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    Volume 38 issue 7
    september 2011                                                                     1951 - 2011

    2011 Retiree

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                                                                                                    september 2011 | star&shield                      3
                                    Law Enforcement “Brotherhood”
                                    Defined by Retirees

                                             ach and every year, I become more and             is retirees who dedicate their time to help out.
                                             more aware of the difference between the          They don’t have to. There is no personal benefit,
                                             law enforcement profession of yesteryear          no salary, not even a pat on the back. They do it
                                             and today. Specifically, there is a noticeable    because they still have a sense of the brotherhood
                                    difference between retired cops and the “new breed”        of cops, and they are committed to helping law

    Brian Moriguchi                 currently working in this noble profession. It is not
                                    my intention to criticize those currently working,
                                                                                               enforcement and the communities we serve ...
                                                                                               for their entire lives. I give homage to all of our
                                    as many of them are outstanding, dedicated cops.           retirees for their continued support and dedication
             ppOa president         These are simply general observations.                     to PPOA and for their lifelong commitment to
           lieutenant, lasd            It is apparent to me that we have lost the              helping others.
                                    “brotherhood” in our profession. In the past, we              Sadly, we lost two individuals this past year who
                                    worked side by side, watching out for each other,          epitomized the lifelong commitment of retirees. On
                                    and our focus was on putting criminals in jail. Today,     November 27, 2010, retired LASD Chief Al LeBas
                                    criminals are a side note, and we seem to be focused       passed away. He lived 88 years and dedicated his
                                    on attacking one another. We look toward our next          entire adult life to law and order. He was instrumental
                                    promotion and for a coattail to ride upon that still       in the creation of the California Peace Officer
                                    has an inch of space on it. Our focus is on how fast       Memorial in Sacramento, honoring more than 1,400
                                    we can get out of working patrol instead of how fast       officers killed in the line of duty. I always enjoyed
                                    we can get out of the gates of the patrol station to       speaking to Al at the Retiree Roundup in Laughlin
     i give homage to all of        put a bad guy in jail. Back in the day, police work        each year, where we talked about the importance of
                                    was a profession. It actually defined who we were:         integrity and honor in law enforcement and in life
        our retirees for their      protectors of society. Today, it is just a job for many    in general. On May 26, 2011, we lost another dear
           continued support        officers and the focus is on “what’s in it for me.”        friend, Lee Mealy, who authored the Rookies Roost
                                    When did these changes occur? Are these changes            articles in Star & Shield for many years. Lee was also
            and dedication to       real or is it just my perception that has changed as I     a Past President at PPOA and served our members
                                    grow older and more tenured in my career? I don’t          until the very end. We will miss these individuals
          ppOa and for their
                                    have the answer, but I do know I have the utmost           and the many other PPOA members who passed
       lifelong commitment          respect for retirees — not just for their careers in law   away this past year.
                                    enforcement, but also their continued commitment
            to helping others.      to the overall mission of law enforcement.                 RETIREE ISSUES
                                       When I write articles for Star & Shield, I receive          It has been a relatively quiet year in regard to
                                    more responses from retirees than active members.          retiree issues. Many years ago, we successfully
                                    Of course, that could be due to retirees having more       litigated in support of our retirees who were denied
                                    time to read, but I think it is more likely due to         the proper pension compensation due to the
                                    their desire to stay involved and informed about           exclusion of excess vacation buy back for those who
                                    what is going on in the law enforcement profession.
                                    When I ask for volunteers for a specific event, it                                          continued on page 11

                                                                         What’s New?
                                          New Address? New Title? New Assignment? New Beneficiary?

                                                           Keep PPOA Posted! Call the PPOA office at
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4    star&shield | september 2011
                                          Honor in Membership

                                                    re you old enough to recall events from       we continue to do so (even the most stubborn of
                                                    60 years ago? The year was 1951 — a           us) in retirement. But PPOA, as it has grown as an
                                                    man named Harry was president of the          organization, has managed to change the world of
                                                    United States, and the average home           labor and law enforcement in a scope well beyond
                                          price was a mere $9,000 (no joke!). Among the           what you’d expect over six decades.

            Art Reddy                     many events of that year, we had these:                     In terms of contract gains, policies, employee
                                                                                                  rights and legislation, I know of no other police
                                               •	   The term “rock and roll” was coined.          union that can claim a track record nearly as
   ppOa board member                           •	   Jane Seymour was born.                        impressive as that of PPOA. That’s why I’m proud
          lasd retired                         •	   The birth control pill was invented.          to have been a part of this association for nearly                        •	   PPOA was established.                         45 years. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of
                                                                                                  our profession and made a lot of lifelong friends
                                             For the purposes of this article, guess which of     along the way.
                                          these I am most proud to celebrate this year? PPOA,         Speaking of friends, we all lost a good one in Lee
                                          of course!                                              Mealy earlier this year. It’s men like Lee who make
                                             The annual issue of PPOA’s Retiree Report is         the decision to remain a PPOA member so easy. He
                                          always significant to me because of my role as          was not only a PPOA patriarch, but he continued to
                                          the only retired member serving on the Board            provide a service (via his Rookies Roost column)
                                          of Directors. And the 2011 issue is even more           to his fellow members right up until the month he
                                          special because we’re also acknowledging PPOA’s         passed. That’s why it has been an honor to count
                                          60th anniversary.                                       myself among so many dedicated PPOA members
                                              If I tell you that a lot has changed in the last    like Lee. The fact that there is honor in membership
                                          60 years, I’d be stating the obvious. Individually,
                                          we’ve each changed in many ways since 1951, and                                          continued on page 21

                   New Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefits Program

        etired members (especially those with open worker’s compensation claims) will be happy to know that the new Express Scripts Program is
        scheduled to go into effect on October 1, 2011. In a nutshell, this new program looks to be a significant (and much needed) step up from
        the one we’ve been dealing with. Many of my fellow retirees with worker’s compensation prescriptions know exactly what I’m talking about.
        The Express Scripts Program simply gives us better access to the prescriptions we need. The issue of not being able to get prescriptions at
our pharmacies-of-choice will hopefully be alleviated by a more extensive, smoothly run program.
  Here are some points of interest about Express Scripts:
  • More than 50,000 pharmacies in Express Scripts network.
  • Out-of-network pharmacies can be used and will submit billing to Express Scripts.
  • Express Scripts make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable for tens of millions of consumers through employer,
    government and union health plans.
  • Comprehensive list of medications appropriate for work-related injuries.
  • Ability to manage drug utilization at patient, physician, therapy-class or individual medication level.
  • Flexibility to meet your needs and capabilities.
  • First-Fill Program is designed to ensure that prescriptions are filled without delay and claims are handled promptly. It allows for 14-day
    supply of medication prior to claim liability acceptance.
  • Home delivery automation process produces a 99.9% dispensing accuracy rate, compared with 98.3% accuracy rate for retail.
  • Patients can access Express Scripts pharmacists by phone 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
  • More than 94% of Express Scripts Home Delivery users were extremely or very satisfied with their experience and service.
  PPOA would like to thank TRISTAR, the LASD Return-to-Work Unit and the CEO/Risk Management team for working with us on this matter.
PPOA members seeking more information about Express Scripts can call (800) 945-5951 or visit Please
note that all employees with open worker’s compensation claims will receive notice in the mail regarding this program prior to the effective date.

