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Arm Cortex Based WSN by keralaguest


									   Wireless sensor network teaching / experimental development
platform ( ARM Cortex-based USN experimental / development platform) (Model:
SensorRF 107 H2.0)

    Wireless Sensor Network Series DREAM RF-USN platform uses the latest STM32F series of 32-
bit ARM Cortex High-performance microcontrollers, graphics display color OLED, high-speed
Ethernet interface, USB interface, capacitive touch keyboard, etc. At the same time with low power
consumption integrated Wi-Fi (GS1010) wireless systems, low-power Bluetooth wireless systems,
GSM / GPRS wireless systems, ZigBee wireless gateway system, compatible with IEEE802.11,
802.15.4,802.3 and other wireless communication standards.

    This development kit, not only completes a variety of wireless network management, sensors
and radio frequency identification information collection, but also through different wireless and
wired path, USN network transfers data to a central server database and the Internet. To achieve the
USN core functions and main technical requirements. , development board with USN Wireless
network monitoring software, an PC, you can easily complete a variety of network monitoring,
database management, network maintenance functions and etc.

     This development board / kit comes with RFID system consisting of V1.0 UHF wireless card
reader. Wireless high-power HF reader not only can complete the electronic tag reading and writing
and other basic functions but this information can shared through the wireless gateway dragon,
transferred to USN / WSN and the Internet.

     RFID reader is 868MHZ- 920MZH UHF reader, standard output power of 1W (can be adjusted),
the core of the gateway connecting the wireless long, 10 meters can be read from the stable range,
and is compatible with EPC GLOBAL second generation (Gen2) standard and compatible with
standards ISO-18000-6 variety of passive electronic tags.

     Wireless RFID HF 13.56MHZ card reader work in the channel, connecting to a wireless long core
gateway, can stabilize the read and write compatible with ISO14443 and ISO15693 standards of any
passive RFID tags (non-contact smart card).

   Wireless RFID system is open source system software to provides API and the associated control
sample source code, allows users to quick start and use the latest long-range RFID technology.

     USN ideal platform V1.0 of the ZigBee network including the latest ZigBee network protocol
stack, four ZigBee as the power sensor network nodes. Mesh network and the realization of active
electronic tagging demonstration, sensor network data collection capabilities, to provide TI ZigBee
network protocol stack open-source model and the related source code.

RF series is a closely key technology platform to strengthen the basic learning of New technologies
such as sensor network, ubiquitous network and the development of embedded applications. These
kits can be used for following applications:

Teaching: the classic ARM embedded teaching of USN, embedded wireless teaching and experiments.

Research / Development: Embedded USN, cutting-edge wireless sensor network technology
development and innovation.
Contest: The teacher can lead the team race to control the platform embedded design, wireless
network design and other technologies so that students can successfully win in a variety of
electronic competition.

Training: With a large number of embedded platforms and wireless network infrastructure based
experiment, the source code, hands-on labs for students, will also gradually provide the relevant
training projects, such as wireless smart home, ZigBee network terminal, indoor wireless location,
Wireless energy-saving street light control system, can allow students to easily complete a hands-on
training on developing products & application.

Innovative Design: These kits can be upgraded by changing the core module, such as the upgrade to
the ARM CORTEX - A8,ARM11 and so on. Wireless module and the node can also be upgraded.

Research Applications: USN, sensor network, and other platform can be used for conducting

                                        Component of Kits

    Technical Specifications
    MCU                   ARM Cortex STM32F107
    Display               180X160 1.8 Inch OLED color LCD screen
    Hardware Specs        Ethernet 10/100M
                             256K Bytes FLASH
                             64K RAM
                             SD card interface
                             USB Interface
                             CAN bus interface
                             RS232 Interface
   OS                        UCOS-II / GUI
   Debugger                  U-LINK2 Compatible、JTAG
   ZigBee Debugger           C51RF-3
   PAN Controller            ZigBee Co-ordinator X1
   ZigBee Network Nodes      ZigBee low-power wireless router with wireless light,
                             acceleration, temperature sensor nodes X4
   PAN gateway controller    Embedded Bluetooth Wireless Controller X1
   comes standard with two
   WI-FI standard with the   GS1010 wireless SOC, embedded 802.11 X1 Controller
   client gateway
   GSM/GPRS/3G               Standard GSM / GPRS wireless network controller
   Network Controller 1

