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					                                                                                      Deanship in “Public Health & Professional

GPPH Rounds
          Fall 2004
                                                                                      Degree Programs” and the Renaming of the
                                                                                     Department of Family Medicine & Community

                                                                                     Robin Glover

                                                                                     These are dynamic times for the graduate
                                                                                     programs at Tufts. One of the reasons why
                                                                                     is the appointment by Dr. Michael
                                                                                     Rosenblatt, Dean of Tufts University School
                                                                                                                                      Office of Graduate Degree Programs
                                                                                                                                      Takes New Name
                                                                                                                                      The Office of Graduate Degree Programs
                                                                                                                                      has been renamed the Office of Student
                                                                                     of Medicine, of Dr. Harris A. Berman to the      Services (OSS) for Public Health and
                                                                                     new position of Dean of Public Health and        Professional Degree Programs. The OSS
                                                                                     Professional Degree Programs (PHPD). As          includes the Registrar’s Office,
                                                                                     Dean, Dr. Berman is responsible for the          Admissions, Career, Alumni and
                                                                                     Office of Student Services (formerly Office      Academic Services. Robin Glover has
          Graduate Programs in Public Health - Tufts University School of Medicine

                                                                                     of Graduate Degree Programs) as well as the      been promoted to the position of Director
                                                                                     Office of Continuing Education. In addition,     of OSS and Matthew Hast is the Registrar.
                                                                                     he is responsible for the MPH Program            Other staff members include Christina
                                                                                     (MPH, MD/MPH, DVM/MPH, BA/MPH, JD/               Ventresca, Assistant Director for
                                                                                     MPH, MS-Nutrition/MPH), as well as the           Admissions and Student Services,
                                                                                     MS-Health Communication, MD/MBA, MD/             Chantal Poschmann, Program/Career
                                                                                     MALD (Master of Arts in Law and                  Services Coordinator, Ryan Wheeler,
                                                                                     Diplomacy) and the MS-PREP ( Pain                Program Assistant for Admissions and
                                                                                     Research, Education and Policy Programs)         Registration, and Nkemdiri Iruka, Program
                                                                                     Programs. Dr. Berman will continue in his        Assistant for Academic Services. In
                                                                                     role as Chair of the newly renamed               addition, the OSS has relocated to the
                                                                                     Department of Public Health and Family           Department of Public Health and Family
                                                                                     Medicine.                                        Medicine. The change resulted in “one
                                                                                                                                      stop shopping” for students, many of
                                                                                     One of the initial outcomes of the formation     whom have complimented PHPD on the
                                                                                     of PHPD has been the streamlining of             move and noted that it eliminates
                                                                                     services to better serve students, faculty and   confusion about where they should go
                                                                                     alumni, which involved organizational            for particular services.
                                                                                     changes within the Office of Student                                      Continued on p. 3
                                                                                     Services as well as the Graduate Programs in
                                                                                     Public Health (GPPH), as detailed below.         In This Issue
                                                                                     Graduate Programs in Public Health                 Screening for Asthma and Finding
                                                                                     After 4-years as the Director of the GPPH,         Obesity
                                                                                     Dr. Jeffrey Griffiths has taken on a new role
                                                                                                                                        New MPH Epidemiology/Biostatistics
                                                                                     as Director of Global Health for the
                                                                                                                                        Concentration Leader
                                                                                     Department of Public Health and Family
                                                                                     Medicine. Dr. Griffiths is responsible for         Review of Child Deaths at Red Cross
                                                                                     expanding the international activities of the      Children’s Hospital, South Africa
                                                                                     department, and creating a concentration in
                                                                                                                                        10th Anniversary Alumni Celebration of
                                                                                     International Public Health. GPPH extends
                                                                                                                                        Tufts Health Communication Program
                                                                                     its deepest appreciation to Dr. Griffiths for
                                                                                     his leadership over the last several years.        Developing an Evaluation Plan for Mass
                                                                                     Dr. Anthony Schlaff will continue to direct        Cardiovascular Health Initiative
                                                                                     the MPH Program and Professor James Hyde
                                                                                     will continue to direct the MS-Health              GPPH Class of 2004 Reception
                                                                                     Communication Program, both under the              2004-2005 Public Health Student Senate
                                                                                     leadership of Dean Berman.
                                                                                                                                        Public Health Service in the Government

                                                                                                                                         GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004 1
                                                               Director’s Message
                                                                    Anthony Schlaff, MD, MPH

                                     The director’s message will alternate between the MPH and MS-Health Communication
                                     Program Directors.

                                     There are currents of change in public health education that may not be visible to
                                     students, but which are likely to change public health education – and our program -
                                     in the near future. A number of recent reports and recommendations are now open
                                     for national discussion. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has published a report
                                     entitled, “Who Will Keep the Public Healthy?” This report calls for the addition of 8
                                     new content areas to core public health education, for more practice-based and
                                     interdisciplinary education, and for adoption of an ecological framework of health as
                                     the conceptual centerpiece for all MPH programs. Some of these recommendations
                                     are the subject of considerable debate, and I am chairing a committee of the Council
 Anthony Schlaff, MD, MPH
                                    of Public Health Programs to offer a response to these recommendations from the
  Director, MPH Program             perspective of the nation’s public health programs.

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), the accrediting body for programs/schools of public health, has also
developed a draft of new criteria by which to judge public health programs. As does the IOM report, these criteria call for
significantly more practice time and experience for students. CEPH is also seeking to move us from an educational model
based on knowledge-based learning objectives and student evaluation to objectives and measures based on professional
competency. This movement has been a long-term trend and is consistent with the effort to increase practice experience.
While these shifts have been a long time coming, in my judgment the new criteria represent an inflection point – if they go
through as written they will likely require revolutionary rather than evolutionary change in how public health education is
delivered. Up until now, although preparation for practice was part of the educational mission, the reality has always been
that professional competency has come with job experience. CEPH is seeking to make achievement of professional
competence the fundamental measures of success for the educational enterprise and the new graduate. While this is
certainly a worthy goal, I am not sure how this can occur without significant change in the basic structure of both
education and the practice environment. It will be an interesting few years to see how this plays itself out!

