Freshmen Orientation to the AHS Counseling Center by yaofenji


									 Information Night

Welcome Class of 2015

          Home of the
  Mrs. Karen Blair
  School Counselor
  Algonac High School
     5200 Taft Road
   Algonac, MI 48001

(810) 794-4911 ext. 1282
              Mrs. Blair’s Resume
•1983 Graduate of Algonac High School
•1988 Graduate of Western Michigan University
   Bachelor of Arts (Secondary Education – English)
•1997 Graduate of Wayne State University
   Masters of Education (Guidance Counseling K-12)
Employment Experience (23 years in education)
•Algonac, Anchor Bay, Chippewa Valley Schools 1988-
 (Substitute Teacher)
•Capac Jr./Sr. High School 1990 – 1998
  (High School English Teacher)
•Powell Middle School (Romeo Schools) 1998-2001
  (Middle School Guidance Counselor)
•Algonac High School 2001 – present
  (High School Guidance Counselor)
AHS Hours of Operation
   School begins at 7:35 AM
   School Ends at 2:20 PM
   Teachers (including Mrs. Blair) are required
    to begin their day no later than 7:15 AM
   Teachers (including Mrs. Blair) are required
    to end their day no earlier than 2:45 PM
   Many teachers (including Mrs. Blair) arrive
    at AHS earlier than 7:15 AM and stay later
    than 2:45 PM.
   Students are encouraged to meet with
    teachers and Mrs. Blair before or
High School Schedule
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

1st Hour: 7:35-8:35 AM
2nd Hour: 8:40-9:38 AM
3rd Hour: 9:43-10:41 AM
First Lunch: 10:41-11:11 AM
4th Hour: 11:16 – 12:14 PM
Second Lunch: 11:16-11:46 AM
4th hour: 10:46-11:16 AM (lunch) 11:46-
  12:14 PM
Third Lunch: 11:44-12:14 PM
4th hour: 10:46 – 11:44 AM
5th Hour: 12:19-1:17 PM
6th Hour: 1:22-2:20 PM
Tuesday & Thursday Schedule
1st Hour: 7:35-8:25 AM
2nd Hour: 8:30-9:20 AM
SEMINAR: 9:25-9:55 AM
3rd Hour: 10:00-10:50 AM
First Lunch: 10:55-11:25 AM
4th Hour: 11:30 – 12:30 PM
Second Lunch: 11:30-12:00 PM
4th hour: 10:55-11:25 AM (lunch) 12:05-
  12:30 PM
Third Lunch: 12:00-12:30 PM
4th hour: 10:46 – 11:55 AM
5th Hour: 12:35-1:25 PM
6th Hour: 1:30-2:20 PM
 Allstudents have a seminar.
 After 2nd hour.
 Tuesday & Thursday.
 30 minutes
 Various topics including academic
  assistance, mentoring and character
 Four (4) rotations a year.
School Counseling Services
   Crisis Intervention (On-going counseling is referred)
   Academic Interventions
   504 Plan Facilitator
   Credit Checks/ Graduation Audits
   Scheduling of Students
   Peer Mediation
   Career Counseling
   TEC Placement
   College Applications
   Financial Aide Assistance
   Local/National Scholarship Coordinators
   Military Liaisons
   And much more!
 Visit the AHS Counseling
           Center Website
click on “Student Services”
AHS Student Services Website
 ACT/SAT Information
 College and Financial Aid Information
 Info on College Savings Plans
 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
 Contact Information on Counseling
  Agencies in our Community
 All public and private colleges and
  universities in Michigan
 Parenting Resources
 Michigan Insurance Programs
 Websites on Dating Violence Prevention
 Scholarship Websites
 Earning High School Credits
Students earn 6.0 credits a year from academics:

23.5 are required to graduate.
4 English
4 Math
3 Social Studies                 Class Status
3 Science                        Minimum Credits
1 PE/Health                      Freshman 0 – 4.0
1 VPAA                           Sophomore 5.0
7.5 Electives                          Junior 11.0
                                 Senior 16.5
       Extra Credits
     Extra-Curricular Activities
          (.25 Credit Each)

             All Sports
          Student Council
             Quiz Bowl
 SADD (Students Against Destructive
Credit Recovery (E 20/20)

