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               CAMPUS HAPPENINGS
                You’re not going to want to miss either   help explain the
                the First Wednesdays educational          complexities     of
                seminar or our Town Hall Meeting          Medicare
                this coming Wednesday, the 5th! Both      insurance
                meetings are important to attend and      coverage.
                here’s    why:     first,  our    First   Additionally, Ellen
Wednesday’s event will be a presentation on 2012          has agreed to
Medicare A vs. Medicare Advantage Plan (HMOs)             meet           with
benefits (understanding how your insurance                residents and their
selection will impact you in the future is more           families on a one-
important today than ever before); and secondly, at       on-one basis to evaluate their insurance coverage
our Town Hall Meeting a review of a new service           and to re-enroll into another insurance program,
offerings will be discussed!                              should they desire to do so (October and
                                                          November       are   Medicare     Open-Enrollment
This is the second year in a row that we have
                                                          months). As an insurance broker, Ms. Dean works
focused on educating residents and families on what
                                                          with many insurance companies and is not restricted
is covered by Medicare vs. HMOs under a skilled
                                                          to a limited few – so her expertise is highly valued!
stay in our Health Care Center. Like many health
                                                          To set an appointment with Ms. Dean, right here
care providers, we do not contract with most
                                                          on campus, please call (602) 266-9200.
Medicare Advantage Plans (HMOs). This is due in
large part to the fact that most HMOs do not Later that same day, at our Town Hall Meeting, we
reimburse our community at a rate that covers the will then present:
cost to provide quality care in our Health Care
                                                        Allen Bloch, Beatitudes Campus Chief
Center. High-quality skilled nursing and health care
                                                          Financial Officer—regarding the 2010-11
services are important to us, because we know they
                                                          campus financial performance review and
are important to you or your family members. Our
                                                          2011-12 budget projections
experience has shown that residents who have
straight Medicare A with supplement insurance           Dr. Gregg Soifer, Physiatrist—on how he
policies vs. HMOs have greater satisfaction with          can help with balance and pain issues
services offered (as residents often have more
                                                        Stitches of Love and the campus Sewing
choices in providers with less out-of-pocket costs in
the event of a medical emergency or post-hospital
skilled nursing care). As most HMO insurances are       Residents Council updates
not accepted in the Health Care Center I encourage
you and your family to understand your options.         And much, much more!

To help educate us on what options are available we
have asked a third party insurance consultant, Ellen
Dean from Dean and Associates, to come to our
First Wednesdays event this coming Wednesday,
October 5th at 10:00AM in the Plaza Bistro. Ms.
Dean, an expert on senior insurance since 1992, can
HEALTH & WELLNESS                                                                                Your Body On A Nap
Nothing can boost energy (and brainpower) like a            In the next 20 minutes...
midday snooze. Behold, the restorative effects of a         The accumulation of adenosine in your body breaks
30-minute slumber.—Laura Beil, Women's Health               down. At the same time, your adrenal glands are
As you nod off...                                           readying a stash of cortisol to help you feel more alert
Drowsiness is brought on by a sleep-promoting               when you wake up.
chemical called adenosine, which builds up in your          Your immune system—thrown out of whack by
body throughout the day. If you skip shut-eye at night,     fatigue—begins to reset itself back to normal.
a high level of adenosine can leave you feeling             In the last five minutes...
desperate for a nap.                                        Most naps don't go into deeper stages of sleep, but if
Your brain pumps out GABA, a neurotransmitter that          you're seriously drained you might enter rapid eye-
lets your head's sleep-wake center know it's sleepy         movement (REM). Snapping out of REM is harder and
time. GABA also helps deactivate much of the brain          can leave you groggy. If you arise from a 30-minute
stem, which controls muscle movement. That's why            nap and still feel wiped out, you need solid Zs. Catnaps
when you dream about, say, playing tennis, you don't        can't fix real sleep deprivation.
swing your arm.                                             Beep-beep-beep! Your alarm blares and, in a split
If you're super exhausted, your brain might shut down       second, your brain releases a torrent of chemicals that
before your body is fully relaxed, leading to involuntary   turn off it’s sleep center and jump-start your body. Your
muscle contractions (those arm or leg jerks).               rested, awakened brain cells are now more capable
In the first five minutes...                                and active. And, thanks partly to low adenosine levels,
Your brain isn't conscious, but your senses are still       you feel refreshed.
online. A sharp noise or a poke would rouse you.
