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The MBA Tour • 35 Forest Ridge Road Suite 240 • Concord, MA 01742-3842
Tel: (978) 451-4200 Fax: (978) 451-4201 • info •

           From The MBA Tour’s Managing Director,

           The MBA Tour is pleased to announce our new schedule
           for the summer and fall 2011 and spring 2012 recruiting
           seasons. We are very excited to have additional events
           bringing our global tour schedule to 39 events. We           Event Format Changes
           are also pleased to present changes to the timing of our     At your request we scheduled school presentations in all
           tours, tour pricing, marketing outreach, and website         cities where we are hosting events with fairs (Except Europe
           services that will provide you more opportunities for        tour, special format, see page 8). Later in the season, we will
           differentiating your programs. We are looking forward to     announce events with enhanced format changes that will
           your participation with The MBA Tour this season!            provide schools the option for more targeted recruitment
                                                                        and more intense interaction with students.
           Changes to our Event Schedule
           Beginning with our event schedule, we changed the            More Website Services
           timing of two tours. Our US events are now schedule in       We are excited to announce our improved website
           late July to early August, and the Latin American events     services for students and schools. For students, we
           are scheduled in the first half of August to ensure we are   continue to upgrade our website university profile
           attracting more students who will apply in the immediate     displays and search function to include showcasing
           application cycle. We have also expanded our Asia, Latin     multiple programs within a university. You will soon
           America and India Tours. In Asia, we are returning           be able to showcase part-time, Executive and non
           to Ho Chi Minh City, and in Latin America we are             MBA masters programs alongside your full time MBA
           returning to Rio de Janeiro. In India, we are expanding      programs. We are also continuing to enhance the Peer
           to 5 cities with a new event in Pune and we will return      Benchmarking module to include more information
    New!   to Chennai. Finally, we have three new cities in Eastern     students can enter about themselves and compare with
           Europe: Moscow, Kiev and Istanbul.                           their peers. In addition, you will be able to see those
                                                                        students who volunteer information after being accepted
           Tour Pricing Changes                                         or are enrolling in your programs.
           To attract schools to partner with The MBA Tour, we
           have initiated a new volume discount structure that          We are also very excited about the information and
           rewards schools participating in more events.                marketing services we continue to improve. First, we
                                                                        are upgrading the University Dashboard which is
           Expanded Marketing Outreach                                  now accessible from your MBA Tour website landing
           Over the past four years The MBA Tour has expanded its       page. The Dashboard shows the results of each event you
           social marketing capabilities globally. The MBA Tour’s       attended including the number of students that plan to
           leading social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter          apply to your program pre event, match to your program
           and LinkedIn focus on providing its members with             through the MBA Spotlight Survey and the total number
           resourceful information on MBA trends, admissions            of candidates you met during the event (using the
           advice, networking opportunities and participating MBA       scanning system). Beginning September 2010, The MBA
           Tour schools. This year we are offering schools a Social     Tour posted your individual school session attendance
    New!   Media Package that uses our platforms to broaden             and the number of students that now plan to apply to
           a school’s outreach through innovative social media          your program as reported by attendees in a post event
           opportunities. More details about our new Social Media       survey.
           Package are found on page 5.


    We continue to encourage schools
    to use MBA Spotlight, a proven
    lead generation tool. Results from
                                                                                      Meet the Team!
    last year clearly show that schools
                                                                                              Peter von Loesecke
    are more than twice as likely to
                                                                                              CEO & Managing Director
    meet Spotlight students who                                                     
    matched their program than other                                                          978 451 4200 ex 101
                                              Spotlight vs. non Spotlight attendees
    attendees (results vary by event and
    school). Finally, we have made further enhancements
    to MBA Spotlight for matching on career interests
    and geographic preferences. For those unfamiliar                                          JoBeth Brudner

    with MBA Spotlight, it is a Survey that reveals student                                   Regional Director,
                                                                                               Latin America
    preferences rather than asking students for declared                            

    preferences. The difference is important because                                          Argentina Satellite office

    revealed preferences are made while actually choosing
    among programs with different characteristics.
                                                                                              Lori Devir-Carroll
    I am looking forward to your success on the road with
                                                                                              Event Manager
    The MBA Tour!                                                                   

