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					    9th Edition September/October 2008


New Look
Homing In
Win vouchers    Making homes      Get Involved   Spot the picture
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Dear Readers

“Welcome you to your ‘new look’
Homing In. There is so much

happening at Rykneld Homes that this
issue is jam packed with news about
the progress being made to your
housing services.                                        Decent Homes news

Since taking up post as Chief
Executive of Rykneld Homes in April,
I’ve been impressed with the
commitment from tenants here in
North East Derbyshire.
                                                         Get on Board

We have stepped up our efforts to
involve you in the way we run our
services and I want to thank everyone
who took the opportunity to come                         Neighbourhood news
along to the tenant open days in April

and got involved in the various
workshops on everything from repairs
to the call centre.
You are helping us to improve the way                    News from the Fed
we deliver services and making us more

efficient. We really value your feedback
which is why I’d encourage you to fill
in our annual tenant profile survey
which is enclosed and to come along to                   Meet your Champions
our next round of open days. This will

help us to continue improving.
We have our sights clearly set on
bringing all homes up to the Decent
Homes standard and all these                             How to get more involved
improvements are moving us towards

that goal.”

Su Gomer                                                 Picture puzzle competition
Su Gomer
                                                                   FRONT COVER
Chief Executive
                                           Blooming Success: Rykneld Homes
                                           tenants Melissa Smedley and Philip Lowe
                                           have successfully transformed this
                                           communal garden in Killamarsh into a
                                           peaceful haven enriched with plants,
                                           flowers and attractive water features. The
                                           communal garden provides an ideal
                                           location for residents to sit back and relax.

                                           homingin page 2
Win win win!!!
Return your                                                        We’ve moved
questionnaire for chance                                           Rykneld Homes HQ has moved out of the
                                                                   District Council building at Saltergate in
to scoop vouchers                                                  Chesterfield to a new home. Our new
                                                                   address is Pioneer House, Mill Lane,
totalling £250                                                     Wingerworth, Chesterfield, S42 6NT.
                                                                   You can still call us on 01246 217670, or
                                                                   for repairs, freephone 08000 121 621.
Rykneld Homes is aiming to make the
service provided to you as a tenant
more closely focused on your
needs. To do this we require                                       Come along to
some information from you.
A questionnaire has been                                           consultation days
included in this issue of Homing                                   Following the success of consultation
In. The information requested                                      events held in April, a further three dates
will be used to tailor services to                                 have been arranged. Please come along
you individually, for example how                                  and tell us what you think about:
we contact you with news or how
                                                                   • Decent Homes
we provide the repairs service. The information will also enable
us to ensure that when developing new services for you, they       • Our service standards
meet the needs of all tenants’ groups. The more responses          • Our policies
received the more accurately services can be planned for all       • Access to services
tenants and targeted individually to you.                          There will be an opportunity for you to
We would like a 100% return of the survey so, are offering         speak to the Choice Based Lettings and
prizes of Marks and Spencer vouchers totalling £250 to             Tenancy Support teams, discuss any rent
encourage all to complete the enclosed questionnaire. Please       payment issues, meet your Neighbourhood
return the questionnaire in the reply-paid envelope provided       Champion and find out how you can get
by October 10th 2008.                                              Involved with Rykneld Homes. There will
Thank you very much in advance for your help with this             also be a free raffle, refreshments and
important project.                                                 children are welcome. We look forward to
                                                                   meeting you.
 Thanks to Jack Hartley, age 15, a pupil at                        • Eckington Civic Centre, Market Street
 Springwell Community School, who recently
                                                                      Monday 6th October from
 completed work experience with Rykneld Homes’
                                                                      1pm – 6.30pm
 business unit.
                                                                   • Clay Cross Social Centre, Market Street
 He said: “I know I’ve only been here for two weeks but with
 the support and friendship of the people around me I felt            Wednesday 8th October from
 part of the team. I was really pleased with the responsibility       11:00am – 4:00pm
 that I was given and that made this whole experience              • Killamarsh Leisure Centre,
 worthwhile. I feel when I grow up that this kind of job will         Sheffield Road
 be high on my list because of the friendliness of all the            Thursday 9th October from
 employees and how everyone works together to try and get             1pm – 6.30pm
 all the jobs done on time and right.”