While these are challenges that are on their way, in the present we have much to celebrate. This past summer, we
submitted an interim report to the Council on Education in Public Health, the accrediting body for our MPH program.
Based on this document, CEPH extended our accreditation an additional two years. Our next visit is now scheduled for
2009. This 7-year accreditation gives us the longest allowable interval between site visits and signals a great deal of
confidence in our program by CEPH. I think it worth noting that one of the issues reported in our interim report concerned
the participation of students in program evaluation and policy. The development of the Student Senate over the past two
years has been a wonderful addition to the ability of students to participate in a variety of efforts to improve the program.
I encourage all of you to make full use of this student organization and your voice.

In the meantime, the world of public health practice also changes in response to new opportunities and threats. Continually
under-funded and under-valued, public health still remains one of the most interesting and challenging professions to work
in, and it continues to provide an intellectual and professional framework for the advancement of social justice. I hope all
of you feel as lucky as I do to be a part of it!

2 GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004
     Screening for Asthma and Finding Obesity in Chinese-Speaking
                         Immigrant Children
Robyn Greenfield, MD/MPH’07                                                                Chinese-immigrant asthmatic child
                                                                                           was exemplified in our study.
This summer Dr. Doug Brugge, Tufts’
Associate Professor of Public Health
                                                                                            I admit that prior to this experience I
and Family Medicine, and I compared
                                                                                            stereotyped Chinese children as
the efficacy of current asthma
                                                                                            being much skinnier than their
screening methods in Chinese-
                                                                                            American counterparts. Thus, while
speaking immigrant children. With the
                                                                                            getting height and weight
aid of Pediatrician, Dr. Roland Tang,
                                                                                            measurements in order to conduct the
and Tufts Undergraduate and
                                                                                            spirometry, I was surprised to find
bilingual English-Cantonese speaker,
                                                                                            many of the children to be
Angela Lee, we screened over 150
                                                                                            overweight. To our astonishment, we
children, ages 5-11, at the South Cove
                                                                                            found a 30.8% prevalence of
Community Health Center in
                                                                                        childhood obesity, compared to the 25%
Chinatown. We used a three pronged          Robyn Greenfield, MD/MPH’07 coaching
                                                                                        national average. We also found that
approach consisting of a written                 a child to perform spirometry.
                                                                                        being born in the US increased one’s risk
questionnaire, video depiction of
                                                                                        of being overweight substantially (OR =
wheezing and spirometry to improve         triggers or appropriate treatment of         3.75).      Thus, it appeared that
upon the methodologies of previous         asthma. Due to the lack of public            Westernization and American values
studies, which yielded conflicting         attention in China, there is also no         surrounding food have permeated this
results regarding the prevalence of        colloquial term for “wheezing.” With         community, bringing with it the dangers
undiagnosed asthma in Chinatown.           four expressions used to describe            of childhood obesity. In addition,
Though we found the prevalence of          “wheeze,” we could find no agreement         several studies have documented the
undiagnosed asthma to be low, we           as to which one is best. This experience     likely invalidation of western standards
uncovered two alarming issues: A           provided not simply a vocabulary             of body mass index (BMI) classification
widespread lack of asthma knowledge        lesson in Chinese; rather illustrated the    in Asians. At the same BMI, Asians have
and high prevalence of childhood           importance of culturally sensitive           a higher percentage of body fat and are
obesity within this population.            medicine. Regardless of asthma’s             therefore at greater risk for diabetes,
                                           commonplace within American culture,         heart disease and other obesity related
Coming from the Northeast, where there     a physician must constantly reinforce        diseases than Caucasians and African-
seems to be as many hospitals as           and explain pertinent issues regarding       Americans. Incidence of these diseases
Starbucks, I was surprised to learn that   the management of asthma when                in Asians of “healthy weight” classes is
asthma, and especially the word            treating a Chinese immigrant patient. In     thus found to be proportional to Whites
“wheeze,” were not household               particular, when attempting to diagnose      classified as “overweight” and “obese.”
expressions in our study community.        asthma, one should not rely on the           Our work demonstrates the imperative
After requesting permission to screen a    verbal use of the term “wheeze,” but         need for Asian-American children to be
child for asthma we were often asked       use a video demonstration when asking        included in studies of childhood obesity
what “asthma” was by the parent. Even      a parent if his/her child displays this      as they are becoming an increasingly
among Chinese parents of asthmatic         symptom. While this is likely to be true     larger part of the epidemic, yet face
children, studies have found few           in other non-Western cultures, the           potentially greater risks.
parents understanding the causes,          importance of culture in caring for a

                                           requested that the department name be        a dated term, not used much anymore.
Deanship in “Public Health &               changed to more accurately reflect what      Many people ask, “What is community
Professional Degree Programs               the department does. He noted that since     health?” Unfortunately, since the Anthrax
                    continued from p. 1    the teaching of public health is done as     and SARS scares, no one asks, “What is
In addition to the development of the      a program within the medical school          public health?”
PHPD, there has also been another          rather than as a school of public health,
important milestone for the Department     changing the name of the department to       These are exciting times for the PHPD and
of Family Medicine & Community             recognize this very important function       Department of Public Health and Family
Health; the name has been changed to       will clarify the major activity of most of   Medicine, so stay tuned for further
the “Department of Public Health and       the full-time faculty. Dr. Berman stated     developments!
Family Medicine.” Dr. Berman               that the moniker “community health” is