                                                                                              978 451 4200 ex 104
    Best wishes,

    Peter von Loesecke,
    CEO and Managing Director                                                                 Patty Katsaros



                                                                                              978 451 4200 ex 103

                                                                                              Alyssa Lee

                                                                                              Marketing Manager

                                                                                              978 451 4200 ex 102

                                                                                              Kathy Pattison

                                                                                              Tour Leader & Consultant



                                                                                              Virginia Satellite office

         Join us on Facebook!
         Connect with applicants and keep up to date on MBA news!


    Our Complimentary                               “Everything we value and do is dedicated to making our
    Client Services                                 clients successful”

    What you receive as a participating school...

    •	   Comprehensive	school	profile	on our website school research
         and compare tools

    •	   Event Pre-registration data and contacts available for
         download and outreach before events and within 3 days after event

    •	   Event	registration	profiles	and	
         demoraphics report available with pre and
         post event analysis

    •	   Travel Group hotel rates at event hotels

    •	   Opportunities to participate in event
         panel presentations, giving school
         increased visibility during events

    •	   Opportunities to be included in event
         promotional campaigns where applicable
         (newspapers, PR, online media)

    •	   University Dashboard to track your success at events

    •	   Scanner to instantly capture candidate contact info at event
         and eliminate extra office work

    Travel Packages
    Enhance your recruiting experience by taking part in the tour travel package. We offer packages to help
    you remove the hassle and stress of travel planning. Professional Tour Leaders take you from city to city
    and make it easy for you to focus on your recruitment strategy and also build relationships with your fellow
    traveling industry colleagues.

    •	   Airfare from the first city to last city on tour

    •	   Single room accommodations in 4-5 star hotels with full breakfast included

    •	   Airport transfers during group travel and airport departure taxes

    •	   Free participation in all professional activities (MBA market briefings prior to events in
         select cities, additional candidate workshops with partner organizations and other MBA
         networking opportunities)

        2011- 2012

    Innovate your online marketing with our                                                      New!

    Social Media Package

                         What do you get? 12 months of targeted
                         exposure through our Social Media platforms
                                                                                                            The MBA Tour Social Media Platforms:
                         plus professional training to broaden your
                                                                                                            Facebook: 10,000+ (26% growth in 2010)
                         social media expertise. This package has
                                                                                                            Twitter: 1600+ (263% growth in 2010)
                         greater benefits and long-term exposure
                                                                                                            LinkedIn: 420+ (34% growth in 2010)
                         when compared to a print ad or a short-term
                                                                                                            Blog: Promoted to The MBA Tour database 60,000+
                         online campaign of equal cost.                                                           and social media platforms

                         1. Social Media Training                 (2 sessions):

                         •		Two 1 hour telephone conference social media training sessions. June 15, 2011 and December 6, 2011
                         •		Sessions taught by social media experts, On-Q Communications, managers of The MBA Tour social media

                         These sessions will show you how to effectively utilize The MBA Tour social media package opportunities and
                         provide further training on how to listen to, connect with, influence and keep the attention of your audience by
                         leveraging the key social media tools. This training covers areas of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging. Any
                         number of people from your business school may participate in the sessions.

                         Example of On-Q course work:

                         2. Facebook Business School Tab (1 month feature): Your school is included on our new business school
                         tab year-round where facebook fans can browse and research programs that travel with The MBA Tour. Your
                         program is featured at top of the page for one month.

    3. Facebook Sponsored Posts and Tweets campaign (2 posts, 2 tweets): Business school receives a special
    opportunity to post unique messaging on The MBA Tour’s Facebook wall and Twitter feed. Content coordinated with The MBA
    Tour and scheduled to highlight your presence at events. Content should highlight your school while being newsworthy and

    4. Blog Post (1 post): Showcase your business school through dedicated blog posts. An opportunity to broadcast original
    content promoting conversations and buzz about your program to pre-MBA audience. The MBA Tour can provide topic
    suggestions and copy writer assistance upon request.

