CD8 - Number of            No data yet
a     between the generations and         of young people. The Youth Council and Cabinet      intergenerational

        DRAFT Version 7

      create a better sense of society    meetings have gone well as have the youth council      projects.
      and community belonging             meetings with the CYPP Board. They are
                                          developing a schedule to look at ways to improve
                                          the perception of young people.
RC2   We will make sure our children      The Primary School Modernisation Project is            ED5 - Percentage of         1.17%
      get the best educational and        progressing well and we are currently awaiting the     pupils leaving education    (Academic year
      social start enabling them to       results from the stakeholder consultation process.     without an approved         2007/08)
      take a fulfilled role in society.                                                          external qualification
                                          The flying start action plan and budget have been      (EDU/002i).
                                          completed on time and in budget. The ‘Forest           ED8 - Percentage of
                                          School’ base for 3 – 7 year olds in the flying start   pupils in local authority   0.0%
                                          catchment areas is running on time.                    care leaving education      (Academic year
                                                                                                 without an approved         2007/08)
                                                                                                 external qualification
                                          The roll out of training for the Foundation phase
                                          curriculum is progressing well
                                                                                                 ED9 - The average
                                                                                                 external qualifications     128
                                          We have undertaken a number of activities to raise     point score for 16 year     (Academic year
                                          awareness of both in and out of work benefits to       old looked after children   2007/08)
                                          which families are entitled to and have now            (SCC/037).
                                          integrated the processing of free school meals and     CH1 a) - The % of
                                          uniform grants with the application for Housing        young people formerly       55.6%
                                          Benefit and Council Tax Benefit                        looked after with whom      (2008/09 figure)
                                                                                                 the authority is in
                                                                                                 contact, who are known
                                                                                                 to be engaged in
                                                                                                 education, training or
                                                                                                 employment at the age
                                                                                                 of 19. (SCC 033c)
                                                                                                 CH1 b) - The % of
                                                                                                 young people formerly
                                                                                                 looked after with whom      77.8%
                                                                                                 the authority is in         (2008/09 figure)
                                                                                                 contact, who are known
                                                                                                 to be in suitable non-

        DRAFT Version 7

                                                                                                     accommodation at the
                                                                                                     age of 19. (SCC 033b)        72 open cases at
                                                                                                     CH2 - The number of          30/09/2009
                                                                                                     open cases to the Youth
                                                                                                     Justice Team
                                                                                                     CH3 - The number of
                                                                                                     care leavers provided        11 (19.3%)
                                                                                                     with supported housing.
RC2   We will work with our schools          A new school profiling system has been developed
a     to identify whether we could do        applies to all schools and will be reported
      better and support these               corporately for challenge and identification of good
      schools to improve teaching,           practice. A draft partnerships agreement has been
      attainment and attendance.             shared with key stakeholders was presented to
                                             Governors in Oct 09. Visit forms have been revised
                                             to present clear outcomes for the schools’ attention.
                                             A Primary Head consultation group has been
                                             established to review School profiles.
RC2   We will provide additional             Isallt is now operational and is supporting 12 young
b     support for care leavers and we        people, including care leavers to develop life skills
      will support young people              and access to training and education.              A
      entering and leaving the Youth         homelessness Project Board will be established in
      Justice System to enable them          the New Year and will consider the accommodation
      to take a fulfilled role in society.   needs of all clients including care leavers and the
                                             youth justice system.
RC3   The quality of our environment         The 2nd phase of Street Scene project is underway       R1 - Number (and             64 (10%)
      and the Street Scene of our            and progressing                                         percentage) of fly tipping
      communities will be reviewed           well;                                                   incidents which led to
      and a programme of                     Year 2 of Tidy Towns project underway and               enforcement activity.
      improvements will be drawn up          progressing well;                                       (STS 007)
      and put in place so that               programme of improvements to County's play              R2 - Number (and
      communities are able to feel           equipment has been drawn up following completion        percentage) of graffiti
      proud of where they live.              of structural safety assessment;                        incidents which led to       0
                                             Green Flag status achieved for Happy Valley and         enforcement activity
                                             retained for Wynn Gardens;                              EN1 - Percentage of fly
                                             Environmental Action Days and Street Scene Audits       tipping incidents cleared    96.8%
                                             underway and proving successful with communities.       up within 5 working days

         DRAFT Version 7

                                     All Local Nature Reserves now have an up-to-date EN2 - Percentage of
                                     Management Plan, each overseen by a graffiti incidents cleared                  584 of 603 incidents
                                     Management Advisory Group. Great Orme Country up within 4 working               78.6%
                                     Park and LNR has Green Flag status.                  days.
                                                                                          EN3 - Percentage of
                                                                                          highways and relevant      22 of 28 incidents
                                                                                          land inspected of a high   92.5%
                                                                                          or acceptable standard
                                                                                          of cleanliness
                                                                                          R3 - Usage of legal        81
                                                                                          powers to ensure that
                                                                                          rundown and neglected
                                                                                          properties are
                                                                                          appropriately maintained
RC3    Develop a Pride of Place or   The Pride of Conwy Community Awards will take
a      other Community award         place on 29th June 2010 in conjunction with the
       scheme                        Meet the Council event. Sponsors have been
                                     identified for each award and application forms and
                                     a project plan are now in place. A media partner
                                     has been agreed with the Pioneer and work to
                                     advertise the awards will commence in February
RC3b                                 To date 29 vacant dwellings have been returned to
                                     occupation out of a target of 100 by 2012. 3 private
                                     sector dwellings have been renovated during this
                                     period. Through the SRA we are in the process of
       Ensure that rundown and       buying properties in Colwyn Bay which will bring an
       neglected properties are      estimated 18 currently empty dwellings back into
       maintained.                   use. Between 1st April 2009 and 31st August 2009
                                     81 Notices have been served, These Notices
                                     remedy untidy gardens, and land, dilapidated
                                     property and property where there is noxious matter
                                     present. We have also set up a key sites initiative
                                     whereby we list all known eyesore properties and

         DRAFT Version 7

                                          regularly review them.         Work on a further 8
                                          properties is progressing on site in Penmaenmawr
RC4    We will increase the number of     The target of 2.5% increase as detailed in the EN4 - The number of                202 Plots
       allotments available in            Improvement Agreement has been exceeded. The allotments provided by
       communities to encourage you       increase in access to allotments has been achieved Conwy CBC.
       to grow your own food, which is    by splitting up large plots to more manageable units.
       great for the environment,
       increases social opportunities,
       contributes to saving money
       and helps people of all ages to
       eat more healthily and take
       more physical activity.

RC5                                       A Housing Strategy Programme Board has been           R4 – The number (and        Affordable housing
                                          established to oversee this and other housing         percentage) of              delivered 23 (6.9%)
       Working with housing               objectives. Given the current economic climate and    permissions given for
       associations and housing           the reduction in developments, this objective was     affordable housing          Affordable housing
       developers we will develop         reviewed by Principal Scrutiny and Cabinet. It was                                permissions 21
       affordable housing solutions for   agreed to maintain the current target but                                         (3.9%)
       local people.                      acknowledged that flexibility may be required with                                2008/09 figures
                                          In conjunction with RSLs, 15 units have been
                                          approved during this period.
RC5a   Develop a pilot project to         Site evaluation of council land is currently taking   HS2 - Money generated       System not
       support affordable self build      place.     Given the current economic climate a       through sec 106 and         currently in place to
       schemes – in particular looking    feasibility study is to take place to consider all    local facilities in place   record the figures
       at availability of land,           aspects of the pilot eg controls, mortgages                                       for this year
       supporting project                 available. Land etc
       managements systems and
       funding initial infrastructure

                                          To date 29 vacant dwellings have been returned to     HS1 - Vacant dwellings
       By 2012 we will work with          occupation out of a target of 100 by 2012. Through    returned to occupation
       landlords to bring at least 100    the SRA we are in the process of buying properties    through direct action by
       empty homes back into use.         in Colwyn Bay which will bring an estimated 18        the local authority
                                          currently empty dwellings back into use.              (PSR/004).

         DRAFT Version 7

RC6                                       The genesis project is established to work with           CP1- The number of        102
                                          families to assist parents to obtain work. It has a       work placements
                                          target to support 73 single mothers but actual            provided by Conwy
                                          figures show the project has already supported 170.       County Borough Council
                                          The project may be able to access additional              CP2 - The number of
                                          funding as a result.                                      apprenticeships
                                                                                                    provided by Conwy
                                          The LSB workforce development project has held a          County Borough Council    40
                                          multi agency Jobs Event with Denbighshire in June         CP3 - The number of
                                          09. Scoping is now taking place to take stock where       staff who take up the
                                          all partners are, where they want to be and what          opportunity to continue
       We will work with local
                                          their priorities are for the future with regards to the   working with Conwy
       businesses to identify skills
                                          following:                                                County Borough Council    No data
       gaps. And then support people
                                                        - Apprenticeships                           post retirement age
       to increase their skills and get
                                                        - Staff Mentoring (& Coaching)              CD10 - Number of
       into work so that they are less
                                                        - Staff Secondment                          people supported by
       dependent on out of work
                                                        - Staff Volunteering                        Conwy to get off out of
       benefits, have improved mental
                                                        - Organisational Volunteering               work benefits and back
       and physical well-being and
                                                        - Work Experience                           into work (through
       increased disposable income.
                                                        - Graduate Intern                           projects such as          86
                                                        - Graduate Scheme                           Genesis)

                                          The Learning & Development Strategy has been
                                          through the political process with positive feedback
                                          received. A plan has been produced for the coming
                                          year. The ‘Memo of Understanding’ has been
                                          signed with Coleg Llandrillo. Jan 2010 will see the
                                          launch of the Apprentice Framework for staff in
                                          customer service roles. Learn Direct courses are
                                          now available online for staff. A jobs event for
                                          CCBC jobs was held in Nov 09.
RC6a   Our Capital monies will, where     A project has been established by the Conwy Local
       possible, be invested in the       Service Board to consider a joint approach to capital
       local economy to ensure it         development and to develop social clauses and a

