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									                                GRAHAM CHRISTIE

Address         Flat 9, Warwick House,                Date of Birth          7th October 1972
                Station Road, Kenilworth,             Nationality            British
                Warwickshire                          Marital Status         Single
                CV8 1JF
Telephone       01926 850 161


1994 – 1998     PhD in Microbiology: “Application of novel particle analysis instrumentation for
University of   monitoring microbial fermentation processes”. Essentially, the thesis examines
Warwick         the microbiology of three fermentation processes – cider, beer and vinegar – and
                considers the novel approach of real-time particle analysis as an industrial
                bioprocess monitoring technique. Much of the core data resulted from industrial
                analyses performed in the UK, and also at the Bitburger brewery in Germany.

1990 – 1994     BSc (Hons) in Microbiology (2:1).           Main courses included: Industrial
University of   microbiology; Bacteriology; Mycology; Molecular biology & genetics; Microbial
Strathclyde     biochemistry; Methods in bioscience, and a broad range of other scientific subjects
                and practicals.

1984 – 1990     5 Highers – English (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (B), Maths (C), Art & Design
Grange          (C);
Academy         8 O’Grades, 1 CSYS (Biology).


Jan ’99 –       Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Microbial Systems Ltd., Coventry – My
Present         PhD supervisor offered me employment with his company (based at Warwick
                University) following completion of my thesis. At present I am working on the
                development of a QA/QC procedure for the rapid assessment of the
                microbiological status of calcium carbonate slurries. This work is being
                performed in conjunction with a major paper manufacturing company, and entails
                considerable liasing with industrial based colleagues throughout Europe.

1994 – 1998     (i) Bitburger Brewery, Germany: Interest in my work from this major German
PhD related     brewer led to a number of technical visits to the main production plant in Bitburg.
industrial      Work centred on on-line monitoring of the yeast during fermentation and
placements      maturation. In addition, I worked with members of the technical staff to extend
                the monitoring procedure throughout the entire brewing process, thus
                complimenting existing QA/QC procedures.

                (ii) Evedale Foods, Barrowford: Initial work at this vinegar production plant was
                in a bioprocess monitoring capacity.         Subsequently, a number of other
                microbiological issues were also investigated e.g. assessing the impact of
                contaminant bacteria on final product specifications.

                (iii) Taunton cider, Taunton: Work centred on isolation and identification of
                indigenous bacteria capable of performing the malo-lactic fermentation in
                maturing cider. In addition, visits to this site provided an insight into the role and
                scope of QA/QC procedures in a modern cider fermentation plant.
May – Dec 98         Threshers wine shop, Kenilworth: I worked here as a shop assistant while
                     writing my thesis. Duties included serving and giving advice to customers,
                     cashing-up and locking-up.

June – Aug 93        Scottish Agricultural college, Auchincruive: Summer vacation job, spent
                     working as a horticultural plant pathologist.

Jun – Aug 91, 92     Rowallen Creamery, Kilmarnock: Production line worker during summer


   Extensive knowledge and experience of industrial process control environments and systematic
    QA/QC procedures (HACCP etc.)
   Familiar with and have a good working knowledge of most modern microbiological assessment
    techniques, particularly rapid and on-line methodologies.
   Excellent communication skills: practical teaching, oral presentations, reports etc.
   Experience in analysing, interpreting and applying scientific data.
   Good organisational skills: planning and preparing experiments, meeting deadlines, working with
    laboratory or process plant colleagues.
   Computer literate: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet programs etc.
   Full clean driving licence.


My main interests are music, vintage guitars and football.


Dr. Crawford Dow                                     Dr. Uthaya Swoboda
Department of Biological Sciences                    Microbial Systems Limited
University of Warwick                                The Viscount Centre
Coventry CV4 7AL                                     University of Warwick Science Park
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