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									Master in Digital Marketing

“Digital tools - a must-have to excel in marketing today...”
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          Digital Marketing
Master in Organizational
Master in
Digital Marketing

Profile: Driven and experienced professionals interested in digital marketing.
Degree Awarded: Participants will be awarded a masters degree in Digital Marketing which combines
specialized courses in digital marketing with general management disciplines of a top MBA.
Format: The program alternates between short and intensive face-to-face periods (in Madrid and Silicon
Valley) with online periods.
Start Date: May
Duration: 13 months
International Recognition: The Economist Intelligence Unit has awarded IE Business School’s blended
programs the No. 1 position worldwide in their annual ranking. IE Business School has consistently been
placed among the top 10 positions globally in rankings published by respected sources that include
Financial Times, The Economist, Businessweek etc.
Integral Approach to learning
    · A proven blended methodology
    · Interaction with a world-class faculty
    · Lively discussion with an international peer group
    · Case-study method analysis
    · Company visits
    · Conferences with experienced industry professionals
    · World Awareness seminars and leadership workshops
    · Group projects and assignments
    · Final business plan / project presentation and defense
            IE Business School
            Master in Digital Marketing

        Master in
Digital Marketing
Highly fragmented consumer segments are becoming savvier              The digital environment is full of amazing opportunities. Not only
and harder to reach than before. As technology is changing at         does it permit highly targeted advertising and allow you to create
the speed of light, new marketing and communication tools are         brand impressions amongst your target audience, but more
constantly appearing. The emergence of digital technology has         importantly, it allows you to do so at the most crucial time in the
led to a revolutionary change in marketing and by the end of this     decision-making process: right before purchase. Digital marketing
decade every facet of the marketing mix will have been radically      helps your company increase its exposure to consumers who are
challenged.                                                           actively seeking your product or service, making it much more
                                                                      effective than other forms of advertising. It is without a doubt
People spend less time watching TV and reading newspapers             the future of efficient commercialization.
each day and instead communicate through the use of mobile
phones, watch videos on YouTube, look at photos in Flickr and         As a consequence, the need for qualified digital marketing
exchange information through social networks. Once you reach          professionals is rising dramatically. The Master in Digital
your “friends” or “fans” you need to build up a direct relationship   Marketing prepares admitted students for these challenges,
with them, sharing all the information that may be important and      making them more valuable to their organizations and helps
getting their instant feedback through responses and statistics.      them to grow both professionally and personally, allowing them
                                                                      to reach their full potential.
       IE Business School
       Master in Digital Marketing

2010 Intake
Nationalities                                          Gender
American, Australian, Belgian, British, Bulgarian,         Female                              Male
Colombian, Costa Rican, German, Indian, Mexican,              42%                              58%
Pakistani, Pilipino, Slovak, South African, Spanish,
Swiss, Venezuelan

Country of residence                                   Average age: 34 years
Bulgaria, France, Germany, Mexico, Philippines,           Over 38                                Under 29
Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, The             15%                                 27%
Netherlands, UAE, UK, USA, Venezuela

                                                                                                 31 to 37

Employment functions                                   Average years of work experience: 7 years
Sales & Marketing                              30%     5 to 10 years                             >10 years
PR / Communications                            30%              36%                              16%
Strategy / Business Development                27%
Other                                           9%
IT                                              4%

                                                                                                 <5 years
        IE Business School
        Master in Digital Marketing

      Who is
 the Program
Designed for?
The Master in Digital Marketing has been designed for
professionals interested in furthering their careers in the
industry and are:

• Eager to acquire new digital marketing concepts and skills.        What kind of positions can students apply for?
• Looking to reinforce their skills and enhance their capabilities   Heads and management of big advertisers. Small and medium
  while strengthening their profile in this sector.                  Advertisers. Online and offline Advertising Agencies. Below
• Seeking to or engaged in digital marketing projects.               The Line Agencies. Media Planning Agencies. Communication
                                                                     Consulting Firms. Webmetrics companies. Media. Publishing
• Planning to create and manage their own projects in the digital