   RFID Interface            20PX2 UHF & HF RFID Interface
   HF RFID                   13.56MHZ
                             Reader module X1
                             Card X5
   UHF EPC2                  Four-channel
   RFID Packaging            868-925MHZ UHF 1W high power high frequency
                             reader module X1
                             EPC Gen2 and ISO-18000-6 tag X5
   Standard Accessories      teaching material for USN/WSN experiment kit
                             manual, Experimental code and instructions CD-ROM;

   Hardware Components

No. Name                           Model      Units   Quantity Remarks
1 SensorRF107H2.0 gateway          RFID EVK   Set     1        Including liquid crystal
    motherboard                                                display
2 Key Modules                      KEYBOARD Set       1        Capacitive touch buttons
3 ZigBee active nodes                       No.s      4        2.4G / sensor nodes
4 ZigBee Coordinator                        set       1        2.4G
5    Bluetooth module                                 set    1
6    Wi-Fi module                                     set    1       GS1010
7    GPRS module                                      set    1
8    RFID HF Reader                                          1
9    RFID UHF Reader                                         1
10   UHF antenna                                      No.s 1         900M
11   HF Tags                                          Card 4
12   UHF Tags                                         card 4
13   ARM Emulator                                            1
14   ZigBee emulator                       C51RF-3           1
15   Low-Power 3V battery                             Nos. 1
16   Power Battery                                           2       9V
17   GPRS antenna                                            1       900M
18   ZigBee Antenna                                          1       2.4G
19   Wi-Fi antenna                                           1       2.4G
20   Bluetooth antenna                                       1       2.4G
21   Serial RS232 cable                                      1
22   USB cable                                               1
23   RFID reader cable                                       2
24   CD-ROM                                                  1
25   Warranty Card                                           1
26   Then take a short                                       1
27   Box                                                     1
28   Cable                                                   1       Cross
29   Wireless Router                                  Taiwan 1       Optional

      CD-ROM         Listing
o.   Name                                Features                             Remarks
1    Embedded low-level driver package   Embedded driver                      LIB file
2    Wi-Fi Presentation SoftwareV1.00    WSN show software --- Wi-Finetwork   EXE file
3    ZigBee Demo Software V1.00          Network performance software ---     EXE file
                                         ZigBee WSN
4 GPRS demo software V1.00               WSN software --- GPRS network        EXE file
5     Bluetooth Demo Software V1.00      WSN --- Bluetooth network            EXE file
                                         performance software
6 Wi-Fi configuration softwareV1.00      Wi-Fi configuration                  EXE file
7 Assistant software V2.10 serial        AT command set Test                  Source / EXEfile
8 Debugging Assistant V1.00 Wi-Fi        Testing Wi-Fi module ATcommands      Source / EXEfile
9 ZigBee Commissioning                   AT command to test ZigBeeModule      Source / EXEfile
10 GPRS debugging assistant V1.00     Test GPRS module AT command         Source / EXEfile
11 Hardware Manual                    Hardware experimental system        Electronic Documents
12 Manual Wi-Fi experiment            Wi-Fi experiments described         Electronic Documents
13 ZigBee laboratory manual           ZigBee IntroductionExperimental     Electronic Documents
14 GPRS lab manual                    Introduction GPRS experiment        Electronic Documents
15 Bluetooth lab manual               Introduction Bluetooth experiment   Electronic Documents
16 Wi-Fi Demo Software User Manual                                        Electronic Documents
17 ZigBee Demo Software User Manual                                       Electronic Documents
18 GPRS demo software manual                                              Electronic Documents
19 Bluetooth Demo Software User                                           Electronic Documents
20 Schematic experimental box                                             Electronic Documents
21 Related to wireless chip manual                                        Electronic Documents
22 Related to the wireless protocol                                       Electronic Documents

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