    5. Inclusion in our “1 Minute MBA Admissions” video resource center (5 clips): An ongoing online video
    resource center made up of select MBA admission professionals offering sound advice on pursuing an MBA housed on The MBA
    Tour website and promoted through our social media channels. Each question is answered within a 1-minute time constraint. This
    resource center brings business schools exposure similar to participating in an MBA Tour panel discussion. Applicants become
    familiar with your faces and school through an exciting advice format. Schools are mailed a “Video Package” with camera and

    6. Additional MBA Tour website promotions: The MBA Tour’s website receives over 215,000 unique visitors every year.
    Package includes:

    •		Web	banner	on	The	MBA	Tour	website,	all	of	school’s	participating	event	pages.	Upon	registering	for	events.

    •		Web	banner	featured	on	MBA	Tour	blog	page.	12	months.

    All Social Media package content provided by business schools is subject to approval by The MBA Tour.


    Event Formats

    Differentiate your university’s                                 Open Fair: The Open
    brand through our comprehensive                                 Fair is strategically
                                                                    placed at the end of our
    event formats:                                                  MBA conferences. This
                                                                    allows applicants to
                                                                    first gather information
                                   Individual School
                                   Presentations:                   from the Individual
                                       Admissions representatives   School Presentations
                                       regard the presentations     and Panel Presentations
                                       as one of our most useful    in order to prepare for speaking one on one with
                                       event formats. The           admissions representatives. At the Open Fair admissions
                                       presentations are an         representatives and alumni have the opportunity to meet
                                       opportunity to showcase      with a large number of applicants in a short period of
                                       a school’s unique program    time.
    aspects to a group of prospective students. Admissions
    representatives have 30-35 minutes in a private room to
                                                                    Networking Receptions:
     highlight the features of their program. Typically there
                                                                    In many cities we offer a
    are three to six other universities presenting in concurrent
                                                                    reception for admissions
    sessions. Individual School Presentations are now offered
                                                                    representatives and their
    at all events in 2011 (Except Round Table Workshops & Europe
                                                                    alumni at the conclusion
    tour, special format, see page 8).
                                                                    of the MBA conference.
                                                                    This is an opportunity to
                                                                    network with colleagues
    Panel Presentations: Panel Presentations are 30-45
                                                                    and reconnect with alumni.
    minute sessions that cover valuable business school
                                   admissions topics and
                                   answer a wide range of
                                   MBA applicant questions.         Round Table Workshops: Round Table Workshops
                                   Admissions representatives       are highly personalized and interactive, they represent
                                   have the opportunity to          the most unique MBA
                                   participate on the panels        Tour event format. These
                                   and share their topic            events accommodate
                                   advice with a large group        a select and focused
                                   of prospective students.         group of highly qualified
                                   Any participating school         applicants and a small
                                   can sit on a panel, spots        number of universities
                                   are first come first serve.      to maximize interaction.
                                   Topics in the past include:      Applicants sit at a table
                                   How Admission Decisions          of five to ten people.
                                   are Made, Managing Your          Admissions representatives spend ten to fifteen minutes
                                   MBA Career Search, and           interacting with applicants and then rotate to present
                                   Financing your MBA.              at the next table. Representatives therefore have the
                                   The MBA Tour provides            opportunity to speak to every applicant at the event,
    guiding talking points to all panel topics.                     maximizing outreach in a short period of time.



