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									         A unique setting for


THE COMMUNITY HOUSE                          Annual Report
                                      Executive Committee
2010 Board of Directors                        Donald J. Kunz
                                                    Meg Ferron
                                                     Vice Chair
                                              Marybeth Howe
                                               Vice Chair Finance
                                               Deborah Sloan
                                          Jacqueline A. Sefferman
                                            Fund Development Chair
                                               Andrea Leistra
                                              James W. Suhay
                                               Carole A. Deyer
                                                     Past Chair

                          Frederick M. Adams, Jr.                  Michelle K. Otzen
                                Bill Burnett                        Priscilla Perkins
                            Caroline Chambers                        David D. Quick
                              Ann J. Conrad                         Arthur Rodecker
                            Bradley K. Feldman                    Michelle C. Schwab
                               Mark Jannott                          David A. Trott
                              Angela Janssen                      Anne-Marie V. Welch
                            Jeffrey L. Johnston                       Kathy Wilson
                                                                                        Table of Contents
                               Marion Jones                                             4       Programs and Services
                                              Shelley Roberts                           5-8     Outreach
                                             President and CEO
                                                                                        9-11    Fundraising Events
                                                                                        12      Financial Overview
                                                                                        13-27   Honor Roll
Dear Friends,

                                                                                                                                  Message to the Community
Inside the pages of the 2010 Community House Annual Report you will find a synopsis
of the year’s activities, accomplishments and accolades. Our thanks go out to the many
volunteers who gave freely of their time and to the donors and sponsors who made it
possible for The Community House to achieve its goals and objectives.

In its almost 90 years of existence, in spite of overwhelming changes in our society,
The Community House has stayed true to its mission by building community, valuing
diversity, connecting neighbors, and providing a gathering place for families, individuals
and groups.                                                                                  Donald Kunz and Shelley Roberts

People of all ages and interests continue to be served by the many and varied programs offered by The Community House. The
Program Department presented over 800 relevant programs and services to help people in the metropolitan area improve and
enrich their lives. The Planned Giving Committee offered free forums on the economy and Medicare and also organized a new
Financial Book Club Series which grew in popularity throughout the year.

New special events in 2010 included “Classical Brunch,” a series of four classical music performances along with delightful
brunches; “The Elmore Leonard Literary Arts and Film Festival,” an event which paid tribute to legendary author Elmore Leonard;
and “House in Bloom,” a floral extravaganza featuring famed New York master floral arranger Chris Giftos.

Corp! Magazine, recognized The Community House as a “Diversity Champion” for providing education focusing on diversity
through the Race Relations & Diversity Task Force.

After decades of use, the front entrance and the Merrill Street entrance of The Community House were redesigned and constructed
to incorporate a handicapped ramp and improved lighting. The Community House is grateful for the financial support from
Barbara and George Miller and the Richard C. Devereaux Foundation which enabled these much needed changes and allowed
us to better serve the community.

So much of what we accomplished in 2010 is due to your generous support. You have our deepest gratitude, and we are looking
forward to continuing our work by enhancing the quality of educational, social and cultural life for all members of our greater


Donald J. Kunz                            Shelley Roberts                                                                                  3
Chair, Board of Directors                 President and CEO
Programs and Services   Banquet and Meeting Facility
                        In 2010, The Community House provided an exceptional facility for many community events, meetings and celebrations.
                        The Banquet and Catering Department served 33,000 meals. Twenty couples chose The Community House as the
                        venue for their wedding receptions. A total of 50 nonprofit groups utilized The Community House for fundraising
                        events and meetings.

                        Early Childhood Center
                        The Community House Early Childhood Center provides a safe, friendly and nurturing environment for children ages
                        six weeks through five years. The program encourages the development of the total child and focuses on children as
                        individuals, allowing them to grow and develop at their own pace. In 2010, the Early Childhood Center provided an
                        outstanding child care facility for 35 children. The center provided full and part-time care for 23 preschoolers, eight
                        toddlers and four infants. The Community House Early Childhood Center is accredited by the National Association for
                        the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

                        Educational Programs
                        Educational programming at The Community House was developed to meet the changing needs of the community.
                        Class registrations for the year 2010 totaled 10,553 for 835 classes, camps, seminars and lectures. Two hundred and
                        ninety-eight programs were offered for children. There were 64 complimentary or minimal cost programs.

                        Planned Giving Programming
                        The Planned Giving Committee, chaired by John Landis, worked tirelessly to create events and programs to engage
                        donors. The Committee launched a successful and unique book club dealing with the economy. Facilitated by Rebecca
                        Sorensen, UBS Financial Services, Inc., the group discussed “House of Cards” by William D. Cohan, “Outliers” by Malcolm
                        Gladwell, “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis and “Hot, Flat and Crowded” by Thomas Friedman. Other planned giving
                        programming included “Fireside Chats” featuring pertinent topics such as “Making Tax Decisions in a Time of Limbo,”
                        and “The Meaning of No Estate Tax.” The committee hosted lectures from Paul Kasriel, Chief Economist from Northern
                        Trust, and John Savercool, UBS Lobbyist. In addition, the committee planned a presentation on “Medicare Update
                        for 2010.” All programs were brought to the community at no cost or minimal cost, thanks to underwriting by Miller
                        Canfield, Plante Moran Trust, Rebecca Sorensen-UBS Financial Services, Inc., Northern Trust and Schechter Wealth

                        Travel Services
                        The Community House offered 13 extended trips featuring historical and cultural experiences within the United States,
       4                Canada and Europe--250 travelers participated. Thirty-one day trips were offered within a 100 mile radius of Birmingham
                        and 903 travelers enjoyed music, theatre, museums with special exhibits, as well as fine dining experiences.
                                               Artist of the Month
                                               Artist of the Month is an outreach program of The Community
                                               House that gives local artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell
                                               their work on a rotating basis. In 2010, ten individuals displayed
                                               their work in the Martha Maxwell Gallery which is located on the
                                               upper level of The Community House. Artist exhibitors included:
                                               Martha Paul, Karen Blackwood, Valerie Traux, Jerry Piaskowski,
                                               Diane Zogut, Sue Bauman, Donald Throp, Julie Sabat, Carole
                                               Kabrin and Patricia Hill Burnett.                                       2010
                                                                                                                      of TCH
Birmingham Bloomfield Newcomers Club                                                                                    was
Monthly meetings welcomed women new to the metropolitan area and offered various interest groups to help            $385,673.
them get involved in the community. The group had 217 members in 2010. The group represents 27 different
countries. Many American members have lived overseas.

Breakfast with Santa
The Community House, in cooperation with Birmingham Youth Assistance, hosted 310 children and adults to a
breakfast complete with live music and entertainment. Each child received a gift and a visit with Santa.

Community Service Award
In June 2010, Tom Denomme was awarded the Community Service Award for his contributions to the metropolitan
Detroit community through his dedication to health, culture and education. The award, initiated by The Community
House in 1988, recognizes those who have made extraordinary contributions through their professional careers
and have gone beyond the normal duties of their jobs to enhance the lives of people in the metropolitan Detroit
area. The 2010 Community Service Award reception was sponsored by The Beaumont Foundation.

Garden Club
The Garden Club had 40 members in 2010. The club is dedicated to beautifying the grounds of The Community
House with non-stop weeding and planting. The Club also sponsored lectures on gardening at The Community                  5
Outreach   Influential Women
           The Community House presented a series of quarterly programs entitled “Influential Women.” The series highlighted
           respected area businesswomen who shared their stories of their roads to success. Influential Women is sponsored
           by Raymond James & Associates. Featured speakers for 2010 included: Kym Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor;
           Linda Dresner, Retail Owner; Linda Orlans, President and CEO of eTitle; Danialle Karmanos, Founder and Executive
           Director, Danialle Karmanos’ “Work It Out.”

           International Community Club
           The International Community Club enjoyed a membership of 45 men and women from nine different countries.
           Each month, the Club provided international education, social and cultural activities for members.

                                       Orchards Children's Services Holiday Shopping Night
                                       The Community House invited foster children from Orchards Children’s Services to
                                       select gifts for their foster parents and family members at a festive holiday shop set
                                       up just for them. Orchards is the largest nonprofit provider of foster care in the state
                                       and is among the leaders in adoptions, family preservation programs, and community
                                       services. TUG volunteers organized, planned and staffed the event, which included
                                       a pizza dinner, crafts, games, face-painting and photos with Santa. The event was
                                       sponsored by the Frederick A. Vollbrecht Foundation, The Hartford and Korotkin
                                       Insurance Group.

           Race Relations & Diversity Task Force
           The Task Force is responsible for creating, sustaining and promoting special programs and initiatives that capitalize
           on opportunities and respond to challenges tied to diversity and community support. Its members encourage
           community awareness, understanding and relationships in the name of diversity and inclusion and foster civic
           involvement to promote diversity and inclusion. Each month, the Task Force featured a monthly meeting that
           included a program and discussions on race and diversity related issues. The meetings were open to all and
           there was no charge for admission. In 2010, The Community House was selected as Corp Magazine’s “Diversity
  6        Champion” for education focusing on diversity in relation to programming presented by the Task Force.
Senior Men's Club

The organization of 660 members had weekly luncheon meetings and many opportunities for fellowship through
various interest groups. In 2010, the Senior Men’s Club guest speakers included: Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press
Cartoonist; Jay Shuster, Art Director at Pixar Studios; Shawn Burr, President, Red Wings Alumni Association; Ron
Gettelfinger, President U.A.W.; David Brandon, U of M Athletic Director; Alan Mulally, President & CEO, Ford Motor
Company and Rich Homberg, CEO of Detroit Public Television.

