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					                         Christie Hospital     NHS
                                   NHS Trust

The Christie Hospital NHS Trust
   Annual Report 2004/  2005
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                                   Annual Report 2004/2005                                                     Christie Hospital                 NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                       NHS Trust
  INTRODUCTION                       sively to cancer research.       that their voices are heard at    BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                      every level, and we use their
  The Christie Hospital NHS          The Trust also comprises         feedback to build a patient-
  Trust is the largest single-site   North Western Medical            focused service.
  cancer treatment centre in         Physics which provides physics   We also:
  Europe offering:                   and engineering services to      -    keep interested members
  -   high quality diagnosis,        the hospital and other hospi-         of the public informed of
      treatment and care for         tals in Greater Manchester. It        developments and news        Professor Joan Higgins, Chair           William Farndon, Non-Executive        Dr Ron Stout, Medical
      the people of Greater          is one of the largest depart-         through our website, the     of the Trust from July 2002             Director from January 2004            Director from January 2004
      Manchester and Cheshire        ments of its kind in the NHS.         media and other com-         Retired Professor of Health Policy at   Formerly a senior executive in the
  -   world class research from                                            munications channels         the University of Manchester and        pharmaceutical industry
      the laboratory bench           Approximately 1,800 staff        -    provide an extensive         Director of The Manchester Centre
      to the patient clinic          work on our site, plus around         range of informa-            for Healthcare Management
  -   education in all as-           300 volunteers.                       tion to patients
      pects of cancer.                                                -    have a detailed publi-
                                     We work in close partner-             cation scheme on our                                                                                       Alison Norman, Director of
  In November 1901 we were           ship with many organisations          website which lists all                                                                                    Nursing & Operations from July
  named The Christie Hospital        such as other NHS Trusts, The         our information which                                                Professor Tony Freemont,              2001
  in recognition of the pioneer-     University of Manchester and          the public can ac-                                                   Non-Executive Director
  ing work of both Mr and Mrs        Cancer Research UK (CRUK).            cess/obtain copies of        Jacqueline Cassidy                      from December 2000
  Christie.                                                           -    have a Freedom of            Non-Executive Director from April       Professor of Bone & Joint
                                                                                                        1999. Training consultant and           Pathology, Head of Laboratory
                                     MISSION STATEMENT                     Information (FOI) lead
                                                                                                        former teacher                          Medicine Academic Group, Head
  We are based in Manchester,                                              officer for all enquir-
                                                                                                                                                of Musculo Skeletal Research
  but because we are a special-      “We care,                             ies under the FOI Act                                                Group, University of Manchester
  ist centre, patients travel to     we discover, we teach”           -    hold an annual gen-                                                                                        Professor Nic Jones,
  the Christie from all over the                                           eral meeting open                                                                                          Director of the Paterson
  North West and beyond. We          The Christie Hospital NHS             to everyone                                                                                                Institute from March 1999
  cover a population of 3.2          Trust aims to be an interna-     -    hold our bi-monthly
  million. Every year we have        tionally recognised compre-           board meetings in public
  approximately 11,000 new           hensive cancer centre, offer-    -    publicise our complaints     Gillian Easson, Non-Executive
  patients registered.               ing high quality diagnosis,           procedure and en-            Director from December 2000.
                                                                                                        Solicitor                               Joanna Wallace, Chief
                                     treatment and care for the            sure that investigation                                                                                    BOARD APPOINTMENTS
                                                                                                                                                Executive from October 2000
  We offer a wide range of           people of Greater Manchester          of any complaints is                                                                                       PROCESS
  diagnosis, treatment and care      and Cheshire; world class             thorough and prompt                                                                                        The Chief Executive and all
  services including special-        research from the laboratory     -    pursue an open and                                                                                         other Executive Directors are
  ist surgery, chemotherapy,         bench to the patient clinic;          positive relationship                                                                                      appointed through open com-
  radiotherapy, adult leukaemia,     and education of interna-             with the media               Solicitor                                                                     petition by a panel comprising
  palliative and supportive care,    tional renown in all aspects     -    meet regularly with medi-                                                                                  the Chair, Chief Executive
  services for young people          of cancer.                            cal and other staff groups   Yoni Ejo, Non-Executive                                                       (for Executive Directors), a
                                                                                                        Director from December 2001.            Ethna McCarthy, Director
  with cancer, and endocrinol-                                        -    keep staff informed of all                                                                                 regional representative, and
                                                                                                        Conferencing & Reviewing                of Finance from July 2000
  ogy. We are also one of the        OUR COMMITMENT                        developments through                                                                                       an external assessor.
                                                                                                        Officer, Social Services,
  leading centres in the UK for      TO OPENNESS                           our intranet, newsletter,
                                                                                                        Greater Manchester
  clinical trials.                                                         team briefing and other
                                     We are committed to involv-           communications channels
  The Paterson Institute for         ing and informing patients,      -    run a staff sugges-
  Cancer Research is part of         carers and the public on              tion scheme
  our Trust and is the largest       every aspect of our service.
  laboratory in the UK outside       Our Patient, Carer and Public
  London. It is devoted exclu-       Involvement Strategy ensures                                                                                                                                                       PAGE 1
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                        Annual Report 2004/2005                                        Christie Hospital               NHS
                                                                                                                                                                              NHS Trust
  DECLARATION OF INTERESTS        BOARD COMMITTEES                Clinical Management        Improving Working Lives        Information Management            Research Management
                                                                  Board                      (until March 05 - taken        & Technology                      Professor Nic Jones (Joint
  Professor Joan Higgins          Audit Committee                 Joanna Wallace (Chair)     over by Staff Forum)           Ethna McCarthy (Chair)            Chair)
  Occasional teaching and         Yoni Ejo (Chair)                Dr Mike Dennis             Alison Norman (Chair)          Angela Ball                       Professor Tony Howell (Joint
  research at the University of   Jackie Cassidy                  Miss Sarah O’Dwyer         Barbara Lynch (until           Dr Ridian Bramley                 Chair)
  Manchester                      Professor Tony Freemont         Professor Robert Hawkins   December 2004)                 Colin Callow                      Angela Ball
                                                                  Professor Tony Howell      Juliette Wilson                Julie Crossley                    Professor John Gallagher
  Gillian Easson                  In attendance                   Dr Jeremy Lawrance         Alicia Custis                  Alicia Custis                     Dr John Logue
  Consultant, Sandison Easson     Ethna McCarthy (Director of     Dr Brian Magee             Maggie Harris                  John Glover                       Professor Pat Price
  & Co.                           Finance & Performance)          Dr Wendy Makin             Ruth Board                     Jayne Hartley                     Professor John Radford
  Member of Court and             Allan Boyd (Counter Fraud       Ethna McCarthy             Yvonne Atherton                Dawn Jennings                     Professor Peter Stern
  Council, UMIST.                 Office)                         Professor Nic Jones        Andy Pitt                      Professor Peter Williams          Mr Noel Clarke
  Board Member, University of                                     Alison Norman              Brian Harrop                   Pippa McNichol                    Professor Robert Hawkins
  Manchester Company Limited      Internal Audit -                Professor Peter Williams   Bruce Perrin                                                     Professor Peter Williams
  by Guarantee.                   Phil Rule                       Dr Jonathan Shanks         Jackie Cassidy                 Remuneration                      Professor Alex Molassiotis
  Board Member, University of     Ann Templeton                   Dr Nick Slevin             Mark Dougal                    Professor Joan Higgins (Chair)    Professor Roger Green
  Manchester.                                                     June So                    Lyn Wildgoose                  Gillian Easson                    Dr Malcolm Ranson
  Non-Executive Director, UMIP    Audit Commission -              Dr Ron Stout               Linda Scott                    Professor Tony Freemont
  Ltd.                            Hugh Lappin                                                Jane Hadfield                  Jackie Cassidy                    Trust Governance
                                  Karen Murray                    Equality Steering Group    Denise Saunt                   Yoni Ejo                          Professor Tony Freemont
  Yoni Ejo                        Jackie Bellard                  Yoni Ejo (Chair)           Sally Parkinson                William Farndon                   (Chair)
  An assessor for Advanced                                        Bernard Bowyer             Pippa McNichol                                                   Professor Joan Higgins (from
  Childcare, a social care or-    Joanne Fitzpatrick (Deputy      Margaret Calvert           Alison Pendlebury                                                June 2004)
  ganisation                      Director of Finance)            Alicia Custis              Rachel Powell                                                    Joanna Wallace
                                  Sue Hayes (Financial Services   Dr Sarah Danson                                                                             Alison Norman
  Jackie Cassidy                  Manager)                        Rev Kevin Dunn             Finance, Capital &                                               Ethna McCarthy
  Consultant – Taylormade         Lyn Evans (Corporate Services   Anne Eardley               Performance                                                      June So
  Training                        Manager)                        Dawn Jennings              William Farndon (Chair)                                          Dr Anne Eardley
                                                                  Joanne McKain              Gillian Easson                                                   Brian Harrop
  Professor Tony Freemont         Charitable Funds                Daisy Ncube                Ethna McCarthy                                                   Professor Tony Howell
  PhD funding – Pfizer            Jackie Cassidy (Chair)          Joan Ogden                 Alison Norman                                                    Professor Peter Williams
  Pharmaceuticals                 Professor Tony Freemont                                    Joanna Wallace                                                   Angela Ball
                                  Gillian Easson                                             Dr Brian Magee                                                   Dr Ron Stout
  William Farndon                 Yoni Ejo                                                   Professor Peter Williams                                         Cath Leach
  Pensioner of Aventis Pharma     William Farndon                                            John Gallagher (until August                                     Jayne Hartley
  and former employee of Elan     Joanna Wallace                                             2004)                                                            Dr Wendy Makin
  Pharmaceuticals.                Ethna McCarthy                                             Dr Nick Slevin                                                   Melvin Samuel (until
                                  Alison Norman                                                                                                               November 2004)
                                  Professor Nic Jones                                                                                                         Jane Hadfield
                                  Professor Tony Howell
                                  Dr Wendy Makin
                                  Jim Martin (Lay Member from
                                  January 2005)