                                                                                         GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004 3
                                                                                                    Faculty Notes
      New MPH Epidemiology/Biostatistics                                                 Marcia Boumil, JD, LLM, Assistant Prof. of
            Concentration Leader                                                         Public Health and Family Medicine (PHFM),
                                                                                         gave a presentation entitled “Partial-Birth
                                              particularly that which provides           Abortion and Reproductive Rights” to the
                                              solutions to overcome the adverse          American Med. Women’s Association.
                                              health consequences of poverty. Her
                                                                                         Congratulations to Michael Bennish, MD,
                                              research has been widely published in
                                                                                         Associate Prof. of Medicine and Pediatrics, on
                                              peer reviewed journals and is respected    his grant from the NIH FIC to develop
                                              for the vision it provides to the global   informatics capacity in support of research in
                                              efforts and policies to improve safe       South Africa.
                                              motherhood, child survival, nutrition
                                              and sexually transmitted diseases. She     Doug Brugge, PhD, Associate Prof. of PHFM,
                                              designed and conducted the first large     recently co-authored an article in Disease
                                              randomized trial of the Kangaroo           Management & Health Outcomes, “The
                                              Mother Care in Ecuador, a method           Economic Benefit of Including Environmental
                                                                                         Issues as a Component of Comprehensive
                                              whereby low birth weight infants are
                                                                                         Asthma Care: A Managed Care Perspective.”
                                              held skin-to-skin for thermal
                                              maintenance in resource poor setting       Congratulations to Catherine Coleman, MA,
                                              where incubators are scarce; finding       Adjunct Clinical Instructor of PHFM, on her
                                              the method significantly reduced life-     recent appointment as Editor in Chief of
            Nancy Sloan, DrPH                 threatening morbidity.                     ProCOR, a global health communication program
The Department of Pubic Health and
Family Medicine and Graduate Programs         Dr. Sloan developed and validated the      Paul Hattis, MD, JD, MPH, Assistant Prof. of
                                              Helen Keller food frequency method,        PHFM, recently co-authored a report
in Public Health welcome the addition of
                                                                                         “Increasing Workforce Diversity and Addressing
a new faculty member, Nancy L. Sloan,         now used by numerous organizations
                                                                                         Health Disparities: Strategies for Hospitals in
Dr.P.H. In addition to being a member of      to identify areas where vitamin A          Health Professions Educational Practice
the department faculty, Dr. Sloan,            deficiency exists. She also provides       Partnerships” that was part a report published
Associate Professor of Public Health &        technical assistance to Population         by the Sullivan Commission on Diversity in the
Family Medicine, will also serve as the       Council programs, including Horizons       Healthcare Workplace.
MPH Program’s Epidemiology and                and Frontiers worldwide operations
Biostatistics Concentration Leader. A         research projects in HIV/AIDs and          Stewart Landers, JD, MCP, Assistant Clinical
special thank you goes to Dr. Aviva           reproductive health, and participates in   Prof. of PHFM, was the co-convener of the 2nd
                                              various research advisory groups for       National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and
Must, who served as the MPH
                                                                                         Intersex Health Summit that occurred in August
Epidemiology and Biostatistics                other universities and organizations.
                                                                                         2004, Cambridge, MA. The Summit provided
Concentration Leader from the inception       She also has developed and                 an opportunity for health care professionals and
of the MPH Program until recently when        disseminated user-friendly computer-       others to share information about health assets
she stepped down. Dr. Must will               based technology to improve the            and disparities impacting their communities.
continue with her role as Director of the     supervision, monitoring and evaluation
MS-Nutrition/MPH Track and Chair of           of family planning, maternity, post-       M. Barton Laws, PhD, Assistant Clinical Prof.
the MPH and MS-Health Communication           abortion, and child health care            of PHFM, is directing a symposium presented
Academic Affairs Committee.                   programs.                                  by New England Coalition for Health Equity
                                                                                         entitled “Everyone Counts: State Infrastructure
                                                                                         and Capacity to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic
Dr. Sloan is a perinatal and nutritional      Dr. Sloan looks forward to her new role
                                                                                         Health Disparities in New England”, Dec. 6.
epidemiologist with extensive experience      as the MPH Epidemiology/Biostatistics
in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the U.S.   Concentration Leader, to meeting and       Barry Levy, MD, MPH, Adjunct Prof. of Public
who received her DrPH from Columbia           guiding students, and applying her         Health & Family Medicine, has co-edited the
University School of Public Health. Her       experience to provide knowledge and        second edition of Preventing Occupational
concentration is the design and               skills to students through her teaching    Disease and Injury, which the American Public
evaluation of maternal, infant and child      and research. In addition to teaching      Health Association will publish this fall.
health care and nutrition interventions,      MPH201 Principles of Epidemiology
                                              during the spring 2005 semester, Dr.       Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, MPH, Adjunct
including program evaluation, on
                                                                                         Instructor in PHFM, recently co-authored an
growth, morbidity and mortality.              Sloan plans to develop a perinatal
                                                                                         article in Circulation entitled “Fish Intake and
                                              epidemiology course for fall 2005.         Risk of Incident Atrial Fibrillation”
Dr. Sloan’s career has been dedicated to
providing knowledge that advances             Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sloan      Marva Serotkin, MPH, Assistant Clinical
public health policy and programs,            to the Department of Public Health and     Professor of PHFM, is Chair-Elect of the Mass.
                                              Family Medicine and GPPH!                  Extended Care Federation, a professional
                                                                                         association representing long term care facilities.

