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									I copied this thread from Texags because I thought it was "typical aggie". From their own

A&M Football

Topic: Best brawl on the field after a game in Aggie history


posted 4:14p, 3/2/2005

t.u. '95

One of my favorite moments of my fish year, despite the loss. Has it really been almost
10 years?!?

By the way, doesn't Texas remind you of the kid in Little League who had the fancy
glove, $200 aluminum bat and private lessons and STILL didn't make the All-Star team?
I thought so. Tom Dienhart, The Sporting News.


posted 4:19p, 3/2/2005

tu 91
Danger Mouse

posted 4:32p, 3/2/2005

1987 vs.the LSU Ben-GALS

posted 4:40p, 3/2/2005
Nebraska '02!


posted 2:33a, 3/3/2005

I remember that one: a white gloved hand came out of nowhere and BOOM! - one
Nebraska fan regretted ever coming to College Station.

posted 2:46a, 3/3/2005

we have pics of this stuff?
E.King Gill

posted 6:49a, 3/3/2005

How about the early 80s game against SMU where a Parson's calvary cadet pulled his
sword on an SMU cheerleader. Classic and beautiful.

posted 7:18a, 3/3/2005

Calvary=the hill where Jesus was crucified

Cavalry=soldiers on horses

John 3:16

"Thirty years ago kids talked about their duties and responsibilities ... today they talk
about their rights and privileges."

posted 7:52a, 3/3/2005

Best I saw was fight during '74 Clemson game. Football players on both sides swinging
helmets and generally brawling all over Kyle Field. Best memory is one of our players
chasing a Clemson player all the way up to the north end zone and them chasing each
other around the goal post. Rather funny at the time.

The cadet, Greg Hood, in the '81 SMU altercation was an OD at the game. He might have
been a PMC member but he was acting as one of the game day Officer's of the Day (OD).
That incident has been rehashed on this board several times; not intending to restart it
here again. RIP.

"Recall.....Step off on Hullabaloo..."

posted 7:56a, 3/3/2005

Does it have to be "after a game"? What about the 1973 MOB incident at Rice Institute
that occured during halftime?

I'm not sure I would describe that as a brawl. I was not an eye witness but from published
reports and other eye witnesses it sounds like it was mostly chasing (CTs)and retreating
(the MOB). But compared to the conventional halftime show, it must have been chaotic
enough to warrant the brawl label.

BTW, how many of you remember when RU was called Rice Institute?

Also, since we don't play Rice anymore, I'm sure some of you are unaware that the MOB
is the Marching Owl Band. They started calling themselves that about 1973. About that
time they gave up trying to be a real marching band and began spoofing everything
imaginable in their halftime shows. They very much looked like a mob in the process.
The spoof of everything Aggie in 1973 (most of it in poor taste) was the genesis of the
"brawl" mentioned above.


posted 8:55a, 3/3/2005
The best after game major fight I ever saw was after the UH game in Houston in about
1961 or 1962, in Rice Stadium.

The UH fish football team was seated in front of the Corps, not smart, things started out
bad and were very bad by the end of the game.

The UH fish football player came out to meet the Corps as they were coming out of the
stadium and a major fight started.

If you have ever been or seen that type of fight you know that size is not the factor it is in
a one on one fight. A little guy can kill a big guy if the big guy does not see it coming.

I have one memory of a UH fish football player on his knees with a booted Sr. doing a
drop kick to his face.

UH had to cancel their season.

I saw 2 major fights at tu basketball games at Austin in about 1961 and maybe 1962 or

At the first one I was in the upper deck on the west end of old G Gym. Carol B, the Ags
main man, was hit very low on a lay-up and a fight broke out. Shelly M always like to
have a very strong rebounder that could really clear things out around the basket, that
year it was a big raw bone guy named Windham, all muscle and bone.

The stands spilled out on to the floor completely covering it with a bunch of fights. The
funny thing was that no one wanted to fight Windham, he walked from one end of the
court to the other with a circle around him that no one would step in.

The second fight was the following year in Austin. The football teams from both schools
sat on the floor level behind the BB teams. I was in the stands behind them with my
roommate. I do not remember what started the fight; it did not really matter since
everyone came to fight.

The fans and the football teams rushed the court and a major fight started. My room mate
went down onto the court, in a few minutes he can back, I ask him why he was back so
soon, he said all out of breath that LeRoy Cafey was bleeding and he determined that he
better get out of the action.

LeRoy was one tough guy FB/LB who was drafted by Green Bay.