                                                                                                                                                                                              PAGE 2
                       ‘We care, we discover we teach’
                                            ,                                                                                         Annual Report 2004/2005                                            Christie Hospital                  NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NHS Trust
                           CHAIR’S ANNUAL REPORT            Dr Wendy Makin, clinical di-          Awards from external experts       Greater Manchester. Professor     Since I joined the Christie        three star status in one year
                                                            rector of palliative care & sup-      and peers give a huge lift to      Alex Markham, Chief               as Chair in July 2002 I have       - winning the 2004 Health         “The support
                           Every year our staff work hard   portive services won first prize      staff but our most important       Executive of Cancer Research      become incredibly passionate       Service Journal award for         from celebrities
“I was therefore           to give patients the best pos-   in the therapeutic category           judges will always be the          UK, packed the house when         about this hospital and the        improvement in perform-           is very valuable
delighted that we          sible treatment and care and     of the BMA Medical Book               patients. We were therefore        he talked to our staff about      care we provide to patients.       ance management and the           to us and always
received so many           to keep developing services      Competition 2004. Dr Makin            pleased that the results of        the charity and Andrew            We now have an ambitious           Secretary of State’s com-         appreciated.”
awards, accolades and      at the Christie. An ongoing      co-wrote the ‘Oncology for            our national inpatient and         Lansley, the Conservative         plan to become a world-            mendation for health care
excellent feedback over    stream of changes continue       Palliative Medicine’ book with        outpatient surveys were posi-      Health Secretary, visited us to   class comprehensive cancer         management as a result.
the year from outside      to shape the Christie Hospital   Peter Hoskin from Mount               tive, with improvements from       discuss cancer services and       centre in partnership with
agencies, patients and     and keep us at the forefront     Vernon Hospital.                      last year in some areas. The       research. We also hosted          the University of Manchester       Caroline brings a wealth of
VIPs.”                     of cancer care.                                                        Healthcare Commission uses         seven senior delegates from       and Cancer Research UK,            experience to the job. She has
                                                            Dr Laura Pemberton, specialist        the survey results to assess       top cancer organisations in       and with our three star status     successfully led award winning
                           As we focus on getting the       registrar in clinical oncology        the performance of the NHS         Switzerland, a visit organised    are preparing to apply for         teams in both clinical and non-
                           job done and driving all our     won the ‘Rowan Williams               and feed into star ratings, but    by the British Embassy in         Foundation Trust status. I         clinical NHS services and has  “I also want to
“Praise and
                           developments forward it is       gold medal 2004’ in the final         the surveys are also important     Switzerland.                      am proud of what we have           a strong track record of im-   give a special
recognition from
                           therefore especially nice when   Fellowship of Royal College of        for us to see where further                                          achieved so far and excited        proving patient care through   mention to a
colleagues is also
                           someone stops and applauds       Radiologists exam. The gold           improvements can be made.          The support from celebrities is   about the future, and a lot of     reform and modernisation.      special person
significant and for
                           us for some of the brilliant     medal is awarded to the best          We obtained the top available      very valuable to us and always    this is thanks to the outstand-                                   who I met
the second year
                           work that is taking place.       exam candidate in the UK.             score for nine questions in        appreciated. Sir Jimmy Saville    ing leadership of Joanna           So here’s to a successful year several times
running our internal
                                                                                                  the outpatient survey and for      generously donated £40,000        Wallace our chief executive.       gone and another one on the over the last
staff awards were a
                           I was therefore delighted that   Two group leaders at the              six questions in the inpatient     to allow vital research into                                         horizon. Everyone plays a key year, when she
great success.”
                           we received so many awards,      Paterson Institute clocked up         survey. For the outpatient         MRSA to take place at the         Joanna departs in September        part in this success – from    was a patient
                           accolades and excellent          awards. Dr Elmar Schiebel,            survey we were in the top          Christie. Manchester United       2005 but she leaves behind a       our wonderful staff to all the at the Christie,
                           feedback over the year from      was awarded the British               20% of hospitals for 33 ques-      players once again took time      strong, motivated and dedi-        people across the North West the late Patsy
                           outside agencies, patients       Society for Cell Biology              tions, middle 60% for five         out from busy schedules to        cated workforce ready to take      who hold us in their hearts.   Calton, Lib
                           and VIPs.                        Hooke Medal 2004 and                  questions, and bottom 20%          pay a Christmas visit to our      forward her inspiring vision.                                     Dem MP for
                                                            Dr Karim Labib became an              for one question (staff telling    young patients. The private       We will always be grateful to                                     Cheadle.”
                           Dr Gordon Jayson, medical        EMBO (European Molecular              patients how they would find       visit, kindly organised by the    Joanna for her exceptional         Professor Joan Higgins, Chair
                           oncologist won a national        Biology Organisation) Young           out the results of their tests).   Club, was the most fantastic      contribution to the Christie
                           BUPA Foundation award for        Investigator awardee. Dr              For the inpatient survey we        present for our patients.         and the admirable qualities she
                           his groundbreaking research      Yvonne Hey, scientific officer        were in the middle 60% for                                           has brought to the role. She
                           into cancer. The award for       at the Paterson was also short-       two questions and in the top       I also want to give a special     has steered the Christie with                                        “ I am proud
                           the best emerging medical        listed for the title of ‘Best-tech-   20% of hospitals for every         mention to a special person       grace, charm, openness and                                           of what we
“Awards from external      researcher in the UK was         nician’ in the Laboratory News        other question.                    who I met several times over      great flair. We wish her the                                         have achieved
experts and peers give     presented to Dr Jayson by        Awards 2004.                                                             the last year, when she was       very best for the future which                                       so far and
a huge lift to staff but   John Hutton, Minister of State                                         Over the year we welcomed          a patient at the Christie, the    will always be bright for some-                                      excited about
our most important         for Health.                      Praise and recognition from           Harry Cayton, the Patients’        late Patsy Calton, Lib Dem        one of her huge talent.                                              the future, and
judges will always be                                       colleagues is also significant        Tsar, who visited us to talk       MP for Cheadle. Patsy died                                                                             a lot of this is
the patients. We were      Our North West Medical           and for the second year               about the Government’s             of cancer in May 2005 and         We are delighted however                                             thanks to the
therefore pleased          Physics team won the BJR         running our internal staff            policy on patient and public       was a great supporter of the      that the important role of                                           outstanding
that the results of our    Rontegen prize for 2004. The     awards were a great success.          involvement and how patients       Christie as a dedicated MP        chief executive passes straight                                      leadership
national inpatient and     British Institute of Radiology   The awards are a fantastic            can become more effective          and enthusiastic fundraiser.      over to very capable hands.                                          of Joanna
outpatient surveys         award is for a team whose        opportunity to celebrate the          partners in their own care.        She was a woman of dignity,       Caroline Shaw joins us from                                          Wallace
were positive, with        contribution to the British      achievements and long-serv-           Professor Mike Richards, the       integrity and courage and our     South Manchester University                                          our chief
improvements from last     Journal of Radiology has been    ice of our outstanding staff          Cancer Tsar, spoke to a large      thoughts have been with her       Hospitals Trust where she is                                         executive.”
year in some areas.”       of special merit.                and teams. The icing on the           audience of Christie staff and     family. Her optimism and stoi-    deputy chief executive/execu-
                                                            cake was having Sir Alex              NHS commissioners about his        cism were inspiring and we        tive director of operations.
                                                            Ferguson as our guest of hon-         views on the future develop-       will all miss her.                She was responsible for
                                                            our to present the awards.            ment of cancer services in                                           taking the Trust from zero to                                             PAGE 3
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                                          Annual Report 2004/2005                                             Christie Hospital                     NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                       NHS Trust
  CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S                   ments the Paterson Institute        treated our 1000th patient           As far as our overall perform-     passed its First Stage Practice    transport, with special em-
  ANNUAL REPORT                       will become a research              in the Derek Crowther Unit,          ance is concerned we retained      Development Unit accredita-        phasis on car sharing.
                                      institute of the University.        our new clinical trials unit in      our two star rating in 2004,       tion with flying colours.
  Every year is spent driving                                             December – only 17 months            reflecting the high quality care                                      Brian Harrop was appointed
  through challenging and             When the Greater                    after the unit opened. It was        we deliver. We achieved all of     Every year we list our             to the post of Associate
  ambitious plans, but this year      Manchester Strategic Health         especially fitting that this pa-     our key targets in cleanliness,    impressive developments            Director of Facilities and
  saw the realisation of one          Authority announced a review        tient was the first in the world     improving working lives, book-     and accomplishments, but           Capital Development, and
  of our most exciting ideas          of our cancer services in           to test a new cancer drug.           ing, outpatient and inpatient      it’s important to remember         Dawn Jennings and Zara Pain
  – the development of the            March we emphasised our                                                  waiting time, finance and          that these achievements are        were appointed to the post of
  Manchester Comprehensive            plan to become a world-class        A new UK network for                 access for patients with sus-      solely down to the staff that      Associate Director of Human
  Cancer Centre.                      comprehensive cancer centre.        radiotherapy research was            pected cancer. Following our       work here. It’s the people         Resources on a job share basis.
                                      We were delighted when              launched in February which           two star announcement in July      that make the Christie so very
  The establishment of a com-         the interim report from the         will have its central office         we spent the rest of the year      special and I therefore want       As well as welcoming new
  prehensive cancer centre fea-       Strategic Health Authority in       at the Christie. The new             striving for the top three star    to take this opportunity to        staff we also said goodbye to
  tured in our 10-year strategy       June showed full support for        Academic Clinical Oncology           rating. I’m therefore delighted    mention some new staff who         some staff who have made
  (2003-2013) and will help to        this new partnership.               and Radiobiology Research            that we achieved this top rat-     joined us over the year.           huge contributions to the
  make Manchester a truly for-                                            Network (ACCORN) network             ing in July 2005 and can now                                          Christie during their time here.
  midable player in international     With research efforts a central     will, for the first time, create     start preparing for Foundation     We had a number of new
  cancer research and care. A         part of our partnership agenda      a world-class coordinated net-       Trust Status.                      consultants join us: Dr            Professor Peter Maguire,
  comprehensive cancer centre         we were pleased when the            work of researchers. a long-                                            Mike Dennis and Dr Effie           Consultant Psychiatrist
  is an organisation providing        Paterson Institute received a       term radiotherapy research           Once again we passed a             Liakopoulou in Haematology,        and Director of our Cancer
  a wide range of specialist          glowing report following a re-      strategy for the UK, alongside       number of important national       Dr Bipasha Chakrabarty             Research UK Psychological
  diagnostics and treatments          view of the Institute’s last five   a dedicated infrastructure to        assessments over the year.         in Histopathology, Dr Jac          Group, retired. As well as
