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      International Engineered Fabrics Conference & Expo
      April 27-29, 2010 • Miami Beach, Florida

                                                    April 2010                        Volume 1, Issue 5                  Welcome to the final issue of the IDEA10 NEWSletter, a monthly electronic
                               publication being sent to all registered and prospective IDEA10 attendees
                               leading up the opening of IDEA on April 27. Enjoy this newsletter and feel
                               free to pass it along to any colleagues who may be interested in all that
                               IDEA10 has to offer.
Association of
the Nonwoven                   MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT
Fabrics Industry               INDA President Rory Holmes Ready to
                               Welcome to World of Nonwovens to IDEA10
                                                           the IDEA10 Interna-        a world-class educa-
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                         tional Engineered Fab-     tional conference that
                                                           rics Conference & Expo-    will address market
Message from the        1                                  sition. They will be the   statistics in major
                                                           most important three       regions of the world.
Multi-Media Approach    2                                  days of the year for our
Allows IDEA10                                              industry.                  IDEA10 will also offer a
Attendees to Connect                                                                  distinctly international
Four Registration       3                                  IDEA10 once again will flavor. Visitors will be
Options For IDEA10                                         bring all links in our     coming from every
Attendees                                                  industry’s global supply continent on earth.
                                                           chain together in one      Three years ago at
Exhibitor Profile … A   3                                  place at one time. The     IDEA07 — the last time
Q&A with Fabio
Zampollo                                                   future of the nonwovens an IDEA show was held
                                With the nonwovens         and engineered fabrics     in the United States —
Exhibitor Profile … A   4       industry scattered         industry will be on        44% of exhibitors were
Q&A with Ali Temel              throughout all corners     display and with a         from outside of the
                                of the world, it is more   global economy showing United States, with 40%
Exhibitor Profile … A   5
Q&A with Michael
                                important than ever that   some signs of recovery, of attendees coming
Schuermann                      for three days in April    the timing is perfect for from international
                                the center of the          IDEA10.                    countries. At IDEA10,
One-on-One with Paul    6       industry’s universe will                              once again close to half
Marold                          be the Miami Beach         IDEA10 will feature        of exhibitors will come
                                Convention Center in       hundreds of new prod- from outside of the U.S.
Exhibitor Snapshots     7       Miami Beach, Florida. In   ucts, everything from
                                two weeks — from April     raw materials and          IDEA10 will also be a
                                27-29 — more than          equipment to roll goods showcase for the newer
                                6,000 people from every    and converted products companies in our indus-
                                place in the world where   from more than 370         try. More than 80 first-
                                nonwovens are used         exhibiting companies. It time exhibitors — inno-
                                and made will attend       will also once again offer vative companies that
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are the future of our business       entertainment opportunities         exhibitors a look at the next
— will continue a long tradition     where attendees can relax after     generation of products for the
of IDEA providing the avenue         a busy day on the show floor.       nonwovens and engineered
for those looking to make their      Networking is a key element of      fabrics industry — the products
mark on our industry.                IDEA10 and the city is an inte-     and processes that will drive
                                     gral part of the experience.        this industry and its companies
And all of this will take place in                                       into the future. I look forward to
the world-class city of Miami        IDEA10 is all about the poten-      seeing you in Miami Beach later
Beach, a cosmopolitan area           tial of the business of nonwo-      this month.
with great restaurants and           vens. It will offer attendees and