         DRAFT Version 7

       supports the developing skills      standardised pre qualifying questionnaire for
       agenda                              contractors.    A draft MoU regarding redundant
                                           assets and social clauses has been produced and is
                                           currently with the Chief Executives. The project are
                                           planning a “meet the customer event” and met with
                                           Menterabusnes who will be funding and running the
                                           event at Venue Cymru.
RC7                                        A report was submitted to the Executive Group with
                                           recommendations for the way forward, which has
                                           now been approved.
       We will lead the way in making      Application submitted to Energy Saving Trust for a
       sure we contribute towards a        Green Fleet review which will inform Transport
       sustainable future                  Strategy. .A green programme board has been
                                           established to take responsibility for making Conwy
                                           County Borough Council a ‘green’ organisation. A
                                           learning Disability day services team recycling
                                           project is now implemented.
RC7a                                       Project Plan approved by Green Programme Board.        EN5 - Green Dragon        Too early for data
       Work towards achieving the          Contact made with Heads of Service and Direct          indicators
       Green Dragon standard               Reports asking for project team member
                                           nominations from each service. Delay in responses
                                           could impact on project progress.
RC7b                                       Pilot scheme rolled out 18/5/09 to 7,000 households    EN6 - The percentage of   46.07%
       Extend our kerbside recycling
                                           and is proving successful. Recent customer survey      municipal waste
       to include food waste, plastics
                                           has revealed high participation and satisfaction       recycled, reused or
       and kitchen cardboard
                                           levels.                                                composted (WMT/001 i)
                                                                                                  & ii)).
RC7c                                       This will be established via a website which will
                                           detail information on how to be energy efficient,
       Develop an eco information
                                           recycling, biodiversity, eco schools and green
                                           dragon. There is also a potential to have an
                                           information point in the Forest School development
                                           to ensure information is available to school children.
RC8    Leisure and cultural provision      A community development programme board is             CD11- The number of       Total = 493,122
       will be reviewed in each locality   being established. Extensive programmes in place       people using Conwy
       and we will proactively support     supporting clubs groups and projects.                  CBC leisure facilities

         DRAFT Version 7

       clubs, groups and projects                                                                   CD16 - The number of
       which promote physical activity                                                              persons attending the   1,228
       and healthy lifestyles, enable                                                               National Exercise       (Referral
       people to manage their chronic                                                               Referral Scheme.        subscriptions 846)
       conditions and keep people                                                                   CD17 - The number of
       safe.                                                                                        persons attending the   130
                                                                                                    Cardiac Rehab.
                                                                                                    CD18 - The number of
                                                                                                    persons attending the   23
                                                                                                    MEND Mind Exercise
RC8a   We will deliver a range of          We are Improving rights of way infrastructure and
       physical activity programmes        opportunities for walking and cycling.
       that will support you if you have
       chronic conditions or disability    We have developed and promoted walks and trails
       so that you can manage your         in conjunction with local communities.
       own condition
                                           Co-ordinated and delivered Conwy’s Walking Week.
RC8b                                       We have reached agreement on joint performance           To be added
                                           indicators, to enable proper evaluation of this work.

                                           Work is still ongoing around Late Night economy,
                                           additional funding has been secured to expand this
                                           area of business, and a joint enforcement officer will
                                           be responsible for sustainable LNE projects for the
       We will deliver and promote a
       “Late Night Economy” Strategy
       in partnership with
                                           The annual Operation Atlas/ Mistletoe planning
                                           cycle have now begun; this is a joint operation with
                                           all partner agencies. It is proposed that this project
                                           will be a year round project in the future, aimed at
                                           supporting the late night economy as well as
                                           providing a coordinated response to alcohol related
                                           issues. This also links in with the LNE action plan,
                                           looking at sustainable projects for the future.

         DRAFT Version 7

RC9                                      A Tiger team has been established to consider a         IT1 - The number of key     24 services online, 2
                                         way forward. A web steering group have concluded        services that are           more on the way
                                         it’s review and a report has now been finalised and     available online (16 key
                                         is awaiting presentation to either SMT and the          services are identified
                                         Corporate Communications Group. Findings in the         under the National
       We will modernise the way we      report will be used to support business case            Standards for Wales)
       work and make our services        preparation for additional funding in the Web Team
       more accessible by making all     for 2010 and beyond.                                    IT2 - Customer take up
       of our information available in                                                           of these online services.   Total = 3,358
       one place                         24 online services are now available on our website.
                                                                                                 IT3 – What do the public    76% found what
                                                                                                 think of our website?       they were looking
                                                                                                                             for. 78% were
                                                                                                                             satisfied with their
                                                                                                                             overall visit

RC9B                                     The Customer and Community Involvement
                                         Strategy and Framework, toolkit and database have
                                         been to scrutiny and are scheduled to Cabinet for
                                         March 2010. A consultation database has been
       Communication and
                                         developed by the web team to act as a central
                                         resource for all involvement work undertaken by
                                         CCBC and its partners and is being marketed. A
                                         communication plan has been developed and is
                                         being cross linked with the communication strategy.
RC10                                     Conwy has been approved as the lead authority for       CD19 - The number of        Figures available at
                                         the Flexible Support for Business (FS4B) supporting     businesses involved in      year end
                                         businesses across North Wales. There is a delay         the business forum and
                                         on the establishment of this forum owing to capacity.   type of support being
       We will work with businesses to   We continue to attend FSB meetings and there has        received.
       set up a business forum           been a meeting held with businesses in Deganwy.         CD20 - The number of
                                         We are continuing support and develop the Colwyn        businesses receiving
                                         Business Network which is attracting members from       support.
                                         beyond Colwyn Bay.                                      CD21 - The amount of
                                                                                                 money given to support
                                                                                                 local businesses.

          DRAFT Version 7

RC10a We will develop a package of          There are legislative restrictions and resources
      measures to support                   issues in relation to being able to implement a
      businesses in areas in need of        discretionary rate relief scheme in areas of real
      regeneration, including               need at present.
      continuing to apply the
      discretionary rate relief
      scheme, as well as using our
      influence with the Assembly
      Government to lift thresholds at
      which mandatory relief (small
      business rate relief) is payment
RC11                                        Flood risk awareness day planned for Towyn and
                                            Kinmel Bay in early 2010 in partnership with the
                                            Environment Agency and Morfa Rhuddlan Flood
        We will talk to communities
                                            Partnership Group.
        about the likelihood and
                                            Programme of further flood risk awareness days in
        possible consequences of
                                            the process of being planned for other vulnerable
        flooding and coastal erosion,
                                            areas across the County .
                                            Website information on flooding has been updated;
                                            flood risk maps for L1andudno, Towyn and Kinmel
                                            Bay have been approved.

RC11a                                       As above
        We will work with our partners,
        locally and across North Wales
        to ensure that climate change
        issues and particularly the risks
        posed by flooding and coastal
        erosion, are recognised that we
        understand our role and work
        together to influence the Welsh
        Assembly Government to put
        systems in place to help us
        manage this risk.

          DRAFT Version 7

RC12                                      Establishing a Corporate Transport Project Board to     I1 - The average weekly       99,336
                                          develop an Integrated Transport Strategy, Current       number of bus                 (based on an average
        We will make sure that the
                                          focus is on Llandudno. Refurbishment is taking          passengers in Conwy.          week in July ’09)
        safety and efficiency of all
                                          place at Llandudno Train Station.                       I4 - Footfall at rail         1,019,304
        forms of transport is improved
                                                                                                  stations in Conwy.
        and social exclusion is tackled
                                                                                                  I5 - Number of persons
                                                                                                  killed or seriously injured   0 fatal
                                                                                                  on roads in Conwy.            31 serious
        Review and Develop Parking        Residential Parking Task and Finish Group due to
        Schemes                           meet before the end of the year. Mark Smith
                                          appointed as Lead Officer. Parking restrictions
                                          constantly under review
ST1                                       As stated in objective RC5                              R4 – The number (and          Affordable housing
        We will make sure that at least                                                           percentage) of                delivered 23 (6.9%)
        50% of homes on all new                                                                   permissions given for         Affordable housing
        developments are affordable                                                               affordable housing            permissions 21
                                                                                                                                (2008/09 figures)
ST2     We will make all our new          The authority is working towards the achievement of
        building and refurbishments as    the Green Dragon Quality Standard.
        “green” as possible
        incorporating energy efficient    Green Horizons office recycling project will go live
        features, renewable energy,       on 23rd November 2009 at 24 main Council office
        water saving and recycled         buildings. This will enable staff at these sites to
        water facilities and recycling    recycle paper, cans, glass, plastic and food waste.

ST3                                       The distribution method has been changed and
        We will send Conwy Bulletin to
                                          winter 08, spring, summer and winter 09 have been
        everyone who lives in the
                                          issued to every household. An editorial board
        County Borough 4 times per
                                          established. A key issue is the budget to sustain the
                                          new distribution method and a business case has
                                          been submitted.

        DRAFT Version 7

ST4                                        This assessment process in place                           A3 - The percentage of      73.30%
      We will provide an assessment
                                                                                                      carers of adult service     This has increased
      of their need for every informal
                                                                                                      users who were offered      from 57.60% in
      Carer in Conwy who requests
                                                                                                      an assessment in their      2008/09
                                                                                                      own right during the year
ST5                                        The Customer Charter has been revised and a staff
                                           handbook has been developed based on the
      We will meet the standards of
                                           charter. The training needs of Customer facing staff
      our Customers Charter
                                           have been identified. A Conwy specific NVQ in
                                           Customer Care has been developed with Coleg
ST6   We will hold an annual “Meet         Meet the council days have been held in Llandudno,
      the Council Day” in 5 locality       Cerrigydrudion, Kinmel Bay and Llanrwst.
      areas across the County

ST7   We will commit at least £1           £799,737 has been spent to date. Projects include street   CD22 - Amount of
      million each year for local          scene developments, Eirias Park, business start ups,       money allocated for
      community regeneration               Community Environment days, leisure community              local community
                                           projects and allotments.                                   regeneration.
ST8                                        A 100% of all Schools, all alternative educations          ED10 - Percentage of        100%
      We will make sure that if your       centres, pupil referral units and Cedar Court have all     schools, alternative
      child attends a Conwy School,        been in the Healthy Schools Scheme since                   educations centres,
      they can be involved in the          September 2008 The programme continues to roll             pupil referral units and
      Healthy Schools Scheme               out to ensure all schools receive an external              Cedar Court in the
                                           assessment to achieve phase 2 of the Healthy               Healthy Schools
                                           school Scheme.                                             Scheme.
SU1   Our services are centred on our      A Text messaging pilot has been completed and we           Refer to RC9
      customers and accessible.            are now exploring if other services wish to use this
      They are able to engage with         service. A draft text messaging policy is under
      us easily in a way and at a time     review..
      that is best for them – be that in   We now provide 24 online services forms with 2
      person, by phone, text, email or     more being processed. For the period 3358

        DRAFT Version 7

      website. Customers are able to transactions have taken place.
      have their say where possible
      services are adapted to meet
      today’s needs.