Senior Women's Club
Semi-monthly luncheons and a variety of interest groups provided the 399 members of the Senior Women’s Club with
numerous opportunities for socialization, enrichment and entertainment. This year the Senior Women’s Club enjoyed speakers
including: Cynthia Cassell, ABC News Investigative Reporter; Terri Lynn Land, Secretary of State; Ron Kagan, Director of The
Detroit Zoo; Patricia Hill Burnett, Painter and Sculptor; Dr. Isaiah McKinnon, University of Detroit Mercy Professor.

                                                     StoryTellers Guild
                                                     The StoryTellers Guild’s mission is to enrich the lives of children
                                                     through the art and love of storytelling. There are over 100
                                                     members and many travel to Hazel Park, Pontiac and Oak Park
                                                     school districts as well as area hospitals. In 2010, the StoryTellers
                                                     Guild presented educational meetings which included guest
                                                     speakers Elaine Morse of Borders Books and Barbara Goldsmith
                                                     from the Detroit Institute of Arts Speakers Bureau. In April the
                                                     group held a fundraiser, “Tell Me a Story,” which featured guest
                                                     speakers Michigan storytellers Laura Raynor and Corrine Stavish.

                                                     Student OUR TOWN
2010 marked the 20th year of Student OUR TOWN. Art teachers from 30 metro Detroit public and private schools
selected the artwork of over 200 student artists for exhibition at The Community House during the two weeks preceding
the OUR TOWN Art Show & Sale. A special feature of the 2010 Student OUR TOWN included a series of free children’s art
workshops sponsored by The DeRoy Testamentary Foundation. Classes included: Marbled Painting: Zoo Animals; Metal
Repousse: Masks From Around the World; Impressionist Autumn Trees; African Sunset: Silhouette Landscapes. In addition,
the event also included a portfolio review and advice for high school students on applying to art school. The DeRoy
Testamentary Foundation and the Frederick A. Vollbrecht Foundation sponsored the 2010 Student OUR TOWN.                           7
Outreach   TUG, The Uptown Group
           TUG, The Uptown Group is a collection of young professionals and community members dedicated to making a
           difference in southeastern Michigan through fun and innovative social events, cultural programs and community
           outreach. Annual events in 2010 included the popular Boo Blast Road Rally, the Kids Helping Kids One Step at
           a Time Walk, the Orchard’s Night holiday party for foster children, and quarterly social networking events for all
           members and prospective members. Many members also volunteered to support The Community House’s planned
           special events and outreach work, including OUR TOWN Art Show & Sale, Green Breeze, the Storytellers Guild,
           and House Tour.

                                                                  21st Century Leaders
                                                                  Forty-three seventh graders representing over 16 public,
                                                                  private and charter schools from Birmingham, Bloomfield,
                                                                  Royal Oak and Detroit met during the school year to develop
                                                                  leadership skills. The mission of the 21st Century Leaders
                                                                  program is to guide middle school students to the discovery
                                                                  of their own leadership skills. Because students participate
                                                                  from schools in different communities, they can share their
                                                                  unique social and cultural experiences as they engage in
                                                                  problem-solving and self-awareness activities. They learn how
                                                                  communities are strengthened by the active involvement of
                                                                  concerned and capable individuals. For the second year in a
                                                                  row, the group formed a partnership with YouthVille Detroit,
                                                                  which opens doors for youth in Wayne County. In 2010, the
                                                                  21st Century Leaders received a grant from Trott & Trott.

           Volunteer Ambassadors
           Community House volunteers are the ambassadors of The House! The Community House could not provide all the
           services, programs and special events each year without their strong support. Board Member Meg Ferron was honored
           as “The Community House Volunteer of the Year” at the annual volunteer reception in April 2010. Seven hundred and fifty
  8        volunteers from 80 zip codes recorded over 8,200 hours of service in 2010.
Annual Fund Drive

The 2010 Annual Fund Drive was graciously chaired by Christa and Greg Schwartz and co-chaired by their children,
Denise Acierno and Greg Schwartz, Jr., Nancy and Ed Schwartz, Chris and Walter Schwartz, Stephanie and Peter
Schwartz, Molly and Joe Schwartz, Meghan Moreau and Matthew Heather. The 2010 Annual Fund Drive raised

Birmingham House Tour
Over 1,200 people attended the popular Birmingham House Tour which was sponsored by Hall & Hunter Realtors.
The event was chaired by Michelle Schwab and Kristen Armstrong. Other sponsors included: Art Van Furniture,
Invitation Sponsor; Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel, Informal Tea Sponsor and House of Bedrooms, Lunch Sponsor.
The Honorees were Kathy and Dennis Wolf.

Classical Brunch                                                                                                          2010
Classical Brunch was presented in collaboration with WRCJ 90.9 FM and showcased classical music performances             special
by the best of Detroit area musicians, along with brunch. The two concerts held in 2010 were sellouts. Robert            events
deMaine, Principal Cellist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, was the Artistic Director for Classical Brunch and the    revenue
event was chaired by Sandi Reitelman. Classical Brunch was sponsored by the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family             was
Foundation. 2010 Musician Sponsors were Connie and Ian McEwan and Cecilia Benner. Major underwriting for the           $239,000
series was also provided by the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan.                                                for
                                    Elmore Leonard Literary Arts and Film Festival
                                    The three day event, which honored Michigan legend Elmore Leonard, included
                                    a competition and provided attendees with an educational overview of the
                                    burgeoning film industry in Michigan. The competition included Teen Short
                                    Story and Screenplay. Winners in the screenplay competition included: 1st
                                    Place--Daniel Drop and Thomas Hass; 2nd Place--Richard Stanley; 3rd Place-
                                    -Paul Tarnavsky. Winners in the Teen Short Story Competition included: 1st
                                    Place--LaTrevia Myles, Pontiac High School; 2nd Place--Audrey Wierenga, South
                                    Christian High School; 3rd Place--Charlotte Mazurek, Sparta High School.
                                    Sponsors for the festival included: Michigan Film Office, Munder Capital, the
                                    Detroit Medical Center, Greenleaf Trust, PVS Chemicals and Comerica. The
                                    event was chaired by Jackie Sefferman and Kathy Wilson.
LaTrevia Myles and Elmore Leonard
Fundraising   Green Breeze, Green Living Fair
              The second annual Green Breeze Green Living Fair sponsored by the Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers was held
              on July 24 in downtown Birmingham. Held in conjunction with the Principal Shopping District’s “Day on the Town,”
              the one day event attracted approximately 10,000 people.

              House in Bloom with Chris Giftos
              House in Bloom, a new fundraiser in 2010, featured a luncheon, lecture and floral demonstration with famed New
              York Master Floral Arranger Chris Giftos. The event was presented by First Michigan Bank. Christine and David
              Provost were the Honorary Chairs. House in Bloom was chaired by Carolyn Hefner.

              Kids Helping Kids, One Step at a Time Walk
              Over 1,000 children and their families participated in the second annual
              Children’s Charities Coalition event Kids Helping Kids--One Step at a Time
              Walk which took place in downtown Birmingham. Meijer was the presenting
              sponsor. Other sponsors include: Shuert Industries, Joyce and Lyle Shuert,
              Huntington Bank, Microsoft, Raymond C. & Anna T. Johnson Foundation, Miller
              Canfield, News/Talk 760 WJR, The Oakland Press and MetroAlive. Connie
              Beckett, Kelly Shuert and Cathy Weissenborn served as chairs.

              OUR TOWN Art Show & Sale
              In 2010 OUR TOWN celebrated its 25th anniversary. There were 227 artists represented in the show and 478 pieces of art
              selected by juror Annie Kleene. Rebecca Sorensen, Chair, and her committee introduced exciting new elements to OUR
              TOWN, including “Young Professionals Night” and “Afternoon Tea.” Honorees were the Ghesquiere Family and Benefactor
              Chairs were Rebecca and Richard Sorensen and Janet and John Grant. The Opening Night Preview Party, sponsored by
              UBS Financial Services, Inc. and the Grant/Sorensen Wealth Management Group included a strolling dinner, live music and
              the first opportunity to purchase unique art. The commemorative tile that was given to each benefactor was designed by
              Denise Little. The event received support from the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation.
              The People’s Choice award winner was Connie McEwan for her entry entitled Cherry Tomatoes. The Chair’s Award winner
              was Valerie McNeece for Solitude. Other artists receiving awards were: Award of Excellence, Bill Murcko, Werewolf; Gold
              Awards: Candice Grieve, The Man Who Forgot; Beth North, Spike Silver Purse; Bruce Finsilver, Belles of the Bar No. 3;
              Douglas Neuman, Old Woodward Birmingham; Sandra S. Difazio, Eagle Crest; Silver Awards: Joe Trippi, Working Class;
 10           Christina Haylett, Big Red’s; Sue Lehman McKee, Beach Debris; John Diephouse, The Second Step; Terri Selik, Haystacks.
Sing Out 4 Kids
The 2nd annual “Sing Out 4 Kids,” benefitting the Children’s Charities Coalition took place in September at
Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Royal Oak. The event offered karaoke performed by Detroit-based celebrities and
personalities. The evening was emceed by Karen Newman, voice of the Red Wings and Shawn Burr, former Red
Wing. Featured singers included: Karen Newman, Jon Jordan, Local 4 style editor; Zavette Gibson, local recording
artist; Norman Yatooma, attorney; Simone Vitale, band leader extraordinaire; Steve Blackwood, former soap opera
star and actor; Abby Jackman, teen singing sensation; Kraig Nienhuis, former Boston Bruin and musician; Charley
Marcuse, the Singing Hotdog Man and Judy Zorn, attorney.