Multi-Media Approach Allows IDEA10 Attendees to Connect
Utilizing the latest in communi-  Among the features of the social interest features as well as
cations technology as well a      networking site:                   dynamic new marketing oppor-
traditional print medium, three                                      tunities, IDEA TV will be broad-
programs at IDEA10 will allow     • Profiles of attendees who        cast over the internet and pro-
exhibitors and attendees to         choose to participate, includ-   moted via email to every regis-
connect with each other like        ing individual backgrounds       tered IDEA attendee and sub-
never before possible.              and interests at the confer-     scriber to the Nonwovens Indus-
                                    ence.                            try Breaking News at IDEA daily
The new IDEA10 “crowdvine”        • A scheduling feature allows      electronic newsletter.
social networking site and the      two or more attendees to set
debut of IDEA10 TV, being           up their own meetings during From a marketing perspective,
produced in cooperation with        the event.                       IDEA10 exhibitors can sponsor
INDA by Nonwovens Industry        • Private messaging that allows specific events or features with
magazine, mark two significant      members to communicate           video introductions and closing
steps in improved networking        directly both before and during tags. They can also provide full
and communications during the       the event.                       feature videos that act as com-
three days of IDEA10. In addi-    • The site is event-specific and   mercials to the original video
tion, the IDEA News show daily      an integrated calendar allows    content. Nonwovens Industry
newspaper, being published by       attendees to create their own    will be providing video ad devel-
World Textile Publications, will    agendas, discuss sessions and opment and editing services for
highlight events and companies      see who else is in the session   the short feature sponsorships,
at IDEA10.                          with them.                       as well as hosting services for
                                  • A public comments section lets supplied, feature length com-
For the social networking debut, attendees discuss sessions,         mercial content.
all IDEA10 attendees and            presentations and product
exhibitors can register at          introductions among them-        IDEA News will be published on to         selves.                          the opening day of IDEA10 and
establish their own home page.                                       will focus on exhibitor news,
The goal is to make it easier for Marking the first time that live   company profiles and important
attendees at IDEA10 to set up     “television” will take place at an events during the three days.
meetings, discuss important       IDEA show, Nonwovens Indus-
topics and to network in order    try is producing IDEA TV, a
to get the most out of the        video feed will be produced from
three-day event.                  the IDEA10 show floor. Featur-
                                  ing breaking news and special
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Choose the IDEA10 Registration Option That Works Best
For You
Four unique registration options • Daily Registration – This 1-Day For a complete list of the fees for
are available for IDEA10 attend-   or 2-Day option admits you to these options — and to register
ees, whether they want to attend the Conference sessions on the online — go to
all three days of IDEA10 or just   day(s) you select and to the
one day. Attendees can choose      Exposition.
from these options:              • Reception – Requires a sepa-
                                   rate fee.
• Full Conference & Expo – The • Expo Only – This option
  3-Day Package covers your        admits you to the Exposition
  attendance at all the Confer-    on the day(s) you select. No
  ence sessions and the Exposi-    conference sessions are
  tion.                            included in this option.

 EXHIBITOR PROFILE …                      A Q&A with Fabio Zampollo, Sales Director,
 Teknoweb srl

                                   Zampollo: This is the second        What kinds of pre-show market-
                                   one. Last edition we won the        ing and promotion do you plan to
                                   Award for Innovation and we         help drive your presence at
                                   are finalist also this time.        IDEA10?

                                   Tell us about how you will be       Zampollo: We have sent a com-
                                   interacting with any partner        plete mailing to all our custom-
                                   companies/clients who are also      ers (potential and current)
                                   exhibiting at IDEA10.               inviting them for the exhibition
                                                                       as well as special advertisement
                                    Zampollo: We have a common         in our new web site.
                                    booth with PFM and inside our
 What is your goal in exhibiting at stand will be present all the
 IDEA10?                            companies for the raw materials
                                    we will be using during the
 Zampollo: To present our           demonstration, including sub-
 Futura platform, the latest        strate, lotion, film and labels.
 updated technology for the
 production of baby wipes and       Why do you think IDEA10
 wet toilet paper and, of course, attendees should make it a point
 trying to win again the Award      to stop by your booth at IDEA10?
 for Innovation.
                                    Zampollo: They will see first-
 At how many previous IDEA          hand that the declared perfor-
 shows has your company exhib- mances are not a dream but a
 ited?                              real possibility.
Page 4                                                                                            Newsletter

 How many people from your            the floor at IDEA10? If so, any-    What do you think of Miami
 company will be attending            thing special you would be          Beach as the location for
 IDEA10 and working at the            looking for?                        IDEA10?
                                      Zampollo: We have specific          Zampollo: It combines work
 Zampollo: 14 persons plus            people who will go around in        with fun.
 partners.                            order to find new raw materials
                                      that can be utilized in our new
 Do you think you’ll get a chance     products under development
 to get out of your booth and walk

 EXHIBITOR PROFILE …           A Q&A with Ali Temel, Sales and Development
 manager, Kansan Paper Converting Machinery, Ltd, Izmir, Turkey

                                      companies/clients who are also      exhibition hours. We are there
                                      exhibiting at IDEA10.               to show how good we are on
                                                                          machinery. Customers and
                                      Temel: As a Kansan, we always       clients will have opportunity to
 What is your goal in exhibiting at   have good relation with our         see our engineering work and
 IDEA10?                              partners/clients. There will be     quality.
                                      opportunity to meet them and
 Temel: Our goal for IDEA10 is to     to discuss for further business.
 reach wet wipes and paper            Since we are based in Turkey, it    What kinds of pre-show market-
 products producers. So far we        is not always possible to meet      ing and promotion do you plan to
 have contacted many producers        our partners. This will be a good   help drive your presence at
 to come to visit our Booth 2611.     time to meet.                       IDEA10?

