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					CEHD Active Grants
PI                 Grant Name (Funder) Start Date         End Date      Grant Overview
                                                                        CEHD partnership with Monroe City
                                                                        School's grant. CEHD sends music ed.
                                                                        students to provide after school tutoring
Clark, Lynn        Twentyfirst Century                                  to elementary and middle school stuents.

                                                                        CEHD partnership with Monroe City
                                                                        School's Grant. CEHD hosts Vapa Day
                                                                        and Mock Graduation to bring middle
                                                                        school students to ULM so they can
                                                                        "gear up" to go to college. Also, TEACH
                                                                        Delta Region interns work with these
Clark, Lynn        Gear Up                                              children.

                                                                       Teacher Professional Development
                   Out standing in the                                 through a summer institue and following
Clark, Lynn        Field (LaSIP)              5/1/2010       6/30/2011 training with a focus on science.

                                                                       CEHD partnership with Monroe City
                   Carmel Hill Program                                 School's Grant. Provide interns work with
Flowers-Gibson,    (Monroe City                                        first grade and kindergarten classes.
Beverly            Schools)                   9/1/2009       6/30/2012 CEHD to process payroll for interns.
                                                                       Alt certification program for teachers to
                                                                       complete their M.A.T degree at ULM.
Flowers-Gibson,    TEACH Delta Region                                  Partnership with Jackson University.
Beverly            (US Dept. of Ed.)         10/1/2007       9/30/2012 Regional level grant.
                                                                       Parent education support group and
Gaushell, Harper   Teaching Families          7/1/2010       6/30/2011 training

                                                                        Positively impact the achievement of
                   Executive Leadership                                 Prinicipals by providing post-Master's
                   Program (BOR and                    8/15/10          degree coursework provided in and
Lemoine, Sandra    Wallace Foundation)      10/30/2009 (12/31/2012)     Executive Education format (UVA model)

                                                                       To conduct action research to identify
                   Value-Added Teacher                                 effective levers for change to improve
Lemoine, Sandra    Preparation               6/15/2010       6/30/2011 teacher preparation programs.

                                                                       Elementary math and science
                   Monroe City Elem                                    professional development for teachers in
Mann, Rhonda       MSP YR 2                   7/1/2008       9/30/2011 Monroe City School Board

                                                                       Elementary math and science
                   Morehouse Elem                                      professional development for teachers in
Mann, Rhonda       MSP YR 2                   7/1/2008       9/30/2011 Morehouse and surrounding parishes

                                                                       Elementary school math and science
                   Concorida Elem MSP                                  professional development for teachers in
Mann, Rhonda       YR 2                  7/1/008             9/30/2011 Concordia and surrounding parishes
                   4th Judicial District
                   Court Case Flow                                     Exploratory study addressing current
McGahan, Joe       Report                     8/15/2010      5/13/2011 case mgmt practices.
                                                                       Teacher Professional Development
                                                                       through a summer institue and following
                                                                       training. Focus on literacy across
                   Project CLASS                                       science and social studies school
Ricks, Beth        (LaSIP)                    3/1/2010       6/30/2011 subjects
                   Fourth Judicial                                     Contract for ULM students to provide
                   Juvenile Drug Court                                 family therapy sessions to juveniles
                   (Fourth Judicial Drug                               referred by the Fourth Judicial Probation
Jana Sutton        Court)                    9/30/2008       9/30/2009 Officers.

                                                                       1. Development of a model juvenile drug
                                                                       court screening/ assessment/ treatment
                                                                       program that can be utilized statewide by
                                                                       all Juvenile Drug Courts via the LA.
                   Models of Change                                    Supreme Court. 2. Develop a best
                   (MacArthur                                          practice triage and screening mechanism
Sutton, Jana       Foundation)                7/1/2009       6/30/2011 for Junveile Diversion P

                                                                       Develop and implement a coordinated
                                                                       campus effort designated to educate
                                                                       ULM faculty, staff, incoming freshmen
                                                                       and their families, and student body
                   ULM HELPS                                           about the risk and protective factors
Sutton, Jana       (SAMHSA)                  9/30/2009       9/29/2012 associated with suicide


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