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					     2004 Summer
Schedule of Classes
                 Continuing Education
   Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

           2 4      O N L I N E           C O U R S E S

                                           Online MBA
                                           Online BBA

                                           Master’s Programs
                                           for Teachers
                              L PRE E
                           FAL SID

                             Open Houses Thursday, May 6
                          The Welcome Center Wednesday, August 18
                            4:30-7:00 p.m.
           Fall Preview 2004
           Fall undergraduate courses can be viewed online beginning March 22 at www.wnec.edu/acadsched/.
           The 11-week term fall graduate schedule will be posted July 28.

Fall classes begin            Undergraduate Programs                 Master of Science in Criminal Justice
                                                                     Administration (MSCJA) This program, offered at the
                              Part-time day and evening classes:     College’s off-campus locations, including Springfield, provides
Monday                        Accounting                             students with a theoretical understanding and a practical grasp
August 30                     Business                               of the dynamics of the culture and community of law enforcement
                              Computer Information Systems           agencies and correctional facilities.
for undergraduate
and Engineering               Management                             Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
graduate courses              Electrical Engineering                 (MSEE) Provides an engineering science-intensive approach
                              Industrial Engineering                 to increase student’s understanding and problem-solving skills.
                              Mechanical Engineering                 Concentrations are offered in computer and electrical engineering.
Fall classes begin
                              Liberal Studies                        Master of Science in Engineering Management
Tuesday                       New Online Bachelor of Business        (MSEM) Includes information on the development of manage-
September 28                  Administration (BBA)                   ment problem-solving skills. Courses include engineering
                                                                     administration, project management, and statistical methods
for eleven-week               Graduate Programs                      for quality assurance.
graduate courses
                              Master of Business Administration      Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
                              (MBA)                                  (MSME) Meets the needs of both the practicing professional
                                                                     and the person planning further graduate study. Course blend
Fall Open House               General MBA                            computational aspects of engineering science with current
                              MBA concentrations:                    applications in computer-assisted engineering, CAD and CAM.
August 18                         Finance
                                                                     Certificate Program for Graduate Study
                                                                     in Management Consists of six graduate courses,
4:30-7 pm                         Human Resource Management          and is intended for college graduates in any major who wish
Welcome Center                    Management Information Systems     to pursue advanced study in management.
Western New England               Marketing
                              New Online MBA                         Graduate Engineering Certificate Programs
College                                                              A four-course sequence in one of the following areas:
                              (General Program only)                 Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering
                                                                     Management, and Mechanical Engineering.
           Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)
           Satisfies the educational requirements for the CPA exam   Combined Juris Doctor/Master of Business
           in Connecticut and Massachusetts.                         Administration (JD/MBA) Degree Student can
                                                                     simultaneously complete the requirement of the Juris Doctor
           New Master of Arts in English for                         from the School of Law and a Master of Business Administration
           Teachers (MAET) This program helps                        from the School of Business in four years.
           middle and secondary school teachers
           develop standards based curricula and
           assessment, and addresses the needs
           of the classroom teacher.
                                                                      Certificate Programs                     New
                                                                     Certificate Program for Acquisitions and
           New Master of Arts in Mathematics                         Government Contracting This certificate program
           for Teachers (MAMT) Primarily for middle                          consists of three courses, which relate to what
           and secondary school mathematics teachers,                          a defense contractor needs to consider in
           this program is designed to expand teachers’                          contracting with the government.
           knowledge of mathematics and enhance
           teaching methods.                                                          Project Management Certificate
                                                                                      Program Register for our five-course
           New Master of Education                                                    program or for a single class. All courses
           in Elementary Education                                                  are based on the official Project
           (MEEE) This program provides                                              Management Institute (PMI) educational
           in-depth knowledge in core content                                        standards—the Project Management Body
           areas while enhancing assessment,                                          of Knowledge (PMBOK)—and lead to
           research, and technology skills.                                           PMI certification.

   2 Summer Schedule of Classes                                                         www.wnec.edu/CE
Summer Session 2004
                                     We welcome both Western New England College and visiting students to Western
                                     New England College Summer Session classes. If you are enrolled in another college
                                     or university, you can simply register for summer classes; you do not have to apply for
                                     admission in order to attend summer session. Please note that registration in summer
                                     session does not guarantee formal admission to the College.
                                     If you are interested in applying for one of our degree programs, please contact
                                     undergraduate admissions for full-time undergraduate programs (413-782-1321
                                     or 800-325-1122) or Continuing Education for part-time undergraduate and
                                     graduate programs (413-782-1249 or 800-325-1122). Applications for admission
                                     can be downloaded from our website: www.wnec.edu.

                                        The following
                                         courses will               Table of Contents
                                          be taught                 General Information ................................................Pg. 4

Online Courses                             online.                          Open House
                                                                            Registration and Advising
                                                                            Credit Load
                                                                            Transfer Credit
Undergraduate ....................................Page 8                    Transcripts
AC 419        Auditing & Assurance                                          Course Auditing for Alumni
BUS 390       Special Topics in Business: Business & Society                Internships
CJ 391        Special Topics in CJ: Vengeance or Justice?                   Refunds
              The Death Penalty                                             Withdrawing from Courses
CJ 394        Special Topics in CJ: Contemporary Issues
                                                                    College Resources ....................................................Pg. 5
              in Criminology
                                                                            Accreditation and Membership
CJ 397        Alternative Sentencing
COMM 390      Special Topics in Communication:War & Media
                                                                            Career and Human Resources
CUL 250       Latin America                                                 Computer Laboratory
CUL 262       Ancient Rome                                                  D’Amour Library
MAN 341       Leadership and Change                                         The Internet and Manhattan
PSY 101       Intro. to Psychology                                          Continuing Education Office
PSY 304       Educational Psychology                                        Math Center
PSY 306       Abnormal Psychology                                           Public Safety
PSY 313       Learning                                                      Student Administrative Services
PSY 390       Special Topics in Psychology 3                                Writing Center
SO 101        Introduction To Sociology                             Important Dates for Summer Session ....................Pg. 6
SO 308        Sociology Of The Family
SO 310        Cultural Anthropology in the 21st Century             Schedule by Session............................................Pg. 7-13
SO 390        Special Topics in Sociology :                                 Undergraduate ............................................8-10
              Sociological Examination of Masculinity                       Graduate ....................................................12-13
SO 392        Special Topics in Sociology: White Collar Crime       Course Descriptions ........................................Pg. 14-20
SO 393        Special Topics in Sociology: Globalization,                   Undergraduate ..........................................14-18
              Technology & the Workplace                                    Graduate ....................................................18-20
Graduate     (For Online MBA student only)   ..........Page 11      Map of Campus/Directions to the College ............Pg.21
BUS 680       Strategic Management                                  How to Register ......................................................Pg. 22
CIS 610       Information Technology Management                             Ways you can Register
              & Applications                                                Advising Hours
MAN 640       Employee Relations and Conflict Resolutions                   Parking Permits and ID Cards
MK 627        International Marketing                                       Tuition and Fees
                                                                            Payment Plans
For additional information and online                               Registration Form ..................................................Pg. 23
registration, visit www.online.wnec.edu.
Our online courses are delivered through
Manhattan: visit http://manhattan.wnec.edu.
                                                                                                                Summer Schedule of Classes 3
                                           General Information
  Explore Your Choices
  at an Open House
                                           Transcripts of                               Refunds
                                           Summer Courses                               The College has a nonrefundable
                                           Transcript requests must be                  policy on all fees and required tuition
  • Attend our open house and
                                           submitted in writing to the Office           deposits. Tuition payments are not
    learn about our programs.              of Student Administrative Services           transferable and tuition charges will
  • Meet the experienced                   (413-796-2080). You may download             be refunded only as follows:
    professionals who teach                a transcript request form from
                                           http://www.wnec.edu/acadsched/.              Online and On-Campus Classes
    our courses.
                                           There is no charge for academic              15 Week Term
  • Check out our technology
    and support services.                  transcripts.                                 Refund period is for four weeks.
                                                                                        100% prior to first class meeting.
                         Undergraduate                                                  75% during first week of classes.
  Thursday                                 Students must be in their junior or
                         and Graduate                                                   66 2/3% during second week of classes.
                                           senior year in order to pursue an
  May 6                  Engineering       internship for academic credit.              33 1/3% during third week of classes.
                                                                                        25% during fourth week of classes.
                         Classes begin     Interested students should contact
  4:30-7:00 p.m.                                                                        No refund after the fourth week of classes.
                         June 1.           the Office of Career and Human
                                           Resources at 413-782-1217. Internship        11 Week Term
  Welcome Center         Graduate
                                           registrations must be completed no           Refund period is for three weeks.
  New England            Classes begin     later than April 15, 2004. Tuition and       100% prior to first class meeting.
  College                July 5.           fees are the same as those for other         75% during first week of classes.
                                           undergraduate courses. Graduate              50% during second week of classes.
                                           internships are not available.               25% during third week of classes.
                                                                                        No refunds after the third week of classes.
Registration and Advising                  Course Auditing for Alumni
Registration for undergraduate summer      Western New England College allows           8 Week Term
classes begins March 8. All summer         alumni to audit College courses for          Refund period is for two weeks.
registrations require the approval of a    $15 per credit hour if space is available.   100% prior to first class meeting.
Western New England College advisor.       This is an ideal way to maintain your        75% through the third day of term.
Please refer to the “How to Register”      competitive advantage in today’s busi-       50% through the sixth day of term.
section on page 22 of this booklet. A      ness world. Graduate courses require         25% through the tenth day of term.
registration form is located in the back   that alumni have completed a bache-          No refunds after the tenth day of term.
of this booklet.                           lor’s or master’s degree at the College      6 Week Term
                                           and meet course prerequisites. Courses       Refund period is for one week.
Credit Load                                in the School of Law are not included.
Students enrolled in summer session                                                     100% prior to first class meeting.
                                           For details, contact the Office of Alumni    75% through first day of term.
are limited to a maximum of two            Relations at 413-782-1327.
courses per summer term or two                                                          50% through third day of term.
courses in different terms that overlap    Withdrawing from Courses                     25% through fifth day of term.
by more than two weeks or three            If you decide a course is not right          No refunds after fifth day of term.
class meetings.                            for you or need to withdraw for
                                                                                        Note: Weekends and holidays do not count
                                           other reasons, you must submit a
Transfer Credit                            request for withdrawal in writing!           for online courses.
Summer session courses may be used         Withdrawal forms are available from
toward degree requirements at Western      Student Administrative Services
New England College. Students              or from the Office of Continuing
enrolled in other colleges and universi-   Education. Withdrawal dates and
ties must obtain permission from their     refunds are based on the course
home institutions to assure that any       schedule. The College may require
credit earned at Western New England       written documentation of any
College will be transferable.              extenuating circumstances.

