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					                   The elements on earth
     About the poem
In the first stanza we were working with metaphors to make the reader think about the
positive side of life. The reader doesn't know at that moment what the poem is about. „The
golden light“ stands for fire, „a light breeze“ is the beginning of a blizzard. „Shaking hands“
is the metaphor for an earthquake and „salty water“ shows that the place will be flooded soon.
Animals can feel it if their environment changes and so they have left already.
The second stanza describes the wind without metaphors because the reader is supposed to
know now what the poem really is about. The reader should take it as a serious topic and
should start to think about what else is going on, on the earth. The third stanza is a double
stanza because we decided that earthquakes and flood waves belong together. The sentences
of the flood waves are written in a form of the wave to combine the visual and mental
demands of the reader.
The fourth stanza is about the fire and it expresses that people are to blame for some natural
catastrophes that have to do with fire because some people sometimes inflame it wilful and
sometimes in an indirect way. For example: due to the pollution → global warming
The last sentence of the poem is to remind the people of their behaviour and that they always
try to change the world and make a 'better world' even though they just make it worse.
The picture and the poem belong together because we tried to connect all of the elements in
the picture and the poem. We wanted to show the powerful side of the elements in the arts and
the damages they can leave behind.

Kati Müller, class 11, Germany

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