SU2   Our Services are efficient and    The Council has a Business Planning Framework, CF1 - Amount of
      effective, based on local need    Performance        Management       Framework and financial savings each
      and delivered wherever            Efficiency Agenda to ensure that services are year
      possible, at a local level.       efficient, effective and held to account.                                         £4m
      Those services are held to                                                                                          (2008/09 figure)
      account by our customers and
      the community.

SU3                                     An ICT Strategy has been agreed and an action         IT4 - The number of         EDRMS not yet
                                        plan has been included in the IT service annual       services using Electronic   procured
                                        operational plan. The EDRMS project is still          Document Records
                                        awaiting confirmation from the Project Board of the   Management System
                                        preferred procurement route. Requirements             (EDRMS)
      Maximise the use of our
                                        specifications, tendering documentation and
      technology to modernise our
                                        evaluation criteria have been prepared in readiness
      working practices, reducing the
                                        for procurement.
      need for paper based working
                                        Other e-Gov projects, such as Corporate Room
                                        Bookings, will deliver standardised admin methods
                                        across the Authority for common processes, using
                                        online forms to replace paper-based working. The
                                        Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)
                                        has also been costed..
SU4                                     A Senior Management Team Development day was          CP4 - The number of         No data - Customer
                                        held in Sept 09 and Equalities training has taken     staff receiving customer    Service NVQ to be
                                        place for Senior Managers, equalities champions       service training            set up in January
      Our people have the skills and
                                        and Councillors. Staff have been offered subsidised                               2010
      support they need to focus
                                        Welsh Language courses.
      effectively on your needs
                                        The recharging for corporate courses has been
                                        discontinued for 12 months on trial basis to assess
                                        the business process efficiencies that may be

         DRAFT Version 7

                                          realised. A Coaching and Mentoring framework is
                                          being developed.

SU5    We have effective political        There has been a positive report received on the
       leadership, clear career           role and function of Scrutiny. All Cabinet Members
       pathways and a programme of        have now had a PDR.
       training aimed at providing        The Member Training programme Continues.
       quality services. Customers        Information on each Member is available on the
       know who their Elected             Internet.
       Member is, how and where to
       contact them and how they can

MH 1   We will make sure our staff and    A Member Development Working Group is in place.
       Elected Members know what is       Cabinet Members have been identified as leads on
       expected of them and what          all Corporate Plan objectives and Corporate Risks.
       they need to deliver, and are      Heads of Service Objectives are published and
       supported to work together as      Service Annual Operational Plans have been signed
       a team to provide that service     off by Cabinet Portfolio Members.
       that meets our customers
       needs                              The Members Charter has been achieved.

MH2    We will include the priorities     The    Business    Planning    and   Performance
       identified in the Corporate Plan   Management Frameworks support this objective. All
       into 3-Year Service Plans that     Services have completed a Service Performance
       outline what we are going to       Review in the autumn and Annual Operational Plans
       do, Annual Operational Plans       for 2010/11 are now being developed.
       that contain more detailed
       ”action plans” and Individual
       Plans that require each
       employee to identify

MH3    Every year, we will report on      An annual report was published by the 31st October
       our progress and whether we        Statutory deadline. We have also showcased the

  DRAFT Version 7

have achieved what we set out    corporate plan at meet the council events. This
to do – making a difference to   Corporate Performance Report will ensure that the
the lives of people in Conwy.    progress to meet the Corporate Plan is regularly
                                 monitored and communicated.

       2.2      Risk Assessment

       The Risk Management Strategy has been reviewed and an evaluation of the matrix used to
       assess the likelihood and impact of a risk – the ‘risk appetite’ has been revised. Officers who
       co-ordinate risk assessments within their services have been trained on the new matrix. As a
       result of this review, all corporate and service risks have been re evaluated and re scored. An
       assessment of whether areas of concern are risks or operational issues has also taken place
       and where necessary, issue logs have been created.

       Corporate Risks are monitored are logged on the Corporate Risk Assessment Template (RAT)
       which can be obtained from the Corporate Improvement and Development Team. The
       Corporate RAT is regularly reviewed by Senior Managers and will be assessed by our external
       regulators as part of the new Wales Programme for Improvement.

       The table below highlights some of the key risks which remain of Corporate significance to
       Conwy. Please note that at the time of this report, these risks were still in draft status awaiting
       approval, hence why some risk scores are absent..

REF    Aspect                                              Progress                               Residual
CR2    The risk that senior representatives of relevant    Partnership    Co-ordination   Manager B2
       bodies do not demonstrate a commitment to           appointed. Governance Toolkit approved
       setting objectives and to provide mutual            for implementation
       support to achieve agreed and shared                Local Government Wales Measure
       objectives                                          creates duty to collaborate on key
CR2a   The risk that Governance arrangements for           Partnership    Governance    Framework B2
       partnerships are less prescriptive than those of    approved by Cabinet, LSB, Partnership
       corporate organisations, which has resulted in      Overview and Scrutiny Committee, WAO,
       different governance arrangements evolving          COG and North Wales Community
       for different forms of partnerships; lack of or no  Planning Officers Network
       consensus on the best way to govern
CR9    Lack of co ordination of Health and Safety A baseline review of staffing resources
       issues throughout the Authority - (Further work committed to Health and Safety across
       needed to specify risk)                            Council Services has been undertaken.

                                                     The Corporate Health Safety and Health
                                                     Promotion Committee was reformed in
                                                     January 2009 with a new constitution.
                                                     This Committee meets quarterly.
CR14   The risk that the downturn in the current Wide range impact analysis reported to A2
       economic climate will have an adverse effect SMT and Informal Cabinet regularly.
       on the delivery of services and our community Improved NNDR relief for small
                                                     Maximise the use of SRA Capital Funding
                                                     Cabinet Sub Committee to consider
                                                     discreet Council Tax relief and NNDR
                                                     A Recession workshop for Heads of

        DRAFT Version 7

                                                            Service was provided by KPMG on 2nd
                                                            July 2009
                                                            Benefits awareness campaign in place.
                                                            Help and advice on website.

                                                            Homelessness - no client repossessions
                                                            to date. Some landlord repossessions
CR15    The risk that Future settlements afforded to        Resource allocation and risk considered      A2
        Authority are likely to destabilise the financial   during budgetary process.
        standing of the Authority                           Surgeries in place to assist services to
                                                            identify savings
CR29    The risk the Authority will have to rely on         The Deposit Local Development Plan was       A1
        National and out of date development plans to       made available for public consultation
        guide future development and make decisions         from April 2009 until 3rd July 2009. The
        on key development proposals.                       consultation period will end on 3rd July
                                                            2009. Following receipt of objections by
                                                            WAG and a meeting with a representative
                                                            from WAG, the LDP Project Board
                                                            decided to commission consultants to
                                                            critically examine the latest WAG
                                                            Household        Projections    with    an
                                                            appointment due on 17th November 2009
CR30    The risk that change in the external political      We will need to understand the               A1
        environment will require a change in policy         manifesto's to ascertain what the
        direction and funding for the authority             consequences will be. We need to do
                                                            some horizon planning
CR41a The sustainability of Library Services                Initial service priorities identified to     A2
        The risk that the current library service is not    Housebound Service in line with
        sustainable within the current budget allocation    Corporate Plan priorities
        and some libraries are not used by the public.        Review of Mobile Library Routes
                                                              Library building infrastructure to be
        Link to Project - "Looking Forward - Library        assessed      in   context   of    broader
        Service Modernisation" reporting to Service         community assets – area assessments
        Improvement Board                                   - Potential of Regional Library to be
                                                            explored as part of Llandudno Junction
                                                            Master Plan consultation.
                                                            - CYMAL supported upgrading of Colwyn
                                                            Bay and Abergele Libraries completed
                                                            Workshop to develop proposals held in
                                                            September 2009. The strategic vision
                                                            needs reaffirming and direction given on
                                                            the way forward.
Cr41d   Failing to maximise opportunities with              Establishment of Strategic Funding Board     B2
        developers and external funding to regenerate       to co-ordinate funding investment.
        communities within the County Borough and           Development of Corporate approach to
        lost opportunities resulting from lack of           European Funding initiatives
        corporate understanding and engagement of
        external funding

        DRAFT Version 7

CR42a The risk that adequate planning, contingencies    Currently working in partnership with the
      and responses are available to respond to         Environment Agency and the Morfa
      flooding, coastal erosion and land drainage, in   Rhuddlan Flood Partnership Group to
      the current, medium and long term, taking into    raise the awareness of flooding within the
      consideration predicted climate change.           Towyn and Kinmel Bay.            New flood
                                                        response plans produced for the Morfa
        Corporate Priority - RC11, RC11a                Rhuddlan area.        Conwy Valley flood
                                                        response plans are also being updated
                                                        following completion of the Conwy Valley
                                                        alleviation scheme carried out by the
                                                        Environment Agency.
                                                        Flood risk article and details about the 24
                                                        hour flood number within the Conwy
                                                        Bulletin has been published.
                                                        Training for Environment Advisors was
                                                        undertaken on 13th October.
                                                        Grant funding available to undertake flood
                                                        alleviation works at Llanfairtalhaiarn and
                                                        Eglwysbach.         Funding obtained to
                                                        commence with Coast Protection works in
                                                        Colwyn Bay
CR43c The risk that lack of strategic direction and     Project Board Established to address this
      operational control will fail to deliver the      issue and to implement recommendations
      homelessness service                              made in internal and external audit
CR46a The risk that we are unable to provide services   Document being drafted across Housing
      previously funded by the Supporting People's      and Social Services which will identify
      grant                                             ways of remodelling current service
                                                        delivery and qualifying criteria
                                                        Position statement reported to Scrutiny
                                                        Close working with WLGA to raise risks
                                                        should funding be significantly reduced in
                                                        Paper presented to Cabinet which
                                                        presented the effect reductions in SP
                                                        funding will have on services.
CR46c The risk that there may be gaps in Service        Joint board and training with HOST team.
      Delivery owing to staff recruitment and           Moving resources around.                Lean
      retention, time demand for ICS and emergency      approach being applied to service
      unfunded work arising from issues such as         delivery. Starting to make amendments
      Southwark caselaw                                 to ICS but will take time to address.
                                                        Workload         management           system
                                                        introduced and business case submitted
                                                        for extra staff.
CR46g Increase in demand for care packages for :        The NW work on CWD eligibility criteria
      - people with mental health and/or                and the development of short breaks, and
      - Learning Disability                             the collaboration across NW on care
      - Children and families                           costs uplifts with the private sector.
      - Out of Care Placements                          Work on increasing internal capacity in