  for cancer patients together        years of research output by a       support this important area of       We achieved CNST (Clinical         Livsey in Clinical Oncology,       offering clinical services to can-
  with laboratory, translational      panel of international experts.     clinical research.                   Negligence Scheme for              Dr Fiona Blackhall in Medical      cer patients and their families
  and clinical research and                                                                                    Trusts) level two accreditation    Oncology, Dr Hans-Ulrich           Peter led a team of researchers
  education. It is internationally    The Review Party said that          Whilst strengthening our             in December following an           Laasch in Radiology, and Mr        looking at the psychosocial im-
  accepted as the organisational      the scientific standing of the      research efforts we have still       assessment visit. Level two        James Murphy and Mr Paul           pact of different cancers, and
  model most likely to support        Paterson Institute had reached      been working extremely hard          accreditation means that our       Fulford in Surgery. We also        ways of detecting and treating
  clinical and research excel-        international stature. They felt    to ensure the highest quality        high standards gain us a 20%       welcomed Tim Illidge who           anxiety and depression in
  lence. The development is the       that progress since the last re-    patient services. A report           discount on our contribution       joined us on a University          people suffering from the
  product of a partnership with       view had been remarkable and        on radiotherapy facilities in        to the scheme, an impressive       post as Professor of Targeted      disease. He also taught com-
  The University of Manchester        had exceeded expectations.          our network, by Professor            £60,000.                           Radioimmuniotherapy.               munication skills to doctors
  and Cancer Research UK and          The leadership of Professor Nic     Robert Tinston, was published                                           Professor Illidge and his team     and nurses working in cancer.
  will ultimately benefit local       Jones, Director of the Paterson     at the beginning of the year         With a big national spot-          specialise in radioimmunol-        Peter’s work was ground-
  patients through access to          was praised – and the inspec-       which recommended Christie           light on hospital cleanliness      ogy which is one of the most       breaking and experts from
  cutting edge care and our           tors found staff morale and         Hospital satellite sites at Hope     we were pleased to pass            promising new treatments           across Europe met together in
  improved ability to attract and     enthusiasm to be very high.         and Oldham Hospitals. This           our annual PEAT inspec-            in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma          December for a special event
  recruit first class talent across                                       is a huge opportunity to             tion (Patient Environment          and leukaemia.                     to celebrate his career.
  a wide range of roles.              Following this ‘gold star’ report   transform cancer care across         Action Team) with top marks
                                      we were delighted when              the area. By developing the          again in February. Our North       Rev Kevin Dunn joined as our       Dr Peter Wilkinson, Clinical
  Formal agreements have              Cancer Research UK an-              Christie Hospital as a “cancer       Western Medical Physics            new Chaplaincy Co-ordina-          Oncologist retired in August
  been made between the               nounced it would invest a fur-      centre on three sites” we            department was formally            tor in June and Gloria Gabriel     after almost 29 years at the
  University, Cancer Research         ther £45 million in the Paterson    can help to address the cur-         recognised as a Radiation          arrived to oversee our Green       hospital. John Gallagher,
  UK and ourselves to create the      over the next five years.           rent inequalities in access,         Protection Advisory Body           Travel Co-ordination Project.      Director of Estates also retired
  Manchester Cancer Research                                              maintaining uniformly high           which means they can give          Gloria’s first job has been to     the same month after 40 years
  Centre, which will be a part of     Once again we received              standards of care and increas-       advice as a corporate body.        draw up a Green Transport          in the NHS, the last 13 years
  the comprehensive cancer cen-       extensive media coverage            ing opportunities for patients       And our Clinical Oncology          Plan encouraging people            here at the Christie.
  tre. As part of these arrange-      throughout the year. We             to be involved in clinical trials.   Practice Development Unit          to walk, cycle or use public                                             PAGE 4
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                                        Annual Report 2004/2005                                         Christie Hospital                     NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                 NHS Trust
  It’s been a year of big deci-      FINANCE DIRECTORS                     table donations.               -    Costs in relation to          There has been an increase        Funds held on Trust
  sions and change for me per-       REPORT                            -   £0.7m from the                      premises rose by £1.4m        in management costs, from         2004/05 has seen a change in
  sonally. For half of the year I                                          Department of Health in             reflecting the increased      £0.99m to £1.08m, but this has    the accounting of charitable
  provided interim leadership at     Income and Expenditure                relation for our pseu-              cost of energy and            been absorbed by the increase     funds, the consequence being
  Bolton Hospitals Trust, acting     For the year ended 31st               domyxoma service.                   utilities and the addi-       in income and in fact shows we    that a separate report will be
  as their chief executive as well   March 2005, the summarised                                                tional cost of the new        reduced slightly in percentage    published later in the year
  as being chief executive here      financial statements demon-       Offsetting these increases              boiler house facility.        terms when compared to the        with the details of the income
  at the Christie. This placed       strate that we have achieved      was the reduction in income                                           results in 2003/04.               and expenditure of our chari-
  extra demands on two of my         all of our financial duties:      received from the University       Other increases in expendi-                                          table funds.
  executive colleagues Ethna         -    Balancing our income         amounting to £2.7m, reflect-       ture were noted with respect       Balance sheet
  McCarthy, Director of Finance           and expenditure account      ing the completion of the          to depreciation, cancer            Our assets are funded both        Summary
  and Alison Norman, Director        -    Operating within the         building work on the Wolfson       network and general supplies       from exchequer and charita-       The investments made by
  of Nursing and Operations               external financing limit     Molecular Imaging Centre.          and services                       ble sources. This reflects the    Primary Care Trusts in the
  and I am very grateful to them          and capital resource limit   The Christie, University,                                             continued support we receive      Christie in 2004/05 have
  for covering so well.              -    Achieving the 3.5%           Wolfson Foundation and             We have seen significant           from the patients and public      enabled us to improve the
                                          financial return.            the Cancer Research UK are         developments in the provision      of the North West. The value      quality and ranges of service
  I also announced my resigna-                                         partners in this venture. The      of new equipment such as           of our assets has increased by    provided and make progress
  tion in March. I have worked       Income                            income directly matched by         two new linear accelerators        £43 million. The majority of      toward the achievement of the
  for the Christie for five years    In the year income from           the payments made in respect       and new CT and MR scanners         this relates to the increased     cancer plan. However we face
  and have enjoyed the job           patient service contracts and     of the project.                    together with a replacement        value of our land which was       continuing changes in the type
  hugely. The Christie is such a     other operating income has                                           MR scanner. Investment has         subject to the five-yearly        and complexity of treatments
  special place and it’s been a      increased by £8.7 million         Expenditure                        been made in the running           revaluation exercise under-       available and in the demand
  privilege and an honour to be      (8.7%) compared to 2003/04.       The increased funding has          costs associated with these        taken by the District Valuer.     for specialist care. This together
  part of it. Exciting times are     The most significant increases    been used directly to improve      large capital investments          The land value increased by       with the continuing financial
  ahead for this organisation but    included:                         the patient services we pro-       including staff costs. In          £33m. In addition we have         impact of Agenda for Change
  it’s the right time to pass over   -    £6.8m from primary care      vide and the research that we      addition we have received          a large capital investment        facing all Trusts in 2005/06
  the leadership to someone               trusts to fund a variety     undertake. For example:            further funding for the new        programme underway which          and the new financial regime
  new. I wish Caroline Shaw,              of new developments          -    Expenditure on drugs          pseudomyxoma service.              has added £6.6 m to our ex-       (Payment by Results) will result
  the new Chief Executive, the            eg: NICE drugs (National          has increased by £1.2m                                           chequer (government) assets       in a significant cost pressure.
  very best in taking the Christie        Institute for Clinical            to £18.6, reflecting the      The increase in income was         and £6.3m to our charitable
  into its new era.                       Excellence), and associ-          implementation of NICE        very welcome but like many         fund asset base. The capital      All the our staff have worked
                                          ated infrastructure costs,        recommendations.              hospitals, we face ever-increas-   programme included the fol-       extremely hard to deliver
  Finally, I want to say a special        ongoing running costs        -    Staff costs rose by £6.3m     ing cost and service pressures.    lowing schemes:                   services within the resources
  thank-you to all our staff              of new equipment such             to £54.1m, reflecting         For example staff shortages        -    Linear accelerator           available and I would like to
  - their commitment, enthu-              as linear accelerators,           increasing numbers of         result in the need to employ            development includ-          express my thanks, on behalf
  siasm and skill never ceases            CT and MRI scanners,              medical and other sup-        expensive agency staff and              ing the purchase of          of the Board for their efforts
  to amaze me. Every single               and additional anaes-             port staff, (increase of 27   increasing availability of new          equipment and associ-        in doing this.
  person and team here plays              thetic medical staffing.          in the year). However a       and expensive drugs – eg: in            ated building cost
  an important role and is part      -    £1.3m from the                    large part of this increase   infection control – resulted in    -    Radiology develop-           The summary financial state-
  of a unique jigsaw. They are            workforce confedera-              related to the impact of      budget overspends in these key          ment including new and       ments are merely a summary
  the very heart of this hospital.        tion to reflect the true          the new pay structure         areas. These pressures continue         replacement MR scanner       of the information and the full
                                          cost of training places           (Agenda for Change)           in 2005/06. Whilst we achieved          and a new CT scanner.        accounts are available from
                                          within our Trust.                 which affects all NHS         our break-even target, we          -    Translational                the finance department on
  Joanna Wallace                     -    £1.2m in respect of               staff apart from doctors,     relied on several non-recurrent         Research Facility            0161 446 3805.
  Chief Executive                         Cancer Network fund-              dentists and direc-           measures and we will be seek-      -    Upgrade of the
                                          ing for which we act              tors. The impact is part      ing in the new financial year to        Day Nursery
                                          as host organisation.             year and therefore will       find ways of providing a more                                        Ethna McCarthy
                                     -    £0.9m from chari-                 continue into 2005\06         stable financial footing.                                            Director of Finance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PAGE 5
                          ‘We care, we discover we teach’
                                               ,                                                                                                                                    Annual Report 2004/2005                                                                                       Christie Hospital                                     NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    NHS Trust
                                 INCOME AND EXPENDITURE                                                                                                                            SALARY AND PENSION ENTITLEMENTS OF SENIOR MANAGERS
                                    for the year ended 31 March 2005                                                                       2004/05 £000             2003/04 £000    Remuneration
                                    Income from activities                                                                                            71740               64382     Name and Title                                                        Salary                     Other Remuneration                        Benefits in Kind
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (bands of £5000)                 (bands of £5000)                         Rounded to the
                                    Other operating income                                                                                           36598                35203                                                                            £000                             £000                                 nearest £100
                                    Operating expenses                                                                                            -106843                 -98106                                                                    2004-5     2003-4                 2004-5    2003-4                         2004-5 2003-4

