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Courses for Educators
Courses through Kansas State University Division of Continuing Education
Note: All classes require a computer meeting K-State minimum requirements, Internet access, and e-mail access. See www.dce.k-state.
edu/courses for specific information on tuition rates, textbook requirements, and other details about the classes listed below.

Program Planning in Adult Education
EDACE 830 Class # 15724
W. Spikes
Begin Date: 01/09/2012; End Date: 03/02/2012

Adult Learning and Motivation
EDACE 847 Class # 15886
John Persyn                                                      Teaching and Learning about the
Begin Date: 03/05/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012
                                                                 United States Constitution
Seminar/Developing Teams and
                                                                 These six courses satisfy a national need for high-quality professional development in
Leaders in Adult Education
                                                                 civic education. K-12 teachers will be able to advance their understanding of political
EDACE 886 Class # 15732
                                                                 ideas and how to teach them. These classes can also be taken as noncredit modules.
Jeffrey Zacharakis
Begin Date: 01/09/2012; End Date: 03/02/2012                     Classes run on a monthly basis. Please check the website for exact dates.

Seminar/Teaching Online in Adult                                 Teaching the Historical Origins of               Teaching about the Development
Education                                                        the Constitutional Government in                 of Constitutional Principles in the
EDACE 886 Class # 15940                                          the United States                                United States
Haijun Kang                                                      Class # 15760 January                            Class # 15734 February
Begin Date: 03/05/2012; End Date: 04/27/2012                     Class # 15721 April                              Class # 15737 May
                                                                 Thomas Vontz                                     Robert Leming
Healthful and Safe College Life
EDCEP 103 Class # 15491                                          Teaching the Theoretical Foundations             Teaching about Citizenship in the
Julie Gibbs; Shelley Cunningham                                  of Constitutional Government in the              United States
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 03/09/2012                     United States                                    Class # 15763 March
Healthful and Safe College Life                                  Class # 15735 January                            Class # TBD June
EDCEP 103 Class # 15625                                          Class # 15741 April                              Thomas Vontz
Julie Gibbs; Shelley Cunningham                                  Robert Leming
                                                                                                                  Teaching about the U.S. Bill of Rights
Begin Date: 03/12/2012; End Date: 05/11/2012
                                                                 Teaching about the Institutions of               Class # 15722 March
Intercollegiate Athletics and the College                        Government in the United States                  Class # TBD June
Student Athlete                                                  Class # 15761 February                           Robert Leming
EDCEP 761 Class # 16098                                          Class # 15762 May
Alessandro Quartiroli                                            Thomas Vontz
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012

