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If My Blood Tests Are So Normal, Why Do I Feel So Poorly


A new way of looking at standard blood tests.

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									If My Blood Tests Are So Normal, Why Do I Feel So Poorly
David Orman

How many times have you asked, ―If my blood tests are so ‗normal,‘ why do
I feel so poorly?‖ . . . only to hear how its ―just in your head‖ or ―it
is no problem‖ or other non- answers. Enter. . . Natural Blood Test
Analysis (NBTA). NBTA is a cutting edge software system that allows us to
analyze standard blood tests from an Optimal, Health-based perspective.
Whereas standard blood tests recognize diseases, the concept of health is
missing. NBTA recognizes these diseases AND introduces a new standard —

When blood markers are in the health range, optimal health is present,
not just the absence of disease! Here are some examples: – Normal lab
values for Iron are 40-150 mcg/ml. Optimal Health values are 40-100
mcg/ml. – Normal lab values for Sodium are 135-146 mmol/L. Optimal Health
values are 138-142 mmol/L. – White Blood Count (WBC) have a lab value of
4-10 u/L, but Optimal values are 5-8 u/L. As you can see, there
parameters are different and often ―tigher‖ than standard laboratory
values. These ―tighter‖ parameters mark the presence of health and should
be used as ideals. In addition to looking at individual parameters, NBTA
looks at various combination markers.

Examples are: – When both Calcium and Cholesterol levels are low, this is
an indictor for potential periodontal disease. – Elevated Sodium with
decreased Potassium is viewed as a precursor for adrenal insufficiency. –
Elevated Triglycerides with elevated Eosinophils indicate a trend toward
hypoglycemia. A person may or may not be experiencing the various signs
or symptoms. However, over time it is virtually certain that the disease
process will take place.

The great benefits to interpreting blood tests in this fashion are: a. We
have the opportunity to achieve Optimal Health, not just an absence of
disease. b. We can fend off the disease processes in the early phase (s)
when treatment is most effective.

Our experience has shown that only 1 out of every 3 supplements a person
takes is useful! NBTA® pinpoints nutritional needs based upon individual
blood chemistry. Whenever the opportunity to personalize treatment is
available, the chances for success GREATLY improves.

Consider this diagnostic tool for Optimal Health.

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