                                    OPERATING SURPLUS                                                                                                  1495                1479     J Wallace, Chief Executive                                      60-65           95-100                    0            0                   4,800        5,500

                                    Profit (loss) on disposal of fixed assets                                                                                  -1             0     E Mccarthy, Director Of Finance                                 85-90           70-75                     0            0                   3,700        3,300

                                    Interest receivable                                                                                                    122               94     A Norman, Nurse Executive                                       85-90           70-75                     0            0                   2,900            1,500

                                    Other finance costs - unwinding of discount                                                                                -9            -10    Dr R Stout , Medical Director                                   10-15           10-15             155-160 100-105                               0            0

                                    Other finance costs - change in discount rate on provisions                                                                0             -57    Prof N Jones, Director of Paterson Institute 0                                    0               125-130 125-130                               0            0

                                    SURPLUS ON ORDINARY ACTIVITIES                                                                                     1607                1506     Prof J Higgins, Chairman                                        15-20           15-20                     0            0                        0            0

                                    PDC Dividend payable                                                                                              -1602                -1506    J Cassidy, Non-executive                                         5-10            5-10                     0            0                        0            0

                                    RETAINED SURPLUS FOR THE YEAR                                                                                              5              0     G Easson, Non-executive                                          5-10            5-10                     0            0                        0            0

                                    FINANCIAL TARGET PERFORMANCE                                                                                       3.5%                5.6%     Prof A Freemont, Non-executive                                   5-10            5-10                     0            0                        0            0
                                                                                                                                                                                    Y Ejo, Non-executive                                             5-10            5-10                     0            0                        0            0
                                    BALANCE SHEET as at 31 March 2005                                                                      2004/05 £000             2003/04 £000    W Farndon, Non-executive                                         5-10            0-5                      0            0                        0            0
                                    FIXED ASSETS                   Intangible assets                                                                        23               20
                                                                                                                                                                                   J Wallace was seconded to Bolton Trust three days per week, for the period April-August 2004, to act as their Chief Executive. E
                                                                   Tangible assets                                                                 128499                 85265    McCarthy and A Norman shared the role of Chief Executive in her absence.
                                                                   total fixed assets                                                              128522                 85285    Benefits in kind relate to the provision of lease cars.

                                    CURRENT ASSETS Stocks and work-in-progress                                                                             821              912                                                          STAFF AND MANAGEMENT COSTS
                                                                   Debtors Amounts falling due:                                                                                                                                                                                       2004/05                                  2003/04
                                                                             after one year                                                                    0              0                                                                                            Exchequer               Total           Exchequer               Total
                                                                             within one year                                                         13420                12303
                                                                                                                                                                                    OPERATING                                              Costs £’000                           2,978            3,646                   2,737          3,365
                                                                   Cash at bank and in hand                                                                268              266                                                            Income £’000                         94,111 108,460                          86,226          99,679
INCOME                                                                                                                                                                              Sources of
                                    CREDITORS (Amounts falling due within one year):                                                                -15831                -14553    Expenditure                                            % of Income                          3.16%             3.36%                  3.10%          3.38%
Sources of
Income                              NET CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                                                           -1322                -1072

                                    Total assets less current liabilities                                                                          127200                 84213
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Statement on NHS senior managers’ pay
                                    CREDITORS (Amounts falling due after more than one year):                                                                  0              0       £60,000                                                                                 I confirm that the letter of 23 March 2003, from
   £60,000                          PROVISIONS FOR LIABILITIES AND CHARGES                                                                                 -989             -863                                                                                              the Chief Executive of the NHS to Chairs and
                                    TOTAL ASSETS EMPLOYED                                                                                          126211                 83350       £50,000                                                                                 Chief Executives, concerning disclosure of senior
   £50,000                          TAXPAYERS EQUITY Public dividend capital                                                                          33135               29329                                                                                               manager remuneration in the annual accounts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              has been complied with.
                                                                     Revaluation reserve                                                             45720                13617       £40,000
                                                                     Donation reserve                                                                47320                40839                                                                                               Joanna Wallace, Chief Executive
                                                                     Income and expenditure reserve                                                         36              -435      £30,000
                                    TOTAL TAXPAYERS EQUITY                                                                                         126211                 83350