The Celebrity Golf Classic and the Alumni President's Ball
In July 2010, the Children’s Charities Coalition and the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association teamed up to host
the Alumni President’s Ball and Celebrity Golf Classic. The Alumni President’s Ball included dinner, entertainment,
a live and silent auction and a program honoring one of Detroit’s greatest sports heroes, Dennis Hextall. The
Celebrity Golf Classic was held at Oakhurst Golf Club in Clarkston. Each foursome had the opportunity to play
with a Red Wing Alumni member. Red Wing Alumni participating in the festivities included Mickey Redmond, Joe
Kocur, Mike Krushelnyski, and Hall of Famers, Ted Lindsay and Alex Delvecchio. The Ball was sponsored by Kroger.

Winter Holiday Gift Show Preview Party
The Winter Holiday Gift Show Preview Party, chaired by Denise
Bianchini, kicked off the holiday shopping season. Over 200
people enjoyed an evening of shopping while sipping wine and
enjoying hors d’oeuvres. All three floors of The Community House
were decked out with unique gift items. Approximately 80 vendors
offered items such as pottery, one of a kind jewelry, florals, felted
wool hats and mittens, Italian ceramics, whimsical tea pots, folk
art paintings, photography, ladies and childrens clothing, specialty
foods, vintage keepsakes, weaving, handbags, vintage linens,
Christmas ornaments, framed Santa prints, silhouettes, painted
plates, framed pressed floral art, holiday aprons, appliquéd clothing,
sweaters, soft sculpture, book signings and much more. Sponsors
included: Kathy Broock Ballard, Presenting Sponsor; Imperial
Beverage, Holiday Cheer Sponsor; The Surnow Company, Sleigh
Ride Sponsor and Creative Geniuses, Design Sponsor.
                          The Community House, as a
Financial Overview        non-profit organization, has a                    2010 Operating Revenue and Expense
                          special responsibility to you,
                          our financial supporters, to use
                          your money both efficiently and                      2010 GENERAL FUND REVENUE                             2010 GENERAL FUND ExPENSE
                          effectively.                                                 $3,606,673                                            $3,809,707
                          Without the generous support
                          of our donors, The Community                                                                                                            Depreciation 5%
                          House would not be able
                          to continue its mission of
                          enhancing the quality of life                                          Child
                          for people in the metropolitan                                         Care
                          Detroit area. Your individual,                                          12%
                                                                                                                                     Banquet & Catering
                          corporate and foundation                         Banquet & Catering                         nts                  23%
                          contributions are vital to our                                                          Eve
                                                                                 26%                          ial
                                                                                                            ec 11%
                          success because the amount                                                     Sp
                          we receive from fees for our                                                                                                           Operations 14%
                          classes and social and business
                          functions does not cover the                                                    Development
                          cost of the services that we                                                        17%                         Community
                          provide to the community,                                  Community                                             Programs               Child Care
                                                                                      Programs                                                28%                    10%
                          The 2010 numbers provided                                      34%
                          have been audited. The 2010
                          audited financial statement is
                          available from the Development
                          Department.                                                                                                                                  Special
                                                                                                                                             Development               Events
                                                                                                                                                 4%                      5%

Balance Sheet
as of December 31, 2010
                                                                          General Fund                                      Preservation Fund              Total All Funds
                              Current Assets                              $ 481,474                                         $ 1,986,512                    $ 2,467,986
                              Property & Equipment                          3,090,618                                                 -                      3,090,618
                              Other Assets                                     1 6,737                                                -                         16,737
                              Total Assets                                $ 3,588,829                                       $ 1,986,512                    $ 5,575,341