As your blood pressure and heart rate slow down, your       Sources: Alon Avidan, M.D., associate director, UCLA Sleep Disorders
eyes stop moving behind your lids and will remain           Center; Nancy Collop, M.D., director, Emory Sleep Center; Nabeel
sluggish for the rest of your snooze.                       Farah, M.D., founder, Sleep Medicine Consultants of North Texas
Saturday, Oct 1st: 9:00AM: Safeway, 11:00AM: Fry’s, 1:00PM: Stein Mart, 3:00PM: Walgreens
Sunday, Oct 2nd: 8:00AM: Shepherd o/t Valley, 9:15AM: Church o/t Beatitudes, 12:00PM: Inn & Out Burger/
                    Michael’s / 2:00PM: Kmart        ALWAYS CALL EXT. 2905 TO SIGN UP.

RECREATIONAL EVENTS                                                        ALWAYS CALL EXT. 2905 TO SIGN UP.
Tuesday, October 4th
9:30AM: Painting w/Acrylics (Rec. Center)—New art class with Pat Carter who will be starting us with
         acrylics. She’s very talented, teaches at Michael’s and will bring supplies to purchase. Call 8473 to
         sign up.
11:00AM: Dragon Island for Lunch (Off-Campus)—Let’s go support our local Oriental Restaurant we all love,
         good food, good prices, good fortune!! Call 2905 to reserve your seat.
Thursday, October 6th
4:00PM: Happy Hour Music w/Mary Jo (Bistro)—Mary Jo, your favorite female singer is back! Come sing
         along to your favorite tunes. Bring a friend!!
6:00PM: Classic Movie “Band Wagon” [1953] (Life Center)—Washed-up movie star Tony Hunter (Fred
         Astaire) tries to revive his career on Broadway in this classic musical comedy. Hunter and his
         talented cohorts encounter all kinds of problems as they try to bring "Faust" to the stage.
Friday, October 7th
9:00AM: Casino Arizona (Off-Campus)—Get your money ready to be in the Winners Circle as we go over to
         Casino Arizona for the day. Be sure to take your ID and your rewards card if you have it. Call ext.
         2905 to sign up.
4:00PM: Happy Hour Music w/Todd Hagen (Plaza Bistro)—That favorite accordion star who plays all the
         songs you love, Todd Hagen will delight your heart! Bring your friends!
Saturday, October 8th
3:30PM: Movie Matinee “Waitress” 2007 (Life Center)—Keri Russell stars as Jenna, a waitress whose
         fabulous pies are about the only sweet ingredient in an otherwise dreary existence. That is, until an
         unwanted pregnancy breeds unexpected romance between Jenna and an attractive doctor.
Tuesday, October 11th
9:30AM: Shop Ol’ Towne Glendale/Spicery (Off-Campus)—Start early shopping at the wonderful stores in
         Ol’ Towne Glendale and then have a great lunch at the Spicery! Call ext. 2905 to reserve your seat.
Wednesday, October 12th
9:00AM: Back to School Sewing Project w/Connie & MaryJo (Rec. Center)—Be part of an amazing group
         that makes clothing, etc, for the poor children in the Phoenix area with Connie & Mary Jo. They will
         bring in projects ready to sew, hem and trim and just enjoy the fun together. Don’t miss it!
3:00PM: October Birthday Party (Life Center)—Everyone is welcome to come hear the ―Golden Saxes,‖ and
         wish your friends happy birthday! and have some cake and punch. Bring a friend!!
6:00PM: Special Classic Movie “Adam’s Rib” [1949] (Life Center)—Successful attorney Amanda Bonner
         (Katharine Hepburn) decides to defend Doris (Judy Holliday), who stands accused of the attempted
         murder of her husband (Tom Ewell) and his mistress (Jean Hagen), while Bonner's lawyer husband,
         Adam (Spencer Tracy), signs on as the prosecuting attorney. (In place of Thursday’s movie)
Thursday, October 13th
5:00PM: Oktoberfest!! (Life Center)—Come and enjoy good German food, Beer and Great music with
         renowned accordionists, Anthony Rolando & Valerie Vacco. Purchase tickets in Plaza Bistro!!