4 Summer Schedule of Classes
College Resources, Offices
Accreditation and                          D’Amour Library                           Narmontas, snarmont@wnec.edu;
Memberships                                The Library contains over 115,000         413-782-1778, or Richard Pont,
Western New England College                volumes, and has access to thousands      rpont@wnec.edu; 413-782-1742, at
is accredited by the New England           of printed and online periodicals. An     the Educational Technology Center.
Association of Schools and Colleges.       interlibrary loan program can locate
The School of Business is accredited       additional materials from cooperating     The Office of
by the AACSB International—The             institutions. 413-782-1535. Registered    Continuing Education
Association to Advance Collegiate          students can access online resources      The home base for part-time under-
Schools of Business. The Engineering       at http://libraries.wnec.edu/.            graduate and graduate students, the
Accreditation Commission of the            Online students can access                Office of Continuing Education is
Accreditation Board for Engineering        library services at http://www.           here to help you register for classes
and Technology (ABET) has accredited       online.wnec.edu/library.html.             and advise you on courses and
the Bachelor of Science programs                                                     programs. The Welcome Center,
in electrical, industrial, and             Math Center                               second floor. 413-782-1249 or
mechanical engineering.                    The supportive tutors at the Math         800-325-1122, ext. 1249; email
                                           Center will help you get up to            and evening advising available:
College Bookstore                          speed.The Center offers tutoring          CE@wnec.edu.
Conveniently located at the St.            and assistance for students in
Germain Campus Center, the                 mathematics courses. Herman               The Department of
College Bookstore offers one-stop          Hall 307. 413-782-1692 Please             Public Safety
shopping for textbooks, course             visit the Math Center website:            Always ready to provide directions
supplies, newspapers, greeting cards,      http://mars.acnet.wnec.edu/~math/         or answer questions, the Department
College souvenirs, and that impor-         mathcenter.html                           of Public Safety is where you obtain
tant before-class snack. 413-782-                                                    your mandatory ID card and park-
1284. Textbooks may be ordered             Writing Center                            ing permit. Please note that a student
online at www.wnec.bkstr.com.              The Writing Center offers tutoring        ID is required to borrow library
                                           and assistance at all stages of a writ-   books and to enter certain buildings
The Career Center                          ing project and help with résumés         on campus. You can download
Located on the second floor,               and cover letters. Herman Hall 105.       a parking permit application at
St. Germain Campus Center,                 413-782-1606. Their website               www.wnec.edu/~dps. Located
the Career Center can assist with          provides a wealth of writing and          on the access road to the Alumni
career planning, occupational              research resources-–dictionaries,         Healthful Living Center. 413-782-
exploration, and job search strate-        reference tools, help with                1207—24 hours a day/7 days a week.
gies. College Central, the Career          punctuation, and lots more. visit:
Resource website, allows you to            http://mars.acnet.wnec.                   The Office of Student
post your résumé online and search         edu/~rodonogh.                            Administrative Services (SAS)
over three million job listings.                                                     Need information about financial aid
Visit www.wnec.edu (click on               Use of the Internet                       or student billing? Looking to locate
Resources, then click on Career            and Manhattan                             student records or transcripts? Or
and Human Resources).                      Many Western New England College          do you just need to cash a check?
413-782-1217.                              courses provide distance learning         The place to address these issues is
                                           opportunities using Manhattan,            the SAS Office. Lower level, D’Amour
Computer Facilities                        which is software designed for            Library. 413-796-2080.
Hundreds of PCs are available on           delivering course materials over the
campus to registered students. You’ll      Internet. Manhattan is used in many
find everything you need to write          courses to supplement in-class learn-
papers, create spreadsheets, explore       ing. If your course will be delivered     Please call for current College
the Internet, and prepare PowerPoint       entirely over the Internet, this will     office hours. Most offices close
presentations. The Computer Lab            be indicated on the class schedule.       at 4 p.m. during June, July,
is located on the third floor, Churchill   Visit http://manhattan.wnec.edu
                                                                                     and August.
Hall. 413-782-1613. Several PCs            for the tutorial, a sample classroom,
are also located at D’Amour Library,       and to log onto your Manhattan class-
which is open during extended hours.       room. For more help, contact: Steve

                                                                                                  Summer Schedule of Classes 5
                                                   Western New England College
      Undergraduate registration begins March 8, 2004
      Session                  Dates                                                   Length
      Session I: ..................................Tues. 6/01 - Thurs. 7/8 ..................six weeks
      Session II: ..................................Mon. 7/12 - Thurs. 8/19 ................six weeks
      Session III: ................................Tues. 6/01 - Mon. 7/28 ..................eight weeks
      Graduate Summer Term ..............Mon. 7/12 - Mon. 9/27 ..................eleven weeks

                     24 courses
                    will be taught
                       over the
                    Internet this
                                                   Important Dates for
                                                   Summer Session 2004
    Note: Please check class dates and times carefully — meeting times and end dates may
          vary due to holidays. For the current summer schedules, visit www.wnec.edu/acadsched
    • Undergraduate registration begins March 8, 2004
    • Graduate registration begins May 17, 2004
    • The final graduate term schedule will be posted May 5 at www.wnec.edu/acadsched;
      scroll down to the “11-week term class schedule”
    • No Friday classes

    Session                       First day                     Last day to          Last day to       Last day to   Last day of
                                  of class                      register/add w/o     register/add with withdraw      class/final
                                                                instructor’s         instructor’s                    exam
                                                                permission           permission

    I. 6/1–7/8                    Day: 6/1                      6/2                  6/3                  7/1        7/8
    (six weeks)                   Eve, MW: 6/2                  6/4                  6/9                  6/30       7/7
                                  Eve, T Th: 6/1                6/3                  6/8                  7/1        7/8

    II. 7/12–8/18                 Day: 7/12                     7/13                 7/14                 8/12       8/19
    (six weeks)                   Eve, MW: 7/12                 7/14                 7/19                 8/11       8/18
                                  Eve, TTh: 7/13                7/15                 7/20                 8/12       8/19

    III. 6/1-7/28                 MW: 6/2                       6/7                  6/9                  7/21       7/28
    (eight weeks)                 TTh: 6/1                      6/3                  6/8                  7/15       7/22

    Online Classes
       Students may register after the start of class only with instructor’s permission.
       Last day to withdraw: prior to last week of class

    IV. Graduate Summer Term 7/12-9/27 (eleven weeks)...no classes 9/1 Labor Day
        Last day to add or register: prior to second class meeting
        Last week to drop or withdraw without a “W”: prior to second class meeting
        Last week to drop or withdraw with a “W”: prior to eighth class meeting

6 Summer Schedule of Classes
Summer Session 2004
       The schedule is subject to change. Consult the Academic Scheduling bulletin board (outside C119),
       Continuing Education, or the Academic Scheduling website—http://www.wnec.edu/acadsched

            100 through 400-level courses may be taken for undergraduate credit only.
            500-level Engineering courses may be taken for either undergraduate or graduate credit.
            Other 500-level and 600-level courses may be taken for graduate credit only and are
            not open to undergraduates.

