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            Different Ways to Learn                                             Graduate Special Students
                                                                                   This classification refers to students who are enrolled
            at Gallaudet                                                        in courses offered by the Graduate School but are not
                                                                                pursuing a program of study leading to a graduate degree
            Kinds of Programs                                                   or certificate. The application process for graduate special
            Undergraduate and Graduate Programs of Study                        students is described below.
               Gallaudet University offers programs of study for both
            undergraduate and graduate students. We offer B.A., M.A.,           The Assistant Dean for Graduate School Curriculum,
            and M.S. degrees as well as Ed.S. and Ph.D. degrees. In             Policy and Operations acts as advisor to graduate special
            addition, we offer several professional degrees, such as the        students. All graduate special students must obtain the
            M.S.W., Psy. S., and Au.D. professional practice degrees. A         instructor’s permission to register for any course. In the
            complete listing of graduate programs can be found later in         absence of the instructor, the program director or the chair
            this catalog.                                                       of the department may provide permission for a graduate
                                                                                special student to register for a course. The signature of the
                                                                                program director or the chair will constitute permission for
            Certificate Programs
                                                                                the Assistant Dean to approve the registration of the student.
               In addition to the traditional degrees mentioned above,
                                                                                The person who signs is obliged to inform the instructor of
            Gallaudet University currently offers five graduate certificate
                                                                                the additional student(s) enrolled in the class. Enrollment
            programs. The graduate certificate is often called a “mini-
                                                                                in some graduate courses is limited to degree students.
            degree” and consists of courses offered for graduate credit.
                                                                                Graduate special students may not enroll as a Gallaudet
            These credits may be applied to graduate degree programs
                                                                                student in courses in other universities or colleges in the
            and are often taken in conjunction with a regular graduate

                                                                                Consortium Graduate Students
            Summer Programs                                                         Matriculated graduate students from other universities
               Some graduate programs require summer course work.               in the Washington Consortium may take courses at
            Courses are listed in the Summer & Enrichment Programs              Gallaudet University under the rules and provisions of the
            Schedule available in January of each year and online. The          Consortium. Class limits will permit regular Gallaudet
            Summer & Enrichment Programs office is located in                    University graduate students into the class before
            151 Hall Memorial Building.                                         Consortium students.

            Kinds of Students                                                   Professional Studies Students
                                                                                   Professional Studies Courses (with a PST prefix) are
            Degree-Seeking Graduate Students                                    offered widely at Gallaudet. Students who enroll for these
            This classification refers to a student who has completed            courses are categorized as Professional Studies Students and
            the application process for a graduate degree or graduate           will receive a separate transcript for these courses. Most sign
            certificate program and who has been accepted by the                 language courses offered at Gallaudet are PST courses.
            faculty of that program.


Kinds of Courses                                                      Academic Programs and Services