These types of fights ended after the 60s which is a good since they are very dangerous.

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posted 9:07a, 3/3/2005

I was a fish at the Rice game, attending with a friend who was also a freshman at Rice.
He still swears he feared for his life. It was pretty intense in the stands. I didn't go on the
field, but it was an interesting game to say the least.

And damit, we were still out scored after a remarkable comeback.

posted 9:19a, 3/3/2005

WBB, Ed Simmonnini dove into and attacked the entire clemson team, on their sideline
no less, and it was before the game even started.
Jim Benson 63

posted 9:28a, 3/3/2005

There was a pretty good fight at Rice in 1963.

But, the best one, or perhaps the worst, depending on your viewpoint was 1926 at Baylor.
An AG was killed when hit by a chair.

Allegedly, the Corps went back to CS, loaded up all weaponry, artillery, horses, etc., onto
a train and headed for Waco with the intent of laying siege to the city.

Train was stopped, as the story goes, by Texas Rangers.

posted 10:10a, 3/3/2005


AHHH, the good old days...Shelby Metcalf, Carroll Brousard, Jerry Windham, Bennie
Lennox and the twins...what a great group of basketballers.


posted 10:19a, 3/3/2005

The fight at Rice Stadium in 1963 involved students from both schools spilling out on the
field and going at it. It lasted for several minutes and peace was finally restored when the
Aggie Band played the National Anthem. I was in the Band and Col. Adams made sure
none of us left the stands. Funniest thing I saw was a Aggie piss pot flying about 25 feet
into the air down on the field.

posted 10:21a, 3/3/2005

How about the early 80s game against SMU where a Parson's calvary cadet pulled his
sword on an SMU cheerleader.

Parson's? No, he was one of my Seniors in Squadron 2. Great guy, but he got into a lot of
trouble over that incident.
Bear Ag

posted 10:30a, 3/3/2005

There was a great brawl: '68 or '69 BB against Baylor at G Rollie: band had to play
anthen as well

posted 11:01a, 3/3/2005

The BB game fights at sip land took about 30 - 45 min to clear up and get the game
started again.

Hundreds of people on the floor.

posted 11:10a, 3/3/2005
I remember that one: a white gloved hand came out of nowhere and BOOM! - one
Nebraska fan regretted ever coming to College Station.

They really shouldn't have stepped onto Kyle Field. I remember the guy got smashed,
instantly hit the ground, then tried to stand and fell back down. I think opposing fans
learned after that not to step foot on Kyle Field.


posted 11:58a, 3/3/2005

I think most of the other fans now realize that you STAY THE HELL OFF OF KYLE
and you don't get your A$$ beat

posted 12:40p, 3/3/2005


I was at that game...remember it well...

The football players always sat behind the north goalboard at GRW and the action started
under that goal.

The Houston post ran a picture the next day of Ag LB Billy Hobbs spreadeagle over a
baylor guy. Billy was quoted as saying he was trying to protect the baylor guy from
getting hurt...LOL...


posted 1:16p, 3/3/2005
There was some pretty good scuffling after the '87 LSU game but it was more in the
stands on the student side first deck down toward the South endzone.

posted 1:47p, 3/3/2005

I was a zip at the '73 MOB thing and my recollection of the incident is on the video made
in '94 for the 100 year Aggie Band reunion. What I remember seeing is as follows:

Rice had a 17-0 lead going into halftime. We had beaten SMU badly at Kyle the week
prior to go 5-4 for the season and serious rumor had us getting an invite to the Peach
Bowl if we beat Rice. As we stood in the north end zone awating the last couple of
minutes of the half the MOB was gathered along the west side of the stadium down near
us and close to me. The MOB had some mouthly types that were wishing us well as we
stood in silence. Aggie fans above them in the stadium were voicing their displeasure
with the MOB's antics toward us. Being the focus of verbal abuse was nothing new for us
in that era so it was pretty much ignored. Many of the kids in the MOB were not Rice
students but HS band kids recruited to flesh out the show; we had several guys in the
band from Houston that had walked in a Rice band halftime show while they were in HS.
The MOB concept was new for that year and had gained some notice a few weeks prior
at their performance at Memorial Stadium in Austin. What was witty to t.u. was turned
ugly towards A&M. We did our drill and ran off, normal stuff. As we moved back into
the stadium seats the MOB started their show. Their first image was a boot, meant to be a
Senior boot. The announcer spoke about how it is used to step in cow sh_t or something
along those lines. This got the overwhelmingly A&M crowd irritated and started the
hissing and booing. Next formation was a fire hydrant with their majorettes roaming
around with empty dog collars on leashes, with the MOB playing "Oh where, Oh where
has my little dog gone?" Reveille had just been put down and the intent was obvious.
That got more booing. Next formation was a chicken leg. Noted Houston TV faceplant
Marvin Zindler came out and did a very good twirling routine. He of "Texas has a *****
House in it" fame having spearheaded the "crusade" that previous spring to shut down the
Chicken Ranch in LaGrange. That got major laughs from the crowd and settled things
down mostly. The MOB then wandered to the north end zone and mimicked the FTAB
block band formation but in Nazi goose step style playing a poor version of the War
Hymn. At that point the crowd erupted and one ~40ish guy in a red shirt went onto the
field and decked a saxophone playing guy. The ODs were working to keep folks in the
stands. A purple smoke grenade showed up on the field and one of the OD's (Sqdn 7 had
the duty that game) and long time personal friend of mine picked up the grenade and
hurled it into the empty seat section in the north end zone. Our White Band drum major
(From Houston) signaled for us to play the War Hymn which we did. Drowned out the
MOB and their marching formation fell apart and they decided to slurk off the field and
back to the southwest part of the stands from whence they originally came. The stands
Sawed Varsity's Horns Off especially loud that time. We were all pretty pissed off at the
MOB. We sent the dorkiest fish in the FTAB down to the MOB with a message telling
them that we would not guarantee their safety after the game. Aggies made a great
comeback only to lose lead to a 90 yd kickoff routine and then lose track of yard line as
game ended with a FB dive on the Rice 8 instead of the 3 like Bellard later said they
thought the ball was on. Worst football loss in my 4 years. After the game the MOB had
to be removed from their OWN stadium in police paddy wagons. A couple of days later
the same guys from Sqdn 7 went and chopped down the Rice Victory tree. I have seen
my friend's brass labelled momento of the occasion on his fireplace mantle many times.
The next year for the game at Kyle the MOB was specifically NOT invited and the team
pounded out a brutal 17-0 win over the lousy b_astards from the Institute.

All things considered it was a big incident but not much of a fight. There were and have
been related here much better fights in our history but few things compare with the bitter
rancor the '73 MOB engendered then and now. I hate RICE.

"Recall.....Step off on Hullabaloo..."

posted 2:45p, 3/3/2005

It's a shame that the Ags didn't get to lay siege to Waco in '26. Had we captured
McLennan County, and thereby won control of the shipping lanes of the lower Brazos
River, things might be different today, specifically that incident at Floyd Casey in '04.

WOW, I had never heard the full story of the MOB incident. Goes to show, you don't
mess with the Fightin' Farmers.

posted 3:16p, 3/3/2005

pre game brawl with Texas prior to the '89 game

posted 3:19p, 3/3/2005

anybody have any video clips?
posted 5:56p, 3/3/2005

tu 95
The Peoples Aggie

posted 6:08p, 3/3/2005

No one should rush Kyle, but the corps should keep to themselves. A lot of the corps
boys portray the stereotypical "meathead, testosterone filled, overzealous" cadet when
they go charging after visiting fans.

I don't condone the corps antics in situations like these. Let security do their job and spare
A&M and other fans the public blackeye by trying to fight the fans.

posted 6:17p, 3/3/2005

In 95 it was not just the Corps out there. Whether it was right or wrong give the non-regs
their due for being out there as well.

This has always bugged me. I use to work in an office with a bunch of sips and they
would get all mad at the corps when anyone brought up the fight of 95. I know they are
more visible (ie the uniform) but I would always stop them and say "hey, it wasnt just the
Corps that was kicking the snot out of you on that day....there were plenty of non-regs
kicking your a$$ as well!"
The Peoples Aggie

posted 6:23p, 3/3/2005

well, whether it be the corps or Joe Blow Aggie, it's embarrassing when they go all
frontal on some visiting fan. Let them have their fun and look stupid.

posted 6:24p, 3/3/2005
'95 vs ut gets my vote.

posted 6:46p, 3/3/2005

wasn't there a brawl between Ags and Illinois around mid-70s? Close game at half, but I
think Ags started blowing them out in 2nd half, and Ill. got very frustrated, as well as
gassed by the heat.


posted 6:46p, 3/3/2005

Not a football brawl, and this is not meant to hijack the thread, but the best Aggie brawl
I've ever personally witnessed occured at golly rolly in 1969 at a BBall game. Baylor was
the visiting team and were ranked pretty high nationally. They were the pre-season pick
as champions of SWC BBall.