        £0                                                                                                                                                                                 £0
                                              Education,       Charitable                     Clinical Trials and                                                                               Services from   Staff & Directors'   Supplies and                                Depreciation and   Molecular
                                                                               North West                                        Molecular                                                                                                          Establishment    Premises                                      Cancer network       Other
             NHS Bodies   Private Patients   training and    contributions to                  other research Cancer network                    Other income                                     NHS bodies            costs           services                                   amortisation    Imaging Centre
                                                                              Medical Physics                                  Imaging Centre
                                               research     expenditure/fixed                       income                                                                                         5,264             54,803            29,052          2,418          4,437           5,875            160             2,701            2,133
   2004/05     66,556          5,174            4,333           17,821           4,798            2,401           2,701             160            4,394                              2003/04      5,420             48,388            27,194          2,266          2,956           5,275           2,878            1,424            2,305            PAGE 6
   2003/04     59,042          5,329            3,002           16,628           4,450            2,788           1,434            2,878           4,034
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                                                   Annual Report 2004/2005                                                      Christie Hospital                      NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NHS Trust
  CASH FLOW STATEMENT                                                                                                   WHERE THE MONEY WENT
  for the year ended 31 March 2005                                           2004/05 £000              2003/04 £000                                                                               2004/05 %                 2003/04 %
  OPERATING ACTIVITIES Net cash inflow from operating activities                    4080                        4943     Bought in goods                                                                 25.4                      27.2
  RETURNS ON INVESTMENT AND SERVICING OF FINANCE                                                                         Drugs                                                                           17.2                      17.4
                      Interest received                                              123                           89    Capital                                                                          5.4                       5.3
  Net cash inflow from returns on investments and servicing of finance               123                           89    Salaries                                                                        50.6                      48.6
  CAPITAL EXPENDITURE          Payments to acquire fixed assets                    -12727                       -4729    PDC dividend                                                                     1.5                          1.5
                               Receipts from sale of fixed assets                      0                            0                                                                                   100.0                     100.0
  Net cash outflow from capital expenditure                                        -12727                       -4729
  DIVIDENDS PAID                                                                    -1602                       -1506   BETTER PAYMENT PRACTICE CODE
  Net cash outflow before financing                                                -10126                       -1203
                                                                                                                         % of bills paid within target                                                     93                          91
  FINANCING                    Public dividend capital received                     3806                            0
                               Public dividend capital repaid                          0                         -257
  Other capital receipts                                                            6322                         1466   As Non-Executive members                 to transfer the benefits accrued       calculated within the guidelines
                                                                                                                        do not receive pensionable               in their former scheme. The            and framework prescribed by
  Net cash inflow from financing                                                   10128                        1209
                                                                                                                        remuneration, there will be no           pension figures shown relate to        the Institute and Faculty of
  INCREASE IN CASH                                                                     2                            6
                                                                                                                        entries in respect of pensions           the benefits that the individual       Actuaries.
                                                                                                                        for Non-Executive members.               has accrued as a consequence           Real Increase in CETV - This
  STATEMENT OF TOTAL RECOGNISED GAINS AND LOSSES                                                                                                                 of their total membership of           reflects the increase in CETV
  for the year ended 31 March 2005                                           2004/05 £000              2003/04 £000     A Cash Equivalent Transfer               the pension scheme, not just           effectively funded by the
  Surplus for the financial year before dividend payments                           1607                         1506   Value (CETV) is the actuarially          their service in a senior capacity     employer. It takes account of
                                                                                                                        assessed capital value of the            to which the disclosure applies.       the increase in accrued pension
  Fixed asset inpairment losses                                                        0                            0
                                                                                                                        pension scheme benefits ac-              The CETV figures, and from             due to inflation, contributions
  Unrealised surplus on fixed assets revaluations/indexations                      36200                        6465    crued by a member at a partic-           2004-05 the other pension              paid by the employee (includ-
  Increases in the donated asset and government grant reserve due to the                                                ular point in time. The benefits         details, include the value of any      ing the value of any benefits
  receipt of donated and government grant financed assets                           6322                         1466   valued are the member’s ac-              pension benefits in another            transferred from another pen-
  Reduction in the donated asset and government grant reserve due to                                                    crued benefits and any contin-           scheme or arrangement which            sion scheme or arrangement)
  the depreciation, impairment and disposal of donated and                                                              gent spouse’s pension payable            the individual has transferred         and uses common market
  government grant financed assets                                                  -3472                       -3175   from the scheme. A CETV is               to the NHS pension scheme.             valuation factors for the start
  Total recognised gains and losses for the financial year                         40657                        6262    a payment made by a pension              They also include any additional       and end of the period.
  Prior period adjustment                                                              0                            0   scheme, or arrangement to                pension benefit accrued to the
  Total gains and losses recognised in the financial year                          40657                        6262
                                                                                                                        secure pension benefits in               member as a result of their
                                                                                                                        another pension scheme or ar-            purchasing additional years of
                                                                                                                        rangement when the member                pension service in the scheme
                                                                                                                        leaves a scheme and chooses              at their own cost. CETVs are
  Pension Benefits
  Name and Title                                             Real increase in               Total accrued pension and    Cash equivalent            Cash equivalent             Real increase in cash      Employers contribution to
                                                           pension and related               related lump sum at age     transfer value at          transfer value at           equivalent transfer          Stakeholder Pension
                                                           lump sum at age 60                   60 at 31 March 2005       31 March 2005              31 March 2004
  value                                                                                          (bands of £5000)
                                                                     £000                              £000                    £000                      £000                           £000                    To nearest £100
  J Wallace, Chief Executive                                         5-7.5                           50-55                       146                       123                           24                            0
  E Mccarthy, Director Of Finance                                   15-17.5                          80-85                       249                       191                           58                            0
  A Norman, Nurse Executive                                         22.5-25                          65-70                       569                       450                          119                            0
  Dr R Stout , Medical Director                                     20-22.5                         190-195                      824                       692                          133                            0
  Prof N Jones, Director of Paterson Institute                       5-7.5                          100-105                      440                       401                           39                            0                      PAGE 7
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                                  Annual Report 2004/2005                                            Christie Hospital     NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                     NHS Trust
  STATEMENT OF                      -   apply on a consist-           Independent Auditors’            Opinion                          incident preparedness and
  RESPONSIBILITIES                      ent basis accounting          Report to the Directors of       In my opinion the sum-           planning.
                                        policies laid down            the Board of The Christie        mary financial statements are
  Statement of the chief                by the Secretary of           Hospital NHS Trust on            consistent with the statu-       Better payment
  executive’s responsibilities          State with the ap-            the Summary Financial            tory financial statements of     practice code
  as the accountable                    proval of the Treasury        Statements                       the Trust for the year ended     The NHS Executive requires
  Officer of the Trust              -   make judgments and            I have examined the sum-         31 March 2005 on which I         Trusts to pay their non-NHS
  The Secretary of State has            estimates which are           mary financial statements set    have issued an unqualified       creditors in accordance with
  directed that the Chief               reasonable and prudent        out on pages 6 to 7.             opinion.                         the CBI prompt payment
  Executive should be the           -   state whether ap-                                                                               code. The target is to pay
  Accountable Officer to the            plicable accounting           This report is made solely       Signature:                       such creditors within 30 days
  Trust. The relevant respon-           standards have been           to the Board of The Christie                                      of receipt of a valid invoice or
  sibilities of Accountable             followed, subject to          Hospital NHS Trust in ac-                                         receipt of goods whichever is
  Officers, including their             any material departures       cordance with Part II of the     District Auditor                 the later, providing these are
  responsibility for the                disclosed and explained       Audit Commission Act 1998        Date: 2 September 2005           not in dispute.
  propriety and regularity              in the accounts.              and for no other purpose,        Name:      Jackie Bellard
  of the public finances for                                          as set out in paragraph          Address: Audit Commission,       For the financial year
  which they are answer-            The directors confirm they        54 of the Statement of           2nd Floor, Aspinall House,       2004/2005 we were able
  able, and for the keeping of      have complied with the            Responsibilities of Auditors     Aspinall Close, Middlebrook,     to pay 93% of our non NHS
  proper records, are set out       above requirements in pre-        and of Audited Bodies,           Horwich, BOLTON BL6 6QQ          creditors within 30 days of
  in the Accountable Officers’      paring the accounts.              prepared by the Audit                                             goods received, which is an
  Memorandum issued by the                                            Commission.                      External audit                   improvement on 2003/04,
  NHS Executive.                    The directors are responsible                                      The Trust’s external auditors    but is however below the
                                    for keeping proper account-       Respective responsibilities      are appointed by the Audit       better payments practice
  To the best of my knowledge       ing records which disclose        of directors and auditors        Commission. All members of       target of 95%. Detail of
  and belief, I have properly       with reasonable accuracy          The directors are responsible    the audit team are inde-         compliance with code is on
  discharged the responsibili-      at any time the financial         for preparing the Annual         pendent of the Trust, the        page 7.
