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									                                                             Special points of interest:                                                       Volume 1 Issue 3
                                                              An Answer to your question do I use heat or ice.                                3/2011
                                                              Managing Your High Blood Pressure.
                                                              Contest: Win 2 movie tickets.

                                                     To Your Question: Do I Use Ice Or Heat?
                                                                 hen patient's come to         When do you use it?                  wounds or over stitches.
                                                                 therapy, they gener-                                               • Avoid heat treatment on eyes,
                                                                                               Hot therapy is good for stiffness
                                                                 ally have one ques-                                                abdomen and genitalia.
                                                                                               and ongoing pain.
                                                     tion: Do I use hot or cold for
                                                     the injury? After reading the             Safety Tips                          Cold Therapy:
                                                     following article you will be able        • Treatment should not last          What does it do?
                                                     to appropriately answer the               more than 30 minutes.
                                                     question of what heat or cold                                                  Cold therapy slows down the
                                                     does, when to use, and how to             • During treatment, check skin       blood flow to an injury, which
                                                     use heat or cold therapy?                 every 5 minutes to make sure it      cuts down the swelling and pain.
                                                                                               is not too hot.                      What are the types?
                                                     Heat Therapy:
                                                                                               • Do not lie on a hot pack to
                                                                                                                                    Cold therapy can be an ice pack,
                                  MARCH NEWSLETTER

                                                     What does it do?                          avoid falling asleep and poten-
                                                                                                                                    gel pack or cold water from the
                                                     Heat therapy opens blood ves-             tially burning yourself.
                                                     sels, which increases blood flow,         • Do not use heat if you have no
                                                     cuts down pain and relaxes mus-           feeling in the affected body part.
                                                                                                                                    When do you use it?
                                                     cles.                                     • Do not use an electric heating     Any cold treatment should be
                                                                                                                                    used right after the injury. Cold
                                                     What are the types?                       pad in bed because you may fall
                                                                                               asleep and get a burn.               therapy is good for bumps,
                                                     Heat can be applied by an elec-                                                sprains and strains that may
                                                     tric heating pad, hot water bot-          • Do not use heat if there is        occur with sports or lifting.
                                                     tle, gel packs heated in water or         swelling.                            Also, cold therapy is good for
                                                     microwaves, or hot water baths.           • Do not apply heat directly to      nosebleeds. Ice can be wrapped

                                                     If an electric heating pad is             the skin.                            in a washcloth and placed over
                                                     used, be sure it is OK to use                                                  the nose while the head is kept
                                                     with moisture before using a              • Do not use heat if you have
                                                                                                                                    upright. Lastly, cold is beneficial
                                                     moist towel. The manufacturer’s           poor circulation, such as if you
                                                                                                                                    for minor burns by applying
                                                     instructions will let you know if         have diabetes.
                                                                                                                                    cold water from the faucet im-
                                                     a moist towel can be used or              • Do not use heat if you are a       mediately following the injury.
                                                     not. Talk with your primary               hemophiliac.
                                                     care provider to see what heat                                                 Safety Tips
                                                                                               • Do not use heat on open
                                                     therapy is good for you.                                                       • Treatment should not last

                                                     Managing Your Blood Pressure

                                                             eople of all ages must be         be controlled. Here are some         weight and offers you the best
                                                             careful to maintain their         guidelines to help you manage        chance of keeping weight off.
                                                             blood pressure at below           your high blood pressure on a        When you are trying to lose
                                                     140/90 mmHg. If you have high             day-to-day basis.                    weight, choose an eating plan
                                                     blood pressure, you should be             Maintain a Healthy Body              that is lower in fat and calories
                                                     concerned about this threat to            Weight: Being overweight can         than your current diet. Keeping
                                                     your health. High blood pres-             increase your blood pressure. It     a daily record of what you eat
                                                     sure, also called hypertension, is        also can encourage heart and         can identify times when you are
                                                     dangerous. It makes your heart            lung diseases. Losing even 10        prone to eat but aren’t really
                                                     work too hard and contributes             pounds can lower your blood          hungry, or when you could sub-
                                                     to hardeningof the arteries. Hy-          pressure. If you have to lose        stitute healthy foods.
                                                     pertension increases your risk            weight, it’s imprtant to do it       Be Physically Active: The
                                                     for heart disease and stroke, and         slowly. Don’t try to lose more       average adult needs half an hour
                                                     it can lead to other conditions,          than 1 to 2 pounds a week. Be-       of moderate exercise most days
                                                     such as heart failure, kidney             gin with a goal of losing 10 per-    of the week to achieve and
                                                     disease and blindness. Fortu-             cent of your current weight. This    maintain health. The best way to
                                                     nately, high blood pressure can           is the healthiest way to lose        initiate an exercise plan is to