                                                                                                           september 2011 | star&shield               5
Rookies Roost:
Keeping a Proud Tradition Alive
    By Robert Lindsey, PPOA Retired Member

         he Rookies Roost column in Star & Shield has long been the               With that said, Lee will always move behind my words and although they
         pride and joy of PPOA’s retired members because of the vision may not be as eloquent or rugged or masterful as his, they are with the best
         and dedication offered by the late Lee Mealy in sharing the lives of intentions and will always be in reverence to him.
         and times of others. Lee was always a                                                                This first article is simply a thanks if you are
rock — calm, cool and collected. He certainly                                                             reading it, a hello from this Rookie and a fond
intimidated me when I was a rookie. Not because                                                           bewilderment as to how I am so blessed to be able
he ever intended to, but simply because he was                                                            to share the lives of others in such a prominent
a legend when legends were real. I have been                                                              forum. I doubt that I will be politically correct.
asked to pick up where Lee left off, but as we                                                            I am seldom at a loss for cynical words regarding
all know, that is impossible. He is, in my words,                                                         those who would tarnish the reputation of the fin-
“unfollowable.” You might as well ask me to fill in                                                       est Sheriff ’s Department in the world, and I have
for Derek Jeter, and I would have a better chance                                                         little patience for ignorant leadership. Aside from
of success.                                                                                               those haunting issues, my dog Bruno just downed
    Clearly, Lee made the Rookies Roost a                                                                 my onion rings and is headed for the chili cheese
place where we could all go to keep in touch                                                              fries. I wouldn’t mind, but he sleeps in the same
and share a few memories. Between Lee and                                                                 room if you get my drift (or his).
Moon Mullen, there will always be a place that                                                                In closing, I would like to thank President Brian
we can go to revisit old friends, the best of                                                             Moriguchi and Executive Director Paul Roller for
memories and the fondest of times. The Rookies                                                            allowing me the opportunity to place words into
Roost has long been our venue for respecting                                                              sentences designed to make you laugh, cry, chuckle
those we knew and those who left us all                                                                   and likely give you the urge to hunt me down.
too soon.                                                                                                 But rather than hunting me down and hurting
    So here I am, poised in front of my computer,                                                         me more than I ache already, a few short tidbits
retired (and better for it!) but still wondering                                                          of life from you would go a long way in helping

                                                                                                                                                                   photo courteSy of ricardo eScalante
where everybody is and what they are doing. It is                                                         me share information with all of our partners in
with a humble heart and a conscious mind filled                                                           faith, prosperity, retirement and hope. Until next
with memories of Lee’s quest that I place words                                                           time, God bless.
in a column always knowing who still wears the New Rookies Roost author Robert Lindsey shares a               Editor’s Note: PPOA will begin mailing new
size 18 shoe, and it ain’t me. I am certain, as Lee moment with his wife, Kathleen, at his retirement     Rookies Roost surveys to our retired members this
looks down, that he is grinning and probably celebration last June.                                       month. Due to the size of our retired membership
saying, “The rookie could never write a report,                                                           (more than 2,400!) we send our surveys alphabetically,
but now he can finally write an article without me having to use a bottle by last name, one half at a time. Those in the A through L category will receive a
of red ink or a pair of scissors to straighten it out.” Then would come survey by the end of this month, and the second half of the alphabet will receive
something like, “Too bad it took him 32 years to get the hang of it.” Then surveys once we finish printing the feedback from the first half. Please help us
he would throw a sideways grin as if he didn’t think I was looking, and keep the Rookies Roost 30-year tradition alive by completing your survey and
I would dream of red ink for the next month.                                   sending it back to PPOA. Heck, we even pay for the postage.

                 Be a PPOA Delegate. Be in the Know.
                      Attend quarterly dinner meetings • Receive monthly mailings
                                     Keep your coworkers updated
                               If your unit needs a voice and you’re ready to
                             join more than 160 PPOA delegates throughout
                                    the County, call Greg at (800) 747-PPOA.

6    star&shield | september 2011
Why Do I Need Power of Attorney in
My Estate Plan?
 By Graham Hawley, United Estate Planning (PPOA-endorsed vendor)
DURablE PowER of aTToRnEy                                                     The agent is required to act in your best interest, maintain accurate

                hen a person becomes incapacitated, the government or      records, keep properties intact and avoid conflicts of interest.
                the courts can appoint a conservator to make decisions        The essence of a Durable Power of Attorney is self-control, free of
                for you. These proceedings for incapacitated persons       government or court control. You determine the legal authority acting
                are almost always undesirable. You have no choice          on your behalf.
who may be appointed to handle your financial affairs, and your
affairs will be exposed to the public, which most people prefer to         DURablE PowER of aTToRnEy foR HEalTH CaRE
keep private.                                                                  A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care allows you to designate
   One of the ways to avoid government intervention, court intervention    an agent to make important health care decisions for you in accordance
and/or the appointment of a complete stranger acting on your behalf        with your wishes. You may give the agent broad powers or you may
as your conservator is to nominate your own Durable Power of               limit his or her powers to certain acts.
Attorney agent.                                                                Similar to the financial durable power of attorney, you give the agent
   A Durable Power of Attorney is a written document stating that one      power to make health-related decisions on your behalf.
person gives to another person the full power and authority to represent       Your agent is obligated to act in accordance with your religious,
him or her. The document is signed and notarized. This person is called    moral and other legal requests.
your agent or your attorney in fact.                                           Your agent’s authority begins when your doctor certifies that you
   Generally your agent has the power to handle all of your finances if    lack the competence to make health care decisions on your own behalf.
you are unable to do so on your own. You may want to give your agent           You must be more than 18 years of age to sign a valid Health
the authority to do some of the following:                                 Care Directive. Your state of mind is also very important; you must
   • Use your assets to pay your everyday expenses.                        understand the nature and the purpose of this document and know its
   • Buy, sell, maintain and pay taxes on mortgages, real estate and       contents and how it is going to operate.
     other properties.                                                         This document is signed by the person who creates the document
   • Collect Social Security, Medicare and other                           and then notarized by a notary public.
     government benefits.                                                      A living will or an advanced directive is a document in which
   • Handle transactions with banks and other                              you state in advance your wishes with regard to medical treatment,
     financial institutions.                                               life sustaining treatment or to decline treatment. In case of a
   • File and pay taxes.                                                   terminal illness or incapacitation, you may also authorize or decline
   • Operate your small business.                                          organ donations.
   • Claims and litigations.                                                   The living will is a valuable tool. Always select someone who
   • Transfer properties to a trust already created.                       understands your wishes, can convey your wishes and can advocate for
   • Manage your retirement account.                                       your health care under the authority you have granted them.

                      Important                Websites for Retirees                                                    
      L.A. County Sheriff’s Department               Fraternal Order of Police                       POPA Federal Credit Union                                            
      L.A. County District Attorney’s Office         Retired Employees of L.A. County                L.A. County Professional Peace
                                                                                                     Officers Association                       
      LACERA                                         U.S. government resources             
                                                                                                     California Peace Officers’ Memorial                                            Foundation
      Sheriffs’ Relief Association                   Extensive information for retired

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PPOA Retiree Dissects Progression and
Possible Future of Community “Policing”
    By Dale J. Peroutka, J.D. (LASD ret. 1988)