        DRAFT Version 7

                                                      relation to teenage placements.
                                                      Creation of the Changes project and OCC
                                                      monitoring group has kept some children
                                                      at home
CR47d The risk that there is no corporate approach to Report on Information Management’
      managing information                            published (Sept 2008) as part of the
                                                      EDRMS feasibility study project

      DRAFT Version 7

      2.3    Improvement Agreement

      Improvement Agreements have been introduced to replace the existing Policy Agreements and
      the Performance Incentive Grant has been replaced by Improvement Agreements Grant.
      Improvement Agreements are still designed to retain the focus on achieving local government
      service improvements and remain non statutory, however, the Improvement Agreement Grant
      will not be released to Local Authorities without the completion of an Agreement.

      The following Improvement Agreement Objectives have been completed for the period May
      2009 to November 2009

REF    Description                            Target   Actual / Progress                   Status
1      Increase the take-up of Direct         34       There are currently 74 Direct
       Payments by eligible clients to                 Payment recipients across Adult
       support self-directed care packages             Services, with 2 awaiting a start
                                                       date and 18 progressing
                                                       towards receiving a Direct

                                                       Since April 2010 two clients are
                                                       currently suspended whilst
                                                       having to re-recruit and 13
                                                       packages have been closed.

                                                       All teams are continuing to
                                                       promote and offer Direct
                                                       Payments, and a number of
                                                       Task Groups have been set up
                                                       to look at actual and perceived
                                                       barriers to ensure continued
                                                       development of the scheme and
                                                       increased take-up ensuring
                                                       there is a robust and beneficial
                                                       scheme in place for both
                                                       recipients and the local

2      To maintain the current rate of        1.5      There have been no delayed
       delayed transfers of care for social            transfers of care in between
       care reasons per 1,000 population               April 09 and October 09..
       aged 75 or over
3      By March 2010 establish and make                Llanrwst       scheme         and
       operational 2 extra care housing                Llanfairfechan phase 1 are now
       schemes in Llanrwst and                         open       and     Llanfairfechan
       Llanfairfechan.                                 Scheme phase 2 is scheduled
                                                       for September 2010.
4      Working in partnership with the                 Open day to be held in January
       voluntary sector, develop social                at the proposed Social Centre in
       centres for older people. 2 centres             Llandudno to start promoting the
       to be established by March 2010                 service. The day will be hosted

    DRAFT Version 7

                                                   in partnership with the Social
                                                   Centre trustees with support
                                                   from WRVS. Invitations will be
                                                   sent to Residents, Wardens,
                                                   Domiciliary Care providers,
                                                   Social Workers and other Third
                                                   Sector Organisations. Local
                                                   shops have agreed to attend to
                                                   demonstrate services available
                                                   e.g. Fishmonger, Baker, Food
                                                   Cooperative, Clothes – all who
                                                   are willing to provide a weekly
                                                   ‘mobile’ service at the Social
                                                   Centre. Various hot, chilled and
                                                   frozen food companies will be
                                                   invited. attendees will be
                                                   requested to give feedback on
                                                   the meals which will form part of
                                                   the decision making process
                                                   used by the Social Centre
                                                   trustees when choosing a meal
                                                   option for the centre.

                                                   A second Social Centre has
                                                   been identified in Colwyn Bay.
                                                   Discussions will be held with the
                                                   Committee members in January
                                                   to ascertain their opinion and
5   Increase the number of recipients of     2%    Between April 09 and October
    benefits across the county through             09 there has been an increase
    continued working with DWP and                 in benefit take up of 5.66%.
    voluntary organisations to further
    promote the `Benefit Take-Up’
    campaign by 2%.
6   The average number of days taken         590   Annual Figures – to be supplied
    to deliver a Disabled Facilities Grant         at year end
7   The average number of days taken         40    Annual Figures – to be supplied
    to deliver low cost adaptation works           at year end
    in private dwellings where the
    Disabled Facilities’ Grant process is
    not used
8   The rate per 1,000 adult clients         65    Annual Figures – to be supplied
    assessed during the year who are               at year end
    provided with electronic assistive
    technology as part of a package of
9   Develop a client survey to record              Client Survey in place. Issued
    and monitor the percentage of those            after   each    adaptation   is
    satisfied with the Disabled Facilities         completed.

     DRAFT Version 7

     Grant process.
10   In partnership with Conwy LHB                  Integrated Service established
     establish a Community Equipment                April 08 under the Section 33
     store by March 2010                            Agreement.                 Telecare
                                                    installation service is now full
                                                    amalgamated           into      the
                                                    mainstream stores service. The
                                                    pool budget is now in operation.
                                                    There are some delays with the
                                                    new build premises however the
                                                    transition move has commenced
                                                    and Conwy stores will move and
                                                    be accommodated on site as of
                                                    March 2010.
11   Further Development and                        The review of projects is now
         Implementation of the Telecare             completed and the service went
         Strategy to include:                       live on 1st April 2009.
     •    By February 2009 complete the
           evaluation of all telecare pilot
           o Elderly Mental Health
           o Learning Disability
           o Telehealth
     •    Based upon the evaluation
           outcome, complete the plan
           for mainstreaming the
           Telecare service
12   Develop a client survey to record               A client survey has been
     and monitor        the percentage of           developed and implemented
     those satisfied with the technology            with a 34% return rate and
     for assisted living provided to them           positive response.
13   Percentage of pupil attendance in      91.6%   This target was achieved.
     secondary schools                              Percentage attendance was
14   Percentage of pupil attendance in     94.1%    This target was achieved.
     primary schools                                Percentage attendance was
15   The percentage of pupils assessed     79.0%    77.6% was achieved.
     at the end of Key Stage 2, in
     schools maintained by the local
     authority, achieving the Core
     Subject Indicator, as determined by
     Teacher Assessment
16   The percentage of pupils assessed     62.0%    Percentage of pupils assessed
     at the end of Key Stage 3, in                  was 60.3%.
     schools maintained by the local
     authority, achieving the Core
     Subject Indicator, as determined by
     Teacher Assessment

     DRAFT Version 7

17   To extend the Parenting Courses                Plans have been made to
     offered, to focus on Secondary                 undertake parenting support and
     schools, by 31/07/2010                         families have been identified
                                                    therefore work will proceed this
18   Develop a training programme to be             Action ongoing.            Training
     delivered to teaching staff regarding          programme has been developed
     the appropriate use of registration            and has been offered to schools
     codes and accurate record keeping              staff regarding the appropriate
     in relation to attendance, by                  use of registration codes and
     31/07/2009                                     accurate record keeping in
                                                    relation to attendance
19   Promote and encourage           other          In order to promote and
     outside      agencies   to       take          encourage         other     outside
     responsibility   via  their      own           agencies to take responsibility
     assessments, 31/07/2009                        for their own assessments, a
                                                    presentation of Service in multi-
                                                    agency          settings,      and
                                                    encouraging and promoting
                                                    agency responsibilities, has
                                                    been delivered.
20   Through    the    Primary   Project            Through the Primary Project
     Worker, undertake parenting work in            Worker, parenting work in
     Primary schools, by 31/07/2009                 Primary Schools is being
                                                    undertaken and continues to be
21   Investigate the feasibility of sending         Leaflets regarding the ESW
     out information leaflets regarding             Services have been identified in
     the ESW Service in Polish, to                  a variety of languages from
     migrant workers and their families,            DCFS and are in the process of
     by 31/07/2009                                  being ordered
22   Review     and     consolidate     the         In    order     to    review   and
     effectiveness of the thematic                  consolidate the effectiveness of
     approach adopted by schools at                 the thematic approach adopted
     KS3, by 31/03/2010                             by schools at KS3, a meeting
                                                    has been arranged with the KS3
                                                    Co-ordinators        to     monitor
23    Work with schools to develop and              Target setting meetings have
      implement their strategies to                 been arranged with all Primary
      strengthen boys achievements at               head Teachers to work with
      KS1 & KS2, by 31/08/2010                      schools      to     develop    and
                                                    implement their strategies to
                                                    strengthen boys achievements
                                                    in KS1 & KS2
24    The percentage of first placements      95%   70.6% This is owing to number
      of looked after children during the           of    short     term    emergency
      year that began with a care plan in           placements..
25   The percentage of children looked        92%   This is an annual figure

     DRAFT Version 7

     after during the year with a personal
     education plan within 20 school
     days of entering care or joining a
     new school in the year ending 31st
26       a) The percentage attendance        a)94.1%   This is annual figure
             of looked after pupils whilst
             in care in primary schools

         b) The percentage attendance b)91.6%          This is an annual figure
          looked after pupils whilst in
         care in secondary schools.
27   Continue to promote awareness of                  The go live date has been
     benefit entitlement and increase                  achieved and we have seen an
     take-up especially free school meals              increase in the take up of free
     and uniform grant                                 school meals and school uniform
                                                       grants. This has resulted in an
                                                       additional 196 school children
                                                       qualifying for free school meals
                                                       and 333 qualifying for school
                                                       uniform grants
28   Audit all client files to ensure                  Currently 169 children on the LAC list.
     assessments      are    completed                 The Personal Education Plans require
                                                       updating.      The    Social  Services
     accurately and on time                            Permanency team have highlighted a
                                                       priority list of 80 to be completed by
                                                       March 2010
29   Establishment of a LAC forum with                 LAC consultation took place in
     direct links to Councillors and the               summer. Have amended exit
     youth council to ensure improved                  interviews and taken actions as
     feedback and improved councillor                  a result.
     understanding of their corporate
     parenting role;
30   Involvement of parents of children                Consultation with parents of
     with a disability in service design via           children with a disability using
     the parents’ forum and undertake                  Tir na Nog. Parents involved in
     client satisfaction survey to ensure              allocating grant for respite care.
     improvement in design is successful
31   Improve the cleanliness of our          96%       92.5% was achieved
32   The percentage of reported fly          97%       96.8% was achieved – this has
     tipping incidents cleared within 5                only marginally missed target.
     working days
33   The total tonnage of bio-degradable 50%           52.2% was achieved –this is
     municipal waste sent to landfill                  only slightly off target
     (change to %)
34   Working with the Police, community                We have organised 10
     support groups and voluntary                      Environment Action Days so far

     DRAFT Version 7

     organisations   the Council will        in the following locations:
     support 1 additional Community
     Action Day in a new locality each
                                             Chester Avenue, Kinmel Bay
                                             Peulwys, Old Colwyn
                                             Glyn Estate, Colwyn Bay

                                             There are more Environment
                                             Actions Days planned for the
                                             year ahead.