 At how many previous IDEA            Why do you think IDEA10          Temel: We have informed all of
 shows has your company exhib-        attendees should make it a point our customers about IDEA and
 ited?                                to stop by your booth at IDEA10? our presence. We have asked
                                                                       them to visit us and see our
 Temel: This is our second time                                        new developments. Also ads in
 in IDEA. Our first participation                                      Nonwovens Industry will attract
 was 2007.                                                             and inform potential buyers.

 What will you be featuring at                                            How many people from your
 IDEA10?                                                                  company will be attending
                                                                          IDEA10 and working at the
 Temel: We will bring KNC-IO-                                             booth?
 1400 series of automatic cross
 folding machine which produces                                           Temel: In total five people will
 wet wipes for cosmetic use.                                              present during exhibition time. I
                                      Temel: We are bringing a good       will be in Booth 2611 all the
 Tell us about how you will be        machine and we will run that        time.
 interacting with any partner         machine most of time during
Page 5                                                                                           Newsletter

 Do you think you’ll get a chance    coffee and develop possible        especially people who come
 to get out of your booth and walk   further relations.                 from Europe, Africa and Asia.
 the floor at IDEA10? If so, any-                                       This is a good chance for
 thing special you would be          What do you think of Miami         explore night and day life in
 looking for?                        Beach as the location for          Miami. I am one of them, as I
                                     IDEA10?                            will explore night life. See you
 Temel: I will do my best to walk                                       there.
 around and to see new develop-      Temel: Miami Beach makes
 ments, visit partners to have a     good reason to attend IDEA,

EXHIBITOR PROFILE …                         A Q&A with Michael Schuermann, Koester
Internacional, Sales Director

                                     At how many previous IDEA          Schuermann: Koester is a
                                     shows has your company exhib-      refreshing alternative in the
                                     ited?                              important market for brief and
                                                                        diaper closure systems. We offer
                                     Schuermann: IDEA has been an       creative and innovative techni-
                                     essential element of the market-   cal solutions for our customer's
                                     ing calendar of our German         closure system requirements,
                                     mother company, Koester            and at the same time individu-
                                     GmbH & Co. KG for a long time.     alize our communication and
                                     Koester Internacional, however,    logistics processes for an opti-
                                     being the 2005 founded subsid-     mum customer service. Every
                                     iary for the Americas, will par-   attendee who is interested in
                                     ticipate for the second time now   these kinds of products and
                                     in 2010.                           services should not miss out to
                                                                        stop by and take us at our
                                     What will you be featuring at      words.
                                                                        How many people from your
                                     Schuermann: We will use the        company will be attending
                                     show to demonstrate our exten-     IDEA10 and working at the
What is your ultimate goal in        sive range of products for the     booth?
exhibiting at IDEA10?                closure of baby diapers and
                                     adult incontinence briefs. These   Schuermann: We will have a
Michael Schuermann: We see           products originate from our        team of about 10 working con-
IDEA10 as the perfect opportu-       expanded production site in        stantly at our booth, including
nity to touch base with our          Mexico or from our headquar-       support by the management
existing customers and pros-         ters in Germany.                   board and R&D from our head-
pects as well as to find and                                            quarters in Germany.
develop new leads for an ongo-       Tell us why you think IDEA10
ing penetration of the American      attendees should make it a point
markets.                             to stop by your booth at IDEA10?
Page 6                                                                                         Newsletter

Do you think you’ll get a chance    the hygiene market in the         Schuermann: We consider
to get out of your booth and walk   future. Anyway, we will be        Miami Beach as an ideal loca-
the floor at IDEA10? If so, any-    screening the show for new        tion for the IDEA because its
thing special you would be          opportunities and touch base      international airport is well
looking for?                        with existing and potential new   connected both with South
                                    suppliers.                        America and Europe.
Schuermann: If we manage to
walk around, we will definitely     What do you think of Miami
look out for new technologies       Beach as the location for
and trends that might influence     IDEA10?