     Market Demographics and Information:
     Most MBA candidates coming to our Asia events in 2010 were
                                                                                                                   Asia July Tour 2011
     between the ages of 25 and 31 and had three or more years of
                                                                                                                   Round Table Workshops
     work experience.
                                                                                                                    Shanghai 9 July
                                                                                                                    Taipei 11 July
                               Tokyo      Shanghai       Beijing     Seoul     Taipei        Bangkok   Singapore
    Median Age                   30          26           27          31         26            25         28        Seoul 13 July
    Median Experience            6           3              3          4         3              2             4
    Taken the GMAT               7%         26%            27%        28%      26%             20%        28%       Tokyo 15 July
    Degree Status
    Currently attending
                                 3%         12%            25%        7%       16%             8%         4%       Asia September Tour 2011
    Doctorate degree             1%         1%             1%         1%        0%             1%         1%
    First university degree
                                                                                                                    Tokyo 1 Sep
                                70%         58%            47%        70%      59%             76%        74%
    Masters degree              19%         21%            20%        17%      19%             12%        15%       Taipei 3 Sep
     Other                       1%         1%             1%         1%        1%             0%         3%
     Post-graduate diploma       7%         7%             7%         6%        6%             3%         3%        Seoul 5 Sep
    MBA Start
     2010                        3%         4%             5%         5%        5%             10%        7%
                                                                                                                    Bejing 7 Sep
     2011                       33%         53%            52%        61%      49%             62%        70%
                                                                                                                    Shanghai 10 Sep
     2012                       10%         21%            20%        20%      20%             19%        16%
     2013                        1%         9%             9%         6%        9%             3%         3%        Ho Chi Minh City 12 Sep   New!
     Undecided                  53%         13%            13%        8%       16%             5%         5%
                                                                                                                    Bangkok 15 Sep
    Source: The MBA Tour 2010 Asia registration data

                                                                                                                    Singapore Sep 17


     Market Demographics and Information:
     Canadian MBA candidates are generally older and a large
     portion have advanced degrees.                                                                                Canada November 2011
                                                                                                                     Calgary 1 Nov
                                                 Calgary           Vancouver         Toronto           Montreal      Vancouver 3 Nov
     Median Age                                    28                 28               27                28
     Median Experience                               4                 4                 3                4          Toronto 5 Nov
     Taken the GMAT                               13%                12%                9%               6%
     Degree Status                                                                                                   Montréal 7 Nov
      Currently attending university              10%                 7%                9%               9%
      Doctorate degree                             0%                 3%                0%               2%
      First university degree completed           72%                70%                69%             57%
      Masters degree                              12%                 9%                13%             17%
      Other                                        2%                 5%                3%               2%
      Post-graduate diploma                        5%                 5%                7%              13%
     MBA Start
      2010                                         7%                 6%                4%               3%
      2011                                        62%                55%                61%             67%
      2012                                        16%                20%                20%             14%
      2013                                         4%                 5%                5%               4%
      Undecided                                   11%                14%                11%             12%

    Source: The MBA Tour 2010 Canada registration data


    Market Demographics and Information:
    We are excited to announce events in three Eastern European
    cities, Moscow, Kiev and Istanbul. As shown in the GMAT
    test taking activity, this region is a rapidly growing market for                Europe September 2011        New!

    MBAs.                                                                             Moscow   13 Sep
                                                                                      Kiev 15 Sep
    With these events, we are introducing a new format designed
    to highlight each school and the specific benefits of studying                    Istanbul 17 Sep
    abroad in each major region. The events will include mini
    presentations for all schools, region specific discussion panels
    and an open fair.

    GMAT Test Taking Activity
                                2006-2007      2007-2008   2008-2009     2009-2010
         Turkey                   1163            1346       1581          1564
         Russia                   691              997       1361          1408
         Ukraine                   96              116       147              248

    Source: GMAC


    Market Demographics and Information:
    Over one third of Indian registrants have already taken the
    GMAT and self reported averages of 690 and above.
                                                                                     India September 2011
                                                                                      Chennai 22 Sep       New!
                                                                                      Mumbai 24 Sep
                                   Bangalore Hyderabad     Delhi       Mumbai
     Median Age                           28         27      28          28           Delhi 27 Sep
     Median Experience                     4          4       4           4
     Taken the GMAT                      40%        36%     39%         35%           Pune 29 Sep       New!
     Median Reported GMAT                690        690     710         690
     Degree Status                                                                    Bangalore 1 Oct
      Currently attending                 8%         4%      9%          5%
      Doctorate degree
                                          3%         0%      0%          0%
      First university degree            73%        76%     65%         63%
      Masters degree
                                         11%        10%     13%         17%
      Other                               2%         7%      2%          8%
      Post-graduate diploma               5%         2%      3%          6%
     MBA Start
            2010                          3%         6%      4%          3%
            2011                         79%        72%     84%         81%
            2012                         11%        15%      7%         12%
            2013                          4%         2%      2%          2%
            Undecided                     4%         5%      2%          3%
    Source: The MBA Tour 2010 India registration data