                              Liabilities                                 $ 402,534                                         $         -                    $   402,534
                              Net Assets                                    3,186, 295                                        1,986,512                      5,172 , 807
                              Total Liabilities & Net Assets              $ 3,588,829                                       $ 1,986,512                    $ 5,575,3 4 1
                     Note: The market value of The Community House Endowment Funds held by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan was $1,259,263 at 12/31/10.
      Honor Roll of the 2010 Distinguished Donors
Platinum Society - Over $50,000                             Founders Society - $5,000 to $9,999                  Presidents Council - $1,000 to $2,499
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan                 Kathy Broock Ballard                                 Terence E. Adderley Fund
                                                            Comerica Bank                                        Carol and John Aubrey
Gold Society - $30,000 to $49,999                           DMC Detroit Medical Center                           Ms. Cecilia Benner
DeRoy Testamentary Foundation                               Meg and Brady Ferron                                 Birmingham Lions Club
Rosso Family Foundation                                     Jennifer and David Fischer                           Birmingham Newcomers Club
                                                            Greenleaf Trust                                      Birmingham Rotary Club
Silver Society - $15,000 to $29,999                         Sylvia and Ed Hagenlocker                            Ann and Bill Booth
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. George A. Miller                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brodie
Barbara and Tom Denomme                                     PNC Foundation                                       Mr. Kenneth Brooker
Jeanne Hackett                                              Ralph L. and Winifred E. Polk Foundation             Brooksie Way Minigrant
Richard C. Devereaux Foundation                             Senior Women’s Club                                  Doreen Bull
Robert E. and Pamela S. Rossiter                            Rebecca and Richard Sorensen                         Patricia H. Burnett and Robert Siler
Ann and Tom Stallkamp                                       Southeast Michigan Ford Dealer Advertising Group     Community Foundation of Sarasota County,
Julie and Robert Taubman                                    UBS Financial Services Inc. and the Grant/Sorensen     Inc. from the Cox Family Donor Advised Fund   13
Trott & Trott                                                        Wealth Management Group                     Compuware
The Frederick A. Vollbrecht Foundation                      Lula C. Wilson Trust                                 Ann and David Conrad
                                                                                                                 Janet Crandell
Friendship Circle - $10,000 to $14,999                      Chester Society - $2,500 to $4,999                   DTE Energy Foundation
Maggie and Bob Allesee                                      Gretchen and Tom Anderson                            Anne and Archie Damman, III
Ms. Lois W. Bachman                                         Art Van Furniture                                    Julie Dawson
The Fred A. & Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation              The Beaumont Foundation                              Diana G. Day
The Philip and Elizabeth Filmer Memorial Charitable Trust   Robert A. Bogan, Jr.                                 Janette and Fran Engelhardt
First Michigan Bank                                         Miranda and Bill Burnett                             Lil and Alex Erdeljan
Hall & Hunter Realtors                                      Capelli Financial Services, Inc.                     Anne and George Eshelman
Senior Men’s Club                                           Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel                          Mr. and Mrs. J Ferron
                                                            Mr. Richard H. Cummings                              Ms. Anne Fredericks
                                                            Carole and Keith Deyer                               John and Martha Gelder
                                                            Barbara and Charles Ghesquiere
                                                            Janet and John Grant
                                                            Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
                                                            Marybeth and Tom Howe
                                                            Donald and Jeanne Kunz
                                                            Nicholas and Louella Martin Fund of the Community
                                                                     Foundation of North Texas
                                                            Helen McKenna
                                                            Plante & Moran
                                                            Northern Trust Bank
                                                            David and Christine Provost
                                                            Raymond James Financial
                                                            Christa and Greg Schwartz
                                                            Jackie and Neil Sefferman
                                                            TUG - The Uptown Group
          Carol Aubrey / Jeanne Hackett                                                                                   Richard and Rebecca Sorensen
Kareem A. George                             Bill and Wendy Powers                               Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
Sally and Joe Gerak                          Carrie and Ed Proctor                               Fred Lavery Company
Patty and C.J. Ghesquiere                    Providence Hospital                                 Doug and Judy Gettel
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Greenebaum               Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pullar                       Mr. J. Robert Gillette
Richard Harper                               Raymond James Financial                             Dorothy M. Graebner
The Hartmann Family Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Reuss                         Mort and Brigitte Harris Foundation
Carole and Norman Hofley                     Thomas R. and Priscilla A. Ricketts Memorial Fund   Teresa and Richard H. Hartle
Jean Holland                                 Shelley and Jeff Roberts                            Donna and Gene Hartwig
Howard & Howard Attorneys P.C.               Jan and Paul Robertson, Jr.                         Mr. Darryl B. Hazel and Ms. Sheila M. McEntee
The Jamison Williams Foundation              George Scott Romney                                 Christina Heidrich
The Johnson Foundation                       Elaine and Michael Serling                          Mary and Jerry Heller
Gretchen and Charles Kirkpatrick             Deborah and Hugh Sloan                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Helppie
Kroger                                       Margaret and Sid Smith                              Michelle Henning
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Lau                    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Suhay                         Henry Ford Health System
Philip and Andrea Leistra                    Mr. Jeffrey C. Surnow                               Julie Herman
           Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lerchen         H.W. Suter Foundation                               The Huntington National Bank/Private Financial Group
           Nancy and Bud Liebler             Thomas Sebold & Associates                          Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Jacoby
           Connie and Ian McEwan             Anne and Gene Thompson                              Angela and Scott Janssen
  14       Dr. and Mrs. John H. McLaughlin   Susan and Robert Ufer                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jessup
           McLennan Family Foundation        Phyllis and Kenneth Urwiller                        Mr. and Mrs. William D. Johnson
           Michael B. Serling, P.C.          Bill Vanover and Sandra K. Campbell                 Mary B. Jolliffe
           Michigan Design Center            Village Woman’s Club Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. William Jones
Michigan Film Office                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vlasic                       Dolores Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Mida                 Joan and Gregg Watkins                              Mrs. Robert D. Kemp, Jr.
Billie and Lee Miskowski                     Marion Wyatt                                        Nancy and Keith Kleckner
North Brothers Lincoln Mercury                                                                   Bonnie Larson
PVS Chemicals Inc.                           Heritage Council - $500 to $999                     Sue and Fred Leydorf
Priscilla and Huel Perkins                   Cheryl and Frederick Adams, Jr.                     Brian C. Manoogian
Perspectives Cabinetry                       Sarah and Douglas Allison                           Debra and Thomas Markus
The Karen and Drew Peslar Foundation         Astrein’s Fine Jewelry Inc.                         John and Sheila Marsh
Donald and Jo Anne Petersen Fund             Frank Barnes                                        Jack Maxwell
Plante Moran Trust                           Mr. and Mrs. F. Troy Barnhart                       Tom and Susan McDaniel
                                             James E. and Barbara Bayson
                                             Carole and Robert Bazzell
                                             Beaumont Hospitals
                                             Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber
                                             Nancy and Lawrence Bluth
                                             Jane and Jim Buchanan
                                             Meg Butzier
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Carroll
                                             Gale and Doug Colwell
                                             Comprehensive Planning, Inc.
                                             Barbara C. and John W. Day
                                             Libby Dickinson and Dale S. Hanson
                                             Tony and Sarah Earley
                                             Betty J. Emmert
                                             Debbie and John Erb
                                             Mr. Nathaniel Eyde
             Bob and Maggie Allesee          Herbert and Betty Fisher                                          Miranda and Bill Burnett
                                             Becky and Bill Fleming
Lois and Gene Miller                   Mary Ann and Dick Wallace          Kroger Community Rewards
Mosher & Associates                    Marilyn and Ken Way                Ms. Carrie Lachman
Michelle and John Otzen                Mr. Charles R. Weir                Mr. and Mrs. Ron Laing
Augustine and Dorothy Perrotta         Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whiting, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Leonard
Mr. Ronald Pruette                     James A Williams Living Trust      Mr. H. Bayard Leonard
Sandy and Daniel Quick                 Mr. Kirk Yousif                    Valerie and David McCammon
Betsy Reich                            Mr. and Mrs. Reese Zantop          Dr. and Mrs. Robert McDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Claude Reitelman                                             Raenette McManus
Robert Robb                            Bates Society - $300 to $499       John L. and Laura Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roberts           Denise and Herbert Abrash          John N. and Marianne Fey Miller
Maria and Bill Roberts                 Ann Aliber                         Lynn and Kathy Miller
Mr. Arthur Rodecker                    Jolene and David Bommarito         Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Mills
Mr. Leslie Rose                        Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard        Richard and Ruth Monley
Susan and George Schreiber             Tom and Dale Bray                  Lois Nichols
Debbie and John Schrot                 Edward J. Bush                     Ms. April Oakes
Molly and Joe Schwartz                 Ralph and Barbara Caponigro        Gerri and Ed Parks
Coco and Bob Siewert                   Mr. Steve Champa                   Wendy and Kip Petherick
Brad Simmons                           Anita Damiani                      Pat and Hunter Pickens
Sherry and Abraham Singer
Sheridan and Dick Snell
                                       Karole and Eric Davies             Lois and Irvin Poston
                                                                          Ellen and Joe Price
                                       Marilyn and Cliff Dean
Claudia and George Snyder              Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dehut         Joan and John Reddy
Sue and Bob Stevenson                  Elaine Dietze                      Ann M. Reed
Mr. Chris Stockmeyer                   Sue and Dick Donnelly              Thelma L. and John J. Riccardo
Margaret Strickland                    Mr. and Mrs. Terence M. Donnelly   Eleanor and Bernard Robertson
Christine and George Strumbos          Paul and Peggy Dufault             Mr. and Mrs. John Schaefer
Mary Louise and Steve Stubbs           Sandra and Walter Ebling           John Schaefer
Tactical Allocation Group              Martha and Norm Ehlers             Michelle and Eric Schwab
Steve and Ann Templeton                Patty and Ken Eisenbraun           Kathleen and Michael R. Schwartz
The PrivateBank                        Ms. Judy Elder                     Thomas E. Shipley, Jr.
Dr. Thomas G. Varbedian                Mr. Steve Enwright                 Barbara Smith
Lisa Wagner                            Marjory and Donald Epstein         Ms. Mary Anne Smyth
Kathy and Rick Wagoner                 Barbara Everett                    Pat and David Sparrow
                                       Linda Ferens
                                       John S. Flintosh
                                       Eleanore and Richard Gabrys
                                       Charles R. and Leona Gates
                                       Dr. and Mrs. George Gopoian
                                       Ms. Nicole Gopoian
                                       Carla M. Grava
                                       Beverly and George Grove
                                       Bob and Pat Gualdoni
                                       Mr. Peter Hamburger
                                       Mrs. J. Robert Hamill
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Hayes