ONE-ON-ONE with Paul Marold, Chief Operating Officer,
AF Americas/AAF International (American Air Filter)

Each issue IDEA10 NEWSletter        pretty sure American Nonwo-        opportunities that are possible
reaches out to an industry          vens in Columbus exhibited and     throughout the world. Secondly,
veteran and long-time IDEA          is no longer in business. I        I have seen the IDEA show
attendee for his or her thoughts    really can't recall any others.    evolve from an exhibition and
on IDEA shows past, present                                            technical conference to now also
and future. This issue we speak     How do you like Miami Beach as be a meeting place where more
with Paul Marold, Chief Operat-     a location for IDEA, compared to and more business is done 'off
ing Officer, AF Americas/AAF        some other cities where IDEA       the floor'. At the past two IDEA
International (American Air         has been held?                     shows, I have had colleagues
Filter)                                                                that have set up so many meet-
                                    Marold: I think it is perfect. The ings that they actually spent
What is your memory of the first    size of the community seems to more time meeting with custom-
IDEA show you attended, if you      fit our industry well, the exhibi- ers and suppliers than they did
can remember back that far?         tion center works well, it is easy at the show. There is a great
When was it and what company        and inexpensive to get to, the     deal of value in having a place
were you with?                      climate is good, and the night-    where everyone can meet and
                                    life promotes informal meetings network.
Marold: That would be IDEA          with colleagues that we may
2001. I was with Ahlstrom,          only see once every three years. What role do you feel IDEA plays
which had recently purchased                                           in the global nonwovens indus-
Dexter Nonwovens. It was our        How have you seen the IDEA         try?
first opportunity to present our    show change over the years?
new company approach and                                               Marold: As I mentioned above, it
vision to the nonwovens com-        Marold: I've seen IDEA grow on provides an excellent opportu-
munity in the U.S.                  two fronts. First, the exhibitor   nity for members of the global
                                    list today contains more inter-    nonwovens industry to meet
Can you name any companies          national nonwovens colleagues and network with colleagues in
that exhibited at that first IDEA   than ever before. This is repre-   both a formal and informal
you attended that aren’t around     sentative of the globalization of setting. This promotes estab-
anymore?                            our industry and I think it        lishing relationships and busi-
                                    reflects how important it is for   ness understandings that make
Marold: Green Bay Nonwovens         our members and associates to for stronger business opportuni-
was acquired by Ahlstrom. I'm       understand the dynamics and        ties around the world.
Page 7                                                                                           Newsletter

What are you looking to accom-
plish at IDEA10?                   Marold: This will be an opportu-    Finally, any advice to a first-time
                                   nity for us to better understand    IDEA attendee on how to
Marold: I come to IDEA with a      the business cultures of many       approach the show?
different perspective this year.   potential suppliers in an envi-
In the past, I had attended as a   ronment where we do not intend      Marold: I think it is important
roll good supplier. This will be   to buy anything that day but        for a first-time attendee to
my first year as a user of non-    rather see how the approach of      prioritize what they want to see
wovens, so rather than looking     a company may complement            at the show. Our show is expan-
at the new advances and how I      both our culture and our strate-    sive and, not surprisingly, time
will compete with them, I'll be    gic goals. I like the opportunity   goes fast at the show. So if you
looking at how I can use these     to meet with industry leaders       have some key suppliers, ven-
advances to my company's           and better understand how they      dors, or technologies that you
benefit. I'm very excited as I     are positioning their respective    want to investigate, be sure that
think I'll be seeing companies,    companies for growth in a           you set your priorities to see
technologies and opportunities     neutral environment. Person-        them. There is so much to do
in an entirely new light.          ally, I look forward to seeing my   and see, it will be easy to get
                                   many friends and colleagues in      distracted!
Besides the business aspects of    beautiful Miami Beach and
IDEA, what else makes it an        probably at the Clevelander.
important time for you and your