           ccording to, “Community policing is a philosophy             a step or two further: How would community probation work? Or, how
           that promotes organizational strategies, which support the               would community parole or possibly even community corrections work? 
           systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques,              Let’s take the most critical problem first, that of community corrections.
           to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to        The federal courts have dictated that California prisons must reduce their
public safety issues, such as crime, social disorder, and fear.”                    prisoner population by approximately 35,000 inmates. The recidivism rate
   There are more than 9,500 different police and sheriff ’s departments in         in California is estimated at approximately 75%. These inmates will rejoin
the United States. Some commentators have asserted that there are nearly            their communities with a record as a convicted felon, with little or no future
as many different community policing programs. A large number of such               of meaningful employment, and very probably a return to the environment
partnerships have continued to be successful, while others are discarded.           of what contributed to their criminal violations in the first place. To urge
   The obvious reason for the change to community policing philosophy               that these inmates will be successfully integrated into their communities and
is that law enforcement finally understood what did not work. The                   that they will be positively contributing members, see the above definition
emphasis was on prior failures and disjointed efforts to solve and/or               of insanity. The parameters of this community prisons concept will need
prevent crime. As good as law enforcement was then and is  today, if                to be ascertained and applied. But it is asserted that the needs of viable
we continue to stop, search, investigate and arrest criminals as well as            employment, housing and training/education must be developed by and
we do, one could make the argument that there shouldn’t be any more                 within the community. A streamlined partnership with the community and
criminals on the street, i.e., they’re all in jail or prison. It is clear that we   ex-convict with economic and sociological benefits to both should do much
know this theory is not true. The prior procedure/process of us telling             to decrease the present recidivism rate.
the community what their problems are and how we will solve them was                   Obviously, money is always an issue. To argue that there is no money
also unsuccessful. Crime continues.                                                 available in our government or community is patently false. There are funds
   Today, via the concepts of community policing, most of American law              available to pay the horrible costs of crime after the fact; a proactive approach
enforcement is developing systems to expand and utilize communication               should indicate that there are funds available before the crime. Substantial
and input from communities on the issues of what they, the community,               tax benefits could proactively encourage businesses to train or educate
think they want and need. After all, the theory is we are there to protect          these returning citizens to their communities. Federal and state grants could
and serve, not dictate what their problems and solutions are.                       be made available to the communities to assist in this concept. A futuristic
   Moreover, the entire Criminal Justice system, including the courts,              idea is based upon the veterans’ benefit for owning a home; perhaps a similar
probation, parole and prisons are, in many ways, still contributing to and          approach would work for the returning inmates, which would make them a
dictating to the communities the major issues and ineffective solutions             viable and creditable member of the community (with the community, state
to the problems of crime. If the present system was successful or had a             or federal government retaining conditional ownership until the parolee’s
possible future of being successful, our families, neighbors and friends            successful completion of the conditions of his or her parole and release).
could walk the streets at night without fear and without being armed. That             The same argument could easily be made for community probation
freedom, that sense of confidence and well-being, is simply not occurring           with an emphasis on greater community involvement with the probation
in the United States.                                                               department. The emphasis is, again, on money. Tax benefits and/or grants or
   Alright, but then what? One definition of insanity is that if one performs       loans should be made available to employers for employment of probationers.
an identical action repetitively, one should expect a different result. It is       An integral part of this community probation would be the financial benefits
submitted that the Criminal Justice system is performing an identical               to both sides of the partnership.
action repetitively.                                                                   A comparison of other countries with a much lower crime rate, such as
   It is viewed by many progressive Criminal Justice thinkers that                  Japan, is that of public “shaming.” Some community newspapers, such as
community policing is a viable and workable future. Let’s take that thought         the Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Herold Times Reporter, frequently publicize the
                                                                                    names of all arrests and citations and even parking tickets. Would a normally
                                                                                    credible citizen want to see his/her name in the newspapers as being on parole
                                                                                    or probation? Might this idea have an effect on our crime rate?
                                                                                       To summarize, the present Criminal Justice System simply is not
                                                                                    progressive in solving the crime rate of our communities. While overall crime
                                                                                    has somewhat stabilized, a crime has terrible, even deadly consequences for
                                                                                    the people we are supposed to “protect and serve.” The above comments are
                                                                                    intended to furnish a foundation for thought, discussion and planning to
                                                                                    remove the “insanity” we are mired in and to provide a more viable and safe
                                                                                    future for our communities.

                                                                                       Dale J. Peroutka is a longtime member of PPOA and Police Futurists
                                                                                    International. He retired from the Sheriff ’s Department as a sergeant in 1988
                                                                                    and later received his Juris Doctorate. He currently teaches college level Criminal
                                                                                    Justice subjects.

8     star&shield | september 2011
                                                    Top 10 Lists for Retirement
                                                     Destinations in the U.S.
                                      Being that PPOA has retired members living in 40 states, we are regularly intrigued by the destinations they
                                           choose and the reasons for doing so. Here are a few considerations that also piqued our interest.

                                                                   Top 10 Affordable Cities for Retirement

                                      •	    Winchester, Virginia                                           •	   Cheyenne, Wyoming

                                      •	    Portland, Maine                                                •	   Columbus, Indiana

                                      •	    Gainesville, Georgia                                           •	   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

                                      •	    Wenatchee, Washington                                          •	   Ithaca, New York

                                      •	    Tulsa, Oklahoma                                                •	   Midland, Texas

                                                                                             Source: AARP
                                                           Criteria includes: Property and sale tax rates, housing prices, cost of living and
                                                                               tax rates on pensions and social security.

                                                            Top 10 Tax-Friendly States for Retirees in 2011

                                      •	    Wyoming                                                        •	   Georgia

                                      •	    Mississippi                                                    •	   Oklahoma

                                      •	    Pennsylvania                                                   •	   South Carolina

                                      •	    Kentucky                                                       •	   Delaware

                                      •	    Alabama                                                        •	   Louisiana

                                             Criteria includes: Tax rates and exemptions. All states above exempt Social Security benefits from state income
                                           taxes and many exclude government and military pensions from income taxes. Some offer blanket exclusions up to
                                                                     a specific dollar amount for a wide variety of retirement income.

                                                                        Top 10 Retirement Towns of 2011
photo: GerGo orban/

                                      •	    Georgetown, Texas                                              •	   Fort Collins, Colorado

                                      •	    Burlington, Vermont                                            •	   Tucson, Arizona

                                      •	    Portland, Oregon                                               •	   Lafayette, Indiana

                                      •	    St. Petersburg, Florida                                        •	   St. George, Utah

                                      •	    Beaufort, South Carolina                                       •	   Fayetteville, Arkansas

                                            Criteria includes: Affordability, climate, culture, recreation, public transportation and educational opportunities.

                                                                                                                                   september 2011 | star&shield    9
     Retiree Events
office of Public Safety Reunion luncheon                            l.a. County Retired Deputies
September 22, 2011                                                  First Wednesday of each month
Proud Bird Restaurant                                               Carrows, Hesperia
11022 Aviation Blvd., Los Angeles                                   11:00 a.m.
Info: RSVP to Carl Moore, (213) 718-1567 or                                             Desert Heat lunch
                                                                    Second Wednesday of each month
8th annual PPoa Retiree luncheon                                    Elks Club, Lake Havasu
October 5, 2011
Sheraton Fairplex, Pomona                                           The Motherlode loafers
Free for retired PPOA members and spouses.                          Second Wednesday of each month
RSVP by Sept. 26th: (323) 261-3010 (See page 13)                    Location varies among Grass Valley restaurants
RElaC RV Campout
October 31-November 2                                               Retired Deputies in las Vegas
Shadow Hills Resort, Indio                                          Third Wednesday of each month
Info:                                                 Blue Ox Tavern on Sahara
                                                                    12:00 p.m.
l.a. County Retired Marshals lunch                                  Info: Tony Silas, (702) 251-8088
November 2, 2011
Hometown Cafe, Cerritos                                             Compton alumni association
                                                                    Third Wednesday of each month
laSD Class 151                                                      Crystal Hotel & Casino
Possible 40th Reunion in October 2011                               12:00 p.m.
Info: Sue Tyler,
                                                                    Santa Clarita area Retired Sheriff’s
laSD Class 155                                                      Personnel Quarterly luncheon
September 2012 (exact date TBD)                                     Second Thursday in February, May, August and November
Bend, Oregon                                                        Tournament Players Club restaurant, Valencia
Info: All those in 6th platoon, please contact                      11:30 a.m.
Cathy Renner, (541) 388-4686 or                Info:

lakewood RoMEos luncheons                                           firestone Station Retirees lunch
Second Monday of each month                                         (others welcome, Too)
                                                                    Fourth Thursday of each month
los angeles Retired Deputy Sheriffs (laRDS)                         11:00 a.m.
Second Monday of each month                                         Maggie’s Pub, Santa Fe Springs
Bella Italia Restaurant, San Gabriel (across from Northwoods Inn)   Info: or Jack at
11:30 a.m./$10.00
                                                                    antelope Valley Retirees
wuzz fuzz/Victor Valley                                             Last Friday of every month
Second Tuesday of each month                                        Carrows on Avenue K, Lancaster
Hometown Buffet, Victorville                                        7:00 a.m.
7:30 a.m.                                                           Info: Carlos Valdez, (661) 943-0125 or