4 GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004
                                                                                                 MD/MPH & DVM/MPH
        A Review of Child Deaths at Red Cross                                                    2004 Public Health Field
         Children’s Hospital in South Africa                                                           Experiences
                                                                                             Kristen Anderson, Nutrition and Pregnancy,
Wilson Grandin, MD/MPH’07                     database. By the time I arrived, he had        Parra Tomkins, MD, Tufts Dept. of Public
                                              data on nearly 2,000 child deaths, but no      Health & Family Med. (PHFM)
I had an incredible summer. From June to      time to analyze it, offering me the
the beginning of August, I lived in Cape      opportunity for a trial-by-fire whirlwind      Stacie Dunkle, Metal Toxicity in Wildlife and
Town, South Africa and worked for a                                                          Humans, Mark Pokras, DVM, Tufts School
                                              experience of practical public health
child rights and child healthy policy                                                        of Veterinary Med.
organization called the “Children’s
                                                                                             Courtney Ek, Wildlife Trade and Emerging
Institute” (CI). CI was created to increase   As I worked to develop and apply a             Diseases, Peter Daszak, DVM, Consortium
awareness about issues surrounding            suitable classification system for the         for Conservation Medicine.
child rights and health, elevate the          causes of death, it was remarkable to see
political priority of children in the South   the profile of disease that emerged from       Andrew Feda, HIV/AIDS Surveillance and
African parliament, and increase the          the analysis. The leading causes of            Epidemiology in New York City, Mark Beatty,
resources devoted to children. It has four    death were HIV, other infectious diseases,     MD, MPH, and Chris Murrill, PhD, MPH,
major divisions which are focused on                                                         New York City Dept. of Health and Mental
                                              and congenital abnormalities. I could not
child rights, child poverty, HIV/AIDS,                                                       Hygiene
                                              believe how many children died of
and child health services. I worked in        diarrheal disease, a cause of death that is    E. Wilson Grandin, A Review of Child
the child heath services unit under the       rarely ever seen in the U.S. The               Deaths at Red Cross Children’s Hospital in
supervision of Maylene Shung-King, a          prevalence of HIV, which accounted for         Cape Town South Africa, Maylene Shung
physician and deputy director of CI, and      nearly 1/3 of all child deaths in the study,   King, MD, Children’s Institute at the Univ.
Tony Westwood, a public-health-minded         was astounding. The HIV epidemic is            of Cape Town.
physician who recently completed a            real. I remembered hearing in public health
sabbatical year at CI before returning to     class that 25-30% of South Africans are        Robyn Greenfield, Detecting Asthma in
his position on the pediatric clinical                                                       Chinatown, Doug Brugge, PhD, Tufts PHFM
                                              infected with HIV based on screening at
faculty at the Red Cross Children’s           antenatal clinics, but it is difficult to
Hospital. Maylene and Tony guided me                                                         Gareen Hamalian, Three Experiences in
                                              appreciate that statistic while sitting in a   Public Health Education, Roberta Friedman,
through a study of child mortality at the     classroom in Boston. Going on rounds           ScM, Mass. Public Health Association, Dean
Red Cross, a project which challenged         in the hospital and working on this study      Dilion, BSBA, AIDS Action Committee,
me to apply the public health principles      enabled me to see firsthand the                Nutrition Works
I’d learned over this past year and           devastation that this disease has
deepened my appreciation for the health       wreaked on South Africa. I hope that the       Kimberly Hanley, Various Health Depart-
problems facing South Africa.                 results of our work will help inform           ment Components in the Palm Beach County
                                                                                             Health Department, Robert J. Trenschel,
                                              hospital decisions involving staff
Our study examined the causes of death                                                       D.O., MPH
                                              training and resource allocation and
in children dying at the Red Cross over       hopefully lay the groundwork for a             Elizabeth Harausz, Development of Low-
the past five years (1999 – 2003). By         hospital-based electronic system to            Literacy Materials For Migrant Workers, Julie
American standards, the state of data         monitor disease in the surrounding             Sorensen, MA, New York Center for Agri-
collection surrounding deaths was             populations.                                   cultural Med. and Health Research.
shocking. The hospital’s electronic
clinical information system was actually      South Africa was by no means all work.         Aaron Harris, Air Pollution and Respiratory
quite modern, but unfortunately no data       The country’s physical beauty is               Disease, Jeffrey Griffiths, MD, MPH&TM,
regarding the causes of death were                                                           Tufts PHFM
                                              spectacular, and I took every
recorded. A more archaic system               opportunity possible to explore it. The
involving manual recording in notebooks                                                      Kerry Kay, Improving Diabetes Efforts
                                              South African people were exceptionally        Across Language and Literacy, Dean
was employed to document the causes           gracious and extended a level of               Schillinger, MD, UCSF.
of death. This information was not            hospitality that was completely
entered into a computer system;               unexpected. It is truly a rainbow nation       Melissa McDaniel, Identification of Poten-
therefore, the hospital was unable to say     whose future is very bright. I hope that       tial Health Hazards and Zoonoses Associ-
anything definitive about its cause-          Tufts’ faculty and students will continue      ated with the Butchering Process in Chitwan,
specific mortality profile. The study was     to contribute to the progress of this great    Nepal, Christine Jost, DVM, MA, Tufts
born out of this data vacuum and in 1999,                                                    School of Veterinary Med.
                                              nation as South Africans work to shed
Dr. Westwood began entering the               the stigma of apartheid and HIV and
information from hospital death                                                              Eric Mondschein, Developing a Regional
                                              show the world the wealth of resources         Emergency Animal Response Plan, J. David
certificates into a Microsoft Excel           they possess.                                  Naparstek, ScM, Newton Health Depart-
                                                                                                                       Continued on p. 12