AHLSTROM (Booth 1220), with        ticularly in Asia. The focus at     reduce the presence of aggre-
dedicated manufacturing sites      IDEA10 will be Ahlstrom medi-       gates and agglomerates,
in the UK, the U.S. and now in     cal fabrics, designed for health    increasing pack life and spin-
India, aims to strengthen its      care applications such as face      ning efficiency. Americhem’s
global position in roll goods      masks, surgical drapes and          dispersion quality ensures
nonwovens for the medical          gowns, sterilization wraps and      unequaled fiber strength.
industry, increasing its pres-     other infection control products.
ence internationally and par-
                                   AMERICHEM INC., a global
                                   provider of custom color and
                                   additive solutions for nonwoven
                                   fibers and films, will be intro-
                                   ducing its new range of custom
                                   color and additive master-
                                   batches at IDEA10 at Booth
                                   1954. This new product line
                                   features superior dispersion
                                   technology resulting in lower
                                   pack pressure rise, fewer spin
                                   breaks and pack changes and
                                   higher yields. Because Ameri-
                                   chem masterbatches promote          Larry Campbell, Americhem’s
                                   uniform dispersion throughout       global technology director for
                                   the fiber, they significantly       nonwoven fiber products, says
Page 8                                                                                          Newsletter

that another benefit of            The company will display a         cling line to include guillotine or
Americhem’s nonwoven master-       variety of color options at its    rotary choppers mixing and
batches is reduction of die face   booth at IDEA, in addition to a    bailing equipment.
buildup. “We’ve formulated our     range of end products contain-
dispersions to virtually elimi-    ing its color and additive prod- Replacement parts such as
nate die face buildup,” Camp-      ucts.                            cylinders, pinned lags, feed
bell explains. “This results in                                     dishes and other components
fewer fabric defects and higher    Americhem will also introduce    are also available. Stewarts of
yield for our customers.”          its Color Inspirations 2011:     America offers custom-made
                                   Color Trends for Nonwovens at    pinned rollers in conjunction
In addition to custom color,       its booth. These future trends   with Balkan equipment to open
Americhem has enhanced its         are based on Americhem’s         fibers of unusual nature,
range of performance additives     experience across a broad range custom made to your require-
for the nonwoven sector. The       of consumer products indus-      ments.
company’s additive portfolio       tries and contain colors meant
now includes nDuramax UV           to inspire and increase product With over 40 years of textile
stabilizers, antimicrobials, flame sales.                           experience, Stewarts of America
retardants, antioxidants and                                        is the official representative for
tracers for nonwovens. The                                          Balkan North America, South
company designs custom color                                        America and Canada. Stewarts
and additive packages in a                                          are well known for their sales
single masterbatch, or these                                        and service, and we offer the
additives can be designed as                                        same for all Balkan equipment.
stand-alone products.                                               We believe that it is time for
                                                                    companies to take a close look
The company’s advancements in BALKAN TEXTIL manufactures at Balkan Textil as a way to
product technology will be         machines for processing textile save vital funds, while retaining
coupled with new in-house          fibers. From textile waste recy- local support in these difficult
manufacturing simulation           cling to cotton ginning and      economic times.
equipment in summer 2010.          blending, Balkan manufacture
Americhem will install its new     top class machinery at an        BIAX-FIBERFILM (Booth 1708)
custom-made spunbonded             affordable price. At the IDEA,   will once again have its melt-
nonwoven pilot line at its plant Balkan will be placing the         blown machine running in its
in Dalton, Ga. The new capabil- spotlight on its affordable waste booth.
ity will allow for faster product  recycling systems.
development and testing, reduc-
ing the amount of new product
development conducted on
customers’ manufacturing

“Americhem has long been
regarded as a problem solver in
the masterbatch industry,” says
Campbell. “Our new capabilities
in nonwovens will only enhance                                        RCA BIGNAMI, a fully inte-
our ability to meet our         From the smallest “Mini-              grated, customized manufactur-
customer’s toughest chal-       edgetrim” machine to the 2000         ing company specializing surgi-
lenges.”                        mm wide multi-cylinder units,         cal dressing machinery and
                                Balkan offers a complete recy-        cutting rotary dies, will be
Page 9                                                                                       Newsletter

