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					                       Training course : “Tired of standing by? Vote!
                                     -Final Program-

TUESDAY, 2.12.2008
14.00- 20.00 Arrival of participants
19.00 Dinner
20.30 Get-to-know each other evening

WEDNESDAY, 3.12.2008
7.00   Breakfast
9.00   Official welcoming (RMS Board members)
       Presentation of main goals of the training course + Technical announcements
9.15   Ice-breaker (get to know each other, e.g. map)
9.30   Participants expectations (e.g. with use of post-its)
10.00 Capacity building workshop: Campaign as a tool
       Stairways to successful campaign (Identification of most important campaign
       Method: Work in small groups, Group brainstorming, Moderated discussion
11.30 Coffee break
12.00 Capacity building workshop: Young people’s approach to politics
       Theoretical input based on research: Electoral behaviour of young people.
       Identification of 10 most important reasons, why are young people interested/not
       interested in politics.
       Method: Lecture, Panel debate, work in small groups
13.30 Lunch
15.00 Capacity building workshop: Campaign message and goals - Gearóid
       O'Rourke/Rock the Vote (Ireland)
       Identification of key messages and goals of the campaign. What is European
       parliaments, its role and importance. How do the election to European parliament
       influence our daily lives?
16.30 Coffee break
17.00 Capacity building workshop: Presentation of best practices in youth campaigning
       – PPT presentations of participants
       Representatives of national youth council, who have organized youth campaigns
       before will present and discuss their experiences with other participants.
        Method: PowerPoint presentations, Panel debate.
18.00 Dinner
19.30 Preparation for International Volunteering Day

THURSDAY, 4.12.2008
7.30    Breakfast
9.00    Energizer (to wake participants up)
9.05    Interactive lecture 1: Traditional versus “new” campaign media
        Presentation of traditional campaign media (TV, Radio, Press media)
        Creative workshop: Preparation of campaign poster by participants.
        Method: Presentation, creative workshop, moderated debate.
10.30 Coffee break
11.0    Interactive lecture 2: Traditional versus “new” campaign media
        Presentation of new campaign media (internet, viral marketing, blog, community
        portals etc.)
        How to make ideal media mix?
        Method: Presentation, group brainstorming, moderated debate.
12.30 Lunch
14.0 Creative workshop: Preparation of campaign video spots
       Participants will be divided into four groups. Each group will be responsible for
       preparation of video spots. In a limited time they will be asked to come up with whole
       concept, wording and realization of spots. Necessary technique such as cameras,
       cameraman, editing software and editor will be provided by RMS.
       Method: Work in small groups, group brainstorming.
16.0 Coffee break
16.30 “Basic” editing of spots, Presentation of spots + Discussion + Critical evaluation
19.00 Dinner
Free evening / Films / Football match

FRIDAY, 5.12.2008
7.00    Breakfast
9.00    Capacity building workshop: Campaign Ethic
        Stereotypes in campaign.
        Negative use of stereotypes in campaigning.
       How to make non-discriminative and inclusive campaign?
       Method: Interactive lecture, work in small groups, group brainstorming.
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Capacity building workshop: Volunteers in campaigning
       Interactive lecture: Volunteering management
       How to involve volunteers in the campaign and what is their role?
       Exchange of knowledge and best practices.
       Method: group brainstorming, work in small groups, lecture.
12.30 Lunch
14.0   International Volunteering Day – Let’s make a difference!
       In cooperation with volunteering organization INEX, participants will have an
       opportunity to volunteer on different places in order to help local community and
       celebrate International Volunteering Day.
18.30 Dinner in town (Pohodka)
21.0   Nightlife in Bratislava, Christmas market
22.30 Departure from the city

SATURDAY, 6.12.2008
7.0    Breakfast
09.0   Capacity building workshop: Communication and work with media
       How to communicate with the media? How to attract / involve them to the campaign?
       How to prepare efficient media plan?
       Method: Interactive presentation, panel debate, group discussion.
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Capacity building workshop: Campaign evaluation
       Practical examples of campaign evaluation from private sector.
       How to properly evaluate campaigns?
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Case study workshop - Gearóid O'Rourke/Rock the Vote (Ireland)
       Detailed description of how to run a campaign (Rock the Vote campaign(s)
15.30 Coffee break
16. 00 Closing of the training course and evaluation - (RMS)
       Evaluation of the training course (verbal and written).
       Defining of future steps.
       Reimbursement of participants.
       Method: Target method, Common picture, discussion, evaluation forms.
16:30 Editing of video spots - (RMS)
19.00 Dinner
21.00 Presentation of spots, Farewell party

SUNDAY, 7.12.2008
       7.0     Breakfast
8.00-11.00     Departure of participants

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