   If your student loses credits in high
    school, in order to get back on track and
    graduate, they must make up those lost
    credits in “credit recovery”.
   Minimum passing mark in 60%
   Online classes (E20/20)
   Mrs. Ann Marie Dusenberry – Credit
    Recovery Coordinator/Graduation Coach
   (810) 794-4911 ext 3328
    Required Classes
   English all four years
   Math all four years
   Three years social studies
   Three years science
   Health/Gym
   One credit Visual, Performing or Applied Art
   The rest will be electives
    Required Freshmen Courses
    20011/12 School Year
 Math :
  Algebra, Geometry or Honors Geometry
 Social Studies:
  United States History
 English:
  American Literature or Honors American
 Science:
  Biology I/II
Graduation Requirements
 English (4 credits)
  Core courses earning English credit are: American Literature (H),
  English Composition (H), World Literature, College Composition, IB
  English HL I, and IB English HL II.

   Math (4 credits)
    Core courses earning Math credits are: Algebra, Geometry (H),
    Algebra II A/B, Algebra II, Core V (Senior Math), IB Mathematics
    SL I, IB Mathematics SL II, and Advanced Placement Statistics.

   Science (3 credits)
    Core courses earning Science credits are: Biology, Chemistry,
    Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, IB Chemistry, IB Biology HL I,
    and IB Biology HL II (Must take Chemistry or Physics)

   Social Studies (3 credits)
    Core courses earning credit are: U.S. History, World History,
    Government/Economics A/B, IB History of the Americas HL I, and IB
    History of the Americas II.
   Health and Physical Education (1 credit)
    .5 Health and .5 Physical Education. Core courses earning credit are: Health,
    Physical Education I, Advanced Fitness & Conditioning & Athletic Dimensions.
   Visual, Performing and Applied Arts (1 credit)
     Core courses earning credit are: Drama, Chorus, Band, Drawing and
    Painting, Commercial Design, Yearbook, Writing for Publications, Software,
    and IB Music SL I, IB Music SL II.
   World Languages (2 credits or an equivalent experience) 2016
      Students who have attended The Algonac Community Schools in Elementary
    and Middle School will have met this requirement through a K-8 program of
    study (equivalent experience).
   Students who have not met this requirement through and equivalent
    experience can do so by taking two credits of World Languages. Courses
    meeting this requirement are: French (IB or otherwise), Spanish (IB or
    otherwise), and Mandarin Chinese (offered through Michigan Virtual
   Online Learning Experience
     There are several options to fulfilling this requirement. Sophomores at
    Algonac High School participate in a Career Pathway seminar. The Career
    Pathway seminar will fulfill this requirement. Other options include taking an E
    20/20 course as a senior or Michigan Virtual University that uses an online
    The High School Transcript
   Is a record of all the class taken and grades
    earned in high school.
   Middle school grades are not reported on
    the high school transcript.
   The high school grade point average is
    cumulative, meaning that all grades are
    averaged together.
   The GPA is unweighted.
   4-point scale
   A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1,            E=0
 Each year students are honored for
  getting good grades.
 The assembly is held in the fall and called
  “Academic Achievement Award Assembly”
 Awards are earned based on grades
  earned in the “core classes”.
 Students must earn at least a 3.5 each
  marking period.

Academic Achievement Awards
  AHS Ranking System
            Suma Cum Laude: 4.0 – 3.67
            Magna Cum Laude: 3.66 – 3.3
               Cum Laude: 3.29 – 3.0

Students in the Summa Cum Laude category will have an
  opportunity to compete for the opportunity to speak at
  graduation. The rubric is as follows:

      1. Overall Grade Point Average
      2. ACT Score
      3. Class Selection Rigor

Candidates will be invited to audition in front of a
 selection committee if they wish to be one of three
 speakers at graduation.
 They are the other classes that you
  take besides what is “required”.
 Some electives include – band,
  chorus, newspaper, yearbook,
  psychology, drawing & painting,
  drama, IB Psychology, IB Music, TEC
  and more.
 You need 7.5 elective credits
                                   The IB Plan
• AnIB Diploma is one of the most prestigious accomplishments
a high school student can achieve IN THE WORLD.

• AlgonacHigh School is proud to offer this opportunity to our
students and hope that you will consider accepting the IB

• Though rigorous, we believe that ANY motivated student can
be successful in the IB Diploma Programme with proper work
ethic and time commitment. Successful (good marks and
attendance) completion of the IB Diploma Programme can lead
to admission in some of the elite universities in the world.

              score well on IB assessments can earn
• Students that
numerous college credits. Consult with the IB Coordinator or
your guidance counselor if you have questions about the IB
Diploma Programme at AHS.
•As was written in the college preparatory
curriculum schedule, you do not need to enroll in
the entire IB Diploma Programme to take an IB

•IB courses are available to students that would
like to take them on an individual basis
(certificate classification).