                                          (Continued from page 1) heat and cold   (Continued from page 1) Blood Pressure   coholic Beverages: Too much
                                          therapy                                                                          alcohol can drive up blood pres-
                                                                                  start slowly and work your way           sure. If you drink alcoholic
                                          more than 20 minutes.                   up to longer and harder activi-          beverages, have only a moderate
                                          • During treatment, check skin          ties. Choose something you               amount — one drink a day for
                                          every 5 minutes to make sure            enjoy. Some moderately paced             women; two drinks a day for
    Phone: 251-947-7911
    Fax: 251-947-2697                     there is no damage, such as a           activities are walking briskly,          men. What counts as a drink? 12
    E-mail Vic:           freeze burn (skin would become          dancing, swiming, cycling or             ounces of beer (regular or light,
    E-mail Corrie:       reddened or blistered, just as          mowing the lawn.                         150 calories), 5 ounces of wine
                                          when burned with heat).                 Reduce Your Salt Intake:                 (100 calories), or 1-2 ounces of
                                          • Do not place ice directly on          Lower the salt content in your           80-proof whiskey (100 calories).
                                          the skin.                               diet. Many Americans eat too             Take Your Blood Pressure
                                          • Wait 1 hour between cold              much salt, which drives up               Medication As Directed: If
                                          treatments.                             blood pressure. Most people              you have high blood pressure,
                                                                                  should not eat more than about           lifestyle changes may not lower
                                          If you have any questions please        1 teaspoon of table salt a day.          your blood pressure adequately.
                                          contact Vic at 947-7911.                Talk to your doctor about how            If they don’t, you will need to
                                                                                  much you should have.                    take medication in addition to
                                                                                  Reduce Consumption of Al-                the lifestyle changes. Doing both

                                        NOW 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVER YOU BETTER

                   ROBERTSDALE — 18601 E. SILVERHILL AVE CALL 251-947-7911

                                      FOLEY— 1721 N. BUNNER ST CALL 251—279-8094

                 MOBILE - 4325 DOWNTOWNER LOOP NORTH CALL—251-285-3632

                                                                                    Continued from above : Blood Pres-       are taking your medication as
                                              DO YOU KNOW ANY-                      sure                                     directed. If your blood pressure
                                               ONE THAT NEEDS                                                                is still too high, talk with your
                                                                                    will help your medication work
                                                  OUR HELP?                         better and may                           health care provider about ad-
                                                  If you know anyone that                                                    justing your medication or mak-
         You can win 2 free                                                         minimize the amount of medica-           ing further lifestyle changes to
                                                  needs physical therapy for        tion you need. Many drugs are
         movie tickets if you find                 their back, neck, periph-                                                 bring your blood pressure down
         2 misspelled word in the                                                   available to lower high blood            to a healthy level.
                                                   eral neuropathy, or any          pressure, and they work in vari-
         “Blood Pressure” article.                 injuries, have them call                                                  Based on information from
                                                                                    ous ways. Often, two or more
         The first person to call                us. Our therapist, Vic                                                      the National Institutes of
                                                                                    drugs work better than one. Ask
                                              Patel, will be more than              your health care provider to             Health. For more details, visit
                                              happy to answer your ques-            discuss the different options. It’s
                                              tions. Call Vic at (251)947-          important that you take your             /intro.htm.
                                              7911. Thank you very much             medication as prescribed, includ-
                                              for all who have referred             ing in the right amount. Realize
                                              friends for physical therapy.         that your blood pressure may
                                              We appreciate your help.              not be under control even if you

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