                                             Organisations involved include:
                                             North Wales Police, Probation
                                             Service,     Criminal      Justice
                                             Intervention               Wales,
                                             Communities First, Keep Wales
                                             Tidy, Cartrefi Conwy, the Youth
                                             Justice    Service     and     the
                                             Community Safety Partnership.
35   Working in partnership with the         A community Award scheme is
     residents of Community First areas,     being developed which will
     develop an incentive programme          reflect areas of good practice.
     where      local   residents      are   The Awards will be presented in
     recognised for supporting the           Jun 2010 owing to the original
     Council’s environmental initiatives     date clashing with elections.
36   Pilot the extension of our kerbside     Pilot food waste and plastic
     recycling scheme to include food        kerbside recycling scheme
     waste     plastics   and      kitchen   introduced to 6,600 households
     cardboard by March 2010                 across the County in May 2009.

                                             Between May and October 2009
                                             265.4 tonnes of food waste has
                                             been collected from the pilot
                                             households and 44.2 tonnes of

                                             On 10/11/09 Cabinet approved
                                             the extension of the pilot
                                             scheme to all 48,000

     DRAFT Version 7

                                                households in the kerbside area.
                                                This is scheduled for September

                                                Grey and white card is now
                                                collected from the 48,000
                                                households currently receiving
                                                the kerbside recycling service.
37   By March 2010 the Council will have        Survey undertaken in July 2009
     established and undertaken a               to gauge customer satisfaction
     `Street Scene’ survey.                     levels with the street cleansing
                                                service. Data is currently being
38   By March 2010 establish a `Rapid           Environmental Response Team
     Response Team’ to deal with fly            in     place    to   deal     with
     tipping and graffiti.                      environmental           incidents.
                                                Environmental          Response
                                                procedures have been reviewed
                                                and updated to ensure improved
                                                response times to environmental
                                                incidents. The       Environment
                                                Advice Team have undergone
                                                training in the updated response
39   New build units (committed)           54   Awaiting data
40   New build (windfall)                  30   Awaiting data
41   Support local residents to purchase   10   8 achieved (4 Home buy loans
     a property via the home buy scheme         were provided and 4 mortgage
                                                rescue cases). 3 further Home
                                                buy Loans are in process as well
                                                as an additional 2 mortgage
                                                rescue cases

42   In    partnership    with    Bangor        Update available March 2010
     University, promote 1 national
     learning exchange event to raise
     awareness and share good practice
     of how to undertake a Housing
     Market Assessment
43   By March 2010 the Council will have 50     29 homes have been completed
     worked with home owners and                for 2008/2009
     landlords to bring back into use 50        Officers are currently working to
     empty homes from across the                purchase 18 units with WAG
     county borough.                            funding     in    the    Strategic
                                                Regeneration Area.
44   Ensure that at least 30% of homes 30%      This is a target for March 2010.
     on all new developments are                Given the current economic
     affordable                                 climate – a circumstance beyond
                                                our control, this target may not

     DRAFT Version 7

                                                     be achievable
45   The number of visits to sport and     7,750     Based on mid year performance
     leisure centres during the year per             we are predicting a year end
     1,000 population                                performance of 8,805
46   Increase the number of allotments     195       202 Allotment plots provided as
     available to provide community                  at 30/09/2009.      Options for
     resources that improve wellbeing                identifying   more    land    for
     and sustain the local environment               allotment provision are currently
                                                     being explored. We have
                                                     obtained planning permission for
                                                     a new allotment site and are
                                                     awaiting Cabinet approval to
                                                     proceed. So far during 2009/10,
                                                     we have increased the provision
                                                     of allotments by 6.3% from the
                                                     previous year, which is well
                                                     above the annual target of 2.5%.
47   Number of candidates that achieve     1500      378 were achieved between
     a recognised Sport Coach award                  April and October 2009
48   Number of                                       Mid year stats
     a) free swims                         a)        a)25778
     b) free structured swims              42000     b)4815
     c) paid structured swims              b) 5000   Total 32425
     Total                                 c) 3500
49   By March 2010 develop targets for               Awaiting data
     the number of community based
     competitions and events hosted in
     our community facilities
50   Deliver a range of physical activity            Awaiting data
     programmes such as `Exercise by
     Prescription’ to encourage general
     health and well-being of our
51   Actively promote the strategic                  Awaiting data
     cycling route
52   Develop a range of measures to                  Awaiting data
     support the number of education
     and      training opportunities    in
     disability sport
53   The average wider point score for     360       Annual figure – to be provided
     pupils aged 15 as at the preceding
     31 august
54   Working in partnership we will work   18        Currently 40 staff are following
     to provide Modern Apprenticeships               an apprentice framework in
     across a range of sectors                       Conwy.
55   Number of Businesses in receipt of    100       47 Businesses were supported
     ICT information through                         between April 09 and Oct 09
     dissemination actions

     DRAFT Version 7

56   Number of Businesses in receipt of    50   46 businesses received training
     ICT training through events or one         between April 09 and Oct 09
     to one training.
57   Working with local educational        30   Currently arranged for 102 work
     establishments, by March 2010 the          placements including 4 for
     Council will offer 30 work                 people with a disability.
     placements for local students each
58   Develop further opportunities for          Awaiting data
     children and young people to gain
     vocational qualifications through the
     14-19 Pathway initiatives
59   Through a range of initiatives the         To be reported at year end
     Council will provide people with
     disabilities opportunities for work
60   Establish a client survey to measure       The client survey is currently
     the success of the support and             being undertaken and will be
     signposting service provided by the        continued until the end of
     business support team                      February when the results will
                                                be available. (This is so we can
                                                follow up on completed
                                                enquiries and contacts in
                                                addition to ones which are

         DRAFT Version 7

         2.4 Performance Indicators

         The National Strategic Performance indicators and Core Indicators are submitted to the Welsh
         Assembly Government on an annual basis. They are monitored corporately by the Corporate
         Improvement and Development Team. The summary below provides an exception report
         highlighting the Performance indicators that have shown a significant improvement and those
         which require further support and focus to meet targets. It should be noted that there a
         significant number of performance indicators which are performing consistently well which are
         not shown. Further information on performance can be obtained from Corporate Improvement
         and Development Team.

                                                                             2008/09   2009/10    2009/10
Service Area     Pi reference   Headline                       Performance
                                                                              Value     Target     Value
Significant Improvement in Performance

Environmental                   Municipal Waste Reused
                 WMT001 i) &                                                                       44.01%
Services                        and / or Recycled and                        35.4%     44.0%
                 ii)                                                                             (July-Sept)
                                waste composted
Adult Services   SCA001
                                The rate of delayed
                                transfers of care for social                  0.00      1.50        0.00
                                care reasons

                                The percentage of carers
                 SCA018 a)      offered an assessment in                     57.6%     100.0%      73.3%
                                their own right
Children’s                      Re-referrals within 12
Services         SCC010 a)                                                   42.1%     20.0%       18.4%

                                Timely reviews of child
                 SCC034                                                      89.9%     95.0%       98.4%
                                protection register cases

        DRAFT Version 7

Regulatory   PPN001 (i)     Inspection of high risk
Services                    businesses by trading        90.0%    100%      100%
             PPN001 (iii)   Inspection of high risk
                            businesses by animal         94.0%   100.00%   114.94%
             PPN001(iv)     Inspection of high risk
                            businesses by Health and     100%     100%      100%
             PPN008 (i)     Percentage of new
                            business identified which
                            were subject to a risk
                            assessment visit or          5.5%    40.00%    41.33%
                            returned a self-assessment
                            questionnaire during the
                            year for trading standards
             PPN008 (ii)    Percentage of new
                            business identified which
                            were subject to a risk
                            assessment visit or          44.9%   80.00%    74.67%
                            returned a self-assessment
                            questionnaire during the
                            year for food hygiene
             PPN008 (iii)   Percentage of new
                            business identified which
                            were subject to a risk
                            assessment visit or            -     100.00%      -
                            returned a self-assessment
                            questionnaire during the
                            year for animal health
                            Percentage of new
                            business identified which
                            were subject to a risk
             PPN008 (iv)    assessment visit or          3.6%    50.00%    45.78%
                            returned a self-assessment
                            questionnaire during the
                            year for health and safety
                            Days to discharge full
             HHA002                                       231      200       147
                            homeless duty

                            Homeless families with
                            children who have used
             HHA014 a)                                    43       20        6
                            bed & breakfast

           DRAFT Version 7

Poor Performers

                                                                                2008/09      2009/10       2009/10
Service Area    Pi reference   Headline                       Performance
                                                                                 Value       Target         Value
Adult                          The rate of Older People
Services        SCA002 a)      supported in the                                   57.85         58.00         49.92
                               Performance is very low, but this does not reflect quality of service – the PI is
                               misleading owing to problems getting data from the voluntary sector. Our actual
                               performance is much better but we cannot record the activity. This can be a
                               perverse PI, as if the rate is low, it shows preventative strategy is working.
Children’s                     First placements that
Services        SCC001 a)      began with a care plan in                          90.8%         92.0%         70.6%
                           This indicator has been affected by the number of short term unplanned
                           cases. There is also a query regarding the definition of the PI. A decision
                           needs to be made as to whether we are looking for the date of the signed
                           LAC Care Plan at the Review or the electronic authorisation within PARIS
                               Timeliness of decision on
                SCC006                                                           97.9%        95.0%         51.4%
                               This PI is being monitored by Corporate Parenting. The move over to
                               PARIS from Care.Comm has seen a change in practice more inline with ICS
                               guidance, Preliminary reports have had to be re-visited due to a change in
                               practice following the first few months of go-live.