IE Business School is internationally renowned for its diversity
with a truly global faculty and alumni from more than 100
countries across the world. The program is comprised of
exceptional individuals from which to learn with and from.
             IE Business School
             Master in Digital Marketing

The Master in Digital Marketing is an innovative and                  What knowledge and skills will admitted students receive?
challenging program aimed to provide students with cutting-           Content
edge theories and digital marketing practices for competitive
                                                                      • Digital Marketing: much more than advertising via Internet
                                                                      • Focus on e-marketing
                                                                      • Digital Marketing tools for each specific marketing area:
The program consists of specialized courses in digital marketing
                                                                        e-research marketing; e-branding; product e-marketing;
as well as several core general management courses providing
                                                                        e-pricing; e-communication; e-promotion; e-advertising;
students with a deep understanding of management and a
                                                                        trade e-marketing; e-commerce; and e-audit
specialized view of digital marketing. This stimulating learning
environment, brings together a world-class international faculty      • Identifying the most suitable Digital Marketing tools per
of experts and leaders in digital marketing with a highly qualified     industry
group of students.                                                    • Blended Marketing vs. Marketing 2.0
                                                                      • Looking for help: Digital Marketing providers

                                                                      • Apply digital technologies to leads and clients integral
                                                                      • Combine online and offline tools in a blended campaign,
                                                                        strengthening the brands’ top of mind by up to 18%
                                                                      • Relocate Direct and Relational Marketing fundamentals
                                                                        within the new digital environment
                                                                      • Take advantage of all new social e-marketing tools, such
                                                                        as Metaverses, Podcasting, Contacts Networks, Bluecasting,
                                                                        RSS, and many more
                                                                      • Develop an effective Digital Marketing Plan reinforcing the
                                                                        global marketing strategy
                                                                      • Use digital channels to increase brand awareness
                                                                      • Hire digital advertising and promotional media effectively
                                                                      • Measure and analyze digital campaigns results
                                                                                            IE Business School
                                                                                            Master in Digital Marketing

     Face-to-Face                                                                                 Face-to-Face
        Period                                        Online                                         Period
       Madrid                                         Period                                Palo Alto, Silicon Valley
       2 weeks                                                                                      1 week

         May                                    May - November                                      November

                                        General Management Courses:                       Company visits to the world´s
                                             Financial Accounting                          most influential companies
                                     Fundamentals of Marketing Management                 leading the way in high-tech
                                           Management Accounting                           innovation, online services
                                                                                             and digital marketing
                                                Specialized Courses:                               strategies.
                                              Campaign Management
                                            Digital Advertising Evolution                  Interacting and networking
                                      Digital Trade Marketing and Promotion                   opportunities with top
                                    Introduction & Trends in Online Advertising               industry professionals
                                     Markets e-Research & Product e-Marketing
                                              Search Engine Marketing                      End of term one and start of
                                            Search Engine Optimization                       all courses for term two.
                                       Virtual Companies Legal Environment

                                               World Awareness Seminars and Leadership Workshops Program
                                                            Web Straight Input Conferences*

*Conferences lead by High Level Speakers

                       Online                                            Period
                       Period                                           Madrid
                                                                        2 weeks

                November - May                                            May

          General Management Courses:
              Competitive Strategy
       Fundamentals of Financial Management
             Marketing Strategy & Plan

                 Specialized Courses:
Digital Communication, Brand Awareness & Social Media
              Digital Marketing Auditing
          Emerging Media & Mobile Marketing
         Operations Management in Advertising
  Usability and Design in e-Marketing & e-Commerce
              Metaverses & Advergaming

          World Awareness Seminars and Leadership Workshops Program
                       Web Straight Input Conferences*
                                                                                          IE Business School
                                                                                          Master in Digital Marketing

                        Faculty Profile

The Master in Digital Marketing program has been designed and will be taught by IE Business School’s diverse
faculty- exceptional individuals, educators and researchers with highly diverse personal and professional
profiles, and who know how to help students develop their full potential from different angles and perspectives.