                                               homingin page 3
Home improvements

Hundreds of homes
benefiting from
Jean Cave of Florence Road in Clay    received a new bath and shower, a    Standard. As many as 1,381 new
Cross is one of many tenants          new washbasin and toilet and I’ve    windows have been installed since
benefiting from a new kitchen and     had the whole bathroom re-tiled a    April last year along with 212
bathroom refurbishment as part of     blue and white colour,” said Jean.   kitchens, 208 bathrooms, 292 doors,
the Decent Homes programme.           Hundreds of homes are benefiting     214 boilers, 229 central heating
 “My kitchen has been completely      and Rykneld Homes is committed to    systems and 157 homes have
refurbished with new kitchen          bringing all homes up to the         received high security doors. More
cupboards and sink units. I’ve also   Government’s Decent Homes            than 760 homes have brought up to

Delighted pensioner                                                        A new Decent Homes Plan showing
Jean Cave is enjoying                                                      when each area in the district will
                                                                           receive improvement work has been
spending time in her                                                       agreed by Rykneld Homes’ Board.
modern new kitchen                                                         The details are based on a recent
                                                                           survey of the condition of homes,
thanks to a major                                                          repair needs and priorities.
make-over by                                                               The table right shows when work is
Rykneld Homes.                                                             expected to start in each area and
                                                                           Internal improvements which could
                                                                           include where needed replacement of
                                                                           kitchens, bathrooms and upgrades to
                                                                           electrical and heating systems.
                                                                           External improvements which could
                                                                           include where needed work such as
                                                                           re-roofing, repairing brickwork,
                                                                           rendering and pointing.
                                              homingin page 4              Windows and doors.
                                         Decent Homes Plan
The Decent Homes improvement              A decrease in funding from any              Please note, if ALMO funding
plan below is based on Rykneld            source would mean the work                  becomes available 2010/11,
Homes receiving the additional £64        programmes would be revised. This           programmes will also revise
million of funding from                   is the same for ALMOs and Local             accordingly.
Government in 2009/2010                   Authorities delivering improvement
following a successful Audit              programmes across the country.
Commission inspection.

  colour key            2008/09          2009/10        2010/11             2011/12        2012/13         2013/14