Friday, October 14th
11:00AM: Lunch at Hibachi Grill (Off-Campus)—We’re going back to the wonderful buffet/hibachi grilled
         lunch that everyone is raving about! There’s also a senior discount, so bring a friend!!
1:30PM: Special Girl Scout Bingo (Rec. Center)—The Girl Scouts are coming! And they want to call Bingo
         for you and also bring the prizes!! Let’s have a great turn-out and lots of fun with these wonderful girls
         and their leaders!! Hurray for the Girl Scouts!!
Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 11:00AM “Chorus Line” at AZ Broadway Dinner Theatre—Pre-pay ($56.00) for this
matinee by Wed. Oct 7th to SuAnne. Checks payable to Beatitudes Campus. Call ext. 2905 to sign up.
          NO LINE DANCING on Thursdays for the next 2 weeks, Instructor will be out of town!
SPIRITUAL LIFE                                                                         Chaplain’s Reflections
Interfaith Outreach Ambassador
Some of you remember me and some of you have                 the Valley Lutheran Church, Crossroads United
never heard of me. It’s hard to say who is luckier–I         Methodist Church, and First Congregational United
hope those who remember me? I had the privilege of           Church of Christ.        Eight more congregations are
serving as the Interim Vice President of Spiritual Life      already committed for October 20th and you can help
ending about a year ago. I loved paving the way for          us connect to even more.
Rev. Peggy Roberts and working with the staff as well        This is an exciting opportunity to let the faith
as getting to know all the residents—it made for one of      communities in our area know about, not only where
the best years of my ministry.                               wonderful people in their congregations live but also to
Because I had a full year with you, I knew that the          help them become all the more aware of the expertise
campus was dedicated to creating and maintaining the         and wisdom that our campus has to offer the larger
best possible relationships with every community             community because of the talented staff we have.
connected to us and beyond. I also knew that it was          See the flier in this issue and give it to your faith
our mission to help keep those residents from the            community leader or pass it along to another resident
Valley connected to their home congregations. The            whom you know belongs to a local church, synagogue
Spiritual Life Department literally thinks of itself as an   or mosque, and encourage that person to invite his or
extension of your faith community’s leaders here on          her leaders.
campus.                                                      Together we are creating a stronger community, and it
That is why I am so excited, and hoping you are too, to      is time for us to reach out and let the larger community
have our residents inviting their faith leaders to a free    be a part of it. I am looking forward to seeing you!
luncheon (to be joined by any or all of that faith
community’s residents here on campus) this October
We need your help! Please invite your Pastor/Priest/            You and your clergy are invited to an
Rabbi and any staff related to congregational care to           Informational Luncheon for Faith
join us. Our first event was a huge success with                Communities on Thursday, October 20th
Church of the Beatitudes UCC, Central United                    11:00AM—1:00PM at Elaine’s Fine Dining.
Methodist Church, Mount Calvary Lutheran Church,                Please RSVP to Mahree at 602-995-6100.
Eckankar, First United Methodist Church, Shepherd of
                                                 We Remember
                    Elbert ―Jim‖ Crow, August 15, 1929—September 24, 2011, Plaza View
                   Martha Duffey, March 14, 1919—September 27, 2011, Health Care Center
Mondays at 10:00AM                                  Faith in Living                                 Life Center
 Campus resident and former Catholic priest Dr. Don Fausel will be back with us this week to discuss turning
 points in his spiritual journey. He will pick up where he left off on Sept. 12th when he presented his memoir
 From Blind Obedience to a Responsible Faith. Topics covered will include birth control, celibacy, creation,
 evolution, and abortion. We’ve had a few changes in the fall Faith in Living line up, so look for Rabbi Scharf to
 be with us on Oct. 10th to explain the fall Jewish holiday of Sukkoth. On Oct. 17th we will hold the annual Pet
 Blessing during the Faith in Living time slot, but we will meet you and your pets on the Bistro Patio. Details will
 be forthcoming.