        2011- 2012

    Latin America
    Market Demographics and Information:
    While few Latin American candidates have taken the GMAT,
    many are older and with consistent work experienced.
                                                                                                                          Latin America August 2011
                                          Buenos                      Sao                                     Mexico        Buenos Aires     2 Aug
                                                    Santiago                       Lima           Bogota
                                           Aires                     Paulo                                     City
     Median Age                             27         29             28              28           27          27           Rio de Janeiro 4 Aug     New!
     Median Experience                      4             4             4              3            3           3
     Taken the GMAT                        9%         10%            10%              5%           4%          9%
                                                                                                                            Sao Pãulo 6 Aug
     Degree Status
                                                                                                                            Santiago 9 Aug
      Currently attending
                                           18%         7%            12%              13%          11%         10%
      Doctorate degree                     0%          1%             0%              0%           0%          0%           Lima 11 Aug
      First university degree
                                           61%        55%            54%              58%          62%         63%          Bogotá 13 Aug
      Masters degree                       9%         26%             9%              6%           7%          6%
       Other                               1%          1%             2%              3%           1%          1%           Mexico City 15 Aug
       Post-graduate diploma               10%        11%            23%              20%          18%         19%
     MBA Start
       2010                                2%          5%             4%              5%           4%          4%
       2011                                57%        52%            43%              49%          57%         62%
       2012                                25%        31%            36%              34%          27%         24%
       2013                                6%          6%             8%              6%           6%          5%
       Undecided                           10%         6%            10%              6%           6%          6%

    Source: The MBA Tour 2010 Latin America registration data


    Market Demographics and Information:
    Overall, most MBA candidates coming to our events already
    have on average four years of work experience and plan to
    matriculate in the current year.                                                                                      USA July-August 2011
                                                                                                                           New York City 23 July

                                Atlanta   Boston   Chicago    Houston
                                                                              Los          New       San     Washington    Washington DC 24 July
                                                                            Angeles        York    Francisco   DC
     Median Age                   28        27       28         28            27            27         28       27
     Median Experience             4         4        4          4             4             4          4        4
                                                                                                                           Boston 26 July
     Taken the GMAT              27%       36%      36%        24%           31%           31%        38%      31%
     Degree Status                                                                                                         Atlanta 28 July
     Currently attending
                                 8%        8%        5%        11%            8%            4%          6%      2%
      Doctorate degree           3%        3%        0%         1%            1%            1%          1%      1%
                                                                                                                           San Francisco 30 July
      First university degree
                                 73%       64%      78%        71%           74%           78%          74%     85%
      completed                                                                                                            Los Angeles 31 July
      Masters degree             11%       20%      12%        14%           11%           12%          18%     9%
      Other                      2%        4%        2%         3%            3%            2%          0%      2%         Chicago 2 Aug
      Post-graduate diploma      5%        1%        3%         1%            3%            3%          1%      1%
     MBA Start                                                                                                             Houston 4 Aug
     2010                         3%        6%      4%          3%           4%             7%          6%       3%
     2011                        79%       72%      84%        81%           72%           73%          73%     78%
     2012                        11%       15%      7%         12%           16%           13%          12%      9%
     2013                         4%        2%      2%          2%           3%             2%          3%      2%
     Undecided                    4%        5%      2%          3%           5%             5%          6%      7%