Research Methods
EDCEP 816 Class # 15519                                      Online with a
Christy Craft
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012
                                                             Topeka Component
                                                             Qualitative Research in Education
Foundations of Academic Advising
                                                             EDLEA 838 Class # TBD
EDCEP 835 Class # 15551
                                                             Trudy Salsberry
Additional sections may be offered.
                                                             Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012
Dan Wilcox
                                                             This class will be held simultaneously on the
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012
                                                             Washburn campus and the K-State campus
Administration of Academic Advising                          Wednesdays, 4:30–6:55 p.m.
EDCEP 837 Class # 15733
Richard Robbins
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 Guided Study with a
The College Student and the College                          Manhattan Component                                  Manhattan Intersession
Environment                                                  Topics/Differentiated Literacy
EDCEP 838 Class # 15552                                                                                           University Experience
                                                             Strategies for ELLs                                  EDCEP 111 Class # 16101
Additional sections may be offered.
                                                             EDCI 786 Class # 15736                               Suzanne Lueker
Dan Wilcox
                                                             Socorro Herrera                                      Begin Date: 12/27/2011; End Date: 01/13/2012
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/05/2012
                                                                                                                  TWUF 1:30-4:50 p.m.
Multicultural Aspects of Academic                            Meets 1/28/2012 and 5/5/2012, 1–4 p.m.
Advising                                                     225 Bluemont Hall                                    Stress Management
EDCEP 851 Class # 15556                                                                                           EDCEP 502 Class # 15062
Additional sections may be offered.                                                                               Fred Newton; Arthur Rathbun
Doris Carroll                                                                                                     Begin Date: 12/27/2011; End Date: 01/13/2012
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                                                                      MTWUF 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Trends in Career Development                                                                                      Stress Management
EDCEP 863 Class # 15578                                                                                           EDCEP 802 Class # 15197
Additional sections may be offered.                                                                               Fred Newton
Dan Wilcox                                                                                                        Begin Date: 12/27/2011; End Date: 01/13/2012
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                                                                      MTWUF 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Higher Education Law                                         Guided Study/Online                                  Hollywood Goes to School:
                                                                                                                  The American School Movie
EDCEP 923 Class # 15532
Christy Craft                                                Reading in the Content Areas                         EDCI 786 Class # 15277
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 EDCI 715 Class # 15475                               F. Goodson
                                                             F. Goodson                                           Begin Date: 12/27/2011; End Date: 01/13/2012
Learning Technologies                                        Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012         MTWUF 6-8:30 p.m.
EDCI 718 Class # 15833
Rosemary Talab                                               Clinical Practicum in Reading                        Intercultural Issues across Cultures
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 EDCI 945 Class # 15634                               EDCI 786 Class # 15231
                                                             Laurie Curtis                                        Be Stoney
Topics/Developing Digital Portfolios                         Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012         Begin Date: 12/27/2011; End Date: 01/13/2012
EDCI 786 Class # 15842
Trudy Lund; Rosemary Talab
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012
                                                             Academic Advising
Topics/Dreamweaver and Web Design                            This program is designed for practicing academic advisors, administrators, faculty, and future
EDCI 786 Class # 15843                                       professional advisors seeking to enhance their knowledge and ability to work effectively with
Trudy Lund; Rosemary Talab                                   college students in their academic and career planning. Kansas State University, in partnership
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 with the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), offers two online academic
                                                             advising graduate programs:
Supporting Struggling Readers
                                                             – Graduate certificate program – 15 credit hours
EDCI 841 Class # 15631                                       – Master’s degree program – 30 credit hours and portfolio
Laurie Curtis
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 R
College Students with Special Needs                          Adult and Continuing Education
                                                             This online master’s degree emphasizes the professional needs of all adult educators in their roles
EDSP 853 Class # 15739                                       as leaders, teachers, managers, and program developers. This degree program is geared toward
Additional sections may be offered.
                                                             working professionals whose careers involve working with adults in educational and training
Marilyn Kaff
                                                             situations. If you are an adult basic education instructor, continuing education professional, or
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 community college instructor, this program will help you teach adults better and/or focus on
                                                             administration and marketing of programs for adults. If you are in training and development at
                                                             a corporation, this program can assist you in improving your training program and delivery of
                                                             course material. The Adult and Continuing Education program at K-State has a 25-year history
                                                             of providing the only graduate degree in adult and continuing education among the Kansas
                                                             Regents institutions.
                                                             Digital Teaching and Learning/ Educational Computing, Design,
                                                             and Online Learning
Videoconference/Online                                       The Digital Teaching and Learning program and the Educational Computing, Design, and Online
                                                             Learning program at Kansas State University offer coursework leading to a master’s degree and/or
Emerging Technologies
                                                             a graduate certificate. These areas of study are for elementary and secondary teachers, school library
EDCI 750 Class # 15832                                       media specialists, technology coordinators, administrators, and others who desire the knowledge to
Rosemary Talab; Clark R. Harris
                                                             develop instruction using learning technologies.
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012
Choose four of seven sessions offered by videoconference.    R
Digital Teaching and Learning                                Educational Leadership
Project/e-Portfolio                                          This program is designed to assist those who desire a building-level (principal) endorsement
                                                             and/or who intend to assume other significant leadership roles in public schools. The Educational
EDCI 858 Class # 15844
                                                             Leadership program will result in a master’s degree and/or licensure for elementary and secondary
Rosemary Talab
                                                             educational leaders. The program is configured to meet individual professional goals of all
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012
                                                             educational leaders in the K-12 setting.
Videoconference required 1/28/2012, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. CST
Proseminar II: Technology Change,
Research, and Theory
                                                             English as a Second Language
                                                             This program is offered in a new delivery format and is open to any eligible K-12 teacher in the
EDCI 888 Class # 15740                                       United States who gets excited about energizing their teaching methods through new strategies
Rosemary Talab                                               for teaching ELLs. Currently two of the five ESL core curriculum classes are offered online. ESL
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 Methods is an exploration of contemporary approaches, methods, and strategies for the appropriate
Weekly videoconference: Wednesdays, 7:30-9 p.m. CST
                                                             instruction of second language learners. ESL Dual Language Assessment offers an in-depth
                                                             examination of key issues/challenges in the appropriate language assessment of culturally and
Online with a                                                linguistically diverse students.
Manhattan Component                                          Reading Specialist
Consultation for Counselors                                  The K-State Reading Specialist program is accredited by the Kansas State Department of
EDCEP 871 Class # 15558                                      Education and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Educators. Students who
Judith Hughey                                                complete this program are eligible to apply for an endorsement in the Reading Specialist area
Begin Date: 01/17/2012; End Date: 05/04/2012                 from the Kansas Department of Education. Those seeking this endorsement must have completed
Meets 1/19/2012 and 5/3/2012, 4:30–6:55 p.m.                 (or be completing) a master’s degree and hold a valid Kansas Professional teaching license.
344 Bluemont Hall
Where to get answers
Division of Continuing Education                                                                                College of Education                                                          
                                                          University Registrar
the Division of Continuing Education, contact             118 Anderson Hall                                     785-532-5525
the Division at:                                          785-532-6254
1-800-622-2KSU (2578)                                                                                           785-532-5595                                Student Financial Assistance                
                                                          104 Fairchild Hall
                                                                                                                Special Education, Counseling
Division of Continuing Education Student                                           785-532-5541
Visit our website to see information that may             Graduate School                                       Educational Leadership
be helpful to you as a distance student.                  103 Fairchild Hall                                    Educational Administration: 785-532-5535
                                                          785-532-6191 or 1-800-651-1816                        Adult Education: 785-532-5535
newsletter.shtml                                                                                                Curriculum and Instruction
                                                          Hale Library                                          785-532-5550
are available online at:   
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                                                          214 Hale Library
Check out our Giveaway Website:                           1-800-865-6143 or 785-532-7722                        State Department of Education           
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                                                                                                                Kansas State Department of Education
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individuals committed to serving you.