•Please  know that we encourage students to take
the full IB Diploma curriculum as the benefits are
immeasurable. Because of this, priority in
scheduling is given to full diploma candidates.
Sample IB Diploma Programme Course Planner
   Freshman Schedule                            Sophomore Schedule
   American Literature (H)                      English Composition (H)
   Geometry (H)                                 Algebra II/AP Statistics
   Biology                                      Chemistry/Physics
   U.S. History                                 Government/Economics A,B
   PE/Health                                    Elective /AP Statistics
   French I/Spanish II                          French II/Spanish III

   Junior Schedule                              Senior Schedule
   IB English HL I                              IB English HL
   IB Mathematics SL I                          IB Mathematics SL
   IB Biology HL I                              IB Biology HL
   IB History of Americas HL I                  IB History of Americas HL
   IB Psychology SL I/Music SL 1/IB Chemistry   IB Psychology SL II/Music SL III/IB Chem
   IB Spanish SL I/French SL I                  IB Spanish SL II/French SL II
   TOK – Seminar (Mandatory)                    TOK – Seminar (Mandatory)
              St. Clair TEC
 Kids attend TEC during their junior and senior
 TEC counts as elective credit
 Morning TEC students must be to AHS by 6:55
 PM TEC students return to AHS at 3:05 p.m.
 Students are at AHS three (3) hrs and at TEC
  three (3) hrs
 Lots of different programs including, auto body,
  welding, cosmetology, health careers,
  constructions, digital media technology and
 You apply for TEC during scheduling in
  sophomore year.
 Students are selected on grades & credits,
     St Clair TEC Four Year Course
Freshman Schedule     Sophomore Schedule
American Literature 9 (H)         English Composition
Algebra/Geometry(H)               Geometry/Algebra II A/Algebra II /AP Stats
Biology                           Physics/Chemistry/A&P
U.S. History                      Government/Economics A,B
PE/Health                         Elective
Elective                          Elective

Junior Schedule                   Senior Schedule
World Literature/IB English       College Composition/IB English
Algebra II B, IB Math             Core V (Senior Math), AP Statistics, IB Math
Physics/Chemistry/World History   Physics/Chemistry/World History
TEC PROGRAM                       TEC PROGRAM
TEC PROGRAM                       TEC PROGRAM
TEC PROGRAM                       TEC PROGRAM
   More sample 4 year
    plans in the Newly
  Revised Algonac High
 School Scheduling Guide
    coming to the AHS
      Website soon!
 Sign up for Parent Connect. Parent Connect is a
  great way to see how your child’s grades are
  looking. Grades are updated daily, so it is always a
  good idea to look at it everyday. To sign up, bring
  a photo id and your e-mail address into the AHS
  main office.
 Stay in contact with your students teachers.
  Teacher’s e-mail addresses can be found at the
  Algonac High School website. E-mail is a great tool
  because teachers can reply to e-mail’s through out
  the school day. In many cases, you will get a
  quicker response if you use e-mail. Teachers
  generally have to wait until their prep time
 The high school does not close its doors until
  7 pm, and even later on nights when we
  have athletic events. If your student is
  constantly telling you that he or she does not
  have homework, they are not being truthful.
  Bring them up to the school and go through their
  locker. We have had many a parent amazed at
  what they find when they go through their child’s
 Our teachers are willing to meet with your
  student before school and after school, your
  student just needs to ask. Your student also
  has a 30-minute seminar every Tuesday and
  Thursday. Students can use this time to meet
  with their teachers for extra help. Student’s just
  need to prearrange this with their teachers.
   A wealth of information can be found at
    the Algonac High School website. Our web
    address is
   While high school students like to be
    independent from their parents, it is still
    critical that you be an active participant in
    their education. Take some time with
    them every night to look at their binders,
    papers and homework. While you may not
    understand what they are doing in math
    class or science class, it shows that you
    care and are willing to help them out if
    they need it.
What a 9th grader should do …
 Take  challenging classes.
 Get good grades!
 Have good attendance.
 Create a 4-year plan.
 Develop good study habits.
 Join a sport or club.
 Get involved in school & community.
 Explore careers.
 Explore colleges and universities.

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