                                                                                              GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004 5
     10th Anniversary Alumni Celebration of Tufts’ Master’s Program
                       in Health Communication
                                                        James N. Hyde, MA, MS               Drs. Ratzan and Stearns, as well as the
                                                                                            many alumni who by their work and con-
                                                        On June 11 and 12 ,Tufts and        tributions to the field have helped to mar-
                                                        Emerson College celebrated the      ket and promote the program through-
                                                        tenth anniversary of the Health     out the country. Saturday’s events also
                                                        Communication Program with a        included two alumni-led workshops. In
                                                        series of special alumni events.    a morning workshop, Barry Waite (1996)
                                                        More than 60 faculty, staff,        spoke about crisis communication, while
                                                        alumni, and friends attended        in the afternoon Ami Schmitz-Levine
                                                        one or more of the events. In       (1997) an Emmy-winning graduate who
                                                        the ten years since its incep-      worked for ABC News and Johnson and
                                                        tion, the precedent setting         Johnson talked about strategies for deal-
                                                        Health Communication Pro-           ing with the media.
                                              gram has graduated 144 master’s level stu-
                                              dents making it far and away the largest      One of the highlights of the weekend
                                              such program in the country.                  was the release of the survey of Tufts-
                                                                                            Emerson health communication gradu-
                                              The festivities began with a Friday           ates conducted by Edgar and Hyde. The
                                              evening reception hosted by Emerson           survey reports on the location, employ-
                                              College and Emerson’s new Program Di-         ment status, job history, and salary his-
                                              rector Dr. Timothy Edgar. Current stu-        tory of graduates over the last ten years.
                                              dents, faculty, alumni, and friends had       These data are unique in the field both
                                              the opportunity to meet and greet one         because health communication as a dis-
                                              another in an informal atmosphere, trade      cipline is so new and because until in-
                                              stories about “how it used to be”, and        formation from the Tufts-Emerson co-
                                              generally re-live old times. Jim Hyde,        hort was available there was only anec-
                                              Tufts Program Director, produced a CD-        dotal information about the career paths
                                              ROM slide show of pictures of students        of graduates. The results of the survey
                                              and faculty from the past ten years which     will be published in an upcoming issue
                                              played continuously throughout the re-        of the Journal of Health Communication.
                                              ception.                                      A copy of the survey report can be
                                                                                            found at:
                                              A highlight of the reception was the re-
                                                     turn of Dr. Scott Ratzan one of the    Alumni_Survey_Final_Report_Tufts.pdf.
                                                     founders of the Tufts-Emerson
                                                     program and now working at             Everyone agreed that the Alumni week-
                                                     Johnson and Johnson (Europe)           end had been a wonderful success and
                                                     while also continuing to serve as      that an effort should be made to bring
                                                     Editor of the Journal of Health        people together again before the Twen-
                                                     Communication. While Scott won         tieth Anniversary Celebration. In the in-
                                                     the prize for former faculty having    terim, you can enjoy the Tenth celebra-
                                                     traveled the furthest, there were      tion vicariously by looking at the a few
                                                     alumni who attended from all over      of of the pictures alongside or by
                                                     the East coast. Sadly, Dr. Norman      emailing Professor Hyde for
                                                     Stearns, whose leadership at Tufts     ( for a copy of
 top, l-r, J. David Naparstek, Ami Schmitz-   was critical in the early years of the pro-   the CD produced for the event.
 Levine, Noelle Downing, Dr. Maryee           gram, was unable to attend as the result
 Tharpe, and Dr. Gregory Payne; James         of a long standing prior commitment.
 Hyde and Scott Ratzan; Jon Palfreman and
 Joanne Barker; Tamaki Sakakibara, Karen      Saturday featured a luncheon at Tufts at
 Schoeneman, Dr. Timothy Edgar, and A.        which both Jim Hyde and Tim Edgar paid
                                              tribute to the founders of the program,

6 GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004
                       Developing An Evaluation Plan for the Massachusetts
                                 Cardiovascular Health Initiative
                                                                  ply for implementation           were developed for each of the twenty-
                                                                  funding in March 2004. My        one 5-year objectives. Lead partners pro-
                                                                  Applied Learning Experi-         vided constant input to design and re-
                                                                  ence (ALE) project was to        vise the logic models, which arranged the
                                                                  complete two key require-        steps leading to the ultimate goal. Once
                                                                  ments of the application:        finalized, the logic models were translated
                                                                  submit evidence of comple-       into workplans. Each workplan included
                                                                  tion of capacity building,       the strategies that lead to the objective,
                                                                  and design an evaluation         a timeline, outcome measures with data
                                                                  plan to monitor and assess       sources, and the partners responsible for
                                                                  objectives for the next 5        each 5-year objective.
Photo by Bob Sheehan

                                                                                                   CVHI was able to submit an outstanding
                                                                   During capacity building,       grant application. The logic models and
                                                                   CVHI summarized evi-            workplans proved effective tools for or-
                                                                   dence-based and surveil-        ganizing and ensuring resources, strate-
                                                                   lance data to assist partners   gies and objectives. The experience of
                                                                   in identifying areas for de-    crafting an evaluation plan that depended
                                                                   velopment of a statewide        on partner feedback was challenging, but
                                                                   plan. By January 2004, the      extremely rewarding. I learned that a high
                                                                  partners agreed on twenty-       level of collaboration in the public health
          Josiemer Mattei, MS/MPH receiving an Applied            one objectives considered        field can be a key factor in program plan-
       Learning Experience Award from Dr. Anthony Schlaff,        most feasible and important      ning and evaluation. Partners have a
        MPH Program Director, for the project described in        to achieve within 5 years.       sense of joint ownership and responsi-
                            this article.                         Some of these 5-year objec-      bility for the upcoming implementation
Josiemer Mattei, MS/MPH’04                         tives were to improve emergency re-             of the plan. With their support, CVHI can
                                                   sponse plans, to strengthen smoking ces-        continue its commitment of reducing
Massachusetts residents present high
                                                   sation programs among people with dis-          heart disease and stroke and addressing
morbidity and mortality of cardiovascu-
                                                   abilities and minority groups, to increase      health disparities in Massachusetts.
lar diseases (CVD) and its risk factors.
                                                   the recognition and response to signs and
CVD is the leading cause of death in the
                                                   symptoms of heart attack and stroke, and
state, accounting for approximately 35%
of all deaths. They cost the state more
                                                   to improve chronic disease management           GPPH Rounds
than $1 billion annually, and comprise 57%
                                                   and quality of care.                            The Graduate Programs in Public
of all hospital charges. Additionally, most                                                        Health of Tufts University School of
risk factors and main CVD outcomes show
                                                   To prove partners’ contribution during          Medicine publishes the GPPH Rounds
differences in occurrence by age, gender,
                                                   capacity building, I developed and ana-         semiannually. It reports on the activities
race, socioeconomic group, and geo-
                                                   lyzed a survey of partners’ participation       of the programs, students, faculty, and
graphical area.
                                                   and opinions. The survey showed that            alumni. We welcome your suggestions,
                                                   almost half of the respondents consid-          photographs and news items.
                                                   ered that the process of developing the
To address these issues, the Cardiovas-
cular Health Initiative (CVHI) at the Mas-
                                                   statewide plan had been inclusive of all        Editor
sachusetts Department of Public Health
                                                   partners, and that they were committed in       Robin Glover
                                                   continuing collaboration for its implemen-
(MDPH) aims to decrease death and dis-
ability from heart disease and stroke and
                                                   tation. A draft of the document “Health of      Comments should be sent to:
to reduce health disparities in the state
                                                   Massachusetts: Impact of Heart Disease          Robin Glover
by promoting prevention through system,
                                                   and Stroke” was also submitted. The             Public Health & Professional Degree
policy and environmental changes. In the
                                                   document highlights data collected dur-         Programs
past four years, CVHI has been funded
                                                   ing capacity planning, and supports the         Tel: 617-636-2497
by the Centers for Disease Control and
                                                   proposed 5-year objectives.                     Fax: (617) 636-4017
Prevention (CDC) to build program capac-                                                 
                                                   For the evaluation framework, I followed
ity and select their proposed goals, with
contribution from over 100 partners from
                                                   CDC guidelines on the use of logic mod-         Visit the GPPH Web site:
across the state. CVHI was ready to ap-
                                                   els (flow charts) and workplans. These

