Miami University Substance Use Policy for Greek Letter Organizations

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					    Miami University
 Substance Use Policy for
Greek Letter Organizations

      Revised November 17, 2003

Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
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       Revised November 17, 2003
 In the summer of 1998, the National Panhellenic Conference which is composed of
delegates from all 26 inter/national women's fraternities and sororities united as a
conference body in great concern about the dangers of alcohol that are pervasive in our
society. At the closing session of the NPC Interim Meeting, the 26 international
delegates unanimously passed the Alcohol-Free Social Activities Resolution which states
the following:

Whereas, An alcohol-free living environment provides cleaner, safer facilities which are
conducive to student learning and behavior consistent with fraternity principles can

Whereas, The misuse of alcohol by college and university students detracts from the
mission of higher education and endangers student health and welfare;

Whereas, Chapter housing for National Panhellenic Conference member fraternities has
always been alcohol-free and chapters have thrived in such an environment;

Whereas, The National Panhellenic Conference, The National Interfraternity Conference,
The Association of Fraternity Advisors, the National Association of Student Personnel
Administrators, the American College Personnel Association, the National Association of
State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, The Inter Association Task Force on
Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues have endorsed and strongly support the
efforts to implement alcohol-free chapter facilities;

Whereas, The NPC member fraternities as 26 sovereign entities are unified as a
conference body;

Resolved, That the NPC member fraternities will continue to support the efforts toward
alcohol-free housing in men's fraternity facilities with the goal being that the individual
NPC member fraternities will work toward co-sponsoring only alcohol-free functions in
men's fraternity facilities by the fall term of 2000.

Resolved, That copies of this resolution be distributed to every NIC fraternity and to the
College Panhellenic Association, Interfraternity Council, the Greek Advisor and the
Chief Student Affairs Officer of each college and university where there are chapters of
NPC member groups.

In light of this resolution and its' implications for the future of the Greek community, an
Alcohol Steering Committee comprised of student leaders was formed in October of
1999. The goals of this committee were: to participate in open and frequent discussions
regarding these changes and how they will effect the social environment of our Greek
community; to advocate and effective transition process to al Chapter Presidents; to
develop and all-encompassing alcohol policy which was user-friendly, easily understood
and parallel to the mandatory national guidelines set forth by the NPC Alcohol-free
Social Activities Resolution: and finally, to educate Chapter Executive Councils on the
new substance use policy and how to develop an action plan for its' implementation.
                    Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
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                           Revised November 17, 2003
                           I. Substance Use Policy

1.   Ohio law currently prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages by
     any person under the age of 21.

2.   The Miami University Code of Conduct (Part I, Section 105 and Part II,
     Section 202) prohibits use of alcohol by those under the age of 21, as well
     as consumption leading to intoxication and/or disruptive behavior.

3.   Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased with chapter funds,
     Interfraternity or Panhellenic funds. Alcoholic beverages may not be
     purchased for members or guests, or coordinated and/or purchased by
     any member in the name of, or on behalf of the chapter. The presence or
     use of alcohol at council-sponsored events is prohibited. The purchase or
     use of a bulk quantity or common sources of alcoholic beverages, e.g. kegs
     or cases, is prohibited.

4.   Chapter events held on non-chapter property and chapter property must
     be in compliance with all applicable laws of the state, county, city, and
     University policy.

5.   The possession, sale, and/or use of illegal drugs or controlled substances
     at any chapter-sponsored event is prohibited.

6.   “Open” social events (events with alcohol that are conducted without a
     guest list) are prohibited.

7.   No event co-sponsored by a sorority or fraternity may take place in a
     fraternity house where alcohol is present.

8.   All events involving alcohol and alcohol-free events must be registered
     one week (seven days) in advance of the event in the IFC and/or
     Panhellenic Offices. (Parent’s Weekends and Alumnae and/or
     brotherhood/sisterhood events need not be registered). The chapter
     president, social chair, and the chapter adviser must sign the Event
     Registration Form stating that they understand the policy and will abide
     by its provisions.

                Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                  Page 3
                       Revised November 17, 2003
9.    Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased for, served to, or sold to
      underage persons on chapter property, in leased facilities, at any chapter
      sponsored or endorsed event, or at any event an observer would associate
      with the chapter.

10.    Each chapter Executive Board (and chapter Social Chair) must participate
      each semester in comprehensive risk management training sponsored
      and/or endorsed by the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils.

11.   Chapters must develop and use their own internal standards process to
      monitor events and to hold members accountable for violations.

12.   Chapters must appoint/elect a Risk Management Chair to an
      officer/chairperson position.

13.   All chapter new member classes must attend Prime for Life training
      sponsored by the Office of Health Education. All training must be
      verified by the Office of Health Education and completed by the
      conclusion of the new member period.

14.   No alcohol is to be present or a part of any new member activity. There
      shall be no alcohol-related social functions held during the first week of
      the new member period.

15.   One-third of all chapter social events must be alcohol-free. These records
      are maintained for, and based upon a cycle of, twelve months by the
      Panhellenic VP of Standards and the IFC VP of Fraternal Conduct and are
      regularly distributed to the chapters. Chapters may register any chapter
      event that is not mandatory and is alcohol-free as a non-alcoholic event.

16.   Chapters may sponsor no more than a total of two social events involving
      alcohol during the week. Only one event may be sponsored Sunday
      evening through Thursday afternoon. A “week” begins on Sunday and
      ends on Saturday.

17.   The only persons eligible to be placed on party Guest Lists are those
      persons not affiliated with a local IFC/Panhellenic affiliated chapter (i.e.,
      brothers, sisters, from out-of-town, etc.). These guests and their hosting
      chapter member must be placed on a list and submitted when the party is
      registered one week (7 days) in advance. Host members are accountable
      for their guest(s).

                 Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                   Page 4
                        Revised November 17, 2003
18.   There shall be a minimum of two non-drinking members circulating
      throughout the event ensuring that all chapter members are complying
      with risk management policies for the duration of the function. In the
      event of a four-way function, a total of three members from each chapter
      must serve as non-drinking monitors. All non-drinking monitors must be
      21 years of age or older. The names of these monitors must be placed on
      the Event Registration Form and submitted to the IFC/Panhellenic
      Offices. The use of more than two non-drinking monitors is strongly
      suggested. An additional duty of each non-drinking monitor includes
      serving as an escort to chapter members and guests when necessary.

19.   No open alcoholic containers may be brought in or taken from the event at
      any time.

20.   Themes for social functions that are in poor taste, or are unbecoming of
      the Greek community shall not be used. The IFC Vice President of
      Fraternal Conduct and Panhellenic Vice President of Standards are
      responsible for the timely review of function themes and for using their
      judgment to regulate these themes.

21.   No social events associated with or sponsored by a chapter may be held at
      an off-campus residence.

22.   No member shall permit, tolerate, encourage, or participate in “drinking

23.    Drink-offs, fire-ups, or late-nights at off-campus residences or fraternity
      houses are prohibited. These events pose considerable risk and are subject
      to enforcement on a case-by-case basis.

24.   The number of people at a date function is limited to one date per
      member. The only acceptable exception to this policy is in the instance
      that a chapter submits a guest list, compliant with the provisions outlined
      in Section 1, number 17.

25.    “Crush parties,” or functions with alcohol in which the chapter compiles
      guest lists and invitations are distributed in a public manner, must follow
      specific requirements. Guest lists, as indicated by signs around campus or
      other forms of public advertisement, invitations to other organizations, or
      personal extensions, must be complete. Individual guests must be listed

                 Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                   Page 5
                        Revised November 17, 2003
      with appropriate first and last names. Guest lists must be revised during
      and after the function so that the chapter president and executive council
      are aware of all non-chapter members in attendance at the specific
      function. The number of guests should never exceed the number of active
      members on the chapter roster. Guest lists must be submitted with
      function registration form, and the post-function revised list must be
      made available to the Panhellenic Vice President of Standards if

26.    If the interfraternity and/or Panhellenic Council or individual chapters
      sponsor large or outdoor events steps must be taken to ensure crowd
      control, security, adherence to local ordinances, timely clean-up, and
      proactive neighbor relations.