Registration and other information
Admission                                                 Tuition and Fees                                      Student Services for Distance Students
Formal admission to Kansas State University               Statements of account are no longer mailed to         DCE is committed to aiding students in fur-
is not required for students to enroll in classes         students. An e-mail notice will be sent to your       thering their education. Students from around
                                                          campus e-mail account informing you that your         Kansas and around the world can gain credit
Education. Students may enroll as a nondegree-            eBill is available for viewing. Payment is due the    from K-State. K-State utilizes the web and other
seeking student and take a limited number of              15th of the month after you receive your eBill.       delivery options to provide a high-quality, cost-
credits. You may enroll as a nondegree-seeking            Any balance due not paid by the due date will
student through the DCE website: www.dce.                 be assessed a 1.5% default charge. For more           student services website was created to address the You will proceed through the         information about billing and your eBill, go          most common issues students have. Visit www.
                                                          to                      to learn more
appropriate form when you have completed your                                                                   about what a distance student must consider,
class interest list.                                      iSIS – Student Information System
                                                          iSIS is K-State’s student information system.         to distance students, enrollment information, poli-
K-State eIDs                                              You can access your academic information and          cies and procedures, ordering textbooks, and your
K-State requires that all students obtain an eID          manage some of your university business by using      access to the K-State campus.
(electronic identity). K-State’s eID provides             iSIS. Features available include updating your
access to all electronic resources for which you          address, ordering and purchasing a transcript,
are authorized. For more information about the
eID, to register for your eID, or to activate your        is available to you at You
existing eID, go to If you           will need to use your eID to access your account.
need additional assistance, contact the K-State IT        If you need help, please call 1-800-865-6143.         Notice of Nondiscrimination
Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or 800-865-6143 or                                                                    Kansas State University is committed to nondiscrimination Remember to protect your                                                                  on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin, sex,
                                                          Disability Support Services                           sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, ancestry,
eID by keeping your password current and private.         Kansas State University is committed to provid-       disability, military status, veteran status, or other nonmerit
                                                          ing equal opportunity and access for students         reasons, in admissions, educational programs, or activities
Enrollment                                                with disabilities. A student with a disability who    and employment, including employment of disabled veterans
                                                                                                                and veterans of the Vietnam Era, as required by applicable
Enrollment for DCE classes must be completed              wishes to request accommodations for a credit
                                                                                                                laws and regulations. Responsibility for coordination of
                                              www.                                                         - If you are a current             ing Education should notify the course instructor     VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educa-
student and have an active eID, you may skip the                                                                tion Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
DCE website and enroll directly through your              (, 785-532-6441, or e-mail        Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the
                                                                                                                Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 has been delegated
iSIS self service center,                                                                                                                     -
                                                          to ensure that accommodations can be provided         versity, 214 Anderson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-0124,
                                                          in a timely manner.                                   785-532-6220 or TTY: 785-532-4807.

                                                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage
                                                    1615 Anderson Ave.                                                                           Permit No. 136
                                                    Manhattan, KS 66502                                                                        Manhattan, KS 66502

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Courses for Educators


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Courses for Educators

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