                                                                                                    GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004 7
                                            GPPH Class of 2004 Reception

                                                                                                    public health, in addition to academic
                                                                                                    excellence.” Students honored included,
                                                                                                    Trang Au, MPH, Allison Christie, MD/
                                                                                                    MPH, Jennifer Hastings, MS-Nutrition/
                                                                                                    MPH, Andrew Ritchter, MD/MPH, and
Photo by Bob Sheehan

                                                                                                    David Tybor, MS-Nutrition/MPH.

                                                                                                    Paul Aubuchon, a MPH student who
                                                                                                    unfortunately passed away one course
                                                                                                    short of completing his MPH degree, was
                                                                                                    honored at the reception. Dr. Paul Hattis,
                                                                                                    his concentration leader noted, “Paul
                                                                                                    enjoyed his classes, the intellectual
                                                                                                    experience, as well as the personal
                                                                                                    relationships that were created among
                                  Members of the GPPH Class of 2004                                 students and between students and their
                                                                                                    teachers”. A MPH degree was awarded
     Nkemdiri Iruka, BA/MPH’05
                                                     May. David Tybor, who completed his            posthumously to Mr. Aubuchon by the
     On Sunday, May 23 rd , 2004, Tufts              ALE in September 2003 was presented            Tufts University Board of Trustees and
     University held its 148th Commencement          with an award for his project, “Golden         was accepted by his wife, Mrs. Becky
     Ceremony at which time the Graduate             Aging: A Collaborative Health Fair of          Aubuchon and their three children, who
     Programs in Public Health celebrated the        Tufts University and The Greater Boston        were quite touched.
     graduation of 54 of its students. Of            Chinese Golden Ages Center.”
     these students, 18 received the MPH             Mahrukh Mohiuddin, who completed               The class of 2004 honored several faculty
     degree, 5 received the JD/MPH degree,           her ALE in February 2004, received an          members with Citation for Excellence in
     16 received the MD/MPH degree, 3                award for her project entitled, “Satellife’s   Teaching Awards. Marcia Boumil, JD,
     received the DVM/MPH degree, 5                  Computer Mediated Communication in             LLM was honored by the MD/MPH and
     received the MS Nutrition/MPH degree,           Resources- Poor Health Care settings:          DVM/MPH class of 2004, and Mark
     and 3 students received the MS in               Bridging the Digital Divide Through            Woodin, ScD, MS, by the MPH Program
     Health Communication degree.                    Dialogue,” and Jostemer Mattei, who            Class of 2004. In addition, Ruth Palombo,
                                                     completed her ALE in May 2004 received         PhD, received the J. David Neparstek
     Shilpa Vimalananda, MPH, delivered the          an award for her project, “Evaluation          Community Mentor Award.
     graduate degree programs’ student               Plan for the Cardiovascular Health
     address. She urged her fellow                   Initiative.” The Outstanding MD/MPH            The Public Health Student Senate (PHSS)
     classmates that as health professionals,        and DVM/MPH ALE Award was                      honored several staff members for their
     they uphold the value of treating the           presented to Jesse Chuang, for his             “excellence in service and commitment
     people they serve whole-heartedly while         project, “HIV-1 Viral Resistance               to the graduate students in the Tufts
     also reflecting this value in their daily       Testing”. The Murray Feingold and              University Graduate Programs in Public
     lives.                                          Timothy          Johnson           Health      Health.” PHSS Senate awards were
                                                     Communication Academic Achievement             presented to Robin Glover, Director of
     As is tradition, several students were          Award was given to Amanda Marr.                Student Services for Public Health &
     given awards at the annual Reception                                                           Professional Degree Programs and
     celebrating the GPPH class of 2004.             The GPPH is a new member of the Delta          Swapna Rao, former GPPH Program
     Academic Achievement Awards were                Omega, the Honorary Public Health              Assistant.
     given to Tania Phocas and Lei Wang              Society, and designated the Alpha Rho
     Choi of the MPH Program and Kathryn             Chapter. Annually students, faculty and        The GPPH wishes much success to the
     Doughty of the MD/MPH Track.                    alumni are inducted into the honor             class of 2004.
     Outstanding MPH Applied Learning                society by chapters of Delta Omega and
     Experience (ALE) Awards were given to           this was the first year that the GPPH
     students who completed the MPH                  inducted students. Students were
     Program in September, February, and             recognized for “their demonstrated real
                                                     or potential qualities of leadership in