                                       Mr. and Mrs. John Helmuth
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Johns
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kass
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kelly
           Barbara and George Miller   Robert and Shirley Kenning           Sylvia and Ed Hagenlocker / Carla Schwartz
                                       Gerd and Nancy Keuffel
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stallkamp                       BMS Consultants Psychological & Scientific Serv.   Brian Clay Collins Designs, L.L.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Straith                         Suzanne Baber                                      Jenny and Frank Brzenk
Kenneth Svendsen and Allison Everett                 Back in Time International                         Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Buccini, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Sweeney                           Ms. Rose-Mary Baiani-Nenno                         Mary and Kenneth Bugis
Susan and Tom Sweeney                                Barbara and John Ballantyne                        Ms. Judy Burke
The Benefits Group                                   Robert Q. Bannon                                   Sandi and Peter Burton
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Watts                           Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Barber                           Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Butler
Jean and Richard Wehling                             Barbara Barbour                                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Callam
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Welch                               Ms. Mary Barker                                    Canine Inn, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilhelm                            Colleen T. Barnard                                 Loris Caplan
Beth and Michael Willoughby                          Lowell H. Barnett                                  Mariel and Glen A. Carlson, Jr.
Jim and Linda Wilson                                 Helena and Edward Bartholomew                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Carney
John Zabriske                                        Andrea B. Bartl and Kevin O’Donnell, Jr.           Jacqui and Don Carney
                                                     Mrs. Margaret Barton                               Joan and Glenn B. Carpenter
Patrons - $100 to $299                               Ara and Roz Basherian                              Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll
         AAUW-Birmingham Branch                      Isabel and Clifford O. Bath, Jr.                   Jennie Cascio
         Absolute Home Organization LLC              Batteries Plus of Birmingham                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Caserio
         Judith and Joel Adelman                     Mrs. H. Jean Batts                                 Nancy Ann and Timothy R. Cash
 16      Judith and Joshua Adler                     Joann and Lou Baughman                             Ms. Deborah Castelli
         Roy Albert                                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Beach                       Dr. and Mrs. James Catto
         Kathy Allman                                Mr. and Mrs. William K. Beattie                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cauley
         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Amann                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beauregard                    Cedar Grille
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Ambrose                          Beauvais & Associates                              Claudia and Michael Cenko
Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Anderson                       Marilyn Behrendt                                   The Ceresnie & Offen Fur Group
George and Diane Andres                              Dr. Howard Belkin and Dr. Barbara Herzig Belkin    Ms. Caroline E. Chambers
Ms. Karen Andrews                                    Ella and George Benko                              Mr. and Mrs. James M. Chandler
Antoine Salon                                        Ms. Lois Benson                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chandler
Antonino Salon and Spa                               Mrs. Alice Berberian Haidostian                    Mr. and Mrs. William Chapman
Joan and Ray Antos                                   Ginny and Norbert Bergmann                         Mr. Leonard F. Charla
Artspace / Lois Pincus Cohn                          Ms. Shirley Bernstein                              Louis and Betty Chernoff
Mrs. Jerome Ash                                      Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bershad                       Dona Childress
Dr. Frank Auld                                       Ms Vicki Biggers                                   Ms. Burtha Chomsky
                                                     Mary Billing
                                                     Janice and Chris Billmeyer
                                                     Birmingham Command Officers Association,
                                                              Sgt. Carol Millgard
                                                     The Birmingham Musicale
                                                     Ms. Lizzie Blair
                                                     Jeanette E. Blanchard
                                                     Marsha Boettger
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Bohn
                                                     Lynn and Bill Bollman
                                                     Rev. and Mrs. William Bones
                                                     Books Wilkins Sharkey & Turco, PLLC
                                                     Jane E. Bowman and Jon P. Dady
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Rich Bowman
                                                     Ms. Carolyn Bradley
                                                     Jeri Brain
 Phillip and Andrea Leistra / Meg and Brady Ferron   Camille and Donald Breen                             Carole Deyer / Fred Adams / Michelle Otzen
                                                     Mrs. Carol Brescoll
Christian Science Reading Room                Carole and Ronald Denton                 Sara Garmel and Michael Wujciak
Howard and Judy Christie                      Jann Devereux                            Carol and Roger Garvelink
Joanne and Chuck Ciuni                        Adriane and Del de Windt                 Joan Gaston
Mr. Adam Clague                               Erin O’Neill DiMarco                     Pamela and William Gerber
Ruth Clapp                                    Ms. Paula DiSante                        Becky and Eric Gersonde
Phyllis Clark                                 Dickinson Wright PLLC                    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gettel
Clavenna Vision Institute                     Dr. and Mrs. David H. Dinger             Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gettel
Mrs. Frank M. Cleary                          Elaine Dobson                            Alex and Irene Gherlan
Maggie and Mike Clement                       Donald E. McGinnis, Jr., J.D., P.C.      Donna Gilbert
Commonwealth Cafe                             Ms. Ellen Donnelly                       Albert and Sharie Gladner
Gena Conti Millinery                          Mr. Donald R. Doty                       Judy Glanville
Susan E. Cooper The Arrowhead Foundation      Linda Dresner, Inc.                      Cheryl Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Corey                    Mr. Cyril D. Duffy                       The Thomas C. Goad Family
Mr. Joe Coskey                                Michael J. Dul and Associates            Mr. and Mrs. Rick Godfrey
Helen Cost                                    Mr. Steve Eck                            Nancy and Lary Goldman
Mrs. John K. Cotton                           Kathryn and Al Eicher                    Ms. Susan Goodnow
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Cox                          Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ellis               Google
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon L. Crawfis                 Ms. Alexa Ellswood                       Dr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Gordon
Ms. Angela Crockett
Tom and Anne Cross
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Elvekrog
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Lynn R. Evans
                                                                                       Ms. Elizabeth Gray
                                                                                       Dulce and Bill Gray
Nellie and Charles Cutting                    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Ewing, Jr.         Greek Islands Coney Restaurant
Barbara and Paul Czamanske                    Mr. Greg Fadell                          Jere and Jim Green
Ms. Bette Duprey                              Frank and Capri Faga                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenstone
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dahlin                Diane Farber                             Greenstone’s Fine Jewelry
Jan Dailey                                    Ms. Rita Faudman                         Iris and William Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Damone                Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fauver              Ms. Catherine Grochowski
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Davenport             Julie and Brad Feldman                   Ms. Cheryl Groh
Mary Jo and Chip Dawson                       Trayce and Randy Fenton                  Gus and Lucille Grozdon
Neil and Karen De Koker                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Findling             Guardian Alarm Company of Michigan
The DePlanche Group                           Dr. and Mrs. Lionel Finkelstein          Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gullickson
Thomas P. and Linda Dekar                     Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Fisher            Ronald and Marilyn Gunther
Ms. Melissa Denker                            Alfredo and Matilde Fleurquin            Mary and Fred Hagen
                                              Eugenia Florek
                                              Mr. Donald L. Foehr
                                              Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Fontanesi
                                              Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Forbes
                                              Mr. and Mrs. David P. Frade
                                              Frank’s Shoe Service
                                              Mrs. Barbara Frankel
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Frederick, Jr.
                                              Mr. and Mrs. N.J. Fredericks, Jr.
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Roger Fridholm
                                              Ms. Carol Friend
                                              Ms. Arlene Frommer
                                              Nancy and Russ Frye
                                              Mr. and Mrs. James Futterknecht
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gabriel
                                              Jane Galantowicz
 Margo Strickland / Bob Weir / Marion Wyatt   Eve and Bob Gardner                                       Art Rodecker
                                              Frank and Janet Garland
William and Katherine Halbert         Rackeline Hoff                         Julia Knevels
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hall              Mr. Ned Hoffman                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knollenberg
Susan and Steve Hall                  Mr. and Mrs. James Holmes, Sr.         Mr. Herbert Knowles
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Halloran        Home Instead Senior Care               Bonnie and Al Koch
Dorothy and Roy Halmhuber             John Horiszny                          Ms. Kathryn Koegel
Nancy and Richard Halsted             Bonnie Howard                          Diane Komorn
Donna and George Halter               Steve and Diana Howard                 Mr. Kenneth Korotkin
Carolyn and Roger Hammer              Ms. Janet Hrydziuszko                  Korotkin Insurance Group
Hampson Foundation                    Pat and Brad Hubert                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kozak
Anne L. Hanna                         Kay and Al Huberty                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Krencicki
Mrs. Stanley Hansen                   Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Hudson               Sharon and Donald Kroll
Lori and Ron Harbour                  Jay and Diane Hults                    Anne L’Hommedieu
Harp’s Lingerie                       Elizabeth Hurbis                       Dr. and Mrs. Myron LaBan
Ms. Jennifer Hartman                  Pat and Jim Hurlbert                   Ms. Courtney Labadie
Ruth and Bill Hartman                 Ms Mary Kay Hurren                     Mr. and Mrs. Tim Lally
         Shirley C. Haynes            Mr. Danny Hutchins                     Ms. Louis Lapiana
         Mrs. Mary Alice Heaton       Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Igleheart            Mr. and Mrs. David Lattie
         Robert M. Hebert             International Community Club           Kitty and Fred Lavery
 18      Carolyn and Michael Hefner   Sally and Harold C. L. Jackson         Mr. and Mrs. John Lavrakas
         Elizabeth Heid               Robert Jackson                         Ms. Barbara Layman
         Ms. Barbara Heller           Sharon and John Jacobs                 Jack and Jeanne Ledingham
         Mr. Richard Henne            Mr. and Mrs. William R. James          Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Lee, Jr.
Ms. Georgiann Henritzy                Mark and Maggie Jannott                Donna and Bob Leland, Jr.
Mrs. David Hermelin                   Ms. Kristin Janus                      Dr. Olin Lepard
Dave and Sally Hershey                Rose and Donald W. Jensen              Janice and Lionel Lessenthien
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Higby           Peggy John                             Dr. and Mrs. G. Robert Lesser
Susan and Geoff Hill                  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnson           Jerry and Lynne Levine
Gary and Christa Hintz                Ms. Jackie Johnston                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Levy
Barbara and Robert Hinytzke           Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Johnston       Ms. Alice Lezotte
Myrna and Tom Hitchman                Sue and Laird Johnston                 Lynn and Ned Liddle
Judith and John Hoeffler              Avonelle and Edgar Jones               Richard and Lois Lindgren
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hownig            Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jones               Ms. Jama Lintol
                                      Carol and Lloyd Jones