Undergraduate and Graduate Credit Courses                             The Culture and Language Colloquium
   Courses listed in this catalog and in the undergraduate                The Culture and Language Colloquium (CLC) is a
catalog are credit courses which have been approved by                program offered to entering graduate students prior to the
the Faculty Governance process (either the Council on                 fall semester. It provides information thought to be critical
Undergraduate Education or the Council on Graduate                    to success at the University. The program is presented in
Education). In general, they may be applied to Gallaudet              the format of a two-credit course on diversity and culture,
University degrees and graduate certificate programs, unless           with a focus on issues related to deafness and the Gallaudet
there is a specific restriction linked to a particular course.         environment. The course combines on-line study and
                                                                      discussion with on-campus lectures by well-known experts
Professional Studies Courses                                          in the field of education of deaf people, and activities
   Gallaudet University offers a wide range of professional           designed to increase student understanding of diversity.
studies courses. These bear the prefix PST and have been               Equally important, the program is an opportunity for new
approved by the Advisory Panel on Professional Studies.               deaf and hearing graduate students to learn how they can
PST courses carry Gallaudet University credit, but may                build partnerships with each other and effectively assimilate
not be applied toward a Gallaudet University degree or                into the Gallaudet milieu. Students who have attended
certificate program. Some other universities and accrediting           the colloquium in the past have consistently rated it as a
organizations do accept PST credits, however, so students             powerful educational experience. All new deaf and hearing
should check to determine applicability of the coursework             graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the
elsewhere. The grades of PST courses are recorded on a                colloquium due to its unique nature and the “jump start” it
separate PST transcript and do not appear on the regular              provides students prior to starting classes in the fall. Several
Gallaudet University transcript. Some PST courses are                 levels of Intensive Conversational American Sign Language
offered as clusters that lead to professional certificates.            courses are offered concurrently with the CLC. Students are
                                                                      encouraged to hone their sign language skills as much as
                                                                      possible before beginning graduate studies. These courses
Enrichment Courses                                                    are offered at an additional cost to the entering student.
   Summer & Enrichment Programs offers learning-for-
pleasure courses throughout the academic year. Some
courses offer students Continuing Education Credits
                                                                      Graduate Student Orientation
                                                                          Graduate Student Orientation takes place during
(CEU’s). Enrichment courses may not be applied toward
                                                                      the three days after the culmination of the Culture and
Gallaudet University degree programs.
                                                                      Language Colloquium and just before the beginning of
                                                                      fall semester classes. This orientation is required of all
Delivery Systems for Courses
                                                                      new, degree-seeking graduate students and gives them the
   Gallaudet courses may be taken in a number of different
                                                                      opportunity to meet with their department advisors and to
formats. While most of our classes are offered as face-to-
                                                                      make final preparations for the beginning of the semester.
face classes on campus, an increasing number of courses are
                                                                      Graduate special students are welcome to attend the opening
involving some degree of technological transmission. Many
                                                                      orientation meeting on Wednesday morning and then to
of our teachers combine face-to-face teaching with materials
                                                                      meet with members of the Office of the Assistant Dean to
and exercises posted to a website. In addition, we offer a
                                                                      receive advising.
variety of online courses, both for graduate credit and for
PST credit. Through our extension programs, we can also
bring credit courses or contract classes to your site if you          Center for American Sign Language Literacy
have an adequate group of participants. Gallaudet University          (CASLL)
also has up-to-date facilities to provide tele-courses or video       The Center for American Sign Language Literacy (CASLL)
conferencing at the Gallaudet University Regional Centers in          provides American Sign Language Proficiency Interview
various parts of the United States.                                   evaluation, diagnostic assessment, and instruction in Ameri-
                                                                      can Sign Language (ASL) to both the Gallaudet University
                                                                      community and the general public.

Academic Programs and Services

                The CASLL offers a wide variety of learning opportuni-            Support services that are provided and/or coordinated with