  ties set out in my letter of      position of the Trust and to      Report. My responsibility is     Board and staff members. A
  appointment as an account-        enable them to ensure that        to report to you my opinion      statement is provided each       Statement on
  able officer.                     the accounts comply with          on the consistency of the        year detailing the Audit         Internal Control
                                    requirement outlined in the       summary financial statements     Commission’s requirements        The Statement on Internal
  Joanna Wallace, Chief             above mentioned direction         with the statutory financial     in respect of independence       Control is included in our full
  Executive, 12th July 2005         of the Secretary of State.        statements. I also read the      and objectivity.                 financial accounts. Our ac-
                                    They are also responsible for     other information contained      The nature of the work           counts can be found on our
  Statement of directors’           safeguarding the assets of        in the Annual Report and         undertaken by the auditors       website: www.christie.nhs.
  responsibilities in               the Trust and hence for tak-      consider the implications        is carried out in accordance     uk. Management costs can
  respect of the accounts           ing reasonable steps for the      for my report if I become        with the Code of Audit           be found on page 6. Signed
  The directors are required        prevention and detection of       aware of any misstatements       Practice. It covers opinion      statements can be obtained
  under the National Health         fraud and other irregularities.   or material inconsistencies      on the annual accounts,          from our finance department
  Services Act 1977 to prepare                                        with the summary financial       financial aspects of corporate   on tel: 0161 446 3805.
  accounts for each financial       By order of the Board             statements.                      governance and the use of
  year. The Secretary of State,                                                                        resources. The fee for this      Joanna Wallace, Chief
  with the approval of the          Joanna Wallace, Chief             Basis of opinion                 work was £111, 631.              Executive
  Treasury, directs that these      Executive, 12th July 2005         I conducted my work in
  accounts give a true and fair                                       accordance with Bulletin         Major incident plan
  view of the state of affairs of   Ethna McCarthy, Finance           1999/6 ‘The auditor’s state-     We have a major incident
  the Trust and of the income       Director, 12th July 2005          ment on the summary finan-       plan which is fully compli-
  and expenditure of the trust                                        cial statements’ issued by the   ant with “Handling Major
  for that period. In preparing                                       Auditing Practices Board for     Incidents: An Operational
  those accounts, the directors                                       use in the United Kingdom.       Doctrine” and accompany-
  are required to:                                                                                     ing NHS guidance on major                                                                  PAGE 8
               ‘We care, we discover we teach’
                                    ,                                                                                                         Annual Report 2004/2005                                        Christie Hospital                    NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                NHS Trust
                   PATIENT ACTIVITY                                                                                                       COMPLAINTS                           apy hotline for patients       Patient, service user, carer and
                                                                                                                                                                               on hold so they know           public involvement
                   The patient activity for the                                                                                           Over the year a total of             they are still connected       Our patient and public
                   Christie Hospital for 2004/5                                                                                           103 people made formal                                              involvement strategy ensures
                   is illustrated in the graphs                                                                                           complaints, 97 people filled     In addition, recurring con-        that the voices of patients,
                   below.                                                                                                                 in a comment form or wrote       cerns are being addressed          carers and the public are
                                                                                                                                          informally with a complaint,     by specific groups within          heard at every level, and that
                   INPATIENT EPISODES                                                                                                     and 107 came to our Patient      our hospital. For example,         our staff use this feedback
                                                                                                                                          and Liaison Service (PALS)       problems raised by relatives       to build a patient-focused
                     14841        14924       14768       15818       15362          15163       14326        13841         12904         with a concern.                  about communication and            service.
                     1996/97      1997/98     1998/99     1999/00     2000/01        2001/02     2002/03      2003/04       2004/05
                                                                                                                                                                           care around the time of death
                                                                                                                                          93% of the 103 formal com-       are being considered by our        We have links with the
                   DAYCASES & O/Pat. Treatments                                                                                           plaints were concluded within    Bereavement group.                 Christie patient and public
                                                                                                                                          four weeks. Five people                                             involvement forum (PPIF),
                         57786     61270       66583       72748          75256      87636       95204        95806         101384        requested an independent         CLINICAL GOVERNANCE                with someone from our Trust
                     1996/97      1997/98     1998/99     1999/00     2000/01        2001/02     2002/03      2003/04       2004/05       review – with four still being                                      attending part of the meeting
                                                                                                                                          considered by the Healthcare     The following is a brief sum-      to discuss and give feedback
                   OUT-PATIENTS -Consultations New & Followup                                                                             Commission and one being         mary of a selection of our         on issues raised by the PPIF.
                                                                                                                                          recommended for no further       clinical governance achieve-
                         64428     66519       67960       72573          77233       66636       65094        70672         69315        action.                          ments over the past year. The      We have undertaken several
                                                                                                                                                                           full clinical governance report    joint projects such as asking
                     1996/97      1997/98      1998/99    1999/00         2000/01    2001/02     2002/03      2003/04        2004/05
                                                                                                                                          The main categories of           is available on our website:       patients what they think we
                   OCCUPIED BED DAYS                                                                                                      complaint were around                 should spend the £35,000
                                                                                                                                          communication and clinical                                          given to all Trusts for a capital
                     100329        91681       86004       86297          83350      81985        79566        70939         65326        care, followed by complaints     Clinical governance is the         project and the privacy and
                                                                                                                                          about administrative prob-       national framework for             dignity observation.
                     1996/97      1997/98     1998/99     1999/00     2000/01        2001/02     2002/03      2003/04       2004/05
                                                                                                                                          lems. A small proportion of      achieving quality improve-
                    AVAILABLE BED DAYS                                                                                                    complaints were about our        ment and encompasses all the       Our action plan has brought
                                                                                                                                          environment and facilities.      procedures and processes that      about:
                     123096      113607       106562      101888          98440       97681       93726        83618         75104                                         ensure patients receive a high
                                                                                                                                          Examples of significant          quality service.                   -   More attention to
                     1996/97      1997/98      1998/99     1999/00        2000/01    2001/02     2002/03      2003/04       2004/05
                                                                                                                                          changes made in the light of                                            information to support
                                                                                                                                          patients’ complaints include     It includes the key areas of           informed consent
 %                AVERAGE OCCUPANCY                                Days                  A V ERA GE LENGTH OF STA Y                       the following:                   patient, service user, carer       -   Piloted copy let-
90                                                                   7                                                                                                     and public involvement; risk           ters to patients
89                                                                  6.8                                                                   -    alteration of refer-        management; clinical audit;        -   More patient involve-
88                                                                  6.6
                                                                                                                                               ral forms for scans to      staffing and staff manage-             ment, for example, on
                                                                                                                                               include more detailed       ment; education and training;          committees, in project
87                                                                  6.4                                                                        clinical information        clinical effectiveness; use of         groups and on the
86                                                                  6.2                                                                   -    guidelines produced         information; and strategic             design of new build-
85                                                                   6
                                                                                                                                               for staff about relatives   development.                           ings / upgrades
                                                                                                                                               staying on the wards                                           -   More staff awareness
84                                                                  5.8
                                                                                                                                          -    better information for      We are particularly pleased            of patient and public
83                                                                  5.6                                                                        patients using pag-         with our clinical governance           involvement through
82                                                                  5.4                                                                        ers to allow them to        achievements this year and             awareness sessions,
                                                                                                                                               leave clinical areas        continue to learn from patient         access to toolkit, develop-
81                                                                  5.2
                                                                                                                                               when waiting for their      feedback, research, audit and          ment of websites
80                                                                    5                                                                        chemotherapy treatment      incidents.                         -   More awareness of
     1996/97   1998/99       2000/01      2002/03      2004/05            1996/ 97    1998/ 99     2000/ 01      2002/ 03      2004/ 05   -    music on the chemother-                                            the Christie patient             PAGE 9
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                    Annual Report 2004/2005                                         Christie Hospital                                        NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                       NHS Trust
      and public involve-           audits for NICE guidelines, ad-   OUR COMMITMENT                    Positive about                     Improving Working Lives
      ment forum (PPIF)             herence to intrathecal policy,    TO STAFF                          Disabled People                                   NG
                                                                                                                                                                WO RKI
                                                                                                                                                     VI                      G
  -   More surveys of patient       completion of case notes, the


