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20-The Trueth of Life - NRN


									d]/f] hLjgsf] ;To
Raj K Pandey, MBS, MA, GPO BOX: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mobile: 98510-86884

      k'a{ k'u+], d klZrd
    af“Rgsf nflu d s“xf–
         s“xf k'u+]≤
       hLjgsf] Ps df]8df
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 k|s[lt;“u}+ /dfpb}
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dflg;sf] le8df PSnf] e}
 ;ayf]s kfPgL, v} cflv/

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  dgsf] zflGt / v';L
Psknsf] hLjgnfO{ e|dd}

af“Rg l;Sbf–l;Sb}, d t
   af“Rg} e'n]5' ≤
  hLjgsf tL v';L s“xf
  k'u], v,} cflv/ d t
    xf“:g} e'n]5'≤
;'vsf] nfn;df ef}tfl/bf

 cfj/0fdf x]bf{ ;kmn
   b]lvo“ xf]nf≤
c?sf] gh/df dxfg ag+]
v}, hLjgdf cflv/ s] g}
k'a{ k'u] gL, klZrd k'u]
l;jfo Ps e|ddf af“Rg'≤
hLjgdf d}n] s] g} u/] /
 af“Rgsf nflu af“Rg'

Note for Discussion:
This write-up was prepared for the speak of mind at 10:00pm on 30 May 2010 (Sunday) to
creatively use the load-shedding time in home, keeping in mind - NRN, for Global Nepalese
Language Speaking Communities, Organized by NRN, Boston, USA.
I had intensively discussed/interacted with several retired Lahure communities,

who had spent energetic young blood in abroad and eventually returned to their homelands, simply
to wait for death. I noticed them lamenting for loosing some beautiful aspects in life: loneliness
feeling due to lack of love/family, and identity crisis in abroad, albeit they were financially secure for
whole life!

This write-up is targeted, especially for those:
A professional, who achieves career height, but eventually retires at 60;
A businessman, who works for 24/07, but finally collapses;
A beautiful/handsome wo/man, who refuses/ignores the intimate love/marriage proposals, but
ultimately feels extremely lonely, when the ageing wrinkles starts on her/his face and s/he is sick;
A politician, who uses hanky-panky to gain the power/authority, but ultimately returns to the ground reality;
An academician/intellectual, who has enough information in the mind but merely for the sake of knowledge;
A NRN, who abandons homeland, but mentally and emotionally in own country and psychologically
facing identify crisis; and
All the people, who are surviving in nostalgic life after 60 years!
Composed by:
Raj K Pandey (Chhetri), MBS, MA       

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