The Ags were perfect in that game, by the half, it was obvious that Baylor was over
ranked, and over matched. They were losing, badly. At the start of the second half,
Baylor was taking a foul shot, which they made. Billy Bob Barnett took the ball out of
bounds, threw it to Ronny Perret, who was at mid-court. Perret then lumbered down the
court for what appeared to be the easiest lay up in history. But a baylor sophmore, Tom
Friedman, frustrated by his team's poor play, sprinted after Perret. He caught him around
the neck just as Perret was attempting his shot, then threw him down in front of the
bleachers where the Aggie football team was seated. Friedman, himself, fell down in
front of the Aggie FB bench. That was a huge, huge mistake. The FB players swarmed
Friedman, it looked like a tidal wave covering that poor, stupid baylor loser. Both
benches emptied, the brawl ensued, and much like the game the baylor players were
handed their ass. Some fans from Waco tried to aid their team and were soundly beaten.
One 7 foot Aggie, Steve Niles, picked up a baylor fan and threw him into the second
deck. Man it was beautiful. Friedman suffered a broken jaw, and was lost for the
season;Some other baylor players were left puking on the floor, and the fans in general
were terrified. The Band fired up the National Anthem to break up the morass. It worked.
A&M was sanctioned, but not barred from post season play. The '69 BBall season ended
with a loss to Drake Univ. in tourny play. The brawl was memorable.

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The Peoples Aggie
posted 6:48p, 3/3/2005

damn, I would have loved to have seen that.

A&M Football

Topic: Best brawl on the field after a game in Aggie history


posted 6:55p, 3/3/2005

I was a fish in Sq 7 in 1973. I wondered where Skins went for a couple of days.

posted 7:01p, 3/3/2005

I read about the Waco thing in Keepers of the Spirit, I couldn't believe that they were

posted 7:12p, 3/3/2005

Anyone know how true this story is?

Jim Benson 63

posted 7:35p, 3/3/2005

RE: the basketball riots of 62 63 in Austin:
There was a fight in 62 but not too many people were injured.

The big fight was spring 63. I dont even remember what happened in the game, but we
probably were outscored since the main thing that started the fight, and most other fights
at tu during that era was "poor aggies." I do not like to hear this to this day, especially not
in Austin.

Lee Roy Caffey was there in 63 as stated above, he was class of 63, and was one of those
guys that you never seem to get the best of on a football field. He was a FB in college,
not a LB. He tended to fumble and so did not play a lot his senior year fall 62, in addition
to the fact that for some reason Hank Foldberg did not seem to like him (now in reality
LeeRoy was a very likeable guy, except when you met him on a fb field.) Down on the
floor of the gym, some sip had a track shoe (remember the 3/4" steel spikes?) taped to his
hand and hit Lee Roy in the face. This was a big mistake. He hit the guy and the punch
lifted him up off the floor and he was thrown into others fighting on the floor. Lee Roy
who weighed about 230, then cut a path from one end of Gregory Gym to the other, much
like the description of what Jerry Windham did, except that people didn't clear out until
Lee Roy hit them.

Lee Roy was not drafted by Green Bay, he was drafted by Philadelphia. He was traded to
Green Bay and became an All-Pro OLB, weighed about 270, played with Bart Starr, Ray
Nitschke, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung, etc., on the first two Super Bowl Champion teams,
after the 1967 and 68 seasons. He had 2 Super Bowl rings.

I last saw Lee Roy at lunch in April 1992. Unfortunately he died in Jan 1994 from colon
cancer. Real nice guy, but very tough as the sips who were knocked out by him on the
floor of Gregory Gym in spring 63 can affirm, that is, if they are capable of remembering
being knocked out.

I have also heard another story about a guy who was there and was arrested (well, the
cops were arresting a lot of people) and handcuffed to a chain inside a paddy wagon, with
other "prisoners." In walks an Ag that most people would recognize on campus, had on
b**** overalls, pulled out a huge bolt cutter and cut the chain and the links between the
cuffs. This was hard to do since the chain and the cuff-links were made of carbon
steel/jail steel. Since it caused suspicion on campus to walk around with handcuffs on
your wrists, this person, who was enrolled in ME101 (metal shop) at the time, the next
morning went to the welding shop, lit an acetylene torch, and, with the help of his
instructor who happened to walk in at that time and who supplied a piece of asbestos, cut
the cuffs off.