Having considerable industry experience amongst the world’s leading corporations and being engaged in
consulting projects and other activities, the faculty remains in constant touch with business developments.
Bebunan, Alberto - Professor of Emerging Media & Mobile
Nationality: Venezuelan
In the mid 1990s, Alberto founded several successful Internet
start-up companies in Venezuela such as Ticketron Venezuela
(tickets for events by phone and Internet), Webtron (Internet
project-developments), Promotron (events and promotions
organizer). In 2004, he founded “Mobile Dreams Factory” one
of the leading European mobile marketing and advertising
agencies with offices in Spain, Mexico and United States.

Dans, Enrique - Professor of Introduction and Trends in
Online Marketing
Nationality: Spanish
Professor Dans is among those who see blogging as a new and
important forum through which to air and exchange academic
ideas. He is also an avid consumer of information and keeps up
to date with the latest developments in information systems
via dozens of online newspapers and journals. Enrique’s                                 Manuel Alonso Coto
interests include the new economy, the effects of technology                            Academic Director of the Master in
on consumer behavior and the consequences of new                                        Digital Marketing and Professor of
technological developments for business                                                 E-advertising Evolution
in general. Enrique holds a PhD in Management, specializing
in Information Systems, Anderson School, UCLA, USA; an MBA
from IE Business School; and has pursued post-doctoral studies
at Harvard Business School, USA.

Griffiths, John - Professor of Markets e-Research and            “ Digital marketing is the future; no doubt about it. How
Product e-Marketing                                              many organizations are investing less of their marketing
Nationality: British                                             budgets in digital channels during 2010 than they did in
Founder of communications planning and market research           2009? Not many, that is a fact. Investment and activity
company, Planning Above and Beyond. John was responsible         in digital marketing are growing at an accelerating
for planning across the whole of Honda UK advertising CDP.       pace. Soon, no marketing budget, plan or advertising
John used to work as Planning Director of Grey Integrated and    campaign will be complete without a digital component.
for Carlson Communications Group.                                IE Business School has developed the Master in Digital
                                                                 Marketing in order to provide its participants with a
Mendrina, Thomas - Professor of Search Engine Marketing          thorough understanding of how new digital marketing
Nationality: German                                              tools can be applied to help companies meet their
Thomas developed and nurtured his career immersed in the         objectives. Upon completion of the Master they will have
digital advertising field. Nowadays he is Country Manager        gained general management skills and will be able to
of ValueClick Media in Munich, Germany. Thomas holds an          successfully integrate digital tools and media within the
International Executive MBA from IE Business School; a Master    traditional marketing portfolio of activities. This will help
in Sports Management from the University of Bayreuth;            them improve their professional qualifications and their
and a European Master in Sports Management from INEFC,           companies’ performance and results.”
                                                                                                    IE Business School
                                                                                                    Master in Digital Marketing

Reiss, Eric - Professor of Usability and Design in                 Van Durme, Joel – Professor of Digital Marketing Auditing
e-Marketing and e-Commerce                                         Nationality: Dutch
Nationality: American                                              Joel has seven years of consulting experience in digital strategy
Eric has been actively involved in the creation of menu-based      and optimization, predictive modeling, competitive analysis,
programs, hypertext games, multimedia, and web projects for        advertising effectiveness improvement, digital strategy
over 25 year and in January 2001 he founded his own company        development and project management. Joel has a PhD in
E-Reiss & Associates. Eric holds degrees in Political Science      Marketing and currently works as an EMEA digital optimization
and Performing Arts from Washington University in St. Louis,       manager at Accenture.