    Source: The MBA Tour 2010 USA registration data


     Events Calendar and Travel Packages

                          Events                                                                  Travel Packages
         Asia July 2011: Round Table       Latin America August 2011          Asia July 2011 Travel Package
                  Workshops                Buenos Aires        2 Aug 2011     Shanghai to Tokyo            USD 3,927
      Shanghai              9 July 2011    Rio de Janeiro      4 Aug 2011     Asia September 2011 Travel Package
      Taipei                11 July 2011   São Paulo           6 Aug 2011     Tokyo to Shanghai            USD 6,761
      Seoul                 13 July 2011   Santiago            9 Aug 2011     Ho Chi Minh City to          USD 2,783
      Tokyo                 15 July 2011   Lima                11 Aug 2011     Singapore
      Asia September 2011                  Bogotá              13 Aug 2011    Tokyo to Singapore           USD 10,142
      Tokyo                 1 Sep 2011     Mexico City         15 Aug 2011    Transfer to India            USD TBA
      Taipei                3 Sep 2011     Europe September 2011              Latin America August 2011 Travel Package
      Seoul                 5 Sep 2011     Moscow              13 Sep 2011    Buenos Aires to              USD 8,573
      Beijing               7 Sep 2011     Kiev                15 Sep 2011     Mexico City

      Shanghai              10 Sep 2011    Istanbul            17 Sep 2011    Rio de Janeiro to            USD 7,584

      Ho Chi Minh City      12 Sep 2011                                        Mexico City
                                           India September-October 2011
      Bangkok               15 Sep 2011                                       São Paulo to Mexico          USD 6,647
                                           Chennai             22 Sep 2011
      Singapore             17 Sep 2011    Mumbai              24 Sep 2011
                                                                              Europe September 2011 Travel Package
      USA July-August 2011                 Delhi               27 Sep 2011
                                                                              TBA, inquire if interested
      New York City         23 July 2011   Pune                29 Sep 2011
                                                                              India September-October 2011 Travel Package
      Washington DC         24 July 2011   Bangalore           1 Oct 2011
                                                                              Chennai - Bangalore          USD 4,520
      Boston                26 July 2011   India February 2012: Round Table
                                                                              Canada November 2011 Travel Package
      Atlanta               28 July 2011   Workshops
                                                                              TBA, inquire if interested
      San Francisco         30 July 2011   Mumbai              TBA
                                                                              India February 2012 Travel Package
      Los Angeles           31 July 2011   Delhi               TBA
      Chicago               2 Aug 2011     Bangalore           TBA
      Houston               4 Aug 2011     Canada November 2011
      USA February 2012                    Calgary             1 Nov 2011
      New York City         TBA            Vancouver           3 Nov 2011
      Washington DC         TBA            Toronto             5 Nov 2011
      San Francisco         TBA            Montréal            7 Nov 2011

        2011- 2012


     Event Pricing

        2011 Event Volume Pricing                                             PRICES LISTED ARE “EARLY BIRD” AND VALID UNTIL
                                                                               MAY 15, 2011. ALL PRICES IN USD. After deadline
        Number of Events        Per Event Price    Discount                    all events increase by USD 100 per event, travel
                0-5                USD 3,250               0%                  packages by USD 1,000 per package.
               6-10                USD 2,925              10%
               11-20               USD 2,600              20%
               21-30               USD 2,450              25%
                30+                USD 2,275              30%

     Option Pricing

       School Presentations                            USD 500 per event

     Individual School Presentations offered in every city (Except Round Table Workshops & Europe tour, special format, see page 8)
       MBA Spotlight                                   USD 100 per event

     This program allows you to discover and reach out to applicants whose top MBA program preferences meet your
     recruiting goals. MBA Spotlight uses data from a newly developed survey taken by MBA Tour event registrants to
     help them narrow down their top preferred MBA program characteristics.
       Social Media Package                            USD 2,500

     12 months of targeted exposure through our Social Media platforms plus professional training to broaden your social
     media expertise. This package has greater benefits and long-term exposure when compared to a print ad or a short-
     term online campaign of equal cost (see page 5 or website for more details).
       Professional Options (for non travel            USD 125: Non Candidate Activities
        package participants)                          USD 350: Candidate Activities

     Professional options include MBA market briefings prior to events in select cities, additional candidate workshops
     with partner organizations and other MBA networking opportunities.