                                                                                                                                                                             LI V

      opinion – eg: catering        discharge/transfer process,       Equality and Diversity


      survey, views on visiting     adherence to ‘breaking bad        We are committed to the

                                                                                                                                                     V                       G
      arrangements, follow-up       news’ guidelines, infection       concepts of equality, fair                                                              G W O R KIN

      arrangements for patients     control procedures and cancer     treatment and social inclu-       We are accredited by the           We are committed to creating
      with ovarian cancer.          standards.                        sion, and are working towards     Employment Service to use          a working environment where
                                                                      the three strategic aims of the   the ‘Positive about Disabled       staff feel valued, and where
  Patient Information               A number of clinical audits       ‘Vital Connection – an equali-    People’ symbol.                    a healthy balance between
  Over the year we exten-           were also undertaken within       ties framework for the NHS’.                                         the demands of work and
  sively revised and produced       individual departments and                                          This means that we:                personal life can be achieved.
  new leaflets, booklets and        there is a rolling programme      These are to:                     -    Interview all applicants
  audio-cassettes. 21 new items     of audits carried out by the      -   Recruit, develop and               with a disability who         Improving Working Lives (IWL)
  of information (booklets,         specialist registrars – eg: ad-       retain a workforce                 meet the minimum              accreditation is at three levels
  leaflets and audio-cassettes)     herence to breast radiothera-         capable of delivering              criteria and consider         – pledge, practice and practice
  were translated into ethnic       py guidelines, late effects of        responsive, accessible,            them on their abilities       plus. We are accredited with
  languages, and our informa-       prostate radiotherapy.                high quality services,        -    Ask disabled employees,       ‘practice’ status and are work-
  tion for patients whose first                                           appropriate to the di-             yearly, what we can do to     ing towards ‘practice plus’
  language is not English was       We also took part in a                verse needs of different           make sure they can devel-     status by October 2005. Our
  singled out for praise in a na-   national audit review of              groups and individuals             op and use their abilities    overall aim is that IWL is “sim-
  tional report on cancer earlier   services in 2004 which was                                          -    Make every effort when        ply the way we do business.”
  this year.                        carried out by the Audit          -    Be a fair employer,               employees become
                                    Commission on behalf of the            achieving equality of op-         disabled to ensure they       Our IWL activity during this
  Risk management                   Healthcare Commission. The             portunity and outcomes            stay in employment            year included:
  Our risk management strategy      report identified many areas           in the workplace             -    Take action to ensure that
  was revised in February 2005.     where we are performing                                                  key employees develop         -             Securing funding to
  It highlights the responsibili-   well. This included delivery      -    Use our influence                 the disability aware-                       extend our Day Nursery
  ties for risk management that     of good quality nursing care           and resources as an               ness needed to make                         to accommodate an
  all our staff have and details    to patients, a median level of         employer to make a                our commitment work                         additional 12 places
  exactly how these responsibil-    complaints around nursing, a           difference to the health     -    Each year, review the                       for staff’s children. The
  ities should be met. New and      low level of incidents and ac-         and life opportunities            five commitments and                        extension will allow the
  updated risk management           cidents and low scores around          of the local community,           what has been achieved,                     nursery to provide places
  policies have been circulated     drug error and needle stick            particularly those shut           plan ways to improve on                     for 79 children from six
  to all staff.                     injury rates.                          out or disadvantaged.             them and let employees                      months to four years old.
                                                                                                             know about progress           -             Positive results from the
  We successfully achieved                                            We have equality and diversity         and future plans.                           2004 Staff Survey. We
  Clinical Negligence Scheme                                          training for managers and in-                                                      featured as one of best
  for Trusts (CNST) Level 2                                           clude this as part of our man-    We have continued to work                        20% of hospitals in many
  accreditation following our                                         datory induction programme        with external bodies support-                    categories including
  assessment in December.                                             for all staff.                    ing disabled people to gain                      staff having a structured
                                                                                                        placements and employment                        appraisal and high levels
  Clinical Audit                                                      We advertise employment op-       with the Trust.                                  of job satisfaction.
  We have continued to make                                           portunities within the Trust in                                      -             Launching E-Recruitment
  progress in implementing our                                        a range of publications aimed                                                      to enable applicants
  clinical audit strategy.                                            at ensuring we reach all mem-                                                      from all over the world to
                                                                      bers of the community.                                                             apply for Christie jobs.
  We completed audits in the                                                                                                               -             Setting up a popular IWL
  consent process, medications                                                                                                                                                                     PAGE 10
                                                                                                                                                         Bidding Process where
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                                       Annual Report 2004/2005                                            Christie Hospital                    NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                                   NHS Trust
      teams/departments are           Development team merged            available from occupational        Health and Safety Committee.      hospital its special comforting    and British Airways were able
      invited to submit bids on       with the Nursing Learning and      health, radiation protection and                                     and therapeutic atmosphere         to commission a show garden.
      a monthly basis for items       Development team to form           infection control.                 Information sharing               for patients undergoing treat-     The much-admired garden
      which would improve             one unit under our human                                              and consultation                  ment for all types of cancer.      named ‘The world on your
      their working lives.            resources department. This         An updated health and safety       with employees                    Donations and legacies have        doorstep’ designed by Andy
  -   A successful review of our      has helped co-ordinate learn-      strategy was approved by the       We have a Staff Involvement       been crucial in enabling us to     Walker won a silver medal and
      approach of being posi-         ing and development activity       Board and work is ongoing          Policy which encourages man-      become and continue to be          our volunteer collectors raised
      tive regarding employing        across the Trust.                  to address the targets set. A      agers to share information        a world-renowned centre of         over £13,000 during the show.
      people with disabilities.                                          new policy on the manage-          with their staff and involve      excellence fighting to improve
  -   The appointment of              In addition to ongoing             ment and use of latex was          them in the decision making       the quality of life for those      We are very grateful to the
      an additional occupa-           learning and development           issued. In addition, the           process. Our communica-           affected by cancer.                companies who have sup-
      tional health nurse             activities, a range of new         University of Manchester           tions stategy, which includes                                        ported us during the year
                                      programmes were implement-         and NHS Trusts worked in           a detailed internal commu-        There were many fundraising        with special thanks to those
  Employee Assistance                 ed over the year across the        partnership to develop a           nications plan, ensures the       events and initiatives during      who have committed an an-
  Programme                           organisation. These included       policy on the management of        dissemination of information      the year but regrettably there     nual gift including N Brown,
  Our Employee Assistance             role redesign, customer care,      shared workplaces. A revised       about the organisation.           is only space here to mention      CIS, Geoff Fielden Ltd,
  Programme (EAP) is a free,          conflict resolution, key skills    health and safety policy was                                         a few.                             Warren James Jewellers and
  confidential telephone service      for managers and leadership        agreed and distributed widely.     A THANK YOU TO                                                       J Rothwell & Son Ltd.
  available to all Christie staff     programmes.                        Policies on fire safety and        OUR SUPPORTERS                    During the spring and sum-
  and their families.                                                    radiation protection were                                            mer many hundreds of people        Workplace fundraising con-
                                      Health Promoting Hospital          revised and the major incident     Just some of the many             raised sponsorship by taking       tinues and we would like to
  Totally independent of the          and the Health at Work             plan was reviewed to ensure        fundraising activities that our   part in sporting and other         mention the staff of Euromark
  Christie, the EAP offers infor-     in the NHS initiatives             that clinical and non-clinical     amazing supporters enjoyed        outdoor events such as runs,       Menswear, Asda Pilsworth,
  mation, help and support on         Our occupational health            major incidents are handled        in 2004:                          walks and bike rides. Our big-     Nutters Restaurant, UK &
  a range of important issues.        department offers well-per-        appropriately.                                                       gest event, the Manchester to      Ireland Insurance Services,
  These include face-to-face          son medicals. Our Employee                                              - They cycled over              Blackpool bike ride took place     PVC Group, Endlars Solicitors,