                                 Michaela Götze
                                 Online Marketing Manager at JobUP AG

                                 “ I chose to study at IE Business School because of its international reputation and the fact
                                 that it continuously ranks among the top 10 business schools worldwide. Everyone I talked
                                 to that had had contact with IE Business School recommended the school as one of the best
                                 in Europe. The Master in Digital Marketing offered by IE Business School made it possible for
                                 me to continue working full-time while pursuing a master degree. I also appreciated that
                                 the master was only 13 months long, a reasonable time to invest in education and put your
                                 private life on hold. Compared to other renowned master programs I also found the price
                                 Another reason for me to choose IE Business School was that the school offered a huge
                                 alumni network which enables me to build up my own network and to establish new
                                 friendships. I also appreciate the experience to work in virtual teams - a challenge more and
                                 more faced in the real business world as well. I am very happy with my choice. I really like
                                 being part of the IE community and am very happy with the content of the program, the
                                 flexibility of the school, the good reputation, my professors and my peers.”
Kathryn Schlieben                                                    Alex Meisl
MSN Product Specialist EMEA, London                                  Chairman, Sponge Ltd

Jon Slade                                                            Livio Hughes
Global Online and Strategic Advertising Sales Director –      Director and co-founder of Headshift

Scott Seaborn
Head of Mobile Technologies - Ogilvy Group UK

                               Rodrigo Miranda
                               Professor of Search Engine Optimization & General Director at Shackelton DMO

                               Why did you decide to hire alumni from the Master in Digital Marketing?
                               “Digital Marketing is a new area where it is impossible to find 5 years of experienced talent.
                               In my opinion, we need professionals with a solid background and great capacity to learn,
                               adapt and explore new solutions for our customers.”

                               What value does our alum add to Shackleton?
                               “She has incredible BTL-ATL experience, which was consistently demonstrated during her
                               performance throughout the program. Her ability to re-create an online personal identity,
                               learn how to apply digital tools and coordinate with her team mates are delivering great

                               For future job openings will you consider students or alumni from the program?
                               “Take it for granted. In fact I am in the process of doing it now!”
                                                                                         IE Business School
                                                                                         Master in Digital Marketing

The main teaching methodology used during this program is the case method, where intensive communication
takes center stage. By analyzing practical cases, this hands-on approach will give a global understanding and
strategic perspective of the digital marketing sector. The program´s professors take a pivotal role in guiding your
development, whilst the methodology maintains your enthusiasm, interest, and commitment at every stage.

The blended methodology reflects today´s international business environment, where cross-cultural teams of
people work on global projects while living in and travelling all over the world. The online format of the program
permits students to pursue this program from anywhere in the world and with any work or travel commitments.
The platform makes the best use of internet technologies allowing students to communicate effectively with their
professors and fellow students, offsetting distance and time constraints.
Lasting 13 months and starting in May, the program is divided into two rigorous online periods with three intensive face-to-face periods
lasting between one and two weeks. In both semesters the program combines core business subjects with specialized digital marketing

The face-to-face periods will be held at the beginning, middle and end of the program. During these intensive periods students will
participate in activities that require physical presence and are especially designed to provide students with the necessary competencies
and skills needed to become a successful business leader.

Madrid                                                                  Palo Alto - Silicon Valley
The program commences and ends with a two-week face to-face             The second face-to-face period will be held in Silicon Valley during
period at IE’s urban, downtown campus in Madrid. Renowned as            which admitted students will be immersed in the world of Digital
a vibrant capital, Madrid offers a wealth in history, tradition and     Marketing, both in terms of leading edge companies today as
cultural experiences. The first residential period offers a valuable    well as Venture Capital. During company visits to the world’s most
opportunity to interact with fellow students and the professors         influential companies leading the way in high-tech innovation,
whilst starting the courses of the first semester. Students will also   online services and digital marketing strategies, admitted
attend workshops focused on skill-building activities including the     students will have the opportunity to interact and network with
critical Leadership Workshop and get used to the online platform        top executives, whilst learning about the latest challenges and
and Case Study Method as well as attend the first conferences in        opportunities in digital marketing.
the World Awareness series.