Area/Estate                Internal    Windows   External     Area/Estate                    Internal Windows     External
                        Improvements   & Doors Improvements                                Improvements & Doors Improvements
Apperknowle               2013/14                2012/13
Arkwright Town            2012/13                2012/13      Killamarsh Non Trad       2009/10 2008/09 2012/13
Ashover                   2013/14      2010/11 2012/13        Littlemoor                2010/11            2013/14
Barlow                    2011/12                2010/11      Marsh Lane                2013/14            2013/14
Barlow Non Trad           2009/10                2011/12      Marsh Lane Non Trad       2011/12 2009/10 2013/14
Brackenfield              2010/11                2011/12      Mickley Stretton          2013/14            2011/12
Calow                     2010/11      2009/10 2011/12        Mickley Stretton Non Trad 2013/14 2009/10 2011/12
Calow Non Trad            2009/10                2011/12      Morton                    2013/14            2011/12
Clay Cross*               2013/14      2009/10 2011/12        North Wingfield           2012/13            2011/12
Clay Cross Non Trad       2013/14      2010/11 2011/12        North Wingfield Non Trad 2013/14             2008/09
Coal Aston                2013/14                2012/13      Pilsley                   2013/14            2013/14
Cutthorpe                 2013/14                2012/13      Pilsley Non Trad          2013/14            2008/09
Cutthorpe Non Trad        2013/14                2012/13      Renishaw                  2009/10            2013/14
Dronfield                 2011/12      2010/11 2012/13        Renishaw Non Trad         2010/11 2009/10 2013/14
Dronfield Non Trad        2010/11      2008/09 2012/13        Ridgeway                  2010/11            2011/12
Duckmanton                2013/14                2010/11      Ridgeway Non Trad         2009/10            2010/11
Eckington                 2011/12                2012/13      Shirland                  2012/13 2010/11 2011/12
Eckington Non Trad        2010/11      2008/09 2012/13        Shirland Non Trad         2012/13            2011/12
Grassmoor                 2011/12                2012/13      Stonebroom                2012/13            2013/14
Grassmoor Non Trad        2010/11                2012/13      Stonebroom Non Trad       2012/13            2013/14
Heath                     2012/13                2012/13      Temple Normanton          2013/14            2013/14
Heath Non Trad            2012/13                2012/13      Tupton                    2010/11            2013/14
Hepthorne Lane            2013/14      2009/10 2012/13        Tupton Non Trad           2010/11            2013/14
Holmesfield               2010/11                2011/12      Unstone                   2013/14            2011/12
Holmesfield Non Trad      2010/11                2009/10      Unstone Non Trad          2012/13            2011/12
Holmewood                 2011/12                2010/11      Wadshelf                  2013/14            2013/14
Holmewood Non Trad        2012/13                2010/11      Wessington                2011/12            2012/13
Holymoorside              2013/14                2012/13      Wessington Non Trad       2012/13            2012/13
Holymoorside Non Trad     2012/13                2012/13      Wingerworth               2013/14            2013/14
Hundall                   2013/14                2009/10      Wingerworth Non Trad      2013/14            2008/09
Kelstedge                 2010/11                2012/13      Woolley Moor              2010/11            2011/12
Killamarsh                2008/09                2012/13      Woolley Moor Non Trad     2009/10            2011/12
                                                                  000000000000000* includes Danesmoor and Holmgate
                                                   homingin page 5
Get on board
Did you know that tenants and residents are welcome to
attend Rykneld Homes Board meetings?                                    Better services
These meetings are a little different to regular residents              A huge amount of service
meetings and below are some guidelines for residents to                 improvements have been made so far
follow should you wish to attend, ask a question or address             in 2008 to bring us closer to our goal
the Board.                                                              of gaining the 2 stars (good) we need
Questions to the Rykneld Homes Board should be submitted to             at inspection to secure £64 million
Paula Gale in writing at least five days in advance of the meeting.     extra funding from Government.
Paula will help you prepare your question if you need assistance.       We need to demonstrate to the
If you wish to speak, please make a formal request at least five days   Government that we are running a
in advance. Your submission allows you to raise the Board’s             more efficient service, which means we
awareness of a particular issue and the chair will invite you to        have been working hard to introduce
present your information at the relevant point in the agenda.           new ways of providing services.
If you want to submit a question or advise us of any special            Some of the improvements
arrangements you need to attend the Board meeting please                include:
contact Paula on 01246 217339 or email                                  • Introduced Choice Based Lettings                                              – increasing the choice for people
If you do want to attend a Board meeting and/or view Board                  when renting a home.
meeting papers visit the Rykneld Homes website:                         • Developed a new business plan that                                                     sets out our plan for the future.
Only Board reports on the open part of the agenda will be available     • Carried out Equalities and
to the public. As you know we are striving to keep costs down, so           Diversity training for all staff.
please let Paula know two days in advance if you are attending so       • Developed a new Tenant and
extra papers can be printed.                                                Resident Involvement Agreement.
Board papers will also be available on the internet www.rykneld         • Launched a Neighbourhood five days prior to the Board meeting.                          Improvements budget, investing in
                                                                            issues close to tenants’ hearts.
The Board meetings for 2008 are on Thursdays -
18 September, 23 October, 20 November and 18 December.                  • Took over responsibility for
                                                                        • Reduced rent arrears.
We will ensure that:                                                    • Carried out a detailed survey
• All venues have access for disabled people (including space               showing the improvement work
  for wheelchairs, walking aides and guide dog users).                      needed to homes.
• Reasonable communication aids will be provided on request,            Our key priorities now are to:
  for example, large print, sign language, hearing loop and             • Improve tenant satisfaction,
  interpretation services.                                                  tackling important issues
• Designated parking for disabled people will be provided on                such as anti-social behaviour,
  request if it is available.                                               increasing resident involvement
• A lift will be available if the meeting is on the first or higher         and improving repairs and
  floor and we will ensure that the venue has disabled                      maintenance.
  accessible toilets.                                                   • Increase the number of homes
                                                                            made decent and improving
                                                                            energy efficiency.

                                                  homingin page 6
                                                                   YOU said,
Fred Barnett, the Treasurer of Mickley Village Hall (in blue
jacket) helps fight anti-social behaviour in partnership with
neighbourhood champions Michaela Cockayne (orange
                                                                     WE did!
jacket) and Leanne Hoban (cream jacket). They are joined by
Kyle Barnett, 18, and Sian Barnett, 12.                          Scores of residents in North
                                                                 Wingfield raised concerns
Mickley Youth Centre                                             about motorists parking on a
                                                                 grass verge in Alma Road.
welcomes measures to                                             Rykneld Homes invested £5,000
                                                                 from its Neighbourhood
tackle crime                                                     Improvement Budget.
                                                                 We worked in partnership with the
A village hall is celebrating a successful crack down on anti-   District Council, Derbyshire District
social behaviour following support from Rykneld Homes.           Council and the Parish Council to
In recent months, young people have been reluctant to            resolve the problem. Derbyshire
attend Mickley Village Hall at Tennyson Street due to a spate    County Council has funded a dropped
of vandal attacks taking place at night.                         kerb to create easier access to the
                                                                 parking area, and the Parish Council is
But the situation has improved after Rykneld donated anti-       planning to install additional street
vandal paint and razor wire fencing was installed to prevent     lighting.
young people climbing on the roof.
                                                                 Retired tenant Peter Reddish, 72, who
Solar lighting was also installed at Mickley Youth Shelter,      lives in Alma Road, said: “The
adjacent to the hall. Michaela Cockayne, a Neighbourhood         additional parking spaces have made
Champion said “We have seen a significant reduction in           a big difference and the situation is
anti-social behaviour since investing a lot of money in the      much better than it was before. The
area from our Neighbourhood Improvements Budget. The             whole road used to be clogged up
main aim of this joint initiative is to welcome more people      with cars.”
into the youth centre at night.
There are so many youth services available at Mickley Village
Hall that it would be a shame if people didn’t take              To help improve estate parking
advantage of them. The enjoyment of the majority should          Rykneld Homes has introduced a
not be spoilt by the behaviour of the minority.”                 licence to enable caravan and
                                                                 mobile home owners to rent vacant
Bill Wheatcroft, the Chair of Mickley’s Tenants and              garage plots. To add your name to
Residents’ Association, runs a drop in centre for 10 to 19-      the waiting list for garages and
year-olds. He said: “I created the drop in centre to try and     garage plots please contact
reduce anti-social behaviour among 10 to 19 year olds - and      Connect NE 01246 231111.
we tend to get a very good turn out. It’s a shame that anti-
social behaviour has been putting some people off, so I’m
really pleased with the measures.