       Registration begins March 8.
       Sections numbered 41 - 48 Evening classes meeting after 5:00 p.m.

       Six week evening session I ..............................Section Numbers 41-42
       Six week morning session I ..............................Section Numbers 01-02

       Six week evening session II ..............................Section Numbers 43-44
       Six week morning session II ............................Section Numbers 05-06

       Eight week evening session................................Section Numbers 45-46

       As noted in selected course descriptions, 20 undergraduate and 4 graduate courses
       will be taught entirely online. These courses are delivered entirely via the Internet; students
       do not have to physically attend class on campus. On campus courses may also require
       students to access the Internet and the College’s Internet-based Manhattan program.
       Registered students may access the Internet and Manhattan from computers located
       on the College campus or from their own personal computers.

       Information about Manhattan and a student tutorial are available at:

       Electronic registration is available only to part-time students and is limited
       to online summer courses. See www.online.wnec.edu.

       Full-time students must obtain their faculty advisors’ approval in order to
       register for summer classes.

                                                                                           Summer Schedule of Classes 7
                                     Summer Session 2004—Undergraduate
 Session I (6/1-7/8)                                                   BUS 390 (online)         Special Topics in Business:
 AC 419 (online)         Auditing & Assurance                                                   Business & Sociology
 BIO 101                 Basic Biology: Organisms                      CHEM 102                 Modern Chemistry II
 CHEM 101                Modern Chemistry I                            PSY 304 (online)         Educational Psychology
 CJ 391 (online)         Special Topics in CJ: Vengeance               SO 101 (online)          Introduction to Sociology
                         or Justice? The Death Penalty                 SO 310 (online)          Cultural Anthropology
 CJ 394 (online)         Special Topics in CJ:                                                  in the 21st Century
                         Contemporary Issues in Criminology            SO 393(online)           Special Topics in Soc:
 CJ 397 (online)         Alternative Sentencing                                                 Global, Tech & Workplace
 COMM 390 (online)       Special Topics in Communication:
                         War & Media                                   Session III (6/1-7/28)
 CUL 247                 Renaissance Florence & Reviv Dublin           COMM 390 (online)        Special Topics in Communication:
 EC 311                  Money and Banking                                                      War & Media
 ENGR 212                Probability and Statistics                    CUL 247-45               Renaissance Florence & Reviv Dublin
 MAN 341 (online)        Leadership and Change                         CUL 250 (online)         Latin America
 PH 310                  Ethics in the Professions                     CUL 262 (online)         Ancient Rome
 PSY 101 (online)        Intro. to Psychology                          ENGR 212                 Probability And Statistics
 PSY 306 (online)        Abnormal Psychology
 PSY 313 (online)        Learning                                      Study Abroad
 PSY 390 (online)        Special Topics in Psychology: Emotions,       CUL 212                  London Through the Ages
                         Pleasure, Pain, and the Brain                 CUL 299                  Special Topics in Cultures:
 SO 308 (online)         Sociology of the Family                                                Italy and the Low Countries
 SO 390 (online)         Special Topics in Soc:                        SO 325                   Introduction to the Mayan World
                         Socio Exam of Masculinity
 SO 392 (online)         Special Topics in Soc: White Collar Crime
 Session II (7/12-8/19)

COURSE          TITLE                CREDIT INSTRUCTOR SESSION         DAYS      TIMES             LOCATION*       PREREQS/LAB FEE

AC 419-51       Auditing &             3    Coulter,       6/1-7/8                                 taught online   AC 305
                Assurance Services          John                                                   w/Manhattan

BIO 101-01      Basic Biology:         3    Sartori,       6/1-7/8     MTWTh     8:20-10:50 am     S101            Laboratory fee $50
                Organisms                   Lorraine

 BUS 390-52     Special Topics         3    Forray,        7/12-8/19                               taught online   BUS 101
                in Business                 Jean                                                   w/Manhattan
                Bus & Soc

 CHEM 101-41 Modern                    3    Macanka,       6/1-7/8     TTh       5:30-9:30 pm      H201            Laboratory fee $50
             Chemistry I                    William

 CHEM 102-43 Modern                    3    Macanka,       7/12-8/19 TTh         5:30-9:30 pm      H201            CHEM 101 or one
             Chemistry II                   William                                                                yr of high school
                                                                                                                   chem/Lab fee $50

*Subject to change

8 Summer Schedule of Classes
Summer Session 2004

CJ 391-51      Special Topics in CJ:     3    Claffey,        6/1-7/28                      taught online   CJ 101, CJ 210,
               Vengeance or                   John                                          w/Manhattan     or permission of
               Justice? The Death                                                                           instructor

CJ 394-51      Special Topics in CJ:     3    Komorosky,      6/1-7/8                       taught online   CJ 101 and any 200
               Con Issues in                  Dawna                                         w/Manhattan     level course

CJ 397-51      Alternative               3    Warwick,        6/1-7/8                       taught online   CJ 211
               Sentencing                     Kevin                                         w/Manhattan

COMM 390-51 Special Topics in            3    Battema,        6/1-7/28                      taught online   Sophomore standing
            Communication:                    Douglas                                       w/Manhattan
            War & Media

CUL 212-41     London Through            3    South,          6/1-7/8                       Travel—
               the Ages                       Theodore                                      London

CUL 247-45     Renaissance               3    Pelosi/Fanelli 6/1-7/28    TTh    6-8:45 pm   E108A           Sophomore standing
               Florence &
               Reviv Dublin

CUL 250-51     Latin America             3    Luxton,         6/1-7/28                      taught online   Sophomore standing
                                              Richard                                       w/Manhattan

CUL 262-51     Ancient Rome              3    Barcalow,       6/1-7/28                      taught online   Sophomore standing
                                              Emmett                                        w/Manhattan     Formerly Rome Under
                                                                                                            Caesar Augustus

CUL 299-41     Special Topics            3    Pelosi/Walker   6/1-7/8                       Travel—         Sophomore standing
               in Cultures:                                                                 Netherlands/
               Italy and the                                                                Italy
               Low Countries

EC 311-41      Money and                 3    Casimir,        6/1-7/8    TTh    6-9:40 pm   E102A           EC 206 or EC 208
               Banking                        Schiller

ENGR 212-45 Probability And              3    Grabiec,        6/1-7/28   MW     6-8:45 pm   S103            MATH 134; ENGR 110
            Statistics                        Richard

MAN 341-51 Leadership and                3    Hess,           6/1-7/8                       taught online   Junior standing
           Change                             Peter                                         w/Manhattan

*Subject to change

                                                                                                       Summer Schedule of Classes 9
                                                  Summer Session 2004
COURSE          TITLE                    CREDIT INSTRUCTOR SESSION DAYS          TIMES        LOCATION*        PREREQS/
                                                                                                               LAB FEE
 PH 310-41      Ethics in the             3    Porter,         6/1-7/8     TTh    6-9:40 pm    H302            Junior standing
                Professions                    Burton

 PSY 101-51     Intro. to Psychology      3    TBA             6/1-7/8                         taught online

 PSY 304-52     Educational               3    Hakala,         7/12-8/19                       taught online   PSY 101
                Psychology                     Christopher                                     w/Manhattan