8 GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004
Clockwise, Susan O’Bell, DVM/MPH’04, and Laura
Landman, DVM/MPH’04; Robin Glover, Allison
Christie, MD/MPH’04, Swapna Rao; Amanda Marr,
MS’04, Safi Ahmed, BA/MPH’04, Valerie Rock, BA/
MPH’04; Mahrukh Mohiuddin, MPH’04 and Dr.
Anthony Sclaff; Ruth Palombo, PhD and Dr. Jeffrey

                                                    GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004 9
                                                                                                ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
    2004 - 2005 Public Health Student Senate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Summer 2004 Applied
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Learning Experiences
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Safi Ahmed, Social Norms Alcohol
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Problem Prevention for Youth, Wellesley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        High School, Linda Langford, ScD,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Education Development Center Higher
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Education Center for Alcohol and Other
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Drug Prevention.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Gulsun Gul Mutfu, Preventive Dental
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Care Among Massachusetts Adults: An
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Analysis of Data from the Massachusetts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        System, Zi Zhang, MD, Massachusetts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Department of Public Health (MDPH).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kelly Horan, Overweight Trends at
            2004-2005 PHSS Members, l-r, Paula Lueras, Sunindia Bhalla, Emily                                                                                                                                                                                                           Headstart, Boston, Sonia Carter, Action
          Backman, Isabelita Mendoza, Yen Truong and Melissa Cunningham. Not                                                                                                                                                                                                            for Boston Community Development.
         pictured, Alison Turnbull, Jessie Glasser, Kimberly Russell, Tiffany Groover,
                                      and Janelle Baptiste                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Elizabeth Lazar, Bread for Life, Susan
Robin Glover                                        Glasser, Class of 2005 – PHSS Secretary,                                                                                                                                                                                            MacNeil, Tri-City Community Action
The Public Health Student Senate mem-             Alison Turnbull, Class of 2006, Yen                                                                                                                                                                                                   Program, Inc.
bers and GPPH Faculty Committee repre-            Truong, Class of 2007 – PHSS Vice
sentatives have been chosen for the 2004          Chair/Finance, Janelle Baptiste, Class of                                                                                                                                                                                             Valerie Rock, An Evaluation of Hunger
– 2005 academic year and are listed be-           2008.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Survey Research at Project Bread-Walk
low. This is the third anniversary of the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               for Hunger, Stephanie Ettinger De Cuba,
                                                  As with the PHSS, students have been                                                                                                                                                                                                  MPH, Project Bread.
PHSS and as you may recall the Senate
was formed to give students a bigger role         elected to represent their track or program
in the management and development of              on the GPPH Governance Committees                                                                                                                                                                                                       New England Coalition for Health
the Graduate Programs in Public Health            (Admission, Academic Affairs, and Pro-                                                                                                                                                                                                        Equity Symposium
and to provide a formal mechanism for             motions).
them to give input and feedback to ad-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “Everyone Counts: State Infrastruc-
ministration. The overall mission of the                 2004-2005 Student GPPH                                                                                                                                                                                                            ture and Capacity to Eliminate
Senate is “ To improve the student body                 Committee Representatives:                                                                                                                                                                                                       Racial and Ethinic Health Dispari-
cohesiveness, improve quality of aca-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ties in New England”
demics, and serve as the voice for the            Admissions:
student body.” The PHSS members were              Emily Backman, MPH Candidate,
                                                  Ekwutosi Okorho, MD/MPH’06                                                                                                                                                                                                                     December 6, 2004
elected by the students they will repre-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sackler Auditorium
sent and all terms are for one year.
                                                  Academic Affairs:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tufts University School of Medicine
                                                  Tiffany Groover, MPH Candidate; Tho-                                                                                                                                                                                                          145 Harrison Avenue
      2004 – 2005 Public Health
                                                  mas Schuch, MD/MPH’05, Jared                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Boston, MA 02111
          Senate Members:
                                                  Murdock, MD/MPH’05;
MPH Track: Emily Backman, Melissa
                                                  Promotions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           US Office of Minority Health
Cunningham, Tiffany Groover – PHSS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tufts Univ. - Dept. of Public Health &
Vice Chair/Programs, Paula Lueras, Kim-           Vivian Stephens, MPH Candidate, Fatima
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Family Medicine
berly Russell                                     Salas, MD/MPH’06                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Institute on Urban Health Research,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Northeastern University
BA/MPH Track: Sunindia Bhalla – PHSS              The PHSS plans to have regular commu-                                                                                                                                                                                                 Center for Health Education, Research &
Chair                                             nication with the student body and is plan-                                                                                                                                                                                           Services
                                                  ning several events for this academic year.                                                                                                                                                                                           Latin American Health Institute
MS-Nutrition/Track: Isabelita Mendoza;            If you would like to learn more about the
                                                  PHSS and how to get involved, contact                                                                                                                                                                                                 For more information and to register call
                                                  them at                                                                                                                                                                                                         617-350-6900, ext 140
MD/MPH & DVM/MPH Tracks: Jessie