This is just what I heard.
The Peoples Aggie

posted 7:40p, 3/3/2005
you old ags have some badass stories!

posted 10:12p, 3/3/2005

Lark and Jim Benson 63,

With two pints of Everclear (orange) in me, I started the fight in austin when I was a Fish
in '62 or a Pisshead in '63. Can't remember which!

I used to have a copy of the austin american statesman with my picture in the middle.

Old Army is Gone to Hell!

Gig 'em!

If you refer to the north forty as anything other than t.u. or 'sips, you are not an AGGIE.

posted 10:49p, 3/3/2005


posted 12:15a, 3/4/2005

If I remember correctly the rice incident carried into the BB season also. Seems when we
plated in Houston there was a big fight there. I remember hearing them grbbing one of
our players and beating his knee with a metal chair. I don't remember when their spirit
tree was cut down but the next year the flags of the SWC teams that flew in the end
zone.. the rice flag was flown upside down.

posted 12:19a, 3/4/2005

you old ags have some badass stories!

I know... all I can say is Old Army puts us to shame.

Anyhow, who expects anything but a riot in Lubbock in '05? I mean they seem to hate us
anyway plus we handed their football team and their basketball team their asses in
College Station this year which should make them super pissed. I am going and screw
everyone who is too afraid to go!

posted 1:10a, 3/4/2005

I'll be there in lubbock, standing ready for any of those itteckers that want to bring it on
and get an ever living fightin texas aggie A$$ whooping!

posted 1:31a, 3/4/2005

tu 95, c/o 99 fish rocked that night.

posted 1:34a, 3/4/2005

The ER rooms were filled with t-sips that night.

posted 2:14a, 3/4/2005

can someone tell the 95 story?
Buford T. Justice

posted 7:20a, 3/4/2005
89 Texas was the best.
Instigated By Rocky Allen (Texas) if I remember correctly.

posted 7:57a, 3/4/2005

Lurch......Skins was in on the deal. Think you can name other co-defendants? LOL

"Recall.....Step off on Hullabaloo..."

posted 8:18a, 3/4/2005

Joe Wilbert. Haymaker in '94 against tceh after an Aggie win. Not football-related, but
needs to be mentioned.
All I see on the TV replay later (maybe it was a 12th man replay of the game?) was a fist
fly out of nowhere and a poor techster layed out cold on the floor.

This was my 1997th post ever. Whoooooop!

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posted 11:21a, 3/5/2005

terata-I remember that brawl very well-I was really impressed by how soon order was
restored after the band played the anthem, thankfully for the bears. You just did not go to
Jolly Rolly and stsrt something like that with the football players so close.

posted 11:31a, 3/6/2005
MaroonBlood, will you be attacking some of your own fans again in an attempt to stamp
your mark on the aggie lore?

posted 12:30p, 3/6/2005

terata--I was at the Baylor fight too. You forgot to mention that Barnett was trailing the
play and tackled the Baylor player into the football team.

posted 12:43p, 3/6/2005

why anyone thinks those incidents are cool is beyond me

posted 1:34p, 3/6/2005

lol....with a handle like "redass05"....maybe you should change your user name to

posted 4:58p, 3/6/2005

If ra had been involved it would have been cool. Since he was not he does not think it is
cool. It is all relative to himself.

posted 5:08p, 3/6/2005

The twins refered to earlier are Pat and Don
Stanley of Buna. Great guys and great players.

posted 5:45p, 3/6/2005
I doubt that many of you were on hand for the "granddaddy" of all after-game melees that
occurred in Houston in 1911 after a football game there with tu. It was a Corps Trip for
the Ags and the team was heavily favored to win the game. Unfortunately for all
concerned, including the city of Houston, tu won the game by a score of 6-0. According
to reports, (The Story of Texas A&M, George Sessions Perry, 1953), the disappointed
Corps of Cadets after some brawling leaving the ball park proceeded to take over the city
of Houston. The police force tried several time to regain control but apparently were not
successful. As a result, tu suspended all relations with TAMC and that is the reason you
see no football game results between tu and TAMC between 1911 and 1915.

Charlie Moran was the football coach 1909-1915. According to Perry, Moran was the
only TAMC football coach to engage in fistfights with his players during practice. Did
someone say Old Army.
Charlie Moran

posted 9:37a, 3/7/2005

"I didn't come here to lose!!" Charlie Moran

posted 2:38p, 3/7/2005


Thanks, I couldn't remember the twins' names for some reason (old age probably).


posted 2:41p, 3/7/2005

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posted 2:41p, 3/7/2005
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posted 2:41p, 3/7/2005


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posted 8:20p, 03/07/05

Classy Fights

posted 8:30p, 03/07/05

Yeah, it's really cool to make your university look like garbage by getting in fights at
sporting events.