            ties in addition to the regular ASL course sequence, includ-          other on- or off-campus offices/agencies include: psycho-
            ing special topics courses and tutoring services. Special             educational and psychological evaluations which assess
            classes are designed to meet the needs of a specific profes-           for Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
            sional discipline, department or unit. The CASLL is also              Disorders, and Psychological Disorders; individualized
            contracted by agencies, businesses and other entities at sites        support service plan development, support service
            throughout the Washington metropolitan area for ASL                   counseling/advising, advocacy training, academic advising,
            classes, presentations about deaf and hard of hearing people,         career development, interpreting, note taking, specialized
            consultation regarding ASL, and related training workshops.           testing, study lab, orientation and mobility training, reader/
                Additionally, the CASLL provides training for profession-         scribe services, and accessibility consultation. Information
            als in diagnostic assessment of ASL, American Sign Lan-               and referral services offer assistance in attendant care,
            guage Proficiency Interview evaluation, and mentoring for              wheel chair repair, Seeing Eye dog training, tutoring, mental
            non-degree seeking ASL teachers who wish to improve or                health care, medical services, and legal advice. Programs
            update their knowledge and skills.                                    and services that are offered by OSWD include: adaptive
                                                                                  technology assessment and training, Braille/large print
            Classroom Notetaking Services                                         services, faculty development seminars, scholarships, public
               Upon request from a registered graduate student, the               service and outreach, support groups and advisory boards,
            Graduate School will provide a student notetaker for on-              and compensatory/study skills training.
            campus, face-to-face, graduate credit courses. Students                  OSWD students are protected from discrimination
            who wish to have a notetaker in a class should inform the             under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the
            instructor, who will attempt to solicit a notetaker from              Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. These mandates
            among the other students. Once a notetaker is identified,              include rules regarding the confidential treatment of
            the requesting student will fill out a request form, available         disability related information. Because disability related
            from each departmental office and carry it to the office of             information is treated as medical information, it is handled
            the Coordinator of Enrolled Student Services in FH 202A.              under the same strict confidentiality rules as other medical
            Notetakers then distribute a copy of their notes to those             information. Disability related records provided by a
            students who want them. Notetakers are reimbursed by                  physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized
            the Graduate School for their service. In order to receive            professionals are not subject to free access under the Family
            maximum compensation, students wishing to serve                       Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. In general,
            as a notetaker in their classes should complete the free              OSWD must have written permission from a student before
            notetaker training course, offered each August on the Friday          releasing any information from the student’s record.
            before classes begin. For more information, contact the
                                                                                     Students may come directly to OSWD and request
            Coordinator of Enrolled Student Services at x 5869.
                                                                                  services. Faculty and staff may refer students to OSWD and
                                                                                  request technical assistance from OSWD staff. Entering
            Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD)                           graduate students who feel that they may require an
               The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD)                    accommodation for a disability should contact OSWD
            provides individually tailored, comprehensive support                 soon after acceptance to begin the processes required to
            services and programs for students with disabilities. OSWD            verify the disability. It is important to note that the request
            empowers eligible students to succeed in their pursuit of             for services might require some time, so early filing of the
            higher education by striving to assure equal access and               documentation is critical if services are being requested for
            opportunity to curricular and extracurricular activities.             the first semester of attendance.
            Faculty and staff, administrators, alumni, paraprofessionals,
            and parents and families also benefit from services and
                                                                                  Global Internship Program
                                                                                     The Global Internship Program (GIP) gives Gallaudet
               Support services and programs are designed to meet the
                                                                                  students (juniors, seniors, and graduate students)
            individual needs of those being served and are coordinated
                                                                                  opportunities to become more involved in deaf world affairs
            with services offered on campus and in the community.
                                                                                  by living and working abroad for a specific period of time
                                                                                  up to one full semester. This program is administered by the
                                                                                  Center for Global Education (CGE) under the direction of
                                                                                  the Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS).


International Internship Program                                        English Works! Tutors will help students improve in their

    The Center for Global Education (CGE), under the                    courses by working on specific problem areas and showing
direction Office of International Programs and Services                  them study skills for the type of course being taken. Tutoring
(OIPS), also coordinates the International Internship                   for graduate-level courses may be more difficult to arrange,
Program. This program is designed to provide an                         so requests should be placed as soon as possible.
opportunity for scholars, researchers, professionals, and
students from other countries to visit Gallaudet University,            Career Center
without pursuing an academic degree. Participants usually                  The Career Center offers cooperative education and
audit courses, gain practical experience, and visit schools,            internships and job search consulting. Through the
organizations and agencies serving people who are deaf.                 internship program, students can acquire work experience
Areas of interest include the education of deaf children,               related to their major studies and career goals. With job
teacher training, social work, career education, leadership             search consulting, students learn the process of the job
development, sign language, and deaf studies. The duration              search and receive assistance with seeking part-time,
of internships varies from one month to one academic year.              summer, and full-time employment. The Career Center
Recognition for successful completion of a program is made              collaborates with academic departments and employers
as follows: individuals enrolled for one to three months                to help students achieve experiential requirements for
receive the letter of recognition; a minimum of one semester            select majors. More than 300 employer representatives visit
of specialized study leads to the certificate of attendance;             annually to conduct sessions and on-campus recruiting, and
completion of a two-semester program that includes four to              to participate in classes, workshops, and career fairs. Both
six weeks of internship at a school or agency in the area of            the internship and job search programs offer training in
deafness entitles an individual to the certificate of leadership.        job search techniques, networking, resume and federal job
Interested individuals should apply to the Center for Global            application preparation, developing portfolios, interviewing,
Education.                                                              working with interpreters, and using assistive technology.
                                                                        The emphasis throughout is on empowering students for
                                                                        the challenges of working in the business and professional
English Works!
                                                                        world. The internship program places students in private
   English Works! provides free tutorial assistance to
                                                                        industry, government agencies, social service organizations,
students in English courses. In addition, it provides advice
                                                                        and educational institutions.
and guidance to students working on writing projects in any
                                                                           Working with our staff, students can arrange placement
course in the undergraduate and graduate curricula. Most
                                                                        locally, nationally, and internationally. With staff
tutoring and writing advice is conducted in one-on-one
                                                                        guidance, students learn how to research and develop their
sessions. Both walk-in and ongoing services are available.
                                                                        own placements. Examples of placement sites include
Online Professional Writing Course for                                  Duke University Center for Emerging Cardiovascular
                                                                        Technologies, the White House, University of Michigan
Graduate Students
                                                                        Kresge Hearing Research Center, federal agencies and
   The Graduate School and Professional Programs offers
                                                                        research facilities, congressional offices, hospitals, public
an online professional writing course, available to graduate
                                                                        and private schools, and deafness-related educational and
students. It focuses on the organization and structure of
                                                                        social organizations. Many students participate in more
writing at the graduate and professional level.
                                                                        than one placement, supplementing their academic studies
                                                                        with valuable hands-on experience. Undergraduate students
Tutorial and Instructional Programs
                                                                        may earn academic credit for their internship placements,
   Tutorial and Instructional Programs (TIP) provides
                                                                        up to a total of 12 credits. Credits for graduate internship
tutoring at no cost to Gallaudet students who have academic
                                                                        placements are determined by the student’s program
difficulties or wish to improve their grades. Hours are
Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.,
                                                                           The Career Center sponsors a variety of career-related
and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the regular
                                                                        seminars, conferences, and programs throughout the year,
academic year. The TIP tutor training program is certified
                                                                        including a series of career fairs and part-time on campus
by the College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA)
                                                                        student employment fairs; programs and services include
International Tutor Certification Program. Tutoring is
                                                                        credentials files for students and alumni, graduate school
available individually or in small groups for all courses
                                                                        admission testing (Miller Analogies Test and Graduate
except English. English language tutoring is provided by