introducings its Speedex AC      baby diapers, sanitary napkins • Easy to mount spare parts for
GAL machinery product line at    and pads for incontinent people, machine empowering
IDEA10.                          made in various sizes and         • High production speed 70 to
                                 absorbent materials.                100 m/min depending on the
                                                                     materials used
                                 The Speedex AC GAL line has       • Sound and visual security
                                 the capacity to produce plasters    sensors systems for doors, and
                                 and other products using differ-    other production stages
                                 ent types of materials. For       • Simple and easy format
                                 adhesive support, PE, PVC, PU       changes (15-25 minutes)
                                 nonwoven, non-stretchable         • Spare parts available and
                                 cloth, or even pre-print sub-       produced in-house
                                 strates can be used; while
                                 absorbent pads, use nonwoven, Luis Ramirez Lenci, R.C.A.
                                 hydrocolloid, hydro gel or poly- Bignami’s sales and marketing
                                 urethane. For protective silicon manager, believes IDEA10 offers
                                 treated paper, release papers     the ideal platform to maximize
                                 are applicable, namely, single-   sales and marketing efforts
                                 face silicone paper, or embossed cost-effectively for the company
                                 film, while the wrapping paper, as it moves into the US and
                                 could be either hot or cold, used Latin American markets.
                                 in the same machine.
                                 R.C.A. Bignami boasts the         “R.C.A. Bignami’s aim this year
R.C.A. Bignami utilizes a pat-                                     is to participate in the most
ented application of rotary                                        recognized events worldwide
cutting dies and blades in the                                     within the industry, in order to
manufacture of not only ban-                                       play an important role as a
dage and plaster machinery for                                     potential supplier of machinery
the medical sector, but also                                       and equipment for a variety of
applies the same technology to                                     applications,” says Ramirez
machinery designed to produce                                      Lenci. “In this regard, Bignami
                                                                   believes that being in one place,
                                                                   together with professionals that
                                                                   represent all facets of the indus-
                                                                   try, including raw materials,
                                                                   fibers, machinery, equipment,
                                                                   engineered fabrics and other
                                                                   related support industries, will
                                                                   provide an excellent opportunity
                                                                   to learn more about the market,
                                                                   exchange ideas with market
                                                                   leaders and decision makers
                                                                   and help facilitate our
                                 following Unique Selling Propo- company’s entry and expansion
                                 sitions (USPs):                   in key commercial markets.
                                                                   IDEA10 will help us achieve
                                 • Flexible enough to use other    those goals.”
                                   materials (nonwoven, Polyure-
                                   thane, Hydro gel, and Hydro-
Page 10                                                                                         Newsletter

                                      was used for all conference
                                      room graphics
                                    • Up to 77 percent recycled
                                      aluminum content within
                                      entire exhibit

BOSTIK will be exhibiting at        We encourage visitors at IDEA
Booth 601 at IDEA10 organized       10 to stop by the booth and
around its three pillars of sus-    check it out.
tainability, innovation and
collaboration.                      Bostik’s innovation pillar is
                                    supported this year with the
                                    continued development of Rely-
                                    ance, a new olefin-based adhe-
                                    sive platform. The platform was    nonwovens, has three new
                                    developed in response to esca-     eco-offerings — Birla Spun-
                                    lating raw material costs and      shades, Birla Ecocel and Birla
                                    shortages associated with tradi-   Purocel OneStep.
                                    tional technologies.
Bostik has a dedicated sustain-                                        Behind these innovative green
ability team focused on the         In addition to matching the        products is Birla Cellulose’s
reduction of the environmental      performance of today’s best        “Green Chemistry.” Its non-toxic
footprint across its activities     adhesives, Relyance also offers    processes are safe and preserve
and has made significant prog-      greater supply security and        nature’s ecological balance. It is
ress in reducing waste and          long-term price stability. His-    important to note that the
energy usage. This commitment       torically, SBC has been the        treated effluents are so pure
has extended to this year’s trade   standard for adhesives used in     that fish farming is possible in
show booth. The booth is made       hygiene products while olefin      them.
entirely of recycled content and    polymers have had limited
features the following eco ingre-   capability compared to that of     Birla Purocel, the special
dients:                             SBCs. Through innovative           viscose fiber for nonwoven
                                    formulating expertise, Bostik      applications, is manufactured
• Hanging signs and tower           has created the Relyance           with a complete ICU concept
  graphics made of 100% post-       olefin-based adhesives to pro-     manufacturing and therefore is
  consumer recycled soda            vide excellent processability,     a benchmark for high standards
  bottles                           outstanding performance and        of purity in nonwoven applica-
• Table graphics and eco glass      meet the rigorous demands of       tions. Its key properties of very
  infills on conference room wall   the hygiene disposable industry.   high softness, bulk, absorbency
  are made from 100 percent                                            and superior skin friendliness
  recycled post-industrial plas-    BIRLA CELLULOSE (Booth             make it an ideal choice for a
  tics                              2308), a producer of viscose       variety of applications. Some
• FSC plywood (crating)             staple fiber, will bring a new     key applications of Birla Purocel
• Rapidly renewable 7 year          range of cellulosic fibers to      include face wipes, medical and
  mature bamboo table tops          IDEA10 for a wider variety of      baby wipes, home wipes,
• Recycled wine cork flooring       nonwoven applications. Tradi-      diapers, Industrial cleaning
• Water-based adhesives for         tionally known for its high-       wipes, automotives, medical
  graphics and finishes             performance and completely         dressings, waddings, interlining
• Water-based inks                  natural-based fibers, Birla        for shoes or artificial leather,
• Eco poly graphics, a 100%         Viscose, Birla Modal, Birla Excel face masks, filters, food packag-
  recycled graphic print media      for textiles and Birla Purocel for ing and mattress tickings.
Page 11                                                                                            Newsletter

