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                                                       Sakyadhita’s Objectives                  JOIN US!
 U. S.

                                               • To establish an international alliance of
                                               Buddhist Women
                                               • To advance the spiritual and secular welfare   Sakyadhita USA
                                               of the world’s women
                                               • To work for gender equity in Buddhist
                                               education, training, institutional structures                  Is Here!
                                               and ordination
                                               • To promote harmony and dialogue among
                                               the Buddhist traditions and other religions
                                                                                                      A national branch of
                                               •To encourage research and publications on                  Sakyadhita
                                               topics of interest to Buddhist women                 International Association
                                               •To foster compassionate social action for the
                                               benefit of humanity                                     of Buddhist Women
                                               •To promote world peace through the
                                               teachings of the Buddha
          Attn: Charlotte Collins, President

          Sierra Madre, CA 91025-0877
          Sakyadhtia USA

                                                        Contact Sakyadhita USA
          P. O. Box 877

                                                            ON THE WEB
          MAIL TO:


                                                                                                 Helping Buddhist women in the U.S., in
                                                                                                 all traditions and ethnicities, to develop
                                                               U.S. MAIL                        their potential as practitioners, teachers,
                                                            Sakyadhita USA                      counselors, scholars, artists, community
                                                             P.O. Box 877                         organizers and compassionate social
                                                     Sierra Madre, CA 91025-0877                                  activists.

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                                                 Members of Sakyadhita cooperate to help           Sakyadhita USA by becoming a member now!
           ABOUT SAKYADHITA                      women develop their potential as scholars,
                                                 practitioners, teachers, counselors, artists,     ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (Billed each year in
Sakyadhita, “Daughters of the Buddha,” is        community organizers, and compassionate           anniversary month closest to January or July.)
the world’s leading international organization   social activists.                                  $30 General Membership
of Buddhist women. It is an alliance of women                                                       $10 Nun/Student/Unemployed
(and men) committed to transforming the          SAKYADHITA USA (SUSA)
lives of Buddhist women. This international                                                        LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP
alliance was founded at the conclusion of the    Sakyadhita USA was established as a national       $500 General Membership
first International Conference on Buddhist       branch of Sakyadhita International in June         $150 Nun/Student/Unemployed
Women, held in Bodhgaya, India, in 1987.         2010. SUSA is made up of committed Buddhist       (Please Print)
                                                 laywomen and monastics/nuns who reside in         Email: _____________________________________
Sakyadhita seeks to unite Buddhist women of      the U.S. and are focussed on the needs and
diverse countries and traditions, to promote     concerns of Buddhist women living in the U.S.
their welfare and to facilitate their work for
the benefit of humanity.                         Beginning in 2012, SUSA willl organize a bi-
                                                                                                   Name: _____________________________________
                                                 annual North American Buddhist Women’s
Since 1987 conferences have been held every      Conference that will include Sakyadhita
                                                                                                   Address: ___________________________________
two years, most recently, at the end of 2009,    Canada and dharma sisters in Mexico. These
in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for the 11th       conferences will address the particular
Sakyadhita International Conference where        concerns of Buddhist women in North
more than 2400 nuns, laywomen and men            America, across all traditions and ethnicities.
were in attendance.                              This ongoing effort will require a large number
                                                 of volunteers and great fundraising effort.
                                                                                                   State:____________ Zip:_______________________
Sakyadhita International Conferences have
been held in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ladakh,        For the present, please join us in working
                                                                                                   I am paying today by Cash Check #__________
Cambodia, Nepal, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia,        toward Sakyadhita’s objectives for Buddhist
Mongolia and Vietnam. Laywomen, nuns,            women in the United States. Sign up to
                                                                                                    I will pay online by credit/debit card. Add me to
laymen, and monks from almost 40                 receive email updates about Sakyadhita USA
                                                                                                   the emailing list right away and watch for my payment.
countries all over the world have attended       events and projects by joining the emailing
these conferences. The 12th Sakyadhita           list using the attached form or by signing up
                                                                                                   JOIN ONLINE:
International Conference will be held in         on the Sakyadhita USA website at: http://
                                                                                                   Click on Membership.
Bangkok, Thailand, in June 2011.       
                                                                                                    Please add me to your emailing list. I will consider
Sakyadhita branches and chapters have been       Or better yet, join our efforts to support
                                                                                                   joining as a member at a later date.
established in 12 countries: Canada, France,     Buddhist women in the U.S. with membership
Germany, India, Ladakh, Nepal, Sri Lanka,        in Sakyadhita USA! Visit the website or use
                                                                                                   Name: _____________________________________
Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.K. The        the attached form. All are welcome!
newest branch is Sakyadhita USA.
                                                                                                   Email: _____________________________________

        Sakyadhita USA! JOIN US!                                                                   @_________________________________________

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