Retired D.a. Investigators lunch                                    fuzz That wuzz/Central California
First Wednesday of each month                                       Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
Frantone’s, 10808 Alondra Boulevard, Cerritos                       Info: Walt Scheuerell, (559) 683-6320 or
11:00 a.m.
Info: Wes English, (714) 962-5862                                   northern Sierra Retirees
                                                                    Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
Inland Empire old Guys                                              Info: Drake Robles,
First Wednesday of each month
B.C. Café, Rancho Cucamonga                                         Deputies-on-The-Go Travel Group
11:30 a.m.                                                          Info: Pete Moreno, (909) 941-4416 or
Info: Dock Parnell, (909) 981-6217

10   star&shield | september 2011
continued from page 4

used any 4850 time during their careers. As a result of this litigation, many    health care both nationally and locally in California. There is no doubt
of our retirees were able to increase their retirement by up to 8 percent,       that we have good retiree health care, and there is no doubt that the cost
including some back pay for the many years of deprivation of their proper        of health care is rising. But, WE EARNED IT AND DESERVE IT! Retirees
pension. We have handled many cases this past year and improved the              have sacrificed a great deal, including their well being and health, and have
pensions of more than 100 retirees. If you believe you may be entitled to        dedicated their lives in support and protection of all people from ruthless
compensation (i.e., used 4850 time, had excess vacation time on the books        and dangerous criminals who would otherwise prey upon them. For risking
when you retired and was denied buy-back for the excess time), please            our lives and faithfully serving our communities for many decades, it
contact me and I will follow up on your behalf.                                  is completely reasonable and absolutely appropriate that we receive fair
   I am fortunate to work closely with the retiree representative on the         medical care and reasonable pensions. There are many who are attacking
PPOA Board of Directors, Art Reddy. Art and I regularly discuss retiree          our pensions and benefits using these tough economic times to fuel the fire.
issues and take proactive steps to resolve these issues. Last year, many         PPOA remains vigilant and will actively defend the benefits afforded our
retirees had difficulty dealing with Tristar or Corvel on medical claims. Art    members through fair and equitable negotiations. We will fight to protect
and I met with Tristar and LASD Risk Management personnel to address             LACERA and our pension system in order to ensure it can survive and
individual retiree issues and have successfully resolved many of them.           provide for our retirees of today and the future.
Of course, not all of them are resolved in favor of our members, but we             I hope all of you are enjoying retirement, and I can’t thank you enough
have certainly improved the service and accountability of Tristar for our        for your continued support of PPOA. I just hope that future retirees
members. This year, we focused on complaints about denials of prescription       will understand the importance of PPOA and the brotherhood of law
drugs in which many retirees were being denied their previously approved         enforcement for both active members and retirees. Take care.
prescriptions and ordered to go to specific pharmacies to obtain their
prescriptions. Again, we brought this to the attention of Tristar and the
LASD, and we are happy to see that they have decided to terminate their                   Connect with
relationship with the prescription drug company that administered the                 “L.A. County PPOA”
program. You can read about the new program elsewhere in this issue of
Star & Shield.
                                                                                        on Facebook for
   Speaking of Art, he is the chairperson of the PPOA legislative committee         news, updates and special
and is active in our legislative endorsements and political action activities.               offers.
One of the key areas we are anticipating for the upcoming year is attacks on        FACEBOOK.COM/LAPPOA
retiree health care. You have certainly read about efforts to reduce retiree


                                                                                                                september 2011 | star&shield               11
     District Attorney’s                                                                   Whom to Call When
     Office Promotions                                                                       a Spouse Dies
                           Congratulations to the
                                                                                    When a spouse dies, the last thing you need is confusion
                           following PPOA members on                                about whom to contact. Keep this list in your files. The
                           their recent promotions:                                 order in which you place the calls is not important.

                                                                                            •   PPOA: (800) 747-7762 
                                                                                            •   Sheriffs’ Relief: (800) 544-4772 
                   Pat McPherson, Captain
                                                                                            •   LACERA: (800) 786-6464 
                                                                                            •   Social Security Administration: (800) 772-1213 
                                                                                            •   Department of Veteran Affairs: (800) 827-1000
                   Jesus Gomez, Lieutenant                                                  •   POPA Federal Credit Union: (800) 369-7672 
                                                                                            •   Banks and credit unions
               Rogelio Maldonado, Lieutenant                                                •   Insurance companies 
                                                                                            •   Auto registration and insurance 
                                                                                            •   Utility bills 
                 James B. Smith, Lieutenant                                                 •   Credit cards and loan companies 
                                                                                            •   Church 
        Christopher Briggs, Supervising Investigator                                        •   Mortgage company

                                                                                    Don’t forget to call extended and distant family members
      Laurie Devine-Knieriem, Supervising Investigator                              and friends as well. If you are simply too overwhelmed,
                                                                                    you can avoid hurting others’ feelings by asking someone
           Karen Pewitt, Supervising Investigator                                   to do this for you. PPOA

                       Here Are 500 Reasons
                        Why It Pays to Read

                                                                    Cash is great, but our giveaways aren’t
     Five $100 prizes                                               the only reasons to read Star & Shield.

     Members who find the hidden symbol in Star & Shield               Each issue gives you the latest information on
     and register through our website (
     by the end of this month will be entered                         • Contract negotiations                         • Hot topics on the job
     into a drawing for one of five $100 prizes.                      • Benefit changes                               • Association news
     The hidden symbol is:                                            • Retirement considerations                     • Upcoming events

                                        This giveaway is open to PPOA members only. You must be 18 or older to win.

12   star&shield | september 2011
                            8th Annual
 PPOA Retiree Luncheon
    october 5, 2011
       Sheraton Fairplex
601 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona
        12 p.m. – 2 p.m.
 FREE for retired PPOA member
         and one guest.
    Free gifts and drawings!
 RSVP required by September 26.
       (800) 747-PPOA or

                                         september 2011 | star&shield   13
Exploring the Benefits and Considerations
That Come with Charitable Giving
 By Reza Bahari-Mehr, Senior Wealth Management Group (PPOA-Endorsed Vendor)

     hope all is well and you are having lots fun in retirement. I want to       are Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) and Charitable
     touch on a subject that I am very passionate about. At one point or         Remainder Unitrust (CRUT). A CRAT pays the donor a stable income
     another, most of us have either been directly involved with a charitable    with a set dollar amount over the life of the trust. For example, if you
     organization or have had the fortune of giving money to different           create a $100,000 CRAT for 20 years, you will receive a fixed income of
causes. Philanthropy is not just for the super wealthy and famous. As a          $5,000 per year and it will never fluctuate. If you opt for a Charitable
matter of fact, most people give without expecting recognition, and it is a      Remainder Unitrust (CRUT), you will receive a fixed percentage amount
great feeling to know that you have made a positive difference in someone’s      of at least 5 percent. At the beginning of each year, the value of the trust
life. Think about the last time you volunteered for a worthy event or you        is determined and your payout could be higher or lower depending on
were able to lend a hand when someone needed it the most.                        the value and market performance. Both options are good and neither is
    You all know the amount of work PPOA does for its members as well as         better than the other.
different events that the association coordinates to raise money for worthy
causes. The first one that comes to mind is the annual golf tournament that      How Do I CHooSE?
generates much-needed support for families of fallen officers. I would really       There are a few factors that will go into determining the best choice for
like you to consider the Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation       an individual. Your life expectancy, future and present financial needs,
as a destination for your charitable gifts. I believe that if you are going to   risk tolerance, the type of asset, future contributions, and finally, your tax
give a sizable dollar amount, you also need to take full advantage of all tax    bracket are some of the factors that need to be measured so you and your
discounts that could be associated with it.                                      chosen charity can maximize the range of benefits.

