BE TAG meeting 1 agenda by qingyunliuliu


									                                 Seattle Climate Action Plan

                   Building Energy Technical Advisory Group

                             Meeting 1: Setting the scene
                    Seattle Municipal Tower (700 Fifth Avenue), Room 4080
                            24 October, 2.45pm arrive, meeting 3-5pm


3.00     Welcome and introductions                                                Council Member O’Brien

3.10     Background to the update of the CAP, role of the TAG, goals and          Christie Baumel, Climate
         objectives                                                               Protection Advisor

3.20     Overview of existing programs and policies                               Claire Bonham-Carter,

3.30     Presentation of 6 initial policy ideas in pairs followed by discussion   Claire Bonham-Carter
         and brainstorming of other ideas after each pair
         1. Existing Buildings
            a. Energy Conservation Ordinance (Residential or Commercial)
                                                                                  Kathleen Smith, Davis
            b. Rental Housing Energy Efficiency Financing                         Langdon AECOM
                             **Discussion and brainstorm**                        (Facilitator)
         2. New Buildings
            a. Increase commercial energy code standards
            b. Extending utility incentives and demonstration projects
            related to energy efficient design
                             **Discussion and brainstorm**
         3. District and Distributed Energy
            a. Climate Benefits District
            b. Regulatory requirements for district heat in new large
            developments in high priority neighborhoods
                             **Discussion and brainstorm**

4.40     Wrap up and next meeting

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