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					Using Your Own Moringa Plant
There are many people that do not understand the uses of the moringa plant. When you are
thinking about growing moringa in your yard you should be sure that you do your research so
that you can successfully grow the plant.

History of Moringa

First, you want to makes sure that you understand some history about the plant. It is has been
recently introduced to the United States and Canada and there are more and more people that are
starting to use it in their products.

The moringa plant originated in the Himalayan foothills. This northwest area of India and is a
semi-arid environment which has proven to be where the moringa plant grows most successfully,
although it has proven to be wildly successful at adapting to its surroundings.

Where to Find Moringa

You should be sure that you know where you can get good seeds for your plant. There are a lot
of people that have a hard time understanding how they are going to find a moringa seed because
their local nursery does not sell the seeds.

If the moringa plant has not made it to your local nursery you will have to be sure that you look
for a company that will sell you your seed online. When you get your bulb you will want to
know how to care for it.

Taking Care of your Moringa Plant

Do research on how you can be sure that your moringa plant will be able to survive. Talk with a
specialist if you need to, to be sure that you are going to be able to invest in this plant and reap
the many benefits of having one of these plants in your yard.

Understanding the Moringa Plant

Second, you will want to understand what you can do with the plant. There are many different
ways that you can use the plant and the majority of the plant can be put to use which is very
important to know before you start growing the plant.

Make sure that you take time to know which part of the plant you can eat. The majority of the
plant can be eaten and you want to know how you can properly prepare the plant so that you will
be able to eat all parts of the plant that you can.
The seeds of the moringa plant can be eaten like nuts and give off a distinct flavor. You can
even use the seeds to make curries with and some people like to pickle the seeds so they can eat
them year round.

When the plant starts to grow you can usually use the leaves in salads or even in curries. When
the roots start to develop you can grind them up and use them for a horse radish tasting

Many people do not realize that they can eat the majority of what the moringa tree produces.
Besides eating, you may also find that you can use the different parts of the plant for medicinal

When you are growing the plant you should understand that some people use the plant for their
stomach and liver problems. Other people will use the plant as an antibiotic and some success
has been shown in using the plant as a treatment for epilepsy.

Although these may be the only uses that you are able to use the moringa plant for, traditionally
there are many different uses of the plant. Some people use the bark to make a fiber that they
can use in their everyday life.

The fiber is tough and can withstand a lot. Some people have used this fiber for building
materials while other people have used this material as a protected clothing to be sure that they
can withstand the outside elements.

Some will use the bark of the plant to produce a blue dye. You want to make sure that you know
that the bark will produce a strong dye if you want it to, but you should not start to produce this
dye unless you know how you are going to use it.

Some people have used the seeds to purify their water. When they did not have clean water they
took the seeds into their water system to make sure that they can purify their water to make sure
that it is safe to drink.

Other people will squeeze the seeds to make sure that they can get the oil out of the seed. The oil
can be used as a lubricant and some of the leaves can also be used as a cleansing or scrubbing

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