aVaIlablE VEHIClES                                                               Tax bREakS
   Charitable Remainder Trusts, also known as CRT’s, have been                     Another advantage of the Charitable Remainder Trust is that the profit
a popular vehicle for many donors. Two of the most effective CRT’s               generated from the trust is not subjected to the capital gains tax, since you

                                                                                    KRISTOF & KRISTOF
           Global Rings        J E W E L R Y                                                    Attorneys At Law
     We have all your fine jewelry needs.                                            626-535-9445 or 800-535-5715
               All jewelry priced with integrity.
        Visit our store before you leave the building!
                                              Owned and operated by
                                      active LASD Reserve Deputy Billy Lulo                          1122 East Green Street
                                       40 -70% Discount to Loose Diamonds                             Pasadena, CA 91106
                                       All Law Enforcement     available
                                             Personnel        in all sizes
                                                                                                      Our Practice Areas:
                                              550 South Hill St.
                                                   Suite 920                          Estate, Trust & Tax                       Will & Trust
                                            Los Angeles CA 90013                           Planning                              Litigation
                                               (213) 623-3313
         Working with members                Fax: (213) 623-1274
                                                                                        Conservatorships                   Powers of Attorney
      from Sheriffs’ Relief, LAPPL,
           PPOA & LAAPOA                                                                  Guardianships                         Fiduciary
                                                     Probate & Trust                     Protection From
                    Safe and secure online ordering
                                                                                         Administration                        Elder Abuse

14    star&shield | september 2011
are benefiting your charity. The charitable trust can be exceptionally useful
when it comes to assets that are highly appreciated but have limited potential
for producing income. In avoiding capital gains taxation, more of your money
will go to your charity and not the government. You can also get a deduction
on your income tax because your Charitable Remainder Trust supports a
charitable cause. Also, the compromise tax bill (“Tax Relief, Unemployment
Insurance Authorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010”) extends until
December 31, 2011, a provision know as the “Charitable IRA Rollover,”
which allows taxpayers age 70.5 or older to make tax-free transfers (of up to
$100,000 per year) directly from their IRA to charities. IRS code section 664
lists the requirements a trust must meet in order to qualify as a Charitable
Remainder Trust.
    If you are interested in setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust,
please call PPOA at (800) 747-PPOA and allow us to serve you. We will
do our best to create a legacy for you and your family. In closing, I want
to say thank you for your ongoing support, and I wish you all a healthy
life filled with success.
     “To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the
affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the
betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave
the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed
social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have
lived, THIS is to have succeeded.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

                 Visit our website at

   Maher Al-Bouz, D.D.S.
                                                                       In Honor of the Men and Women Who Serve and Protect our Cities
                                                                       • Biodentistry                         • Root Canal Therapy
                                                                       • Comprehensive Dental                 • Dentures & Partials
                                                                         & Emergency Care                     • Crowns & Bridges
                                                                       • Lumineer & Traditional Veneers       • Orthodontics
                                                                       • Invisalign                           • Pediatric Dentistry
                                                                       • Bonding & Tooth-Colored Fillings     • Dental Implants
                                                                • All dental specialists under one roof
   639 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite A             22062 Ventura Blvd.
   San Dimas, CA 91773                        Woodland Hills, CA 91364
   (909) 599-2029                             (818) 676-1485                                                    FREE
                                                                                                          Teeth Whitening for
   Delta, Anthem Blue Cross and Most Insurance Plans Accepted.
   *Special pricing for all services not covered under insurance.                                          Law Enforcement
   Financing Available                                                                                      personnel and
                                                                                                             their families.

                                                                                                            (one per household)

                                                                                                              september 2011 | star&shield   15
                                   Scenes from the
                       2011 LASD Roundup
                                                                             in Laughlin
                                           PPOA was once again
                                           proud to join nearly
                                           800 retirees at the LASD
                                           Roundup in Laughlin,
                                           Nevada. As always, we
                                           are grateful to all the
                                           retirees who came from
                                                                            Art Reddy, Phil Katz, Paul Roller, Richard Shockor
                                           near and far to share their
                                           highly embellished war
                                           stories. Special thanks
                                           to Moon Mullen and his
                                           staff for orchestrating a
                                           memorable event, year
                                           after year.           PPOA
                                                                            Donald Stotts, Tom Ewens, Joe Barrett, Robert Braman
      photoS courteSy of GreG torreS

                                                                                                          Robert Olmsted, Roosevelt Blow
                                       Ron Abbott, George Rose, Jack Holt

16   star&shield | september 2011
 Greg Young, Al Kopperud, Robert McCarty

                                                                           Nancy Malone, Joseph Raffa, Bob Malone

 Bob Welch, Tom Ewens                               Ed Propersi, Bill McSweeney, Ron Wallach

                                                                                                    Brian Moriguchi, Harry Penny

 Al Kopperud, Richard Orosco          Leon Brown, Sally Harwell, Terry Black, Maria Burwell

                                                                                                    Pete Finnigan, John Spiller

Walt Johnston, Frank Linley                                     Roger Wilson, Tom Vetter
                                                                                                    september 2011 | star&shield   17
                                                  STANDARD CCW RENEWAL
        In an effort to better serve Sheriff’s Department retirees, the renewal               Once we have received all of the necessary information from you,
     application to carry a concealed weapon is printed below and can also                 we will schedule an appointment. You will need to bring your expiring
     be found at For those retirees living a great distance                  ID/CCW with you to your appointment, as we will collect it. A new
     from our Employee Service Center in Monterey Park, California, you                    ID/CCW will be issued  to you on your appointment date. In rare
     may renew your CCW by mail.                                                           cases, an investigation may be required prior to the renewal of an
        The renewal-by-mail process takes approximately two weeks. During                  ID/CCW. Should you have any questions,  please call the Employee
     that time, you will be without your ID/CCW. Please print and complete                 Service Center.
     the  application below. Mail the completed application, along with
     your expiring ID/CCW, to:                                                             Retiree Qualification Procedures
                                                                                              The purpose of this bulletin is to inform retired LASD sworn person-
       Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department                                             nel of the current Department procedures to certify them under the
       Employee Service Center                                                             Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004. This federal law allows
       101 Centre Plaza Drive                                                              honorably retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm
       Monterey Park, California 91754                                                     nationwide, but requires  annual proficiency certification. The LASD
                                                                                           Weapons Training Unit has developed a firearms test for those retired
        For our retirees within driving distance of the Employee Service                   members who wish to take advantage of the privileges afforded to
     Center, you may call our main number, (323) 526-5500, to schedule                     them under the new law.
     a same-day appointment.
        When you call the Employee Service Center, one of our representatives   Annual Qualification
     will ask you all of the questions on the application. (It may benefit you      The Department firearms proficiency test for retirees assesses
     to print the application and complete it prior to your call.)              general firearms safety and proficiency in handling and firing weapons.
                                                                                               It is available to any retired LASD deputy who retired in
                                                                                               good standing. California residency is not required. The
                 Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department                                       test can be administered daily, by appointment, at the
                        Retirement ID and CCW Renewal Information Sheet
                                                                                               Biscailuz Pistol Range. The primary purpose for making
                                        Employee Service Center                                appointments is to ensure that the range is operating
                                          101 Centre Plaza Drive                               and that personnel are available to accommodate
                                        Monterey Park, Ca 91754
                                Main (323) 526-5500    Fax (323) 981-5925                      retirees when they arrive.
                                  E-Mail:                                Call (323) 267-2730 to schedule an appointment.
                                                                                               Retired personnel who successfully complete the
               CCW                                       Expiration Date:                      H.R. 218 firearms proficiency test will immediately be
       Last Name                                                First Name               M     issued a certification card, valid for one year from
                                                                                               the date of certification. This card must be carried
              Employee Number                 Social Security Number       Date of Birth       with the retiree’s Department identification.