  or telephone counselling;           Assistance Programme also          Ten employees success-                 75,000 miles                  in July and the Manchester         Direct Line Insurance and JD
  general citizens advice;            offers free counselling and        fully completed the IOSH             - They ran over                 100 bike ride followed in          Williams & Company Limited
  financial advice; legal advice;     advice on many areas such as       ‘Managing Safely’ course.              17,000 miles                  September. These two               all of whom raised very signifi-
  telephone debt information;         finance and legal issues. Staff    Attendance at the mandatory          - They parachuted               events raised a grand total of     cant sums during the year. We
  and child and dependent/            benefit from our free and          training sessions is improving         over 510,000 feet             £245,000. Runners taking           were very fortunate to have
  elder care information              subsidised complementary           and increasing numbers of            - 27 heads were shaved          part in the London Marathon,       been chosen as the United
                                      therapies and also discounted      managers and supervisors are         - 45 street collec-             the Great North Run, the           Coop charity of the year. We
  Recognising that problems           membership offered by local        completing the in-house risk           tions were held               Great Manchester Run and           wish the staff of United Coop
  outside of work can have a          health and fitness clubs.          assessment training.                 - and over 1000 collec-         the Wilmslow Half Marathon         all the best with their fundrais-
  high impact on our actions                                                                                    tion buckets were filled      raised a further £264,000.         ing during the year!
  whilst in work we feel it crucial   Health & safety                    There were 185 reported staff
  to ensure staff feel supported      performance &                      accidents in 2004/05, com-         Thank you so much!                Sir Bobby Charlton participat-     In the Autumn we organised
  both in and out of work.            occupational health                pared with 159 in 2003/04.                                           ed in a charity golf day and       our first-ever north west
                                      We have a positive approach to     The increase can be attributed     We are extremely lucky to         delighted everyone by scoring      film premiere at a local AMC
  The service has now extended        health and safety and acknowl-     to the success of the incident     enjoy the support of so many      a hole in one. He very gener-      Cinema with a screening of
  to include a health promo-          edge our duty to safeguard         reporting process which            people in our community           ously donated the value of his     Bridget Jones: The Edge of
  tions website where staff can       staff, patients and visitors       looks at near misses as well       who raise funds or donate to      prize – a Mercedes car to the      Reason. This was a great suc-
  access a range of useful infor-     through effective manage-          as actual incidents, but there     our appeal. Our supporters’       hospital.                          cess raising funds and provid-
  mation specifically looking at      ment. Managers are supported       has also been an increase in       contributions are used both                                          ing an excellent promotional
  healthy living.                     by a specialist team comprising    the number of staff on site.       to fund cancer research and       We continued our involvement       opportunity for the hospital.
                                      the health and safety, moving      All accidents and ill health       to contribute to the provision    with the RHS Tatton Flower
  Learning and development            and handling and fire safety       reports are considered at the      of specialist medical equip-      Show and thanks to sponsor-        Many people actively raise
  In July 2004, our Learning and      advisers. In addition, advice is   quarterly meetings of the          ment and extras that give the     ship from Manchester Airport       funds in memory of a person          PAGE 11
‘We care, we discover we teach’
                     ,                                                                                  Annual Report 2004/2005                                        Christie Hospital                NHS
                                                                                                                                                                                        NHS Trust
  who was close to them.             Foyle Foundation, Childwick        DONATIONS OF OVER              COMMUNITY FUNDRAISING           Eleanor Jefferson                Richard & Carol Tonge
  During the year friends and        Trust and the Duchess of           £4,000 2004/2005               AND DONATIONS                   Barbara Johnson                  Trafford Mayoral Committee
  relatives of Alex Hall, Frank      Westminster’s Charitable                                          Ibrar Ahmed in memory of        Peter Kay                        Sharon Wallace in memory of
  (Foo-Foo) Lamarr and Tim           Trust. Funds were boosted          CHARITABLE TRUSTS              Surriya Ahmed                   Sanjay Kumar                     Mike West
  Kilroe organised highly suc-       further by a donation of           Childwick Trust                All Together For Christie’s     Michael Lamba & family in        Janice Weatherley
  cessful fundraising events         shares which generated over        The Foyle Foundation           Anne Allen                      memory of David Lamba            Wellington School - Timperley
  which generated much               £256,000. Share giving is a        Isle of Man Anti-Cancer        Altrincham and Sale             Light for Christies in memory    Wibbersley & Thorne Society
  needed funds for particular        tax efficient means of donat-      Association                    Fundraising Group               of Tim Kilroe                    Wigan & Leigh Fundraising
  projects within the hospital.      ing to the hospital and gifts of   Stoller Charitable Trust       Astbury Golf Club               Elsie Lockie & Barbara Stott     Team
                                     shares are much welcomed.          Mrs Waterhouse Charitable      John Atkinson in memory of      Mark McMurray                    Cathy Williams
  Victoria House, the accom-                                            Trust                          Enid Atkinson                   Manchester Home Team             Wilmslow Fundraisers for
  modation for the parents of        Finally, I’d like to express       Duchess of Westminster’s       Grant Berry                     Manchester Velo Cycling Club     Christies
  our young patients benefited       our sincere thanks to all the      Charitable Trust               Peter Catterall Memorial Fund   Rita Mehta                       Women’s Trust Fund for
  from a makeover thanks to          members of our volunteer                                          Sir Bobby Charlton              Middleton Unit Golf Society      Christies - Dukinfield
  the generosity of a number of      fundraising teams for their        CORPORATE DONATIONS            Christie Appeal Macclesfield    “MUGS”                           Women’s Trust Fund for
  fundraisers who either raised      unstinting efforts to raise        AMC Theatres of UK Ltd         Christie Appeal Tameside        Philip Murphy in memory of       Christie’s - Oldham
  money to fund the decorating       funds, together they raised        Asda Superstore - Pilsworth    Section                         Annie Murphy                     Women’s Trust Fund for
  or donated furniture or other      £370,000 during the year.          BAE Systems in memory of       The Christie Crafters           Nantwich Support Group           Christies - Salford
  goods in kind.                                                        Phil Baker                     Keith Collier in memory of      Oldham/Rochdale Fundraising      Women’s Trust Fund for
                                     During the year 46,556 gifts       Brambles Industries PLC        Lilian Collier                  Group                            Christies - Trafford
  The Lady Margaret Holt             were received and 194 people       N Brown Group plc              Mr & Mrs Cornforth              Brent Osborne                    Deborah Worthington
  Society (the society for           left a gift in their will. Space   British Airways                Philip Donougher                Frank Pearson (Foo Foo
  supporters of the hospital         permits that we can only list      The Cooperative Insurance      East Lancs Christie Crusaders   Lammar) Memorial Fund            EXPERT ADVISORS
  including those who have left      the names of those who gave        Society                        Irene Edwards                   Friends & family of Michael      TO THE APPEAL
  a gift in their will) met four     more than £4,000 in total, but     Deloitte                       Essential Nightclub             Pearson                          Jim Martin (Honorary Chair)
  times during the year. The         may we again express heartfelt     Direct Line Insurance plc      Felicity’s Designer Hats &      David Pochin                     McCann-Erickson Manchester
  members enjoyed listening          and sincere thanks to everyone     Euromark Menswear in           Evening Dress Hire              Derek Pritchard in memory of     Jack Livingstone
  to expert speakers such as         who has given us support.          memory of Cyril Hamburger      Mr & Mrs Finan in memory of     Julia Pritchard
  Dr Wendy Makin who talked                                             Geoff Fielden Ltd              Matthew Packer                  Peter Quinn - ‘Songs for
  about advances in supportive       We are at an exciting time. A      HBG Construction North         Fleetwood Cancer Research       Christies’
  and palliative care and Dr         new appeal has been launched       West Ltd                       Committee                       Doreen Quirk & family in
  Richard Cowan who spoke            which is raising funds to sup-     Joseph Holt Ltd                Folly Farm Ball Committee       memory of Dawn Quirk
  about new approaches in tar-       port projects that could dra-      K2 Direct Mail                 Racheline Garston               Kevin Rands in memory of
  geted therapy. New members         matically improve treatment        Manchester Airport plc         Susan Gee in memory of          Susan Rands
  are always welcome. Legacies       for our patients. Our new          Microsoft Ltd                  Peter Gee                       Romiley Golf Club
  are of huge importance to the      logo and branding, designed        Nutters Restaurant             “Go Granny Go” Bike Ride        Sale Mayoral Fund
  charity and fund much vital        free of charge by McCann-          PVC Group in memory of         Team in memory of Carol         Scott Sandford
  work.                              Erickson, portrays our             Stephanie Makin                Gilmartin                       Jimmy Savile
                                     ambitious vision … towards a       J Rothwell & Son Ltd           The Alex Hall Memorial          Joyce & John Shacklock in
  We are also very grateful          future without cancer              Royal Institute of Chartered   Committee                       memory of Daniel
  to the charitable trusts and                                          Surveyors                      Haydock Park Golf Club          Bob & Isle Splaine
  foundations that provide                                              SK Leisure Ltd                 Hayfield Country Show and       Stockport Campaigners for
  regular support or who have        Toni Leden                         UK & Ireland Insurance         Sheepdog Trials                 Christies
  donated for the first time         Appeals Director                   Services Ltd                   Allan & Helen Hill              Mr & Mrs A W G Stubbs
  during the year including the                                         Warren James (Jewellers) Ltd   Elizabeth Hodgson in memory     The Swan Hotel - Bolton
  Sir Edward Holt Trust, Isle of                                        JD Williams & Company Ltd      of Robin Hodgson                Tender Loving Care Ladies
  Man Anti Cancer Association,                                                                         Caroline Hourigan in memory     Committee
  Mrs Waterhouse Charitable                                                                            of Paul Hourigan                Three Rivers Caravan Park
  Trust, Stoller Charitable Trust,                                                                     Philip Jefferson in memory of   - Clitheroe                                                      PAGE 12
                                Christie Hospital        NHS
                                             NHS Trust

                            The Christie Hospital NHS Trust
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