            Record Examination), and an undergraduate level business              borrowing privileges, to more than four million volumes

            and professional communication course offered in                      and 29,000 serials subscriptions of member libraries.
            collaboration with the Department of Communication Arts.
            Career Library                                                           The Archives houses 4,000,000 pages of historical
               The Career Library is the center of student activity for           documents from schools from the 1800s and 1900s;
            the Academic Advising and Career Center. It contains in-              1,250,000 news clippings related to the world deaf
            depth information on Gallaudet majors and an extensive                community; 1,600 items or architectural drawings of
            collection of career-related books, catalogs and directories,         deaf schools including deaf architects; slides, and
            employer files and graduate school information, and other              125,000 negatives. The oldest item in the Archives is a book
            materials. A computer network offers resume and federal               published in 1546. The Archives is open for public and
            job application software, computerized guidance programs,             scholarly research on Deaf history and culture Monday
            and disk-based and online employment databases, including             through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It provides the online
            access to the World Wide Web. The Career Center home                  catalog ALADIN to search any Gallaudet or other archival
            page links to approximately 50 major job search resources.            materials and also has computer terminals that individuals
            Through a link to JobTrak, students can learn about local             may use to access the World Wide Web.
            and national internship opportunities and part-time
            campus employment. Current job vacancies for all fields and            Academic Technology
            employment sectors are filed in the Career Library Job Bank.              Academic Technology is the umbrella organization for
                                                                                  campus units providing end-user training and support
                                                                                  and maximizing academic uses of technology at Gallaudet
            Academic Resources                                                    University. Academic Technology has six offices: Executive
                                                                                  Director’s Office, Academic Computing & Engineering,
            Merrill Learning Center                                               Client and Multimedia Services, eLearning, Academic
                                                                                  System Programming, and Television and Media Production
            University Library                                                    Services. Working collaboratively with Information
               The Gallaudet University Library, housed in the Merrill            Technology Services (ITS), Academic Technology provides
            Learning Center, serves University students, faculty, staff,          technology support to the community through an integrated
            and researchers from around the world. Reference librarians           campus-wide helpdesk.
            are available to help users and to give formal instruction in            Resources for students include two computer labs,
            library Research to classes and other groups. In the Library’s        one located in Benson Residence Hall, and the other in
            collections are approximately 239,433 books, more than                the Student Academic Center. Named the Harkin Digital
            1,725 current periodical subscriptions, 7,573 videotape and           Learning Center, it is an interactive laboratory with:
            media titles, and an internationally renowned deafness-
                                                                                     • 30 private study carrels equipped with desktop
            related collection, with books dating back to 1546.
                                                                                       computers, a few with personal iBOT web cams.
               Gallaudet students can access more than 8,000 full
            text journals through the Library’s ALADIN catalog. The                  • 24 computers in an open area for student and
            Library’s web site includes: the Index to Deaf Periodicals and              faculty use.
            the Guide to Deaf Bibliographies, both created by Gallaudet              • low vision accessibility.
            librarians; answers to frequently asked deafness-related                 • a student collaboration room with a large plasma
            questions; bibliographies; and links to ALADIN and many                    screen to work on projects and prepare for classroom
            other sites.                                                               presentations.
               The Library is a member of the Washington Research
                                                                                     • student video suites for video creation and editing that
            Library Consortium (WRLC), a network of seven university
                                                                                       provide high-end tech equipment to record digital
            libraries. Gallaudet students have full access, including
                                                                                       video of signed communication, and to produce