                Driver’s License     State         Rank at Retirement           Retired from what Dept    Additional Information
                                                                                                              • The Sheriff has directed that the firearms proficiency
              Sex             Race           Ht           Wt                Eyes             Hair         test and annual certification be provided at no cost to
                                                                                                          LASD retirees. You will be able to purchase .38, .45 or
       Street Address                                                                                     9mm ammunition at the range. For other calibers, you
                                                                                                          will need to bring your own ammunition.
       City                                                             State   Zip Code                      • Retirees who do not wish to carry a concealed
                                                                                                          firearm outside of California do not have to qualify
       Home Phone                                            W ork or Cell                                under the federal law. However, if they wish to continue
                                                                                                          carrying in California, they must renew their CCW
       Comm ents:                                                                                         permit as currently required.
                                                                                                              • Currently, we can only certify those LASD retirees
                                                                                                          who can report to the Biscailuz Pistol Range to be tested.
                                                                                                          It is anticipated that, in the future, additional agencies
                                                                                                          statewide will be able to certify LASD personnel.
                                                                                                              • H.R. 218 allows for LASD retirees living in other
                                                                                                          states to be certified by that state if the state offers
                                                                                                          such a test. Retirees living out of state should contact
                                                                                                          their local law enforcement agency to determine if such
                                                                                                          a test is available.
                                                                                                              Any questions regarding the contents of this bulletin
                                                                                                          may be directed to the LASD Leadership and Training
                                                                                                          Division at (323) 526-5375.

18     star&shield | september 2011
                                 Mystery Photos
 I Remember That Guy! That’s “What’s-His-Name!”
PPoa has an impressive collection of photos dating back to its inception 60 years ago. but rather than go back THaT far, here is
a handful of photos from the last 20 years to help you gauge how sharp your memory is. look closely to see how many of these
subjects you can identify. names are listed at the bottom of the page. PPOA

            Top left: Denny Carroll, Bob Mallon, Dave Bauchop, Vic Garcia. Middle left: Bill Kupper, Duane Harris, Janet Williams,
            Dale Schirman, Bill Sieber. Bottom left: Roger Mayberry, Luther Russell, J.R. Wagnon. Top right: Sherman Block, Phil Katz,
             John Fleming. Middle right: Kenneth Allen, Charles Wood, Gus Carlton. Bottom right: Ed Propersi, Gary Lyon, George Rose.

                                                                                                            september 2011 | star&shield   19
                                  FOP H.R. 218 Legal Defense Plan
        Thanks to PPOA’s affiliation with the Fraternal Order of Police        FOP membership (approximately $1 per month) is required in order
     (FOP), our retired members are eligible to enroll in the FOP H.R.         to enroll in this plan.
     218 Legal Defense Plan. This plan provides coverage for civil and            For more information about the FOP plan, contact Roger Mayberry
     criminal claims associated with H.R. 218. The annual coverage limit       at, Bill Westermann at
     is $15,000, at a cost of $50 annually per participant. Please note that   or Hylant Group at (800) 341-6038.

20    star&shield | september 2011
continued from page 5
                                                                                      Project LeAD —
may be lost on the few who don’t appreciate the many ways that PPOA has
improved our careers (and lives) as peace officers, but the fact that more than
                                                                                   Preparing Children to
2,400 retirees proudly maintain their PPOA membership says more than               Make the Right Choices
enough for me.
    Thousands of L.A. County retirees consider PPOA to be part of the
extended family that is the Sheriff ’s Department, District Attorney’s
Office or Marshal’s Office. We’re proud to stick together and support
each other, not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do.
    On the business front, there is some good news to report to PPOA
retirees. By now, most of you know that PPOA has been working with the
County in an effort to address issues with our prescription plan. Rather
than rehash the many problems we encountered with our current plan, I
am happy to announce that the County agreed to change contract services
and procedures (more evidence that PPOA continues to affect positive
change for retirees!). The new Pharmacy Benefit Management Program
is scheduled to go into effect on October 1, 2011, and all employees with
open worker’s compensation claims will receive notice in the mail prior
                                                                                   l.a. County District attorney Steve Cooley acknowledges
to the effective date. Please see the chart on page 6 for more details on
                                                                                   Sergeant Tony Romo for his service as a Project lEaD (legal
the program.                                                                       Enrichment and Decision-Making) facilitator. The annual pro-
    Thank you again to all of PPOA’s retired members. Through your                 gram, coordinated by the D.a.’s office, is designed to help
PPOA membership, you’ve all contributed to an honorable legacy. The                volunteers better prepare children to make the right choices
young members who join PPOA each year are benefiting from that legacy,             in life. In all, more than 24,000 children have competed the
whether they know it or not. Their careers are better for it, their families       Project lEaD curriculum since 1993.
are better protected and their retirement, one day, will be as rewarding,
if not more so, than ours.                                                         This program is currently accepting facilitator applications for
    And finally, I’ll leave you with a quote I heard the other day:                the 2011-2012 school year. The deadline to apply is September
“Retirement means no pressure, no stress, no heartache. Unless you                 30, 2011. for more information, please call (213) 974-7401. PPOA
play golf.”

               D.A. Reunion                                                            DMV Confidentiality
                                                                                  Retired LASD peace officers with California driver’s licenses
                                                                                  are eligible to receive DMV confidentiality of home address
                                                                                  indefinitely. To request DMV confidentiality of home address,
                                                                                  obtain form INV-32 by contacting:

                                                                                    L.A. County Sheriff’s Department
                                                                                    Personnel Administration, Processing Unit
                                                                                    101 Centre Plaza Drive
                                                                                    Monterey Park, California 91754
                                                                                    Attn: DMV Confidentiality Coordinator
                                                                                    (323) 526-5437 — Anna Calderon
                                                                                    (323) 526-5500 — Main Line Personnel

                                                                                  Please note that INV-32 forms are no longer available for pickup
                                                                                  at local DMV offices. They are now available only through the
                                                                                  above contact information.
     Retired D.A. Investigators met for their annual reunion in Las
     Vegas, and we have a photo to prove it! The retirees gathered at the         Qualifying retirees should always complete their own personal
     Sun Coast Hotel on April 27th. Hershel Aron (ret. 1991) was kind             information regardless of the request. The employment
     enough to share a group photo from the occasion.                             verification section of the INV-32 form should be left blank; it
                                                                                   will be filled out by Personnel. In the job title section, write
     Front Row (left to right): Bill Burnett, Hershel Aron. Second Row:           “retired” and your former position. In the badge number
     Bill Sheaffer, Tony Patchett, Howard Wheeler, Jim Van Lueven, Ron            section, enter your former employee number. Completed
     Tevere. Back Row: Mel Wesson, Wes English, Fred Willis, Al Hickock,          request forms for DMV confidentiality of home address should
     Oscar Mims, Al Layne.                                                        be mailed to the LASD Personnel address listed above. PPOA

                                                                                                            september 2011 | star&shield              21
                                    PPoa Monthly Dues
                                    as of Jan. 1, 2011
                                    (based on 1% of top step salary)

                                    Unit 612 (Sheriff, D.a.)
                                    Sergeant & Above                     $79.71
                                    Supv. Inv. D.A. & Above              $79.71

                                    Unit 614 (Coroner/Sheriff)
                                    Criminalist                          $60.62
                                    Criminalist Lab Tech.                $40.76
                                    Forensic ID Spec. I                  $57.42
                                    Forensic ID Spec. II                 $69.43
                                    Senior Criminalist                   $79.71

