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									The Average Latest My 30 Photos: for Your Reference Purpose!

Dear Friend:

A) Please find herewith the Attached Some Latest Photographs of Mine, which
were taken during March 2010 - March 2011, for your reference purpose.

B) The quality of these enclosed photos/snaps/images has been intentionally
reduced to an Extremely Lower Grades in decreasing the image file size for the
fast download purpose, which does not necessarily reflect my exact 100% real
face, although these images might be useful to understand the basic symmetric
structures of my face, which plays a decisive role.

C) Moreover, the brightness and resolution of your computer monitor may also
enhance for the different look of the photos in the different computer screen. For
this purpose, see the same snaps in the various computer screens, you will feel the
differences even in the same snap.

D) Finally, to be honest, I am not a photogenic person, rather I appear better in
front of the mirror!

E) You can simply click the following link(s) to refer approximately 700 plus my
latest photos/snaps/images in total 20 web pages, without downloading them.

F) Similarity, you can also easily access/explore nearly 500 plus my write-
ups/articles/reports, if you are interested to review them.

With Warm Regards!

Raj K Pandey Chhetri (MBS, MA)
Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884
Mobile: (977-01) 9841 813529
Dear Friend:

(A) Please click the link http://cid- to refer 500 Plus
my reports/articals/profiles/songs/poems/stories/thesis/notes/resumes/write-
ups/photos/documents/powerpoint/etc., which is a good collection since 1990.

(B) You can also easily access/explore all my 500 plus reports/articls/write-ups and
detail my personal information at (i) http://cid-; (ii); (iii); (iv)!/apps/appl
ication.php?id=121841274518042; and (v)

(C) You can simply clink the link for referring nearly 700
Plus my photos/images/snaps in total 20 web pages without downloading any of

(D) Please click another link to
easily view total 200 Plus my latest photos/snaps in total 10 pages without
downloading any images.

(E) You can explore/access my reports/articles/write-ups and any other my detail
personal information simply by searching me as "rajkpandey2000" and/or "Raj
K Pandey" on Google, Facebook and any other search engines in the internet.

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