      computer graphics, animation, and web-base design.            Howard University, Marymount University, Southeastern

      Video productions can then be saved on DVD,                   University, Trinity University, University of the District
      CD-ROM and VHS.                                               of Columbia, Joint Military Intelligence College, National
    The HelpDesk is a one-stop site for students and can be         Defense University and University of Maryland at College
used for any technology-related request. In addition,               Park. All class schedules and catalogs are on file in the
all residence hall rooms are Internet accessible, and e-mail        Registrar’s Office. Registration rules and criteria for graduate
is available through IMAP or Web access:                            students are detailed in the Enrollment section below.                                      Opportunities to take additional consortium courses are
                                                                    contingent on successful performance in the student’s
I. King Jordan Student Academic Center                              currently enrolled consortium course. Students who are
   Opened in 2002, the I. King Jordan Student Academic              enrolled in consortium member institutions are able to
Center is the most contemporary student academic center             attend certain classes at the other campuses and have the
for deaf and hard of hearing students in the world. This            credit considered as resident credit at their own institutions.
deaf-friendly environment embraces visual technology
providing each student full accessibility to the learning           Gallaudet Interpreting Service
process. It houses nine electronic classrooms, technology               Gallaudet Interpreting Service (GIS) provides
services, academic programs and services, collaboration             professional interpreting services to students, faculty, staff
rooms, and computer labs. Video conferencing facilities             and teachers for Gallaudet-sponsored events. GIS also
include three cameras that support distance learning and            provides close vision or tactile interpreting services to deaf/
workshop opportunities to students, faculty, and staff.             blind students, faculty, staff and teachers when requested.
Internet 2 capability allows for increased clarity of signed        Although GIS is primarily a campus resource, it also
communication. Students wanting to benefit from a                    provides interpreters to students attending the Washington
Gallaudet education will soon be able to participate from           area consortium of universities, for internships, and for
off-campus sites, and Gallaudet students can interact               other academic or work-related activities in the immediate
via video with off-campus guest lecturers. Other uses by            Washington metropolitan area. GIS provides workshops on
students include interviews with prospective employers, and         a variety of topics and provides mentoring, training, and
by faculty and staff to supervise student internships across        supervision to practicum and intern interpreting students
the nation and worldwide.                                           and freelance interpreters. Hours of operation are Monday
                                                                    through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may contact GIS by
Consortium of Universities                                          telephone (202) 651-5199 (tty/v), fax (202) 651-5752, or e-
   Gallaudet University is a member of the Consortium               mail:
of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Consortium is
a powerful force for the advancement of higher education
in and around the nation’s capital. Comprised of thirteen
universities and one college, the Consortium provides
130,000 students with opportunities to benefit from
the combined resources of its members. Consortium
institutions educate students from all 50 states as well as
more than 14,000 from around the world. The Consortium
program provides Gallaudet students with opportunities
to supplement their academic curriculum. Students can
take advantage of diverse academic offerings, enhance their
major curriculum, or explore new interests. Members of
the consortium include American University, The Catholic
University of America, George Mason University, The
George Washington University, Georgetown University,


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