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					                       International Competition
                    "Víctor Carlos García Moreno
              International Criminal Court Proceedings"
                            9 t h Edition, 2010

                     CALL FOR REGISTRATION

The   Latin   American    Council   of   Scholars   of   International   and
Comparative Law, Mexico (COLADIC MX) and the University of
Utrecht, in cooperation with the Mexican National Institute for Criminal
Sciences (INACIPE ), and with the support of the International Criminal
Court, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the following
academic institutions:

The Law Faculties o f the Universities of :

                        Alcalá de Henares (Spain)
                             Alicante (Spain)
                  Americana de Asunción (Paraguay)
                    Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)
                      Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)
                          Los Andes (Colombia)
                        Buenos Aires (Argentina)
                              Bolonia (Italy)
                            Carlos III (Spain)
                Castilla la Mancha, Sede Toledo (Spain)
                         Católica de Lima (Peru)
                   Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela)
               Católica del Norte, Sede Coquimbo (Chile)
              Católica del Norte, Sede Antofagasta (Chile)
             Católica de Pernambuco (Brazil)
                     Cauca (Colombia)
                      CIDE (Mexico)
          Comahué de la Patagonia (Argentina )
                   Complutense (Spain)
                    Concepción (Chile)
              E AFIT de Medellín (Colombia)
                 El Salvador (El Salvador)
           Estadual de Río de Janeiro (Brazil)
                   Externado (Colombia)
            Federal de Río de Janeiro (Brazil)
                      Genova (Italy)
                   Göttingen (Germany)
         Iberoamericana de Mexico DF (Mexico)
                      ITAM (Mexico)
                     Jaume I (Spain)
                     La Rioja (Spain)
                  La Sabana (Colombia)
                Libre de Derecho (Mexico)
                      Málaga (Spain)
                      Modena (Italy)
                  Montevideo (Uruguay)
              Nacional de Bogotá (Colombia)
                      Palermo (Italy)
           Palermo de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
           Peking Universit y Law school (China)
     Piemonte Orientale, “Amedeo Avogadro” (Italy)
                  Pompeu Fabra (Spain)
Pontificia Universidad Bolivariana de Medellín (Colombia)
  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Sao Paolo (Brazil)
 Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá (Colombia)
                      Roma III (Italy)
                    Rosario (Colombia)
                  Rovira i Virgili (Spain)
                    Salamanca (Spain)
 San Carlos/Centro Universitario de Oriente (Guatemala)
                      San Francisco (United States )
                       San Martin de Porres (Peru)
                         Santo Tomas (Colombia)
                            Sao Paolo (Brazil)
                       Sergio Arboleda (Colombia)
                              Sevilla (Spain)
                         Stetson (United States)
                            Sydne y (Australia)
                          Thesalonica (Greece)
                               Trento (Italy)
                             UNAM (Mexico)
                    Universidad de la Paz (Costa Rica)
                            Valparaíso (Chile)
            Washington Univiersity of Saint Louis (United States )

The Law Clinics on International L aw and/or Human Rights of the Universities of:

                         Cornell (United States)
                    George Washington (United States)
                            Québec (Canada)
                          Texas (United States)
                          Utrecht (Netherlands)

The Research Institutes:

                   Center for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
                       of Durham University (Reino Unido)

       Center for Criminal Law Research of Talca University (Chile)

             Center for Global Law and Polic y of Santa Clara
                        Law School (United States)
                      Criminal Scientific Research Center
               of Northw est University of Politics and Law (China)

                    Ecuatorian Center for Criminal Law and
                      Criminological Research (Ecuador)

            Human Rights Institute, Human Rights Clinic and
        Transitional Justice Network of Essex University (England)

          Human Rights Institute of University of Gante (Belgium)

        Human Rights Instit ute of Diego Portales University (Chile)

          Inter-American Institute for Human Rights (Costa Rica)

              International State Crime Research Consortium from
                    Old Dominium University (United States)

                     Irish Center for Human Rights (Ireland)

        Kyoto University Interna tional Law Students Society (Japan)

Latin-American Program of Seattle University School of Law (United States)

                National Institute for Criminal Sciences (Mexico)

              Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (Netherlands)

                      University Center of Brazilia (Brazil)

  Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology (Netherlands)

As well as:
                      International Association of Penal Law
      International Center for Transitional Justice (United States)

 Latin-American Group of Experts of International Criminal Law of
          the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (¨Germany)

                     Legis Publishing Company (Colombia)

                              Pax Christi (Netherlands)

CALL          on   the    Universities   and   Higher     Education    Institutions   to

participate in the Ninth edition of the International Competition : "Víctor
Carlos    García         Moreno,     International     Criminal    Court   Proceedings
(VCGM)”, to be held at the seat of INACIPE in Mexico City (Magisterio
Nacional 113, Colonia Tlalpan Centro ) from 16 t h to 20 t h August of 2010.

The     International       Competition      "Víctor     Carlos      García     Moreno,
International Criminal Court Proceedings ”, whose first edition dates
back to 2002, is the first global moot competition that has focused on
the proceedings of the International Criminal Court (a judicial institution
which nowadays plays a vital role wi thin the international community).

The competition           aims to make the participants familiar with the
activities and proceedings of the International Criminal Court, and their
relationship with the activities and proceedings of the Inter -American
Court    of    Human       Rights.    The   Competition     also    aims   to   promote
International      Criminal   Law,      International    Law     of   Hum an     Rights,
International Law, International Humanitarian Law and Criminology.

The Competition is held in the Spanish languange with a view to bring
together Universities, Research Institutes and Law Clinics from all
regions of the world that have an interest to be in contact with the
Spanish-speaking community on international criminal law, criminology
and the other above -mentioned areas.

In order to accomplish this, the 9 t h edition of the competition has also
organized an Academic Programme , for the participating teams, which

     (i)     two panel discussions on (a) the relationship among the
             International Crim inal Court, the Inter-American system of
             human rights and national jurisdictions, and (b) the role of
             the Spanish -speaking community in the development of
             human rights and international justice;

     (ii)    the    presentation     of    the   book   “Essays       oh   International
             Criminal     Law”     by     Professor     Hèctor    Olásolo      (National
             Institute of Criminal Science (INACIPE), Mexico DF, 2010) ;

     (iii)   an information session on opportunities for pursuing a
             postgraduate degree in the field of international justice and
             human rights; and
Although most participants are teams representing Latin A merican
universities, this competition is open to any university in the w orld
which can be represented by a team that can use Spanish as a
w orking language.

The competition is composed of two phases: w ritten and oral. In the
first phase each team is requi red to submit two papers, one as an office
of the "Prosecutor" and another as an office of the "Defense". And in
the second phase, the teams will defend each of the positions in front
of a jury formed by two judges and a President.

The hypothetical case f or the 9th edition has been written by Professor
Héctor   Olásolo,    Professor   of   International   Criminal   Law   at   the
University of Utrecht, and his team at the University of Utrecht
School of Law Clinical Programme on Conflict, Human Rights and
International Justice formed by Enrique Carnero -Rojo and Diana
Contreras. Along with the auth or of this hypothetical case, judges and
staff members of the International Criminal Court and the Inter -
American Court of Human Rights, as well as prestigious scholars of
different universities and institut ions which support the C ompetition, will
participate as judges in the final rounds of the Competition

The rules of this competition, the hypothetical case and, where
appropriate, the annex are published on the websites of COLADIC MX
( and the University of Utrecht School of Law
Clinical Programme on Conflict, Human Rights and International
Justice ( since 10 March 2010.

The registration fee per team is $ 450.00 USD (U.S. dollars) or its
equivalent in Mexican pesos at the exchange rate of the day on which
the payment is made, this fee does not include the expenses generated
by   transfers,    banking   and   shipping    of   the   registration   fee.   The
registration deadline is 30 June 2010.

COLADIC MX, the University of Utrecht, the International Criminal
Court, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and all universities
and academic institutions supporting the competit ion look forward to
diffusing the role of the Inte rnational Criminal Court and its relationship
with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

For more information contact , via email, the International Administration
of     the        9th   Edition      of       the     Competition          VCGM:
vcgm_admon@ or

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