                II. Rules Governing Out-of-House Functions

1.    Chapters are responsible and held accountable for their member’s actions
      at all out-of-house functions.

2.    When events are held at third party establishments, the establishment
      must possess a license for the sale/distribution of alcohol and must agree
      to comply with a third-party vendor agreement. A bartender must be
      provided to serve alcohol.

3.    When hosting a social function at an off-campus bar, restaurant, or other
      provider, chapter Executive Council members must ensure that an
      employee of that establishment is checking IDs and marking those of legal
      drinking age.

4.    No part of any fee paid to rent an establishment may be used for the
      purchase of any alcohol beverages (i.e., 100 free pitchers with the rental).
      In addition, no alcohol may be purchased with chapter funds or a pooling
      of individuals’ monies.

                 III. Rules Governing In-House Date Parties

1.    The distribution of alcohol other than beer and wine coolers must be done
      through a licensed third-party vendor. Third party vendors may

                 Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                   Page 6
                        Revised November 17, 2003
     distribute mixed drinks, however, the vendor is prohibited from
     distributing single shots or any drink containing grain alcohol.

2.   No in-house date function may be co-sponsored by more than two

3.   All guests must enter from a single entrance. This limitation, however,
     should in no way restrict chapter members or guests from exiting the
     party at any time.

4.   An all-chapter roster indicating members of legal drinking age must be at
     the door. There must be one roster for each fraternity participating in the
     event. All-chapter rosters are available in the Office of Greek Affairs.

5.   One person from the fraternity’s Executive Council must be at the door
     checking IDs throughout the duration of the function.

6.   Wristbands are the only acceptable method of identifying students of legal
     drinking age. Students 21 years of age or older must present proper
     identification at the party entrance in order to obtain a wristband.
     Wristbands must be purchased in the IFC office prior to the party, and
     must be marked with chapter identification. Purchase of bulk quantities
     of wristbands is prohibited.

7.   Beer and wine are to be distributed from an indoor, central location within
     the common areas of the house. Members bringing beer and wine coolers
     to the function must bring their beer and wine coolers to the central
     distribution area and check it in with the servers as soon as they have been
     issued the proper drink cards at the entrance. Drink cards are required
     and available in the IFC/Panhellenic Offices. In the absence of a
     bartender, distribution of beer or wine coolers must be done by at least
     one non-drinking member of legal drinking age from each fraternity
     sponsoring the event.

8.   When sponsoring a BYOB function:

     a.    As soon as a member arrives with beer or wine coolers, and it has
           been established that the person is of legal drinking age and has
           obtained a wristband, one of the event’s non-drinking door
           monitors must fill out a drink card with the person’s name and the
           amount, brand, and type of alcohol. The member would

                Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                  Page 7
                       Revised November 17, 2003
              immediately take their alcohol to the bar and would re-acquire
              their beverages by presenting his or her drink card to the bartender.
              The bartender must mark the card for each drink received
              throughout the night.

       b.     Beer and wine coolers are limited to single-serving containers.

       c.     Those individuals who are of legal drinking age should bring no
              more alcohol than they can personally consume while remaining
              under the point of legal intoxication. IFC/Panhellenic chapter will
              adhere to the low-risk guidelines advocated by Miami University’s
              Office of Health Education.

       d.     When distributing alcohol to those of legal drinking age, only one
              can or bottle may be distributed at a time.

9.     When co-sponsoring a date party with another fraternity, two hired
       security guards must be present and performing crowd control function
       throughout the duration of the event.

10.    All functions must provide large quantities of easily accessible, preferably
       non-salty food (brownies, bread, etc.) and alternative alcohol-free

11.    When hosting an outdoor event, all areas surrounding the fraternity house
       must be free of trash and debris immediately following the conclusion of
       the event.

