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					                                   KINGSTON ADULT EDUCATION
                                       Course Information

Course name:     Indian Head Massage & Reflexology - An Introduction
        Level:   Entry                                  Centre:   North Kingston
Exam Board:    None - this class does not lead to a qualification
   For further course content information, please telephone the Co-ordinator on 020 8547 6740

Introduction to the gentle and effective techniques of Indian Champrissage to help with relaxation and
assist the body to heal and balance.

Introduction to the background and basic principles and techniques of Reflexology, enabling you to practise
and perform an enjoyable and effective routine for family and friends.

Learner & Entry Requirements: Should be prepared to massage and be massaged. No oils or removal of
clothes is necessary.

General & First Session: Please wear loose clothing (e.g. T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms), bring notepad and

Indian Head Massage: Nail file (to file down any long nails).

Reflexology: Two towels; talc-free powder (or Corn Starch Powder, if possible, if not – talcum powder);
Lavender Water (obtainable from Boots Chemists); cotton wool pads; Wet Wipes or similar.

Please do not purchase any items specifically for the course until after the first class. KAE is unable to offer
refunds for any equipment, materials or books if the class is subsequently closed.

Course Aim & Objective:
Introduction to the ancient therapy of Indian Head Massage.
      Learn basic massage techniques for use on shoulders arms/neck/head/face.
      Know the contra-indications.
      Learn techniques for pain-relief and balancing the body’s mental, physical, spiritual and emotional
      Be aware of the state, assisting the body to heal and balance gently and naturally.

Introduction to the foot body map.
      Locate body systems on the feet, enabling you to assist the client’s body to clear blockages; help
        with pain-relief; eliminate toxins; improve energy levels; help with a number of disorders and bring
        the body back into balance.

Carry out an Indian Head Massage treatment with confidence. You should be able to assist with pain and

Carry out a partial Reflexology with confidence, in order to relieve stress and pain, and bring the body back
into harmony and balance.

Course Syllabus: This course is designed to share with you the ancient therapy of Indian Head Massage and
the complementary therapy of Reflexology.

Indian Head Massage:
A few of the massage techniques selected enable you to learn and take away with you a scaled down
version in order that you still cover all the areas that would be included in the massage.
     History and origins
     Discussion on contra-indications
        Hair structure and how I.H.M. can help with hair loss, headaches, shoulder and neck tensions and
Handouts are given to support this and for further reading. Handouts with easy to follow numbered
diagrams and short descriptions are given to assist you with the massage once the class is finished.
Demonstration by the tutor on a learner takes place, covering a couple of the movements. You then pair up
to practice on each other whilst the tutor observes and assists. The course continues with one or two
movements being demonstrated at a time and then practicing on each other. The class is designed to be
informal, relaxed and enjoyable with you not only learning how to give this relaxing/stimulating therapy but
also enjoying receiving and experiencing it.


This part of the course has been planned in order that you gain knowledge of the history of Reflexology and
maximum time to be spent on acquiring practical skill used to give a treatment.

       Lecture on history of Reflexology – ‘do’s and don’ts’
       The power and importance of touch
       Introduction to understanding the foot/body map – how to find different parts of the body on the feet,
        with the use of a white board and charts
       Tutor demonstration on one of the learners feet on how to commence Reflexology with explanations
        given on reason for working on each particular area as we go through
       Learners pair up and practice on each other
       Discuss contra-indications and various disorders/pain-relief/stress/tension. How and which part of
        the feet to work on to assist the body to heal itself

All sessions are accompanied by notes in the form of hand-outs for you to take away.

Assessment: Visual, verbal question and answers and practical observation.

We will recognise and record your progress and achievement through attainment of the following course

       By week two - Know contra-indications for Indian head Massage

       By week four - Be able to perform simple IHM routine

       By week six - Know contra-indications for Reflexology

       By week eight - Be able to perform simple Reflexology routine

Progression: To be discussed during the last class. ITEC professional level courses, other KAE leisure

    If you feel you have additional learning needs .... please ask the office about the available support

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