                                     with a unique cross section that     ing the extensibility of nonwo-
                                     is bean shaped with less serra-      vens. In addition to Hygienic
                                     tion. This enhances the vital        markets, FiberVisions sells
                                     attributes of softness, bulk and     products into the filtration,
                                     purity adding on further to the      automotive, geotextile and
                                     inherent values of lustre, and       concrete reinforcement, and
                                     superior moisture absorbency of      binder fibers applications.
                                                                         ES FIBERVISIONS bicomponent
                                     FIBERVISIONS and ES FIBER-          fibers add performance tailoring
                                     VISIONS will outline their solu-    and cost-saving advantages to
                                     tions to the challenges and         nonwoven applications in a wide
                                     trends facing the nonwoven          range of markets, including
                                     industry at IDEA10, where           hygiene, cosmetics, filters,
                                     visitors to Booth 1902 can          medical, industrial textiles, and
                                     experience the capabilities of      agricultural supplies. Our
                                     their fiber technologies to pro-    bicomponent fibers are suitable
                                     vide cost-effective solutions that  for a variety of processes,
                                     meet specific performance           including carded thermal bond,
                                     requirements, and respond to        carded through air, air laid, wet
The new colored fiber offering       current trends towards light-       laid, carded needle punch, and
from Birla Cellulose – Birla         weight fabrics, more                carded spunlace. ES FIBERVI-
Spunshades – is a dope dyed          environmentally-friendly pro-       SIONS is expanding the range of
fiber dyed at the fiber stage        cessing and materials with          bicomponent fibers it offers with
itself, eliminating the need for     added functionalities.              two new key platforms – biode-
conventional dyeing. This helps                                          gradable and PP sheath/PET
save upto 30 liters of water per     FiberVisions will exhibit staple    core bicomponent fibers, both
meter of fabric processed. This      polypropylene fibers to help        types focused on carded as well
technique also ensures superior      nonwoven producers reduce           as short cut air laid fiber appli-
color fastness, color solidity and   system costs and improve non- cations. ES FIBERVISIONS, the
consistency for a longer period      woven performance. FiberVi-         only global bicomponent fiber
of time. Birla Spunshades also       sions has developed cost effec-     supplier with a range including
offers a never before vibrant        tive polypropylene fine fibers in PE and PP sheath in combina-
palette of 150 colour shades.        response to the continuing need tion with PP or PET core, also
                                     to make carded thermal bond         has developed bicomponent
Birla Cellulose has taken its        and carded spunlace nonwoven fibers based on specialized
green focus to the next level        fabrics more cost effective while polymers. The materials choices
with Birla Ecocel, promoted as       offering desired performance        are augmented by selection of
the world’s first and only zinc-     attributes. For the first time      concentric, eccentric and hollow
free viscose fiber. Its patented     fine titer shaped polyolefin        splittable configurations. Mr.
process results in 100% natural      fibers are made available to the Tom Zaiser, president and
purity for next-to-skin applica-     nonwovens industry. The key         General Manager of ES FIBER-
tions. Heavy metals that are         nonwoven benefits are better        VISIONS, stated that “ES
otherwise a component in             fabric uniformity, coverage and FIBERVISIONS is highlighting
viscose production have been         fabric opacity, in addition to loft growth of its bicomponent fibers
reduced through extensive            and greater softness. FiberVi-      business at the IDEA show –
research and development at          sions will also be exhibiting       growth in its geographical cover-
Birla Cellulose, taking viscose to   Wettable PP fibers and fibers       age, its capacity, its differenti-
new green heights. Ecocel is an      with botanical finishes. Also       ated product range, the breadth
especially engineered product        ask FiberVisions about increas- of the applications for its fibers,
Page 12                                                                                       Newsletter