                                              homingin page 7
Neighbourhood news
Warning                                  Are you
about door                               a silver
to door sales                            surfer?
Doorknockers are again in our district
trying to persuade people to buy their   We want your help to:
Council homes under the Right to Buy     • Set up a user friendly web page to highlight and promote
scheme.                                      services for the over 50s.
We must stress that these people are     • Help us provide easy to use links to other useful services.
not from Rykneld Homes and are
nothing to do with the Council. Some     • Enable us to point you to services locally.
door to door companies have been         • Develop the webpage to allow groups to promote their events
known to charge thousands of pounds          and services for 50 plus.
just for filling in a form.              • Give us your comments and feedback.
If you qualify for the Right to Buy      • To be involved in the design, delivery and management of
your home and you want to do so,             this web page.
you can obtain a form from the Home      • Ensure we provide the right training, encouragement,
Ownership Team or your local area            support and equipment to make this successful.
housing office free of charge. We will   If you are already an internet user or would like to become a
give you any help you need with the      ‘silver surfer’ please contact Siobhan Cunningham, Older
form and advise you on submitting        People’s Involvement Champion on 01246 217891 or e-mail
your application. Contact the team on    on
01246 217302 or 217829.

                                         Youngsters at Renishaw Youth Club will spend hours of fun
Games Zone is more                       playing games on the Nintendo Wii, as part of a Games Zone
than a “Wii” success at                  project funded by Rykneld Homes.
Renishaw Youth Club                      As many as 60 youngsters will compete against each other on a
                                         weekly basis, in an initiative designed to prevent anti-social
                                         behaviour caused by teenagers hanging around the streets at
                                         The scheme was piloted over a 13-week period and was paid for
                                         by the Community Safety Partnership. It will now be rolled out
                                         on a permanent basis thanks to £750 funding to buy games
                                         equipment, provided by Rykneld’s Neighbourhood Improvements
                                         Parish Councillor Christine Poxon, Renishaw’s Youth Club
                                         secretary, said: “We are so grateful for the funding as it means
                                         we have been able to purchase enough equipment to allow the
                                         Games Zone project to continue. The initiative is absolutely
                                         superb and has gone down really well with all our young

                                         homingin page 8
Rykneld turns                        property. The partnership knocked
                                     on doors and handed out 100
                                                                            very successful and has helped
                                                                            decrease the domestic burglary
                                     bottles of a substance called Smart    rate in Derbyshire by 57% over the
crime-fighter                        Water worth £15 each, to people
                                     who were available at home on the
                                                                            last five years.
                                                                            Jayne Walker, a Neighbourhood
on ‘Smart                            day.                                   Champion for Rykneld Homes said:
                                     The invisible Ultra-violet liquid,     “The details of tenants and
Water Day’                           which can’t be washed off, can be
                                     sprayed onto people’s belongings
                                                                            residents will be stored on a Police
                                                                            database and if they become
                                     and contains a unique nine-digit       victims of burglary in future, then
Tenants in Calow have received a
                                     DNA code that is easily identifiable   their stolen items can be traced
special delivery of ‘Smart Water’
                                     when placed under a UV lamp.           back by police.
to help slash burglary rates.
                                     The initiative means that if           Tenant satisfaction and tenant
During the initiative, Rykneld
                                     anything is lost or stolen, officers   safety is of the utmost importance
Homes took part in an estate walk-
                                     can scan the item under the UV         at Rykneld Homes and that is why
about with the Police and North
                                     lamp and match the DNA code up         we’re delighted to be able to team
East Derbyshire Community Safety
                                     to its rightful owner. According to    up with police in support of the
Partnership to help tenants and
                                     Police statistics, Smart Water is      Smart Water scheme.”
residents in Calow protect their