Wednesday, Oct. 5th at 10:00AM                      CPW Chaplain Meet and Greet                           CPW2
 All residents of CPW are invited to meet and greet your campus chaplains. Come and go as you like and
 enjoy some cake, iced tea, and coffee. Join us in the second floor lounge.
Thursdays at 1:00PM                                 Bible Study                               Boardroom West
 Perhaps many of you grew up saying the Apostles’ Creed. If you want to look more deeply into this statement
 of faith, come and join Rev. David Klumpenhower for this informative Bible study series.
Thursday, Oct. 6th at 2:00PM                        Spiritual Life Council Meeting            Boardroom West
Committee members are invited to the monthly meeting.
Campus Worship Opportunities
Campus Sunday Worship: Catholic Mass—10:00AM, Life Center / Vespers: 3:00PM, PV Lounge and 4:00PM, Life Center
Wednesday Rosary & Communion at 10:00AM, Plaza View Lounge
Health Care Center Worship: 10:30AM on Mondays and on the 4th Floor at 9:30AM on Thursdays
CAMPUS LUBS   C         &M      EETINGS                                Important Club/Meeting Information
Monday Afternoon Bridge Location Change—Note, the weekly Monday afternoon bridge group is now
 meeting in the Central Park South second floor lobby from 2:00 to 4:00PM.
Election of New Mayor and City Council Representative—We elect a new mayor and new city council
 representative on Tuesday, November 8th. Deadline to request a mail ballot if not already signed up is Friday, Oct.
 28th. Deadline to register is October 10th if you're not registered. You can register online at the library or at home
 by going to Lime notebooks will be reappearing shortly with info on the candidates.
Beatitudes Community Garden Club News—Dates to remember: Saturday, Oct. 8th Fall planting in the
 morning. Questions call Lowell Bailey at ext. 8611. Friday, Oct. 21st at 4:30PM our Annual Fall Festival for all
 residents, families, friends and staff interested in joining us—"AN OPEN INVITATION TO ALL!" There will be a
 $5.00 charge for the event. Volunteers are needed for set-ups and also to assist with walkers. Filling finger foods
 and margaritas will be served—come join in the fun, meet residents you haven't met before. If you would like to
 sign up as a member, forms are by the Information Station in the Town Plaza and at the North and South Plaza
 lobbies. Fill out the form and place in an envelope in the Rental boxes and it will be deposited in the bank.

                                                          Campus Meetings & Club/Group Happenings
Tuesday, October 4th
9:00AM: Back to School Sewing Group (Rec. Center)—We meet on Wed. at 9:00AM and Tues. at
         10:30AM in the Rec. Center. Everyone is welcome, any questions call Ellen at ext. 8556. Join us!
Wednesday, October 5th
10:00AM: First Wednesdays Educational Series (Plaza Bistro)—Our next session brings back Ellen Dean
         from Dean & Associates to discuss What You Need to Know about Medicare Insurance and
         Upcoming Open Enrollment. Ellen will cover the upcoming Medicare open-enrollment period (Oct.
         and Nov. 2011) and what you need to consider regarding your insurance policy. Bring a friend!
1:30PM: Busy Bees’ Arts & Crafts (Rec. Center)—Join the Busy Bees’ Arts & Crafts Club for their weekly
         meets in the Recreation Center in the Administration Building.
2:30PM   Town Hall Meeting (Life Center)—Join us for our monthly meeting to help you stay up to date with
         what is happening around campus. Don’t miss us this Wednesday!
Thursday, October 6th
3:30PM: Central Park South Building Meeting (CPS2)—CPS Residents! Join us for our monthly building
         meeting. Keep up to date with what is going on in our building, and also bring up questions and
         concerns. This is also the best time to meet your new neighbors! Bring your name tags please.
Friday, October 7th
3:00PM: Writers’ Group Meeting (Motion Studio)—Villa Montessori interviewees will meet with their
         student friends early today (Friday). They may want to share their experiences at our meeting later
         today. Then we will take a long-range view of the November/December issues of the Roadrunner
         Extra! Maybe troubadour Bob Peterson will sing us another lament (ballad).
Saturday, October 8th—NEW DATE!
