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									Does Your Policy Covers Flood Damage Claims?

Flood damage is covered! Think again? Have you ever took time to read
your policy, that whether your policy covers flood damage or not. Flood
damage refers to the destruction which is caused by natural and
unforeseen events which results in excessive flow of water causing
enormous amount of destruction whatever comes in its way. That may be
your house, your car, your shop, or even you as may be the case.

We are always contended with the approach that our policy covers
everything but eventually when something like a flood sweeps away the
entire town, we realize that our policy doesn't. This was the case when
in Atlanta, U.S. when a hurricane Fred stroked and caused a destruction
of 250 million dollars in which many people did not have flood damage

Always consider few things while taking a policy

While you are calling your agent for your insurance policy always
consider few things in mind. The important facts to be considered as
listed below:

· Always have a policy which covers flood damage by natural disasters as
well as water damage caused by pipe leakage or sewerage brokerage.

· Always read the entire policy to know about the terms and conditions of
the policy you are availing of.

· Always have the policy which contains the correct estimation of the
property and assets. Paying premium for less value of the true amount
would lead to failure if the disaster strikes, then you won't be able to
get the desired actual amount of the loss.

· The flood damage policy is not included in the normal policy of water
damage and has to be included by you in the policy itself. Remember water
damage and flood damage are two separate things and special attention
should be given while buying a policy which might help you in the hour of

· If you live near a sea area or any flood prone area, you must have an
insurance policy to cover up for all your losses.

· Do not over estimate the estimated amount in your policy as it is you
who has the pay the yearly premium of the policy.

Don't need it! Think again

Flood damage requires immediate actions to be taken to prevent further
losses. Whenever you are in a middle of a natural calamity, your first
instinct is to rise up and be safe from the disaster and then rebuild
whatever is loss. In the recent years various events like Tsunami, floods
in Pakistan and other floods in Asian countries left people in vain in a
matter of seconds in which water came from all sides and took everything
they had, their homes, car and many more even their loved ones. such
damages have a great impact on the lives of the people who survive the
flood. In India, a flood came in Leh Ladakh which washed an entire town
in an overnight. Most of the people didn't had any insurance of any sort
and still are finding hard to rebuild their homes and carry out their day
to day lives.

Flood damages have forced people to think what can be done to be secure
if they survive from the flood. So think again? Don't you need a policy
or a policy which covers various consequences of flood damage which helps
you in the restoration process after the flood.

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