                                              homingin page 9
News from the Fed
A message from Alan                  We had an early start with the      highlighting all the different
                                     coach starting at 6.45am picking    ways you can get involved with
Jess, Chair of the                   up from nine different villages     Rykneld Homes will be available
Federation of North                  and eventually arriving in          soon.
                                     Harrogate at 10.30am.
East Derbyshire                      We brought back lots of
                                     information from over 300
Tenants and Residents
                                     stands about housing, security,     news
                                     safety, the digital changeover
                    Rykneld          and national issues which could     The Community Involvement
                    Homes has        affect tenants and residents.       Team is now fully staffed and
                    been                                                 eager to ensure that tenant,
                                     I would especially like to
                    responsible                                          resident and leaseholder
                                     congratulate a tenant from
                    for the                                              involvement is embedded into all
                                     Eckington, who won the
                    management                                           the services which Rykneld Homes
                                     Exhibition Raffle and received a
                    of Council                                           provides. They are keen to involve
                                     prize of a Nintendo Wii and game.
                    housing in                                           as many members of the
North East Derbyshire for just       Although it was a long day, I am
                                                                         community as possible and allow
over a year now and is               sure that those who attended
                                                                         them to have a say in what
continuing to address the many       enjoyed themselves and found it
                                                                         happens in their area and what
issues that have arisen from this    worthwhile.
                                                                         services they would like to see
change over.                                                             improved or started. The team
The Federation supports Rykneld      Tenant and                          has staff members that specialise
Homes Board’s decision to delay                                          in issues affecting both younger
the Audit Commission Inspection
until early in 2009 to ensure that
                                     Resident                            and older residents.
                                                                         The Federation and tenants are
it has an even better chance of
obtaining the 2 stars needed to
                                     Involvement                         continuing to be involved in the
                                                                         many issues that affect them and
release the £64million
Government funding to improve
                                     Agreement                           are delivered by Rykneld Homes.

our homes.                           People who attended recent          Once again I would like to
                                     open days were very receptive to    encourage you to use the
                                     the proposals contained in          opportunities that are available to
Federation                           Rykneld Homes’ new Tenant and
                                     Resident Involvement
                                                                         you to have your say and stand a
                                                                         better chance of getting what you
trip to                              Agreement. This document
                                     spells out their commitment to
                                                                         would like for your community!
                                                                         Please get in touch with us if you
Harrogate                            work together with you to
                                     improve their services, and your
                                                                         need any help or advice.
                                     homes and estates. Rykneld          Federation Chair
On 18 June tenants from all over     Homes will try to make it easy      Alan Jess
the district visited the Chartered   for you to get involved, get your   Tel: 01246 250639
Institute of Housing Exhibition      views heard and keep you            Federation Secretary
at the International Conference      informed about the decisions        Lorraine Dung
Centre in Harrogate on a trip        they make as a result of your       Tel: 01246 861673
organised by the Federation.         feedback. A new booklet

                                               homingin page 10
                                                                      YOU said,
                                                                        WE did!
Getting more involved
Thanks to everyone who came along to open days in Clay
Cross, Killamarsh and Dronfield.                                    You told us at the open days that
Over 130 tenants and residents attended, giving their views on      your five top priorities are:
the new Tenant and Resident Involvement Agreement and the           • Reducing anti-social
Business Plan for 2008/9. There was a wide range of stall holders      behaviour
including the Fire Service, Crime Prevention, The Federation of     • Achieving value for money
North East Derbyshire Tenants and Residents and Choice Based        • Helping tenants to reduce
Lettings. Visitors welcomed the opportunity to visit the               energy costs
information stands and discuss a range of issues affecting them
                                                                    • Improving the environment
and their communities.
                                                                       on estates
                                                                    • Decent Homes/ repairs
Congratulations!                 Drawing competition                   service
Well done to everyone who        1st Courtney Groom (age 10)        These have now been included in our
won prizes at the open days.     2nd Chloe Green (age 7)            Business Plan for 2008/09. The Plan sets
To see photos of all the                                            out the key objectives for improving
winners visit the customer
involvement section of           Raffle Winners                     homes and services for the coming year
                                                                    and explains how we will go about          Clay Cross
                                                                    achieving them.
Chloe Green with her prize       1st Shelly Wakefield,
                                                                    You can download a copy of the
(below)                          2nd Susan Briddon,                 business plan from the About Us
                                 3rd Kenneth McNally,               section of
                                 4th Mr. Pickering
                                 Killamarsh                         Tenants in Tupton raised
                                 1st Paul White,                    concerns about anti-social
                                 2nd D Barraclough,                 behaviour because of poorly lit
                                 3rd C Marples,
                                                                    Rykneld Homes donated £1,250 to fund
                                 4th Dave Foster
                                                                    improvements to the street lighting on
                                 Dronfield                          the footpath from Station New Road to
                                 1st Mrs. E Gillott,                Redfern Street. We also pledged £1,500
                                 2nd B Sylvester,                   from the Neighbourhood Improvement
                                 3rd Carol Roberts,                 Budget to the Parish Council’s street
                                                                    lighting scheme in the Northside Play
                                 4th Mrs G Andrews