8:00AM   Northwest Democratic Breakfast Club (Boardrooms)—Join the Arizona Northwest Democratic
         Breakfast Club for our next meeting. We welcome anyone interested in joining us to come and have
         a great breakfast and discussion. We will have an interesting guest speaker at our meeting. RSVP
         to ext. 8584—Don’t miss it! NWDBC will now meet on the second Saturday of the month!
Tuesday, October 11th
10:00AM Art All Around Us Program Event (Life Center)—The Phoenix Art Museum's Art All Around Us
         programs are back for the fall season! Our first session will be The Decade That Changed the
         World with Docent Sal Calta from the Phoenix Art Museum. Everyone is welcome to come and
         enjoy these sessions—and as always, they are completely free! Bring your neighbors!
Friday, October 14th
1:00PM: Low-Vision Support Group (Life Center)—The Low-Vision Support Group is gearing up again and
         we want you to save the date. Beginning October 14th, this group will gather every second Friday of
         the month. The first meeting will be to discuss the next steps for the group, and future meetings will
         offer speakers and other resources to help those with low-vision concerns. For questions or
         suggestions, please contact Mildred Bulpitt at ext. 8584.
           ARIZONA ROOM
         Lunch: 11:00AM-2:00PM Daily                             Hours: 7:00AM-7:00PM Daily
 For delivery or pricing info—call ext. 6130            For delivery or pricing info—call ext. 2908
                    MONDAY                                       NEW MENU STARTS OCT. 5th!
                  B AKED F ISH                                              MONDAY
            V EAL WITH G REMOLADA                             Soup du Jour: Classic Chicken Noodle
                    TUESDAY                                    Market Carvery: BBQ Beef Brisket
             C REAM OF C ELERY S OUP                                        TUESDAY
                   B RAISED P ORK                                 Soup du Jour: Minestrone
                B EAN E NCHILADAS                               Chef’s Special: Crab Stuffed Sole
               MINESTRONE SOUP                                           WEDNESDAY
           CRANBERRY ORANGE TURKEY                                Soup du Jour: Corn Bisque
                                                         Chef’s Special: Beef Burgundy w/Egg Noodles
              LIVER AND ONIONS
                   THURSDAY                                                THURSDAY
              A SIAN S TOCKPOT S OUP                                Soup du Jour: Carrot
                T ERIYAKI C HICKEN                        Market Carvery: Roasted Pork Tenderloin &
           S HERRY R OASTED P ORK L OIN                                  Sauerkraut
                     FRIDAY                                                  FRIDAY
        N EW E NGLAND C LAM C HOWDER                       Soup du Jour: New England Clam Chowder
             E GGPLANT P ARMESAN                            Chef’s Special: Jambalaya w/Dirty Rice
              C ATCH OF THE D AY                                           SATURDAY
                   SATURDAY                                     Soup du Jour: Italian Wedding
             C REAMY P OTATO S OUP                             Market Carvery: Roasted Strip Loin
             S ANTA M ARIA T RI -T IP
              H ONEY G LAZED H AM
                                                              Soup du Jour: Creamy Tomato Basil
   SUNDAY-CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH ($12.50)                    Chef’s Special: Asian Pepper Steak w/Jasmine Rice
               APPLE FENNEL SOUP
               ROSEMARY CHICKEN                        ~BISTRO WEEKLY BREAKFAST SPECIAL~
                  BEEF POT PIE                           Belgian Waffle w/Butter & Maple Syrup

                                                      EVENING SPECIALS: 4PM TO CLOSE
                                           Monday: Pan-Roasted Duck Breast with Cherry Port Sauce, $14.99
                                             Tuesday: Pork Tenderloin with Spinach and Shallot, $10.99
                                            Wednesday: Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Cream Sauce, $12.99
                                                          Thursday: Surf ‘n’ Turf, $21.99
                                                   Friday: Shrimp Scampi with Linguine, $14.99
                                                Saturday: Thai Beef Curry with Jasmine Rice, $11.99

                                                                                            Expires 10/31/11

                                       N     T                                                   N      T
                                    OU                                                    C   OU
                        D ISC
       Buy 5 regular iced coffees and                               DIS
                                                        Buy 5 regular flavored lemonades

        get the sixth one for FREE!
