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									                              San Diego State University
                    Graduate School of Public Health Alumni Chapter
                                 Meeting Minutes - #6
                                     June 7, 2006

Alumni Present

Art Myers, President                          Jeff Silvers, Membership Chair
Lois Kosiba, Vice President                   Chris Gonaver, Secretary
Lauren Chin                                   Shanna Holland
Leo Lee

Faculty and Staff Present

Ann de Peyster, Ph.D., Interim Director
Florencia Davis, GSPH Alumni Association Staff Coordinator

Agenda Item #1 – Approval of Minutes

The GSPH Alumni Association meeting was called to order by Art Myers. Art
welcomed all and self introductions were made. The minutes were approved as amended.

Agenda Item #2 – Old Business

Graduation awards

Eight awards were presented to graduating students. Three were present to accept. They
are all, obviously, good citizens and it is felt that they will likely participate in the
Alumni Association. Jeff presented the awards and talked about the Alumni Association.

Letter to graduating students

Goal will be to complete before Ann leaves next week. The letter needs to be drafted to
students and graduates to ask them to join the Alumni Association and to inform them
about the on-line survey/questionnaire. The plan will be to send this letter electronically.

Alumni Survey/Questionnaire

Several suggestions were made for edits. These will be forwarded to Diane.

Treasurers/Membership report

No report.

Agenda Item #3 – New Business


The Dean must determine any variations to the protocol as far as how the fundraising is
conducted and how funds are shared.

25th Anniversary

By September 1st, a letter will go out to Alumni letting them know about the APHA
conference and the 25th Anniversary. This will go to 1,800 graduates.

Lauren volunteered to help with a newsletter to go out in the fall. Ann will coordinate
with Lauren. Shanna said that Cubic Corporation would pay for printing for work
associated with public health.

Other future events

Art has asked Mel Hovell to host a party in late September to kick off the 25th
Anniversary, year long celebration.

The question was asked “what events the Alumni Association would like to take the
lead”. Discussed the kick off party. Also discussed the colloquium/dinner, currently
planned for sometime in April (tentatively 13/14). There should be someone from the
Alumni Association to be on the steering committee. Lois volunteered. The meetings
would be planned to attract about 400 people, with about 200 to 250.

Ann is currently trying to find rooms and hotel for the event. She will send out a copy of
the proposal for the colloquium and the needs. Planning to hold a silent auction at the
dinner and will be looking for items to auction.

Another opportunity will be for 3-4 lectures throughout the year. Dr. Bennenson’s family
donated some money and will host a “Bennenson Lecture” sometime in January. The
University has also given the GSPH some money for lectures. The plan is to hold
lectures similar to what was done this past year with Dr. Finegold.

Ann is working with Jason in Public Relations to help market the accomplishments of the
GSPH to send to the media.

Chapter renewal

Form has been completed.

Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: August 9, 2006, 4:00 to 5:30 PM
              6505 Alvarado Road, Suite 207B Conference Room


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