                                               homingin page 11
The Champions
Introducing your                                           will actively create opportunities for you to get
Neighbourhood                                              involved in the way we deliver services.
                                                           The Champions work closely with key partners including
Champions                                                  the Police, District and County Councils, to help meet the
                                                           needs of individual communities.
Every area of North East Derbyshire has a specially        To find out more about ways to get involved with
dedicated Neighbourhood Champion.                          Rykneld Homes at a neighbourhood level or about
The Champions are there to play a hands-on role in         estate walkabouts in your area contact your
tackling estate issues that are close to your hearts and   Champion.

                 Gail Perry                                                   Leanne Hoban
                 01246 217356                                                 01246 217314
                 Snapehill, Stonelow, Fletcher                                Pear Tree Road Area, Lansbury
                 Avenue, Coal Aston, Central,                                 Avenue Area, Florence Road
                 Hartington Road, Rawlins Court                               Area, Mickley

                 Matthew Yeomans                                              Sally Anne Akitt
                 01246 217345                                                 01246 217312
                 Barlow, Cutthorpe, Wadshelf,                                 Marx Court, Northside Area,
                 Holmesfield, Gosforth Valley,                                Derby Road Area, Wingfield
                 Dronfield Woodhouse,                                         Road Area, Central Area (Tupton)
                 Apperknowle, Hundall, Unstone                                Central Area (Clay Cross) Clay
                                                                              Lane Area (Clay Cross)

                 Amanda Boulter                                               Josie Davies
                 01246 217316                                                 01246 217309
                 Danesmoor, Clay Cross                                        Heath, Mornington Road Area
                                                                              (Holmewood), Shakespeare
                                                                              Street Area, Compton Street

                 Clive Marshall                                               Kirsty Perry
                 01246 217311                                                 01246 217313
                 Stonebroom, Brackenfield,                                    Hepthorne Lane, Hillyfields/Dark
                 Wessington, Morton,                                          Lane, Alma/Whiteleas
                 Hallfieldgate, St Leonards Place,
                 School Close

                                                homingin page 12
 Michaela Cockayne
 01246 217390
 New Street/Chapman Lane
                                              Satisfaction survey
                                              Rykneld Homes is carrying out a detailed
 (Grassmoor), Southend, Shakespeare           tenant satisfaction survey which has been
 Street area, Broom Drive area, Temple        sent to a sample of tenants.
                                              This is a very important survey so if you receive
                                              one please take the time to fill it in. The results
 Dave Clark                                   will not only be used to direct and improve our
 01246 217365                                 services, they will also contribute to our
 Central Area Manor, Westthorpe,              inspection results. Tenant satisfaction levels will
 Sheepcote, Valley Road (all                  be a key factor in determining whether we will
 Killamarsh)                                  be awarded 2 stars to get the extra £64 million
                                              Decent Homes money. So if one has popped
                                              through your letter box, make haste, fill it in
 David Took                                   and send it back!
 01246 217761                                 If you would like to know more about this
 Ridgeway, Birkhill, Marsh Lane,              or require help completing the survey,
 Norwood, Rotherwood                          please call Heather Summers, Community
                                              Involvement Manager Tel: 01246 217386.

 Mick Bragger
 01246 217675
                                              New tenant forum
 Central Eckington, Woodview Estate,          for Killamarsh
 Castle Hill, Woodview House                  Killamarsh Tenants and Residents’ Forum
                                              (KTRF) has been set up to improve the local
                                              area and tackle important issues such as
                                              crime and anti-social behaviour.
 Jayne Walker
                                              The group will essentially act as a ‘voice for the
 01246 217857                                 village’ and will meet on a monthly basis at the
 Renishaw, Westwood Road area                 Killamarsh Health centre to discuss the latest
 (Calow), Allpits Road area, Arkwright,       community issues as well as community events
 Duckmanton                                   planned for 2008.
                                              The meetings will be attended by police
                                              officers, local councillors, tenants and Rykneld
Sarah Allen & Nathan Redfearn
                                              Homes to address everything from reducing
(Trainee Champions)
                                              crime to landscaping schemes and clearing up
         01246 217315                         grot-spots. KTRF recently signed a constitution
         Holymoorside, Adlington,             which means that it is now officially
         Oak Crescent Area,                   recognised by the Federation of North East
         Holmgate, Ashover,                   Derbyshire Tenants & Residents.
         Kelstedge, Littlemoor,               To find out more contact Neighbourhood
         Wooley Moor                          Champion Dave Clark on 01246 217365.