 PSY 306-51     Abnormal                  3    Grills,         6/1-7/8                         taught online   PSY 101 and
                Psychology                     Amie                                            w/Manhattan     Junior standing

 PSY 313-51     Learning                  3    Kolodziejski,   6/1-7/8                         taught online   PSY 101 and
                                               Dennis                                          w/Manhattan     Sophomore standing

 PSY 390-51     Special Topics in         3    Tershner,       6/1-7/8                         taught online   PSY 101
                Psychology:                    Sheralee                                        w/Manhattan
                Emotions: Pleasure,
                Pain, and the Brain

 SO 101-52      Introduction To           3    Luxton,         7/12-8/19                       taught online
                Sociology                      Richard                                         w/Manhattan

 SO 308-51      Sociology Of              3    Luxton,         6/1-7/8                         taught online   SO 101
                The Family                     Richard                                         w/Manhattan

 SO 310-52      Cultural                  3    Luxton,         7/12-8/19                       taught online
                Anthropology                   Richard                                         w/Manhattan
                In the 21st Century

 SO 325-01      Intro. to the             3    Luxton,         5/17-5/29                       Travel—         PSY 101, SO 101
                Mayan World                    Richard                                         Mexico           or SO 205

 SO 390-51      Special Topics in Soc:    3    Simpson,        6/1-7/8                         taught online
                Socio Exam of                  Michaela                                        w/Manhattan

 SO 392-51      Special Topics in Soc:    3    Simpson,        6/1-7/8                         taught online   Junior or Senior
                White Collar Crime             Michaela                                        w/Manhattan     standing

 SO 393-51      Special Topics in Soc:    3    Simpson,        7/12-8/19                       taught online   SO 101
                Global, Tech & the             Michaela                                        w/Manhattan

*Subject to change

10 Summer Schedule of Classes
Summer Session 2004—Graduate
      The following graduate programs offer summer classes:
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
      • Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)
      • Master of Arts in English for Teachers (MAET)
      • Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers (MAMT)
      • Master of Education in Elementary Education (MEEE)
      The MBA Program has the following requirements:
      MBA Prerequisites, Core Requirements, and Clusters
      Many MBA courses include prerequisites which must be met before you can register for a particular course.
      The MBA program consists of nine foundation courses (28 credit hours) and three elective or concentration
      area courses (nine credit hours) for a total of 37 credit hours. Courses are grouped in clusters which must
      be taken in sequence. In addition, you may be required to take four core area courses (9 credit hours).
      If you have any questions about which courses you can enroll in, or whether you meet core requirements,
      please contact a Continuing Education advisor.

      Core Requirements 9 credit hours (waiveable)
      Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency through academic or work-related experience in the
      following core areas. Core requirements must be completed before taking the course for which the core
      area is a prerequisite.

        Foundation area                                                     Undergraduate equivalency
        AC 500 Accounting Perspectives (3 credits): ....................two semesters of accounting;
        BUS 510 Quantitative Analysis (2 credits): ........................one semester each of mathematics and statistics;
        BUS 540 Economics (2 credits): ........................................one semester each of macro- and microeconomics;
        MK 526 Marketing Principles (2 credits):............................one semester of marketing.
        Undergraduate courses must have been completed within eight years prior to application, with a grade of B or higher.

      You must complete all courses in one cluster before taking courses in the next cluster. Cluster A courses
      must be completed before taking Cluster B courses; Cluster B courses must be completed before taking
      Cluster C courses. However, courses within a cluster may be taken in any order as long as prerequisites are
      met. BUS 650 may be taken as part of Clusters B or C. Floating electives may be taken in any of clusters
      A, B or C as long as prerequisites are met.
      Cluster A Courses—9 credit hours (required of all MBA students)
      CIS 610 ......Information Technology Management and Applications
      MAN 600 ....Team Leadership
      MK 610 ......Marketing Management (formerly MK640)
      Cluster B Courses—12 credit hours (required of all MBA students)
      MAN 610 ....Organizational Theory and Behavior
      QM 610 ......Decision Support Models
      AC 630 ........Accounting for Decision Makers
                      (students in the Accounting concentration will substitute an Accounting elective)
      FIN 630 ........Corporate Financial Management Applications
      Cluster C Course—3 credit hours (required of all MBA students)
      BUS 680 ......Strategic Management
      Floating Courses—13 credit hours, including 9 credit hours of electives or concentration area courses
      BUS 650 ......The Changing Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Environment of Business
      BUSE 6XX ....Business Electives (any 600-level School of Business course)

      NOTE: Only the General Program is available in the Online MBA Program.

                                                                                                         Summer Schedule of Classes 11
                                                 Preliminary Summer Session 2004
Eleven week summer term, 7/12 - 9/27

AC 500           Accounting               2      TBA          TBA    6-9:45pm                    Special dates

AC 620           Adv Topics               3      TBA          TBA    6-9:45pm                    AC 419
                 In Auditing

AC 622           Accounting               3      TBA          TBA    6-9:45pm                    AC 306
                 Theory &
                 Contemp Issues

AC 630           Accounting for           3      TBA          TBA    6-9:45 pm                   AC 500
                 Decision Makers

BUS 650          Changing Soc             4      TBA          TBA    6-9:45pm                    BUS 540
                 Political, Ethical &
                 Legal Environment
                 of Business

BUS 680          Strategic                3      TBA          TBA                taught online   Online MBA
                 Management                                                      w/Manhattan     students only
                                                                                                 All core requirements

CIS 610          Information              3      TBA          TBA                taught online   Online MBA
                 Technology                                                      w/Manhattan     students only
                 Management &

CIS 665          Issues in Data           3      Lagasse,     TBA    6-9:45pm                    CIS 610
                 Communications                  Paul

MAET 553         Teaching                 3      TBA          T
                 Writing in the
                 English Curriculum

MAET 563         Literary                 3      TBA          M

*Rooms to be assigned for on-campus classes.

12 Summer Schedule of Classes
Preliminary Summer Session 2004

MAMT 552        Geometry                       Daniels, Dave     TBA

MAMT 564        Analysis              3        Hoq, Enam         TBA                               MAMT 550

MAN 610         Organizational        3                          TBA    6-9:45pm
                Behavior and

MAN 633         International         3                          TBA    6-9:45pm                   All foundation
                Management                                                                         courses

MAN 640         Employee              3        Chelte, Anthony   TBA               taught online   Online MBA
                Relations                                                          w/Manhattan     students only
                and Conflict

MAN 651         Ethics in             3        Fanelli, Russ     TBA    6-9:45pm

MK 627          International         3        TBA               TBA               taught online   Online MBA
                Marketing                                                          w/Manhattan     students only
                                                                                                   MKT 640

*Rooms to be assigned for on-campus classes.

• The final graduate schedule will be posted May 5 on http://www.wnec.edu/acadsched/
  Scroll down to “11-week Term Class Schedule (Main Springfield Campus)”
• Graduate Summer Registration Begins May 17