     Payment & Cancellation Policy

     If you apply by the early registration deadline May 15, 2011, you will be invoiced for a USD 1,500 USD non-
     refundable deposit. Full invoice balances will be sent three months prior to a tour. Our terms are net 45 days, after
     which a 3% finance charge applies.

     Cancellation policy:

     If a school cancels its participation between 90 and 60 days prior to the start of the tour, 25% of the tour / event fees
     will be charged. If a school cancels its participation within 60 days prior to the start of a tour, 100% of the tour/
     event fees will be charged. Furthermore, the school will reimburse The MBA Tour for all loss, liability, damages, and
     expenses which The MBA Tour incurs or sustains as a result of a cancellation of participation by the school at any time
     after the non-refundable USD 1,500.00 deposit is due.

        Join the tour

     Join the Tour
      Application Process                                                  In some of our local markets, there are schools that will add
                                                                           value to our tour events by targeting specific populations
     To Participate in a Tour or Event                                     of students. For this reason, we consider them “Schools of
     Business schools interested in The MBA Tour must submit an
     application in advance of the tour. MBA programs are selected         Schools of Opportunity would be invited to the market in
     on their quality, their commitment to international recruiting,       which they are located:
     services for international students, and the diversity (curriculum,
     philosophy, program cost, geography) that they would add to           •	Inside	the	US,	these	are	city-specific	markets
     the tour. With few exceptions, the MBA programs included in           •	Outside	the	US,	these	are	country-specific	markets
     our events are taught in English.
                                                                           Examples of Schools of Opportunity in the
     Apply for a Tour                                                      US include:
     Applying for tour is easy. Simply link to our on-line                 •	MBA	programs	geared	towards	underrepresented	minorities
     application form and follow the instructions:
                                                                           •	MBA	programs	geared	towards	women
                                                                           •	MBA	programs	with	unique	academic	or	practical	
     Once you have filled out the application, you will receive             opportunities
     a confirmation email. However, we cannot confirm your
     participation until your university profile has been updated.         •	Local	MBA	programs	that	offer	“at	home”	
     If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us:                                                   Please note:    If you are a school applying to one of our tours for
                                                                           the first time, your application will be reviewed by our Advisory
     Our Selection Process                                                 Board, and we will notify you of the decision. Our policy is to
                                                                           allow schools that have participated in our past tours to apply
     The MBA Tour limits the number of business schools on a
                                                                           by the deadline, and then if there is space remaining on the tour
     tour to ensure that each program has good exposure at our
                                                                           you are applying for, your application will be considered at that
     events and receives the same level of high service that we aim to
     provide. Priority is given to returning schools. New schools are
     selected on the basis of several criteria:                            Business School Representatives

     Global Qualifications:                                                Business School representatives in events organized by The
                                                                           MBA Tour must be full-time, campus-based professionals
     •	Length	of	time	in	MBA	market
                                                                           and should have extensive knowledge of their programs and
     •	Offer	a	Full	Time	MBA	Program                                       admissions requirements. Throughout the tour, university
                                                                           representatives have the opportunity to collaborate in panels
     •	Offer	a	campus-based	MBA	program
                                                                           and school presentations that orient students and colleagues
     •	Hold	non-profit	status                                              to current information and trends. It is important that the
                                                                           person designated by the university to travel with us be capable
     •	Have	already	traveled	with	us	within	the	last	5	years               of contributing to an ongoing professional dialogue with
                                                                           prospective students and local colleagues about admissions
     Local Qualifications:
                                                                           issues and innovations in MBA programs.
     •	USA:	AACSB	accreditation
     •	Europe	and	UK:	EQUIS,	AMBA	or	EFMD	
     •	For	those	countries	without	regional	MBA	accreditation:	             The MBA Tour
      all global qualifications must be met; must be recognized
                                                                            35 Forest Ridge Road Suite 240
      and respected by peer schools in country; must have local
      certification or accredited partner program                           Concord, MA 01742-3842

     •	Will	draw	qualified	students	to	the	event	that	                      Tel: (978) 451-4200 Fax: (978) 451-4201

      otherwise might not come                                     •


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