                               homingin page 13
New Tenancy Agreement
Tenancy                                in accordance with the Housing
                                       Act 1985. You will also have
                                                                            councillors and council officers to
                                                                            draw up this new tenancy
                                       received a copy of the revised       agreement on behalf of the
Agreement                              tenancy agreement so that you
                                       know what all your rights and
                                                                            All sections of the previous
Thanks to all tenants who made         responsibilities are. You are not    tenancy agreement have been
suggestions for the new tenancy        required to sign the new tenancy     reviewed and the layout has been
agreement which has been               agreement as it will automatically   changed to make it more user
introduced by the District Council.    come into effect.                    friendly.
If you hold what’s know as a           If you currently hold an             The final version takes account of
“Secure Tenancy” – generally this is   “Introductory Tenancy” – a 12        the feedback that we received
everyone who has been a Council        month tenancy for people who are     from tenants during the
tenant for more than a year - the      first time Council tenants – you     consultation.
Council is bringing the terms of       will sign the new tenancy            Please contact your
your tenancy into line with the        agreement when you’ve                Neighbourhood Champion if you
new agreement. You will have           successfully completed the           have any questions about the
received a letter from the Council     introductory period.                 Tenancy Agreement.
and Rykneld Homes giving you           Rykneld Homes has worked closely
four weeks notice of the changes       with tenant representatives,

  Are you                              Basics of the scheme
                                       Special low, minimum sums
                                                                            Insurance against theft,
                                                                            vandalism and water damage -
                                                                            your contents are covered for loss
  insured?                             insured - the lowest amount that
                                       can be insured is £7,000 for         or damage.
                                                                            'New-for-old' insurance -
                                       people over 60 and £10,000 for
                                       everybody else - weekly payments     contents, other than clothing and
  Many tenants believe that we
                                       can be less than a pound!            linen, are covered on a new-for-
  automatically insure their                                                old basis, meaning they would be
  furniture, belongings and            Flexible payment options -
                                       the costs of insurance can be        replaced as new.
  decorations against theft, fire,
  vandalism or burst pipes, but        paid weekly or monthly, as
                                       part of your rent.                   Please note - you must keep your
  this is not the case.
                                       Insurance for your furniture,        payments up-to-date as your
  Unfortunately, many people only                                           insurance will be cancelled if you
                                       clothing, carpets and
  realise this after the damage has    electrical goods - most of your      fall into arrears. Insurance
  been done.                           household goods are covered when     premiums are not covered by
  You can insure your contents         in your home - theft of keys,        Housing Benefit. Your
  through your own private             freezer contents and your own        application may not be accepted
  arrangements or through a            public liability are also covered    if you are in rent arrears.
  Council scheme. We make it easy
  for you to insure your belongings      Further information
  under a special home contents
                                         For further information, pick up the Home Contents Insurance
  insurance scheme arranged
                                         Booklet and application form from your Area Housing Office, or
  through Royal Sun Alliance - the
                                         call the Housing Accounts Section on (01246) 217 754 and we
  scheme is only available to
                                         will post a form out to you.
  Council tenants at the moment.

