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									Welcome to Bohol - the land of the Chocolate Hills. This magnificent wonder of
nature is composed of 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the height of 30 to
120 meters which spreads over an area of 50 square kilometers. During summer the
hot weather transforms these hills into big mounds of chocolates. The best place to
enjoy the wonderful view is on the top of one of it where your eyes will be
mesmerized especially during sunsets and sunrises which the clouds and the sky
provide a dramatic effect.

From the pier or airport, you will pass several tourist attractions like Old churches,
Ancestral houses, hanging bridges and many more before reaching the town of
Carmen where the Chocolate Hills is situated.

One of the highlights is the River Cruise where you can experience a fine dining while
being serenaded along the Loboc River. The Loboc River is known as one of the
cleanest and greenest river in the country. In the town of Loboc also is where you will
encounter the smallest primate in the world known as the Tarsier. These tiny creatures
have big eyes and huge ears which make them very adorable and cute. But because
their kind is about to be instinct, they are being put in a preservation facility.
Nevertheless you can still enjoy picture taking with them without flashes since they
are nocturnal animals.

Just adjacent to the town of Loboc is the enchanting Man-made Forest – the only one
of its kind in the country. When passing this 2 km forest, make sure to open the
windows or better drop by for some picture taking while feeling the cool and fresh air
touching your skin. Just a few meters away from the forest is a garden of butterflies of
many varieties. If you haven’t touch one before then it’s your best chance to have a
close encounter with these lovely creatures. You can even put them on your nose.

Another popular animal found in Bohol which is exactly the opposite of the Tarsier in
terms of height is "Prony" - the largest python (in captivity) in the world. It is more
than 20 feet in height and weighs more than 300 kg. But there’s no need to worry
about its size because this huge creature is harmless. As a matter of fact, people can
enter its cage and touch it while being photographed.

If you want to enjoy some adrenalin rush then Bohol can offer a variety of adventure
activities for you. One of the most popular is Zip-lining - the closest way to becoming
a Superman. Riding the cable car and the plunge can give the same heart pounding
experience as well. Other extreme adventures you can also experience are kayaking,
Root climbing, repelling and caving.
At the end of the day, you can rest on the best beach resorts and hotels on the province
where you can enjoy a good night sleep on a fully air-conditioned room with the
warmest accommodation at your service. Upon waking up, nothing can be more
relaxing than walking on the white sand beaches with your loved ones enjoying the
scenic view of the sky and the sea.

If you are planning to have a summer, Christmas or any Holiday vacation then Bohol
should be on the top on your List. If you want to know more about Bohol tours and
travel you can message us at our Facebook account Bohol-Island Escapade or yahoo
account juansalaga@yahoo.com. You can also call us on this mobile number
+639108931017. See you soon here in Bohol!

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