                                                                                           Summer Schedule of Classes 13
                                            Summer Session 2004
                                            Course Descriptions
   ACCOUNTING__________                     environmental issues, corporate             technology. Laboratory work
   AC 419 AUDITING AND                      social responsibility, product liability,   includes polymer synthesis,
   ASSURANCE SERVICES             Taught    and the rights and responsibilities         sampling and analysis of household
                                   online   of employees in corporations. The           products and foods, and environ-
   Prerequisite: AC 305 or
   permission of instructor.                overall objective of this course is to      mental analysis. Two class hours,
   This course introduces                   develop students’ ability to identify       three-hour lab. 3 cr. Laboratory
   students to the role of financial        and analyze social, ethical, and legal      fee $50.
   statement audits and other assurance     issues that effect the business
   services in enhancing the relevance      environment and their organizational        CRIMINAL JUSTICE____
   and reliability of information. Key      lives. 3 cr.                                CJ 391 SPECIAL TOPICS
   outcomes include basic knowledge                                                     IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE:          Taught
   of risk analysis, internal controls,     CHEMISTRY____________                       VENGEANCE OR JUSTICE?
   information technology, sampling,        CHEM 101 MODERN CHEMISTRY I                 THE DEATH PENALTY
   legal liability, and professional        This is an introductory course              Prerequisite: PSY 101,
   conduct. 3 cr.                           intended to help students with little       SO 101, CJ 101, plus any CJ 2xx
                                            background in the physical sciences         level course. This course looks at
   BIOLOGY______________                    to understand the material environ-         the history of the death penalty,
   BIO 101 BASIC BIOLOGY:                   ment. Modern concepts of atomic             methodology of carrying out
   ORGANISMS                                and molecular structure are devel-          executions, the death penalty and
   This is an introduction to the           oped and used to explain the proper-        the media (literature, movies, etc.),
   biology of organisms and their           ties of familiar substances including       and the ongoing political debate
   component parts. Intended primarily      solids, liquids, and gases. Laboratory      over the death penalty. 3 cr.
   for non-majors, the emphasis is on       work is designed to enhance under-
   the structure and function of human      standing of fundamental concepts            CJ 394 SPECIAL TOPICS
   cells and organs. Two class hours,       at the practical level and may                                            Taught
                                                                                        IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE:          online
   three-hour lab. 3 cr. Laboratory         include field sampling and demon-           CONTEMPORARY ISSUES
   fee $50.                                 strations as well as individual             IN CRIMINOLOGY
                                            experiments. Two class hours,               Prerequisite: CJ 101, SO 101,
                                            three-hour lab. 3 cr. Laboratory
   BUSINESS______________                   fee $50.
                                                                                        This course is an examination
   BUS 390 SPECIAL                                                                      of the nature and extent of crime
   TOPICS IN BUSINESS:           Taught                                                 in modern Western society.
   BUSINESS AND SOCIETY           online    CHEM 102 MODERN CHEMISTRY II                It emphasizes issues selected
   Prerequisite: BUS 101.                   Prerequisite: CHEM 101 or one year          from, but not limited to,
   This course deals with the               of secondary school chemistry.              emerging patterns of violence,
   various interactions between the         A study of basic chemical models            victimless crime, and those crime
   corporation and the wider social         is applied to topics in current             control strategies deemed
   environment of which it is a part.       technology. Topics include the              appropriate in a democracy. 3 cr.
   Particular attention is given to those   chemistry of synthetic materials,
   interactions that have been the focus    of living systems, of energy sources,
   of attention and controversy in          and of environmental pollution as
   recent years. These include business     well as the ethics of science and
   ethics, government regulation of
   business, business’s involvement
   in the public policy process,

   14 Summer Schedule of Classes
Summer Session 2004
Course Descriptions
CJ 397 SPECIAL TOPICS                    CUL 247 RENAISSANCE FLORENCE              CUL 262
IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE:            Taught   AND REVIVAL DUBLIN                        ANCIENT ROME                 Taught
                                online                                                                          online
ALTERNATIVE                              Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.         Prerequisite: Sophomore
SENTENCING                               This course surveys and compares          standing. This course is
Prerequisite: CJ 211,                    the art, music, literature, and history   designed to help us appreciate
This course looks at                     of Florence during the Italian            our classical heritage with
alternative sentencing practices         Renaissance and Dublin during the         respect to art and architecture,
by examining various models              Irish Revival. Satisfies Elements of      leisure and social priorities,
responsible for the evolution of         Culture requirement “CA.” 3 cr.           musical and literary contributions,
these alternate sanctions in the                                                   morals, manners, prejudices, and
U.S. today. The course focuses on        CUL 250 LATIN                             folklore. Satisfies Elements of
new technologies and career              AMERICA                       Taught      Culture requirement “CA.” 3 cr.
opportunities in the field. 3 cr.        Prerequisite: Sophomore
                                         standing. This course
                                                                                   CUL 299 SPECIAL TOPICS
COMMUNICATION______                      introduces students to the
                                                                                   IN CULTURES:                      l
COMM 390 SPECIAL                         rich cultural heritage of the peoples                                  Trave
                                                                                   ITALY AND THE LOW
TOPICS IN                      Taught    who have contributed toward form-
                               online    ing the societies of Latin America.
COMMUNICATION:                                                                     Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.
WAR AND MEDIA                            Attention is given to the Indigenous,
                                                                                   This travel course surveys the
Prerequisite: Sophomore                  Spanish, Portuguese, and African
                                                                                   history, art, music, and literature
standing, This course examines how       populations. The course examines
                                                                                   of Italy and the Low Countries
war is covered by the U.S. media,        Latin America from the perspectives
                                                                                   (the Netherlands and Belgium).
from the Spanish American War to         of its environment, history, society,
                                                                                   The course also introduces sport
the current war in Iraq. 3 cr.           and higher thought (philosophy/reli-
                                                                                   as a product of these cultures and
                                         gion). Students are introduced to the
                                                                                   examines the history, role, and
                                         geographical diversity and resources
CULTURES ____________                                                              impact of sport on Italian and
                 el           v          of Latin America. There will be dis-
CUL 212 LONDON             Tra                                                     Dutch life. Satisfies Elements
                                         cussion of the historical development
THROUGH THE AGES                                                                   of Culture requirement “CA.” 3 cr.
                                         of Latin America, dating back to
This two-week summer course              pre-Columbian times. Comparisons
taught in London covers the              will be made with the historical and      ECONOMICS__________
history and culture of the city from     societal development of the United        EC 311 MONEY AND BANKING
the Roman period to the present day,     States. Comparisons will also be          Prerequisite: EC 206 or EC 208.
and features extensive exploration       made among the diverse societies          This is a study of the role of money,
of the city and its historic sites.      that comprise Latin America. Satisfies    credit, and financial institutions in
(This course is cross-listed as          Elements of Culture requirement           the U.S. economy. Topics include
HIST 212.) 3 cr.                         “CA.” 3 cr.                               policies concerning depository
                                                                                   institutions, the role of the Federal
                                                                                   Reserve System, and monetary
                                                                                   theory. 3 cr.

                                                                                              Summer Schedule of Classes 15
                                          Summer Session 2004
                                          Course Descriptions

ENGINEERING ________                      PHILOSOPHY __________                    PSY 306 ABNORMAL              Taught
ENGR 212 PROBABILITY                      PH 310 ETHICS IN THE                     PSYCHOLOGY                    online
AND STATISTICS                            PROFESSIONS                              Prerequisite: PSY 101
Prerequisite: MATH 134; ENGR 110.         Prerequisite: Junior standing. This is   and sophomore standing.
This is a basic study of probability      an examination of ethical problems       The concept of abnormality is
and statistical theory with emphasis      confronting people in business           considered from a perspective that
on engineering applications. Students     and the professions. Issues include      views the contribution of both
become knowledgeable of the col-          employee rights and duties, profes-      constitutional factors and life
lection, processing, analysis, and        sional and corporate responsibility,     experiences to the manifestation
interpretation of numerical data.         affirmative action, environmental        of behavioral disorders. Major
They learn the basic concepts             pollution, worker health and safety,     categories of disorders, relevant
of probability theory and statistical     advertising, government regulation,      research findings, various
inference, and become aware of            competing conceptions of justice,        theoretical orientations, and
techniques of statistical design. 3 cr.   and alternative economic systems.        treatment options are presented.
                                          3 cr.                                    Within these topics, attention is
                                                                                   paid to the importance of such
MANAGEMENT ________                                                                forces as culture, race, ethnicity,
MAN 341 LEADERSHIP                        PSYCHOLOGY__________                     gender, age, and socioeconomic
AND CHANGE                                PSY 101 INTRODUCTION                     status as they relate to our under-
Prerequisite: Junior         Taught       TO PSYCHOLOGY                            standing of normal and abnormal
standing. This course        online       This is a survey of the      Taught
                                                                       online      development. 3 cr.
focuses on the leadership                 primary topics of
challenges in organizations               psychology including
pursuing change. Key learning             its historical evolution,                PSY 313 LEARNING             Taught
outcomes in this course include:          aims, and methods. Topics include        Prerequisite: PSY 101         online
a range of current perspectives           the physiological bases of behavior,     and sophomore standing.
on the key elements of effective          social determinants, and psychology’s    This is an examination of
leadership; the fundamental elements      applications in various fields of        the theoretical principles of operant
and best practices in the area of         human activity. 3 cr.                    and respondent conditioning using
organizational change; and using the                                               human and comparative studies
concepts of leadership and change                                                  from laboratory, educational, and
                                          PSY 304 EDUCATIONAL                      therapeutic settings. 3 cr.
to analyze organizational change                                        Taught
situations. 3 cr.                                                       online
                                          Prerequisite: PSY 101.
                                          This is a psychological                  PSY 390 SPECIAL
                                                                                   TOPICS IN                   Taught
                                          analysis of the educational                                          online
                                          process with special attention to        PSYCHOLOGY:
                                          the nature of learning and the           EMOTIONS: PLEASURES,
                                          classroom environment. Topics            PAIN, AND THE BRAIN
                                          examined include cognitive and           Prerequisites: PSY 101. This course
                                          emotional development, learning          looks at how the brain processes
                                          theory, social adjustment, as well as    emotions and investigates abnormal
                                          current educational issues affecting     emotional conditions including
                                          learning and development. 3 cr.          anxiety disorders, phobias, and
                                                                                   addictions. 3 cr.