A&M Football

Topic: Best brawl on the field after a game in Aggie history


posted 8:48p, 03/07/05
WBBQ74 is correct. I have enjoyed season tickets since the early 60s and the Clemson
game he notes was had a dual bench clearing fight during the game.

posted 9:01p, 03/07/05

I don't consider Nolan Ryan beating the shiit out of Ventura a fight...a fight implies some
sort of challenge.

t.u. '95 wasn't a fight....if you know what I mean.

posted 9:26p, 03/08/05

In 1955 (maybe '56),the Aggie football team went to Austin to support the Aggies vs. the
sips in baseball. Our football guys sat in the stands directly behind the TU footballers and
the bad mouthing got started. Finally, Jack Pardee had enough of lip from the sippers and
he went down to the TU team and cold cocked a sip (I believe it was Buck Lansford, a
TU all SWC tackle, not sure it was Lansford)and the fight was on, big time. It spilled out
of the stands to outside the stadium and before long students from both schools were in
the middle of it. I did not go to the game but a Bud did and he said it was the damnest
fight he ever saw. The students did'nt want any part of fighting the football players so
they would run into the melee take a swing and run out the other side. I don't remember
how it all ended up but the fight was legendary in those days. I know this is football
thread but had to tell about that fight.


posted 11:01p, 03/08/05


Spring of '55 to best of my recollection. I was a student then but did not make the game
due to other commitments such as classes, etc. The game was super hyped as I recall to
decide the conference champ or some such so many Ags made the trek. From the
descriptions by those attending the brawl was as you described with the bad action
occurring in the parking lot after the stadium was cleared. Although Pardee was one of
the varsity types involved, the real rowdies at that time were members of the Fish football
team. In those days freshmen did not play varsity ball but played opposing SWC
freshmen teams the night before the varsity games. Most times the freshmen games were
more exciting than the varsity games because how aggressive they were as freshmen was
a major factor in whether they made the varsity next year. Those kids were ready for
smashmouth of any sort.

posted 3:40a, 03/09/05

Yeah Fossil, Thanks for the Fish Team reminder. That would have been the class of '58
bunch.That was Coach Bryant's 1st class that went on to went SWC championship.
Cowtown Red

posted 12:46p, 03/09/05


You wouldn't claim to be 13-0's Daddy if you'd ever seen his mommy


posted 3:32p, 03/09/05

My family and I were at rice stadium in 73, and the situation can't really be called a
brawl. It was more of a seething, growing, unmittigated, anger. After the halftime, and
MOB had returned to their seats, the game got underway again, the fish went to every
flagpole in the stadium. They took down all the flags, except Old Glory and the Aggie
Flag, and then ran game day Aggie Flags up the polls, and then stationed a gaurd at the
base of each flagpoll for the rest of the day.
As I recall, after the game, in which we were outscored, the Aggie fans went out on the
field, and stood in fron of thje mob, while others blocked all the other exits. Apolice
escort took them to the tunnel at the end of the Stadium, where they remained untill
busses could be brought around to take them away. I think that this took about an hour or
so. Maybe longer.
But remember, they appoligized for the incident, 20 years later. BIG HAIRY DEAL.

posted 4:17p, 03/09/05
fossil & ontheway,

Do you remeber the Coach Bryant comment about that brawl?

Something to the effect that Pardee became a man that day.


posted 6:09p, 03/09/05

ABAT I don't remember that comment but it probably was true since Pardee was one of
Coach Bryant's favorites. Jack came from Christoval Texas where he played 6 man
football. He went on to become an All-American at A&M, all pro as a Redskin and
coached the Houston Oilers. Not bad for a kid who played 6 man.
The story goes that he struck the 1st blow at the Austih brawl but the sips were going
over the top with their smack talk and Pardee apparently got tired of listening to their
crap. Gig'em Jack


posted 11:45p, 4/4/2005

I was never involved in any kind of brawl on the field after a game, but there was this one
time after a game that I was severely beaten in The Kettle's parking lot only to regain
consciousness several days later in a dumpster full of half-eaten waffles and chicken
BigJim49 AustinNowDallas

posted 11:48a, 4/5/2005

LSU 1945 - they somehow stole one of our flags

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