                                    Unit 621 (Sheriff)
                                    Civilian Investigator                $58.57
                                    Court Services Spec.                 $37.89
                                    Crime Analyst                        $57.14
                                    Custody Assistant                    $46.34
                                    Law Enforcement Tech.                $41.98
                                    Public Response Dispatcher I         $41.88
                                    Public Response Dispatcher II        $49.28
                                    Public Resp. Dispatcher Specialist   $53.33
                                    Security Assistant                   $22.08
                                    Security Officer                     $35.04
                                    Supv. Public Resp. Dispatcher        $54.93

                                    Unit 631 (Coroner)
                                    Coroner Investigator Trainee         $55.20
                                    Coroner Investigator                 $61.52

                                    Unit 632 (Coroner)
                                    Supv. Coroner’s Investigator I       $66.74
                                    Supv. Coroner’s Investigator II      $72.93

                                    Service Members                      $10.00
                                    Retired prior to 1/1/80               $2.50
                                    Retired after 1/1/80                 $10.00

22   star&shield | september 2011
                                10-22 by Claude Anderson (LASD ret. 1978)
                                Want more cartoons by Claude? Call toll-free: (888) 854-2341                           ROBIN JACOB YANES
                                                                                                                                ATTORNEY AT LAW

                                                                                                                             CRIMINAL MATTERS
                                                                                                                              PERSONAL INJURY
                                                                                                                                LEGAL ISSUES

                                                                                                                              310 306-6648
                                                                                                                            13315 Washington Blvd., #300
                                                                                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90066
“The victim tried to kiss his pet snake on the lips. He’s now at the hospital,                 A man you can trust     
and I’ve upgraded his condition from ‘serious’ to ‘stupid.’”

Star & Shield Contest winners

                                  $100 Prize winners
                                    July 2011 Issue
                            Joseph Cavaleri, Sr. Criminalist
                            Arthur Luna, Custody Assistant
                            Kimberly Salas, Security Officer
                            Myron Trimble, Security Officer
                          Randall Williams, Custody Assistant

                                               Calendar of Events
 September 8:                                                                                  october 5:
 PPOA Delegates Meeting                                                                        8th Annual PPOA Retiree Luncheon
 Luminarias, Monterey Park                                                                     Sheraton Fairplex, Pomona
 5:00 p.m. Dinner                                                                              See page 13
 5:30 p.m. Meeting
 RSVP to (323) 261-3010 or                                                      november 8-9:
                                                                                               CopsWest Convention
 September 15:                                                                                 Ontario Convention Center
 Last Day to Submit PPOA Board Nominating Petition                                             Products, information and training.
 Info: (323) 261-3010                                                                          Info:

 october 1:                                                                                    november 19:
 Annual “Fun in the Sun” Chili Cook-Off                                                        Cops-4-Causes Spartan Race Malibu
 Jack Bones Equestrian Center                                                                  Calamigos Ranch, Malibu
 26983 Tapia Canyon Rd. Castaic, California                                                    Mud run, obstacles and physical and mental challenges.
 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.                                                                          Info:
 Kids Zone, live music and more.
 Benefits Special Olympics, Fueled by the Fallen and more.

                                                                                                                        september 2011 | star&shield       23
Letters to PPOA

24   star&shield | september 2011
                 the following is a partial list of breaking news links posted at last month.
visit the ppoa website to stay up to date on the news affecting los angeles county and its current and retired peace officers.

                                     August 18: New Arrivals at Avalon Sheriff’s Station

                  August 18: Enron Billionaire Bankrolls California Advocate for Public Pension Changes

                 August 18: Handgun Open Carry Ban & Ammunition Bill Expected to be Heard This Week

                   August 18: Port of L.A. Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center Holds First Classes

                  August 18: LASD Among Multi-Agency Asian Gang Crackdown; Weapons, Drugs Seized

                                 August 18: Task Force Targets Graffiti Vandals; 15 Arrested

                          August 17: LA County Supervisors Slam State Plan to Transfer Prisoners

                 August 17: New Anti-Gang Squad Looks to Stem ‘Foreign’ Influence in Santa Clarita Crime

                         August 17: Sheriff’s Department ‘Watchdog’ Hired to Review Fullerton PD

                       August 17: La Puente Mayor Refuses to Sign Public Safety Contract With LASD

                             August 17: Sheriff’s Lieutenant Lends Vocals to Classic Rock Band

                          August 17: LA County Supervisors Slam State Plan to Transfer Prisoners

                          August 16: Deputies Seize 11,000 Pot Plants in Angeles National Forest

                                    August 16: Deputies Arrest Alleged Red Bull Bandits

               August 16: Retired L.A. County Sheriff’s Sergeant to Head Military Order of the Purple Heart

                August 16: La Habra Heights City Council Plans Closed-Session Budget Meeting with LASD

                                August 16: LAPD: Police Policing the Police with Technology

                                    August 16: Cooley Protests Ruling on DNA Collection

                     August 16: Sheriff Baca Says State Parolees Should Come to L.A. County Jails First

                                       whom to Call at PPoa...
    Discount Tickets, address Updates, non-Job-Related                               free notary Services:
           legal Consultation: Call Violet Perez                                     Call Maricela Villegas
                Disability, Insurance benefits:                                     Star & Shield, PPoa
                     Call norma Gomez                                        website, Delegates: Call Greg Torres
               Membership, Dues Deductions:                                         board and foundation
                    Call Clare franco                                    Inquiries, Political action: Call Sandi bryant
                                           Job-Related labor Representation:
                                                  Call Teresa Machado

                                               (323) 261-3010
                                                                                               september 2011 | star&shield      25
             Discounted Ticket Prices for PPOA Members
     Venue                                                          Adult                                                 Child
Adventure City (Anaheim)                                             9.75                                                   9.75

Boomers!                                                           14.00                                                  14.00

Disneyland or California Adventure                                 76.00                                                  71.00

Disney/Calif. Adven. One-Day Hopper                                96.00                                                  91.00

Disney Annual Passports
• SoCal Select (valid 170 days)                                    191.00                                                 191.00
• SoCal (valid 215 days)                                           258.00                                                 258.00
• Deluxe (valid 315 days)                                          362.00                                                 362.00
• Premium (valid 365 days w/ parking)                              476.00                                                 476.00

Huntington Library                                                 12.00                                                  12.00

Knott’s Berry Farm                                                 31.00                                                  21.50

Knott’s Soak City                                                  23.00                                                  20.50

L.A. Zoo                                                           11.50                                                    8.25
Legoland Three-Park (Aquarium/Legoland/
                                                                   64.00                                                  64.00
Waterpark) (Two-Day Ticket)
Legoland (Two-Day Ticket)                                          54.00                                                  54.00

Long Beach Aquarium                                                18.00                                                  10.50

Magic Mountain                                                     27.00                                                  18.00

Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor                                    21.00                                                  15.50

Medieval Times                                                     42.50                                                  30.75

Movie Tix (UA, Krik, AMC, Edwards, Regal)                          Range 6.25-7.75

Pirates Dinner Theatre                                             37.00                                                  28.00

Raging Waters                                                      24.00                                                  24.00

Raging Waters Season Pass                                          51.00                                                  51.00

San Diego Zoo                                                      34.50                                                  25.50

San Diego Wild Animal Park                                         34.50                                                  25.50

Scandia Amusement Park/Ontario                                     14.00                                                  14.00

Sea World                                                          46.00                                                  46.00
Universal Studios (Three-Day Ticket)                               64.00 (credit card only)                               64.00 (credit card only)
Universal Studios 12-Month Pass w/ Blackouts                       77.00 (credit card only)                               77.00 (credit card only)
Universal Studios 12-Month Pass w/o Blackouts                      94.00 (credit card only)                               94.00 (credit card only)
Universal Premium Star Pass                                        134.00 (credit card only)                              134.00 (credit card only)
Universal Front of the Line Pass                                   149.00 (credit card only)                              149.00 (credit card only)

Movie Theater                                                       Restricted                                            Unrestricted
AMC Theatres                                                        6.25                                                  7.75
Harkins Theatre (Chino Hills)                                       6.25                                                  7.75
Krikorian                                                           7.75                                                  7.75
Pacific                                                             6.25                                                  n/a
Regal/Edwards/UA                                                    6.75                                                  7.75
Cinemark                                                            7.75                                                  7.75
                           SPECIAL OFFER: Universal Studios Half-Price Appreciation Day, Saturday, November 19, 2011
                                   One-day general admission tickets are available at PPOA for $37 (reg. $74).
                         All ticket sales are final. Prices and details on the PPOA website are subject to change. Always call first to confirm prices and availability.
                                     Limited to six (6) tickets per member, per venue. Please call the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010 for more information.