16 Summer Schedule of Classes
Summer Session 2004
Course Descriptions

SOCIOLOGY __________                     Cultures are seen, in part, as an      SO 392 SPECIAL TOPICS
SO 101 INTRODUCTION                      ecological adaptation to certain       IN SOCIOLOGY:
                                         environmental niches. Concepts         TRUSTED CRIMINALS:           Taught
TO SOCIOLOGY                                                                                                  online
This course is an over       Taught      dealing with cultural relativity are   WHITE COLLAR CRIME
view of the three major
                              online     stressed. 3 cr.                        IN CONTEMPORARY
sociological perspectives,                                                      SOCIETY
social science research                                                         Prerequisites: Junior or senior
                                         SO 325 INTRODUCTION TO
methods, and the processes of                                                   standing. This course is an indepth
                                         THE MAYAN WORLD
                                                                          l     examination of deviance by elites
socialization. Study of social groups,   Prerequisite: PSY 101,      Trave
organizations, and institutions of                                              and by governments. The course
                                         SO 101 or SO 205.
the family, education, and economy                                              will appeal to criminal justice,
                                         This course directly involves the
is included. Other topics include                                               sociology, and political science
                                         student in experiencing the Yucatec
social stratification based on class,                                           students as well as students in
                                         Mayan world of southern Mexico.
gender, race and ethnicity, deviance,                                           the School of Business. 3 cr.
                                         After preparatory lectures and
and social change.                       orientation, students spend ten
                                         days in the Yucatan on a tour of       SO 393 SPECIAL TOPICS IN
SO 308 SOCIOLOGY                         the Mayan world. Students visit        SOCIOLOGY: GLOBALIZATION,
OF THE FAMILY                Taught      archaeological sites, caves and        TECHNOLOGY,
                              online     altars, colonial churches, Spanish     AND THE                    Taught
Prerequisite: SO 101.                                                                                      online
This is a review of the                  towns and cities, native markets,      WORKPLACE
historical development of                and the Caribbean coast. Students      This course examines
the family as the most fundamental       are encouraged to experiment with      the impact that
institution in society and the           local foods and language and gain      globalization and technology
source of primary socialization.         insight into the traditional native    are having in the current workplace,
Topics include traditional and           American ways of life, history, and    including the consequences for
contemporary functions, problems         custom. 3 cr.                          women, minorities, and
of single-parent families, two-                                                 marginalized peoples. 3 cr.
career families, alternative family      SO 390 SPECIAL TOPICS IN
structures, and current family           SOCIOLOGY: A SOCIOLOGICAL
policies. 3 cr.                          EXAMINATION OF
                                         MASCULINITY                 Taught
                                         This course introduces      online
                               Taught    students to an alternative
ANTHROPOLOGY IN                online
THE 21ST CENTURY                         view of the sociology of
This is an introduction to               gender by examining masculinity.
the academic discipline of               This course will appeal to students
anthropology including physical          in the behavioral sciences and
anthropology, anthropological            social work. 3 cr.
linguistics, archaeology, and cultural
anthropology. The emphasis is on
the concept of culture, cultural
behavior, and cultural dynamics.

                                                                                           Summer Schedule of Classes 17
                                       Summer Session 2004
                                       Course Descriptions
ACCOUNTING ________                    conflicts that arise in public           BUSINESS ____________
AC 500 ACCOUNTING                      accounting, how controversies            BUS 650 THE CHANGING SOCIAL,
PERSPECTIVES                           are resolved or left unresolved,         POLITICAL, ETHICAL AND LEGAL
This course is an introduction         how standards are promulgated,           ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS
to accounting as an information        and the ability to anticipate the        Prerequisite: BUS 540 or equivalent.
system by which financial              affects of changes in accounting         This course examines business
information is communicated            standards. 3 cr.                         in its relation to ethics, social
and integrated into user’s                                                      responsibility, public policy, legal
decision-making process.               AC 630 ACCOUNTING FOR                    and regulatory issues, and the
Emphasis will be placed on             DECISION MAKERS                          global and domestic marketplace.
the analysis and interpretation        Prerequisites: AC 500 or its             It focuses on the dynamics of
of financial statements, application   equivalent and a familiarity with        leadership and influence that will
of accounting principles, concepts     computer-based spreadsheets.             be required of the effective manager
of cash flow, and use of internal      This course is directed to the           in today’s organizational/business
controls. 3 cr.                        general MBA student and focuses          environment. Demographic trends
                                       on the accounting information            and the many diversities developing
                                       needed to operate effectively in a       in the pluralism of the 21st century
                                       competitive business environment.        will serve as the backdrop for this
                                       It explores the use of such informa-     study. 4 cr.
Prerequisite: AC 419 or its
equivalent. This course examines       tion for planning, controlling,
the statements on auditing             decision-making, and evaluating          BUS 680 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT
standards issued by the AICPA.         performance. It integrates the           Prerequisite: AC 630,
Key outputs include an under-          traditionally separate functions         CIS 610, FIN 630,              Taught
standing of the effects of standards   of accounting and management             MAN 600, MAN 610,               online
on audit reports, and current issues   for the successful operation of the      MK 640, QM 610. This
in auditing. Extensive use is made     business entity. Key outputs include     course examines different
of case analysis. 3 cr.                the ability to identify relevant costs   industrial situations to determine
                                       for decision making, and to apply        better strategies to ensure an organi-
                                       standard costing, cost-volume-profit     zation’s long-run survival and
AC 622 ACCOUNTING THEORY               analysis, budgeting, activity-based      growth in competitive markets.
AND CONTEMPORARY ISSUES                cost/management, transfer pricing,       Among the important areas cov-
Prerequisite: AC 306 or its            and performance measurement              ered are the use of environment
equivalent. This course is a study     in decentralized organizations.          analysis to develop strategies, the
of accounting literature. Subjects     Quantitative tools, such as              integration of functional tactics to
include accounting research            regression, are utilized for             implement strategies, and the evalu-
bulletins, opinions of the             analysis. 3 cr.                          ation of an organization’s strategic
Accounting Principles Board,
                                                                                performance based on financial
statements and interpretations
                                                                                data, stakeholder’s satisfaction,
of the FASB, and trends and
                                                                                and investment decisions. Students
controversies in accounting theory.
                                                                                learn to apply real-life or simulated
CPA theory examinations are
                                                                                organizational issues using strategic
studied. Key outputs include
                                                                                management process. 3 cr.
an understanding of the ethical