and its customer base. We are    speed continuous and intermit-
very excited to spread this      tent application. The Ultraspin
message and partner with our     ultrasonic bonding module
customers.”                      consists of a rotating sonotrode,
                                 new double bearing sleeve
HERMANN ULTRASONICS will         technology, bearings and spe-
be highlighting its new technol- cially designed 35kHz Con-
ogy for high-speed rotary ultra- verter. Typical applications
sonic bonding at IDEA10. The     include cuff welding, front and
technical intonation inside the  back ear attachment, acquisi-
Ultraspin module is the newly    tion layer, tape construction,
designed bearing sleeve technol- side seam, textile applications
ogy (versus the alternative      and other bonding applications.
diaphragm system). In can be
combined with the field proven   RKW US, INC. will highlight its
and patented Microgap control, Aptra microporous film protec-
which is used with a static      tion against viral penetration      bonding, heat sealing, and with
sonotrode. The close-loop Micro- and blood borne pathogens in        spray adhesives. Consequently,
gap control allows to bond       hygiene and medical applica-        Aptra Classic is used in the
materials with consistent qual- tions at IDEA10 (Booth 1994).        medical and healthcare industry
ity while ensuring there is no   “We developed the Aptra film        in disposable garments, mat-
contact with the anvil.          technology with the confidence      tress covers, seat covers, patient
                                 and long-term vision that our       curtains, urinary, waste and
                                 films would have multiple global    laundry bags, transdermal
                                 applications in the hygiene,        patches and bandages as well
                                 sterile medical, military, indus-   as in the bio-hazardous envi-
                                 trial, and packaging segments,”     ronment and chemical indus-
                                 explains Morris Collins, presi-     tries.
                                 dent, RKW, US. “We’re pleased
                                 the Aptra technology aids in
                                 disease protection and meets a
                                 wide range of end-use applica-
                                 tion needs.”

                                 Aptra Classic is lightweight,
                                 breathable microporous poly-
                                 propylene film used in diverse
                                 medical and hygiene applica-
                                 tions where demonstrable abil-
                                 ity to resist blood borne patho-
                                 gen ASTM F-1670 and viral
                                 penetration ASTM-F1671 is
                                 required. When used in a com-
                                 posite material, Aptra can be
The new sleeve technology        laminated to a variety of sub-
withstands high bonding forces. strates such as thermally
A precise parallel adjustment is bonded carded web and spun
given with no more vibration of bonded nonwovens among other
the sleeve/bearing assembly.     configurations by point bonding
The rigid design allows for high with a heated calendar, sonic
Page 13                                                                                          Newsletter

AptraUV8 is a lightweight, UV                                           materials include non-wovens,
stabilized, water resistant,                                            composite sheets, leather,
non-abrasive polypropylene film                                         artificial leather and more. With
with excellent bonding, barrier                                         Stewarts precise pinning tech-
and degradation properties.                                             nology, we can place up to 2800
Used as a composite in outdoor                                          holes in a square inch, and hole
applications, breathable                                                sizes down to 40 microns.
AptraUV8 resists molds,
mildews and produces less ash
when incinerated. End-use
applications include roofing
underlayment; automotive            Stewarts Viper series of hot and
covers, protective clothing,        cold needle perforating
house wrap and other applica-       machines allows a web to be
tions in the industrial mainte-     perforated on a continuous
nance, petrochemical, nuclear,      basis with a large array of hole
packaging, and construction         sizes and hole patterns avail-
industries.                         able. These flexible units can
                                    either be bolted into an existing
“Aptra films are a critical com-    line of equipment, or run offline
ponent in the Provent 10,000        with an optional unwind and
garments used by our custom-        rewing module.
ers at the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC), and National
Institutes of Health (NIH) for
protection against viral and
blood-borne diseases such as
H1N1 and HIV.” says George
Kappler, CEO of Kappler Inc., a
global manufacturer and
designer of protective garments.

pioneer of precision pinned
products, will be unveiling its
line of nano, micro and macro       Stewarts Mechanical Punch
perforators and perf-slitters for   “MPC perforators” are designed
the technical textile, film and     for punching many open, clean
foil industries.                    holes in a substrate. Common
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