26   star&shield | september 2011
                                PPOA Classifieds
  CEMETERY LOTS                                              BiG iSLAnD HAWAii COnDO FOR REnT                        2001 SPORTSMAn 5TH WHEEL
Rose Hills Cemetery. 2 plots for sale at sold-             One week rental 5/6-5/13/2011. 1 b/d, 1/bath,           30ft KZ Sportsman bunkhouse with two opposing
out Sequoia Lawn, lot 3004. Asking only $7,500             sleeps 4, full kitchen. Located in town of Kailua-      slideouts kitchen / LR. Roof 2 yrs old, tires only
for both. I will pay transfer fees on one, buyer                                                                   200 miles. Clean $8800
                                                           Kona. w/view of Kailua-Bay. $850.00. E-mail
responsible for the other. Contact Erric Roman
                                                  (0411)                                (909) 282-2863 (0811)
(323) 456-2353. (0711)

                                                             1984 CHEVY VAn                                          TiMESHARE FOR SALE
  1946 FORD
                                                           1984 All White Chevy C-30 Step Van less than            Worldmark Trendwest, 8000 credits per year.
Coupe, 327 chevrolet, 3 speed column, power disk
                                                           6500 miles Very good condition, runs great              16000 credits on account. Asking $4,500. Will pay
brakes, lincoln rear - end, great paint and tires.
                                                                                                                   $299 transfer fee. Payments up to date. More info
$22,000. Please call Ed (949) 496-6432. (0811)             asking price $10,000.00 OBO. 951-892-4309 or
                                                                                                                   at: Call Lorraine at (503)
                                                  Email me for photos! (0411)
                                                                                                                   867-9968. (0811)
                                                             VACATiOn OWnERSHiP
Road King, Police Edition, Dark Blue, extras, only                                                                   LAS VEGAS TiMESHARE
3,297 miles, as new. $11,900, Bob at 805 553-0124          $5000.00 will get you a lifetime ownership to
                                                                                                                   2 bedroom/2 bath at Cancun Resort of Las Vegas.
or E-Mail (0811)                   Monarch Grand Vacation Resort. Pick your dates
                                                                                                                   Dates: Sept. 3-5, 2011 (3 nights.) Beautiful resorts
                                                           and villa type at great locations. Call Tony at
                                                                                                                   w/ pool, billiard room, child play room & more.
  LAnD FOR SALE in OREGOn                                  661-203-8650 (0711)
                                                                                                                   Call Saif Kutubi at (323) 895-3927 (0911)
Land for sale in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Priced to
sell due to death in the family. 2.3 acres for $12.000       PROWLER TRAVEL TRAiLER
or best offer. Vivian (310) 351-8644 (0711)
                                                                                                                     ADCO CLASS A RV COVER
                                                           1997 - 31 foot, large slide-out, queen bed, lots
                                                           of storage, new awning, AC, clean and excellent         New still in box - fits 30' to 33.5' class A
  2004 PACE ARROW MOTORHOME                                condition, $10K. Call Tony 661-203-8650 (0711)          motorhome passenger side entry panels - Dupont
                                                                                                                   Tyvec top Bought this cover then bought a bigger
RV in immaculate condition, with tow bar package
($3500 value) and other upgrades. Under 11,000               RiVER HOME FOR REnT                                   motorhome $200 - call Jim at 714-713-3820 (0911)
miles. Sleeps six. $78,000. Pictures available on          In Parker, AZ: 3bd/2ba home on the water with
request. Contact 626 616-5000 (0411)
                                                                                                                     2002 FLEETWOOD RV
                                                           private 50’ dock off your back porch for your
                                                           water toys. Beds for 8 people. Pictures available.      2002 Expedition, 34’ diesel pusher. Only 26,500
  WAnTED: LiVE-in CARE                                     Call 562-355-1486 (0711)                                miles, in immaculate condition. Looks new. No
Mature, female retired deputy needed for live-                                                                     smoking, no pets, no kids. Asking $72,000. Call
in position. Responsibilities include: meals,                TRUCK/TRAiLER FOR SALE                                (909) 973-3432. (0911)
medications, errands (with my vehicle) & light             2003 F-250, diesel, all extras, low miles (56K).
housekeeping. Room, board & stipend provided.
                                                           2005 Laredo, 5th wheel, 27 ft., immaculate. Truck
Call Art at (562) 943-7972 (0911)                                                                                       PPOA classified ads are free and available
                                                           $20K / Trailer $18K / Package deal $35K. Please
                                                           call (360) 642-2491 (0711)                                only to PPOA members (one per month, 25
  2004 niSSAn 35OZ
                                                                                                                     words max). Private party only, no business ads
Silver exterior with blk interior. Mint condition            5 ACRES VACAnT LAnD
always garaged, only 10K miles. See to appreciate.                                                                   allowed. Send your ad to: Star & Shield Editor,
                                                           For sale 5 miles from Grass Valley, CA. All utilities
$18,000.00. Call Joe @ 323-605-7955 (0411)
                                                           available. Wooded with level building pad & slight        188 E. Arrow Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773 or
  2008 BUGABOO STROLLER FOR SALE                           slops. Contact (0711)
                                                                                                                     e-mail to
New and never been used 2008 Bugaboo Bee                     nOTARY SERViCE AT CRDF                                     New submissions are added on first come-
stroller. Stroller sun canopy is Blue. $550.00 or best     PPOA Delegate Mary Pardo (Custody Assistant)
offer. Call Marie or Billie (562) 447-6867 (0411)                                                                    first served basis, each issue. Please send within
                                                           offers free notary service to PPOA members &
                                                           a discount for all other LA County employees.             first week of each month to insure timely
  2008 JEEP COMMAnDER “SPORT”                              This applies to service offered at CRDF. Info:
Silver in color, V6, Seats 7, and only has 40,000 miles.   (562) 756-5924 / (0811)              inclusion. No work numbers may be used in ads.
Like new cond. & runs great, KBB is $17,500. Owe                                                                     Submissions must be in writing, not over the phone.
$18,000 – Asking $16,500. Call 626-675-3684 (0711)
                                                                                                                     Ads run for 3 months.

                                                                                                                       september 2011 | star&shield                    27
    P.O.P.A., Inc.                                                                                            NoN-Profit org.
                                                                                                               U.S. PoStage
    188 E. Arrow Highway                                                                                              PaiD
    San Dimas, CA 91773                                                                                            tUcSoN, az
                                                                                                                   Permit #271


  Our firm of 15 attorneys and over 50 support staff are dedicated to professional, personal service.

       WORKERS                              DISABILITY                         PERSONAL INJURY
     COMPENSATION                        RETIREMENT FOR
 State Bar Certified Specialist          SAFETY MEMBERS
We have successfully represented      We have a pension department of        Our personal injury department
over 35,000 safety members. Our       3 attorneys who specialize in this    has successfully litigated or tried
  representation continues long           area and have successfully        over 5000 claims for automobile
after your case is concluded since     obtained disability pensions for    injuries, products liability, medical
your right to lifetime medical care     thousands of safety personnel       malpractice and other negligence
    may always be challenged.             under PERS, County 1937                         areas.
                                      Retirement Act and other county
                                               and city systems.

                                      (818) 703-6000
                                   20750 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400
                                       Woodland Hills, CA 91364
                            Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a
 fine up to $50,000.00 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine.

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