                                      Mr. and Mrs. James F. Judge
                                      Dick and Joanne Judy
                                      Ms. Anke Kaas
                                      Marge Kaechle
                                      Phyllis and Glenn Karseboom
                                      Betsy Kausch
                                      Mr. and Ms. David and Dolores Kellam
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kelly
                                      Ms. Ann Kelly
                                      Annette F. Kennedy
                                      Priscilla Kennedy
                                      Mr. and Mrs. William Keough
                                      Betty and David Key
                                      Thomas Keinbaum
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kingsbury
                                      Roland and Ellen Kittendorf
             Jim and Barbara Suhay                                                        Ann and David Conrad
                                      Frederick and Carol Kneisler
Ms. Cheryl J. Lipa                      Lisa and Brian Meer                Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Orton
Dr. Richard A. Litt                     Ms. Martha Mehall                  Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Overy
Charles and Denise Little               Richard R. Melcher                 Mr. Harvey Ovshinsky
Mrs. Douglas K. Livy, Sr.               Mr. and Mrs. James Mellon          Lindsey Palazeti
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lynch              George Meyer and Kay White-Meyer   Amy and David Palmer
Maalouf Salon                           Susan and Bob Michelotti           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palmer
Sue and Bruce MacDonald                 Dr. and Mrs. S.P. Mihalich         Laurie and Ed Pappas
Cynthia and Malcolm MacDonald           Ms. Judy Miller                    Paul L. Nine & Associates, P.C.
Molly MacDonald                         John Mills                         Sandra Payne
Jack MacLachlan                         Oliver A. and Rita Miltner         Payroll 1, Inc.
Nina and Bob Machus                     Mr. and Mrs. William F. Minard     Peabody’s of Birmingham
Ms. Patricia Mackowiak                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Minasian      Patti and Lee Peacock
Shirley Maddalena                       Jean Mitchell                      Diane and Jarold Peck
Jane G. Maddox                          Marie and Bill Molnar              Barbara and Bill Peirce
Margaret and John E. Mahoney            Mr. and Mrs. Paul Montgomery       Mr. and Mrs. Shih Chen Peng
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Malkin                Martha and Chris Montross          Kathy and Roger Penske
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Mandy            J. Michael and Carolyn Moore       Mr. and Mrs. William Penz
Rita Margherio                          Mr. George W. Moore, III           Susan and Robert Perrish
Tom and Melissa Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Ron F. Marks
                                        Alan and Barbara Moorhouse
                                        Ms. Bridget Morin
                                                                           Judy and John Perryman
                                                                           Penny and Richard Persiani
Pat and Tom Massimino                   Ms. Michael Morin                  Louis Petro
Ms. Diane Masternick                    Ms. Celeste Morris                 Omer Petti
Richard H. and Beth May                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moss           Cindy and Michael Pettibone
C. Walker and Catherine B. Mayhew       Mr. Richard Mosteller              Ms. Christine Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. McCarthy         Richard P. and Lenore M. Mueller   Ms Leslie Ann Pilling
Sarah and Pete McCaughey                Mr. Patrick Mullins                Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Poger
Mr. Alonzo McDonald                     Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mumford      Mrs. Jeane Poos
Mr. and Mrs. William H. McGarrity       Robert and Barbara Munn            Arthur and Marjorie Pope
Donald R. McKindley                     Mr. and Mrs. Willard E. Munro      Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Pridmore
Alan McManus                            Ms. Leslie Must                    Ms. Mollie Proctor
Daniel and Pat McNulty                  Mr. Ken Myers                      Purdy, Donovan & Beal, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Meech                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Naftaly        Martha and John Quay
                                        Nails, Etc., LLC
                                        Dr. and Mrs. Kurt H. Neumann
                                        Gigi and Jeff Nichols
                                        Mary Nichols
                                        Pat and Hank Nickol
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Nolte, Jr.
                                        Gladys and George Nordenholt
                                        Mr. and Mrs. James O. Nordlie
                                        Ms. Rachelle Nozero
                                        Kathy and Bruce Nyberg
                                        Dr. Joe Ales OPTIK Birmingham
                                        Nick Oancea
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oben, Jr.
                                        Ms. Theresa Odea
                                        John Odneal
                                        Ms. Alice M. Oldham
                                        Tom Olshefsky
          David and Christine Provost                                                  Deborah and Hugh Sloan
                                        Pat Olson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Quigley          Sally Saunders                                      Ms. Alice Stevenson
Kathy and Thomas Radom                   Kay Scafidi                                         Patricia and Paul Stobbe
Shirley and Jack Rady                    Nancy and James Schaefer                            L. Gene and Norma Stohler
Nancy and David Randall                  Rosemary Ricelli                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Stoner
Ms. Katherine Raper                      Hon. Joan E. Young and Mr. Thomas L. Schellenberg   Mr. and Mrs. William M. Straith
Karen and Dick Rappleye                  Don A. Schiemann                                    Karen and John Street
Rariden-Schumacher-Mio & Co.             Pamela Schomer                                      Bob and Mary Strong
Mr. Ron Rashid                           Phyllis Schueller                                   Sally and Roger Struck
Dawn and Dick Rassel                     Fran and Joseph Schulenberg                         John Stunz, Jr., M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ray                 Marianne and Alan Schwartz                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Suminski
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rea                 Mary and David Schwartz                             Daniel B. Sutter
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Reilly           Stephanie and Peter Schwartz                        Ms. Karen Swanson
Renate Reimer                            Chris and Walter Schwartz                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Swanson
Remax Showcase Homes                     Judith C. Schwarzer                                 A. Ray Swartz
Kalliope Resh                            Ms. Paddy Scott                                     Dr. Beverly S. Talan
          Restyle Child                  Harriet Secrest                                     Tallulah Wine Bar and Bistro
          Kathleen Rice                  Seizert Capital Partners, LLC                       Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Talon
          M. Corinne Richardson          Nona and Tom Sellers                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Tanke
20        Joyce and Al Roberts           Lois and Mark Shaevsky                              Ralph Tennant
          Elsa Roberts                   Whitney and Bob Shapland                            Jeanne and David Tennent
          Roberts Restaurants            Edwin and Felicia Shaw                              Ileane and Bruce Thal
          Joyce W. and A. William Rolf   Mrs. Carol Shaya                                    Charles E. and Eloise F. Tholen
Lynn and Mike Ross                       Alfred and Mary Alice Shrosbree                     Ruth and Bruce Thomas
Jackie and Robert Rossi                  Kelly and Matt Shuert                               Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Thomas, Jr.
Ruth Ann Rowan                           Harriet Siden                                       Mr. and Mrs. Clarke F. Thornton
Christel and Jonathan Rowell             B. Silberberg                                       Deborah and Christopher Tisdel
Ms. Wendy Russell                        Marian and Luel Simmons                             Susan Tish
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sackey              Mrs. Jo Anne Slenzak                                Mary Anne and Chuck Torner
John R. Sanborn                          James S. Slosberg                                   Marion R. Trabucchi
Ms. Janet Sandison                       Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Smith                         Mr. Steve Trudell
Ms. Mary Ann Sara                        Laura L. Smith                                      Cindy and David Trull
Ms. Diane Sasson                         Mr. Lawrence A. Smith                               Marc and Phyllis Twinney
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Smith
                                         Pat and Richard Smith
                                         Joan and Anthony Smyk
                                         Ms. Elizabeth Smyth
                                         Charlotte and Richard Snee
                                         Linda and Barry Solomon
                                         Anne and David Sommerfeld
                                         Iris and Robert Spencer
                                         Joanne and Don Speyer
                                         William L. Sprague
                                         Joseph and Mary Ellen Stank
                                         Mr. and Mrs. John M. Steele
                                         Betty and John Steele
                                         Ann and Andreas Steglich
                                         Sue and Leo Steinl
                                         Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stephenson
              The Ghesquiere Family      Elizabeth and William Stephenson                             Lorraine and Jack McLaughlin
                                         Mr. and Mrs. George L. Stern
Linda and David Underdown               Karen and Rick Williams             Kay and Harvey Bell, IV
Connie Upton                            Ms. Kathy Wilson                    Ms. Kathleen Bell
Audrey and Don Upward                   Mrs. Charles L. Wilson, Jr.         Mr. George Benkel
Ms. Cynthia Vaccarelli                  Jennifer F. Wineman                 Ann-Marie Bennett
Patt and Richard Valade                 Marilyn and Amos Winsand            Sharon and Warren Bergman
Barbara C. Van Dusen                    Helen Winslow                       Cynthia Berlin
Tom and Cindy VanDusen                  Mr. and Mrs. Gene Winters           Ms. Diane Bernier
Dr. and Mrs. R.L. Vander Molen          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Woods           Debra Bernstein-Siegel
Martha and Steve Vannelli               Ms. Jackie Wooten                   Christine Berry
Susan Varbedian Lucken                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yatsko         Suzanne and Frederick Beutler
Mr. Sherwin Vine                        Joseph E. Young                     Kunjlata and Mahesh Bhatt
William Vlasic                          Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Young, Jr.   Denise and Phillip Bianchini
Suzanne and Roger R. Vogel              Deirdre Zamler                      Ms. Marlene Bihlymeyer
Ms. Velva Vosler                        Neil R. Zechman                     Birmingham Gemological Services, Ltd.
Judith Waggoner                         Francine Zick                       Carol and Rich Black
Tom and Louise Wagner                   Mrs. George B. Zonars               Ms. Judy Blackburn
William Wagoner                         Helen Zuckerman                     Frances P. Blatnik
Ms. Lana Waldorf                                                            Nancy and Mark Bolitho
Don Waples
Mr. and Mrs. James Ward
                                        Friend - $50 to $99                 Nicole Bonk and Pamela Bonk
                                                                            Mrs. John M. Booth
                                        Margot Abramson
William M. Washington                   Mr. Sam Ajluni                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Booth
Mr. Dale Watchowski                     Gordon and Carol Allardyce          Mr. and Mrs. John Borden
Mrs. Lawrence M. Weiner                 Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Allen         Jack and Jeanne Bourget
Gwen and S. Evan Weiner                 Dr. Jonathon and Judy Anderson      Mr. and Mrs. Bliss Bowman
Mr. Dave Weir                           Kathlene Anderson                   Ms. Stephanie Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wells              Ms. Jennifer Archey                 Deidre Brady
Phillip Werner                          Nancy Arciniegas                    William R. Brashear
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Wester             Ms. Kristen Armstrong               Mr. and Mrs. Ed Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Whitelaw, Jr.   Rodney Arroyo                       Peggy N. Brewer
Ms. Mary Whiting                        Jean and George Auchterlonie        Linda Brewin
Dennis Wilkie                           Ms. Nancy Auffenberg                Tenney Brinkman
Marva and Jim Williams                  Ms. Erika Baer                      Carol A. and Stephen A. Bromberg
                                        Ms. Sally Baggett
                                        Charlene Bailey
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bailey
                                        Pat Ballard
                                        Margaret and Stephen Bancroft
                                        Mr. Eric Banks
                                        Ms. Linda Barnas
                                        John and Sally Barnds
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes
                                        Keri and Patrick Barney
                                        Mr. and Mrs. David J. Barrett
                                        Paul and Susan Barry
                                        Ms. Sandra Bartley
                                        Ms. Dorothy Bartush
                                        Ms. Lyn Baumuller