                           The actual indicator is only interested in what we are calling a ‘Referral &
                           Information Record’; however, we are now undertaking a lot of the work
                Commentary whilst the enquiry is still at the ‘Contact Record’ stage on PARIS. The
                           majority of the cases that have affected the outturn of this particular Indictor
                           were just kept open as Contact Records for extensive periods whilst duty
                           work was being undertaken or decisions based on further information were
                           pending. Eventually, these were then closed down and became Referral &
                           Information Records, which is when the date of the decision can then be
                           taken. This is now being addressed on PARIS.

Regulatory                     Inspection of high risk
Services        PPN001 (ii)    businesses by food                               95.00%       100.00%       64.33%

DRAFT Version 7

                    Food Hygiene inspections have improved considerably – an action plan is in place
                    to work towards addressing this PI before the end of 2009-10.
      PLA004 a)     Major planning applications
                    determined within 13                           30.3%       50.0%        20.0%
                 The failure to meet this target is owing to the complexity of 3rd party delays
                 in the process. Some improvement may be generated through the review of
                 Planning Committee procedure and practice currently in hand. In addition
                 the introduction of the Design and Access Statement provision recommends
                 prior dialogue to speed up post application processes (but to date there is
                 insufficient evidence to assess this). It would be possible to affect some
                 improvement in speed of decision by immediately processing inadequate
                 submissions with an increase in refusals .but it has not been the emphasis
                 of the Committee with preference being afforded more to the quality of
                 service and decision in such cases
      PLA004 b)     Minor planning applications
                                                                   70.6%       70.0%        66.1%
                    determined within 8 weeks

                    The current forecast is predicting a favourable increase in performance for
                    this PI.


April to Oct 09 The total days lost to sickness absence per FTE staff member for this period is
5.74. Based upon this performance the expected year end figure is 9.85 against a target of 9.90

       2.5    Regulatory Activity

       The list below details the current areas of work which are being inspected by our external regulators, their key findings and progress
       made to implement recommendations made.

       Annual Letter for 2008 -09

       The Annual Letter is issued by WAO Relationship Manager and KPMG. It sets out the key messages arising from audit and inspection
       work undertaken over the last 12 months. It is a very positive report and concludes that

       “The Council has complied with financial and performance improvement reporting requirements, but faces significant financial
       challenges over the next few years. The Council has appropriate and improving arrangements to administer and report
       financial matters and to secure value for money in its use of resources in 2008-09, but faces financial challenges that may
       impact on its financial position and service delivery”.

       Conwy CBC also took part in a pilot to implement the new Wales Programme For Improvement Guidance for the Local Government
       Measure. “Emerging findings from the pilot…. Suggest that the Council’s Corporate arrangements provide foundations to
       support effective governance and progress against priorities but that timely, well informed decisions will be necessary to
       sustain improvement in the future.” A final conclusion on the Council’s Corporate arrangements will be published in May 2010.

       There were some recommendations which will need to be implemented. For further information on the Annual Letter please contact
       CIDT or access a copy of the report from the website.

                                     Date       Lead    No                                                     Report Summary Findings
                          Regulat    Final      Offic   of
Ref                                                            Out       Comments from
      Description         ory        Report     er      Rec
No                                                             standin   November 2009
                          Body       Receive            s
      PLAN 07 - 08
      Strategic and                             Andre                    Actions progressing        There are promising signs that risk management
      Operational Risk                          w                        well and training          processes are getting better but there are still
      Management                     October    Kirkh                    completed. Revised         opportunities for improvement. Certain aspects
                          KPMG                           8        7
                                     08         am                       Strategy going through     of risk management would benefit from more
                                                                         political process in Jan   rigour and formal guidelines. The authority
                                                                         2010.                      should consider rolling out another wave of risk

       DRAFT Version 7

                                     Date       Lead     No                                                    Report Summary Findings
                           Regulat   Final      Offic    of
Ref                                                            Out       Comments from
      Description          ory       Report     er       Rec
No                                                             standin   November 2009
                           Body      Receive             s
                                                                                                    management training.
      Adult Mental
                                                                         Work not yet
      Health Services –
      National Audit
      Financial                                 Andre
      Pressures                      October    w                        Work has commenced
                           KPMG                           6       6
                                     08         Kirkh                    on some actions
      Response to
                           WAO                                           Evidence grid shared
      External Challenge
      Development          WAO                                           Report not received
      School Transport                          Gerai                                               Conwy County Borough Council (the Council)
                                                nt                                                  provides an effective home to school transport
                                                Jame                                                service but some of the operational
                                                                         This will be followed up
                                                s                                                   arrangements could be improved and there is
                           WAO       Feb 09               6       5      by Internal Audit in
                                                                                                    insufficient information available about
                                                                         January 2009.
                                                                                                    passenger satisfaction, quality and national
                                                                                                    comparative costs to demonstrate value for
      PLAN 08 - 09
      LSVT /                                                             Final report not yet
      Homelessness                                                       received.
      Energy costs /                            Derwy                                               There is a strong appetite amongst members
                                                                         Action plan will be
      Carbon Footprint                          Owen                                                and officers to introduce carbon reduction
                                     Dec                                 addressed by the
                           KPMG                Geraint   28      28                                 measures, but the Council needs to harness and
                                     2009                                Green Programme
                                               dwards                                               direct the enthusiasm that will make it happen.
      Waste                WAO                                           Postponed until after

        DRAFT Version 7

                                        Date      Lead    No                                        Report Summary Findings
                              Regulat   Final     Offic   of
Ref                                                             Out       Comments from
      Description             ory       Report    er      Rec
No                                                              standin   November 2009
                              Body      Receive           s
      Management –                                                        April 2010
      National audit
      Difficult Decisions /                                               This piece of work has
      Libraries                                                           been postponed until
                              WAO                                         the Local Government
                                                                          Measures have been
      Partnership                                                         This piece of work has
      Working                 WAO                                         been postponed until
                                                                          the new year.
                                                                          Final report not yet
      Management              KPMG
      Unscheduled Care                                                    Published Dec 09
                                                                          going to IAG
      Affordable Housing                                                  Postponed until after
                                                                          April 2010
      Roll out of 2007 –                                                  At field work stage to
      2013 EU funding                                                     be completed spring
      round                                                               2010
      Nutrition in
      Management                                                          Not commenced
      Follow up
      CSSIW – Annual
      Fostering                                                           Not commenced
      Good Practice –                                                     A final report will not
      Agile Working           WAO                                         be produced.

       DRAFT Version 7

                                    Date      Lead    No                                         Report Summary Findings
                          Regulat   Final     Offic   of
Ref                                                         Out       Comments from
      Description         ory       Report    er      Rec
No                                                          standin   November 2009
                          Body      Receive           s
      Primary School
                                                                                      Ysgol Maes Owen is a school that is making
                                                                                      good progress in all aspects of learning. It is a
                                                                                      happy and caring school that provides a secure
                                                                                      environment where pupils are keen to learn.
                                                                                      The warmth of relationships between children
                                                                                      and adults ensures a calm and ordered place of
      Ysgol Maes Owen,
                          Esytn     Sept 08            6                              learning. The head teacher and members of
      Kinmel Bay
                                                                                      staff are hard working and dedicated.
                                                                                      Overall the school provides pupils with a good
                                                                                      range of learning experiences both in and out of
                                                                                      school and they make good progress in acquiring
                                                                                      new knowledge, understanding and skills and in
                                                                                      fulfilling their.
                                                                                      Old Colwyn Junior School is a very good school
      Old Colwyn Junior                                                               with many outstanding features, which include
      School, Church      Estyn     Nov 08             4                              high academic and social standards, a high
      Walks                                                                           proportion of exceptional teaching and very
                                                                                      effective leadership and management.
                                                                                      This is a good school. Standards of
                                                                                      achievement are generally good throughout the
                                                                                      school as are the quality of the teaching, the
      Ysgol Ro Wen,
                          Estyn     Dec 08             3                              curriculum and, the support and guidance given
                                                                                      to pupils . There have been many significant
                                                                                      improvement sin standards and the educational
                                                                                      provision since the last inspection.
                                                                                      Ysgol Tudno is a good school. The school is a
                                                                                      fully inclusive and caring community that
      Ysgol Tudno         Estyn     Nov 08             6
                                                                                      concentrates on pupils’ needs and on creating
                                                                                      the conditions for each individual to develop and

       DRAFT Version 7

                                   Date      Lead    No                                         Report Summary Findings
                         Regulat   Final     Offic   of
Ref                                                        Out       Comments from
      Description        ory       Report    er      Rec
No                                                         standin   November 2009
                         Body      Receive           s
                                                                                     flourish. Provision in the LEA resource base for
                                                                                     pupils with additional learning needs is
                                                                                     outstanding. Throughout the school pupils are
                                                                                     well behaved, considerate and polite. This has a
                                                                                     positive impact on the standards they achieve.
                                                                                     Good progress has been made since the
                                                                                     previous inspection.
                                                                                     Ysgol Gynradd has many good features and
                                                                                     some outstanding features, but there are also
                                                                                     shortcomings. The findings of the inspection
      Ysgol Gynradd,
                         Estyn     Jan 09             5                              team correspond to the evaluations made by the
      Rhydgaled, Groes
                                                                                     school in three out o the seven Key Questions.
                                                                                     A lower grade was awarded for Key Questions 4,
                                                                                     5, and 6 and a higher grade for Key Question 3.
                                                                                     Ysgol Talhaiarn succeeds in creating a happy
                                                                                     and supportive environment where pupils feel
                                                                                     secure and respected. Following a period of
                                                                                     instability, there are clear signs that the actions
                                                                                     taken by the current headteacher in charge are
      Ysgol Talhaiarn,             March                                             having a positive effect on standards of
                         Estyn                        7
      LlanfairTH                   09                                                achievement. Pupils benefit from the staff’s
                                                                                     dedication and commitment. Relationships
                                                                                     within the school are very positive and as a result
                                                                                     pupils develop as polite, friendly and confident
                                                                                     individuals. Progress since the last inspection
                                                                                     has good features which outweigh shortcomings.
                                                                                     Ysgol Penmachno is a good school where there
                                                                                     are no important shortcomings. It has made
      Ysgol Penmachno    Estyn     May 09             4
                                                                                     good progress since the last inspection. It is
                                                                                     effectively led and managed.
      Glan Conwy         Estyn     July               4                              Ysgol Glan Conwy is a good school that serves

