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					                                         What can I do with a major in

                                         from Valparaiso University?
Description of major:

The Education Department offers programs of study leading to teacher licensure for elementary, middle school and sec-
ondary school teaching. The candidate may also add concentrations in reading and special education to enhance job
marketability. Students interested in Elementary or Middle School Teachers may major in Education. Students interested
in one of the content fields for Secondary licensure must have a content area as their primary major (in one of the Arts
and Sciences Departments other than Education), and Secondary Education as a "Complementary Major." Although
most Education students go on to teach, there are other career possibilities included in this information.

 Relevant skills for an EDUCATION major:

    ♦   Advise                             ♦   Evaluate                           ♦    Plan
    ♦   Analyze                            ♦   Explain                            ♦    Prepare reports
    ♦   Answer questions                   ♦   Have patience                      ♦    Supervise
    ♦   Be creative                        ♦   Inspire                            ♦    Think quickly
    ♦   Be dependable                      ♦   Instruct                           ♦    Understand
    ♦   Communicate                        ♦   Interpret                          ♦    Write
    ♦   Coordinate                         ♦   Make decisions                     ♦    and others!
    ♦   Develop ideas                      ♦   Motivate
    ♦   Direct                             ♦   Organize

Sample work activities for Graduates in EDUCATION
(some may require an advanced degree)
       • Elementary School Teacher             •   Secondary School Teacher            •   Teacher, Industrial Arts
       • Kindergarten Teacher                  •   Special Education Teacher           •   and others!
       • Middle School Teacher                 •   Resource Teacher
       • Physical Education Teacher            •   Teacher, Disabled Students

Education Administration
 • Alumni Relations Coordinator            •   Guidance Counselor                  •   School Psychologist
 • Athletic Coach                          •   Librarian                           •   Special Education Administrator
 • Athletic Director                       •   Library Consultant                  •   and others!
 • Curriculum Specialist                   •   Media Center Specialist
 • Educational Administrator               •   Registrar/Admissions Director
 • Financial Aid Counselor                 •   Student Personnel Administrator
 • Grant Writer                            •   Student Affairs Administrator

Other Education Settings
 • Adventure & Outdoor Education           •   College/ University Instructor      •   Religious Institution Education
 • Adult Education Teacher                 •   Day Care Administrator                  Coordinator
 • Child Life Specialist                   •   Preschool Administrator             •   Tutor
                                                                                   •   and others!

Other Environments
      • Children’s Literature Special-         •   Educational Researcher              •   Sales Representative
         ist                                   •   Educational Therapist               •   Social Services Volunteer
      • Education & Training Admin-            •   Employee Training Instructor        •   Speech Pathologist
         istrator                              •   Historic Site Administrator         •   Training Specialist
      • Education Management                   •   Lobbyist                            •   Vocational Rehabilitation
         Specialist                            •   Missionary Worker                       Counselor
      • Educational Materials                                                          •   and others!
Potential hiring institutions for EDUCATION majors:

     ♦   Adoption Agencies                  ♦    Day Care Centers                   ♦   Public & Private Schools
     ♦   Bookstores                         ♦    Pre Schools                        ♦   State & Federal Govern-
     ♦   Business and Industry              ♦    Educational Publishers                 ment
     ♦   Camps                              ♦    Group Homes                        ♦   Youth Services
     ♦   Churches                           ♦    Hospitals                          ♦   and others!
     ♦   Colleges and Universities          ♦    Libraries
     ♦   Community Centers                  ♦    Non-Profit Agencies

Area of further education for EDUCATION majors:

     •   Adult Education                    •    English as a Second Lan-           •   Multilingual & Multicultural
     •   Agricultural Education                  guage                                  Education
     •   Area/Cultural Studies              •    English Education                  •   Museum Education
     •   Art Education                      •    Environmental Education            •   Music Education
     •   Business Administration            •    Exercise & Sports Science          •   Performing Arts
     •   Business Education                 •    Foreign Languages Educa-           •   Physical Education
     •   Child & Family Studies                  tion                               •   Psychology/Counseling
     •   Communication                      •    Foundations & Philosophy           •   Reading Education
     •   Community College Educa-                of Education                       •   Recreation & Park Manage-
         tion                               •    Health Education                       ment
     •   Computer Education                 •    Higher Education                   •   Religion
     •   Counselor Education                •    History                            •   Religious Education
     •   Curriculum & Instruction           •    Home Economics Educa-              •   Science Education
     •   Developmental Education                 tion                               •   Secondary Education
     •   Early Childhood Education          •    Human Services                     •   Social Sciences
     •   Education – General                •    Humanities                         •   Social Sciences Education
     •   Education of the Gifted            •    International & Compara-           •   Social Work
     •   Education of the Multiply               tive Education                     •   Special Education
         Handicapped                        •    Kinesiology & Movement             •   Sports Administration
     •   Educational Administration              Studies                            •   Theology
     •   Educational Measurement            •    Language/Literature                •   Urban Education
         & Evaluation                       •    Law                                •   Vocational & Technical
     •   Educational Media/                 •    Leisure Studies                        Education
         Instructional Technology           •    Liberal Studies                    •   and others!
     •   Educational Psychology             •    Mathematics Education
     •   Elementary Education               •    Middle School Education

Sources of additional information for EDUCATION majors:

 •   VU Department of Education:  
 •   VU Majors & Areas of Study:
 •   Occupational Outlook Handbook: the US Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles information about various occupa-
     tions, including the nature of the work, the job outlook, the earnings, and other relevant information.
 •   American Federation of Teachers: represents teachers, school support staff, higher education faculty and staff,
     health care professionals, and state and federal employees. Site includes a teacher salary survey as well as
     grants & scholarships.
 •   American Library Association: The voice of America’s Libraries. Site includes a page on Education and one on
 •   Careers in Education: provides a link between professionals, schools and school districts.
 •   K-12 Teaching opportunities, kindergarten through vocational schools.
 •   National Association of Independent Schools: represent over 1,100 independent schools and associations in the
     U.S. and abroad. Can search for schools and includes a Careers page with job opportunities.
 •   National Education Association: America’s oldest and largest organization committed to advancing the cause of
     public education.
 •   Schools Online: sponsored by The Association of Boarding Schools.
 •   Teach For America: Federal government-funded teaching opportunities.
 •   Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages: TESOL Career page that includes placement, employment
     and career information.
 • Teacher resources, including teaching and administrative positions.
 •   Teaching Jobs Overseas: International employment for teachers.
 •   Training & Development Community Center: gateway of resources for the Training & Development/Human Re-
     sources communities. Site includes a HR Careers page.
 •   U.S. Department of Education: to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all
     Americans. Site includes jobs at the Department of Education as well as relevant information for teachers.

VU Career Center Resource Library Materials:

 •   100 Best Nonprofits To Work For                        •   Guide To America's Federal Jobs : A Complete Di-
 •   101 Career Alternatives For Teachers : Exciting Job        rectory Of Federal Career Opportunities
     Opportunities For Teachers Outside The Teaching        •   Opportunities In Educational Support Careers
     Profession                                             •   Opportunities In Government Careers
 •   101 Grade A Resumes For Teachers                       •   Opportunities In Recreation And Leisure Careers
 •   Abc's Of Job-Hunting For Teachers                      •   Opportunities In Social Science Careers
 •   Book Of U.S. Government Jobs : Where They Are,         •   Opportunities In Social Work Careers
     What's Available, And How To Get One                   •   Opportunities In Teaching Careers
 •   Career Opportunities In Education                      •   Peterson's Graduate Programs In Business, Educa-
 •   Expert Resumes For Teachers And Educators                  tion, Health, Information Studies, Law & Social Work
 •   Federal Personnel Guide 2003                           •   Peterson's Graduate Programs In The Humanities,
 •   Graduate Programs In Education                             Arts, & Social Sciences
 •   Graduate Programs In Psychology                        •   Resumes For Education Careers
 •   GRE Exam 2003                                          •   and others!
 •   Great Jobs For Liberal Arts Majors

For more information about majoring in EDUCATION, contact:

       Jan Westerick, Ed.D.
       Chair, Department of Education
       Miller 227A

 For more questions about your career decisions, please make an appointment with a VU Career Counselor by
  calling 464-5005, stopping by the Career Center in Alumni Hall or e-mailing us at

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