                                        Barb and Robert Beauchamp
           Elmore Leonard and Family    Ms. Jeni Beckeman                            Chris Giftos / Carolyn Hefner
                                        Mr. Gerald Bell
Margery and James Brooks                         Bob Clements                            Ms. Bonnie Doran
Mr. and Mrs. James Brown                         Ms. Barbara Clewett                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dow
Donald C. Brownell                               Viki Clough                             Ms. Virginia Dow
Richard Bruder                                   Ms. Kelly Cole                          Dyanne Dowdy
Ms Linda Brunamonti                              Mr. Brian Clay Collins                  Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bull                        Ms. Camilla Combs                       Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Driggs
Ms. Amy Burford                                  Mr. John Conti                          Ms. Carol Driscoll
Ms. Linda Burgess                                Pam Corden                              Ms. Peggy Dryer
Bill and Betty Burnie                            Walter and Mary Cornelius               Mr. Anthony Duce
Linda Burton                                     Cameron Cox                             Jan and Marc Dunn
Ms. Camille Busse                                Mr. and Mrs. William H. Crabtree        Ms. Jacqueline Easley
Mr. Robert Cahill                                Ms. Ann Manix                           Mr. and Mrs. Graham Eddleston
Ms. Chris Callender                              Mr. and Mrs. David Crimmins             Janet Edwards
Ms. Cynthia L. Canty                             Lois Cromie                             Tina and R. David Eick
Ms. Zena Carnaghi                                J.T. Cruice                             Leo and Robin Eisenberg
          Ms. Mary Casazza                       Mr. Dennis Currier and Ms. Rose Obloy   Ms. Dondra Elie
          Nancy and Joe Cavanaugh                Ms. Carol Curtis                        Chuck and Marilyn Elliott
          Ms. Lucia Cazaudunec                   Scott and Marti Custer                  Margaret and William English
 22       Ms. Alice Champion                     Litinas Cynthia                         Jackie Erhardt
          Cleo and Ted Chapekis                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Czako                Pam Esser and Joel Kahn
          Georgia Charnas                        Carol Czechowski                        Mary Sue and Paul Ewing
          Terry and David Chase                  Maureen and Jerry D’Avanzo              Sigrid and Ulrich Fahrun
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chateau                     Peggy Daitch                            Ms. Lisa Farris
Linda Chayka                                     Ms. Rosie Dalat                         Mrs. Virginia Farris
Ms. Sandy Childress                              Debra and Martin I. Darvick             Paul and Ann Fecko
Majone Christopher                               Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dauer              Ms. Jane Feiten
Yvonne and Paul Cicchini                         Jeff and Leah Davidson                  Mr. and Mrs. James Feldpausch
Mr. George W. Clark                              Jamie Davis                             Robin and Michael Fenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Clark                     Mary and Dennis Debaisio                Ms. Pam Ferguson
Dr. and Mrs. Norman E. Clarke, Jr.               Ms. Anne de Filippis                    Mr. Ina Fernandez
Denise Cleary                                    Ms. Janice Degen                        James and Sally Fetter
Ms. Marcia Clement                               Margaret and Jaap B. Delevie, MD        Mr. and Mrs. John Filar
                                                 Ms. Kristy Deltin
                                                 Ms. Jean Delude
                                                 Ms. Pilar Demark
                                                 William Denyes
                                                 Ms. Stephanie Devine
                                                 Catherine Devor
                                                 Janet Dickerson
                                                 Ms. Kitty Dickson
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Hank Dietz
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dietz
                                                 Ms. Sandra Difazio
                                                 Ms. Joy Dillingham
                                                 Mr. Scott Dion
                                                 Ms. Lisa Doeden
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Doelle
                                                 Mrs. Maxine Donlon
Richard Jewell / Jim Burnstein / Mitch Albom /   Ms. Claudia Donnellon                   Susan DiClemente / Tom and Barbara Denomme
                  Mike Lupica                    Marianne and Bob Donohue
Ms. Lillian Finley                     Ms. Patricia Gore                   JoAnn and Jim K. Holden
Ms. Shari Finsilver                    Mrs. Joseph G. Gough                Lois Anne Holmes
Ms. Amy Fischer                        Luanne and Jeff Grabiel             Russell and Doris Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fischer              Ms. Janet Graham                    Beth and John Holmquist
Ms. Mandy Fisher                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Graham       Ms. Linda Hommel
Gail and Steven Fisher                 Bradley Gravelle                    Ms. Beverly Hords
Sally and Ted Flynn                    Mr. and Mrs. Ddoric Green           Ms. Deborah Horowitz
Catherine and David Force              Mr. Pournze Green                   Virginia Horton
Clarence and Stefanie Frank            Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Green        Ms. Marne Housey
Ruth Frank                             La Varre Greene                     Ms. Ann Houston
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Frank             Dr. Karl D. Gregory                 Ms. Lauren Howard
Judy and Mike Frank                    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Grove        Mr. and Mrs. John Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fregolle        Pamela Grozdon                      Lillian and Robert Hoy
Carol Arlene Freitag                   Ms. Renee Gruskin                   Ms. Susan Huber
Ms. Maureen Frisbie                    Ms. Carolyn J. Gwizdz               Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hubert
Marie Gagnon                           Ms. Pia Haapanan                    Barbara and Tom Hughes
Julie Galante                          Barbara and Jon Haber               Hester Hull
Ms. Susan Galantowicz                  Ted and Nancy Haddad                Robert G. Hummon
Ms. Lynn Gandhi
Kuniko Ganguly
                                       Sally Hadden
                                       Ms. Monica Haider
                                                                           William J. Hunter
                                                                           Sally Ingold
Ms. Lisa Garavaglia                    Mr. James Halevas                   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Iwankowski
Ms. Megan Garbinski                    Mr. and Mrs. Leon Halip             Mr. Bill Jackson
Marianne and Paul Gard                 Pamela and Allan Hall               Karon and Gary Jackson
Linda Garrison                         Carolyn and Cap Hall                Claudia and Jim Jackson
Jack Gates                             Mr. and Mrs. P. Richard Hamed       Ms. Susan Jager
Max Gates                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hameister   Ms. Sandra Jamian
Ms. Linda Gershenson                   Hilary Handler                      Mr. Richard K. Jamieson
Byron and Dorothy Gerson               Hilary and Lawrence Handler         Elizabeth Jarzembowski
Julie and Eric Gheen                   Jo Ann Hanson                       Nicolette and Dan Jenaras
Ms. Rosemary Ging                      Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Harned         Phyllis Jenson
Ms. Anita Gjekaj                       Debbie Harrison                     Ms. Judy Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goodwin             Ahmed Hassouna                      Mrs. Frances Johnson
                                       Ms. Marianne Hauswirth
                                       Mr. James Hazen
                                       Mr. Ben Heller
                                       Ms. Michele Hendrick
                                       June and Malcolm Hendy
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Mike Henry
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Neal Hepner
                                       Rachel K. Herbst
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Hildebrand
                                       Ms. Dolly Hill
                                       Karen Hillebrand
                                       Ms. Laurie Hiller
                                       Ms. Kelly Hillmain
                                       Charles S. and Isabel Himelhoch
                                       Susan and Arnold Hirsch
                                       Amy and Karl Hochkammer
             Karen and Rick Williams   Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Hocker             Peter Karmanos / Denise Anne Taylor
                                       Ms. Julie Hogan
George R. and Mary Johnson                   Mario Kocaj and Robert Jones           Mr. and Mrs. Craig Maass
Mr. Hugh Johnson                             Ms. Barbara Koegel                     Mary Lou Mabee
Marta Johnston                               Ms. Theresa Kolly                      Donna and John MacInnes
Ms. Jane Jones                               Ms. Donna Kosco                        Lucy Mader
Nancy and George Joseph                      Mr. Tom Kowalski                       Barbara Maertens
Jeffrey Jucewicz                             Ms. Beverly Kramer                     Anne Magreta
Shirley Koltvedt                             Ms. Linda Krebs                        Ms. Louise Malinowski
Calvin Kalaf                                 Sharron Kreindler                      Ms. Connie Mallon
Ms. Laura Kaminsky                           Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kridler             Mary Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kandel                     Judith and William Krieger             Ms. Carolyn Manges
Carol Kasapis                                Ms. Carol Krohn                        Cheryl and Ben Mangiapane
Sheila Sky Kasselman                         Mr. and Mrs. Dieter S. Ksoll           Ms. Carolyn Mansfield
Diane Katkin                                 Christina Kuo                          Ms. Amy R. Margolis
Joan B. Keller                               Ms. Bernadette Kurkowski               Pam and Dave Marinaro
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Keller               Ms. Shellie Kurtis                     Mr. Gene Markel
          Mr. and Ms. Mark Kelly             Amy LaBarge                            Craig and Anne Marks
          Ms. Nancy Kemp                     Cheryl LaKritz                         Suzanne Marks
          Ms. Barbara Kennedy                Mr. John LaLich                        Eileen and Bob Marsh
 24       Ms. Pam Kennedy                    Ms. Mary Ellen LaLonde                 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Marshall
          Jeanette and Richard Keramedjian   Christine LaPierre                     Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin
          Ms Carole Kersten                  Mr. Thomas Lahiff                      Mitzi and Patrick Martin
          Ms. Yasmin Keshavjee               Cecilia Lakin                          Ms. Louis Mastro
Annette Kiltie                               Nancy Lee                              Kathy Mather
Ms. Cheryl Kimelman                          Jim and Beverly Leese                  Ms. Judy McCarthy
Ms. Echo Kimpinto                            Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lefford           Sheri McCurley
Ms. Sandy Kirsch                             Jay and Eve Lehman                     Mr. Barry McDonald
Ms. Marcia Klain                             Ms. Christie Lehmann                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael McInerney
Ms. Annie Kleene                             Debbie Leich                           Ms. Robin McIntyre
Ms Diane Klein                               Ms. Nancy Leistra                      Evelyn and Alex McKeen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Klein                 Julie and Peter Leonard                Mr. and Mrs. John F. McLean, Jr.
Ms. Jan Klopcic                              Mr. Kenneth Leonowicz                  Roberta and Thomas McNally
Ms. Alison Klott                             Mr. Al Levett                          Bob and Judy McQueen
Ms. Janet Knowles                            Ms. Emily Levin                        Ms. Kasey McQueen
                                             Ms. Diana Lieberman
                                             Susan Liggett
                                             Johanna and Joseph Liioi
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lilley
                                             Ms. Karen Linton
                                             Betty S. Lippard
                                             Deena and Stuart Lockman
                                             Dahna Loeding
                                             Ms. Linda Longo
                                             Mary Loria
                                             Ms. Kimberley Lucas-Pisko
                                             Mr. Kevin Lucey
                                             Luckenbach-Ziegelman Architects PLLC
                                             Ms. Arlene Lullove
                                             Mr. Wayne Lundy
             Wendy and Bill Powers           Ms. Allison Lustig                              Gary Peters / Marcia Wilkinson
                                             Robert and Lois Lyle
Ms. Alane Meade                              Kathleen Mularoni                Ms. Joanne Perry
Alyia Mehanna                                Ms. Cheryl Mullen                Ms. Maryann Perryman
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Melin                    Dr. Peter Muller                 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Peters
Ms. Patricia Melvin                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murdock      Noel and Patricia Peterson
Roger and Phyllis Merryman                   Jane B. Murphy                   Ms. Lisa Petrella
Florence Merz                                Charles and Margery Murray       Madeleine and Allen Phillips
Mrs. Eugene J. Meso                          Mr. Joseph Muscat                Kate Phillips
Ms. Solange Messelian                        Kelly and Jim Nagle              Mitzi and Louis Phillips
Ms. Judy Michau                              Sandy and Rick Nahm              Ms. Patty Phillips
Ms. Laureen Milburn                          Carol Nakalsky                   Ms. Cathie Pollock