10 GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004
  Public Health Service in the Government: An Alumni’s Perspective
Tambra Stevenson, MS - Health                                                                 Tufts graduates accepted into the pro-
Communication ‘04                                                                             gram.
Tambra Stevenson, a recent Tufts GPPH
                                                                                              The Class of 2006 represents the largest
graduate, is part of the Class of 2006
                                                                                              class of Emerging Leaders with 86 fellows
Emerging Leaders of the U.S. Department
                                                                                              coming from rich and diverse back-
of Health and Human Services. She is on
                                                                                              grounds of disciplines, regions, cultures,
her second rotation.
                                                                                              and lifestyles.
Many may hear the call to serve but few
                                                                                              Most ELP Program participants are placed
may answer. I have always had a desire
                                                                                              in the Washington, DC area or Atlanta
for public service in health. So working at
                                                                                              with the bigger employers being the CDC
one of the nation’s principal health agen-
                                                                                              and the NIH. The Substance Abuse and
cies charged with protecting the health of
                                                                                              Mental Health Services Administration
all Americans and providing essential hu-
                                                                                              selected me. At SAMHSA, the preven-
man services made sense.
                                                                                              tion branch where I work supports the
                                                                                              Center for Mental Health Services which
In February, as I stood in a line boarding
                                                                                              is working on mental health transforma-
an airplane headed to Washington, D.C.,
                                                                                              tion following a mandate from the
I read a column in the Wall Street Journal
                                                                                              President’s Commission on Mental
that stated: ‘jobs await graduates.’ I stood        l-r, Tambra Stevenson, MS’04 and          Health.
there with great optimism as I hoped the                  Valerie Rock, BA/MPH’04
article held truth. I was on my way to meet
                                                                                              Created to prepare a new workforce for
with recruiters for the Emerging Leaders       In its third year of existence, the Emerg-     middle level management careers in HHS
Program (ELP) at the U.S. Department of        ing Leaders Program serves as a the prin-      to replace the soon-to-be retiring
Health and Human Services (HHS).               cipal HHS recruiting tool to attract top       workforce, the program provides five
                                               graduates and seasoned professionals           weeks of training, networking with senior
In Fall 2003, I heard the call for federal     with masters and doctoral degrees in sci-      management, and shadowing. It encour-
service and in February I answered. Ini-       entific, public health, social sciences, in-   ages autonomy when mapping your ca-
tially I learned about the program by          formation technology, human resources,         reer development plan and selecting your
searching the Internet for employers with      and administrative career tracks. Similar      rotations and mentors. During our first
professional development programs. I was       to the Presidential Management Fellow          week of training, we were trained in inter-
encouraged to apply to ELP while work-         Program, the ELP is a two-year career de-      personal communication, diversity, net-
ing on outreach efforts for ‘Take a Loved      velopment/intern program leading to per-       working, influencing/interpersonal skills,
One to the Doctor Day,’ a HHS-funded           manent federal employment                      strategic thinking, leadership style, con-
program, at the Boston Black Women’s
                                                                                              flict management, and career development
Health Institute (BBWHI). There I met the      The Emerging Leaders Program provides          planning.
HHS Region I Director, Brian Cresta, while     a streamlined and efficient process lead-
on a site visit at BBWHI. It was he who        ing to federal employment. I received my        As an ELP participant, I have up to six
encouraged me to apply given my back-          acceptance within four business days af-       rotations lasting 60-90 days each. Cur-
ground and experience.                         ter my forty-minute, seven-panel member        rently, I am on my second rotation in the
                                               interview with representatives from Na-        office of intergovernmental affairs in the
I was one of several thousand eager can-       tional Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers     Office of the Secretary at the Humphrey
didates from across the country who at-        for Disease and Control and Prevention         Building. I have been given the responsi-
tended a HHS career fair and subse-            (CDC), Substance Abuse and Mental              bility to take the lead on the convening
quently received a secret code that al-        Health Services Administration                 the Diabetes Detection Initiative Sympo-
lowed me to apply online. By talking to        (SAMHSA) and Health Resources and              sium.
current ELP participants, I felt comfort-      Services Administration (HRSA).
able in applying, obtained referrals, and
                                                                                              Because of my current rotation at head-
as a consequence knew I needed to go to        Selected from among over 2,000 appli-          quarters, I have been able to meet the
the fair at the Humphrey Building in Wash-     cants, Valerie Rock, MPH Epidemiology/         Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona,
ington, DC. There I had an opportunity to      Biostatistics ’04 and I were both admitted     and Deputy Secretary Claude Allen, to
meet current Emerging Leaders, represen-       into the third class of the HHS Emerging       name a few and to work on real-time as-
tatives from the various HHS agencies,         Leaders Program representing the first
and other candidates vying for a slot.                                                                                Continued on p. 12

                                                                                               GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004 11
MD/MPH & DVM/MPH Public                         Public Health Service in the
Health Field Experiences                        Government
                       continued from p. 5                         continued from p. 11

Anh Neuyen, Community Outreach/Health           signments such as working with the
Promotion, Eleni Konlogli, MBA, M.Ed,           Deputy Director of Policy. In adddition,
Neponset Health Center.                         I have been asked to edit and send let-
                                                ters for the Secretary of the Department
Mitesh Popat, A Comparison of Infectious        of HHS, Tommy Thompson, to the state
Disease Manifestations of HIV-Positive and      attorneys general concerning the flu
HIV negative infants in Durban, South Africa,
                                                vaccine crisis, a top story in the news.
David Hamer, MD, Tufts New England Medi-
cal Center (NEMC)
                                                Like many ELP participants who praise
Marcia Salas, Immunizations in Peruvian         the program, I look forward to each op-
Public Hospitals, Victor Gamero, MD,            portunity to connect and learn more
Facultadde Medicina-Universidad.                about HHS. There is never a time when I
                                                am bored as the opportunity to learn
Jonathan Snyder, Stigma Scale Adaptation        about our federal government’s role in
for Rural South Africa, Kathy Lasch, PhD,       providing health care access and qual-
New England Medical Center, Institute of
                                                ity to Americans is an invigorating chal-
Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies.
Shelly Tien, Refuge Health Information Net-
work, Jennifer Cochran, MPH, Mass. Dept.        To learn more about the HHS Fair on
of Public Health, Refugee and Immigrant         March 3, 2005 and the Emerging Lead-
Health.                                         ers Program, visit
                                                or contact Cassandra Cuffee at
Yen Truong, Anonymous HIV Testing Site for more information.
(ATS) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Donn        To learn more about my experience, you
Colby, MD, MPH, Univ. of California-San
                                                can contact me at:
Francisco, Center for AIDS Prevention Stud-

Tufts University School of Medicine
Graduate Programs in Public Health
Public Health & Professional Degree Programs
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA. 02111

12 GPPH Rounds - Fall 2004

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