                                  IV. Monitoring

Because honor is at the core of all fraternal organization, it is essential that each
chapter be responsible for monitoring its own events. Failure to properly
monitor events will result in penalties for the individual officers or members as
well as the entire chapter. The Panhellenic Vice President of Standards and
Interfraternity Council Vice President of Fraternal Conduct, in conjunction with
the Greek Affairs staff will oversee the monitoring and enforcing of the “Miami
University Alcohol Use Policy for Greek Letter Organizations.” Appeals and
revisions to this document are subject to a majority-vote by the fraternity and
sorority presidents, as well as approval by the Greek Advisory Council.

                  Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                    Page 8
                         Revised November 17, 2003
1.   All members of the chapter will be responsible for signing a pledge at the
     start of the spring semester each year. New members must sign the
     pledge as they join the organization. All signatures will be kept on file in
     the Panhellenic and IFC Offices.

2.   The chapter president and social chair of each organization are
     responsible for seeing that chapter events are monitored by the chapter
     and are in compliance with the Alcohol Use Policy. Co-sponsoring
     fraternities and sororities share equal responsibility and liability for
     Alcohol Use Policy violations.

3.   A Social Event Monitoring Committee (SEMCo) team shall monitor all co-
     sponsored in-house alcohol-free events and in-house date parties.

4.   SEMCo teams will visit all social functions registered on fraternity
     property at least two times during the registered time of the party.

5.   Monitoring shall consist of certifying strict and literal compliance with the
     Alcohol Use Policy contained herein. SEMCo members shall check for
     (among other things):
           •      The number of party monitors, the presence of security
                  guards, when necessary
           •      The presence of guest lists and rosters
           •      The provision of ample and easily accessible non-alcoholic
                  beverages and food
           •      A sufficiently contained event
           •      A single entrance
           •      Proper compliance with identification and wristband
           •      Proper distribution of alcohol.

6.   Violation(s) of the Alcohol Use Policy will be reported to the Chapter
     President of the group(s) hosting the function at the time the violation is
     discovered. A report of the violation shall be made to the IFC Vice
     President of Fraternal Conduct and the Panhellenic Vice President of
     Standards following the alleged infraction to determine the need for
     further action. The respective Headquarters staff of each chapter involved
     will be properly notified by the appropriate IFC and Panhellenic
     representatives if/when the need for further action is determined.

                Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                  Page 9
                       Revised November 17, 2003
7.        The performance of those students serving as members of SEMCo will be
          evaluated each semester by the Interfraternity Council Vice President of
          Fraternal Conduct. Continued participation as a member of SEMCo will
          be contingent on each student’s performance.

     V.     Disciplinary Procedures for Violation of the Alcohol Use Policy for
                               Greek Letter Organizations

1.        Due to the complexity and variety of circumstances that lead to alleged
          violations of the Alcohol Use Policy, cases are heard and reviewed by the
          Panhellenic Standards Board and/or the Interfraternity Council Conduct
          Board on a case-by-case basis.

2.        Possible sanctions include but are not limited to the following:

             a. Complete restitution of property for any damage incurred.
             b. Fines not exceeding $200, to be given to the Greek Alcohol
                Education Fund.
             c. Requirement of the guilty party to do community services or works
                as defined by Standards or Conduct Board.
             d. Letter of reprimand sent to the responsible chapter, with copies
                sent to the plaintiff, chapter advisor, Vice President for Student
                Affairs, National Headquarters, and/or any other parties deemed
                necessary by the Standards or Conduct Board.
             e. Social Suspension – no social function with another organization, or
                individually, for a specified period of time.
             f. Intramural Suspension – no recognized participation in intramural
                sports under a Greek name.
             g. Suspension – loss of membership in Panhellenic or Interfraternity
                 Council for a maximum penalty of one year.
             h. Expulsion – permanent loss of chapter recognition by IFC or
             i. Educational sanctioning is preferable, and will be the goal of the
                 IFC Conduct Board and Panhellenic Standards Board.
             j. Other penalties deemed necessary and appropriate by the
                Panhellenic Standards or Interfraternity Council’s Conduct Board.

                     Miami University Greek Substance Use Policy
                                       Page 10
                            Revised November 17, 2003

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