18 Summer Schedule of Classes
Summer Session 2004
Course Descriptions

COMPUTER                                MASTER OF ARTS                         vectors. Selected classical
                                                                               topics of angle measurement,
INFORMATION                             IN ENGLISH                             length, area, volume, polygons,
SYSTEMS ____________                    FOR TEACHERS________                   circles, spheres, and deductive
CIS 610 INFORMATION                     MAET 553
                                                                               reasoning will also be included.
TECHNOLOGY                              TEACHING WRITING IN
                                                                               Breadth and problem solving will
MANAGEMENT                   Taught     THE ENGLISH CURRICULUM
                             online                                            be emphasized over depth and
AND APPLICATIONS                        This course covers principles of
                                                                               theory. 3 cr.
This course presents                    classical, modern, and contemporary
current issues and                      rhetoric, including both composition
development trends in utilization       theory and the application of          MAMT 564 ANALYSIS
and management of information           rhetorical principles to the           Prerequisite: MAMT 550 or
systems in organizations. It examines   evaluation and development             permission of the department.
and explores new paradigms for          of student writing. 3 cr.              After Newton and Leibniz
computer application development                                               discovered calculus in the late
and systems design. This course                                                17th century, the next 125 years
                                        MAET 563 LITERARY
also discusses the impact of                                                   saw marvelous advances in the
information systems and technology                                             solution of mathematical and
                                        Using selected texts from around
on organization structure, strategy,                                           physical problems, some of which
                                        the world, this course offers
and operations. A variety of                                                   dated back to ancient times.
                                        in-depth study of a range of
computer applications will be                                                  By the early 19th century,
                                        literary genres and the conventions
introduced. Topics will be selected                                            however, very unexpected and
                                        that distinguish them. Goals of
from spreadsheet modeling,                                                     counterintuitive examples
                                        the course include exploring how
database management, knowledge                                                 appeared, causing mathematicians
                                        literary form reflects an author’s
acquisition and management, data                                               to take a deeper look at the roots
                                        purpose, how it shapes meaning,
modeling, and e-commerce. 3 cr.                                                of this subject and the real number
                                        and how combining forms can
                                                                               line itself. As a result the rest of the
                                        uniquely express complex themes
                                                                               19th and the early part of the 20th
CIS 665 ISSUES IN DATA                  and issues. Genres studied are
                                                                               century was spent putting analysis
COMMUNICATIONS                          likely to include short stories,
                                                                               on firmer logical ground. This
Prerequisite: CIS 610. This course      novels, plays, and memoirs. 3 cr.
                                                                               course traces this crisis period
investigates managerial aspects of                                             in mathematics and includes
communications systems, focusing
on the relationship of communica-
                                        MASTER OF ARTS                         topics such as sets and cardinality,
                                        IN MATHEMATICS                         continuity, sequences and series
tions technologies to the whole                                                of functions, convergence,
organization. Sub-themes include        FOR TEACHERS________                   differentiation, and integration.
the relationships of communications     MAMT 552 GEOMETRY
                                                                               3 cr.
technology with information systems,    REVISITED
the regulatory environment, and         Most of us have studied the
the effects of communications           geometry of Euclid in a single
technologies on people. 3 cr.           secondary school course, but many
                                        new ideas have sprouted since
                                        his time. New topics will include
                                        transformations, isometrics, and

                                                                                           Summer Schedule of Classes 19
                                                                     Summer Session 2004
                                                                     Course Descriptions

MANAGEMENT________                                                   strategies and structures of multina-                                MK 627 INTERNATIONAL
MAN 610 ORGANIZATIONAL                                               tional corporations; cultural                                        MARKETING
BEHAVIOR AND THEORY                                                  and ethical issues related to                                        Prerequisite: MK 640.       Taught
                                                                     multinational corporations; issues                                   This course explores        online
This course examines structural
and behavioral factors influencing                                   of market expansion. 3 cr.                                           the management of
performance in organizations.                                                                                                             marketing in a global
Key learning outcomes include                                        MAN 640 EMPLOYEE RELATIONS                                           environment. Marketing problems
integration of international and                                     AND CONFLICT                                                         arising from various degrees of
                                                                     RESOLUTION                 Taught                                    foreign involvement are considered.
cross-cultural considerations                                                                   online
relating to OB and theory; analysis                                  This course provides                                                 Emphasis is on the management
of the behavioral aspects of existing                                an overview of the                                                   of the marketing functions in
organizational problems; structural                                  broad range of collective                                            a multinational context, i.e.,
aspects of existing organizational                                   bargaining issues including                                          international economic factors,
problems; the influence of individ-                                  union organizing, management                                         foreign cultures, nationalism,
ual, group, and organizational                                       campaigns, unfair labor practices,                                   government influence of national
dynamics; ethical issues relevant                                    and certification/ decertification                                   labor organizations, and the
to organizational concerns. 3 cr.                                    processes. An in-depth review of                                     diverse common markets. 3 cr.
                                                                     conflict resolution processes
                                                                     including grievance procedures,
MAN 633 INTERNATIONAL                                                alternative dispute resolution (ADR),
MANAGEMENT                                                           and other conflict resolution
Prerequisite: AC 500, BUS 510,                                       strategies is provided. Practices
BUS 520, BUS 530, BUS 540 or                                         in unionized and non-unionized
their equivalents. This course                                       firms are compared and
focuses on dynamic changes in                                        contrasted. 3 cr.
international business environments
and increased foreign competition
that challenge managers. Key
learning outcomes include interna-                                   MAN 651 ETHICS IN BUSINESS
tional trade theories and foreign                                    This course examines and reflects
direct investments and barriers                                      upon the inevitable moral dilemmas
to international trade; economical,                                  and ethical responsibilities facing
social, political, and technological                                 business professionals. Learning
issues and their impact on interna-                                  outcomes include the role of corpo-
tional companies; increased foreign                                  rate governance; relative needs of
competition and economic                                             stakeholders; arguments from moral
integration pacts; cost and benefits                                 philosophy legal arguments; social
of multinational corporations;                                       and cultural customs; personal
                                                                     ethical business code. 3 cr.

Western New England College is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. The College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed,
national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities.The following person has
been designated to handle inquiries regarding the College’s nondiscrimination policies: The Director of Career and Human Resources, Western New England College, 1215 Wilbraham Road,
Springfield, MA 01119-2684. Inquiries concerning the application of nondiscrimination policies may also be referred to the Regional Director, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department
of Education, J.W. McCormack P.O.C.H., Room 222, Boston, MA 02109-4557.

20 Summer Schedule of Classes
Campus Map
                                                                                                   Western New England College
                                                                                                                Springfield, Massachusetts
                      25                                                       19

                                      24                      20
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                                                                                    18                16
                                                         22                         17                                         9             10
                                    27                             21
                                                                                         6                 7
                                                                           5                                                   8

                                                                            4                                  2
                                                                                             3                             1

                                                    30        29


          1. Welcome Center                                              8. Sleith Hall                                     23. Berkshire Hall
             Undergraduate Admissions                                       Classroom Laboratory Building                       Residence Hall
             Office of Continuing Education                                 School of Engineering                           24. Tennis Courts
             Visitors Center                                             9. Rivers Memorial                                 25. Golden Bear
          2. Herman Hall                                                    Drama/Music Performances                            Multi-Purpose Turf Stadium
             Classroom Laboratory Building                              10. S. Prestley Blake Law Center
             School of Arts & Sciences                                                                                      26. Alumni Healthful Living Center
                                                                            School of Law                                       Athletics
          3. Joseph J. Deliso, Sr. Hall                                 11. Law Clinics                                         Health Services
             Controller’s Office                                        12. Marketing & Communications                      27. Public Safety
             Payroll                                                    13. Marketing & Communications                      28. Plymouth Residence Complex
             Student Disability Services                                14. Faculty Offices                                 29. R.O.T.C.
          4. Emerson Hall                                               15. Faculty Offices                                 30. Development
             Classroom Laboratory Building
                                                                        16. Commonwealth Hall                               31. Greater Springfield Mentoring
          5. D’Amour Library                                                                                                    Partnership
             Student Administrative Services                            17. Windham Hall
             Educational Technology Center                                  Residence Hall                                  32. Alumni Relations
          6. Churchill Hall                                             18. LaRiviere Center                                33. Residence House
             Classroom Laboratory Building                                  Residential Living and                          34. Residence House
             School of Business                                             Learning Center
                                                                                                                            35. Gateway Village
          7. St. Germain Campus Center                                  19. Evergreen Village Townhouses                        Residence Housing
             Bookstore                                                      Residence Housing                                   Outdoor Pool
             Campus Events                                              20. Campus Utilities Building
             Campus Ministry                                                Campus Post Office
             Career and Human Resources                                     Facilities Management
             Counseling                                                     Printing Services
             Dean of Students                                               Procurement Services
             Dining Halls                                               21. Franklin Hall
             Diversity Programs                                             Residence Hall
             Freshman & Transfer Programs
             Residence Life                                             22. Hampden Hall
             Snack Bar                                                      Residence Hall
             Student Activities