       DRAFT Version 7

                                   Date      Lead    No                                         Report Summary Findings
                         Regulat   Final     Offic   of
Ref                                                        Out       Comments from
      Description        ory       Report    er      Rec
No                                                         standin   November 2009
                         Body      Receive           s
                                   2009                                              its community well. It has maintained its good
                                                                                     standards and progressed well the key issues
                                                                                     highlighted in the previous inspection.
                                                                                     This is a good school that has many outstanding
                                                                                     features. The outstanding leadership provided
                                                                                     by the head teacher has been a key factor in
                                                                                     bringing about high standards of pupils’
                                                                                     achievement and school improvement.
      St Elfod           Estyn                        1                              Outstanding progress has been made in
                                                                                     addressing all seven key issues identified in the
                                                                                     previous inspection report. There have been
                                                                                     considerable improvements in standards,
                                                                                     planning and provision and a greater emphasis
                                                                                     placed on developing pupils’ learning.
                                                                                     Ysgol San Sior is a school where good features
                                   Aug                                               outweigh shortcomings. Leadership and
      San Sior           Estyn                        5
                                   2009                                              management at the school and its progress since
                                                                                     the last inspection have good features that
                                                                                     The school is a happy and caring community
                                                                                     where pupils feel comfortable to approach any
                                   Aug                                               member of staff for guidance. Good progress
      Bro Aled           Estyn                        4
                                   2009                                              has been made in addressing nearly all the
                                                                                     recommendations identified in the previous
                                                                                     report in 2003.
                                                                                     Bod Alaw is a good school that succeeds in
                                                                                     gaining the full commitment of all who are
                                   Sep                                               involved with it, and is a source of pride in the
      Bod Alaw           Estyn                        5
                                   2009                                              local community. The school succeeds well in
                                                                                     providing an effective education for the whole
                                                                                     range of pupils who attend.

       DRAFT Version 7

                                     Date      Lead    No                                         Report Summary Findings
                           Regulat   Final     Offic   of
Ref                                                          Out       Comments from
      Description          ory       Report    er      Rec
No                                                           standin   November 2009
                           Body      Receive           s

      School Reports
                                                                                       Ysgol Bryn Elian is a good school that has the
      Ysgol Bryn Elian,              October
                           Estyn                        3                              leadership and vision capable of making it
      Colwyn Bay                     08
                                                                                       become a very good school.
                                                                                       Ysgol John Bright is a good school with some
      Ysgol John Bright,                                                               outstanding features. Through the inspirational
                           Estyn     June 09            4
      Llandudno                                                                        leadership provided by the former and present
                                                                                       headteachers the school continues to improve.

2.6      Summary of Service Position Statements

The table below gives a précis of the key successes and areas of improvement for individual
services. Further details may be obtained by reading the Service Position Statements which can
be obtained from either the service or the Corporate Improvement and Development Team.

2.6.1    IT

Key Issues                                                  Positive Progress

1. Increased demand for web services and                    4. ICT strategy progressing – in
   current capacity needs increasing                           accordance with action plan.
2. Need to develop Corporate direction on                   5. LLPG database is complete which
   the content and online service delivery on                  may give address information, when
   the website                                                 published on Web
3. Disaster Recovery needs funding and                      6. New Service Desk being
   implementing.                                               implemented
4. Loss of funding from Cartrefi Conwy resulted in          7. Undertaking baseline review of all
loss of FTE staff, restricts ability to deliver service.       applications across N Wales
                                                            8. Positive feedback on SOCTIM
                                                               Benchmarking scoring 5.7 out of 7,
                                                               top in Wales

2.6.2    Provider Unit

Key Issues                                                  Positive Progress

1. Working to identify what can be done to be               4. Follow up visits with all clients completed
   more proactive to access benefits for clients               – all happy in new homes Successful
   and carer support.                                          redeployment and training of staff as part
2. Asset Management an issue in terms of                       of closure and modernisation
   quality and rental.                                         programme. Successful reduction in
3. Reviewing financial model from units of time                anticipated redundancies and therefore
   to levels of care to improve commissioning.                 costs.
                                                            5. Residential Homes Lessons learnt
                                                               ‘pause and review’ completed
                                                            6. .Career grade progression in place for
                                                               community support and day services
                                                               workers. There are 4 levels and training
                                                               identified for each level.

2.6.3    Internal Audit

Key Issues                                                  Positive Progress

      1. In conjunction with CIDT, control                     1. Joint working with KPMG has
         measures identified in risk registers will               resulted in a comprehensive review
         be reviewed in respect of those service                  of homelessness
         areas where it is appropriate to do so, in            2. The section is achieving all its

DRAFT Version 7

Key Issues                                        Positive Progress

      order to obtain evidence that risks are           performance targets for 2009/10 at
      being appropriately managed and to                the half year with the exception of the
      provide challenge to the process                  % planned work achieved. This
   2. Opportunities for further joint working           indicator is affected by the continued
      initiatives with Denbighshire will be             secondment to JE and additional 5
      explored when annual audit plans are              unplanned audit reviews which
      being prepared.                                   account for a further 113 days work
   3. Undertake a joint review of Home to               at the half year.
      School Transport with WAO                      3. A meeting of all Heads of Internal
   4. Complete the Joint review of Partnerships         Audit Services in North Wales was
      with WAO.                                         held in September 2009 to consider
                                                        which LA should lead on auditing
                                                        partnerships, whether there is merit
                                                        in producing standard audit
                                                        programmes in certain auditable
                                                        areas e.g Education, and the sharing
                                                        of scarce specialist resources e.g.
                                                        computer auditors, fraud

2.6.4   Highways and Infrastructure

Key Issues                                        Positive Progress

1. Integrated Transport Strategy need                1. Successful applications for: -
   progressing                                          European Blue Flag Award.
2. Review of service delivery mechanisms for            Llanfairfechan, Penmaenmawr and
   Rights of Way maintenance to be undertaken           Llandudno North Shore. Seaside
   with aim to increase efficiency.                     Awards. Llandudno West Shore,
                                                        Rhos On Sea/Colwyn Bay, Old
3. Existing power kiting zoning and permit              Colwyn, Abergele/Pensarn and
   scheme to be extended to Kinmel Bay Beach            Kinmel Bay. Note Blue Flag areas
   area for 2010 season.                                also achieved Seaside Awards.
4. Task & Finish Group for Residential Parking          Green Coast Award. Pensarn and
   and Review of Parking Services membership            Kinmel Bay.
   now confirmed                                     2. Good feedback from Schools
5. Internal Audit review of Bridges and                 following Theatre in Education
   Structures activities in terms of Capital            performances delivering Road Safety
   Project Planning – this may be a joint CCBC          Themes, and following
   & DCC review.                                        implementation of Safe Routes to
                                                        Schools infrastructure provisions.
                                                     3. A number of collaboration project
                                                        work streams have been started and
                                                        good progress made, and the
                                                        understanding of what collaboration
                                                        entails is being understood and
                                                        supported in both authorities.

DRAFT Version 7

2.6.5   Finance

Key Issues                                         Positive Progress

1. Review of Payroll function and                      1. Budget working group established
   benchmarking with other authorities                    including Officers, Members and
2. Investigating collaboration on Insurance               S151 Officer. Developing Strategic
3. Implement new Financial Accounting in line             View on efficiencies.
   with new Standards.                                 2. KPMG audit of accounts 08/09
4. Online travel expenses progressing but not             demonstrates good progress and few
   yet implemented owing to JE.                           recommendations
5. Rolling budget not possible owing to                3. Business Planning Framework
   uncertainty of government funding. Best and            updated
   worst case scenarios being considered.              4. Reducing Paper based working
                                                       5. Completed 1 to 1 sessions with each
                                                          service to assist with efficiency

2.6.6   Education

Key Issues                                         Positive Progress

1. Clarify schools’ understanding of protocols     5. Key Stage 2 Welsh is improving and a
   for support and intervention and improve           strategy in place to encourage parents to
   the quality records of visits, so actions          place children in Welsh secondary
   required are clear.                                education.
2. Create and implement a strategy to develop      6. SEN stats now on target
   bilingualism in English-medium secondary        7. Primary School Modernisation project is
   schools.                                           on schedule and progressing well.
3. Extend Welsh-medium options in pre-16           8. The completion of actions to comply with
   vocational provision.                              inspection reports are progressing well.
4. Set clear standards for the quality of home     9. Customers Scrutiny has reviewed and
   to school/college transport.                       considered options for reducing the
                                                      council subsidy for school catering

2.6.7 Regulatory Services

Key Issues                                           Positive Progress

1. Homelessness remains a significant issue. A       1. Approval of funding to develop regional
   report will be presented to Cabinet, together        CCTV.
   with PID on 12 January 2010. The Scope of         2. Collaboration with Denbighshire to
   project has been agreed, together with               undertake inspections of businesses
   Membership of Project Board, Team and                has improved PI figures
   QAT. Aim is to complete the project in no         3. Internet investigation team now training
   more than 6 months.                                  offices across N Wales
2. Further work needed to address Major              4. Great Multitasking has been established
   Planning application target timescales.              in relation to inspections and
3. Need to review planning software - M3.               enforcement.
   There are issues regarding support from

DRAFT Version 7

Key Issues                                            Positive Progress

   supplier – Northgate.