                                                         and get the sixth one for FREE!

       F   IC                                               FIC
 OF                                Expires 10/31/11
VOLUNTEER CORNER                                            Residents, please ―Save the Date‖ for
In honor of Arizona's 100th birthday, Beatitudes            the upcoming Captioned Telephone
Campus invites you to join 3TV, the Governor's              Workshop to be held Tuesday,
Commission on Service and Volunteerism and                  October 18th from 9:30–
Arizona Centennial Commission to take the Arizona           11:30AM in Boardroom West.
Centennial Volunteer Challenge by pledging to               A captioned phone has a
volunteer 100 hours before February 2012! Mark your         screen that types out what
calendars for Wednesday, October 12th at 10:00AM            the caller is saying to you.
in the Luther Life Center for this informational event.     This type of phone also has
Reach out to Amanda in the Beatitudes Volunteer             many great features and was
office for more information at ext. 6136 and don’t forget   highlighted at the last Town
to tell your friends!                                       Hall Meeting. At the workshop, you will be able to use
                                                            an actual working phone, learn about its special
                                                            features, purchase a phone, have the phone installed
Do you enjoy making new friends? If so,                     that day and learn about how to apply for a free phone
volunteering may be something you’d love. Now that          through a State program. Be sure to mark your
the weather has cooled down we’re in need of                calendars!
volunteers to take Health Care Center and Plaza View
residents outside for walks, go to the library, and help    REMODELLING WORK!
transport to activities across campus. If you are           Please NOTE: The North Plaza Beauty Nook will be
interested please contact Desiree Strong at 6159,           CLOSED starting Monday, Oct. 3rd and will continue
Jackie Fuller at ext. 2902 or Amanda Olsen at ext.          to be closed for approximately 3 to 4 weeks. This is
6136.                                                       due to the remodeling project for this salon. Please
DID YOU KNOW??                                              contact the Town Plaza Salon for your beauty needs
Employee Appreciation Fund is                               by calling ext. 6193. We thank you for your patience
                                         IM                 during this exiting time!
a free-will gift contribution               PO
made to this fund to show your            NO RTAN
                                             TIC    T       POOL CLOSED!
appreciation for a job well done.               E!
Resident Assistance Fund is a                                Please NOTE: The Campus Pool will be closed on
contribution made by the resident to                        Monday, Oct. 3rd and will re-open Tuesday. Sorry for
assist any resident (approved by                            the inconvenience.
administration) who is in need of financial help after
their personal funds are exhausted.                                           WHOA THERE!
                                                                              Just a friendly reminder of the
     WELCOME HOME, NEW RESIDENTS!                                             7MPH speed limit while driving
 Richard and Margaret Walters, 9/27, CPN4130 (CP North)                       around campus. Thanks for your
         Vince Martino, 9/28, S512 (South Plaza)                              cooperation!
    Jan and Diane Watson, 9/29, CPW4295 (CP West)                                           Bill Wallace, Chairman
          Pona Millard, 10/1, S403 (South Plaza)                                     Security & Safety Committee
Charles and Stephanie Trzeciak, 10/3, CPW2275 (CP West)

        BACKSTREET BOUTIQUE                                 AUXILIARY GIFT SHOP
                                                            It’s GOOD NEWS time for YOU!!! We are loaded
 Looking to spruce up your pad for the fall season?         with new Alfred Dunner clothes and would like to
 Stop on by the Boutique and take a peek at our             pass on a SAVINGS TO YOU. All new Fall Alfred
 selection of bargains! Take a look, we’re constantly       Dunner items will be 20% off this week until Oct 8th.
 receiving more great merchandise weekly! Visit us          All remaining summer Alfred Dunner items will be
 this Thursday from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Hope to              30% off until Oct 8th.
 see you there!                                             The WATCH MAN will be inside the Gift Shop
                                                            Monday, Oct 17th from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.
 Donations are always accepted on Tuesdays from
 9:00 to 11:00AM in the South Plaza lobby and at the        Watch for our OCTOBER SHOPPING FEST—
 Boutique rear door during business hours on                coming soon.

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