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					LYNC Server 2010 Voice Ignite
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Microsoft’s Lync Server Ignite is a 5-day technical workshop for IT, Networking, and Telecommunication professionals who are proactively
delivering Voice over IP solutions to their customers. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is Microsoft’s latest communications platform and allows
users to benefit from complete presence, instant messaging, conferencing and enterprise voice capabilities using the new easy-to-use interface
that is consistent across the PC, browser, and many mobile devices. Administrators will gain experience with the new interface that covers 80%
of administrative tasks. The remaining being achieved using the new PowerShell cmdlets that are available as standard with Lync Server 2010.
Additionally users use one set of contacts across Microsoft Lync 2010 and Office applications. This means better and faster communications,
but also easier which means better efficiency. Attending the Lync Ignite will also showcase all the new enhancements and improvements.

This Lync Server Voice Ignite workshop was created for technical professionals who are mobilizing to deliver Microsoft Voice over IP solutions
to customers, and are upgrading their installed Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 systems.


 The Lync Server Ignite workshop introduces the features and
 capabilities of Microsoft Lync Server, including Presence, Instant
 Messaging and Conferencing. Attendees will deploy an Lync
 Server through to enabling users and clients, and including the
 configuration of some advanced features and PowerShell

                                                                         Test og certificering
                                                                         All delegates should have a working knowledge of:

                                                                           Microsoft Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange 2010 and preferably
                                                                           OCS 2007.

Yderligere Kurser:

LYNC                                           44 88 18 00

Module 1 - Microsoft Lync Server – What’s          Module 7 - Microsoft Lync Server -               Module 13 - Microsoft Lync Server - Voice
 New? - Client                                      IM/Presence Experience                           Quality Considerations
line                                               line                                             line

Module 2 - Microsoft Lync Server - What is         Module 8 - Microsoft Lync Server - Meeting ;     Module 14 - Microsoft Lync Server -
 New? - Server                                      Collaboration Experience                         Bandwidth Management ; Call Admission
line                                               line                                              Control
                                                      Lab 4: Configuring and Using the              line
Module 3- Microsoft Lync Server - The Voice            Microsoft Lync Server Collaboration             Lab 7 - Bandwidth Management ;CAC
 Story                                                 Experience
line                                                                                                Module 15 - Edge Server / Remote Access
                                                   Module 9 - Microsoft Communicator "14" -         line
Module 4 - Microsoft Lync Server - Setup ;          Voice Experience
 Deployment                                        line                                             Module 16 - Microsoft Lync Server - Voice
line                                                                                                 Applications
   Lab 1: Deploying Microsoft Lync Server          Module 10 - E911 and Location Services           line
                                                   line                                                Real World Scenario
Module 5 - Microsoft Lync Server – Mgmt. –            Lab 5: Microsoft Lync Server Enterprise          Lab 8 - Configuring the Microsoft Lync
 Admin Experience                                      Voice Configuration                              Server Response Group Service
   Lab 2: Managing Microsoft Lync Server           Module 11- Microsoft Lync Server - What is       Module 17 - The Unified Communications
    using PowerShell and the CS Control Panel       new in Devices?                                  Developer Platform
                                                   line                                             line
Module 6 - Microsoft Lync Server - Migration                                                           Lab 09 - Configuring Microsoft Lync Server
 and Coexistence                                   Module 12 - Microsoft Lync Server - High             Location Information Service for
line                                                Availability ; Resiliency                          Emergency Calling
   Lab 3: Migration ; Coexistence                  line
                                                      Lab 6 - Configuring Resiliency in             Module 18 - Supporting Communications
                                                       Microsoft Lync Server                         Server "14" - Monitoring/Archiving/
                                                                                                       Lab 10 – Configuring, Monitoring, and
                                                                                                        Archiving in Microsoft Lync Server

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LYNC                                              44 88 18 00

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