Ms. Norma Millen                             Ms. Ricki Nederlander            Ms. Judy Pomorski
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miller                   Adolph J. Neeme                  Ms. Joan Pongratz
Ms. Pat Miller                               Beverly Neumann                  Victor Pytko and Barbara Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Riggs Miller                    Shirley Neumann                  Ms. Patrice Prentice
Steve and Judy Miller                        Ms. Martha Newman                Ms. Barbara Prince
Mrs. T.W. Miner                              Ellen and Gary Newville          Rebecca and Timothy Prior
Ms. Candida Misra                            Ms. Marcia Nichol                Katy Proctor
Lillian Mitchell                             Ms. Pat Nielsen                  Ms. Kathy Puduay
Patricia R. Mitzel
Palencia Mobley
                                             Mr. and Mrs. John North
                                             Ms. Cynthia Norvell
                                                                              Ms. Patricia Purcell
                                                                              Meredith and Hull Quarrier
Holly Moncher                                Robin Novotny                    Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rader
Ms. Carol Mooneyham                          Sharon Nowak                     Zelna Randall
Bev Moore                                    Barney Nowicki                   Tanja Rankl
Mike and Patty Moran                         Gloria Nycek                     Robert and Marilyn Rauth
Ms. Gretchen Moraw                           Ms. Nancy O’Connor               Ms. Rita Ravikrishnan
Thomas Morgan, Jr.                           Ms. Ginni O’Hara                 Hope and Larry Raymond
Ms. Barbara Morrison                         Ms. Mary O’Neill                 Barbara and David Raynush
Gerald O. Morrison                           Ms. Stephanie O’Neill            Ms. Laura Reber
Susan Morse                                  Ms. Christine Olde               Janice M. Redmond
George Mosher                                Loretta Oliver                   Mr. Michael Reese
Judith and Richard Moxley                    Ms. Catherine Oneglia            Ms. Pat Reeves
Ms. Laurie Mueller                           Mr. Robert Oren                  Martin and Julia Reisig
Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Muenk                 Ms. Sharon Otlewski              Carol Reisner
                                             Ms. Megan Otzen
                                             Ms. Margo Owens
                                             Mary G. Pardee
                                             Ethel Parkes
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Parks
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parr
                                             Sally Parsons
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald Passmann
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pawlusiak
                                             Mr. Richard Payne
                                             Mr. Charlie Pear
                                             Nancy and Jim Peil
                                             Christine M. Pellerito
                                             Ms. Penny Peniwell
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Perkins
                                             Elaine and Charles Perlman             Dave Devereaux / Sandi Reitelman /
  Greg and Christa Schwartz / Steve Howard
                                             Ms. Claire Perry                                Kareem George
Melanie Relitz                                Ms. Kathleen Sansen                         Ms. Susan Smith
Robbie Reynolds                               Kerry Saracino                              Ms. Patricia Smtih
Ms. Robin Rich                                Ms. Clare Savaglio                          Ms. Barbara Snyder
Ms Judi Richards                              Ms. Jan Scabarozi                           Margot and Ben Snyder
Ms. Jacqui Ridley                             Ms. Mildred Schaub                          Ms. Yoko Soma
Mrs. Katherine Rines                          Kathy Schewe                                Susan Sovel
Janet and James Rivard                        Mr. and Mrs. John Schlicht                  Ms. Michelle Spadafore
Herbert Robb, M.D.                            Irene Schmidt                               Helen and Elson B. Spangler
Mr. John Roberts                              Ms. Becky Schmitt                           Mr. Tom Sparschu
Ms. Virginia Roberts                          Drs. Robert and Franziska Schoenfeld        Ms. Carol Spencer
Sally and Bruce Robertson                     Lew and Janice Schoon                       Marilynn Spencer
Anne and Banks Roden                          Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schreder                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Sperlich
Mr. Stanley Rogell                            Jean and Bob Schuler                        Janice Stafford
Whitney Rogers                                Holly Scribnick Schulte and Heinz Schulte   Liz and James Stahl
Ms. Lori Rondello                             Ms. Judy Schultheiss                        Edith and Sam Stahl
         Ms. Elaine Rosati                    Ted and Anna Marie Schuster                 Ms. Karen Stark
         Ms. Karen Rosen                      Mary Schwark                                Ms. Gail Starks
         Kathryn J. Ross                      Mr. and Mrs. David Schwartz                 Ms. Michelle Stephens
 26      Ms. Diane Rottiers                   Anna Mae and Bill Schwartz                  Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stewart
         Bruce and Marcia Rowbottom           John and Robbie Scodellaro                  Ms. Beverly Ann Stieler
         Ms. Cathy Rowe                       Chris Seikaly                               Nancy Strickland
         Mark and Arlene Rubinstein           Ms. Sharon Self                             Rita and Dan Stuart
Susan and David Rugenstein                    Ms. Terri L. Selik                          Ms. Barbara Stubowski
Rose M. Rumble                                Sylvia Shacket                              Ms. Renee Suchara
Ms. Nancy Rusk                                Ms Barbara Shapiro                          Jack and Mary Lou Sullivan
John Ryan                                     Frank and Margaret Sheckell                 David and Danielle Susser
Ms. Juliet Sabit                              Ms. Beth Shobe                              Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Suter, II
Fran Safko                                    Stuart Shuster                              Mr. Andrew Sutherland
Penny Sage                                    Elena Siedlecki                             Suzette Swies
Jagneswar and Kamala Saha                     Ms. Martha Siefman                          Ms. Anne Sylvester
Ms. Susan Salloum                             Mr. Roy F. Siegel                           Ms. Elizabeth Sylvester
Ann and Joseph Samyn                          Julie Signorello                            Mr. Joel Szirtes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sandercock                Shirley Sikov                               Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Talmers
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Silence
                                              Debra Silver
                                              Ms. Nancy Silverman
                                              Ms. Ingrid Simich
                                              Susan and Ric Simon
                                              Ms. Joanne Sinelli
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sinelli
                                              Mary and John Slocum
                                              Ms. Paula Slof
                                              Renee Smalley
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smart
                                              Ms. Gail Smith
                                              Helen and Lawrence Smith
                                              Ms. Jane Smith
                                              Maria Smith
    Denise Bianchini / Kathy Broock Ballard   Marion and Robert Smith                                  Donald and Jeanne Kunz
                                              Karen and Robert Smith
Ms. Michelle Tappen                       The WW Group, Inc.                      Inkind Donors
Beverly Tasker                            WE Judy Assoc.
                                                                                  Detroit Home
Cheri and Charles Taunt                   Ms. Verna Wadowski
                                                                                  Detroit Public TV
Kenneth Taylor                            Jacquie and Cliff Wagoner
                                                                                  Josie Doherty
Mr. Perry Taylor                          Ms Janis Walker
                                                                                  The Eccentric
Janice and James Teegarden                Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wallace
                                                                                  Four Seasons Garden Center
Mr. and Mrs. T.Leonard Terry              Ms. Shirley Waller
                                                                                  Goldner Walsh Garden & Home
Lois M. Thieleke                          Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wandrei
                                                                                  Hour Magazine
Ms. Mary Thomas                           Judy Wantuck
                                                                                  In A Garden
Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Thomas               Kay and Rick Watnick
                                                                                  Michael Willoughby & Associates—Architect
Ms. Sharin Thomas                         Carrie and David Way
                                                                                  Motor City Creative
Ms. Deb Thompson                          Ms. Michelle Weber
                                                                                  Oakland Press
Mr. Derrick Thompson                      Mary Beth Wehbe
                                                                                  Professional Instant Printing
Tiffany Florist                           Laurie Weinberger
                                                                                  StyleLine Magazine
Barbara and Roger Timm                    Ms. Amy Miller Weinstein
                                                                                  Templeton Building Company
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Tobin                Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weisenburg
Charles and Sondra Travers                Lenore Weiss
Ms. Juliann Trombley                      Mr. and Mrs. James Weissenborn
                                                                                  xology Magazine
Kathleen Trott
Nancy A. Trowl
                                          Sue and Bill Wells
                                          Ms. Laurie Welsh
Joseph and Mary Ann Troy                  Ms. Mary Jane Welton                     *Names in bold indicate 5 year donors to
Patti and Elliott Trumbull                Ms. Hope West                                     the Annual Fund Drive
Pam Tucker                                Alma and Norris Wetters
Felicia Tugman                            Kimberly and Ken Whipple                                —A Note to Our Donors—
Ms. Suzanne Valenti                       Mr. and Mrs. William White              A sincere effort has been made to accurately honor
Ms. Gail Valentine                        Alta and Ray Whitfield                      each and every contributor in this publication.
Ann and Bruce Van Deusen                  Ltc. and Mrs. William. E. Whittington       It is possible, however, that names have been
Ms. Janice L. Van Tilburg                 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Width                    inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed.
Amy Vander Ark                            Linda Wiegand                           If you notice an error, please accept our apology. It
Ms. Julie Verona                          Don Wieland                             would be greatly appreciated if you would alert the
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Villa                Ms. Sally Wilkins                        Development Department by calling 248.594.6404
Ms. Kristen Vonbernthal                   Betty Williams                                    so that the record may be corrected.
Kathy VonFoerster                         Mr. Ian Wilson
                                          Linda and Scott Wilson
                                          Ms. Kim Wineman
                                          Ms Carol Winkelman
                                          Carol Wipp
                                          Ms. Patricia Wireman
                                          Carol Wold
                                          Ilene and Elliott Wolf
                                          Ms. Shannon Wolf
                                          Sharon Wood
                                          Dorothea Wreesman
                                          Ms. Evelyn Wright
                                          Mr. Bob Yazejian
                                          Mr. and Mrs. John E. Young
                                          Valerie and Steven Young
                                          Ms. Christine Zambrecki
        Kathy Wilson / Jackie Sefferman                                                Michelle Schwab / Kristin Armstrong
                                                                                      The Community House
                                                                                      380 South Bates Street
                                                                                Birmingham, Michigan 48009
                                                                                          248.644.2476 (fax)

                                                                                            Photo by Caroll DeWeese

                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org
                                                                                                         U.S. Postage

           The Community House
             Mission Statement
The mission of The Community House, an independent, nonprofit organization
established in 1923 and located in Birmingham, Michigan, is to offer relevant
programs and services to help people in the metropolitan area improve and
enrich their lives. We do this by providing educational, social and cultural
opportunities for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. We build
community by valuing diversity, connecting neighbors, and providing a
gathering place for families, individuals and groups.

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