Directions to the Campus
From the East or West via Mass. Turnpike (I-90).                   From the North via Interstate 91. Leave the Mass.           From the South via Interstate 91. Leave I-91 at Exit 2
Leave the Mass. Pike at Exit 6. Turn left onto I-291.              Pike at Exit 6. Turn left onto I-291. Take Exit 5 off       (East Longmeadow). Follow signs (Route 83) to the
Take Exit 5 off I-291 (Route 20-A West to East                     I-291 (Route 20-A West to East Springfield). Bear           light at the intersection of Longhill and Sumner Ave.
Springfield). Bear right at the end of the exit ramp on            right at the end of the exit ramp on Page Blvd. Take        Turn right onto Sumner Ave. Travel straight on Sumner
Page Blvd. Take the left at the first light onto Roosevelt         the left at the first light onto Roosevelt Ave. Take        Ave. (which becomes Allen St.) to the traffic light at
Ave. Take Roosevelt Ave. 2.5 miles to the intersection             Roosevelt Ave. 2.5 miles to the intersection with           the intersection of Allen St. and Bradley Rd. (3.2 miles).
with Wilbraham Rd. (fifth traffic light). Turn left onto           Wilbraham Rd. (fifth traffic light). Turn left onto         Turn left onto Bradley Rd. and travel 1.6 miles to
Wilbraham Rd. and follow it 1.5 miles to the third                 Wilbraham Rd. and follow it 1.5 miles to the third          Wilbraham Rd. and turn right. Travel 0.2 miles
light. Turn right into the parking lot of the Welcome              light. Turn right into the parking lot of the Welcome       to the next light and turn right, into the parking lot
Center. (Total 5.6 miles from Mass. Pike.)                         Center. (Total 5.6 miles from Mass. Pike.)                  of the Welcome Center. (Total 5.7 miles from I-91.)

                                                                                                                                             Summer Schedule of Classes 21
                                          How to Register
The Office of Continuing Education        ONLINE: Visit www.online.wnec.edu             Payment Plans
is located in the Welcome Center, 2nd     for information on registering for online     The Office of Student Administrative
floor. Hours are: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM,     courses only.                                 Services offers you flexible payment
Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM                                                        options. Please remember that all
to 4:30 PM on Friday (4 PM during         IN PERSON: Visit our office in the
                                                                                        charges are due by the start of classes
the summer).                              Welcome Center, 2nd floor (hours listed
                                                                                        at which point finance charges begin
                                          on the left).
Full-time Western New England                                                           to accrue. If you are not paying in full
College Students:                                                                       by the start of classes, the following
Your registration form must be            Registration Hold                             options are available:
signed by your faculty advisor. Bring     Student accounts that are not up-to-date
your completed form to the office of      will be placed on registration hold for the   Credit Card Payment
Student Administrative Services, in the   next semester. Students with accounts on      New credit card program through
lower level of the D’Amour Library.       hold will not be allowed to register until    CASHNET will be available beginning
                                          the required balance is paid.                 this summer. More details in an
Western New England College                                                             upcoming mailing.
Continuing Education and
Visiting Students:                        Advising Hours                                Summer Session Payment Plan
Your summer course registrations must     Advisors are available to meet with you       If you need to spread out your payments,
be approved by a Continuing Education     Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30        50% of charges can be paid at the start
advisor. Visiting students may be         PM by appointment. Advisors are also          of classes. The remaining 50% will be
required to provide proof of course       available by e-mail (CE@wnec.edu) and         due by the last date of class. Finance
prerequisites.                            several evenings a week; please call for      charges will accrue.
                                          current hours.
                                                                                        Employer Reimbursement
Registration checklist:                   Parking Permits and                           Extension Plan
                                                                                        This program allows students who
Current WNEC students:                    ID Cards                                      receive tuition reimbursement from their
• Review your degree audit                Students must obtain a parking decal from     employers to defer three-quarters of their
• Be sure you don’t have an               the Department of Public Safety, which        tuition payment until 30 days after the
  outstanding account balance             is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week:    end of the semester. This allows time for
                                          413-782-1207. Student ID cards, which         tuition reimbursement checks to be
 All students:                            allow borrowing privileges for the            issued by the employer.
• Select your classes                     D’Amour Library and access to certain
                                          classroom buildings, are also issued by       Company or Government
• Include alternative class               Public Safety.                                Direct Payment
  selections where possible                                                             If your company or branch of govern-
• Verify that you meet course                                                           ment has, or established, a Direct Billing
  prerequisites                           Tuition and Fees                              agreement with the College, then we will
                                          Tuition and all fees are due before           credit your account for the authorized
• Obtain advisor approval                 the first class.                              amount once we receive all necessary
                                          • Undergraduate tuition: $398 per             paperwork from the responsible entity.
                                            credit hour                                 It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to
Ways you can register:                                                                  ensure that the necessary paperwork is
TELEPHONE: 413-782-1249 or                • Graduate tuition:                           received by the College at, or before, the
1-800-325-1122, ext. 1249.                  MBA, MSA: $472 per credit hour.             start of classes.
                                            MAET, MAMT and MEEE:
Please have your registration
                                            $200 per credit hour
information available.                                                                  Student Administrative
FAX: 413-782-1779. Please use the
                                          • General services fee for all courses:       Services (SAS)
                                            $10 per credit hour
                                                                                        D’Amour Library, lower level
registration form in this schedule.
                                          • Registration fee, part-time students:       413-796-2080
MAIL: Send the completed form               $20 per semester (nonrefundable)
and required fees to:                     • Finance charge: 1% per month on
Western New England College,                balances unpaid by the date specified
Office of Continuing Education,             in each monthly statement
1215 Wilbraham Road,
                                          • Laboratory fees: as stated in               The College reserves the right to
Springfield, MA 01119-2684.
                                            “Prerequisite” column in this schedule      restrict registration, to add or cancel
DEADLINE: Allow at least one week           and in Catalogue course descriptions        courses, and to change the published
prior to the first class meeting.                                                       course schedule.

22 Summer Schedule of Classes
Western New England College • Continuing Education Registration                                                                                                  1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119-2684
                                                                                                                                                                  TEL: 413-782-1249 or 1-800-325-1122, Ext. 1249
Walk-in, phone, and fax registration available. Allow at least one week for mail-in registration.
                                                                                                                                                                                              FAX: 413-782-1779
   Fall            Winter             Spring            Summer        _________Year                                                                                                       EMAIL: CE@wnec.edu
Please circle any information below that is new since your last registration.                                                                                                                 www.wnec.edu/CE
Name_____________________________________________________________________ Social Security #_______________________________ Degree Program_____________________________
       last name                                              first name                            m.i.
Home Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                   street                                                                                            city                                state      zip       home phone
                                                                                                                                                         home or work email
Employer’s Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                        street                                                                                       city                                state      zip       work phone                         ext.
            Complete Course Number                                                                 Title                                                    Credits                        Days and Times
  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                      Total semester credits intended ____________
   One-third of tuition and all fees due at time of registration. Full tuition is due by the first class.
   Check with registration: $_______________________
  Amount to be charged: $_______________________                     Type of card (circle one):      Discover      MasterCard         American Express   Account #:___________________________________________
   Name on card:_______________________________________________________                                    Expiration date:__________       Signature for credit card____________________________________________
  1. I am already a WNEC student:                 new        day           evening      graduate            undergraduate Last semester attended_______________ Ever dismissed from WNEC?________________
  2. I am a student at______________________________________________________________________
                            name of college or university other than Western New England College
  Note: Transcripts are required if you are registering for any course(s) with prerequisites.
  3. Date and place of high school graduation:____________________________________ Date, place, and highest college or university degree earned:_______________________________________
I certify that the information above is correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I have met the prerequisites for each course.
Student’s Signature______________________________________________________________                                   Date___________________              FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY                       Enrollment status
Advisor’s Signature______________________________________________________________                                   Date___________________              Registration Complete:___________________      Active
                                                                                                                                                         Sent to SAS:___________________________        New
Advisor’s notes:__________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                         Payment recorded:______________________        Reactivate
  May 6
  4:30-7 pm             Graduate Programs
  Welcome Center        • MBA —Evening and Online—
  Western New             11-week terms
  England College
                        • MAMT, MAET, MEEE —
                          new Master’s programs for teachers
                          in Mathematics, English, and
  OPEN HOUSE              Elementary Education
  Wednesday             • Engineering programs and
  August 18              certificates
  4:30-7 pm             • Criminal Justice Administration
  Welcome Center
  Western New           • Accounting
  England College
                        • JD/MBA combined
                          degree program
                        Continuing Education
                        413-782-1249 or 800-325-1122 ext. 1249
                        Email: CE@wnec.edu

                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                  Springfield, MA
                                                                 PERMIT NO. 896
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield, MA 01119


Summer Session 2004

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