Inca Yellow 1976 TR6 by cameron7613

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									This Inca (or “Inka” depending on
where you look) yellow TR6 was built
in April 1976. TR6 production ended
in July of 1976.

When I purchased it, it had been in
storage for sometime. The odometer
read approximately 53,000 miles.

I purchased it from the second owner
who had acquired it in 1980.
The paint on the car is
good (5 foot) and despite
several repairs, the color
match overall is excellent.
It does not appear to ever
have been completely re-
sprayed. The right side of
the car shows some
professional body work at
some point in the past. I
repaired the chipped right
rear corner (see previous
Chrome is vintage (some
pitting), but good. The
Chrome under the bumper
guards was surprisingly
The paint on the driver side appears to be original. Polishing and waxing made a
significant improvement.
Entire underside of car and engine compartment were Zeibarted
GM alternator was added to replace Lucas. New wiring harness was upgraded to
handle the additional capacity. No cutting or unwrapping of the new harness
was performed to allow complete restoration to stock if desired.
Interior prior to restoration. Note location of bonnet release (original location bracket
holes were stripped, this was fixed.)
Dash was refinished. A new “vintage” radio with mp3 input is installed. Carpets,
Floor mats, dash pad , and seat tracks were replaced.
Seat covers and door panels are original. Seat belts, fuzzy door seals, aluminum
windshield cap have been replaced.
Rear speakers/boxes are easily removed. No modifications to back panel or
carpet were necessary to install.
Vintage Michelin X redline tires are installed. Though correct, they are not suitable
for driving in wet conditions. The Robbins top is dated “1985” and is in very good
Floor boards were solid, but needed extensive cleaning.
All new fasteners were used to re-attach the body to the frame. A poly transmission
tunnel is installed.
Sound deadening matting was installed to limit heat and noise in the cabin after
floor boards repainted.
Engine compartment was disassembled
Cleaned. This was very time consuming. I tried several things
including oven cleaner. The best method I found was applying bug
and tar remover, scrubbing with a wire brush, rinsing with paint
thinner, then wiping with a paper towel.
Stripped to bare metal
And repainted
The frame was removed, sandblasted and inspected.
            Trailing arm sections were suspect along with
                                        The T-shirt
The rear trailing arm sections and both upper and lower T shirt pressings were professionally
replaced with new pieces from Rimmer Bros. Diff mounts were boxed in and steering
rack mounts were reinforced.

                                                                                 welds were
                                                                                 added to
                                                                                 fix bad
All suspension components required complete
Completed chassis with all new fuel and brake lines. Frame was professionally
painted with an industrial quality epoxy vice power coating to resist chips. Rims were
and multiple other components were powder coated. Urethane bushings were used
throughout. Upgraded bolts were used in critical locations.
All braking components were rebuilt or
replaced. Brake master cylinder was
sleeved by Apple hydraulics.
Stainless exhaust was installed
Door sills, rockers, and floor pans are in
Good to excellent condition.
Engine was removed.
And shipped to TSI automotive for a full rebuild.
The engine rebuild included raising compression and a more aggressive cam.
Additionally, the block was machined for an extra thrust washer to allow for
360° of thrust washer contact with the crank. Engine was balanced with the
resurfaced flywheel. New clutch, throwout bearing, operating shaft, yoke,
with hardened pin where installed to ensure proper clutch operation. Clutch
master cylinder and slave cylinder were replaced.
Seat foam and
diaphragms were
Trunk was repainted. New spare tire (205 70 R15) with powder coated rim.
Bumper guards, original alternator, seatbelts, oil filter cover, EGR, EGR rebuild counter,
Air pump, hoses and injectors are included. Air injector manifold is in poor condition.
Bumper guards
are in good to
very good

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