                                               homingin page 14
                     Get more involved

                                                                             • Help us develop, inspect and review our
                                                                               services – We review our services regularly, you
                                                                               can help us improve.
                                                                             • Be a Mystery Shopper – As part of the DTN
                       Rykneld Homes is committed to community                 Mystery Shopping Group you can review our
                       involvement and would like to encourage all             ‘front line’ services.
                       tenants, residents and leaseholders to get            • Attend a Focus Group – One off events
                       involved and help us improve. Your views and            designed to discuss an individual service or
                       opinions can influence the way we deliver our           theme and offer improvement suggestions.
                       services. There are lots of ways you can do this to
                                                                             • Help us appoint our staff – Why not help us
                       suit you. There will be no cost to you, and we
                                                                               recruit colleagues to Rykneld Homes?
                       will pay your reasonable expenses. So you could
                       meet new people, gain skills and confidence, and      • Join the Board – The Board hold elections to
                       help us to improve, all at the same time. It            appoint Tenant Board Members, get involved at
                       couldn’t be easier!                                     the highest level…
                                                                             • Join a Tenants & Residents Group – Focusing
                                                                               on issues in your local community, improve the
                     • Get involved in training and development –              area where you live.
                       increase your knowledge and skills for free!          • Become a Village Voice – For rural locations
                     • Sign up to our Viewpoint Panel – register your          without a Tenant & Resident Group, represent
                       interests and we will contact you when                  your community.
                       opportunities arise.                                  • Go on an Estate Walkabout – Help us pick up
                     • Read our newsletter and visit our website               issues in and around your estate.
                                                                              If you want to get involved with us,
                     • Answer our questionnaires, phone or email              or if you have ideas for different
                       surveys – stay at home and get involved…               activities, it is easy to get in touch…
                     • Return feedback forms to us – we ask for your          • Call the Community Involvement Team
                       views all the time, why not fill in a repairs            on 01246 217295
                       feedback form?
                                                                              • Send an email to:
                     • Help us write interesting newsletters – Join   
                       our Editorial Panel and contribute to Homing In.
                                                                              • Write to us at Community Involvement
                     • Attend our involvement days and conferences              Team, Rykneld Homes, c/o Council
                       – one off events that happen once a year.                House, Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1LF
                     • Attend a Board meeting – Our Board meetings            • Contact us via our website
                       give the opportunity for you to ask questions at
                       the highest level.
                                                                              • Contact the Federation of North East
                     • Help us manage our contracts – Get involved              Derbyshire Tenants and Residents –

                       in the tendering process for our contracted              FNEDTR - about local tenants and
                       work.                                                    residents groups. Ring 01246 861673
                     • Join our special working groups and panels –             or email
                       Issue based groups that concentrate upon a             • Fill in the survey included with this
                       focused area i.e. Leaseholders.                          Homing In

                                                                  homingin page 15
A more modern service
                                                                                              No English?
Improving Access                                                                              No problem
                                                                                           ¥ 01246 231111 (ENGLISH)
It is important that all tenants have easy access to Rykneld Homes, whether
                                                                                           We care. We want all of our
                                                                                           customers to be able to access
it be to report a repair or make a general enquiry.
So, we are developing a strategy to           Whilst we are developing our plans in        all of our services. To talk to
                                                                                           someone in English, ring this
increase and improve the ways in which        line with these principles we will be        number.
you can do business with us. Our Board        making some immediate changes to the         You will not be charged for the
has agreed a set of guiding principles for    service that is provided by our five area    TALKBACK service.

us to work to:                                housing offices.                              ¥ 01430 457390     (CANTONESE)

                                                                                            ¥ 01430 457391     (MANDARIN)

• We will locate services that need to be     We want to introduce lunch time
   delivered in local communities at the      opening and need to re-organise the way
   new one-stop shops that NEDDC is           we work to make this happen. The first
   developing as they come on line,           step has been stopping the opening of
   offering greatly extended opening          offices on Friday evenings and Saturday
   hours. The first of these is due to open   mornings.                                     ¥ 01430 457392     (ITALIAN)

   at Dronfield Sports Centre before          All of these changes are designed to
   Christmas.                                 ensure that Rykneld Homes can
• We will channel all routine service         demonstrate it runs an efficient and
                                                                                            ¥ 01430 457394
   requests made by phone, email, text        accessible service. These are key
   message and internet through               requirements if we are to achieve 2 stars
   NEDDC’s call centre - Connect North        at inspection in order to draw down the
   East.                                      additional £64 million Decent Homes
                                                                                            ¥ 01430 457395     (POLISH)

• We will base business processes that        money from the Government to spend on
   can be carried out in one place, such      your homes.
   as the management of the Choice            We will keep you informed of the
   Move scheme, at Rykneld Homes’ new         progress made.
   HQ at Pioneer House.                                                                     ¥ 01430 457396     (PUNJABI)
                                              In the meantime we are keen to hear
• We will deliver services face-to-face       your views about the way in which we
   wherever appropriate, for example          can make our services even more
   Neighbourhood Champions carrying           accessible. You can contact us on
   out new tenant visits.                     01246 217295 or email                         ¥ 01430 457397     (OTHER LANGUAGES)

                                                      If you require this
                                                                                                   publication in
• We will resolve enquiries at the first
                                                                                                large print,
   point of contact wherever possible.
                                                                                             braille or on audio tape
                                                                                                please call us on
                                                                                              01246 231111
     Can you SPOT where this is?                                                                       TALK BACK

                                 If you can correctly identify where this image appears in the newsletter you
                                 could be in with a chance to win a £25 high street shopping voucher.
                                 Send your answer to: Heather Summers, Community Involvement Manager,
                                 Rykneld Homes, Pioneer House, Mill Lane, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, S42 6NG.
                                                                                                Designed & printed by NEDDC. 2109

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