2.6.8   Engineering and Design

Key Issues                                            Positive Progress

   1. Development of Energy Management                   5. Completion of 1st phase of TIGER
      initiatives to address 3% target.                     project in conjunction with
   2. Asset Management Strategy needs to be                 colleagues from other depts.
      updated and include KPMG                           6. Energy Champions now identified
      recommendations                                       across the authority.
   3. Development of the above will need to be           7. SLA in place between EDS and
      done in light of the TIGER team work.                 Community Services
   4. Review Energy Policy by April 2010

2.6.9   Environmental Services

Key Issues                                            Positive Progress

1. Separate negotiations may be required for          7. Green Horizons project in conjunction
    terms and conditions. Departmental Joint              with Provider Unit LD team for recycling
    Committee established to consider.                    in offices implemented.
2. Analysis of recycling pilot complete and           8. Now offering Trade waste recycling
    positive results. Key to roll out across county   9. Public Toilet Strategy has 13 business
    in order to meet new lower landfill allowances.       signed up to scheme.
3. Burial Ground expansion scheme may be              10. Flood risk maps approved and updating
    hindered due to ground conditions, such as            response procedures for environmental
    water levels.                                         incidents
4. Betws y Coed Planning permission for               11. Review of Transport service level
    sustainable public convenience building               agreement completed in consultation
    denied.                                               with services. Greater transparency in
5. Need to develop a Corporate driver’s road              terms of providing services with details
    risk policy.                                          of their specific transport costs.
6. Accommodation of additional waste vehicles             Arranging green fleet review via the
    arriving in 2010.                                     Energy Saving Trust.
7. Delay of flood alleviation schemes due to          12. Play equipment upgrade programmed.
insufficient funding from WAG.                        13. Llandudno and Colwyn Bay 1st Place in
                                                          Wales in Bloom and Colwyn Bay 2nd
                                                          place in Britain in Bloom.
                                                      14. Green Flag award for Happy Valley,
                                                      15. Successful roll out of Environment
                                                          Action Days county-wide.

DRAFT Version 7

2.6.10 Community Services

Key Issues                                           Positive Progress

1. Libraries are unable to meet Cymal Standards      7. Locality forums now established and
   and a review and Member decision is needed            action plans are being developed
   on the future direction of the service.           8. There has been a 55% increase in
2. Clarity of roles still required for Events            membership for the youth service &
   Management                                            community Safety partnership
3. Ensuring we maximise the 2012 Olympics to             acknowledged the reduction in ASB is in
   create a legacy in Conwy.                             part due to the Youth Service.
4. Destination Conwy report presented to             9. All but 1 of lettable industrial units are
   Cabinet and is progressing but further work to        full.
   be undertaken.                                    10. Rural Development Plan was launched
5. Developing links to maximise European                 at Glasdir by Minister of Rural Affairs
   funding and external funding.                     11. Partnership Manager appointed and
6. Review of Gladstone has been approved and             implementing Governance Toolkit.
   recommended by Scrutiny –awaiting Cabinet
   approval. Budgets in place to implement

2.6.11 Adult Social Care

Key Issues                                          Positive Progress

   1. There are capacity pressures in the LD           4. The Extra Care Housing
      team owing to the impact of recruitment,            developments are progressing well.
      complex cases and the graduation of                 Llanrwst and phase 1 Llanfairfechan
      clients from children services.                     are now open.
   2. There has been some issues with the              5. Support teams have been remodelled
      delay in decisions from the NHS owing to            to improve efficiencies
      the reorganisation                               6. The ACRF is progressing well – self
   3. To complete the ACRF by July 2010.                  assessment has been completed and
                                                          WAG facilitation has been provided.
                                                          The analysis of current effectiveness
                                                          is going well.

2.6.12 Revenue and Benefits

Key Issues                                          Positive Progress

1. The need to bar code reminders and final         5. The merger of Education Benefits within
   notices in order to facilitate the payment at       Housing Benefits and Council Tax
   the post offices for all Council debts.             Benefits has resulted in an additional 196
2. To review all those sundry debtors raised by        school children qualifying for free school
   various services and examine if debt can be         meals and 333 qualifying for school
   paid in advance and avoid the need to raise         uniform grants
   a sundry debtor account                          6. Continued with the joint training with all
3. Looking at new Credit Card standards to             North Wales Authorities (including Powys
   ensure controls in place.                           and Ceredigion) in the training of new

DRAFT Version 7

Key Issues                                        Positive Progress

4. Benefit caseload gone up by 5.66% since           entrants to the Benefits Service
   April. Staff working over time and slight      7. Customer Satisfaction Survey revealed
   backlog.                                          Majority satisfied with service.

2.6.13 Corporate Personnel

Key Issues                                        Positive Progress

1. Local Pis are to be developed for H&S          8. Annual Personnel and H&S reports
2. Developing an apprenticeship framework             completed
   including customer service module to support   9. Learning and Development Strategy and
   customer charter                                   plan published
3. Need to work with senior officers to improve   10. Key role in the redeployment of staff in
   Investigation timescales                           Social Care Modernisation programme.
4. New PID for Trent and lessons learnt being     11. IT Suite open on a Friday to public to
   developed.                                         access
5. Corporate People Strategy being developed.     12. Conwy Jobs Fair event held in
6. Improve percentage of PDRS completed               November
   annually                                       13. LGA has selected Conwy as one of 10
7. Tendering process for provision of Council’s       good practice case study areas due to
   Occupational Health Services has begun.            “the effectiveness of the rapid access to
                                                      physiotherapy scheme.”
                                                  14. Local Employment agreement between
                                                      CCBC and Job Centre + signed
                                                  15. Valuing Staff Programme Board being

2.6.14 Adult Mental Health Partnership

Key Issues                                        Positive Progress

1. Double entering on PARIS and Merddyn IT        6. 4th Annual report on the Partnership
   systems still an issue.                           published.
2. Reviewing Community Mental Health Team         7. Revaluation of respite service has
   Model                                             resulted in flexible respite service
3. Program of ‘safety walks’ scheduled.              provision.
4. Working with GPs to address in appropriate     8. Agreement in principle that CAMHS will
   referrals.                                        support all young people up to age of 18
5. Discussions ongoing regarding Social Care         years commencing from April 2010.
   input into NHS Clinical Programme Groups.      9. Reorganisation of NHS with regard to
                                                     impact on service gone well.

DRAFT Version 7

2.6.15 Legal & Democratic Services

Key Issues                                         Positive Progress

   1. Develop a civic programme of events for      1. Lexcel accreditation achieved
      the Council                                  2. Positive Inspection report on Scrutiny
   2. Mainstreaming requirements of Welsh             Function received.
      Language Scheme into Council                 3. Member Charter approved
      operations.                                  4. All Cabinet PDRs completed
   3. Introduce relevant protocols for crime and   5. Youth Council participated in Local
      disorder scrutiny and Councillor Call For       Democracy Week
      Action                                       6. All Wales Memorandum of
   4. Implement Public Awareness Strategy to          Understanding in place between 16 LAs
      promote democracy.                              to ask for legal capacity before going to
   5. Exploration with IT on implications of          private sector.
      individual registration
   6. Increase in childcare caseload owing to
      complexity of cases.
   7. Meetings with all services to ensure
      aware of what legal service is available
      and provide legal assistance at earliest

2.6.16 Civil Contingencies

Key Issues                                         Positive Progress

   1. Succession Planning required for team.           5. Development of plan for Morfa
   2. Extending risk assessing flooding to                Rhuddlan 1st of its kind in N Wales
      specific areas.                                     using IT to map human reaction.
   3. Programme of exercises to be completed              First draft of plan to be ready in new
      by end of March based on level of risk in           year.
      place.                                           6. Business Continuity Plans in place
   4. Clarity needed on lead on flood wardens –           for nearly all services.
      meeting with Environment agency to               7. Website pages improved. Guidance
      address.                                            for public in preparing for
                                                          emergency, now nearing completion

2.6.17 Theatres and Conference Centre

Key Issues                                         Positive Progress

1. Business Plan for Venue Cymru to be                1. Positive feedback on Taking Part Art
   completed.                                            event
2. Programme in regular data cleansing of             2. Ticket sales holding despite
   database to reduce duplicate copies of                recession especially for comedy
   brochures to same household.                       3. Record breaking sales figures for
3. Plans to produce 1 brochure for Venue                 Panto anticipated.
   Cymru and Colwyn Bay Theatre to reduce             4. Café bar renamed Catlins.
   printing costs.                                    5. Artifax IT system now linked to

DRAFT Version 7

Key Issues                                              Positive Progress

4. Developing virtual marketing in conjunction                Sundry Debtors which will remove
   with students at Coleg Llandrillo                          dual handling.
5. Investigating swipe security card system                6. Developing bespoke Welsh
                                                              Language course for staff

2.6.18 Children Social Services

Key Issues                                              Positive Progress

      1. ICS has created a serious capacity issue and      8. Joint Board established between
         will need very great modification which will          HOST and children services to
         take time. This is a national problem.                address homelessness issues for
      2. Considering the future direction of                   families.
         Children with Disability services whether         9. Genesis 2 relaunched – target to
         to going for joint operational or joint               support 73 single mothers but actual
         commissioning model.                                  already 170. May be able to access
      3. Some delays on progress with NHS                      additional funding as a result.
         owing to reorganisation, but now have             10. Joint Adoption Service manager now
         named officers to contact for each                    in place, confirming funding
         partnership.                                          arrangements with other Las.
      4. Need to address lack of information on            11. Day with Cabinet and Youth Council
         some referrals for Children in Need.                  was deemed a success.
         Measures are being taken to address other         12. Tir Na Nog had a positive inspection
         agency poor quality referrals
      5. Need to get Emergency Duty Team on
         line with PARIS – now being addressed
      6. Risk of insufficient capacity owing to
         Southwark Caselaw, and implications on
         homelessness accommodation and
      7. Staff retention remains an serious issue.

3.0      Conclusions

From this report, it is clear that Conwy County Borough Council is making good progress
towards achieving key Corporate objectives and addressing and or managing significant risks.

There are areas which have been identified for improvement, which must be addressed at a
service level. Scrutiny may wish to identify key issues from this report that they would like to
consider in further detail.


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