The last face-to-face period is held in Madrid and rounds up the
program. During this two week period students will finish the
courses of the second semester curriculum and take assessment
tests. Students will also present and defend their business plans,
that they will have prepared during the Entrepreneurship course
in the second semester, which will consolidate the work covered
over the entire program.

Courses initiated in Madrid and Silicon Valley are continued using IE’s successful interactive distance learning methodology. This practical
and interactive methodology based on the case study method, promotes the continuous communication between professors and
students, whilst providing the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world and with any work schedule.

The Virtual Campus, active 24 hours per day, allows case discussions to go into great depth as they for run several days, permitting
students and professors the time to read the comments that have been posted, process them and submit a personal, well thought out
comment to the class. Several discussions are held in parallel, making it easier for the student to perceive links among the different
aspects under discussion.

Students will also participate in live videoconferences, held every two weeks, where they will have the opportunity to learn and network
with digital marketing experts, providing them with up-to-the-minute information about this field.
            IE Business School
            Master in Digital Marketing

Why a Master in
Digital Marketing
   at IE Business
Industry Orientated                                              Academic Excellence
The curriculum of this program is oriented towards the Digital   IE Business School is ranked by the international press as one
Marketing industry. With specific courses related to the         of the best business schools in the world – among the top 5 in
Digital Marketing field and the general management courses,      Europe and top 10 worldwide. IE Business School is one of the
students will have all the knowledge to develop their careers    few business schools in the world fully recognized by the three
in this emerging market. Additionally most of IE’s specialized   leading accreditation agencies in the business education arena:
faculty members are currently working in agencies, media or      AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, three prestigious institutions whose
companies developing business in digital marketing, bringing     recognition guarantees the quality of business management
the market directly to the classroom and allowing students to    training programs. IE Business School is in permanent contact
establish an excellent network in the industry from day one.     with business realities, as reflected in each level of the learning
IE Business School Experience
IE Business School alumni form part of a 40,000-strong spread    Innovative Methods
in over 100 countries across the world. They share far more      IE Business School’s strong focus on entrepreneurship and
than a Master degree. They share the IE Experience - a life-     innovation, combined with advanced training techniques
changing experience in an international business school          guarantee that every participant will be part of the holistic
that is independent and diverse, where entrepreneurship          IE Business School experience; an experience that goes way
and innovation form part of the day-today fabric, along with     beyond the classroom, and that will open the door to the
academic excellence, an unparalleled corporate network, and      rapidly growing and evolving digital marketing industry.
socially responsible vision.

International Environment
Students of the Master in Digital Marketing enjoy a truly
international atmosphere, with more than 16 nationalities
represented from all corners of the world.
               IE Business School
               Master in Digital Marketing

Process and
Selection Criteria:
IE’s selection process emphasizes leadership potential, strong
academic ability, personal qualities and competencies. We are
                                                                       Contact the Master in Digital Marketing Team
looking for candidates with managerial experience, people-
                                                                       We would be happy to hear from you early in your
skills and a proven academic record. Therefore the admissions
                                                                       decision-making process so that we can guide you and
committee will consider the following criteria when assessing
                                                                       provide you with useful and detailed information about
                                                                       the program and the admissions process.
                                                                       Please contact:
· A Bachelor degree from an accredited college or university
· Demonstrated professional experience
· A complete application including all supporting documents
                                                                       Phone: +34 91 568 96 10
                                                                       Fax: +34 91 568 97 10
Please note: Since the program is conducted in English, a good
working knowledge of English is essential. We might ask you
to submit evidence of your proficiency such as the TOEFL
examination. Additionally the admissions committee may require
the GMAT/GRE/IE Admissions Test.

Visit our website and apply online:

            Application form                                                                           Final
            and documents                                                                             Decision
            IE Business School
            Master in Digital Marketing

Master in
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                       IE Business School would like to extend its deepest thanks to all those students, alumni,
                                               faculty members, and other parties who appear in this brochure.

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